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Diddy Direction

Chapter 3

Abby pov

great just what I needed, the new the new boy next to me! And the cutest one I just might add, no Abby don't say that you just went through a break up!

lost in my thought I didn't notice my pencil slid off of my desk onto the floor as up bent down to grab it, so did the new kid, wasn't his name Neel or something, no it's Niall! That's it Niall! As my fingers grasped the pencil they were covered by warmth I looked up to be met by beautiful blue eyes. Niall looked away but didn't remove his hand. I didn't move either, until the lunch bell rang. As the mad scramble of kids left ( somehow including my two best friends) I stood there shock at what had just happened. Was it wrong to have liked it ?


Hi guys Mrs_Tommo53 here

just wondering how you are liking this story.


LOVE IT please continue XD

Twilighter Twilighter

I love it please update

nialler's gurl nialler's gurl

Please update soon


it was really hard to find a pic of zayn young so that was the youngest I could find anyway let's just say he has been held back!

directioner0502 directioner0502

Zayn looks like 10 times older than the rest of them haha!