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One Wish

Chapter 10

Calie's POV

Wow, Colton was right! Everyone really was here. This would be an awesome party... if I wasn't keeping an eye on 5 guys. I really wish they didn't come. what if some one recognizes them. They will have to leave and I really don't want that. My only hope is that because everyone is gonna be wasted. Maybe even if someone does recognize them they will just think that they were drunk and imagining things. I really don't want to see Colton. I just have this eerie feeling about him meeting Niall. I'm going to avoid that them meeting at all cost. I'm glad I have Sammi to help me keep an eye on the boys but we all know she is gonna be to focused on Harry to pay any attention to Louis, Liam and Zayn. As we walk up to the door I can begin to smell the alcohol. Please let this go well.

"Calie." I hear Niall call me out of my thoughts.


"Are you okay? You seem a little nervous."

"Yeah." I put a large smile on my face, "I'm fine. Lets go party." I said grabbing his hand and pulling him toward the door.

"There's my Calie." Niall smiled and grabbed my hand back lacing his fingers into mine. I opened the door and saw all the people. We all squeezed into the already crowded room. I looked around and saw Colton in the kitchen. Mental note no kitchen. "Hey you want something to drink?" Niall asked.

"No I'm fine, I shouldn't drink. We would never make it home if I did." I told him, even though a drink would get rid of this awful feeling in my stomach.

"Okay well I'm gonna go find something."

"No! Uhhh, let me get you something... You stay here." I looked at the rest of the boys and asked them if they wanted anything. I looked for Sammi but her and Harry had already vanished from the group. That girl drives me crazy sometimes.

"Calie, I'm coming with you. And you need to calm down. tonight is gonna be fun. I think you should have a drink or two . Just to take the edge off." Niall was right tonight is supposed to be fun for everyone and I am probably just freaking out about nothing. I need to just chill. I nodded my head in agreement. Niall hugged me tight then grabbed my hand and we walked out back to find some coolers. We found some bud light and grabbed enough for everyone but Liam. Liam felt it was better if he didn't drink. He said sometimes Louis gets a little carried away which has to be hilarious. I mean Louis is already hysterical. When me and Niall walked back to where we left the boys they were gone. My heart sunk a little but Niall just took the beer from my hands and sat them down on an end table. He popped his open and took a long swig. I mimicked his action. I instantly felt better. "Calie!" Niall yelled to me over the music." I love this song!" Booty Work by T-pain blared out of the speakers. I felt a smile spread across my face. Niall leaned into my ear and whispered; "Dance with me." His hot breath lingered on my neck. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to where the people were dancing. He spun me around and pulled me close, leaving my back to his front. Whoa, um I don't know if I can do this. I've never ground on a guy before. I assume its the same as when you grind on your friends, but what if I'm not good at it. I felt Niall put his hands on my hips and start to show me what to do. He guided my hips in circles. I quickly caught on. My hips rotated to the beat of the music. I then felt Niall press against my backside. His hands held my hips as they pressed into him. Niall slid his right hand up, tracing my arm and pushing my hair off my shoulder. I soon felt soft wet kisses covering my neck. Niall knew my weakness'. He nipped at my ear and back down my neck. He bit hard on my sweet spot. I pressed hard on his groin and continued the circular motion of my hips. I heard a small moan from Niall's throat. I could feel him pull me even closer into him than I was. A weak noise escaped from my mouth as he sucked on the skin of my neck. His bite was painful in the most pleasurable way. I squeezed my eyes closed and let him take power over me. I heard multiple moans from Niall. Not like I was innocent, I let a few escape from my throat as well.The song ended and I pulled myself away from Niall's grip. I turned to face him.

"Niall, I swear if you left a..." I was cut off.

"Calie! Hey!" It was Colton. I quickly pulled my hair of the blood red patch of skin on my neck that Niall so evilly placed on me.

"Oh, Um, Colton." I coughed. I grabbed Niall by the waste and Niall put his arm around me.

"Glad you could come." Colton surprisingly sounded pleasant. " So is this Niall?" I tried to say yes but the words wouldn't come out. Niall held out his hand to shake Colton's. Colton grabbed Niall's hand and smiled. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Colton"

"You too man." Niall said completely calm. This is strange, why is Colton being so nice to Niall, earlier it seemed like he wanted to kill him. The boys started to converse about soccer/football and i just stood there feeling awkward. This is not at all what I expected. I could have sworn that Colton was gonna start something with Niall. I watched Niall's face the whole time. His presence calms me. Niall's eyes caught mine a couple of times and I knew he could tell how uncomfortable I was. A few minutes later Niall's beer was empty and so was Colton's. Colton walked away to get them more. Niall turned to me and laid a soft peck on my lips. "Calie, did you date Colton?"

"No! No, Its just Colton used to be my best friend but he stopped talking to me when he stopped being ugly. He got a new group of friends and left me in the background. Then when I started to lose all my baby fat and get boobs, he suddenly became interested in me again. I kinda hate him."

"Oh, well he is totally into you now, and I don't like it." Niall pulled me into a hug and kissed my forehead. "Your mine now." Niall's words made my heart melt. I wanted him to call me his princess more than anything. I wanted nothing more than to make it official.

"Niall, that's all I have ever wanted to be." I stood up on my tip toes and pressed my lips into his. I felt him smile in the kiss. I loved his smile, his kiss, his touch,his everything. I couldn't imagine anyone else. I stood back from Niall and smiled at him.

"Hey, lets ditch this clown." Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me into the hallway. I watched as he opened door after door till we found a room that wasn't occupied. I turned my head to see that Colton didn't just get Niall a beer, he gathered a bunch of the (american) football players. They all had serious looks on their faces.
Wow Colton is awful! He was gonna have them gang up on Niall. I mean that's not fair at all, Niall is strong for how little he is but he wouldn't stand a chance against these boys. Niall pulled me in the room and shut the door behind me. Niall tried to kiss me but I rejected him.

"What's wrong?"

"We need to leave Niall." I could feel my heart beat rising.

"Why? What's going on?"

"I'll tell you later but right now I need to go find the other boys.I reached for the door handle but Niall grabbed my wrist and pulled me back.

"Calie I'll help you look."

"No Niall! You need to stay here till I come get you!" I yelled slightly. Niall just looked at me in shock. "Please Niall, I think Colton got a bunch of guys together to beat you up." I told him in a whisper. "I just want you to be safe."

"Calie what if they try to do something to you! I'm going with you. I want to keep you safe too." I really don't want Niall to come but he has a good point it is safer for me if he comes with me, but my safety isn't what I am worried about. I don't want Colton to hurt Niall that would kill me and then they would have to leave. Niall pulled me in for a hug and then opened the door. We walked out of the bedroom and toward the living room, where the group of jocks no longer lingered. I told Niall to look for Zayn, Liam, and Louis, and I would look for Harry and Sammi. Me and Niall separated to find them faster. I walked into the kitchen and didn't see anyone. Not Harry, Sammi, Louis, Liam, or Zayn. I left the kitchen and walked out to the patio. There I saw Colton. He didn't have any of the beef heads with him now, but I could tell he was still looking for some one. I looked around for a sign of anyone but they were no where in sight. I turned started pushing my way through the crowd. I was too short to see over most of the people and I hoped that my height would provide me with cover from Colton. I was pulled out of my thoughts when I hit right into a muscular chest. Colton's chest. I quickly tried to walk the other way. Colton grabbed me by the wrist and spun me around.

"Where are you going?" His voice sent shivers down my spine. I could smell the alcohol on his breath. I didn't answer, and tried to pull away from his grasp. "When I came back you and your scrawny little boyfriend were gone."

"Don't talk about him like that!" I retorted. "I know what you're trying to do." I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Calie, baby. What ware you talking about?" Baby? Who the hell does he think he is?

"1st off I am not you baby and I never will be, and 2nd you brought all your friends to beat Niall up." I hissed.

"I just wanted the boys to meet the boy who has taken you from me." Colton's head dipped down close to mine. His hand wrapped around me and pulled way too close. I struggled to get distance between me and the drunken body of my childhood best friend. I stared at Colton's matured features and remembered how close we once were. Even though his appearance had changed he still had the same big brown eyes that I fell for so many years ago. Those eyes made me wonder if somewhere inside the masculine outer capsule that he wore there was still my best friend. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of his eerie voice. "Calie, I don't like that boyfriend of yours. He's no good for you" Once long ago these words would have given me hope that he maybe liked me the way I liked him but now they had no meaning to me. He just wants me because I rejected him.

"How the hell would you know that? You don't even know him! You are just jealous that he gets to kiss me and maybe even do other things that you'll never be able to do with me! Your such an ass whole! Let me go!" I began to hit his chest in a struggle to remove myself from his touch. I realized that I'm not even mad that he tried to beat up Niall earlier. I was letting out all the frustration that had built up since Colton stopped talking to me. Colton kept hold of me while my arms flared at his chest. My arms got tired and as the wailing slowed I felt Colton let go of me to re-position from his constraint into a hug. It was then I realized I was crying. I really did miss my best friend.

Sammi's POV

Harry and I left the party early just to walk around town and be alone. We planned on going back to the party in about in hour so that the rest of the boys and Calie could go home. It's still amazing to me that I am walking around my little home town in Ohio at 3 in the morning with Harry Styles. But what amazes me even more is that he is holding my hand. His lengthy fingers intertwined with mine. The street lamps illuminated the flawless features. The way his dimples were tented darker than his smooth cheeks, the ways his crazy curls lay out of order on his head and flop over into his face, even in the dark you you see how beautiful his emerald eyes were. Harry and i just walked and talked. He would tell me silly stories about the boys, I would die laughing. But he never let me laugh alone. His husky laugh made my heart do flips in my chest. Before I knew it we were back to the party, but before we went inside Harry pulled me to the side.

"Sammi" he leaned into my ear and whispered,"I want to kiss you." His breathy voice made him beyond irresistible. I didn't know what to say it was like I forgot how to speak, damn it, I forgot how to move too. I felt Harry gently kiss my neck, he whispered something else, "All of you." His words sent goosebumps across my whole body. I felt my knees start to get week and my stomach churn as Harry's word set in and he kissed my neck. I rapped my arms around his neck for support. I didn't trust in my knees anymore.

"Harry! Sammi!" Zayn shouted. Harry grunted in anger at the disruption.

"We need to leave now." I heard Liam say in a much too serious tone.

"Wait what's going on?" I asked worriedly.

"There are some football players who are trying to beat Niall up." Louis replied in a rush.

"Where is Calie?" I asked.

"She is outback looking for you two" Niall replied.

"I'll go get her." I took off toward the door. Harry followed.

We tried to push our way through the drunken teens. A couple of guys stumbled into me and Harry hastily pushed them off. They fell to the ground and me and Harry continued toward where Calie was. When we walked out there I saw Calie crying in Colton's arms as he held her tight. I remember her telling me how close they used to be and how he just stopped talking to her when he got hot. He is such an ass for doing that Calie is seriously the sweetest most genuinely good person there is on this earth, I don't know why anyone would ever purposefully hurt her. I didn't know what happened or why she was crying but I knew she would tell me later, right now I just had to get her out of here. I marched up to Colton and pushed him off of her.

"What the hell!" he yelled as I pulled her away from the crowd and away from him.

I got her out front to the place where the rest of the gang were waiting. As soon as Calie saw Niall she reached for him. And so, Niall held her the whole walk home as she sobbed.

Niall's POV

I don't know what had happened after we split up to search for the rest of the gang but what ever happened made Calie cry. I held her close to me the whole way home. I watched as she cried, silently. No noise came out, just tears. Pain showing in her big blue eyes. It made no sense to me, how can someone be this beautiful even when they cry. And how is it that when I see the pain in her eyes I feel that pain in my heart. I never had this happen to me before. This beautiful angel like lady had taken my heart in such short amount of time and I can't handle the sight of her crying or the thought of leaving her. I just want her to be happy.


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NIALL IS SOOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you so much I will be sure to update as soon as I can. :)

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This is really good!!!!! FEELS, please update!!!

That made my whole life! Thank you so much!

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Wow can I say you have talent I love this story