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Diddy Direction

chapter 2

* Niall's pov *
I dont want to be in America. I was shipped over here because I was expelled from my last school so was the rest of the boys except a boy called liam who has moved next door to my cousin and her family who I am living with. I have just met our teacher miss Mather she seems nice enough. Right I am ready to meet my new class mates the first person I was caught my eye she was beautiful. I felt my hewrt skip a beat." Right children today we have some new students please say a warm welcome to Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam payne and Niall Horan" we all said hi and I be came the happiest boy inthe world miss Mather moved everyone around and put me next to the beautiful girl. I am lookking forward to this year at a new school.


Sorry if it is short but I updated~ abs her


LOVE IT please continue XD

Twilighter Twilighter

I love it please update

nialler's gurl nialler's gurl

Please update soon


it was really hard to find a pic of zayn young so that was the youngest I could find anyway let's just say he has been held back!

directioner0502 directioner0502

Zayn looks like 10 times older than the rest of them haha!