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One Direction at Camp

chapter 10

After the kiss me and Harry shared the next couple of dares were quite tame, Liam was dared to down a beer, Louis was dared to sing as out of tune as he could, which was hilariously bad, and I was still sitting in Harry’s lap. It was Harry’s turn “umm…dare”, all the guys had massive grins on their faces, “we dare you to take off your shirt and jeans, and Lilly you have to still continue to sit in his lap” the guys laughed, I kind of felt like this was going to be more difficult for me than Harry as everyone knows he doesn’t mind getting naked, Harry lifted me up off his lap so he could undress, he then sat back down on the floor and pulled me onto his lap once again, his bare chest was warm against my back and his bare muscular legs lightly touched either side of my legs. I couldn’t help it but I began to feel slightly flustered, I had to admit I was attracted to Harry but I don’t really know him that well, maybe after this week I will have got to know him better, but if in between then one thing leads to another then I’m not going to try and stop it.

By the end of the game we were all quite drunk, and pretty damn shattered. We called it a night and all fell into bed. Jake of course shared my bed and the guys all had a bed to themselves. I think I must have been asleep for about an hour before my phone rang, I jumped up unravelled Jake’s arm from around my waist and groggily answered my phone “mm hello?”, “Lilly, you sound like shit!”, ye great that just what I want to hear in the middle of the night, “well gee thanks, but it is 3 in the morning of course I sound like shit, what is it?” I asked “you’re going to hate me but you need to come down to cabin 521 the campers won’t go to sleep and they won’t listen to me” Anne, one of the first year councillors said, the councillors are there to look after the campers, but also take part in activities and sessions, I guess you could say they are like campers with a few more responsibilities. “Ok Anne I’ll be right there” I sighed. I slowly got out of bed trying not to wake anyone else up, I pulled on some wellies and grabbed the nearest sweater I could find, I’m not sure whose it is but they’re all asleep so they won’t care. God it was pretty cold tonight, why didn’t I have the sense to put on some proper clothes, instead I still had on my short pyjama bottoms a tank top and the sweater that I took from the cabin, I groggily walked to cabin 521, this cabin was filled with 16 year old guys and they were lovely but a pain in the arse at times, I guess they are just enjoying time away from their parents, unfortunately that means they get into a lot of trouble.

“Hey Lilly, thanks for coming…are you drunk?” Anne asked, clearly she could smell the alcohol on my breath, “yes I am, and tired! And no worries I don’t want you getting in trouble with Mike because they won’t sleep,” I smiled at her, she was new to this, give it time and she will know how to deal with the campers. I walked into the cabin looking a little worse for wear but several of the guys still wolf whistled me, I read them the rules about how we don’t really care what they do but they need to keep it down so they don’t disturb other campers, these were not actually the rules of the camp but I didn’t see why the kids couldn’t have fun. The guys gave in and went to bed, I don’t know why people tend to listen to me I’m not strict or scary but I guess it’s because I show them respect and I don’t get on their case unless I have to.

I looked at my watch on the way back to my cabin, ugh it was 4am, great I had to be up at 7am to lead some activities. I stumbled back into our dark cabin, everyone was still asleep, I tripped and walked into Harry’s bed stumping my toe “oww shit!”, “hay you ok?” Harry asked huskily, clearly he was still half asleep, “ye sorry, its dark I couldn’t see where I was going, go back to sleep” I found my way to my bed only to find Jake sprawled out laying across the whole of the double bed, I tried to move him but he was fast asleep and too heavy to move “fuck sake Jake, move over” I moaned, he still didn’t wake up, “hey you can squeeze in here with me if you want, no funny business I promise” Harry said quietly, I stood there for a minute thinking about his offer, I really did need to get some sleep and Jake obviously wasn’t going to move anytime soon, “ok but only because I need sleep and Jake won’t move”, I hopped into bed with my back to Harry, he pulled me close to him so we both fit into the single bed, he pulled me close to his bare chest and wrapped an arm around my waist holding me close, this should have felt really awkward and uncomfortable but oddly it felt really good. “Now keep your hands to yourself Mr Styles” I joked, he laughed quietly, “only if you keep your hands to yourself”. Within minutes I was fast asleep in Harry’s arms, I could briefly feel his breathing at the back of my neck and could feel his warmth radiating from his body quickly warming the chill in the night’s air.


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