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My Bully

Chapter 2

I was finally finished with my 10 laps and am breathing irregularly. Niall finished his laps 5 minutes earlier. I’m not that good of a runner, all thanks to Niall.

Everybody were already divided into 2 group, the 1st group consist of Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis, Harry, Perrie and Rebecca. While the 2nd group consist of 6 people I don’t know. I don’t really remember anybody here. Except, in the 1st group, obviously. The poplars’. There were also 5 more students sitting in the bench. “Cowell, you’re playing in the 2nd team!” coach shouts at me. I nod at him and walk towards my group.

I wasn’t paying attention to anything because I wasn’t that interested. “Alright, Horan, you’re team captain, Cowell, you as well! Let’s start!” coach says, then blows his whistle. Wh-what? Me? Team captain? I run to the half part of the field with my team mates. I approach one of my team mates and asks, “What are we playing?” which apparently Rebecca managed to hear and, “Coach, Jessica, the person you nominated to be team captain, doesn’t even know what we’re playing!”. Ugh, her and her babbling mouth just can’t keep shut. I wasn’t paying attention, okay? I know it was wrong, but seriously? “Dodge ball, Cowell, heads up” Coach says to me while throwing a dodge ball and sets up a row of dodge ball in the middle of the field. Why do we even need team captains for dodge ball? We’re basically surviving the game individually but stays in a team. I just don’t get it. Well, dodge ball is what we’re playing then I have a guarantee that my team is going to lose. Clearly, the guys’ in Niall’s team are great in sports. Niall, Harry and Louis in soccer, Zayn and Liam in football, Perrie is very good in volley. We’re screwed.

Rebecca’s clearly going to take advantage of her team, she’s not really sport material. 3.. 2.. 1.. The whistle blows and here starts the game.

Everybody in my team except me are all in the bench, I’m left. While in Niall’s team, there’s still Niall, Louis and Zayn. I have to win this, but I don’t think I have a chance. Those 3 muscle guys are like best of the best. “You’re going down, slut” Niall bounces the dodge ball in his hands. Louis and Zayn are doing the same thing, having a smirk in their faces. There are no dodge balls in my part of the field and the only thing I could is avoid. Niall accidently kicks the nearest dodge ball to his left feet and it lands in my territory. And as I bent down to pick it, 3 dodge balls were thrown my way, directly to my face, legs and stomach. Which causes me to fall down to the ground and hit my head. “Cowell?” was the last thing I heard until I blacked out.

I start to blink my eyes and wake up. Once, my view is not blurry anymore, I try to examine the place. Oh, it’s the school clinic. “Good, you’re awake, someone’s been waiting for you..” the nurse says. Someone? Waiting for me? That’s odd. “Who’s waiting for me?” “The guys who said that they hit you with the dodge ball, a blonde, stripes, and spikes. “You better get to changing your clothes, you have sweat all over” the nurse adds and I just nod. I thank her and make my way to the halls. Empty halls, must be in class.

All of a sudden, I was pushed to the lockers. And it wasn’t a surprise when I see Niall, Louis and Zayn in front of me. “Well, well, someone’s finally awake” Niall smirks devilishly. I really want punch the smirk out of his face but I can’t cause Louis and Zayn are holding my arms. “Please let go..” The 3 boys laugh at me, “Maybe this will ring a bell, payback” Niall says as he throws a punch to my stomach. I can’t do anything except accept the punch. He throws more and more punches to my stomach, kicks to my legs and several slaps to my cheeks. I keep wincing in pain. Niall finally stops and whispers to me, “Payback’s a bitch, bitch”. Louis and Zayn lets go of my arms and walks away with Niall.

Until I finally have enough strength to walk, I walk towards my gym locker and get some clothes to change to. As I finished changing, I make my way to math class. I was about to walk into my math class but then the lunch bell rings and also means that class is over. The class door opens and everybody walks out of the classroom and Mrs. Patty looks towards me. “Jessica, why did you skip class? “I-I didn’t, I-I” “Detention, after school, here” Mrs. Patty says as she hands over a detention slip. “B-but” “No buts, buts are for sitting” Mrs. Patty says while walking out to the hallway.

Constantly, trying to write all the things that Mr. Corcoran is talking about in Biology. It’s the last class for today but still the hardest one to survive. Niall is sitting 2 chairs behind me and so is Harry. They both are shooting spitballs at me and I’m trying very hard to ignore it. As I try to reach my hair, everything is sticky, “Eeeww..” I accidentally blurt out. “Is there something wrong, Ms Cowell?” “Nothing, Mr. Corcoran” I quickly reply to him. “I thought so, now let’s get back to page 156 about the res-“ he was cut off by the bell. Everybody stood up and empty the classroom. Niall walks up to me, “That was close, bitch, I heard you got in detention, see you there” he smirks at me. Could this day get any worse than it already is?


Thank you guys for all of the comments :) I will update once the story here gets to 400 reads/views! See you then! x


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