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Diddy Direction

Chapter 1

Abbeys pov
* Next Day *
I pushed open my classroom door to be met by Josh,I had seen the look his face before in movies. The I-am-gonna-say-I'm-sorry-but-I-don't-mean-it look, 'Abbey,I' he started but I cut him off. 'Im not taking any of your crap." I said walking past him, he looked mad. No girl had treated him like that before. He deserved it though. I went over to sit in my seat between Maia and Chloe. They were looking over at Josh laughing because he was absolutely fuming. I started laughing myself, that's when I realised that boys are dumb and not worth our time. Especially cheating liars. Oh well.
'Look it's miss Mather." Said Maia "and who are they?" There were five boys trailing after miss Mather and I must admit they were pretty cute for cheating,lying scum. They were looking really shy. There was a tan one with grey/blue eyes and feathery brown hair whose name tag showed his name was "Louis." Suits him. Then there was Harry whom would obviously be the charmer with his cheeky smile and green eyes. Zayn looked like a quiet and sexy person. And Liam a sensible smart boy. But there was one that caught my eye the blonde, Niall.
He was cute but I was still a bit, ( a lot ) broken up about the whole thing with me and Josh.

'Everyone these are the new kids, make them welcome.'


This was written by @Mrs_Tommo53
what do you think?


LOVE IT please continue XD

Twilighter Twilighter

I love it please update

nialler's gurl nialler's gurl

Please update soon


it was really hard to find a pic of zayn young so that was the youngest I could find anyway let's just say he has been held back!

directioner0502 directioner0502

Zayn looks like 10 times older than the rest of them haha!