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One Direction at Camp

chapter 16

This afternoon I was leading a dance class, not my usual type of session but I was filling in for a friend this summer who broke her leg by falling off stage, I must admit I was a terrible friend when she told me because I laughed…common it sounded really funny. Oddly Jake had decided that he wanted to learn how to dance so he took the class, I think it was just his excuse to impress guys, also the One Direction guys had decided it might be fun to take the class this afternoon, watching them get hot and sweaty may have also been Jake’s motivation.

I started the class off with some simple stretches that the class had to do with a partner, I teamed up with Harry, and somehow poor Liam ended up partnering Jake. We sat on the floor opposite each other legs stretched wide in a v and held hands, we then took it in turns to pull our partner so that they are pulled forward so their chest and stomach touches their legs, this was great to stretch your back. Harry seemed to enjoy the view as he pulled me towards him; my tight tank top showed him a nice view of my bra and cleavage from that angle. I glanced over at Liam and Jake, Liam looked like he would much rather be partnered with a girl, I giggled and asked Harry to swap with Liam, he frowned slightly but agreed. “Thanks, I feel like every time Jake looks at me he is undressing me with is eyes” Liam moaned, I couldn’t help but laugh, Liam frowned at me, “sorry, but it’s kind of funny” I said trying to hold back my laughter. “He does know I’m not gay, right?” Liam asked, “ye course he does, but Jake has always been the kind of guy to just go after what he wants and not really care about the consequences, that’s how he got me originally. I’ll have a word with him though” I smiled as I pulled Liam into a stretch, “thanks, I’m used to teenage girls acting like that but not a 21 year old guy!” Liam laughed.

The dance class actually went really well; by the end of it I had taught everyone a simple routine. Everyone was sweating and slightly panting by the end of the lesson though, having the guys in the class was a bit more of a challenge than I expected as they really liked to mess around, but I like to think of myself as a good teacher who uses motivation to get her students to behave…I may have whispered into Harry’s ear that if the guys all behaved I would let him wash my tired aching body in the shower after the session. Let’s just say that all the guys were told to play nicely.

As promised Harry joined me in the shower after the session, this time we used the handicapped shower that had a lock on the door. Harry pushed me against the door and plunged his mouth onto mine; his kiss was sweet but needy. “I’m still not going to fuck you though Lilly” Harry suddenly said, he took me by surprise, “what? Why?” I said sounding really desperate, he laughed lightly, “trust me I want to, I want to feel you lose control underneath me, I want to hear you scream my name as you cum, I want to please you all night long, but I also want to make love to you when you’re my girlfriend, not before.” He said simply, god hearing him say what he wanted to do turned me on so bloody much! “I want our relationship to be more than just sex….but there is no reason why we can’t do things like this…” he said as he started to take my clothes off, he confused me a little, he wanted our relationship to be based on feelings and not sex and yet it’s ok to pretty much dry hump each other…ok I think I get it.

We both stripped down and shared a shower; he caressed my body as he washed off the sweat from the dance class earlier, he carefully and seductively washed my hair, wow I never knew having someone play with my hair and massage my head felt so fucking good! I returned the favour and washed Harry, I played particular attention to his chest and his v line, I was about to go lower when Harry laughed huskily and stopped my hand, “any lower and I’d be thrusting into you on that bench over there” he said pointing his head toward the bench with our clothes on. He pulled me into a kiss and shut off the water. He grabbed the towel and lightly dried my arms and my legs, he stopped mid-thigh. He then lightly brushed it over my breasts, causing a moan to escape my lips as my nipples hardened, he then widened my legs with his so that he could brush the towel between my legs and over my core, the fluffy soft towel grazed my clit causing me to shiver slightly and lean into Harry, Harry smiled but didn’t act upon my response. He continued to dry me off carefully and far too seductively. He passed me my clothes, I looked down at the pile and laughed, “and my panties Harry” I said holding my hand out expectantly, he laughed “keep sake, plus then I can ensure that tonight when you wear my shirt to bed that’s all you’ll be wearing!” he smirked. “Are you serious? I can’t sleep with you in just your shirt and no panties; in case you haven’t noticed we share a room with 5 other guys!” I said sounding shocked, “relax, the shirt will come to your mid-thigh, no one with notice” he said as he dried himself off and pulled on his jeans, “so what’s the point then?” I asked confused, he laughed again and pulled me into another kiss, “because, when I pull you against my body and cuddle you from behind tonight I will be able to pull your shirt up so your naked flesh will be against me. I will be able to feel your heat threw my boxers, think how much sexy that will be.” I was thinking about how sexy that would be, I was also thinking about how much of a turn on it would be to sleep with Harry knowing that he was only in his boxers like normal and I was pretty much naked apart from a shirt.

We both continued to dress, I peered out of the shower door as I unlocked it, we didn’t really want people to guess what we had been doing in the shower together. Harry and I made our way to the cabin to drop off our wet towel and toiletries, I quickly slipped on some panties when Harry wasn’t looking, and then we quickly headed to the canteen for our evening meal. It was only 7pm and I was already thinking about going to bed.

After we ate we all headed back to our cabin to watch a movie, we had a vote and decided on Superman, I refused to watch cabin in the woods…I wonder why? The TV was positioned in such a way that we all needed to be on my bed to watch it, ye 7 people on 1 bed isn’t going to work. Harry, Niall, Liam and I squeezed onto my bed, Louis, Zayn and Jake sat on cushions on the floor in front of the bed. Harry put his arm around me and pulled me tight against him so my head was resting on his shoulder, Niall was sitting next to me and Liam next to him. An hour into the movie and Niall was fast asleep on my shoulder, Liam was texting on his phone, he kept smirking so I’m assuming his girlfriend? Zayn and Jake were both fast asleep and Louis decided to join us on the bed as he said that Zayn and Jake were boring. Harry, Louis and I watched the rest of the film, chatting occasionally at points we felt were boring, I had quickly got to know the guys and honestly they were the nicest guys I think I had ever met. Once the film ended we called it a night, I guess it had been a busy day as the guys could barely stay awake.

We all crawled into our own beds, I quickly changed into Harry’s shirt, he frowned at me just as I was about to get into bed, I sighed quietly. I got into bed and carefully, so the others wouldn’t notice, I pulled off my bra and panties and shoved them into my bedside table draw. Harry smiled as he stripped down to his boxers, I could already see the thought of me only wearing his shirt excited him. Harry slipped into bed next to me and pulled me close to him like he had last night. “Night everyone!” Niall said sleepily, “night!” we all said in unison. Harry pulled up my shirt slightly so my bare arse was flush against the top of his thigh; he draped his arm over my waist and kissed me lightly on my nape. Oddly the thought of being cuddled up to Harry whilst being practically naked was quite comforting…and really sexy. I could feel Harry’s chest moving against my back as he breathed, I could feel his breath tickle the back of my neck and I could feel Harry’s slightly hard member pressing against the bottom of my spine. “Night babe” he whispered into my ear as I heard him slowly drift off to sleep. I lay in Harry’s arms for a few minutes thinking about him, I can actually see a relationship growing between us, he clearly wants to be my boyfriend and to be honest I liked the sound of it. I still don’t want to jump into things; I want to see what happens between us, I don’t really want to rush into something, especially with a world famous boy band member. It’s looking positive though.


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I don't know I want to, I can try if people don't mind me not updating very often because as of next week I will be very busy. xxx

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