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My Bully

Chapter 15


What the hell would she be doing near our tree house? I keep thinking to myself. She couldn’t be doing what I think she’d be doing right? I’d never imagine anyone doing suicide, such torture to human kind.

Yeah, but you still did bully her

My head spoke to me. Ugh, I hate to be reminded of this. At least, I’m trying to fix things! I didn’t
mean to hurt or torture her!

No shit, Sherlock!

My conscience tells me. I roll my eyes at myself. Ugh, why did this has to happen? I haven’t been around our old tree house since we were like.. I can’t remember. I’m that worse that I can’t remember. But, I remember clearly of the day we made our tree house.


“Hey! What about this tree? It seems strong enough!” Jessica exclaims pointing to a skinny tree, getting really tired on our tree hunting. We’re planning on making our own tree house! Which is really exciting, but we couldn’t even get through our first phase of the tree house making; finding a perfectly build tree. We entered a kind of forest, it’s not a scary one, it’s more like really peaceful, really good for thinking. I gave Jessica a weird look as I look at the tree she was pointing at. “Jess, this tree is only made out of very skinny branches of wood.. It won’t even hold a box!” I explained to her, chuckling along.

For the next 15 minutes, we kept on searching for a great tree, a really, really perfect one. Until, we spot a really old tree, I walk over to it, caress it with my hands, knock on it with my knuckles to check if it’s gonna break. After checking it completely, it seems perfect. It’s strong enough to hold a tree house. “This is the tree!” I say excitedly to Jessica as her tired face lights up when I said it. “Really?” she asks in disbelief, I nod to her, again, excitedly. And she lets out a sigh of relief. “It’s got a great view of the waterfall too!” I add, trying to cheer her up. She lets a smile slip which really warms my heart. Her smile, wow, just, wow. “Yeah, it’s beautiful and all but it’s also a cliff here.. What if we fall? It’s a pretty long way down..” she says nervously. Oh yeah, she’s afraid of heights. I hug her and whisper to her ear, “I’ll keep you safe” she didn’t reply but I can feel her smiling as she puts her hands around my neck and nuzzles her face in my chest.

“Hey, look, Niall! The sun is setting! Oh my god, it’s really beautiful” she says holding her fingers together as she admires the creation of God, though to me the most beautiful creation of God is women, girls. Each and every one of them brings out different personalities. I take seat on the green grass and pat the space besides me. Jessica seems nervous because the spot I happen to choose is quite near to the cliff. “Come on, I told you, I’ll keep you safe” I convince her, which she luckily, bought. It wasn’t a lie though, I’d do anything in order to keep her safe. Cheesy much, but yeah, I do. She breathes in and seats next to me wrapping her arm around my stomach as I wrap mine around her, trying to keep her warm. We both watch the sun set, and it’s a beautiful sight. “Niall?” she looks up at me, “Yeah?” “You keep saying these stuff about keeping me safe, you know you’re not a superman right?” I let out a sigh and smile at her, “Yeah, but I can always be your man” she smiles at me which made my smile grow wider. What a day.


I got inside my car and quickly ditch school and head myself to the forest. She’d be here, she won’t jump off that cliff. Right? I keep telling myself to go faster and hoping I don’t get a speed ticket for it. I just hope I’m not too late though.


Here I am.. Edge of the cliff. It’s a really long way down, I even had a thought that it’s bottomless. Am I really going to do this? Why did I settle to come here every time I need to think? Are all of these questions showed up because of this cliff? Why do I keep on staring at this bottomless cliff every time I come by? No. I just came here to think. Just sit down and think. I roll myself to the very edge of the cliff. Somehow, I’m not that scared of this cliff as I used to be. Yes, I’m still afraid of heights, but I’m just not afraid of this. I’m suppose to be though, I’m suppose to be afraid. Because every time I look down there, I can’t see my future. But, when I close my eyes, I see my future ahead of me. Maybe, it’s a sign or something.

My brain starts thinking. Why am I alive? Is there a reason, really? I get bullied for the past years, Louis hates me, my parents haven’t really been there for me from any start. I really hope things would change, just like Niall, Niall changed, I can feel it.

I estimated my positives and negatives, here. I really hope the positives came out more. I just really, really hope things will just turn around. I breath in and let it out. I turn around my wheelchair but the tiny bits of the rocks started to fall off. My heart started raising, scare fills my brain. The only thing I know what my brain would want me to say is, “HEL-“ “JESSICA!!” I got cut off by a very recognizable voice. It belongs to Niall. He runs over to me and pull my wheelchair away while using his other hand as a seatbelt over my stomach, making sure I don’t slip off and fall.

“Are you crazy!?” he shouts at me. “I-it wasn’t.. I w-was, N-no I-I wasn’t..” “Don’t you dare do it, Jessica! Please, don’t” he’s on the verge of crying right then. Looking at his eyes makes mine soften. “I wasn’t Niall, I was about to turn around and my wheelchair slipped.. Sorry I caused you to worry” I apologize to him, “Besides I wouldn’t be calling for help if I intend on doing it” I add in. “Oh god, thank god, oh my god, I thought I was gonna lose you” he hugged me tightly. “Thank you for saving me, Niall” he nods and smiles, “I told you, I’ll keep you safe” with those words, memories flies back into my brain. “I miss you, Niall” I hugged him back. “So do I, now..” he picks me up, carries me bridal style and kicks my wheelchair into the waterfall. I gasp at his actions, “Niall! What did you do?! How am I gonna get home?!” he shrugs, “You will be staying in my place tonight, we’ll have our usual movie night, and whenever you need to go somewhere, you’ll need me to carry you since you just lost your wheelchair” he says, cheekily. I laugh at him. “But it’s a school night” I whined, “Never stopped me before” he winked at me and we both laughed as he carry me into his car.


Hey guys.. I am absolutely sorry I haven't been on here and updated for weeks. It's just that after the 3 days, my internet stopped working for like a week and I was unable to upload anything. And I just got my wifi back just 5 minutes ago! Yayyy! I hope you will all still read MB, thank you x


Please update I need to know what happens next!!!

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