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My Bully

Chapter 4

“Hey, you ready?” I greeted Jacquelyn. We’ve been going to school together lately. It’s finally Friday, both me and Jacquelyn survived the torments from Niall and his gang.

It’s weird that when we arrived at school none of Niall’s crew standing out on the school’s gate. That’s really weird, and I see in Jacquelyn’s face that she’s thinking of the same thing as well. We both shrug it off and walk to History class.

Lunch bell finally rings and I and Jacquelyn make our way to the cafeteria. After we get our tray of lunch we both sit down in our regular table, where no one really would sit in. So, we declared it to be our table, haha. “Don’t you think it’s getting kind of weird? I could’ve sworn Harry had left the house today” Jacquelyn exclaimed. “I don’t know, but it is kinda good to have a day off from Niall and his guys, don’t you think?” Jacquelyn shrugs. “Yeah, I guess.. Thank god we don’t have to deal with any of them today” I nod to her. “Hey, remember that Economy project we need to get finished with?” I nod to her again, answering her question. “Yeah, what do you want our project to be?” “How about a.. town society?” “Sure! Which town?” “This town, duh! Holmes Chapel is enough for a town” I smile at Jacquelyn and her brilliant ideas. Preach.

School’s finally over and here comes weekends! The best part of the week. Jacquelyn’s walking home with me because we need to get this Economy project done soon. So.. Yeah.. Although, we’re supposed to go around town to make the project more perfect. But I guess, we’ll just have to start with based part of the project.

“I think I’m gonna take a little break” Jacquelyn sighs. I can’t blame her, she had quite a day. “Sure, let’s take a break” I shrug and walk to the kitchen. “Do you want hot chocolate?” I offer her. “Hot chocolate? Right now?” “No, next year” I answered her with sarcasm and she rolled her eyes at me, giggling. “Sure, I’d love one, besides it’s somewhat freezing here” “Oh, okay, wanna go outside and just chill down?” “Sure, let’s go” “Okay, you go first, I’ll be out with the hot chocolate” Jacquelyn nods and makes her way outside.

I grab both of the hot chocolate glass along with a bag of marshmallows and bring it outside and give one to Jacquelyn and sit next to her on the swinging bench. “I hope you like marshmallows” I smile at her. “Who doesn’t?” Jacquelyn says and takes a sip of the hot chocolate. “Is someone moving next door?” She asks me. “Not that I know of, no, why?” I answer her question with a question. “That moving truck keeps sending boxes here, I think that’s the final one because it has less boxes in it” she says while trying to look over the moving truck. And once the truck drives away, I never want to believe what my eyes have seen. Niall Horan is my next door neighbor. Oh no. Just when today was going so good.


I'm glad to come home with 800+ views :) But a little bummed cause I didn't get 20 votes yet :( Let's try that this time kayy? Soo, how did you like the cliffhanger? ;) #shocking


Please update I need to know what happens next!!!

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Niallers Nandos Niallers Nandos

Please continue! You can't leave me like that!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEEE!!!!!! Pretty please, will you continue?

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