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Diddy Direction


abbeys pov
I was about to go ask my boyfriend josh if he would sit with me when suddenly my friend Maia who had obviously does not know about the relationship came running up to me shouting at that josh is going out with ruby. I asked Maia if it was true or not. she said true. I nearly started crying then my other friend Chloe came running up screaming if I am ok ( she knows about the relationship between me and josh) and added on the end that he is going out with Megan! well that sent me off! I went running over to Jacob and his gangs table ( josh is in the gang) and punched josh Maia and Chloe being lovely friends got Megan and ruby to watch! ;) you little cheating idiot NOT only do you cheat on me with one girl you decide to date another. and my rant over. but seen as Megan and ruby were there he got dumped and two black eyes! :)


so what do you think and please do not hate and steal ideas It took a lot of time to go from my head to here. but plz subscribe:) vote:) and comment:))))


LOVE IT please continue XD

Twilighter Twilighter

I love it please update

nialler's gurl nialler's gurl

Please update soon


it was really hard to find a pic of zayn young so that was the youngest I could find anyway let's just say he has been held back!

directioner0502 directioner0502

Zayn looks like 10 times older than the rest of them haha!