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My Bully

Chapter 10

“No, I don’t think boogers are disgusting, I think they’re just a tad bit salty!” Niall argues at me. “That is just horrid! Who the bell eats boogers?!” “The bell?” “I don’t enjoy cursing okay!” I cross my arms, standing my ground. Niall chuckles, “I’m pretty sure you’re faking this Jessie, no one could ever be mad at the one and only, Niall Horan” I shake my head at him. “Wait, so you eat your own booger?” I ask him in disgust. “Who doesn’t?” he smirks, “Uuhh, normal people?” I reply to him. “Well then, I’m not normal” he continuous smirking. Ugh, the image of a person eating a booger sent shivers down my spine. But not that kind of shiver, the disgusted kind of shiver.

“You ready?” Niall asks me while grabbing his phone and shoving it into his back pocket. I give him a nod, showing him that I am ready. “Niall?” “Yeah?” “I’ve never been to a party before” I say softly in embarrassment. “Hey, you don’t have to be embarrassed, it’s alright, you’ll go through it with me and you’ll just end up enjoying the night” Niall smiles, encouraging me.

After a 15 minute drive in the car, didn’t really surprised me when I found out he had a car and let alone drive, we finally arrived. “Wait, who’s place is this?” I ask Niall, shivering because of the coldness that surrounds me. It’s a really cold night. No, duh, it’s December. Once I again, I had no intention so argue with myself, so I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear myself say that. “Oh, it’s Josh’s, he’s also part of the soccer team” Niall says as he locks the car door and walks over to my side of the car and holds my hand. “Whoa, you’re freezing.. Here..” he takes off his jacket and puts it around my shoulders. “Aren’t you cold?” “Nah, I’m used to this kind of weather, one time, coach made us practice when it was beginning to snow just in our soccer uniform” “Wow..” I look up from the ground to see his face. His sea blue eyes shimmering in the cold, dark night, his gorgeous blonde hair spiked up with gel which makes him looks extremely attractive. Whoa, wait a minute. I can’t have these kinds of thoughts. He’s my bully, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t forgiven him yet. This is just part of his apologies. Maybe, I’ll tell him that I will accept his apology after the party. Besides, he looks pretty pumped up about this party. “You look handsome” I blurted out. Oh god, what is it with me tonight? He lets out a low, deep, manly chuckle. “And you look very beautiful tonight, love” he tucks a strand of hair behind my ear and rubs his thumb in my cheeks. “You’re getting really cold, let’s go inside and get the party started, don’t you think?” Just as I thought the magical moment wouldn’t ever be over, it did. Sigh. I nod at him and he leads me inside the house. Here it goes.

“Hey Josh!” Niall shouts out to a guy with a white shirt and dark jeans. “Hey, Niall! Where have you been? You just missed a game of suck and blow!” Josh laughed. He seemed a bit too drunk. “And who’s this lovely lady?” “Josh this is Jessica, Jessica this is Josh” Niall introduces the both of us. “What’s up Jessica? Have a drink!” Josh shoves a glass of wine to me. “Uumm, sorry.. I don’t drink” I refuse him kindly. “Don’t drink? Live a little! Niall’s not getting laid tonight!” Josh shouts through the crowd and laughs. Wow, I don’t know if it’s the wine talking or if he is just a jerk. “Josh! She’s just a friend” Niall barks at him. Yeah.. just friends..

I sit down in a stool in front of the empty glasses of wine set out in the table. There’s probably like 80 glasses. The place is very crowded. What kind of celebration party is this? It’s like inviting the whole school. I thought ‘celebrating’ was just the team. Niall is out there on the dance floor, dancing. He had some drink before he did. He kept offered me some to drink as well, but I keep refusing. By looking at the effect it has on people, I’m not really interested in trying one. “Hey, why are you all alone again? I thought you were here with Niall” Liam showed up out of nowhere and sit in the stool next to me. “Yea, I did show up here with him, but he had a couple of drinks and he just wanted to start dancing..” I explained to him. “You look sober, don’t you drink?” “No, well, sometimes, I just enjoy seeing other people suffer hangover in the morning instead” he chuckles. I smiled at him. “Are you here with Lyric?” “Yeah, she’s right over there, I’ll go get here” Liam smiled and walks away. I look to my right and see Niall dancing. Only this time, he’s not dancing alone. He’s dancing with Rebecca. He keeps on grinding on her, and she keeps on dancing. I don’t know why I have this feeling. This feeling called jealousy. Why am I feeling this? Why should I care if he’s with Rebecca?

Rebecca caught me staring at her dancing with Niall. A smirk forms in her mouth and then she pulled Niall by his shirt and leads him up the stairs. What the bell? Liam finally returns while holding Lyric’s hand. “Jessica, this is Lyric, Lyric, this is Jessica” Liam smiles. “Hey” Lyric smiles at me, a warm smile. “Hi” I replied to her, smiling back. “You don’t drink too?” I ask her, she seems very sober to me. “Yeah, actually I do drink, but it doesn’t really gives me any hangover or effects me either” she shrugs, but keeps on her smile. “Wow, that’s cool” “It’s pretty neat, I guess” she giggles.

Lyric and I talked for a little while. And she turns out to be really nice. Liam left earlier to talk to some of his friends. “Hey, I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s getting pretty late, and I gotta get home soon, I’ll go get Niall” I tell her. “Oh, it’s okay, it’s not rude at all, go ahead, I’ll see you later” Lyric tells me. I smile at her and make my way up the stairs, the way Niall and Rebecca went up to. Rebecca and Niall wouldn’t be doing anything right? I mean, they won’t do ‘stuff’ in other people’s house right? I open the first door there is and there they are. In a bed. Naked. What. “N-niall?” “Get the fuck away from here you piece of shit!” “W-what?” “I said, get the fucking away from here, bitch!” Niall grabbed the nearest thing to him, which happened to be a lamp and throw it to the ground. Some of the pieces of glass hit my legs. Rebecca smirked the whole time. I finally decide that I would just walk home. As I finally reach outside of the house. I start to walk my way home. Wait, make that ‘limp’ my way home. The glass in my legs really hurts. Seems like nothing could get worst. Oh wait, it did. It soon started raining. Which mixed in with the tears coming out of my eyes. So much for forgiving him.


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