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My Bully

Chapter 14

Jacquelyn finally came back from her vacation! Yay! It’s been more than a couple of days since the day I came to Niall’s house. I’m not really on good terms with Louis yet. I don’t know if he even bullies Jacque while doing the project together. We haven’t done a lot of catching up. Mostly because Niall keeps dragging me to eat with him. He has great metabolism.

It’s finally lunch time and Niall keeps on begging me to sit with him with his friends; Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Lyric, Rebecca, Lily and Darcy. I groan, “Niall, I don’t think it’s a good idea, I’m still not on the best terms with Louis, yet again Rebecca, Lily and Darcy..” I complain to him.

“Please?? I’ll take you to that ice cream place you like! I’ll get you the bubble gum flavored ice cream! Pleaaasseeee..” he pleads while making a pouting face. He has been using his pouting puppy face at me to get me to go on dates with him. Yes, he’s been asking me to go on dates with him.

People at school still glares at me everytime I roll by. Yes, roll, I’m still in the depressing wheelchair. Why? Mrs. Cole says that it needs a couple more days for the skin to attach to each other. I finally sigh in defeat to Niall, “fine, Niall, I’ll sit with you but, Jacquelyn gets to sit with me??” it came out more of a question than a statement. He nods eagerly, happy to the fact that I agree to sit with him. “Let’s go!” he pulls me by my wrist and drags me to the cafeteria.
In a rounded table, there sat Liam and Lyric showing some affection, Zayn texting on his phone, Harry just chewing a banana, and the trouble makers chatting to each other which sounded like they’re talking about wigs?? I don’t know. Niall cleared his throat making all of the people on the table turn their heads at us. “Guys, Jessica’s eating with us today” he informs them. All the guys and Lyric threw me a soft smile, including Zayn. As long as I remember, he and I wasn’t in good terms either. Oh well. Meanwhile, Rebecca scowls at me in disgust, followed by Lily and Darcy. Niall shot them a mean look as he takes his seat and starts chewing down on his food. They’re serving spaghetti and meatballs. I’m not really hungry, so I offered Niall my plate of lunch. He began to get curious, since he took me to a lot of places to eat recently, he’s getting curious about why I’m not eating much. I hope he won’t get another clue. I drink my strawberry juice.
5 minutes has passed by, and Niall has finished 3 plates of spaghetti and meatballs, mine, his, and Zayn’s. Apparently, he has a date with somebody and he’s skipping for the rest of the day for the date. So, he refuses to eat.

Louis finally showed shrugging his shoulders and throwing a glare to my direction as he takes a seat next to Niall. “Why is the slut here?” he asks bitterly. Which cause a smirk to appear in Rebecca’s face. Lily and Darcy are both too busy talking about how the spaghetti and meatballs will get them a bump in their stomachs, yep. “Shut it, lou, she’s sitting with us from now on” Niall barks at Louis. Which made Rebecca scoffs. Niall glares at Rebecca, “You got a problem about that?” he sneers at her. Again, she scoffs, “Actually, I do! What has gotten into your head Niall? One day you’re one of us, then the next you’re with.. that” she points in disgust towards me. She receives everyone’s attention on the table. “That is a girl, the girl has a name, and the name is Jessica, so just quit your crap, I’m tired enough of you and your 2 sidekicks, mocking every other girl around as if they’re not as good as you are, but truth is, Rebecca, they’re all better than all of you, Lily and Darcy combined!” Zayn shouted at them. This certainly got everyone on the whole cafeteria to notice. I’m surprised that Zayn would stood up for me. “Excuse me?! Come on! You can’t possibly on the slut’s side! She’s fake!” she complains. “You’re fake, your friends, they’re fake too! We all know that Lily and Darcy are just pretending to be your friends because they desperately want to be popular in this school!” I didn’t even know that.. he pauses for a second, the continues, “at least, all of us here, we’re real! And we’d like to keep it that way!” he finishes. Rebecca turned her heads towards Lily and Darcy, “is it true? You’re just friends with me for popularity?” Rebecca asks them. Lily and Darcy stands up and sneers, smirks showing on their faces, “Come on, you would’ve done the same thing” Darcy simply replies, and Lily follows with a nod, then they both walk off. Some friend, they are. Rebecca scoffs, “you! This is all your fault! If you wouldn’t have sit here, nothing like this would happen! You all better watch out! Cause I’m going to make a comeback, and when I’ve done it, you’ll all be sorry!” she picks up her bag and storms out of the cafeteria.

“That was quite an event..” Liam says. “Niall, I don’t think I should stay here, I’ll just-“ I tried to complain to Niall. I’m causing too much trouble. “No!” he protests me. “Hey, I just stood up for you, you better stay” Zayn said, chuckling. “About that, thanks, Zayn..” I smiled softly at him, quite scared to the fact that this guy has once bullied me too. “You have nothing to worry about, the rest of us are cool to have you here, we’re fine” Harry adds in. “Oh, so now it’s THE REST of us! Sure! Truth is, Jessica, I’m not COOL with you sitting in our table!” he slammed his hands on the table. “And you! You betrayed me, Niall! I thought it was always bro’s before hoe’s! Yet, you hook up with the ugliest slut I’ve ever seen! You should just die, bitch! No one wants you here! So just dig up a hole, get in it, and burry yourself in it! Or, I would love to help burry you in it too!” he stands up, angrily, and picks up his bag. “As to the rest of you, we were never friends!” and at the end of that sentence he storms out.

“Niall, I cause too much trouble, I’m gonna go..” I leave the place without saying anything else. I rolled out of the school and head to the place where I calm myself the most, the cliff.


Jessica left the table, I stood up and collected all of my stuff and put them in my bag. As I stood up, a person tapped my shoulders. I turned around to find out it was Jacquelyn. “H-h-have you s-seen Jessica?” Why is she stuttering? Oh right, I haven’t made up with her yet. “She went out, I’ll have to talk to you later.. Just hang out with Zayn here, you’ll be fine” I told her and I left.
I searched to her next subject of the day, she has biology next. She’s definitely not in Biology class, I’ve searched. Where could she be? She can’t possibly miss her favorite class. I tried calling her but it goes to her voicemail. And then it struck me. A place where she’s always at, the place where we made our tree house, the cliff.


Okay, thank you guys for reads and the votes and the subscribes :D but, i won't be able to upload for 3 days because my teacher made an assignment for us to not use any internet or gadget.. :( so, I'll see you guys soon! Byeee!


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