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Back For You

Chapter 11

Save the Date We're Tying the Knot For the wedding of Harry Styles and Laura Jones. July, Seventh "There's like 300" Eleanor said as she dropped her head in her hands.

"I know. There's so much to choose from" I said holding up multiple cards with different designs, all with the same information on it. It was mid November, and I've been with Harry and Laura for about two weeks now. I didn't really see Laura much, whenever she was at work I was at home and whenever I was at work she was home. I wasn't avoiding her on purpose, we actually got along well. I was just simply, not comfortable.

"How long have these been lying here for?" Eleanor asked me.

"About a week, they keep accumulating. They had a photo shoot around the house for the cards, ever since then more and more would end up here" I said gesturing to the pile of Save the Date cards. The pictures were glamorous to say the least. Most of the pictures were of Laura sitting on Harry's lap or Laura smiling at the camera while a dimple smiling Harry looked at her completely in love.

"Hey Haz" Eleanor said as Harry walked into the kitchen.

"Hey El, where's Louis?" Harry said grabbing a banana off the counter. "Did you buy these?"
Harry asked me gesturing to the bowl of fresh fruit that lay on the island.

"Yeah, I bought those. I knew you would inhale them" I said as I lifted up one of the save the dates to take a closer look. This one was by far my favourite, Harry was caught mid laugh smiling at the camera and, he looked so happy.

"He's with Stan, boys trip somewhere. Where's Laura?" Eleanor asked,

"She's finalizing the venue and the save the date design upstairs" He said, before turning to me "Thanks for the fruit"

"You don't look as excited as I imagined you to be" I said looking up at Harry, He was wearing his red plaid shirt with his black jeans and white t-shirt underneath.

"I'm excited, I mean I'm getting married. Laura and me don't have the same tastes, so I'm letting her take care of the details. I just want my family there, that's all I really care about." Harry said finishing off the banana. "If her having a few things the way she wants will make her happy, then I'm happy"

"Louis was exactly the same when we go married' Eleanor smiled at me, "He was happy if I was happy, but we agreed on everything."

"Laura's family goes big" Harry said across from us. "We're having it at the Country Club, the Kenwood House." Passing us his phone screen.


"That's huge," was all Eleanor said, looking at Harry's phone screen. "Anyways, the reason I came is because I wanted to invite you guys to Louis' birthday" She said taking out envelopes from her bag "It's his 27th birthday, and well I decided to make it a New Years eve party and his birthday. Since the holiday season is so busy. You guys should be back from Holmes Chapel by then right?" She asked worried.

"Yeah, El. I wouldn't miss Louis' birthday" Harry said holding the envelope in his hands.

"Of course, we'll be there" I said taking the invitation from her hand,

"It's a masquerade, so please don't hesitate to dress up, accordingly. Oh, and you can both bring a plus one, so please invite whoever!" She said checking her watch again, "I've got to go, promised my mum lunch"

It was Saturday, so I didn't really have a plan, except to sit in front of Harry's piano for as long as I could without anything wedding related bothering me.

"So what are your plans for the night?" Harry asked me once Eleanor had left, I was just finishing making my cup of tea.

"I don't know, read a book? Watch a movie? But…only after I explore your basement" I said smiling brightly at Harry, "Can I go down there?"

"I was wondering when you would be heading down there." Harry said as he started towards the stairs, leading up.

Harry's basement was probably one of my favourite places on earth, he had a home recording studio. Fully equipped with multiple guitars, mostly ones that Niall bought but didn't have room for anymore, and a baby grand piano. I played piano for 8 years, It was my escape. From everything, and everyone. Not many people knew I could play, I liked it that way. Opening the door and turning on the light I watched as the room came to life, it was warmly lit as I made my way over to the piano and rested my cup of tea on the table next to me. Removing the velvet cover from the piano, I ran my fingers across the ivory keys ready to throw myself into the music.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEXhAMtbaec (Listen Now)

Something always brings me back to you

I started to sing and play, my favourite song. I had been sitting in front of the piano for a couple hours now when I remembered this. It was a song Anne and myself would listen to all the time, and sing along to every time I heard it on the radio. It was Gravity by Sara Bareillies.

It never takes too long

No matter what I say or do, I still feel you here till the moment I'm gone

You hold me without touch, Keep me without chains

I never wanted anything so much, then to drown in your love and not feel your rein.

Harry. This song would always be his song. A song from me to him.

Set me free, leave me be, I don't want to fall another moment in your gravity,

Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to me.

But you're on to me and all over me.

"I must say, I'm impressed" Harry said clapping as he made his way over to me, "I knew you could play, but sing?"

"Shut up, Haz" I said as I turned to face the piano again.

"No Ry it was good" Harry said coming over so he was now leaning against the piano. "What song what that?"

"An old song, I just happened to remember" I said smiling at the keys.

"Well, It was really good" Harry said looking down at me. "I never really come down here" He said admitted.

"Why? I remember when you built it, and when you showed it to me, you were so excited" I said recalling the memory of that wintery day in January, when the renovations in Harry's house were all done and he invited me over for a night inside before I had to leave for school. He brought me down here, and surprised me with all of this.

"I know, I guess I just don't really have a reason to anymore. I mean when I'm with Laura, being down here isn't the first place she would choose to spend time" He said as I made room for him on the piano bench to sit on. "It's going to be so hard selling this place"

"What?" I asked. Speechless.

"Yeah, after the wedding, we're going to look for a smaller place here in London. Since we'll be spending most of the time in L.A." Harry said slowly as he ran his fingers long the piano keys.

"You're moving to L.A" I said feeling tears in my eyes.

"Mhumm," Harry confirmed, "It'll just be easier for Laura, with her career and all" he sad looking at me, sadness in his eyes.

"What about your mum, and Gemma. Harry your whole life is here" I said quietly.

"I'll visit, I'll come back. Plus I could use some sun, don't you reckon?" He said smiling, in attempts to lighten the mood.

"I don't want you to leave again" I whispered.

"I know," He said looking down.

"I just got back too," I smiled sadly "It's like the world is against us"

He smiled at me, "Hey," He said lifting my head up so he could look at me. "Chin up, kid"

I let out a small laugh as a few tears slid down my face, remembering the phrase. It was something we would say to each other, all the time. Whenever one of us was having a rough day, or when Harry's schedule got a bit too hectic. It was our thing.

"No tears, either. Not yet." Harry said, pushing the hair out of my eyes.

"I'm going to head upstairs," I said standing up whipping the tears off my face taking a deep breath.

"It's going to be okay Ry," He said in more of a question.

"Yeah," I smiled laughing, as I whipped my tears "I just don't want you to go" I said as I grabbed my cup and headed for the stairs.


I AM SO SORRY, I haven't updated at all cause I'm so busy with school.

I do hope you like this chapter, I loved writing it :) Is it weird that Ive already written the ending of the story ?


& Take Care, always

xx. Allie


I still am! ;)

AWW thank you :) I hope you're still interested in the story, I will be updating next week .x

allie1Dxx allie1Dxx


Sorry I've been M.I.A for the past 2 weeks, I'm in University and I have mid terms this week, but thankfully I have reading week from the 14-21st of Feb SOO having said that there WILL BE updates during that week as I have absolutely no time to do anything till then.
Thank you for understanding.

Take Care.
Allie .xxx

allie1Dxx allie1Dxx

WOW. Speechless. This is so good.

WOW. Speechless. This is so good.