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My Bully

Chapter 3

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? I don’t deserve to be in detention, I didn’t do anything illegal or wrong! I’m not supposed to be in a music class, having detention, writing a 500 word essay about how horrible it is to go to class late or skipping. This is all Niall’s fault. Just my luck, Niall walks in the music room like he owns the place, with Louis following behind his back. “Sup, slut” I just remain silence, knowing he’ll just get tired on his own. Niall and Louis took a sit in the right corner of the room and began chatting away. This is gonna be a long hour.

“You can leave now”, Mrs. Patty said while clearing all her files on the teacher desk. I instantly got up from the chair I was sitting for an hour and submits my paper to Mrs. Patty, “Thank you, Jessica, I’ll be seeing you in Math tomorrow” I give her a quick nod and leave the room as quickly as possible.

On my way out, I forgot that I left some of my dirty clothes in the gym locker. So, I have to walk to the gym locker. “Shut up, nerd!” Niall screams and the sound of the locker being smashed fills the hall. I am still in my locker, standing, listening to what was happening. “Just because you speak French doesn’t mean you can make me look stupid in front of the class!” “I-I didn’t mean to, I’m just-“ “SHUT UP!” another slam against the locker then footsteps towards the exit door. When I heard the door swings, meaning that Niall has left the room and I start hearing a little bit of silent sobs. I walk over to the voice. “Heyy.. Are you okay?” I asks her. She nods her head, “I will be fine, I’m sure”. I slid down the locker and sit beside her. “I’m Jessica, I’m a senior” I offer my hand to shake and she shook it. “Jacquelyn, Jacquelyn Styles, I’m a senior as well but I’m also new” she explains. “Styles? As in Harry Styles?” “Yeah, uuhh.. He’s my older brother, only 3 days older” “He has uhh.. a good reputation, I guess” “Yeah.. He doesn’t really want me to bother him so much in school, so, yeah.. Guess, I’m on my own”. I frown and stand up and offer her my hand again to help her get up, “You’re not alone, we’re both in Niall’s list” Jacquelyn smiles and takes my hand and stands up.

Me and Jacquelyn decided to walk home together. “So, where do you live?” I ask Jacquelyn. “Spring street 8435” she tells me. Wow, our house are just a couple houses away. “So, I guess this is your stop?” Jacquelyn nods, “What about you?” “Mine is right there” I point to the house. “Ohh, okay, wanna walk to school together tomorrow?” I nod, smiling. “I would love to” I answer her and start walking to my house.

‘And so, I declare from this day forward, I now have a friend. Someone I can talk to, someone to hang out with, someone to be there through rough and thin. I accompanied her earlier in the gym locker. I’m pretty surprised that Niall came into the girls gym locker, but not that surprised. Her name is Jacquelyn Styles. As in Harry Styles, and he is one of Niall’s gang or something. And Jacquelyn is his little sister, different 3 days only. Apparently, me and Jacquelyn just happen to have the same lessons all week. It’s amazing! Despite all this, my day has been horrible. I’ll be talking to you later, Journal.’

I closed my journal and put it inside my bag. I set down my bag beside my bed and then I heard a knock. “Come in, it’s not locked” I shouted to the person behind the door. Once the door opens, in comes Mrs. Cole. “Your parents requested you to be downstairs” Mrs. Cole says. “Okay, thanks Mrs. Cole” I reply to her. I make my way down the stairs and seeing a pair of suitcases standing along with both my parents at the end of the stairs. “What’s up? Why are you guys early home? It’s still 5” I ask them. “Me and your father have some business to do in Bali, Indonesia” my mom answered. “Yes, and we’ll be back around 2 or 3 months” my father casually continues while packing up all his last minute things. What? 2 or 3 months? That’s like 12 weeks, 84 days, 2016 hours! “But, don’t worry, I’ve made sure that Mrs. Cole is going to be here 24/7” my mom adds. “Yep, now hug us goodbyes” my dad says.

I gave both of them my goodbyes, and off they go. Leaving me alone in this large house. Ugh.


Wow! I wanted to say thank you! 500+ reads overnight! Well, that's my timezone here.. Does anyone else despise the day Monday?

20 votes + 750 reads/views = Chapter 4 yeah?


Please update I need to know what happens next!!!

MORE!! don't leave me like that! please hurry?

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Please continue! You can't leave me like that!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEEE!!!!!! Pretty please, will you continue?

Update please

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