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Back For You

Chapter 6

"He keeps looking" Eleanor whispered into my ear, as I bit into the apple pie that was sitting in front of me. "Why is he even with her, she's so...diva" Eleanor asked me before sipping her drink.

"You know sometimes it's scary how alike you and Lou are," I said smiling at Eleanor "And El, maybe she is a good person? We don't even know her, Harry's not an idiot.." I said as I returned my gaze to where it lingered for the majority of the night. Harry and Laura. They were sat across from me Eleanor, Louis and Niall totally and utterly engrossed in each other.

"I don't like her at all, Ry" Eleanor said glaring in the direction of Harry and Laura. "She just seems like she's not init for the right reasons,"

"Auntie Rylynn," I looked down to meet the gaze of my 8 year old neighbour, Matt. "Will you dance with me?" He asked holding his small hand out to me.

"Of course" I said as I slid my chair out from the table. "Eleanor, I'll be back I promised this rugrat a dance,"

"Aren't you the lucky one" Eleanor said as she watched Matt take my hand, "If only Louis would ask me to dance," We both laughed at Eleanor as she placed her head on Louis shoulder who was already standing up ready to lead her to the dance floor.

"My lady" Matt said bowing towards me, when we finally reached the centre of the dance floor.

The few people watching chuckled as I took his hand and danced as best I could despite the height difference.

"Quite the charmer, aren't you" Louis said as Eleanor and him appeared beside me after a few minutes of struggled dance.

"I try" Matt replied, doing his best to be a gentleman and dance with me.

"May I cut in?" I heard a voice say from over my shoulder.

"Yeah sure, my arms were hurting" Matt said as he shook his arms.

"But that was not even one whole dance Matty" I said crouching down so I was eye level with him. "Thank you for the dance" I smiled at the little boy before kissing him on his check and ruffling his hair.

"Have fun dancing with her" He said to the guy standing behind me.

"I will," I heard a Irish accent as I turned to face Niall.

"Niall!" I said smiling up at him as I held one of his hands ready for the next dance.

"Thought I'd save you, how you holding up?" Niall asked looking concerned at me.

"Fine Niall, he looks happy doesn't he?" I asked, looking up at Niall who looked over my head at what I assumed was Harry.

"I hope he is….anyway enough about him. How's everything, How's Zoe?" Niall asked looking at me a small laugh escaping his lips.

"I knew it, I knew something happened between you two when you guys came down to visit" I said hitting his arm. "Zoe never told me, OHHH…." I trailed off.

"Shh, okay. I never said we were anything, but she hasn't returned my phone calls in a long time" Niall said.

"She's got exams, that's why. You'll be happy to know she'll be back in 3 months for Christmas" I said smiling, as my eyes lingered on Harry and Laura laughing and dancing together just behind me and Niall. "Hey, we still on for later?"

"I wouldn't break tradition for the world" Niall said, as the song came to an end.

"Hey Niall, I'll be right back, I just…I need to check something" I said looking towards the side door of the barn as a figure made it's way outside.

"Okay, by the way you look beautiful tonight Ry" Niall said before kissing me on the cheek

"Thank Niall, be right back" I said as I hurriedly made my way to the door. "Anne?" I said calling behind the figure that was outside walking towards the big willow tree with lanterns hanging from it.

"Ry, darling?" Anne said stopping as she opened her arms for me.

"Anne, you okay? You're crying, what's wrong?" I asked as we sat on a bench outside, "Did something go wrong?"

"No, darling everything is fine. Perfect. I'm just overwhelmed" She said smiling through the tears.

"Where's Robin?"

"He's inside, I thought id sneak out for a bit. But I guess I had people watching me" Anne said, with her eye brows raised a chuckle escaping her lips.

"Sorry, but you can't ever get anything past me," I said smiling "Do you want me to leave?"

"Of course not, how's your night been?" she asked, as I swallowed hard. We were sitting under the large Willow tree with lanterns hanging from it.

"Fun, it was nice catching up with everyone. Seeing people I haven't seen since 6th form. Seeing people I didn't want to see since 6th form," I said laughing mid way. "I love this place" I said looking around really taking in how beautiful it was. The pond just a few feet from us, and the lantern soft light casting on the greenery that was Holmes Chapel.

"It really is, this is always going to be your home. Remember that darling" Anne spoke soft and slow, "We will always be your home….Ahh here come my other stalkers" Anne said trailing off, I loved talking to Anne.

"Mum? Ry, what are you guys doing out here," A concerned Gemma asked "You alright mum?" she asked sitting on the other side of Anne, resting her head on her mothers shoulder.

"That boring huh?" I heard a voice from in front of me, I looked up to see Harry. My breath caught in my throat.

"No, just felt like we were wasting all this" I said gesturing to the beauty of the outdoors. "Didn't we Anne?"

"Ahh, is that the story you're using?" Harry chuckled through his husky voice.

"Yeah, but don't tell anyone" I laughed as I smiled up at him. His hair was pushed up out of his eyes, and his green orbs shining so bright. His lips formed the perfect smirk, and I hated him for that.

"So we starting our own party outside?" Gemma asked standing up in front of all of us.

"We should head back inside," Anne said

"But it's so pretty!" I said standing up in front of Harry.

"We'll be out here the entire night, we're keeping to tradition right?!" Harry asked looking down at me.

"Of course we are, Gem you still coming even though you never play?" I asked looking at her and Anne who were already walking away.

"Wouldn't miss it," Gemma called as her and Anne walked into the barn.

"Let's go" I said turning on my heels away from Harry.

"Hey, I'd like to dance with my best friend" Harry spoke from behind me, sending shivers up my back.

"Well then you should ask" I said laughing as I ran as best I could in my heels as Harry chased after me.

"Gottcha," He said as he wrapped his arms around my waist "Now, can I have the honour of dancing with my pain in the ass of a best friend," Harry spoke, I felt his breath on my neck.

"If you're asking like that, no" I laughed before breaking free from his grasp, only to have his arms wrap around me again.

"I'm not letting go till you agree to dance with me" Harry said his cheshire accent intwined with his laugh.

"Maybe if you ask nicely instead of threatening me….I'll consider" I said turning to smile at him, I drew in a breath. Our faces were only inches apart, his green eyes brining into mine and a soft smile crossing his face.

"Rylynn Marie Hunter, will you please dance with me," Harry asked, his stare burning into mine.

"Oh God, you used the full name? Fine since you're practically begging" I said as we continued to make our way into the barn, Harry now holding my hand leading me to the dance floor.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqIxCtEveG8 (Listen Now)

"Beneath You're Beautiful" by Labrinth, my favourite song as of right now was playing. He pulled me to the middle of the dance floor and wrapped an arm around my waist, and slowly lifted our intertwined hands up. I slipped my hand to the back of his neck feeling his curls around his neck tickling my hand.

"You can't dance" I whispered smiling, suddenly nervous when I realized how close his face was to mine.

"Thanks for that," Harry chuckled as he spun me around.

"People are staring at us Harry," I said laughing, as I looked at Eleanor and Louis watching us with a smile plastered on their faces. Then over to Anne and Robin who were snapping away with their camera.

"It's cause I can't dance" Harry said laughing as he wrapped his arm back around my waist and pulled me closer to him "But with you, it looks like I at least know what I'm doing" he whispered, eyes concentrated on me.


"You guy's ready?" I asked as the last of the people left the party. It was 1:50 and the party had come to an end, but our's had just begun. The tradition started when we were 13, Harry, Gemma, Talan and myself would spend the night playing football and talk out by the old willow tree and the only light coming from the lanterns hanging above. The first time it happened Anne and Rob let us stay out till 3 and then came to take us home, but as we've gotten older we've stayed out later, until the last time we played which was 2 years ago we watched the sunrise. This was my favourite part of the night, the time I always looked forward to because this was when me and Harry worked the best together, playing a sport we both loved; being on the same team.

"Yeah, Ry you go change first the rest of us will wait until you're done…since you're the only girl," Louis said as he returned back from Harry's car carrying his duffle bag.

"Shit!" I said as i realized how much of an idiot I was, "I left my bag at Anne's" I said my smile dropping from my face "I only have my shoes, socks and shin pads cause I left them in Gemma's car" I said lifting up my lime green cleats.

"I have and extra shirt" Harry said throwing me his favourite soccer jersey, it was his Man United jersey he got when he was doing his stadium tour, it said Styles on the back and had the autographs of all my favourite players.

"You're letting me wear this?! your favourite jersey, you sure?" I asked as my jaw dropped open at Harry.

"Yeah, you always loved it plus I'm wearing this one Laura got me" Harry said holding up another Man United jersey, before kissing her on the cheek.

"I need shorts," I said looking at Niall, he was the smallest of the boys and always carried an extra pair of shorts around with him.

"Fine, take these," Niall said throwing me a black pair of shorts "Only for you Ry"

"Love you Niall, and your chicken legs" I laughed as I kissed him on the cheek and grabbed Eleanor's hand to come with me too change.

"What about me?" Harry asked, his arms spread apart with a smirk on his face.

"I'm on your team, that's thanks enough" I said laughing as I ran behind the barn to change.

"You so, want him" Eleanor said when we were behind the barn, "And what was going on when you danced with him? I thought he was going to kiss you,"

"Stop it, you're so loud" I said as I stepped out of my dress and heels and threw on Harry's shirt.

"Oh so you do?" Eleanor said laughing, as she held my dress "God, Ry you can be such a boy sometimes"

"I know, I hate it" I said as I tied my shoes.

"He loves that about you Rylynn, everyone does. It's so cool," Eleanor said as she picked up my heels "Kick butt, or whatever it is you do out there" She said laughing, as i tied my hair in a high pony tail. I looked like a total boy, Harry's shirt was far to big and Niall's shorts were a bit to lose.

"Let's go" I said as I ran out from behind the barn spotting the boys. We were playing 2 on 2, me and Harry against Niall and Louis. Harry was dressed in the same jersey as me, with a beanie on his head and a few stray curls flying in the cold cheshire night. "I get first ball, since I'm the only girl" I said doing keep ups with the ball Louis threw my way.

"But you're better than all of us put together" Niall whined, as a few drops of rain started falling.

"Let her have the first ball" Harry said from beside me "She is the only girl"

"Mate, you know she's better than all three of us put together. And she's on your team, let us at least stand a chance" Louis said as Eleanor kissed him on the check. "Thank babe, we'll need it against Ry"

"Oh I'm team Ry and Haz all the way" Eleanor said, "I just wanted to wish you luck babe" She said as she winked at me and went to stand with Laura.

"Can we just start?" I said as I put the ball on the ground, "Now!" I laughed as I passed the ball to Harry who was already running towards their goal.

"Go Ry, go up!" he said as he pointed with his fingers to where I should be to receive the ball, I listened. I always listened to him. "Ready Ry?" He asked before kicking the ball to me. I ran as fast as I could to not let Harry down, running mud splashing all over my clean shoes, and rain now coming down a little harder. "GO RYLYNN, you got it" I heard his voice call, just when I felt Niall near me ready to get the ball. I ran, until I saw Louis in the goal and shot. "YES RYLYNN" I heard Harry's voice before I saw him running towards me.

"GOALL" I screamed before a laugh took over, I turned to wave at Eleanor who was running under the clearing with Laura to escape the rain.

"That's my girl" Harry said as he picked me up and spun me around, rain pouring down on both of us, as my arms wrapped around his neck. "She's back" He said smiling up at me, his curls now wet from the rain.

"I'm back, let's do it again" I said eager to get the ball back, my adrenalin high.

"That's my girl," Harry said putting me down and wrapping his arms around my waist, showing me off to Louis and Niall before he kissed me on the check and my stomach erupted with butterflies.

"Let's Go" I said running toward the ball with Harry right behind me and the rain falling harder all around me with every drop.


Hope You like it !!!

I'll be back at school on Friday and I'm trying to upload as many chapters as I can because I don't know how often I'll be able to write....even though I already have up to chapter 10 written.

If you guys want I can upload one more today ! Have a lovely Wednesday.

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I still am! ;)

AWW thank you :) I hope you're still interested in the story, I will be updating next week .x

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Sorry I've been M.I.A for the past 2 weeks, I'm in University and I have mid terms this week, but thankfully I have reading week from the 14-21st of Feb SOO having said that there WILL BE updates during that week as I have absolutely no time to do anything till then.
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WOW. Speechless. This is so good.

WOW. Speechless. This is so good.