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Chapter one

I was unpacking all of my stuff. Flashbacks of high school and senior year keep rushing by my mind; I was so clueless about life. I had no idea what I was going to be doing in life, but now I am different. I finally now what am I doing. Finally all the years of being called a stupid, useless bitch are gone forever.
I couldn’t stop crying when my letter of admission finally got home, I was so nervous! I couldn’t believe I got the scholarship at the University of West London. London has always been my dream since I was in middle school.
All of my classmates always said that I was going to be nothing, they used to told me to drop out of school and I used to believed them, I used to cry every single night and feel bad about my life, but with this scholarship at Photography I shut everyone’s mouth.
When I told my family they all were so happy, they couldn’t believe it. Just like me. Mom wouldn’t stop crying because London its so far away from home but she was still happy for me.
Looking at my door room for the first time was awesome, it had a small but comfortable kitchen, we had even a laundry next and a modern living room. When I finished unpacking and decorating my door room I felt someone knocking at my door. My first thought was ‘She must be my roommate’ and I was quite excited but nervous at the same time. I’ve never been good making friends, in Florida it was easy. Since my brother was the Captain of football team. Cliché I know.
I opened the door slightly and I noticed a girl about my age, with lavender hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was dressed almost like a super star. I was jealous of this girl.
“Hey, I’m sorry if I bothered you.” Her thick accent said. “I lost my keys. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s the first day of school! I know, Im sorry! I just…” she talked a lot, I liked her.
“Its okay… I’m Samantha you must be my roommate? Duh silly me, of course.” She smiled and shook my hand.
She chuckled. “I’m Perrie, I talk a lot.”
“I noticed.” I smile at her and went back to decorating my room.
“And I’ve also noticed a little bit of an accent right there.” Perrie said making ‘little’ slower than all of her words.
I loved this girl. She was so funny and I know we’ll be great friends.
“Yep.” I giggled. “I’m from Florida.”
“That’s so cool!” She said smiling and jumping. “I’ve always wanted to go there. Specially because of the hot guys.”
I laughed.
Perrie and I kept talking and laughing for like two hours, she told me she was from South Shields, something like that. She was so fun and so pretty. She was studying Interior design and she promised that by next year we would have the best village ever, and she insisted she wanted loads of my pictures around. Since it was only Saturday afternoon, Perrie told me she wanted to show me the Uni and that we should go for something to eat.
“So… Are you nervous about Monday?” I said walking through the beautiful street.
“Nah, I know a few guys because of my cousin Jesy.” She said with a normal tone and then she looked at me noticing I did was nervous.
“Oh Samie, don’t be nervous. You’ll love Jesy! And my friends.” Perrie said holding me by my arm.
“The thing here is, I’m not good making friends.” I said blushing a bit.
“Well… you are my friend now! That was easy, wasn’t it?” She said with his lovely accent.
“You’re right.” I giggled.
What it felt like hours of Perrie’s tour on the Uni, we finally arrived to a little coffee shop down by the lake. We ordered something to eat and keep chatting, she was always laughing at my sarcastic phrases or any of my crazy adventures at Florida. And I couldn’t help but think Charlie would be proud of my first day here. I felt a knot in my throat, my eyes start to get watery and I didn’t know how to stop.
“Samantha, are you alright?” Perrie looked worried.
“Oh ye- Im fine. Just the wind, you know?” I chuckled.

I can’t get him out of my mind. I stated sobbing in the bathroom; I just hoped Perrie isn’t listening. “GO, LEAVE ME ALONE.” I couldn’t stop crying, I grabbed my knife and start doing it again.
“I cant do it.” My voice was shaking, blood rushing through my legs.

“I cant do it.”

My eyes shut down.


So, this was my first chap. I hope you like it because i would love if you do like it okay? I'm off, love you guys heh


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