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Troubles (Kissing The Devil)

Chapter 9

I groan, the bright sun rays hitting the exact strap of my face where my eyes are. I cover my eyes with one arm and swung the other one horizontally to try and find Niall in between the sheets.
MY head pounded against my skull once I sat, feeling nothing around me that emitted any type of warmth. My bangs were falling loosely from my pony tail, so I let it loose and rub my hands in my face, supporting my elbows on my knees.
I groan again, stretching and sleepily, I get up and feel the fabric of his sweatpants pool around my ankles. I sigh, burring my hands on the pocket of his hoodie to keep my hands warm.
I am not functioning properly, but something inside me told me to go fetch him.
So I did!
I opened the door, slipped out and closed it behind me. I walked down the stairs, rubbing my eyes carefully like I did when I was a little girl, to try and get better eyesight.
I head noise on the living room and slowly, to make sure I didn’t hurt myself, I took the last step, my feet touching the ground as I whined:
“Niall, come back to bed!”
Someone cleared their throat and I opened my eyes a little more to know where it came from before I wined them.
Standing on the living room, carefully scattered in groups so they weren’t anywhere near each other, were a group of twelve men, parted in four small elites of three. And I do not need to be a genius to guess these are the other gangs Niall has warned me about. The gangs that could turn against him, and would happily attack ant weakness he has.
On the furthest corner from me, were three men who had, between themselves blue, red and yellow hair, and a variety of piercings scattered across their faces. In the left side of the square of couches, was a group of men wich two had a deplorable state. One of them, I recognized as one of the people who was speaking to Niall in the day of the party. They seemed desperate, except the one I recognized. The other two were… in pain. In desperate need of something I could easily identify as drugs.
“…you’ll be capable of providing your little addicted fucks for seven months no problem!”
I remember this phrase from the day of the party.
The third one, standing on the right side of the square was a group of people who seemed quite normal, they only dressed a little bit darker, blacker. One of them I remembered too, he was the other one who was talking to Niall.
And then there was Niall, in the closest end. The curly headed boy was with him, and the one with chestnut hair and blue eyes too. They were set apart of the others because, well, they were ruggedly handsome, and had tattoos scattered around their arms and neck.
Niall’s eyes are on me, and they are burning. He isn’t mad, he’s just worried… I think. He gulps and turns around again, to face the other members of other gangs he has invited into his house.
He crosses his arms, the stern, icy poker face I came to know was fake, installing itself back on place. He’s trained to do this, and the mask looks so realistic it scares me.
“Don’t bother friends!” He slightly hisses the last word “This is just a hoe I usually fuck!” He crisply says
I shiver and suddenly I’m no longer sleepy. My back straightens as I throw daggers at the back of his head and the curly headed one, who’s been looking at me, elbows him harshly once he notices my expression.
I sighed and realize that what I thought was the mask, isn’t. The mask is what he puts on when he’s with me.
I storm into the kitchen to make myself something to eat after I hear him curse:
“Shit! Louis take over!” He said
I closed the door behind me, getting closer to the kitchen island that already had boxes of different cereals on it and I grab a bowl from the washed pile close to the sink and set is on the island, my back turned to the door that has just been opened.
“Thea…” He whispers “Thea, I didn’t mean that, you know why I said it!” He tried to explain. I ignore him “C’mon Thea!” He asks “I promise I’ll go back to bed?” He tried and I roll my eyes and shake my head negatively
I keep on doing my thing, grabbing the milk on top of the island and pouring it into the bowl, directing myself to the microwave. I wait there for the entire minute my bowls inside.
“C’mon!” He huffs “You know what they’ll do to you if they know I…” he cuts himself off “Thea, I can’t tell them who you are or they’ll hunt you down forever!”
He still doesn’t get it!
“Thea, stop the fucking madness! I swear to God, coming here, after you was a way of showing them that you are a constant in my life!” I know him for a couple of days “This is already a risk Thea!” He desperately says.
I ignore!
“Fuck little Rocket, I’m concerned about you!” He says, and isn’t that a sign of care?
When I continue to ignore him, a hand is set on the small of my back and before I know it, I’m pressed against the kitchen island, my back are hurting and one of my legs is slightly hooked around his thigh. I whimper and look up at him in shock.
He smirks, partially because he pulled an expression, an emotion from me when I was trying my best to ignore him. Then he leans down and presses a kiss onto my lips.
He squeezes his grip on my hip and I forget about reality for a second and just let myself go… again! He presses me more against the island and I whimper again, because I don’t like the pain in my back, or maybe because I do. He takes advantage of that to slip his tongue in my mouth and expertly darts to taste me. The piercing is still in his tongue and once the metal brushes against my coarse tongue, my entire body bristles to life and my leg quivers around his thigh.
Oh, he’s got me good!
I gulp, and smiles down at me, pulling back from the kiss. His eyes are caring, and soft and he chastely kisses my lips then my forehead before he rests his on mine, his soft blond hairs brushing my pale skin.
“Don’t ever… ever call hoe again!” I say, dead serious even though I’m breathless
“Ok!” Is the only thing he says before his arms snatch around my waist and he hugs me, his nose burring in my neck after he planted a kiss there!”

“Seventeen!” I answer
“Seventeen?!” Someone gasps “Trouble boy, you could have gotten yourself in jail for this bird!” Niall grimaces, I notice, my eyes having to pass through the curly headed boy to look at him as he insisted he stood between the two of us.
“Like any of us fine gentlemen cares about that!” He says, cleverly hiding his bitterness
Laughs are heard through he room, and no I’m not comfortable not happy, but what I do is smile, pretend that I am. I’m stressed.
For the past half hour we’ve been discussing nothing but a bunch of silly stuff that don’t concerns me, and I only told Niall I wanted to be here if this had anything to do with my brother. It so happens it hasn’t till now.
My shoulders are rising with tension, I can feel it, but soon, Niall extends hand through the back of the couch and his palm secretly lands on my scapula and he caresses carefully, his fingers playing carefully with the knots of tension.
My body signs have visibly relaxed and I’m happy he’s here, or I’d be having a panic attack.
“So, gentlemen!” He calls after a moment “We seem to be having a problem in delimiting terms!” He says
Everyone zipped it in about one second.
“T-Touble?!” A man, one with blue hair said and Niall directed his eyes at him “Delimiting as in?”
I could see everyone was wandering who infringed the ‘delimiting terms’, looking amongst themselves, throwing blind guilt at each other. They all seemed to be having petty fights with each other, hating and oppressing.
This side of the couch seemed more collected, more put tighter. We did not let a single emotion slip through our fingers without our consent, even if I’m slowly melting against the pale hand that is making circles across my scalp.
“Someone broke into a house yesterday! It was in my side of London!” he quickly explains “And as you can imagine, only I can do stuff like that around here so I want to retrieve what he took away!”
“And what was it Trouble?” One of the people I saw at the party asked
“A child!” He said and everything went even quieter than before.
Everything was… still! Like touching a child was way too much of a crime for anyone to do.
“His name is Jesse Ward! He’s four years old has brown hair and hazel eyes!” Niall explained and the caresses on my back increased as I became even tenser “He’s small for his age and he likes to get in trouble!” He smiled, it coming a bit more fondly this time as he looked at the ground
Everyone around the room was listening intently what Niall was saying and taking notes. I’m guessing this isn’t the first time this happens?
“I want you to warn me if anyone of you gets a signal of him!” He growled, barking an order to his puppies to follow
“But who took him Trouble?”
“Jordan!” He simply answers
“How do you know?”
“He wants a ransom!” He explains and I widen my eyes


Yellow guys, I hope you like it :))



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