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Zayn And Harry And Niall And Louis And Liam One Shots

A Trip To The Principals Office

Megan was walking down the hall towards her next class, chatting with her best friend Adriana. Adriana was complaining about their math teacher, who hated her. Well, he hated nearly everyone, but he hated Adriana more.

‘I just can’t believe he gave me an F! again! I know my test wasn’t good, but it wasn’t an F. I deserved a D!’, Adriana complained.

Megan laughed. ‘Adge, a D isn’t something to be like totally proud of.’

‘I know that Megs, but it’s better than an F isn’t it?’, Adriana replied, rolling her eyes at Megan.

‘Yeah, you’re right about that. Can’t you like, I don’t know, show your test to the principal and go all psyco on him?’

Adriana laughed in response and was about to say something when the hottest guy in school walked by them and took their breath away. Louis Tomlinson. He had always been popular, but ever since he played Danny Zuko in the school production of Grease his popularity skyrocketed. That boy can sing, dance and he is hot as hell. And his smile is the most beautiful, sweet smile there is on the earth. He is smiling that smile right now. Megan couldn’t help but smile back at him, even though she didn’t know him. You just have to smile at him, it’s like a force.

‘OMG!’, Adriana squealed when he had walked by and couldn’t hear them anymore. ‘He totally looked at you!’

‘Oh shut up Adge, he did not. Why would he look at me?’, Megan said sarcastically.

‘Because you’re gorgeous that’s why. You have a pretty smile, amazing hair and eeeveryone just wants to drown in those big brown eyes of yours.’, Adriana said wiggling her eyebrows.

Megan laughed and rolled her eyes at Adriana. She knew Adge was kind of right, she didn’t look bad. But you need to look better than her, or so Megan thought, to get Louis Tomlinson to notice you.

‘Oh snap!’, Megan said irritated. ‘We have English next, don’t we?’

‘Well yeah, like every other day we have English after math.’, Adriana said.

‘Yeah, and like every other day I forgot to get my English book from my locker.’, Megan said, facepalming. ‘You just go ahead, I’ll walk the walk of shame alone.’

‘Allrighty, I’ll see you in class.’, Adriana said, walking further down the hall.

Megan turned around and went to her locker, just round the corner in this hallway. When she rounded the corner she froze in place. There was Louis Tomlinson, leaning against hér locker, staring at his phone. Oh em gee. He looked up from his phone and smiled at her. ‘Hello love.’

‘Hello.’, Megan replied. ‘You’re ehm, kinda in front of my locker. I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but could you move aside?’

‘Oh sorry love, I apologize. I’m Louis by the way.’, he said, holding out his hand.

‘I’m Megan’, she said shaking his hand.

‘Oh I know who you are. You were in the musical too right?’, he asked Megan.

She had played in Grease too yes, but only as one of the pink ladies, nothing special. She thought he hadn’t even noticed her then. ‘Yes I was, I was one of the pink ladies.’

‘I know that.’, he smiled. ‘I got to go to class, bye Megan.’, he smiled at her.

‘Bye Louis.’ She couldn’t believe what had just happened, Louis Tomlinson talked to her and he knew who she was! Like omg. She quickly got her books and rushed to English class. She got in only just on time, the bell rang when she sat down.

‘What took you so long?’, Adriana asked.

‘Oh you wouldn’t believe if I told you.’, Megan said to her.

‘Try me.’, Adriana said.

‘Ladies!’, their teacher called out. ‘I bet your conversation is very entertaining, but would you mind paying attention to what I’m trying to tell here?’

‘Sorry miss Adams.’, they both mumbled. As soon as miss Adams got back to her boring story about Shakespeare and his boring shitty life Adriana turned to Megan.

‘So, what did take you so long?’, she whispered to her.

Megan looked over to their teacher and turned back to Adriana when miss Adams was back into talking about how amazing Shakespeare was. ‘Louis Tomlinson took me so long.’, she said, wiggling her eyebrows.

‘Omg!’, Adriana squealed a little too loud.

‘Ladies!’, miss Adams death glared them. ‘This is your last warning you understand me?’

‘Yes miss Adams, we’re sorry.’, they both mumbled. The girls waited until miss Adams was back to whining about the tragic young death Shakespeare had died when they turned back to each other.

‘What do you mean Louis effing Tomlinson took you so long?’, Adriana asked Megan, nearly dying of curiosity.

‘Well, he was at my locker, and I was all like ‘hey dude you’re in my way’’, Megan started.

‘Oh no you didn’t.’, Adriana said facepalming.

‘Yes I did, but in a very elegant young woman way of course.’, Megan said, rolling her eyes at Adriana. ‘And then he was like ‘oh sorry love, you’re Megan right?’ he said he knows me from the musical.’

‘Omg! He knows you!’, Adriana squealed.

‘Yeah he said he did an-‘

‘Megan!’, miss Adams called angry.

‘Oh shit.’, Megan muttered under her breath.

‘Get out Megan, you have interrupted my class enough for one day.’

‘But, but miss-‘, Megan tried to protest.

‘No buts Megan! Out. Now! Go tell the principal your
interesting story.’

Megan sighed and grabbed her books in one hand and got her bag in her other hand. She walked out quickly because miss Adams was shooting daggers at her. It was scary. Megan tried to stuff her books in her bag while walking through the hallway. Then she bumped into someone. So hard that she fell but first to the floor. Charming.

‘Are you all right love?’, a familiar voice asked her.
Shit, not Louis Tomlinson. Please, be somebody who sounds just like him.

Megan looked up and stared right into the face of Louis Tomlinson. Well shit. ‘Err.. yeah I’m fine, sorry I bumped into you.’, she mumbled, feeling her face redden.

‘That’s fine love, let me help you up.’, he said, holding out his hand.

Megan took his hand and let him help her up, smiling gratefully. ‘Hey Louis, shouldn’t you like, be in class or something?’, she asked him.

‘I could ask you the same thing missy.’, Louis snickered.

Megan smiled in response, she couldn’t help it, his smile was just contagious. ‘Well you could ask me the same thing, but you didn’t. So spill the beans.’

‘Touché.’, he smiled at her. ‘You know master Warren from math?’

Megan nodded in response, thinking back on how he gave Adriana an F earlier today. Again.

‘Well, apparently making drawings of him falling out of an airplane into a lake with hungry alligators doesn’t count as doing my homework. Oh and the one of him with a falling piano above his head wasn’t appreciated either. And now I was headed to the principals’ office until someone bumped into me.’, he said, mock glaring her.

‘Oh I was just going there too, until someone got in my way and I fell to the floor.’, Megan said, giving him the same look.

‘And why were you going to the principal? You haven’t been naughty have you?’, he asked, with a naughty twinkle in his eyes.

‘According to miss Adams I’ve been very naughty.’, Megan winked at him. ‘She was fangirling over William ‘whiny boy’ Shakespeare ágáín and I was talking to my friend Adriana. Then she got all mad and evil fangirlish on me and kicked me out.’

They both started laughing at the same time. ‘May I escort you to the evil landlord that rules this hell hole, oh fair maiden?’, Louis asked her, doing a silly little bow. He then hold out his arm for her to take.

Nice Shakespeare thingy Tomlinson. Nice.

‘That is so kind of you, strong knight.’, Megan replied smiling. She looped her arm through his and felt an electric spark rush through her. My my, that boy has powers or something. He can even make Shakespearishy talk sound sexy.

They walked to the principals’ office chatting about how Megan got kicked out of English class. She left out the part that Louis himself was the topic she and Adriana had been discussing though, that would be weird.

Megan felt like they reached the principals’ office way to soon. Bummer.

Louis sighed dramatically and looked at her. ‘Goodbye fair maiden, I have to go face thee evil landlord.’, he said, waving dramatically.

‘Good luck.’, Megan laughed.

Louis knocked on the door. There was no response. Louis knocked again, harder this time. The door opened a little and Louis poked his head inside. He then turned around to Megan, a cheeky grin on his face. ‘It’s empty.’

‘Really?’, Megan asked surprised. She stepped closer and took a look inside. Louis was right, it was empty and the lights were out and the blinds shut. ‘Cool.’, she grinned, stepping in. Louis followed her, locking the door behind them.

‘Now that’s cool, an empty office that locks on the inside.’

Megan felt her bad side take over. Oh boy. ‘Interesting.. What do you want to do now Louis?’, she asked flirty, hoping he was thinking the same.

‘Hmmm.’, he mused. ‘What to do, all alone in a dark, locked room with a beautiful girl?’

Megan was happy it was pretty dark in the room, cause her cheeks were burning up. Louis Tomlinson just called her beautiful.


She walked over to Louis and put one hand on his shoulder, the other one cupping his face. ‘I could think of a few things.’, she whispered seductively in his ear.
That was all Louis needed. He wound his arms tightly around her waist and looked her in the eyes for a moment before kissing her. He kissed her gentle at first, very lightly. When he pulled back he smiled at her. ‘I like you Megan.’, he smiled at her.

Her heart skipped a beat. Well, a couple of beats actually. Her eyes darted over his perfect features. He looked so good, even in this dim light. ‘I like you too Louis.’, she smiled before kissing him, harder this time.

He kissed her back immediately, his hands now exploring her body more. She just held on to his face, pulling him as close as possible. She did not want to let go of him ever again.

His hands eventually travelled down to her hips and stayed there. She felt him smirk against her lips. That boy was up to something and Megan was just dying to know what. Suddenly he lifted her up, making her squeal. Oh, he was up to that. Well, up to putting her up the principals’ desk that is.

This was bloody insane, she should be in English class right now, listening to miss Adams obsessing about W. Shakespeare, the man of her dreams. Instead, she was shagging, well about to shag, Louis Tomlinson in the principals’ office.

Oh well, the road that is called life has some unexpected turns to it.

Now back to business.

Louis started kissing along her jawline, went down towards her neck and back up again. Quickly he found her sensitive spot, right underneath her ear. Megan moaned softly, getting wetter by the second.

‘You like that Megan?’, Louis asked, sucking that same spot once again.

Megan only managed to get a soft whimper out, Louis had turned her into jelly.

Louis snickered and continued to work magic on her body, his hands slipping under her shirt. Slowly, he moved his hands upwards, towards her breasts. He cupped her breasts over her bra and started massaging them. Megan moaned softly, enjoying the feeling of him touching her. He seriously had magic hands. Wanting to return the favour, Megan unbuckled his belt, undid his zipper and slid down his pants. Then she slipped her hand in his boxers, wrapping her hand around his already stiffening length. She moved her hand up and down along his shaft. He grunted in response, clearly enjoying it. He kissed her again, this time with more force. He stopped playing around with her breasts to take her shirt and her bra off. She tugged his shirt over his head as well and tossed it away. Megan wasted no time and slid out of her jeggings as well.

Louis grinned widely. ‘You don’t waste time, do you?’
Megan didn’t answer, she just pulled him closer and crashed her lips against his. She softly nibbled on his bottom lip and tugged on it. He grunted again.

‘That’s bloody hot.’, he said to her, kissing her deeply after that.

‘What? You mean this?’, Megan teased, softly sucking his bottom lip now.

‘Two can play that game Megs, so two can be a tease.’, Louis winked at her.

His hand slid tortuously slow from her waist, over her hipbone to her inner-thigh, tracing circles there with his thumb. It drove Megan totally mad, making her lady parts heat up even more. She bucked her hips so his hand connected with her pleasure centre. Louis rubbed her there slowly, over her knickers that is. It was now Megan’s turn to moan, not so softly this time.

‘Oh you like that?’, Louis whispered huskily.

Megan just nodded in response, bucking her hips again.

‘I know something you might like even more.’, Louis whispered, tugging her knickers of. He pulled them off slowly, kissing her leg all the way down to her toe. When he finally discarded her knickers somewhere he slid out of his own boxers as well.

Megan bit her lip, eying him up and down.

That boy was fit. Damn.

He came closer, parting her legs gently and stood between them. Their faces were only centimetres apart. Megan couldn’t resist kissing him again, so she did. She locked her arms around his neck and pulled him to her, colliding their mouths together. He kissed her back immediately, putting his hands on her waist. He pulled her closer to the edge of the desk, pressing himself up against her. They shared a really passionate kiss, but both had to pull back eventually for some much needed air.

Louis smiled at her, his eyes clouded with lust. ‘I really like you Megan.’, he said, positioning himself in front of her entrance.

She looked at him, smiling. She hooked her legs around his hips, pulling him even closer. The head of his cock was really, really close to her lady parts. Right where she wanted him. ‘I really like you too Louis.’

That was all it took to really get things on.

He pushed himself inside her, giving her some time to adjust to his length. She gasped at the sudden contact. When she was adjusted, kind of, he started moving in and out of her. Slow at first, kissing her softly. She took his bottom lip between her teeth again, tugging it lightly. He got even more turned on by that and started to move faster. She tried to move too, but the pleasure he was sending through her body made her weak. Totally jelloid. She put her arms around his neck and held onto him, letting him send her into oblivion. She felt the rush going through her body and her head started to spin a little. He was getting close too, she could tell. She leaned back a bit, angling her hips so that he hit her sweet spot with every thrust. He sped up his thrusts and brought his hand down, rubbing circles over her clit.

‘I’m so close Louis.’, Megan panted.

‘I know babe, me too.’, Louis whispered back.

She closed her eyes and just enjoyed it. She felt the muscles in her stomach tighten. ‘Don’t stop Louis, please don’t stop.’, she moaned, almost there.

He kept thrusting in and out of her and made faster circles on her clit. That sent her over the edge.

‘Oh yes!’, She cried out in pleasure.

‘Say my name babe.’, Louis groaned, his pace more uneven now.

‘Oh Louis!’, Megan moaned.

That’s when he came too, still moving, riding out his high.

Then he pulled out of her and laid his head on her chest, panting. She put her arms around him, kissing the top of his head.

‘Maybe we should get dressed before the principal comes back.’, Megan mumbled after a while.

Louis lifted his head and kissed her on the lips. ‘Yeah, I guess you’re right.’, he said, turning around and shuffling around the room. He picked up his own clothes and tossed hers to her. They both got dressed quickly. Louis took her hand and unlocked the door. He poked his head outside, looking left and right. ‘Coast is clear!’, he yelled, fist pumping in the air with his free hand. They walked down the hall together. Louis looked at her smiling. ‘Hey, maybe we’ll have detention together.’, he winked at her.

Megan smiled back. ‘That would be fun.’, she winked back.


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