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One Direction at Camp

chapter 18

It was almost midnight, and time for the treasure hunt. Luckily it was summer and the nights were pretty warm still, so I pulled on a pair of shorts, a loose tank top with a light sweater over it, my hiking boots and I pulled my hair into a tight pony tail. The guys all wore a selection of jeans and t-shirts and thought it would be funny if we wore army style make up, I grabbed my makeup bag and drew onto each of their faces under their eyes, a green, brown and black stripe I did the same to myself. We looked quite cool.

We gathered with everyone else by the canteen where the treasure hunt started. The turnout was really good, altogether there were 12 teams, I’m guessing the prize was quite appealing. “Ok we have now got all the teams, so I will go through the rules…” Lisa announced. “…you need to collect all the clues to be able to find the treasure, each team has a map showing you where you will find the clues, I suggest you mark off each area once the clue has been found. Some clues will be easy to reach whilst others will be more difficult, there are no rules when it comes to how you collect your clue other than you must collect it and your whole team must be present when you do! Some of the clues will only be given to you once you have completed a challenge set by one of the head councillors located around camp; you must do this challenge in order to collect the clue. The first team to reach the treasure will win and a horn will be sounded to signal that the game has ended, until that horn is heard the game is still in play. Any questions?......no? ok, on your marks….get set…..go!” Lisa shouted.

I quickly opened the map, “maybe we should head for the ones that are going to be harder to get first?” I asked the guys, “ye good thinking, which ones are those?” Liam asked. I guess I had a bit of an advantage as I knew this camp like it was the back of my hand, I think I would even be able to navigate my way around if I was blind folded. “We should head for the rock climbing wall first as it’s the furthest away, then we can do the lake on the way back, they will also be some of the hardest to get” I said, “ok, let’s go!” Niall said excitedly. I led the way and we all ran to the rock climbing wall, after about 10 minutes of solid running we made it to the wall, we were all slightly panting. “Lilly you should get it you’re the fastest when it comes to rock climbing!” Harry said as he pushed me towards the harnesses. I pulled on the harness and tightened it, luckily I had put on people’s harnesses so many times I was really quick and efficient at doing it. I stepped up to the wall and clipped myself into place, Niall took hold of the rope and I began to climb quickly to the top, I reached the top and spotted the envelope with the clues in, I planted my feel steadily on the wall so I could take our clue from the pile, as I placed our clue down my bra as I had no pockets the guys whistled at me “great view from down here!” Zayn shouted as they all laughed, I guess my shorts were providing the guys with a great view of my arse. Niall gave the rope some slack so I could quickly propel down from the wall. I unclipped and stripped myself from the harness. “First clue done!” I said as I took it from my bra and handed it to Liam who smirked and then put it in his pocket.
“To the lake!” I shouted as we ran towards the lake that was about five minutes away.

We reached the lake, “ok my guess is that it will be attached to that buoy in the middle of the lake, someone will need to swim out to the buoy and get it” I said looking to the guys to volunteer. The lake was pretty large so the swim was going to take a lot out of whoever did it. “I’ll do it” said Niall, he kicked of his trainers and ran into the lake, he didn’t even stop to take of his jeans or anything, dedication! He started to swim out to the buoy, after several minutes you could tell he was getting tired as his strokes slowed, “common Niall you can do it, you’re almost there!” we all shouted in encouragement, while Niall continued to swim we looked at the map to work out where we should head next. “Mike’s office might be difficult to get if we leave it much longer…”I looked at my watch, it was 12:30am , he would be still working by now, especially since there was a treasure hunt happening. “…I doubt Mike knows that the clue is in his office, so ideally we need to get there quickly so we can have the element of surprise, because knowing him he will move it out of the way when he realises!” I said “ok Mike’s office next then, but how are we going to get it if he’s still in there?” Louis asked, “leave it to me, I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to Mike” I laughed, “don’t slap him again though” smirked Harry. “Got it!” we heard Niall shout in the distance, he swam back as quickly as he could. Once Niall reached the bank we told him where we were heading next whilst he put his trainers back on.

We ran to Mike’s office, not as quick as we had been as Niall was clearly shattered. We stood quietly outside Mike’s office; he was sitting at his desk going through some paperwork. “I’ll get the clue, watch and learn” I joked as I walked up to Mike’s office and knocked on the door, “come in!” he shouted, I put my thumbs up to the guys and walked in closing the door behind me. “Lilly! What do you want, come to slap me again?” he asked annoyed, “what? No of course not, I actually wanted to come and apologise…” he looked up at me from his paperwork, clearly intrigued as to what I had to say, I quickly scanned the room and saw the envelope with the clues in. God Lisa didn’t make this easy, the envelope was attached to the ceiling fan above Mike’s desk, how the hell was I going to get that without him knowing and taking the clue away from me. “….I’m really sorry Mike, I was totally out of order the other day for slapping you, and I’m sorry it has taken this long to say sorry.” Mike smiled and stood up, he looked at me from head to toe, “I guess you’re doing this treasure hunt thing, I’m assuming with Harry” he said looking at the makeup on my face, “ye I am, they are looking for clues, which is why I came here, and Harry’s a good guy…” I approached Mike so that I was inches away from him, “…but, I missed being able to chat to you like we always used to….” I stepped even closer to him so our bodies were flush against each other, I whispered into his ear “…don’t you miss that?” suddenly Mike grabbed my leg and hung it around his waist, I was hoping this would be the response that I got, I grabbed his shoulders and pulled myself up so I was straddling his waist, he was standing directly underneath the ceiling fan, “hmmm, I didn’t know what I was missing out on” I lied as he kissed my neck, while he was preoccupied I lifted my arm up and carefully pulled a clue out of the envelope, I scrunched it up into my hand tightly so Mike wouldn’t see. I pulled away from Mike slowly and slid back down his body, “I should really get back to the treasure hunt, again I am really sorry” I said as I backed away from him towards the door, he grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him, “see you tomorrow Lilly” he smirked, I smiled back and slowly left his office. God he still thinks he has a chance with me….bless him!


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