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One Direction at Camp

chapter 11

I woke up to the sound of my alarm and the feel of Harry’s arms still tightly wrapped around me, not going to lie I could get used to waking up like this. I tried to slip out of Harry’s arms but he wouldn’t budge, god what is it with sleeping guys and not moving when you want them to. “Harry! I need to get up!” I half whispered half shouted, he stirred and mumbled “sorry…were you going?” he let go of me and I was able to get out of bed, “I need to take a shower then get ready for the morning activities after breakfast, breakfast is at 10am so you all need to be up by then, Jake can show you were you’re going.” I said as I grabbed my towel and shower stuff, Harry rubbed his eyes and looked at the time, “well I’m up now so I’ll come with you” he said as he jumped out of bed, I stood and stared at his body, he wasn’t naked but all he had on was a pair of grey tracksuit bottoms hung low on his hips, his chest was covered with tattoos and muscles, holy shit he was hot! “don’t be silly Harry its fine, go back to bed you must be tired”, “not as tired as you babe, which is why I’m going to help, plus I don’t fancy being here when Jake tries to wake them lot up,” he laughed. “Fine” I sighed as he grabbed a towel as well.

We slipped on our shoes and walked to the shower block, it was a unisex shower block so me and Harry would be showering together…well kind of. Before we had left the cabin Harry grabbed a thin t-shirt and pulled it on to cover his bare chest, to be honest I was a little disappointed, I liked looking at him topless. At least this morning it was nice and warm, it looked like it was going to be a hot day, lucky since the activities I had organised were water based in the lake. “By the way you look sexy wearing my sweater” Harry smirked as he looked me up and down, shit! I forgot I still had the sweater on, I didn’t know it was his; to be honest I was kind of hoping it was Jakes. “Oh sorry, I had to go out early this morning so I just grabbed the closest sweater” I weakly apologised, “don’t worry about it babe, it looks better on you any way” he smirked. There he goes calling me babe again, I normally hate those pet names but coming from his mouth it sounds sexy, hell anything coming from his mouth sounds sexy. I’d probably not even care if he called me a hippo, I’d probably think it was sweet, god what’s wrong with me?

We entered the showers, I grabbed the nearest shower and Harry grabbed the one next to me as he forgot to bring his shampoo, I said he could use mine if he doesn’t mind smelling like mangos and lime. I pulled the shower curtain around my little shower cubical and took off my clothes, I flung them over the shower railing to stop them from getting wet, by the looks of things Harry had done the same. Shit! This wasn’t a good idea, Harry is naked in the shower cubical next to mine and we are only separated by a thin curtain that could be moved at any time…don’t think about him naked! don’t think about him naked! don’t think about him naked! Ahhh it’s not working!!!! I must have made some sort of noise because Harry was suddenly asking if I was ok, “ummm…ye fine, I just got soap in my eye” I lied, “really? You haven’t even turned the shower on how can you get soap in your eyes?” he chuckled clearly sensing my shitty lying skills, “oh umm…I was just thinking about something…” well that was true I guess, “really? What?” he asked, why does he feel like this is an appropriate time to ask questions, well Harry I was thinking about how good you would look naked, I thought to myself, ha ye right like I would be bold enough to say that! “really?” he asked, suddenly the curtain was pulled back revealing a naked Harry, what the fuck? I quickly grabbed the curtain and flung it around my bare body. Harry chuckled “I was thinking the exact same” he said as he approached me, I tried to keep my eyes on the celling. “Thinking the same? I didn’t say anything” I said confused, please lord say I didn’t say what I thought out loud. “You said you were thinking about how good I would look naked…” he grabbed my face in his hands and guided my head down so I was looking at his body, I tried not to look but it was pretty damn hard when Harry was holding my head and I really really wanted to look. He guided my head down slightly lower so I was looking at his crotch, wow he was rather large down below, if you get my drift. He leaned in and whispered into my ear, his breath tickling my skin as he spoke “like what you see?” he asked as he released my head. I didn’t know what to say, or what to do. I was completely dumbfounded.

He pulled the curtain away from my body to reveal me standing there completely naked, I didn’t really put up much of a fight though to try and grab the curtain again. He pulled the curtain around us to shield us from sight, not that anyone uses these showers this early in the morning. “Ever since I saw you do that sex scene with Jake I couldn’t think of anything other than this” he said as he tilted his head down to kiss me, his tongue slipped into my mouth, he kissed me with passion, his hands slid slowly up and down the sides of my body leaving Goosebumps in their path. A little moan escaped my lips, I could feel Harry smile against my mouth, I thought I wouldn’t do this type thing, I only actually met him yesterday, oh my god I’m a slut, I though. Harry chuckled and kissed my neck, lightly biting on my sweet spot. “You’re not a slut babe your just giving in to what your body really wants”, “god I really need to stop saying my thoughts out loud,” I giggled, “no I want you to tell me exactly how you feel….like when I do something like this…” he lightly brushed his fingertips across my taut nipple, I sucked in a breath “oh my god” I moaned, “…or when I do this…,” Harry lightly pinched my nipple between his forefinger and thumb, he then bent his head down and took my already hard nipple into his mouth, he licked lightly causing a shiver to take over my body, he sucked and nibbled on my nipple while his other hand kneaded and pinched my other nipple. “Harry…” I moaned breathlessly, I could already feel a warming sensation flood to my pussy. “….how about when I do this…” as he kissed by neck his hand slowly trailed down to my core, he lightly brushed his knuckle over my clit, I slightly jumped at the sudden pleasure. He continued his exploration of my pussy as he lightly swept a finger through my folds, “so wet babe” he groaned huskily, “that’s because I’m in a shower” I tried to show that he wasn’t getting to me, it wasn’t working “you’re very funny, but the showers not ever on yet…” he whispered into my ear as he plunged one finger into me “I think I can make you even wetter though”.

He pushed me up against the shower wall and inserted another finger into me, I arched my back in pleasure. “Harry….”, I breathed as he started to thrust his fingers in and out of me, he made sure to hit my g-spot each time, my legs were beginning to weaken. He sucked on my neck, I will be surprised if I don’t have a mark there later. He added a third finger and increased his thrusts, I could feel my orgasm approach, wow that was quick I don’t think it has ever happened that quickly before. “Harry…I…” I moaned, “what? Tell me what you need” Harry said firmly, he increased his thrusts even more, my knees buckled from under me; luckily Harry was holding me up firmly. “I need….to….oh my god!” I half screamed, “cum” Harry said as he curved his fingers to ensure he hit my g-spot, I let go and orgasmed harder than I ever have before, Harry held me tight to him as my orgasm took hold of my body. I lightly twitched as my orgasm began to subside. He held me against his naked body, his large and hard erection prodded my stomach, I let my hand fall down to touch it, it’s not fair for me to get off and not him. He pulled my hand away and lightly kissed each of my knuckles, “you still need to have a shower Lilly, you don’t want to be late” his voice dripped lust. He turned on the shower and let warm water pour all over our slightly sweaty bodies, he turned me around so I had my back to him, he lathered up my hair with shampoo and gently massaged it into my scalp, he then poured some body wash into his hand and rubbed me down painfully slow. He washed the shampoo out of my hair and then took his time to carefully wash between my legs, he paid a little too much attention to my really sensitive clit, I was already a moaning mess again. He turned off the shower and gently dried me with my towel; he then kissed me softly on the lips. “You better hurry up and get dressed if you want to organise the activities before breakfast” he winked as he left to get dressed. I just stood in the shower feeling slightly weak and totally confused.


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