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One Direction at Camp

chapter 12

I gathered all the equipment that we were going to need for the water sports and entertainment on the lake later this morning, I dragged them down to the lake. It was a beautiful day and really hot, I was looking forward to putting my bikini on and having fun in the lake. I wore my short shorts and my uniform tank top as it was going to be hot today. When I returned back to the cabin everyone had obviously left for breakfast, I quickly made my way to the canteen to join them. I wasn’t sure how I felt about seeing Harry again after this morning.

I walked into the canteen and saw Jake and the guys sitting around a table casually chatting. I grabbed some breakfast and joined them. “Morning Lilly!” Niall welcomed me as he dug into some waffles, “were did you get up to this morning?” Louis asked, I looked at Harry who just smiled at me sweetly, “I had to get some stuff sorted for the activities this morning, it took longer than I thought it would” I said, ok I didn’t exactly lie as I was sorting the stuff out and it did take me longer than I expected, however I wasn’t going to tell them why it took longer. Jake who was sitting next to me suddenly stared at me with shock, “who gave you that?” he whispered pointing to my neck, I pulled out my phone and looked at my neck in the screen, great I had a bloody hicky on my neck, I tried to cover it with my hand. I gave Harry an annoyed look and he just smirked at me, clearly he didn’t care if people saw it. “I Knew it, you fucked him didn’t you?” Jake whispered, “what no! I didn’t” I said in defence, “hmm well he clearly did something, good you need to get laid”, I wish people wouldn’t keep saying things like that, I’m not normally someone who just sleeps around, when will people realise that! At that exact moment Mike felt the need to come over, “hey guys I trust you had a good day yesterday, you haven’t got any sessions planned for today so just have fun,” he then looked at me and stared at my neck, he frowned as usual, “Lilly, a word please!” he said annoyed. He pulled me over to the side “who gave you that?”, “it’s none of your business Mike!” why does he think I have to answer to him all the time, “well since I pay you to be responsible and ensure our campers have a good time I think it is my business, I can’t have you messing around with someone whilst you’re on the clock!” Mike informed me, ye like I don’t know what my job is. “To start with Mike I can mess around with whoever the hell I like, I wasn’t on the clock and maybe I WAS ensuring that our campers had a good time, get off my case it’s been years, why won’t you just accept that I didn’t want to go out with you, just because I wouldn’t sleep with you doesn’t mean that I can’t sleep with other people!” I think I may have raised my voice a little bit too much as people near me were staring, unfortunately the people who were near me and heard were Jake and the One Direction boys, I grabbed my coffee from the table and stormed out of the canteen.

“Lilly! Wait up!” Harry shouted as he ran after me, “what do you want Harry?” I asked slightly annoyed, “look, about this morning, I don’t know what came over me, I kind of want to apologise especially since I got you in trouble with Mike” he said as he pulled my arm to stop me from walking away, I wasn’t really mad at Harry, I suppose I was annoyed at myself, “it’s ok Harry, I let it happen, I’m not mad at you if anything I’m annoyed with myself, I sleep with people I actually like not someone who I just met” I think that kind of came out wrong, “shit that came out wrong, you know what I mean, I do like you Harry I just don’t know you very well”, he smiled “I get it, believe it or not I don’t actually sleep around either, I’m not the player the media portray me as, this morning was just a lapse of judgement on both our sides. It was really hot but when I sleep with you I want it to be because we both want to”, at least Harry seems to understand where I’m coming from, “how about we start over, I want to take you out tonight”, I looked nervous, “I’d love to Harry”.

I spent the rest of the day in the lake messing around with Jake, Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry, Zayn can’t swim so he made himself comfortable on the bank, it wasn’t long before he was joined by Louis though. The rest of us decided to have mini races, I found out that Niall is actually a really fast swimmer; we all had a great afternoon. I did catch Harry and some of the others staring at me in my bikini but I can’t say I was surprised, I stole several glimpses of them all too. We all headed back to the cabin at about 5pm and got changed, Harry said he was taking me for a picnic tonight so I grabbed my stuff and got ready in a different cabin. I slipped on some casual but tight jeans, a light sweater and my ankle boots. I was really looking forward to getting to know Harry better. I walked to the cabin and waited outside for Harry, while I was waiting Jake text me.

Jake: hey hun, have a good time tonight, don’t do anything I wouldn’t haha. Don’t hate me but I’m not sleeping with you tonight, I know I wasn’t exactly fun to share a bed with last night you know I like to spread out, sorry! We decided that I’m talking Harry’s bed and he is sharing with you since you slept in his bed most of last night. You can thank me later haha xxx

I sighed, of course Jake decided this, to be fair at least if I share with Harry I will actually get a good night sleep as he won’t try and lay on me all night.

Lilly: I will have fun thanks xxx and ok I suppose that makes sense at least Harry won’t try and sleep on me like you do! I’ll fill you in on the date later xxx

Harry came out wearing black skinny jeans and a fitted shirt; he looked really sexy and cute. “You look beautiful Lilly, you ready to go?” he asked as he grabbed my hand, “you don’t look to bad yourself Harry, and ye lets go”. I was really looking forward to our picnic.



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I don't know I want to, I can try if people don't mind me not updating very often because as of next week I will be very busy. xxx

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