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One Wish

Chapter 2

I turned around after the door was shut. I was with exactly who I thought I was with. I said that to meet One Direction was my one wish, but this is not exactly how I imagined it. I always imagined it happening at a concert and Niall Horan would pick me out of the crowd to sing "Only Girl in the World" to me. How could this be happening? What was I going to do? Here I am still in tears, because my little brother and my mom could have been killed, while One Direction is sitting staring up at me. This could have been a nightmare. My thoughts were interrupted when Zayn asked me,

"Who are you? How did you get in here? There are no fans allowed."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I came home from school today to this mess. My room was destroyed and my mom and little brother could have killed, I'm still shaking, and I just wanted to stay with my mom." I replied, though it came out a lot meaner than I wanted it to. Damn it! I never thought that my first words to Zayn Malik would be rude. I felt bad for what I said but it was true. I was terribly scared and this had to have been the worst day ever. So I spoke again, "Look, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to be rude. It's just, I am still a little shaken over all of this. Please don't think that I am a rude person. I'm really not, I promise." I hoped someone would say something because I really didn't want to start talking again.
Harry looked me up and down then spoke,

"Your fine. I know I wouldn't be a very cheeky person if I came home to this mess. In fact I would be an emotional mess. You are fine right where you are. Actually you should sit down you don't look so good." He patted the seat right between him and Niall. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't refuse sitting next my dream guy, but I felt really awkward after yelling at Zayn. Harry's eyes pleaded so I took the seat next to him.

"So how are you boys doing?" My mother asked. "I was hoping you were all okay. Is there any injuries?" She was so concerned about Niall. It was as though he was her own child. It was sweet. She looked over at Niall then spoke, "Are you okay I was so very terrified that you wouldn't make it out of this. I guess you are stronger than you look." She giggled to herself.
Niall laughed with her, it was so cute. I couldn't help but smile, he is just so cute. Then I noticed that Liam saw that I was smiling and he smiled at me. Was this real was I really sitting with One Direction. How did this happen. Finally Niall answered my mom’s question,

"We're all fine, I have a sprained wrist and a concussion. It doesn't hurt though; I'm so grateful for what you did. How can I ever repay you?" Niall paused for a brief second then continued, "I will do anything, really, anything in the world."

My mom just smiled, she didn't want anything. All she wanted was to make sure everyone was okay. She told the boys that and told them that she was going to find Hunter. She said she had to see him. She asked me to stay here with them so that she knew where I was and if she needed to find me she would be able to. She jumped out of the truck then closed the door. There I was sitting with One Direction all by myself. There was an awkward silence, until Zayn broke it.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't catch your name."

"Oh, your fine. My name is Calie. I feel so bad for what happened earlier. I was just so shaken up and…" I was cut off.

"You didn't do anything wrong. I was shaken up too. I snapped at you and I feel very bad for doing so. I am so sorry." Zayn apologized to me.

" You really don't have to apologize. We both have had a rough day. " I smiled at him. He smiled back at me and I was very happy.

"So how old are you Calie?" Niall asked.

"I am seventeen but my eighteenth birthday is in a couple months. I am so excited."

"Awesome, do you have any plans for you party?" Louis chimed in.

"Well I was hoping to take my best friend to, well, one of your concerts. The only problem is that I'm not sure I will have enough money. I work and go to school. Not to mention I have a lot of after school activities. I am in a play and Key Club, I also am in the band and I tutor students. So I have no time to get another job so I don't think that I will be doing that." I said disappointed.

"What about your friend is she providing any money?" Liam asked.

"Well you see, she is but she is in everything that I am in. So even together we still don't have enough time to get any more money." I told them. I looked down at my lap then I looked back up. They were all looking at each other and smirking. I was kind of concerned. What were they up to?

"What if we told you we could help you out?" Harry offered. "We could give you two good tickets and you both can put your money together for t-shirts." Did Harry Styles just say that, I had to be dreaming? Why was Harry asking me this? I don't know but I had to refuse.

"You would do that? For me?" I paused then saw them all nod their heads. "Why would you do that?" I asked, still a little confused.

"Well our bus driver destroyed your living room." Louis said, then Harry, Liam, and Zayn all said, "And your bedroom.

"Not to mention you’re going to be eighteen. I hear that’s a big deal in America." Niall added. He said it so cute I just wanted to hug him.

"But, you guys don't even know me and this accident wasn't your fault. The man in the red van is at fault you don't owe me anything." I protested.

"Look this is the least we can do. Please except this offer." Niall pleaded. "Really it's not a big deal."

"Oh my goodness. You guys don't even know..."

I just looked down. I felt my face get red and hot. I tried to resist but I couldn't, I was crying. Nobody had ever done anything like that for me. Now the one and only One Direction was. I tried to say something but I was just too choked up. After a moment Niall and Harry noticed.

"Are you crying?" Zayn asked.

I couldn't answer so I just shook my head no. I knew everyone could tell that is exactly what I was doing. I felt so bad for crying. I looked so weak and I'm not. This is so embarrassing. I was so mad at myself for crying it made me cry even harder. I just wanted to stop, but I couldn't. Harry leaned over to me and his smile faded.

"Why are you crying?" Harry asked. "I don't understand. We did something nice."

Harry reached his hand up to his brown curls and rubbed the back of his head. He is so confused.
I finally gathered myself enough to talk. I wiped my tears away then spoke,

"I'm crying because nothing good ever happens to me, EVER." I stressed the word ever, because it's true. "I have always been the girl who has to work for everything. I never get the cute guy, I never get the designer clothes, and I never get to meet my favorite artist. I have had a rather hard life and no one will ever know." I felt tears creeping up on me, but I pushed them back. "I wish I could tell you guys how much this means to me. The tears I shed are tears of joy. It's a truly good thing. I promise. Thank you." I was so astounded that someone would do this for me. Niall giggled.

"You’re goofy." Niall teased.

I hesitated, why is he laughing at me? I don't understand. After everything nice they have done, now they’re going to be mean. What is the point in this? Did they play me this whole time?

"Why would you say that?" I stuttered. "Here I am crying and you’re laughing at me. I don't get it." I tried to tell them but it was hard to understand through my tears.

"Well you are goofy because you cry when you’re happy, you cry when your sad, you cry when you’re scared. Do you cry when you’re mad too?" Niall questioned.
I laughed because I do cry when I'm mad. Then I answered him.

"Only occasionally." I choked out. Niall just grinned at me. He reached his arm up toward my face. His pale soft hand touched my cheeks. He wiped away my tears one eye at a time. I couldn't help but smile, I mean Niall Horan was wiping away my tears, I had a right to smile. I have just been in love with the thought of him for three years. He looked right into my eyes. His eyes were even more beautiful in real life. I was already smiling but my smile just got bigger. His lips curved into a smile.

"You’re silly. You can go form crying to laughing in two seconds. I'm not sure about you. You’re an interesting girl." He giggled to himself.

I turned my face away from Niall and asked,

"so how long do you think you guys are going to be around here?"

"Well we aren't sure. We will probably be around here longer because of the accident. We will have to postpone a couple concerts but it will be okay. We will probably be here for about two months. Do you know any good hotels where we can stay? Keep in mind we don't want every girl in the state to know that we are there." Liam answered.

"Well there's no hotel in this little town but there is a couple about thirty minutes away." I answered him.

"That's way too far away; we need to be closer to you!" Niall interjected.

"Why? Niall do you have a crush?" Zayn teased.

"No," Niall said defiantly, "but we have to stay close to her mum, to make sure her house is taken care of the right way. I mean it is the least we can do."

"My house will be fine. I promise." I told him.

"No, Niall's right we owe it to your mum." Harry told me.

"So do you know any place closer to you?" Zayn asked.

"Ummmmm. Oh yeah, there is a little motel you can stay at. It's actually just a few minutes away from here. I can walk to it. Although it isn't very clean compared to what you’re used to staying in." I offered.

"Sounds good to me." Harry and Niall said at the same time.

"Well I wouldn't get all excited just yet. We should check it out first, and then we will make a decision." Liam told the two youngest boys. No wonder how he got his nickname. He acts like the father of the group. Who knew?

"Well it's not that bad it just isn't any five stars. If you understand what I'm saying." I stated.

"If all else fails we have four guest bedrooms. One of them will have to be mine, but that still leaves three. Each room has a bed and futon. Two of the bedrooms will have to have two people in them and one will have one. You all could switch out until you’re ready to leave. I'm sure it wouldn't be too much of a hassle." I then realized I was rambling on and on. They had to think I was crazy.

"That's sweet but we couldn't impose." Zayn said.

"No I'm sure my mom and Hunter wouldn't care. Hunter is a big fan he takes after me and my mom likes your music too. I'm surprised she didn't recognize you guys. I mean my room was full of..." I realized what I was saying and stopped.

"Full of what? Callie was your room full of One Direction posters?" Harry teased.

"Nooooo, it was full of One Direction CD's which have covers. Covers of you guys." I refused to sound obsessed.

"Okay whatever you say." Harry teased some more. The ambulance door opened and it was my mom and Hunter. I swear she was gone for an hour or more.

"Hey sorry it took so long. I had to tell the news reporter what happened. Don't worry I didn't mention who you are, why you were here, or what you look like. I knew you don't want people knowing your here," she explained. "Oh yeah this is my son, Hunter. He is a big fan of you guys." She pointed her finger to each one of them, saying their names. One by one she went around the ambulance. Hunter just smiled and waved at each one of them.

"You guys are awesome! I love your songs." Hunter praised them. Zayn knelt down and asked him for a high five. Hunter slapped his hand with all his might. Zayn pulled his hand back and rubbed it like the hit was so hard it was going to bruise his hand. Hunter just laughed and Zayn did too. You can tell Zayn was going to have so much fun with Hunter.

"So mamma, the guys are going to be around for the next couple of months. I was wondering if we could maybe take them to check out the motel just a few streets away." I asked.

"Of course we can. In fact we can go now if you boys want to." She offered. "It's not very nice there. If you don't like it you can stay at our house we have guest bedrooms."

"Oh, we couldn't impose. It is just rude." Louis said.

"No, no, I insist. We have plenty of room. If you don't want to stay at that motel you will stay at our house and that’s final." She was so demanding. Niall just looked at me, with that "is she serious look?" I just nodded, because she was.

"Well lets go check that motel out!" My mom says excitedly.


Welp that's chapter two comment and tell me what you think :)


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Thank you so much I will be sure to update as soon as I can. :)

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