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One Wish

Chapter 9

Calie's POV

The last bell of the year is about to ring. I can't wait any longer for this school year to be over. Everyday for the next few months, I get to devote myself to Niall. My babysitting job fell threw.... so now I can spend all my time with him. Each day at school i sit through all my classes thinking about how his blue eyes brighten when he sees me, how his thin frame towers over me, how his pink lips feel pressed gently to mine, how I fit perfectly into his body, and how I feel safe when he holds my hand. Minutes seem like hours when I'm waiting for his kiss. Wait! I can't believe my own thoughts. I never imagined feeling this way for anyone, but here I am falling head over heals for Niall. The real Niall. Not the Niall that millions of girls swoon for, but the Niall that those millions of girls will never get to see. The Niall that feels others pain, the Niall who is genuinely loving. Why would fall for me? I mean I'm not ugly but I have seen his fans. All those girls who are much prettier than I am. Now that I think about it why would any guy ever want me when there are so many beautiful girls in this world. I don't understand. What if Niall is only pretending to like me. Maybe he is just with me cause he is stuck in this town for the next couple of months. I looked down at the screen of my phone. The background was the picture of Niall kissing me. All my worries and doubts faded away, remembering what he said to me that night. "Nothing you could ever say would make me want to leave." The thought left his sweet Irish accent sounding in my ears. I was brought back to present day when the final bell of the year rang and everyone jumping out of their seats yelling "Thank God it's over!" and "Woo-hoo no more school!" I stood from my desk not saying one word to anyone. I just wanted to get home as fast as I could. I closed my locker and turned headed for the doors but the breath was knocked out of me when I hit full force into a toned torso, then the floor.

"Oh! Calie!" a frantic male yelp. A strong looking hand reached out to help me off the ground. "I terribly sorry.... We have to stop running into each other like this." he giggled . that when I looked up and saw Colton peering at me. Oh great. I just want to go home to Niall. Hey i like the sound of that... "go home to Niall" I repeated in my head.

"Oh, it's fine really." I tried to push past him but he turned and started to walk with me.

"So, there is this party at Kyser's place. It's like a big end of the year party. Everyone's gonna be there. You should come."

"Oh um, when is it?"

"It's tonight."

"I might come. Its it cool if I bring a few friends?" Why are these people walking so slow! I mean Damn! I would like to get out this hell hole and away from Colton.

"Yeah, who are you wanting to bring?" right then I my phone lit up with a text from Niall.

Niall: Hurry up love, I'm outside the school waiting on you.

I could feel Colton reading the message from over my shoulder. i quickly typed back.

Me: I'll be there soon :)

After the message was sent. I clicked out of my inbox revealing to Colton the picture of me and Niall. Colton's face changed.

"Are you bringing him?" I could hear the hostility when he spoke. "I'd love to meet him." A fake smile spread across his face. Maybe i shouldn't go to this party. Finally the door to the outside. Colton continued to walk with me all the way out. As soon as I got outside I saw a tall pale boy standing by the bike rack. He had sunglasses and a hat covering his face. He was wearing a tank that showed his nicely toned arms and a pair of rather tight jeans. He was staring at the crowd of kids that was flowing out of the doors. I could tell he hadn't seen me yet cause when he met my gaze through his sunglasses a large smile curved his lips. That smile drove me crazy I could feel my heart speed up when I saw it resting perfectly on his face. my heart beat wasn't the only thing gaining speed... my legs picked up the pace as well, before I could stop my self I jumped into his outstretched arms. He caught me with ease. I swear everyone around probably thought it has been a year since we last saw each other even though it was only 8 hours. I know most people would think I'm exaggerating but I really like this boy. It's hard to explain to anyone but I don't really care. Niall squeezed me tight while spinning around. He sat me back on the ground and planted a kiss on me. A collective "Awwwwwwwe" sounded behind me. I smiled in the kiss and so did he. Niall kept hold of me but broke from the kiss.

"How was your day?" Niall asked.

"It's a lot better now."

"Was it a bad day?"

"No, it was just really long."

"Nope, I promise it was the same length as every other day." He joked.

"Your a real comedian. But I wouldn't quit your day job just yet." I shot back. Niall's jaw dropped open pretending what I had said offended him. He broke our embrace and grabbed my hand. We took the long way home so we could have some extra alone time.


Harry walked into the room on his phone. I assume he's texting Sammi. I watched as his dimples formed, with the smile that spread on his face.

"Hey guys, Sammi just texted me She invited us to go to this party tonight. I think we should go."

"Yeah, I think that'd be fun." Louis proclaimed.

"Yeah we haven't been out in a while. I would Love to go do something." Zayn agreed.

"Oh boy! I love parties!" Niall said while fist pumping." I think we should go!"

"Are you all crazy?" Liam interjected. "You want to go to a party with a bunch of people we don't know. A ton of teenagers that will tell people that we are here. We can't risk it."

"Your such a Debby downer!" Louis cried.

"Liam, they are probably gonna be drunk no one will even know its us." Harry pleaded.

"Yeah and we won't draw any attention to ourselves." Louis joined in.

"We got to live while we're young man!" Zayn cheered.

"Calie, do you want to go to this party?" Liam asked me.

"Oh yeah, I was actually gonna ask you guys earlier but it slipped my mind." I really do want to go but I'm a little worried because of Colton.

"You'll keep us safe?" Niall said sarcastically and look at Liam.

"Okay fine we can go." Liam gave in.

"YAY!!!!!!" All the boys cheered at once.

"Can we pick Sammi up?" Harry asked.

"Yeah it's on the way to Kyser's."

"Have you been there before?" Niall asked sounding a little jealous.

"Yeah he is notorious for having great parties." Niall still didn't look happy that I have been to a guys house that wasn't his. "But parties are the only reason I would ever go there." I saw a hint of a smile on Niall's face with the thought comforting him. "Well I'm gonna go get ready."

"I want to pic your outfit out!" Harry interjected.


"Don't worry Niall, I'll make sure she looks hot for you." Harry winked at Niall and pulled me by the arm up to my room. He started rummaging through my closet, throwing clothes all over the place. I hate to say it but I'm glad Harry is helping me pick out my outfit, last time he helped, it was perfect, I actually looked good. http://www.polyvore.com/combat/set?id=96741854 I was suprised at the choice but it fit well. I was gonna have to fight for a good time/


Whats your thoughts on how this party is gonna go down? Comment and tell me :)
Sorry its short


NIALL IS SOOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@I love niall lots
Thank you so much I will be sure to update as soon as I can. :)

ShelbyTill ShelbyTill

This is really good!!!!! FEELS, please update!!!

That made my whole life! Thank you so much!

ShelbyTill ShelbyTill

Wow can I say you have talent I love this story