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Back For You

Chapter 5

"One day I'm going to ask every pretty girl in the room to dance" 6 year old Harry, said to me as he pushed a few stray curls out of his eyes.

"Harry, that's if you get taller" I said as I scratched my itchy legs for what felt like the hundredth time this evening. My father insisted that I wear my "nice" stockings the ones that I only brought out for two occasions; Funerals and Weddings. Today today was an exception. It was the first annual "Night of Lights" a fundraising event that Anne had been organizing for 7 months now.

She was raising money for the Church that burnt down in a fire, she had belonged to that church since she was a little girl and explained to Harry and myself that a major part of her life was that church. So it came to no surprise to us all when she insisted that she wanted to organize this night.

"My mom said in time I will, Ry" Harry said turning to face me.

"Hopefully," I said as I reached for the stockings on my legs yet again.

"Don't you wish you were older sometimes?" Harry asked turning to me.

"Yeah it really looks like a lot of fun" I said as I looked around at one of the girls who was cuddling close to a boy. "Look at them, they look like they're having so much fun dancing" I said pointing to the couple directly in front of us.

"One day that's going to be you and me Ry, I'll teach you how to dance one day" Harry said looking hopefully into my eyes.

I remember that was the first time I noticed those green eyes of his, and the way his curls perfectly fell around his face and the innocence of his spirit was written all over his face. We were 6 and the world was our play ground, no worries no problems just two kids who were desperate to grow up.


"Anne are you sure this is all necessary?" Laura called from the dinning room table, it was almost the end of September which only meant one thing; Night of Lights. Laura was helping us organize the night and she was organizing the seating arrangements for the guests that were attending.

"Yes, Laura" Anne said from next to me on the floor. We pushed aside all the furniture and were sprawled across the floor making the centrepieces for the evening. They were vases with floating roses and tea lights. Simple but perfect.

It was crunch time, the party was tomorrow.

It was going to be held in an old barn, that was connected to a large field with a pond and pathways for walking. It was my favourite place in all of Holmes Chapel, especially during the night when it was all lit up, it looked magical. The lanterns that Harry and Talan had put up the night before on the willow trees looked beautiful during the day and I could just imagine what they would look like when they were finally lit up tomorrow night.

"Anne, it's going to look perfect" I said as I finished the last vase for the tables.

"I'm glad you think so. So have you figured out what you're wearing yet?" Anne said raising an eyebrow at me.

"Nope, nothing" I said looking down at my hands.

"I have just the thing for you," Anne said as she put down the glue gun and stood up grabbing my hand "come with me" Anne said as we went upstairs to her bed room. I sat cross legged on her bed as she went rummaging through her closet. I looked around her room when I spotted the jewellery box on her bureau. I always admired Anne's taste in jewellery, she made the most simple of things beautiful just by the way she wore it. I stood up making my way over to the jewellery box, and started looking through it the way I did when Anne would help me get ready for every big school dance that I ever had, the way I did whenever I watched Anne get ready for her big dates with Robin, the way I always did.

"Do you remember when we went shopping last year, when you came back for Christmas?" Anne said as she emerged from the closet with a garment bag in her right hand.

"No not really" I said trying as best I could to remember something, anything.

"Rylynn remember we went to that boutique in town" Anne said as she called me over to her bed, laying the garment bag down "And we saw that dress in the window, me and Gemma made you try it on.." she said as she began to unzip the bag and there was the pearl pink dress.

"Anne you bought it?" I said looking at her, tears forming in my eyes.

"Yes, after we left I called the store and made sure they kept it on hold for me. The dress was made for you Ry, how could I not buy it?" Anne said holding the dress up so we could both look at it. It was a soft pink almost ivory, it was a short dress with tiny flowers across the front making up the one shoulder strap.

"Anne thank you, so much but I don't think that I can fit into it anymore" I said admiring the dress.

"Try it on" Anne said pushing me towards her bathroom "That won't hurt"

I nodded taking the dress from her and walked into the washroom, I slipped out of my sweats and T-Shirt and slipped into the dress.

"Anne it doesn't fit" I said as I opened the door.

"Oh hush, come here. I'll do up the zipper" Anne said as she pushed my long brown hair to one side and effortlessly did up the zipper. "See it fits just as perfectly as it did last year"

I walked in front of Anne's floor length mirror and looked at my reflection, it fit just as perfectly as it did last year.

I admired that the dress really brought out my natural beauty, it made my hazel eyes look almost grey and the dress hugged my curves in all the right places.

"I'll curl you're hair for you, if you want" Anne said as she came behind me and looked in the mirror at my reflection.

"Anne I couldn't ask you to do that, you've already given me something to wear and I can do my own hair" I said turning around to face her.

"Rylynn, please I want to, I missed you a lot these past few years and i'm so glad you're back. We all missed you," She said and I knew she meant it, Anne always meant everything that she said.

"Thank You Anne" I said hugging her.
Harry's POV

I loved this event more than any award show I've ever been to with the boys. Not just because my mom organized the whole thing. More so because It's been a constant in my life. When everything was getting crazy with the band, and sometimes while we were on tour it was always nice to take a few days off and head back home for this. And I knew how happy it made my mom whenever I was there.

"Harry, you look dashing this evening," My Aunt Debbie said as she walked up toward me and kissed me on both cheeks. "I haven't seen you since last year, how are the boys?" She asked looking up at me, her cheeks already red.

"Good, good. Niall and Louis will be coming around later, so I'm sure they'll come and say hi," I said, smiling down at her, trying to control my giggles.

When me and Rylynn were younger she used to babysit us, and Aunt Debbie always loved to knit. So is it any surprise that when she would fall asleep we would un-ravel her yarn and wrap it around different colours, one time Rylynn wrapped it around her legs and when she went to get up she toppled over and ended up with a broken leg in the hospital. Good Times.

"Oh your lovely friend Louis was a ball to dance with last year. Handsome young boy," She said blushing.

"Yes, I'll be sure he saves you a dance," She moved on past me, into the barn where everyone was filing in.

I waved to a few more familiar faces, I spotted my cousin's aunts and uncles under the large Willow tree with hanging lanterns that me and Talan spent hours two days ago putting up, I walked over to say hi.

"Hey Harry," my cousin Ben said slapping me on the back, his girlfriend Jackie holding onto his arm.

"Hello, you alright?" I said before moving on to give my Aunt a hug.

"Yeah good, Laura coming by later?" Ben asked looking side ways at me,

"Yeah she should be around soon," I said looking over his shoulder.

That's when I saw her. I didn't recognize her at first but there was that scar on the corner of her knee, you could only see it if you looked really closely-or knew exactly where it was-. She got that scar when she was 8 and I was 9, I had just gotten a new bike for my birthday and I let Rylynn ride it. Only problem was it was a two wheel bicycle and she only knew how to ride a bike with training wheels. Long story short, she rode the bike all of 2 meters and then fell on the cement outside my house, hard; leaving a scar. I remember she held her tears in until she saw my mom, who was already starting to clean the cut the moment she saw Ry limp into the kitchen, we called it her battle scar and thrived off of making up stories of how she got it to tell the other kids at school. The reason I didn't recognize her was because she didn't look herself. She was wearing a dress and her hair was pinned to the side, out of her face. She walked down the cobble stone pathway towards the barn when she spotted me and a small shy smile crossed her face.

I made my way over to her as one of our old neighbours approached her in conversation. She turned around smiling ear to ear at her and embraced her in a hug. I walked up toward where they were talking and waited patiently behind Rylynn, noticing how much taller she looked wearing those heels.

"Are you back for good?" said the girl I recognized from grade school.

"I'll be here for a while," She said smiling down at her.

"I'll leave you to it," the girl said finally noticing me standing behind Rylynn "Hello Harry," the girl said nodding my way before leaving me and Rylynn alone.

"Hey," Rylynn said turning to face me. Her eyes trailed up my body before looking at my face, when she noticed I notice her check me out she blushed. "You look good," she said, hearing a confidence I didn't know she had pouring out from her lips.

"Thank you," I said looking at her, suddenly nervous "and you look like a girl," I said instantly regretting what is said after I saw the light in her eyes dim, and her smile slightly falter.

"Can always count on you to make me feel better Haz," She said walking away from me, and toward the barn, I stood there watching her walk away.

"Off your game today Haz? " I heard a familiar voice from behind me. I turned around seeing Louis and Eleanor standing hand in hand with Niall walking up close behind them. "That was terrible, mate" Louis said gesturing his head towards Rylynn.

"I wasn't trying anything" I said turning my attention to say hello to Eleanor, who looked at me questionably.

"I'm gonna go catch up with Rylynn, haven't seen her in ages." Eleanor said after receiving a look from Louis. "Meet you guys inside" She said before walking off towards the direction of the barn.

"What the bloody shit was that?" Niall said coming up behind Louis and myself. "Lost your charm Harry?"

"He very well has mate, let's head inside" Louis said patting my back as we started to walk away.

"HARRY! wait, guys wait i'm coming" I heard Laura call from behind me. She was wearing a tight fitting black dress and her heels made her legs look miles long. She was easily the same height as me.

"Hey babe, you look great" I said kissing her as she wound her arm through mine as the boys greeted her too all of us walking towards the barn where everyone else was filing in.

I spotted Eleanor and Rylynn standing talking to my mum at the table closest to the entrance, a small smile crossing my face at the sight of my best friend and my mom laughing. Rylynn caught my gaze from across the room and smiled back at me, before retreating her eyes to the girl standing next to me as the grin I knew so well, fell from her face.


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WOW. Speechless. This is so good.

WOW. Speechless. This is so good.