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My Bully

Chapter 11

“Ow!!” I wince in pain as Mrs. Cole slowly pulls out the pieces of glass in my legs. “How did this happen?” Mrs. Cole asks, worries in her eyes. “I tripped and fell” I smoothly lied to her. “Please don’t tell my parents” I look to her, pleading with my eyes. She sighs, “Okay, Jessie” she puts a bit of alcohol in my legs and once again, I wince in pain. And once she finishes, she bandage both of my legs. Since when do we have all of this stuff? “Since you started being clumsy and trip all the time, your mom prepared all the hospital stock, just in case something like this happens” Mrs. Cole explains. “Now go get some rest, you can just sleep in the couch, don’t get up and walk or else the cuts on your leg won’t heal just enough, okay?” Mrs. Cole says. “Okay, thank you Mrs. Cole” I weakly try to show her a smile. She returns my smile with a very warm smile. She stands up and gets a blanket and a pillow and hand them to me. “Good night Jessica” “Good night Mrs. Cole”

So much for thinking Niall has changed. Just when I was about to forgive him and when I thought everything was going as fine as ever. But, Rebecca ruins it. I wouldn’t totally blame all this in Rebecca, but she was a part of it. I replay the memory of when I found Niall and Rebecca in a room. Sigh, eventually I sob myself to sleep.


“Hey, Jessica wake up.. You have school today” Mrs. Cole gently wakes me up. My eyelids finally decides to open. Right, school. Oh god, this is Monday. I have all my classes with Niall today. The last thing I want to do today is to meet Niall. I manage to sit up on the coach. “Thanks for waking me up Mrs. Cole” “No worries, here have breakfast, I’ll go get the wheelchair” Mrs. Cole puts a tray in my lap. Served in the tray is hot chocolate with marshmallows and toasts. Mmm.. It really smells and looks good. Considering on how starving I was, I munch on the bread and drink the marshmallows hot chocolate. Mrs. Cole sure knows how to fill my stomach. Wait, wheelchair? Mrs. Cole returns with a wheelchair. “Why do I need a wheelchair?” “Like I said last night, if you walk your cuts won’t heal clearly, besides try walking now, I swear it’ll hurt like hell, so you’ll just use this wheelchair okay?” I nod to her. Wow, my mom did get all the supplies from the hospital, what else did she get? The hospital bed as well?

Mrs. Cole helps me to change my clothes and get on the wheelchair and roll me out to the front door. She hands me my school bag and kiss me goodbye in my cheeks. I seriously prefer Mrs. Cole as my mom. But, I still love my mom, is just that Mrs. Cole is the perfect mother I need and wan. But as they all say, nobody’s perfect.

I roll myself to school, once I reached school, everybody’s eyes were on me. I guess, it’s because of the wheelchair. Still, I hate being the center of attention. I wheel myself to my locker and open it to grab my books for today. PE, Math, History, Biology. How am I supposed to do PE? As the bell rings, I roll myself to the gym locker. Luckily, I didn’t have to meet the trouble makers in the gym locker. I instantly make my way to the gym. This time, nobody was here yet, except for coach. He feels somebody in the gym and look towards me, horror in his face. “Jessica what happened to you?” he asks in concern. “I tripped” I simply reply to him. “Today, is actually scoring day, you know that, don’t you?” I nod my head. I do know it is scoring day. “What can I do to get my score today? I know, I don’t think I’m capable of doing on what you have in mind for scoring today, but what can I do?” coach sighs. “Jessica, you’re in a wheelchair, and you’re asking on what sport should I score you on?” I nod to him, I want to prove that a wheelchair won’t stop me. Coach sighs again. “You know, with this kind of attitude, I guarantee that you will have a really bright future” he smile at me and I smile back, thanking him. “Okay then, you can just roll around the gym 3 times, and I’ll score that” I nod to him and start rolling in the gym.

I already did 2, I just have one left. And everyone starts to show up and sits in. And, eventually, Niall, Rebecca, Liam, Louis and Zayn shows up. Horror struck in Niall’s, Liam’s and Zayn’s faces, while Louis and Rebecca just smirks. Niall makes his way towards me, and I try to roll faster, avoiding me. “Jessi-“ “Horan! Sit in!” coach shouts to Niall, as I continue to avoid him. I finally finished my laps and I roll over to coach. “How did I do?” “You did great” coach smiles. “You’re done, you can do whatever, just as long as you stay in school” I nod, thanking him again. I roll myself to the gym locker and decide to just do my math homework. I can’t believe I haven’t done that yet. I grab my math book from my bag and start doing the math problems in the gym locker.

I finally finish doing my math, at the same time, Niall walks in the gym locker. “This is the girls’ gym locker” I said to him bluntly while shoving my math book into my bag. “I don’t care” he makes his way towards me as I make my way towards the exit door of the gym locker. To my luck, he reached to me first. “What do you want Niall?” he grabs the handles of my wheelchair and pushes me out the door. “Niall, stop!” “Niall, get away from me!” “Niall, please!” no matter how much I complain, he keeps on pushing my wheelchair. We finally stop, and Niall opens his locker and takes a piece of paper. In the paper, written ‘Sorry’. I shake my head at him “No..” I hand him the paper and start to roll away. “Wait, Jessica-“ I cut him off. “Let me stop you right there, Niall, just stop, I beg of you please stop hurting me, I can’t do this anymore” I end the conversation by wheeling away. Only this time, Niall didn’t follow me.


I uploaded now because I'm a nice person, and because I know I, myself, don't like cliffhangers xP
But, seriously though, I need help. My throat is sore from all the activities I've been doing recently; vocal practices, rehearsing for the musical, organizing the student body, etc. When I came to school yesterday, my friends asked me to sing, and instead of 'you will get well soon, don't worry' my friends instead said 'your voice is sexy now! yay!' -_- so, now, I need help. How do you fix sore throats? x


Please update I need to know what happens next!!!

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