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One Direction at Camp

chapter 17

It was my day off today…well kind of, I didn’t have any sessions to take but I did still need to be around in case anyone needed me. The guys all wanted to just chill around the lake and not do anything all day; I’m not the type of girl who just sits around topping up her tan though. I joined the guys for a while.

After about an hour I was totally bored. I decided to plan an activity for the older campers tonight. I took out my phone and scrolled through my contacts until I found Lisa’s name, she was one of the head councillors of the camp and was amazing at sorting out things at the last minute.

Lilly: hey Lisa! Was just thinking could we maybe organise an activity for tonight?

Within a couple minutes she text me back.

Lisa: hey hun, ye course! What do you have in mind?

Lilly: I was thinking we could organise a midnight treasure hunt for the older campers… we could put clues around the camp, everyone has to work in teams to find the clues, the prize could be something like a bottle of wine for each camper in the winning team? But we have to make it challenging otherwise people will think it’s lame….

Lisa: ye that sounds like a great idea! How do we make it so it’s not lame though haha

Lilly: we could put clues in hard to get places like…on the buoy in the middle of the lake, at the top of the rock climbing wall, in Mike’s office (that would be hilarious!)….and some funny places like….in the showers and don’t know what else lol, maybe we could do some were the groups only get the clue if they do a dare or something (like do a strip tease or something) no alcohol though as we want it to be safe (can’t have people going into the lake or on a rock climbing wall drunk lol)

Lisa: yes! this is a great idea, I will get onto it straight away! It’s your day off so go enjoy it! Will you be helping tonight or taking part?

Lilly: oh I hadn’t really thought about it….taking part might be quite fun, plus the guys wouldn’t have a hope without me haha

Lisa: ok great, I’ll get some of the other councillors to help me out! I’m already looking forward to it, I’ll make an announcement and let everyone know what’s happening!

Lilly: ok great, let me know if you want me to do anything xxx

I was looking forward to tonight now, it makes a change that we do anything at night; normally the activities are made for during the day. “Hey I’m going rock climbing, anyone want to join?” I asked the guys, “yes! that sounds like fun” Liam said, quickly followed by a “yes” from Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall, Jake had gone home to see his family for the day so he wasn’t going to be back until tomorrow.

As we headed to the rock climbing wall Lisa made her announcement, “good morning everyone! Tonight at midnight we will be holding a treasure hunt for campers aged 18 and over, you will be required to show ID if asked when signing up. Sign up will start today from 12pm in the recreation cabin, you will need to be in groups of 4-6 people. Around the camp will be clues, your team will need to collect the clues in order to work out where the treasure is, the first team to find the treasure wins. The treasure will be a bottle of alcohol (for example wine, beer or Champaign) for each member of the winning team; the winning team will also be able to soak the head councillors and camp director Lilly with buckets of ice water! Sign up starts at 12pm, come along, it will be a night you won’t want to miss."

Lisa: sorry but some of the councillors thought it would make a good incentive if part of the prize was to ice the head councillors and you! sorry :(

Lilly: haha I bet they did! It’s fine, it was my idea after all. Hopefully we will get lots of participants then :)

“Hey that sounds like fun; we should all make a team and sign up!” Louis said excitedly, “sucks for you though Lilly” laughed Liam, “ye well I guess I had it coming, the treasure hunt was my idea and I guess the councillors are finally getting their own back from when I filled their shampoo bottles with green hair dye” I giggled, Louis high fived me “where have you been all my life!” he shouted loudly, I laughed, I guess he was the prankster of the group. We all headed for the rock climbing wall and decided we would sign up after lunch.

I helped the guys put on their harnesses and gave them a quick lesson on how to rock climb, Liam and Niall picked it up really quickly and managed to reach the top within their first try. Zayn was a bit slower to get the hang of it, he kept falling off mid-way. I told him to use his arms rather than his legs to pull himself up, after this advice he quickly managed to climb to the top. Harry and Louis on the other hand were useless, it was rather funny really, for guys that clearly work out they acted as if their arms and legs were made out of jelly. While the others had mini races I spent my time pretty much showing Harry and Louis where to put their hands and feet on the wall, “we’re shit!” laughed Louis as he slipped and fell off the wall, he dangled in mid-air laughing. “Well… I don’t want to hurt your feelings but…ye you both kind of are” I laughed. After about an hour though both Harry and Louis improved, they were able to get about quarter of the way up the wall before falling off. Harry came up behind me and spun me around playfully, “I’m better at other things” he laughed, I laughed too “you better be if we are on the same team for the treasure hunt, it will be embarrassing if we do really badly since I came up with the idea!”

I helped the guys take off their harnesses and we headed back into the main camp to have lunch and sign up for the treasure hunt tonight, I was looking forward to it, it should be a good laugh.


Bit of a filler sorry :( but the treasure hunt should be fun :) xxx


Check out my new story, I have put together lots of short stories that I have uploaded to different sites :) go check it out xxx


I don't know I want to, I can try if people don't mind me not updating very often because as of next week I will be very busy. xxx

Are you going to continue this story with what happens on the tour? Cause you really should

Please update

awww yayy! theyre so cute!