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My Bully

Chapter 13

I refuse to go to Niall’s house. I refuse to cry over him. I refuse to be afraid of him. I refuse the pain I keep having. I refuse to do the partner assignment. I refuse to be in a wheelchair. If only, I could complain about all of this. But, sadly, I have to keep myself contained.

I wheel myself home and Mrs. Cole greets me and helped me into the house. “I’ve set up the guest room on the first floor so you won’t have any trouble with getting into your room” Mrs. Cole informs me and I nod to her. “Thanks, Mrs. Cole” I roll myself to the guest room on the first floor. As I got into the room, all of my stuff from my room has been moved here. “How did you get all of my stuff here in just 1 day?” I ask her, surprise in my voice. “That’s for me to know and for you to find out” she chuckles and leaves me to mind my own business. She literally moved everything in here. My journal! Wait, it’s in my bag..

It’s now 3:45, and I’ve finished showering and finishing a couple of homework. I guess I should get to Niall’s house, if I didn’t go, I know in a certain that he would walk to my house instead. I grab my laptop and said a little goodbye to Mrs. Cole saying that I would be back shortly and roll over to Niall’s house.

Once I reach the porch of his house, I knock on his door. Not even 10 seconds passed, the door flew open. There stand a shirtless, towel wrapped, wet hair Niall Horan. I swallow my gulp, suddenly feeling nervous a little. “Like what you see?” he smirks at me. “Perv, I’ve seen better” I bite him back with my comment. He shrugs it off but still keeps his devious smirk in his face. “Put some clothes on, and we’ll start doing the presentation” I told him and roll myself inside. “Aaaw, but don’t you like the view?” he coos. I shake my head while turning on my laptop. “I just want to get this over with” I told him. I didn’t hear an answer so I assume he is getting some clothes on in his room.

“Back” Niall chirms, fully clothed, holding a bag of chips and his laptop in both hands. He took a seat in the couch I’m sitting next to. “Alright, Mr. Anderson has emailed earlier, and he told us the list of the presentation” Niall nods as I inform him. “Well, he only wanted us to do 3 topics on the presentation: Breathing Organs, Digestive Systems and Process of Reproduction” I told him. “We’ll start off with breathing organs then” he says unenthusiastically.

After we finished the 1st part of the presentation, Niall insisted for me to stay and watch ‘The Conjuring’ with him. I’m not a fan of horror movies, so I tried my best to decline but he’s being so persistent. Weird, it’s like the scene in school never happened. Niall had to lift me up to sit in the couch with him. Once again, he insisted.

I nuzzle into his shirt, feeling cold and scared. For the 15th time, I screamed. I felt the voice from his chest as he chuckles. “How are you so calm watching this?” I look up to him. “I’m not” he replies simply. “What?” confusion bobbles my mind. “I mean, I’m not watching it, watching you is entertaining enough” he chuckles again and smiles. I look down. I’m utterly confused. “Niall, I can’t do this” I whisper to him. He holds my chin between his forefinger and his thumb. How I love it when he does that. Wait, what? “What can’t you do? Tell me” he requested. “I can’t handle all your switches, the Niall in school and the Niall here is different.. One day, you’re this very sweet, loveable guy and the next day you just turned into a monster..” I told him. Hurt flashes in his eyes.

“I’m very sorry, Jessica” “You don’t mean it, Niall, I know you don’t” I sit up. “I do, I mean it, I’m terribly sorry for everything, starting from the attitude I give you everyday at school until the accident I caused yesterday, I don’t mean to throw the lamp at you, I didn’t know it was glass.. I beat myself up to it this morning, I didn’t drive you back home from the very first party you’ve been to, I didn’t slept with Rebecca, as soon as you left, I searched for you but you weren’t there anymore, I know an apology isn’t enough but I know things aren’t going to change your mind! I know you! I just don’t know, everybody knows that I’m not the brightest here! All I do is scare people, I even got you to cut yourself! I desperately want to prove it to you that I want to change, I didn’t know it was going to be this hard!” he continues his ramble with a couple of tears dripping from his face. I can’t help but feel sorry for him. “I know you’re change Niall, I know, but what you did to me last night really hurt me, literally” I rub his back as he sit up as well. He looks down to my bandage legs, he reached down to rub my legs while whimpering every now and then saying ‘sorry’ repeatedly. “Stop, stop, it’s okay..” I took both his hands up and hugged him.

We both stare each other in silence. Although, it wasn’t an awkward silence. “I have to go home now.. I gotta change my bandage..” I said to him, breaking the silence. “I can change it for you!” he says quickly. I raise up my eyebrow at him. “Really, I do! How hard could it be right? I mean, you just need to wrap it around your leg” “Ehh.., I’m not sure, Niall” I’m not having second thoughts about going home and let Mrs. Cole do it for me. “Please? It’s the first step to all our troubles.. Trust” he says softly. I let out a sigh in defeat, “Alright, fine” he quickly puts on a smile on his face. Cute. Wait, what?

I screamed in laughter watching Niall wrapping the new bandage around both my legs. “Niall, there are 2 bandages, you put one in one leg and you put another in the other leg!” I told him. He smiled and chuckled, “This is to make sure that you don’t walk!” he says, proudly. “Why don’t you want me to walk?” I ask him. “Well, I’m in my next step, I’m babying you!” he chirms. I laugh at him again.

“There, done” he says, again, very proudly. “Thanks, Niall” I say to him, hugging him in return. He lifted me and when I thought he was going to put me back in my wheelchair, he spin me around in air. “Niall! Put me down!” I laugh, nervously. He knows how I hate heights, even though it’s not that high. I just don’t like the idea of not being on the ground. “Alright, alright..” he puts me down in my wheelchair. “I’m not a baby, you know” I stick my tongue out at him. “I don’t care, you’re my baby” I smile at his respond. Maybe, he is changing, I haven’t seen this side of Niall for years. And I can assure you, I missed it badly. “So, I’ll drive you to school tomorrow?” “Yeah, sure, Niall, thanks” I smile to him and waved goodbye, walking back to my house. This was not how I imagined how the day would end, but I’m not protesting, at all.


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