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A life of Payne

Chapter 41

A/N Important authors note at the end!

Katie's POV

"I don't think I can do this Liam!" I yelped to Liam while I practically hyperventilated in the waiting room of modest!

Liam and Louis seemed just as nervous which really wasn't helping.

"Please relax Katie! You're just making me even more nervous but I'm not sure why since you are going to be amazing." Liam mumbled half his sentence as he bit his nails. A habit that both Liam and myself shared.

"You don't know that! I could do horrible and be a laughing stock of the whole world for months!" I know that I'm over reacting but at the same time it could happen!

Liam sighed and pulled his phone out of his pocket before scrolling for a bit. I huffed remembering that I still don't have a phone right now.

After awhile he placed his phone into my hand and pressed the screen so that the video on screen started.
It took me a moment to register what was playing but when I did I realized that I was watching a video of myself singing, and playing the guitar.

It was the day Niall told me that we were never together and that he wanted to go back to being friends, oh god did that memory hurt. I was singing a song that was about saying goodbye and lost feelings while the song I plan to sing today is about Calum and how he is to good to be true. Such a change a few weeks can make.

"You see? I know you will do great because I have seen and heard you sing before and if you're anywhere near as soulful as you were when I recorded that then you are going to be great." He hugged my shoulders while Louis hugged my other side. I started to calm down and I felt a bit more sure about this all of the sudden.

The time seemed to go by very slowly as we waited and I could hear the ticking sound that the wall clock across the room was making, the ticks felt like they were getting slower and slower until the point when I thought the clock had actually stopped. I felt like I had been holding my breathe for a good two minutes when the sound of ticking filled the waiting room again. I knew it was probably only a second or two but every time I couldn't hear the annoying clock, my breathe would get caught in my throat.

Even after Liam's comforting words and hugs, I still felt like I was just wasting my time by even thinking I could do this. The nerves flooded back and I could feel my breathing become unsteady once the clock hit eleven-thirty.

As if on cue a door opened and the clicking of high heels was heard from around the corner.
I squeezed my eyes shut as the person walked around the corner and towards us. You could hear as she got closer to us by the sound of her shoes, at this point I would rather be listening to the clock right now.

"Katie Payne? They're ready for you."

My heart instantly picked up its pace as I continued to squeeze my eyes closed and shakily stood up.

"Do you uh... do you want me to come with you?" Liam's voice was shaky and it sounded like he was desperately trying to keep his voice steady.
"No I want to do this on my own." I gave Liam a short side hug before walking over to the blonde snobby looking lady.

The lady who's name I don't know, stuck her nose further into the air and flipped her overly blonde hair so that it nearly hit me in the face. Well someone is rude but I have bigger issues right now.

We walked down the hall and past a few doors before she opened and large wooden door for me then shut it right behind me causing me to jump from how loud she had closed the door.
I took a deep breathe before looking up to see two sets of eyes on me.

Simon Cowell and what looked to be his assistant.

My nerves just increased by ten thousand right now.

"Lets see what you've got Katie."

He talked so smoothly and calmly which is the exact opposite of how I feel right now.
I took one last deep breathe before walking over to the microphone and placing my sheet of music on the stand in front of me.

I briefly closed my eyes and remembered why I agreed to this.

Liam believes in you, he thinks you can do it.

Opening my eyes, I plastered a smile on my face and began to sing.

"You seem too good
Too good to be true
You're holding me stronger
Stronger than I'm used to

Don't go out with the boys tonight
I won't sleep a wink
Wondering what you're doing
Don't go out with the girls tonight
I will turn to drink
Wondering what you're proving

You seem to good
To good to be true
I'm loving you longer
Longer than I'm used to

Don't go out with the boys tonight
I won't sleep a wink
Wondering what you're doing
I don't go out with the girls tonight
I will turn to drink
Wondering what you're proving

Tug of war
Sweet as sin
I let go
I fell in
Feel the pull
Call your name
I'm alone
Once again

You seem, you seem too good
Too good to be true
You're holding me stronger
Stronger than I'm used to

Don't go out with the boys tonight
I won't sleep a wink
Wondering what you're doing
Don't go out with the girls tonight
I will turn to drink
Wondering what you're proving.

Tug of war
Sweet as sin
I let go
I fell in
Feel the pull
Call your name
I'm alone
Once again

Tug of war (Don't go out with the boys tonight)
Sweet as sin, You seem too good
I let go. Too good to be true
I fell in
Feel the pull (Don't go out with the girls tonight) I'm loving you longer
Call your name I will turn to drink
I'm alone
Once again (Longer than I'm used to)

Tug of war (Don't go out with the boys tonight)
Sweet as sin, You seem too good
I let go. Too good to be true
I fell in
Feel the pull (Don't go out with the girls tonight) You seem too good
Call your name I will turn to drink
I'm alone
Once again (Too good to be true)

Tug of war
(Feel the pull) Don't go out with the boys tonight
Tug of war
Feel the pull"

There was a silence once I had finished which can not be good at all.
I finally felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders as soon as I saw Simon smile towards me.

He let me leave the room to go see Liam while he made his mind up but whatever he decided I am still proud of myself for trying at all.

I walked down the hall and towards the waiting area where Liam and Louis were waiting.

As soon as Liam saw me he stood up and wrapped his arms around me in a lovely but very tight hug.

My heart still hadn't returned to its normal pace but I wasn't nervous I was happy.

"How did it go?" Liam asked while he put his hands on my shoulders and held me out at arms length to look at my face.
"Well the song went good and I didn't make that many mistakes, and Simon smiled at me when I finished so now we just have to wait and see." He nodded at my answer and pulled me in for another hug before we sat down and relaxed for a few minutes.

Liam mumbled something about going to the bathroom before he quickly stood up and scurried off. Once again I was left alone with Louis and no matter if we had sorted things out or not, it still felt awkward.

Louis cleared his throat before standing and placing himself in the seat next to me where Liam was previously sitting.

"I'm proud of you kiddo." Louis gave me a hug as he talked and I relaxed once I realised that the awkward tension had disappeared.
"Thank you." I smiled over at Louis and noticed that he didn't return it which made me worried.

"Are you still upset about El?" I asked him very cautiously as I let my gaze fall to the ground. I have never liked Eleanor and the fact that Louis choose her over me really made me dislike more but Louis is still part of my life (no matter how much I wish he wasn't sometimes) so if he needs someone to talk to then I will listen to what he has to say.

"Uh no, I mean not right now. I'm worried about us." I was caught off guard for a second before I replied.
"What do you mean 'us'?" He sighed heavily before sitting up straight and looking into my eyes that were now glued to his.

"You already have to different guys fighting for your attention, and it is always a fight for your emotions between Calum and Niall plus Liam who tries to keep you for himself because he is incredibly greedy when it comes to spending time with you. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that I'm ready to act like another brother for you." At first I was blank as I tried to comprehend what he had said but eventually a smile grew on my face once I had put together that he now wanted the same thing as I did.

A smile tugged at his mouth when he saw my smile and he tackled me into a tight hug.
"My first act as your 'other brother' is to tell you that you need to talk about becoming a official couple with Calum before Niall ruins it all."

My eyebrows scrunched together in confusion as soon as the words had left his mouth.
"What are you talking about? Niall wouldn't do that." I snapped at Louis but didn't mean to and felt bad straight after, this didn't even seem to faze Louis as he opened his mouth to explain.

"Katie Katie Katie. Niall has liked you since the day you two met! He pretty much loved you before you had even established feelings for Calum but he wasn't good for you. He isn't going to give up even though he knows that you two weren't going very good. He will ruin things between you and Calum and I'm not kidding." He talked stern and serious but I couldn't take him seriously about this.

"Niall wouldn't do that." my answer just made Louis chuckle lightly before turning serious again.
"Why is that you're sitting here trying to tell me what Niall would or wouldn't do but you haven't said one word about Calum?"

I didn't know what to say back to that, I mean sure me and Calum haven't talked for a couple of days but I still wanted him. And badly.

"You still have feelings for Niall don't you?" Louis stared me down waiting for my reaction.
I scoffed and rolled my eyes but hesitated before answering with the only answer that came to mind.
"That's disgusting. Of course I don't." He didn't seem to believe me but before he had a chance to reply to me Liam and Simon walked over to us laughing and talking like best buddies.

Louis gave me a look that said 'this isn't over' before standing and saying hello to Simon as well.
After a few minutes Simon turned to me and smiled, that got to be a good sign right?

"Well Katie, are you ready to hear where you stand?" I gulped down the large lump that was in my throat and nodded while holding my hands behind my back.to hide the fact that when I get nervous I tend to pick at the cuticles of my nails. Another bad habit.

"I didn't need to do much thinking about this. I would absolutely love to sigh you to modest!" I squeal left my mouth as soon as he said that making all three boys laugh at me.
I put my hands over my mouth so he could finis talking.
"Of course I will sign you to the modest! in London because I know how attached Liam is to you. Katie you have an amazing voice just like your brother and I am very pleased that he convinced you to give this a go." I was completely speechless by the time he had finished talking and felt like tears of joy might be running down my cheeks at any minute.

He laughed before walking over to me and pulling my hands away from my mouth and pulling me into a hug.
"Welcome to modest! Katie Payne." He shook my hand before saying a goodbye to the boys and walking away.

Once he was out of sight I couldn't help myself and squealed again quite loudly and bounced up and down.
"Oh my god did you hear him? He said I was amazing! And he freaking hugged me! Oh my god!"
Liam laughed again and walked over to me before placing his hands on my shoulders again to stop me from jumping.

"Ready to head back to London?" He asked while smiling but I had the opposite reaction.
"What? Right now? Why so soon?" I didn't understand his sudden rush to go back to London but he shrugged my suspicion off and dragged us back to the hotel to pack.


"I can't believe I'm saying this but I missed this apartment." I laughed at Liam as we walked through the front door of our apartment.
"I can't believe I'm saying this but I missed the rest of the boys." this time Liam laughed at me but before he said anything another voice was heard.

"Aw I missed you too babe." I knew the flirty voice straight away.
"Calum!" I jumped into his arms as soon as he walked out of the kitchen.
I don't know quite what came over me but I connected my lips with his nit even caring that Liam was in the same room. Calum wrapped my legs around his torso and walked back towards the kitchen without breaking the kiss once.

The kiss was both needy yet gentle. I had only kissed Calum once before now but if he keeps this up I will always be kissing him.

I was caught off guard when I heard other peoples voices all of the sudden.
"CONGRATULATIONS KATIE!!!!" I jumped down from Calum much to his disliking and saw that all the boys and the small amount of girls I knew were all here.
"Thanks guys." I smiled to everyone and within a few seconds Harry was handing me a drink.

I looked over at everyone smiling and laughing and that's when I noticed that Niall was in the corner of the room talking to the exact same girl that he brought to Zayn's birthday.
I felt something inside me change and I no longer felt like drinking the drink in my hand. I carefully placed my drink on the bench in the kitchen before grabbing Calum's hand and walking us out to the balcony while ignoring the questions that people were asking as we left the kitchen.

"What's wrong Katie?" Calum walked over to me and placed his hands on my hips. I almost forgot that it was spring over here because it was absolutely freezing out here and the wind was not helping. Calum noticed this and ran his hands up and down my arms creating a small amount of warmth.

"How do you feel about me?" I could tell he was surprised by my sudden question as his eyebrows were now knitted together in confusion.
Honestly I don't know how seeing Niall with that other girl brought this on but if he constantly wants to flirt with her then act like he can just have me whenever he wants then he is so wrong.

"Katie you know how I feel about you." He continued to run his hands over my arms until a took a step away from him.
"Then why aren't we actually together?" I got straight to the point as I really wanted to know the answer now that the topic was actually here.

Calum walked closer to me once again but this time he pulled his jacket off and wrapped it around my shoulders. I always wanted a boy to do that for me and when he did it I instantly felt my cheeks heat up.
He slowly brushed my hair out of my face while looking right into my eyes.

"I think the reason we're not together is because you have never made it clear who you want. Me or Niall" I couldn't believe what he was saying but he seemed so serious.
"I want you." I whispered to him since he was standing right in front of me.
He bent down and connected our lips in a short but sweet kiss before standing up straight again.

"Then will you do the honour of letting me take you on a date?" At this point the sound of music and laughter from inside had died down I felt like it was just Calum and myself and no one else.
"Of course!" My arms were around his neck in seconds and were pulling him down and into another kiss.

"Make sure you wear blue. It looks good on you." He whispered into my ear as and wrapped his arms around my waist and walked us back inside.

"Are you sure you have to go?" I pouted up to Calum as I rested my chin on his chest.
It's only like twelve and surprisingly I'm only slightly tipsy.

"Yes babe I have to but I will be back in a few minutes. I'm just going on a drink run." He gave me a reassuring smile before connecting our lips one last time.
"Okay go before I make you stay." He laughed while walked out and towards the elevator with the other boys.

I swiftly turned around hoping to go and grab another drink but walked straight into Louis' chest.
Bumping into him made me remember when I nearly had a concussion because of Liam the first time we meet. Ha! Good times.
"You and Calum huh?" He wriggled his eyebrows around making me laugh.
"Uh yeah I took your advice and now we're going on a official date." I smiled proudly and Louis told me he was proud before he walked off and I continued my way to the kitchen.

After downing a few shots in the kitchen and grabbing a class of water, I walked out to the lounge again.
I saw that Calum was back and sitting on the couch with some of the other boys, they were talking and some were doing shots. Not really that interesting.

I walked over and went to sit next to Calum but he pulled me onto his lap and placed a kiss on my shoulder. Everyone around us cooed at how cute we were and I knew right then that I was glad I talked about where we stand.

"Do you want to dance babe?" I nodded at Calum's question and we made our way over to where other people were dancing.

After a few songs I was starting to get a bit tired and thankfully Calum did too.
"I'm going to get a drink, do you want one?" I nodded not bothering to try and talk over the music.
As he walked into the kitchen I leaned up against the back of the couch not really wanting to sit down and listen to all the drunk people that were talking about nothing really.

I looked around the room for a moment before my eyes landed on Niall and his girl toy that were sucking faces. I can't even explain why but for some reason it actually hurt to see that.
He looked over to me and his expression on his face looked like he was shocked and guiltily but the un-named girl just rolled her eyes at me before flicking me off and trying to reconnect her lips with Niall's.
I was beyond pissed right now that not even seeing Niall reject her was funny.

I didn't really feel in the party mood anymore. Hell I wasn't in the mood to be in the same room as anyone right now.
I walked as fast as I could towards my room hoping that no one would notice me leave but I didn't get that far as someone's hand was wrapped around my wrist, I was turned around and pulled into a kiss before I could even tell who it was.

But whoever's lips were on mine right now felt like fireworks.


I'm super sorry this sucked! I worked on it for days and still not quite happy with how it came out.
Important Part: It has come to my attention that Katie actually met Demi Lovato in this story so from now on the songs will be both Carly Rae Jepsen AND Marina and the diamonds!
Second Important Part: Let me know WHO you think kissed Katie at the end!!!

What do you guys think of the new wattpad cover? Yes? No? I like it.

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