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My Bully

Chapter 8


I don’t know why I gave this guy another chance, I just did. No idea why. Niall stayed a little while longer then until he needed to leave soon. What will happen from now on? Will he tell his friends that I self harm? Maybe he’d tell the whole school.. No. He said he’s changed, right? Maybe? Ugh, this is what happens when I over think things. I should stop thinking. It’s still 2 in the afternoon anyway. Not a time in the day to have a deep thought of something.

I spent the rest of the day watching the whole season 4 of Glee. And I can’t wait to see what happens next with ‘Klaine’. My phone suddenly buzzed, claiming me to have a message. Probably just my mom, but I just checked it anyway.

Niall: hey, beautiful.

What? It’s Niall?

Me: you still have this number?

I replied to him.

Niall: why wouldn’t I have this number?

Me: idk after everything I guess..

Niall: please don’t remind me of any of it, it makes me sick when someone reminds me of all
the pain I gave you

Me: okay..

Niall: is that a ‘good okay’ or just an ‘okay okay’?

Me: ‘okay okay’

Niall: well I guess it’s okay.. are you busy tomorrow? :/

Me: no, not really, why?

Niall: I have a soccer match tomorrow, would you like to come?

Me: are you sure?

Niall: yeah, why not?

Me: I guess, I’ll just see tomorrow..

Niall: okay, just come by to the school’s soccer field tomorrow by 9, if you decide to come

Me: okay

Niall: I really hope you would

That’s the final text until I stopped replying. I really need to get my head together. I have sudden headache and it hurts like hell. I rush down the stairs carefully not to let myself slip and fall. “What’s wrong, Jessie?” Mrs. Cole greeted me down the stairs. “Just a headache, I think I need coffee” I walk myself to the kitchen, Mrs. Cole follows me. “You can just sit down, I’ll have it done in 3 minutes” Mrs. Cole smiles at me. I shake my head at her kindness, “No thank you, Mrs. Cole, I’ll make it myself, thank you” Mrs. Cole nods and leaves the kitchen. I reach for the coffee cup and starts making my coffee. Maybe I should come tomorrow; it wouldn’t be so bad, would it?



Please update I need to know what happens next!!!

MORE!! don't leave me like that! please hurry?

Niallers Nandos Niallers Nandos

Please continue! You can't leave me like that!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEEE!!!!!! Pretty please, will you continue?

Update please

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