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My Bully

Chapter 7

“W-what?” I ask him absolutely surprised by his apology. “I’m sorry..” he repeats. “Sorry doesn’t cut it, I won’t be fooled again”.

Okay, a little flashback won’t hurt anyone right? Right. So, by what I said to Niall is this. “I’m sorry, Jessica, I never meant anything I said, I’m very very very sorry” Niall pleads for my forgiveness. I, so desperately, in need of a friend. So, with a sigh, I accepted his apology. “Thank you Jessica, you have no idea how much this means to me” he hugs me tightly. “It’s okay, Niall” I sigh again. “To show you how much this means to me, you should come by to my house later this evening, we’ll watch some movies! Just like old times!” he beams, excitedly. I smile softly remembering what it was like and then I gave him a simple nod. “Good, I’ll text you the address” he adds and walks away smiling. I’m glad that Niall and I finally made up. I’m so tired of all this bullying. Once I reach the address Niall sent me, I take a look at the huge house. Nice. Niall shows up at the door and take my hand and pull me to his backyard of the house where stands Louis, Zayn, and Liam. They’re hands carrying a black plastic bag. “What’s going on?” I ask Niall nervously. “NOW!” Niall screams. And by the next second, my whole body was covered by egg. Egg shell, egg white, egg yolk. After the egg-throwing was done, Niall spoke up, “You think I’d ever be friends with you again? Fat chance! Ooops, did that offend you, fatty?” I cried at his choice of words. “I thought you’ve changed” “You thought wrong, bitch” Niall replies, smirking. Liam, Louis and Zayn follows Niall’s smirking gesture. I ran out of his backyard and out home. And from that day, I learned to never, ever trust Niall again. And that is the exact reason why I don’t want to trust him. I don’t want this to repeat.

“At least let me earn your trust towards me first, then maybe a forgiveness could be in order?” that came out more of a question from Niall. I look down, I know I don’t want to trust him again. “But, what if-“ “No” he shushed me by covering my mouth with the palms of his hand. “No ‘what if’s’ I will do everything I can to earn your trust” he holds my hand. “And to stop this” he looks at my cuts. I pull my hand back. “I promise I won’t trick you again, all the bullying ends right here, right now” he hold my chin between his thumb and forefinger and make me look at him straight into his eye. “Just give me a chance..” he pleads. I look right into his teary eyes. Wait, why is Niall crying? “Just one chance, Niall” he put on a wide smile on his face once I answered him. “One chance is all I need” he smiles.

Niall and me are currently sitting down on my bed talking about stuff. “Isn’t Louis and Zayn downstairs?” “No, they went home earlier, I stayed a little while longer because Mrs. Cole’s pancakes are to die for” I giggle at him softly. “Niall?” “Yeah?” “Why?” “Why what?” “Why did you left me and started to bully me?” “I-I don’t know, I guess everything just took over me, so..” I nod, letting him to not finish his words. He smiles weakly at me. “I’m really glad you’re starting to warm up to me” Niall says.


I can’t believe Jessica cuts because of me. The girl who was once my only best friend. The only person who was there for me anytime I needed someone to keep me company. And what did I do? I betrayed her and do stupid stuff that makes want to risk her own life by grazing a sharp razor against her delicate skin. It’s not my fault that I got a bit brainwashed after I joined the football team. Well, maybe not a bit but.. I just want it to be the same as it was before. I have to even if it’s the last thing I’d do.


whoa. 2000 views. whoa. here's a chapter! :) what do you guys think of Niall so far? x


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