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You Have My Heart


"There isn't one thing in this world I wouldn't do for you Harry," I said desperately, "You need to believe that. I've loved you since the day that I met you." He sighed, "Stop."

"Stop what? What's going on with you?" I demanded not so sensitively. "Stop being so obnoxious," He shouted, "Stop being clingly, stop being annoying, stop being moody, stop being insecure, stop being concerned about me, just STOP!"

I stood in front of him, shocked at his outburst. Harry was the calmest person I had ever known. We stared at each other for a while, his breathing still hadn't slowed down, he was pale and sweaty. He placed and hand over his heart.

"Harry?" I asked, concerned. "I can't-I can't breathe," He gasped. He tall body started swaying. Before I registered what was happening, he started to fall. I lunged toward him and caught him before he hit the floor. His weight brought me down to the floor with him and his head was in my lap, "Harry!?" I shouted. He was gasping for air and his eyes started fluttering before they completely shut.



Oh God!!! I am crying like so hard right now. Gosh, update.

Laraib Roy. Laraib Roy.