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“It’s going to be a night to remember, Sam.” Charlie said kissing me softly on my lips.
Charlie and I had been friends since middle school, I’ve told Charlie my darkest secrets and he had told me his secrets too; but now I know he hadn’t told me the biggest one.
“You looked gorgeous, Charlie.” I said smiling, his natural brown hair was wavy and his eyes looked brighter than before. They were green almost gray, he had pink lips and one dimple, which was funny because only when I made him smile he left one show.
“You look stunning too.” He grabbed my hand and I took a picture of us.
“Look at us, we are going to a cheesy prom night.” He said smiling.
“But tomorrow we are going forever Charlie, the pain is going forever. I can’t wait to live my happy ending with you.”
I could feel Charlie’s eyes getting watery or brighter, I didn’t even knew why. He was happy, I guess?
“Together, forever…” he said and I finished.
“And always.” I kissed him.
Prom was looking amazing; although I wasn’t the girly type I was happy and excited for this night. Charlie and I got loads of pictures together. We had danced for like two hours and when it was the last dance, I lost Charlie.
I dialled Charlie’s number but he won’t pick up his phone; loads of ideas start getting in my mind. Where did Charlie left? Why did he left? Was he okay? Wasn’t this supposed to be the best night ever?
“Think Samantha, where would Charlie go?” I asked myself, thinking about everything Charlie liked, everything that Charlie had told me, the places he loved; the roof!
I ran upstairs, my feet hurted like if they were burning, I finally arrived and saw Charlie standing in the edge of the school, I felt my hands all sweaty and I was feeling dizzy.
“CHARLIE!” I shouted. “What are you doing?!” I was in shock.
“Oh lovely Samantha, you are my everything don’t forget that.” He said looking at me, smiling. He had tears in his eyes. “I wished I could stay with you liked I promised; an eternity. But our love wasn’t planned, we fall in love but it doesn’t change my mind of the way I feel about this life.” He was now crying, when I thought he couldn’t make a step back, he did.
“CHARLIE DON’T DO IT, I LOVE YOU.” I screamed with tears in my eyes, I couldn’t believe this, not even watch this either. “I LOVE YOU CHARLIE.” I started sobbing. “I can’t go through life without you, you are my life saver, and the only one I trust.” I cried louder, sobbing he was peacefully standing there, just smiling at me.
“Don’t stop me. If you want our love to be eternal then let me go to sky; because only sky is eternal.” Charlie said looking me but into my soul, this was the last time I was seeing Charlie and I didn’t want that to happen.
“No.” I sobbed louder, running to him. “We could make our love eternal and you don’t have to leave, I promise.”
He threw me something, I looked at it when it was in the floor; a gun.
“CHARLIE?” What? “You love me right? Don’t do it if you love me Charlie, please!” I was going crazy about this guy; I’ve never cried like this before. “Together, Forever... remember?”
“And always.” He whispered and throw himself to the back; like he was an angel and his mission was done here.
“CHARLIE.” I screamed, I shouted to him; but he wouldn’t hear me. He was gone, forever. I had lost my everything, my love, my life, and my reason to be who I was right now and the saddest part was…

He didn’t love me.
The next month I left to London and I swear to myself that day I wont love anyone else like I loved Charlie, and I wasn’t going to be loved back as Charlie loved me.
Or at least that’s what I’ve thought.



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