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Just Harry and I.

Chapter Fourteen.

"Here you are." Anne half-smiled, handing me a cup of tea her hands were cradling.

"Thank you so much, Anne. For everything. You've been too kind. I honestly don't know what I would have done with myself!" I admitted, pursed lips. What would I have done? Before I could contemplate it anymore, my entire body shuddered.

My life was getting worse and worse as the days went by and I was starting to worry if I was actually going to survive it. In the space of a week, I'd lost my mum, my best friend and boyfriend all in completely different ways. I couldn't keep crawling to Anne, she had her own family to care for. Important things she had to do individually.

I didn't want to be alone, I couldn't be alone but there was literally not a single person I could turn to. I'd had many offers, none of them I would have felt comfortable with and I very much doubted they actually meant it. The only person I'd considered taking up the option to stay with them for a bit was Tim. My mothers best friend, but I would have felt awful bombarding on their life, especially as Tim was just as distraught as I was about the whole death thing. They were extremely close, probably as close as me and her were, maybe even slightly more.

"I am truly sorry, Scar," she sighed heavily. "I can't believe after everything you've been through, this happens. All my sympathy goes out to you, it's killing me watching you hurt. It's been a rough couple of weeks, eh? I wish there was something I could do to make this all better, especially as the universe hasn't been on your side recently." she announced, with her head bobbing level to her shoulders.

"You've done more than enough, Anne. You're like a second mother to me and you have no idea how much I appreciate that. You've been so kind, how could I possibly repay you?" I didn't know how her son could be leaving tomorrow and yet she still managed to tackle the issues with him being famous, her family, her job, her relationship and me staying with her. She must have been some kind of a heroic goddess, right?

"Don't worry, princess," she pulled me into a long cuddle, this upset me because Harry had always called me princess. I had missed what he used to call me. I had missed how he used to act. I had missed us. "You don't deserve any of this, everything will pick up soon I promise," she crossed her fingers and I did too. "There is never any need to thank me, Scar. You have been more than lovely to me and your such a respectful girl. I wish I knew your mother better because I'm sure I would have loved her." this made my mouth pull into a sweet, little smile.

"She would have loved you too. I'm so grateful that no matter how difficult your own life is, you're still able to put others in front of you. It's pretty inspirational." her eyes welled up.

"No one has made me feel so wanted before." it was strange seeing her like this, it was like she was a child and had just been given a life supply of sweets and chocolate. She was glowing and a shocked, yet thankful grin was distributed across her face.

"Anne. I know it's wrong for me to ask this, but I'm dying to know. It's a closure sort of thing, because when Harry leaves for America tomorrow I may never see him again as I'm nothing to him anymore." I bit my lip.

"You can ask me anything, sweetheart. I'll answer as best I can, you're a part of the family now even though Harry hasn't came to his bloody senses. And as for Harry leaving and you 'not being anything to him anymore' is completely inaccurate. He needs you Scarlett, it's breaking him up inside. I've never seen him so torn up but I can't tell him what to do to fix it, he has to work it out on his own." I nodded, breathing in deeply.

"I wondered if Harry explained to you why he broke up with me, I mean, I know he's going away and it's a lot of pressure on a new relationship but it doesn't really seem clear. Like, he'd always tell me we'd make it work, so why the sudden change of mind? I noticed you two have such a strong bond so I figured he might have said something about it?" I flickered my eyelids to the floor, disapproving myself.

"I don't if I should say," she started with an apologetic tone. "as much as I want to put you out of your misery, it's not my place to stick my nose in. It's between you and Harry and I wouldn't want to get involved in case anything happened because of it. When he's ready to tell you he will. You just need to give him time." she exclaimed sympathetically. I understood, that was fair enough.

"What if he's never ready to confront his feelings?" I spoke, forcing back the upset matter to my voice. I was upset. I was trying hard not to show it.

"Honey, I've known Harry Edward Styles his whole life, he'll get there eventually. I guarantee it." she winked, light-heartedly.

"I hope so. I never thought I would ever be so emotionally attached to someone in such a short time, it's unbelievable." she grinned.

"He feels the same way, Scar." she pecked my cheek. "Get some rest, you've had an eventful day by the sounds of it."


It was about 4am and I was continuing to pack. I didn't know why I had left it so late, maybe I was dreading the fact that I had to leave. Even though I hadn't packed, I'd managed to transfer all of my shit to the lads' hotel room. There were clothes, shoes, toiletries etc scattered across the bed and floor.

Everyone else was still snoozing, in about 2 hours I had agreed to wake them up. I needed some time to think on my own. I'd never thought into so much depth about my life before, nor have I ever questioned decisions I'd made. I was in love with Scarlett. She said she had loved me too. Why did I break up with her? What the fuck was the matter with me?

I was going to miss my family too. My mum would be supporting me the whole way though the tour, because I knew for a fact this Scarlett situation wasn't going anywhere soon. My mum was the most loving, caring person I'd ever met. She was so welcoming to everyone in distress and it was pretty chill. She ever doubted me whenever I was stressed, she believed in me. That's what I needed, without her there is no way I would be where I am today.

I'd miss Gemma too, her snide comments making me want to punch her in the face were annoying. But she was a kind-hearted person, who had always told me the truth. I needed that, I needed someone to stand up to me and help me step back into reality. If I didn't have her I'd be so weak and vulnerable. Gemma always put me in front of herself, even if she failed to admit it. She didn't realise it , but she had helped me a lot and I had secretly thanked her gratefully for it.

I would even miss Rob. At first, we didn't get on so well. I had convinced myself he was trying to replace my dad. He wasn't, but I refused to believe it. Eventually, I warmed to him. We'd have friendly banter and he taught me everything I needed to know about surviving. Taking care of myself. All of these people completed me, they created my world. I repaid them by only just seeing them over a dozen times a year. I felt like such an awful. I loved my job, I knew there would be sacrifices, I was told this many times. I chose not to believe it. I'm not really sure if the consequences were worth it, but I had travelled to some incredible places because of it and if I'd missed out on that, my life would have been pretty dull. After all, this was my life dream.

Scarlett wasn't my family, but she fit in as if she was the strings holding us all together. She was like my other half, I couldn't stop thinking about her and whenever I wasn't with her I was just wishing she was, or imagining she was by my side. Her smile made my heart flutter, her eyes warmed up my chest and her personality and looks in general honestly created me bewildered as to why she ever gave me a second look. She was perfect, I threw it all away. I didn't want to cry but this was hard. Too hard. I was completely ripped to pieces inside. It wasn't fair.


Filler but going to make the next one as good as possible:D
Also, just to point out I know my sentences don't always make sense and I often miss out words because I think it in my head without typing it out. BUTTTT, I usually don't have the time to edit so my apologies.
Not that anyone likes this story anyway-_-
Guess I'm just writing it for myself lol;)


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This story is amazing! I love it:)(:
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