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My Bully

Chapter 5

Oh no. This is not happening. No, no, no. What is he doing here? Why did he move here? He can’t! It’s sick enough to have to deal with him at school, now here?! No, there’s no way. It could maybe his parents or one of his relatives and he is just helping them to move in.

Both, mine and Jacquelyn’s faces are the same. Jacquelyn also lives in this street. She lives with her family. Her family, which means there also live her brother. Her brother is Harry Styles. Of course, all of them hide the fact to Harry that they bullied his sister. Harry Styles is friends with Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. Oh god. This is trouble. Niall is standing there in his house platform with Louis. And he caught us staring. But not that kind of staring. He and Louis slowly walks over to us. “Well, well, well, hello there, neighbor” Niall greets us in his raspy voice. So, this is why he’s not at school today. Him and his friends are setting up his new house. “We didn’t do our normal beating today, didn’t we Niall?” “No, I’m pretty sure we didn’t, shall we get on with it then?” Louis nods and takes the first punch right to Jacquelyn’s face. “Jacque!” [A/N it’s a nickname for Jacquelyn, and it’s pronounced as ‘jack’] “Aaww, were you having some coffee? Too bad” Niall says and takes the glass of hot chocolate out of my hands and pour it over my head. “AAAAHHH!!” I scream out as the hot liquid streams over to my face. “What’s going on here?” Mrs. Cole shouts from inside the house as she seems to hear my scream. “See you later, sluts” Niall says and both, him and Louis runs to Niall’s new house. Mrs. Cole finally appears to the yard, where I and Jacquelyn were peacefully sitting. “Oh my god, Jessica! Are you okay?” “I-I’m okay, Mrs. Cole” I try to hold back my tears from all the hotness which covered my body. “She accidently, drops her hot chocolate” Jacquelyn lies fluently. She’s such a great actress. “Come on then, let’s get you cleaned up” Mrs. Cole takes me in her arms and lead me inside and Jacquelyn walks by my side. “And what happened to you, dear?” Mrs. Cole asks Jacquelyn. “I fell earlier, I’ll help her in her room, let’s go Jessica” Jacquelyn helps me out and take me to my room.

“Thanks, Jacque” I say as she wipes the last drop of hot chocolate of my face. “Your welcome” she replies and I wince one more time as the towel wipes against my burnt skin. I smile at Jacque as a thank. “Now, let me clean your face” I say as I get up from my seat and take a towel but as I go the towel, my arms bend and my skin squeezed in and the pain is very hurtful which causes me to groan. “It’s okay, Jes, I can do it myself” Jacquelyn smiles at me. “You sure?” I ask her again to make sure. She gives me a nod and then I leave her in my bathroom and I walk to my bed. “Hey, do you mind if I shower here too?” Jacque shouts from the bathroom. “Yeah, absolutely!” I answered-shout her.

As Jacquelyn showers, I pull out my journal. And get my pen and prepare myself to write something in it.

‘It hurts, everything in this world now seems like a threat to me. Except Jacque. Today was supposed to go great until half of it were once again, ruined by the one, Niall Horan. He poured a hot beverage above my face and it went straight to face then to my cuts in my arms. I don’t want Jessica to know, I don’t want her to worry about me or pity me. Nobody knows that I always sleep with a razor under my bed. I feel like somehow I can’t take it anymore.. I feel like, I can’t do this anymore. But, I can’t just leave Jacquelyn. She is my only friend, more like sisters now. It’ll hurt her if I just go away like that. I guess, for now, it’ll just stay as a thought.’


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