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My Bully

Chapter 17


“Okay, Jacque, you go that way and I’ll surprise him up from behind” I tell my brilliant strategy to Jacquelyn about how we’re going to beat Niall in this nerf war. Yep, we’re having a nerf war. Don’t judge. Well, a couple of hours ago..


I came back to the backyard to find Niall and Jacquelyn hugging. Don’t know why, but, a little spark of jealousy just ignite inside of me. Okay, no. Maybe, they just need to hug it out from an awkward silence. Instead of pretending to clear my throat, I called out to them, “I see we’re all friends here.. Movie?” I popped another marshmallow inside my mouth which caused Niall to chuckle and they both nod. “Yeah, sure! We watching horror?” he smirked. Oh god.

When both me and Jacquelyn were about to protest to not watch horror movie, he tossed Jacque to his shoulders and walked over to me and tossed me over his shoulder as well. I looked over to Jacque, she was pounding Niall’s back while I just sighed, knowing he won’t give in. I learned a lot by being his childhood best friend.

He made us stay sit on the couch while he looked over to his choices on the disc table. After a while, he walked back to us and squeezed himself in the middle. In his hand, he holds 3 movies; Paranormal Activity 4, Friday The 13th and Chucky 2. Why does he has to be the one to choose? I would even watch My Little Pony than being scared to death watching the movies he had picked. “Anything you’d both prefer?” he asked both of us with a smirk still playing in his face. “Yeah, how about The Amazing Spider-Man instead? Andrew Garfield looks nerdy-hot there” I suggested, trying to convince him. He let out a chuckle and wrapped his arm around my neck and messed my hair, “No can do, kiddo, these are your choices, come on, I’m being generous that you both gets to choose, maybe one of these movies are less scarier for you” “How am I supposed to know? I don’t watch them” I argued him and tidied my hair. He looked over to Jacque, “No, I’ve never seen either movies as well” “Well then, I get to choose” the smirk on his face grew even bigger and he stands up and walked over to the DVD player. Jacque then stands up, “I’m gonna get popcorn” she said nervously. “I’m gonna go help!” I said quickly. “No, you stay here, missy!” Niall scolded me while pointing his finger towards me.
“But-“ I was cut off by him, “Butts are for spanking, my dear” which made all 3 of us burst out laughing. “No, butts are for sitting” I sticked my tongue out at him, proving I’m right. “Whatever floats your boat, love” he chuckles and squeezed between me and Jacque. Jacque stood up and walked to the kitchen to get the popcorns.

“AAAAHH!! FUCK! WHAT THE MOTHERFRIGGIN HELL?!” Jacque shouted out loud. I kept quiet the whole movie because I was too scared to say anything. Niall played Paranormal Activity 4 and I was as scared as a banana losing its skin. When the movie finally finishes, Niall turns his head over to me and asked, “Nerf war?” a smirk showed up on my and Niall’s face. “you’re on!”

Yepp, so that’s why we’re in this position right now. Me and Jacque are like ganging up on Niall for making us watch a horror movie. And, fortunately, we were winning! We both took a step forward and, “BOOOOO!!” Niall surprised us from behind which cause both; me and Jacquelyn to jump up in a surprise. Niall shot a nerf ammo to me and jacque. “I WON!!” Niall danced around the hallway, while ma and Jacque just laughed at his silliness.

“Pizza, anyone?” I asked as it was time for dinner. “CHEESE!” “TUNA!” Jacque and Niall shouted at the same time. “How about pepperoni with extra cheese and a lump of tuna?” I suggested. “Wait, you can order something like that?” Niall asked me in curiosity. “Yeah, well, I’m pretty close to the chefs everywhere around town” I told them. Without letting them ask me anymore questions, I dial the numbers to the pizza place and ordered up.

“Where are those pizzaaaass?” Niall moaned in hunger. “Just wait for like 5 more minutes, Ni” “But, I’m hungry now!” “And so am I!” Jacque joined in. “You won’t die of hunger for now, Niall” I let out a sigh. Truthfully, I’m hungry as hell as well. Ding Dong. “I got it!” Mrs. Cole shouted while making her way towards the door while the three of us waits in anticipation hoping it’s the pizza guy. Once the pizza scent knocked into three of us, we scrammed and run towards Mrs. Cole. “The pizza place gave us 2 free large cheese pizza since it’s they’re anniversary!” Mrs. Cole exclaimed, carrying in 3 stacks of pizza. “Thank the lord!” Niall hugged Mrs. Cole and started digging in along with Jacquelyn by his side while I giggled laughing at them. “Thank you, Mrs. Cole, you can have some if you want” I offered. “No, it’s alright, you 3 kids enjoy it, I’m having my midnight Yorkshire Tea with bread” she smiled and trailed off.

After we finished eating, we decided to wait around for like 5 minutes or so. I’m surprised we had leftovers! After a whole 5 minutes of talking about Niall’s dream of being attacked by rubber-ducks ninja, we decided to play the X-Box, surprisingly all of us voted to do Just Dance 4.
“I, Niall Horan, challenge you girls to a dance off!” “I am so beating your Irish ass!” I challenged him as well. " Are you sure though, Jess? Your foot-" I quickly cut her off, "I can do this!" “Alright then but I’d rather be the judge, I’m choosing the song selection! Move aside people!” As Jacquelyn started choosing the songs, me and Niall decided that it’s going to be a bet, the one to lose would have to go to school only in their underwears, next monday! Amazing! I know I’m not that confident to show up in school just in my undergarments, but what I know is, that I am the best in playing Just Dance 4.

Jacque ended up choosing Mr. Saxobeat by Jennifer Lopez. And I ended up winning even in my sore foot! Yay! Niall kept complaining all night long because Jacquelyn chose a song for girls while Jacque kept on laughing at Niall’s dancing. It was a close one, but I still got the higher point by 100 haha. Can’t wait for Monday to come, but not trying to be a pervert; wanting to see Niall just in his underwear. But, I just wanna laugh. I bet, he would use his green and yellow leprechaun shoes to top it all off, or ask his friends to join in and later on he would get scolded by the principle for inappropriate dressing. And Niall would exclaimed, ‘the picture of Miley Cyrus you’re hanging on your office wall is wearing less clothing than I am’ yes, our principle is a big fan Miley Cyrus. Yep, this night is officially one of the hysterical best nights of my life. And all that was thanks to Niall.


A/N hey guys! I'm finally here for an update! I'm really sorry for not updating for a very long time, but I was really busy with school and I just finished my examination week! I just hope I get the best results! And here is a chapter for you all! P.S. Please don't kill me hehe x


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