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Liam's Savior

Chapter Two

-Monday Morning-

"Kristen!" My mom's voice shouted waking in my room. "You need to get ready for school."

Sighing, I sat up and stretched my arms over my head, and watched my mom walk out the door. Swinging my legs over the left side of the bed, I stood up and stretched once again and saw it is six in the morning. Walking across the hall, I walked into the bathroom and grabbed a towel. Starting the shower, I cleaned myself off, and throughly washed my long, dark brown, wavy hair. Then I wrapped the towel around my body, and walked to my bedroom leaving wet footprints behind me on the hardwood floor.

I quickly changed and brushed through the my wet hair and then shook it out. I walked downstairs allowing my hair to air dry to its original curls, and sat down eating my waffles, Mom, made. I ate them, and then when I finished I got my book bag ready and sat on the old living room couch. Turning on the TV the news was on. Ooooh. It's about One Direction. I turned up the volume.

"1/5 of One Direction's Liam Payne has had cancer spread through his one kidney. Giving him cancer in the kidney. His one kidney is two weak. Liam was rushed to the hospital last night after complaining of abdominal pain. The tests showed Liam had a tumor growing in his kidney. The cancer is getting severe, and the only way for Liam to survive is to have a kidney donor."

Tears laced my eyes. He has cancer?! Actual cancer?!

I buried my face in my hands and cried silently. What if he dies? He can't die! One Direction will never be the same again! Liam is an important part! We all love him too much to just let him die!

"Honey, is something wrong?" My mom asked putting a hand on my back.

"I just found out, Liam has cancer in his kidneys." I sobbed looking up at my mom.

"Oh, hon. That's terrible!" She said sitting next to me giving me a side hug. "Everything will be okay! Liam's family will give him a new kidney, and he will be just fine,"

"But what if the kidney doesn't work?!" I sobbed even louder. "We can't just let him die!"

"Hon, you need to go catch the bus," Mom said rubbing my back.

Nodding, I stood up and walked towards the hallway mirror. My eyes were a little red, but it would ware off.

"Bye!" I called walking out the door. Sitting on the porch steps I waited for the bus to come while I thought about Liam. When the bus came, I stood up and walked towards the door sitting next to Liv. "Did you here about Liam?"

She nodded slowly and kept looking out the window. How can one thing have this big of an effect on me? Oh yeah, that's right, because I love Liam. Honestly, I don't know what I would do if he died. He has family though, and he is still pretty young. His family will probably be able to donate a kidney. Unless none of them match. But is that even possible? No, his dad or mom would give him a kidney. Or maybe even his sisters. I'm very scared for him though.

"Do you think his dad will give him a kidney?" Liv asked looking at me.

I shrugged, "Guess we'll have to find out,"


"Niall," I said opening his curtain where his bed was on the tour bus,

He just sniffled in response. I sighed and sat next to him, rubbing his back.

"It's alright, Niall." I said patting his back soothingly. "We're all scared, but Liam can find a kidney donor, and he'll be alright."

Niall sat up. He had a few tears running down his face. I hate seeing the boys cry. Especially Niall. Since we found out the news about Liam having cancer, Niall has been taking it the hardest.

"You don't know that, all the fans are blowing up on twitter freaking out." He said wiping his nose. "I'll donate him a kidney if I have to."

"Niall, he has family. His dad or mom can donate him one. I mean, his families kidneys have to work the most." I said trying to think about the whole thing.

Niall and I both looked up when we saw Zayn and Louis walk in. Liam is at the hospital. His mom and dad are flying down, as well as his two sisters. We took a break from our tour. And we're here in Colorado. I'm not exactly sure where, but we can't leave Liam when he is stuck in the hospital with kidney failure.

Zayn's eyes were red, and Louis was completely silent,

"How are you guys taking it?" I asked trying my hardest not to cry as well.

"This sucks," Zayn said wiping his eyes. "I never thought this would happen, how did it happen?"

"He probably drank a little too much, or he got too dehydrated and now his kidneys are probably shutting down. All we have to really focus on, is making sure Liam has a kidney donor." I said.

The boys all nodded,

"I'll give him a kidney," Louis said, suddenly speaking up.

"I said that too," Niall threw in.

"Guys, Liam has family. Theres will be more accurate. We just need to wait. He hasn't even been in the hospital for twenty-four hours." I said feeling tears leaking the corner of my eyes. "He'll be okay."

Honestly, I didn't even know that. The doctor said the cancer is spreading, and it's very severe. So, honestly, we won't even know.


I sat in calculus taking notes as Mr. Eldridge explained the lesson. I've been trying to concentrate, but I am so worried. My nervousness makes me want to throw up. My wrist cramped up as I wrote some more, so I stopped and shook my wrist and then began writing some more.

The bell rang, and I closed my notebook and stuffed it in my backpack, slinging it on my back. Mr. Eldridge spoke up,

"Remember class, quiz on Friday!" He called as we all began walking out the door. I met up with Olivia for French class.

"We have a test on Friday in calculus, take lots of notes," I warned her.

"I'm too freaked out to take notes, what if Liam doesn't make it?" She asked biting her lip. She does when she is deeply thinking.

"Liv, I think he'll be okay. I don't know much about cancer in your kidneys, but his family can donate him a kidney, and he should be fine," I said smiling, actually relieved a little bit.

Liv nodded and smiled, "okay, thank God."

We both then walked to French class.

A/N - Okay, I don't know much about your kidneys or cancer in the kidneys, but I might do more research later.... okay! BYEEE








Breannac112 Breannac112

Sorry, I can't have a co author. I'm writing this story on another website (www.quotev.com) and I'm transferring my story from that site to this site, so that's why I'm not updating as much.

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I know I would DIE if liam ever got ANY type of Cancer ;-(