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My Bully

Chapter 9

Sunday morning.. Time for me to decide whether or not if I want to go to Niall’s soccer game. Eh, I guess nothing will go wrong right? I mean, I’m giving him a second chance anyway, so I guess this is part of it. I take a glance to the clock, it’s 8:30. I should get ready and leave soon if I want to be there on time. I slip in my long jeans and a long sleeve sweater. It’s getting pretty chiller every day. I make my way down the stairs, “I’ll be out for an hour Mrs. Cole, no worries!” I shouted to her. “Alright dear” Mrs. Cole answered back to me. I’m starting to think that Mrs. Cole is more of a mother to me more than my mother is to me for the last 17 years.

As I finally reach to the school gate, I was greeted with all the cheerleaders, including the trouble makers; Rebecca, Lily and Darcy. That’s one of the ways they got their spot in the populars’. “Well, well, well, who do we have here, girls” Rebecca sneers. “Knock it off, Rebecca” I shrug her off. Before she can say anything else, I make my way to the field and take a seat on the seat of lines. Empty. What? Sigh, might as well get bored to death if Niall’s not here. “Hey” a voice from behind me greets. “You scared me!” “Don’t I?” Niall’s smirk falls once he realized what he just said. “No, no I don’t mean to-“ “It’s okay Niall..” I try to softly smile at him. “Why are you here so early?” “You said that the game will start in 9” he chuckles. “What’s so funny?” “I said to come here by 9, I didn’t say it started by 9” he smiles at me. I sigh, “Then why are you here?” I ask him, smirking. “Uuhh.. I.. Soccer players should be here early” I laugh at him. “Yeah, sure, I believe that” Niall raises his hands up in defeat and laughs along, “It’s kinda true.. Look, there’s Louis!” Niall says while pointing towards Harry and Louis walking out of a car.
“L-l-louis?” it came out more of a whisper from my mouth. I’m pretty sure Niall didn’t hear the fear in my voice. I’m okay with Niall, but Louis and Zayn bullies me too. I’m not that sure about Liam though, all I remember is he just join in for fun. Niall walks up to Louis and gave him a bro hug, Louis did the exact same thing. “What is she doing here?” Louis stops walking and gave me the meanest glare there is. “Hey, back off man, she’s with me” Niall defends me. “What happened here? You’re both neighbors and now you’re turning your back on me?!” Louis barks to Niall. “How dare you even say that, Lou! We’re the best of friends! I would never turn my back on you!” “Don’t Lou me Niall! And guess what? You just did!” Louis storms off to the gym locker, carrying his gym bag with him. “I better go with him..” Niall says, trailing off, and I nod to him. He smiles and run off to Louis.

Soon, the place gets very crowded and I didn’t see Niall anywhere so I just sit in the spot I am sitting in. “Is this seat taken?” a man voice asked me. “Yeah sure, I mean, no, it’s not taken, you can sit there if you want..” I didn’t pay attention to who he was until he called out my name. “Jessica? I didn’t know you were into soccer” “Liam? I didn’t know you were either, I thought you were into football instead” “Yeah, I prefer football but that doesn’t stop me from seeing the cheerleaders cheer” he smirks playfully. I giggle softly at this. “I’m just kidding, I guess I’m here for Louis, Niall and Harry, but Harry’s in Spain right now, so I’m just here for Niall and Louis, and my girlfriend, Lyric” “Where is she?” “Oh, she’s part of the cheerleaders” he points to the girl in a high ponytail and waves as the girl waves back and smiles. “Oh, look the game’s starting!” Liam exclaimed. I guess this game wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“WOOOHOOOOOO!!!” the screams of Niall as he scored another goal. As the game finishes, Niall runs his way to me. “So, how was it? I saw you talking to Liam here and there” he looks proud of himself, sweaty, but still proud of himself. “Yeah, I guess, congratulations on the win, Niall” I smile and congratulate him. He nods and stretches his arms out signaling me to hug him. “Ew, no! You’re all sticky and sweaty, go change yourself first!” as I complained, a smirk grew on his face. “Come here! I just want a hug, Jessie!” he reaches over to me which made me jump out of my seat and stand to the field. “No, Niall, no!” I said to him, giggling. “Come on, just a hug?” he pulled on a puppy face as he run towards me, I ran as fast as I could. “Noooo!” I laugh while I ran. Niall catchs up to me and puts his arms around me, hugging me with his muscular arms. “Okay, okay, now let go, Niall” my laughter starts to die down. He finally lets go of me. “Now I smell!” Niall chuckles and picks up his gym bag. “Hey, Niall- why is she still here?” a voice rings. “Back off Louis, I told you, she’s with me” Niall defends me. Louis shrugs, “Whatever, you still up for the party?” “Party?” my curiosity spoke for me. “You’re not invited” Louis says strictly. “Hey, hey, hey, she’ll be my guest” Niall puts his arms around my waist while I look down. “Disgusting, okay. So, you’re coming then.. See you later” Louis says and runs to his car and drives. “What party?” “A celebration party, I never thought that coach was a party-lover” Niall answers me. “I’ve never been to a party before.. I don’t think I’ll-“ “No, no, no you’ll be coming with me to the party, no excuses princess” he kissed my cheeks. And my cheeks goes to the shade of red. I guess, I can go to a party. No harm done to a party right?


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