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One Wish

Chapter 1

If you had one wish, what would it be? I read the question over and over again, thinking about how to answer. Most people would say a million dollars or more wishes. But to be honest, I like to be different. There are so many things I want and so many things I need. To only pick one is crazy. I need money for college and I would love to have an I-phone 5. This is ridiculous how someone can ask a teen that. Truth be told, us teens have no clue what we want. The bell is about to ring and I still don't know what to put down. I guess one thing I really want is to meet One Direction. They are my very favorite boy band, heck they are my very favorite everything. I just love their music and their looks and they are so funny. I probably could tell you anything you wanted to know about them. So I scribbled that down on my paper and handed it in. The bell rang and school was out for the weekend. Thank Goodness.
As I walked home I was listening to One Direction on my I-pod. How amazing would it be to meet them? I thought to myself for a while until I saw an ambulance going toward the direction of my house. I took off running. What could have happened? When I turned the corner I saw three police cars, five ambulances, and a news reporter right in front of my house. I was so worried, did the house catch on fire, was there a armed robbery, did my mom or little brother get hurt or worse? I ran up to the mess of people and cars to see that a huge charter bus crashed into my house and a red van crashed into the charter bus.
I tried to get past the caution tape to see if my family was okay but I was stopped by a rude police man, "I can't let you through here, little girl." He spoke in a stern voice. His name tag read Sergeant O'Canan.
"Well Mr. O'Canan this is my house and I have every damn right to find out if my family is okay," I scolded. He then looked at me with a scowl, and spoke again.

"Well you have a mouth on you, go on through." he lifted the caution tape and I proceeded as planned. I looked around until I found my little brother, Hunter. He was sitting in the back of one of the ambulances. I ran over to him then wrapped him in a huge hug. I squeezed him and he made an Uggggghhhhh noise. I kissed him on the head and knelt down beside him.

"Where's mom at?"

"She is telling the cops what happened. She is soooooooo mad. The big bus went straight through the living room and part of your room." Hunter replied after catching his breath from my hug.

"Okay thank you Hunter, I'm going to go find her. Stay here and I will come get you in a minute. Got it?"

I walked away from the five year old boy and went to find my mom. She was nowhere outside, so I walked in the broken house. Sure enough she was staring at the mess of what is left of the living room telling the police man how everything happened.

"How many police officers am I going to have to tell the same story to? Goodness this is ridiculous. Like I said to the other ten cops, I was fixing a late lunch for me and Hunter. I looked out the window and saw the charter bus swerve toward my home. It swerved because there was a red van driving down the wrong side of the street. Then the giant tour bus went through my living room and into my daughter, Calie's room. I covered Hunter to make sure no debris would fly and hit him. I heard another loud crash so I ran outside to see that the red van had hit the tour bus. People started to gather and then you guys started showing up. I don't know who called the police but they did." Mom went on, "I had no clue how many people were on the tour bus so I went to see how many were there and if any of them were hurt. When I got on the bus I didn’t see anyone, so I ran all the way to the front to see if the driver needed taken care of. He was passed out at the wheel. He had a stream of blood coming from his forehead, and he had a little cut across his neck because of the seatbelt. I unfastened the seatbelt. I then dragged him to the lawn. When I went back into the bus four guys ran out of the back room. All of them had scratches and bruises on their arms and faces. The one of them asked me to help them." She had to pause to catch a breath, and then continued. "They lead me into the back room where a blonde boy laid on the ground. He was so still." She looked down as though she was going to cry. I wasn't sure if she was going to start to speak again but she did. "I ran over to the boy and knelt down, I checked his pulse, his heart was beating. I then checked to see if he was still breathing, and he was. I glanced over him to see if anything was broken. I'm pretty sure that his arm was. I was very careful with him. I asked the boys to lift him carefully and set him in the yard. Then I told the boys to stay calm and I then I went over to the red van to make sure he was okay. He didn't have a scratch on him. He reeked of alcohol and I could see at least 9 beer cans. He caused this mess and he didn't get hurt at all. That poor blonde boy, he didn't do anything." Now she was crying. I couldn't help but wonder who was on that bus. She started talking again, "Do you know if that poor little boy is okay?"

"Yes, he is conscience now; if you want I will take you to him and the rest of the boys. They would love to tell you thank you for saving them." The police officer told her. She told him that she would love to see them. I walked up to my mother and the police man.

"Momma, are you alright?" I asked then I hugged her. "I was so afraid, I came home to this and I am so glad that you and Hunter are okay." I rambled off so much it probably overwhelmed her even more that she already was. Then she told me to calm down and that she had to go talk to that blonde boy. "Mom can I come with you?"

"Of course you can."

She followed the police officer and I trailed her. We walked to the farthest ambulance. I felt my stomach churn, as though I was going to know who was waiting on her. In my mind I couldn’t think of who it could be. Finally we arrived at the ambulance. The police officer opened the back door and told my mom and me to go inside. He told us to make sure no one saw the boys. My mom stepped up into the truck and I followed her. While I was turned closing the door, a voice with a familiar accent said, "Hello."
I knew the voice but I was a little bit afraid to turn around. He had a foreign accent and it was supper cute. He must have been British. Then three more voices said hi in harmony. They all had accent it was so adorable. One more person spoke but this accent was different. It was not British, it was Irish. I knew right then and there that I was in the back of an ambulance with my mom and One Direction.


I hope you all like it :)


NIALL IS SOOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@I love niall lots
Thank you so much I will be sure to update as soon as I can. :)

ShelbyTill ShelbyTill

This is really good!!!!! FEELS, please update!!!

That made my whole life! Thank you so much!

ShelbyTill ShelbyTill

Wow can I say you have talent I love this story