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My Bully

Chapter 1

Another day at school. I’m pretty surprised that my mom and dad hasn’t left for work yet. Even more surprised when I walk into the kitchen and saw my mom cooking. “You’re cooking? Where’s Mrs. Cole?” Mrs. Cole is our cook, she makes the most wonderful and delicious meals in our life’s. Well, that’s what my mom and dad thinks. “Yeah, Mrs. Cole is out to get groceries..” my mom answered. Uhh, okay then. “What’s for breakfast, Mrs-Barbara?” Dad walks into the kitchen, also surprised to see mom cooking. My mom groans, “Can’t a lady cook in here?” “Sorry, honey, I just didn’t know you can cook” My dad apologizes and hugs my mom. While the two are getting mushy with their lips and hugging and stuff, I sit there and I could feel the awkwardness of myself. “Ookkaayy.. Umm, I better get going, don’t wanna be late” I inform them as I walk my way out of the kitchen. “You don’t want breakfast?” my mom shouts. “No, thanks! Not hungry!” I shout back. I grab my backpack and walk myself out the door. School. Sigh.

I am finally only a couple of houses to school and- there he is. Niall freaking Horan. Standing there in the school gate, as if he owns the place. I hate the fact that this school doesn’t have a backdoor for me to go through. Niall always waits in front of the gate.

Well, I have no options except to just walk in there and ignore Niall. Okay, here it goes. Walking to the gate, step by step and.. “Hey, slut!”, Niall barks at me. ‘Just look down, Jessica, don’t look up, just look down’ I keep telling myself that. “Look at me when I’m talking to you, bitch!” he slams me up against one of the gates. “I-I..” “Spit it out!” “S-s-sorry..” “Well, sorry is not gonna help you now, bitch”. There goes the first punch to the stomach. “P-please..”, even though how much I beg, the punching got worst. Another hit to my stomach, a hit to my face, then several kicks to my stomach. “See you in PE, loser” he smirks and then walks away.

Ugh, I’m in the same class as him in PE, Math, History and Biology. And that’s all the classes I’m taking today. I hate Mondays! And guess what? PE is the first.

I make my way to the girl’s gym locker to change to my sport clothes. Just as I was about to make my way out to the gym, the trouble makers had to block my way. The trouble makers consist of Rebecca, Lily and Darcy. The worst is Rebecca though. Sigh, what is it this time? “Well, well, well, look who we have here girls.. It’s Jessica Cowell, how’s the beating this morning? I heard that you didn’t faint this time! Niall must’ve gone easy on you..” Rebecca said. “Or maybe, I got tougher” I shrug and walk past through them. “Uh-uh, are you talking back at us? Don’t you even dare talk back at us!” Darcy exclaims. “I’m sorry..” “You should be” Lily walks past me, hitting my shoulders with hers. “See you in lunch, Becca” Darcy walks past me, following Lily. Rebecca smiles at them then her smile drops as her gaze is directing to me. “Get out of my way, cause I need to change”, she says and walks past me, hitting my shoulders like Lily did. At least now I can make my way to the gym.

As I enter the gym, the lesson has already started. Everybody is sitting down while coach is lecturing them about stuff. Everyone’s eyes are pointed in my direction as I walk into the room, which brings coach’s attention. “Cowell, late again?” “I-I’m sorry, I-I was-“ I got cut off by coach, “No excuses! 10 laps, now!” “B-b-but..” “NOW!” coach blows his whistle. I start running for laps.

I’m already in my 5th lap and I saw Rebecca walking into the gym, finally, in her sport clothes. Let’s see what coach’s going to do about her, she’s like 15 minutes late! “Ahh.. Rebecca! Get over here and join us!” coach says, cheerily. What? I had to do 10 laps and she can just go and sit there? That is not fair! Rebecca smirks at me and takes a seat next to Niall. While I was in my deepest thoughts, Niall bursts out laughing. “Horan! What’s so funny?” Niall instantly stops laughing. “20 laps!” coach shouts. Niall groans, “25 laps!” “What?!” Niall argues. “Don’t make me give you 30 laps, Horan” coach threatens. Niall groans once again and stands up and joins me around the gym. I’m in my 9th lap by now and when Niall catches up to me, he whispers to me, “You are going to pay for this”. I gulp, what is he going to do to me?


I post the first chapter together with the prologue :) enjoy~


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