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Liam's Savior

Chapter One

"This line is taking forever." Olivia groaned straightening out her jeans. Smiling, I reached in my small purse and pulled out a twenty dollar bill. Then I grabbed my compact mirror and checked my makeup. After that, I tugged the sleeves down on my sweatshirt hiding my wrists. It's only August thirtieth, but it is surprisingly cold here in Denver. It will be snowing next week the weather sais.

A couple guys in line ahead waved to Olivia and I. Blushing, I looked down at my black Uggs. My best friend is Olivia. She is seventeen like me. Every guy at school wants to date her. She's beautiful. I call her Liv like a lot of other people. Olivia and I are best friends. We have been forever. Literally. Our mom's are best friends, and Liv and I were born on the same day which makes it even crazier. Plus, we are both huge Directioners.

"Oh my God!" Liv screeched quietly. "Hot guys staring at both of us, how do I look?"

Staring at her outfit, I smiled at her.

"You look beautiful like always," I smirked, giving her a side hug.

Liv and I are exactly the same height. Some people even think we're sisters. We kind of look alike, but not a lot. Liv waved the two hot boys over, who I then recognized as seniors at our high school. Liv and I are juniors.

"So, what movie are you boys seeing?" Liv asked flirtatiously. I smiled at her and looked at the two boys. The sexy blonde, he's Noah. The bad boy looking brown haired one is, Dylan. Liv has a huge crush on Dylan. But, like she always says, her heart belongs to Niall Horan.

"We're seeing, We're the Millers," Dylan said with his raspy voice. Liv began shaking. "and I bet you two are seeing the 1D movie?"

"We sure are," I said stepping forward with them in line.

"I'd love to see it with you two though," Noah smirked, winking at me.

I blushed again, and shook my head,

"Nope, you two see We're the Millers, Liv and I are having a girls' night," I smiled. Liv nodded in agreement, and gave a flirty wave to Noah, and Dylan as they walked off.

"That was awesome, I felt like I was going to be sick!" Liv whisper shouted grabbing her wallet from her purse.

Finally, Liv and I made it to the front of the line. We got out tickets, and 3D glasses and walked into the theater. It was party full; there were lots of people in their, but the theater wasn't packed.

Liva and I found good seats in the middle. We each got a large popcorn and ate away while watching. We lip synced to the songs, and at the end, I kind of felt like crying. It was an amazing movie, and I did not want it to end.

"So," Liv started as we climbed into her car. "What did you think of the movie?"

"Hm, let me think for a moment," I said pretending to stroke an imaginary beard. "I LOVED IT!"

We both hugged with excitement and drove to my small house. My dad is a police officer here in Denver. Liv and I got out of her car and walked into my house, instantly smelling something cooking on the stove.

"Yes!" Liv punched the air in excitement. "Your mom is cooking!"

Liv ran to the kitchen after kicking off her boots, and I did the same sitting at the dinner table where my dad was sitting in his police uniform.

"How was the movie, Girls?" Mom asked setting the homemade rice and chicken kiev down. I licked my lips feeling my mouth watering.

"It was incredible!" Liv yelled in excitement. "I can not believe we got to see it on the first night it came out!"

She clapped her hands together, and I giggled. Serving myself some food. All five of us dug in, and I kept staring at my mom's belly. Yeah, my mom got pregnant again. Funny right? So, my baby brother or sister is going to be seventeen years younger than me. Really odd. She's like three months pregnant and barely showing yet.


After dinner, Liv and I went to my bedroom, and sat on my bed turning on the TV. Liv began messing on her phone and I stayed on MTV.

"Who are you texting?" I asked looking over her shoulder.

"Dylan," She blushed.

I smiled and continued watching Teen Wolf. Liv kept tapping away on smart phone. How are her thumbs not cramping up yet? We have school on Monday, so I stood up and began working on my homework. Than, Liv and I put in a couple movies, popped some popcorn, changed into our pajamas. And stayed up all night watching the movies Pitch Perfect, The Notebook, and The Hunger Games.

A/N - Okay, I am extremely excited for this book! I hope all of you like it! <3








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Sorry, I can't have a co author. I'm writing this story on another website (www.quotev.com) and I'm transferring my story from that site to this site, so that's why I'm not updating as much.

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I know I would DIE if liam ever got ANY type of Cancer ;-(