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Chapter 3 – Day Two at Eden High and Louis Game Plan

Chapter 3 – Day Two at Eden High and Louis Game Plan

When I woke up the sun was shining into Louis room. Louis was still wrapped around me holding both of my hands. I bring our arms that laid a crossed the bed towards me, “mmm,” Louis groans as he snuggles in to my neck. I smiled, “it too early to get up,” he mumbled into my neck. I move my hand out his grip that was on my waist and start to run my fingers up and down his forearm. Louis smiled into my neck, “ow,” I cried a little bit as Louis squeezed my hand. Louis brings my hand up to our faces, “that looks a bit bad, but I don’t think it broken,” he tells me before he kissed it. I turn to lay on my back with my legs still between his. He smiled, “got a hangover?” he asked me. I shake my head no, “how come?” he questioned.

“I think it from all the fighting and running around,” I tell him. He starts to laugh, “well you did break two noses last night,” he smiled. I smiled with him, “but now paying for it,” I say as I held my hand up. Louis brings it to his lips, “that why I don’t like you sticking up for me,” he says before kissing it. I smiled again, “but if I didn’t you would have gotten the crap beating out of you. I really like you around,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he kissed my hand again, “you like me around and here I thought that I pissed you off,” he says as he kissed my hand again.

“You do and will you stop kissing my hand. I know your counting,” I tell him. Louis laughed a little bit before kissing my cheek, “you owe me eight so far,” he tells me. I kissed his hand, “now seven,” he smiled. Then I kissed his cheek, “six,” he says as he smiled bigger. I moved down to his bare shoulder and kissed it lightly, “five,” he whispered. I moved up to his neck and kissed it, “four,” he slightly moaned. I felt something move against my thigh, as Louis got off the bed quick. I get up and kneel on his bed, “is everything alright Louis?” I asked him. His back was towards me and his hands in front of him. He turns his head to me, “fuck,” he groaned as he looked away.

“Louis?” I questioned. I didn’t know what was going on with him, “go down please,” I heard Louis whispered. I moved to the edge of the bed, “what wrong?” I asked him. Louis groaned, “I’ll be right back,” he moaned slightly. I get off the bed and ran in front of him, “Louis what…,” I started as I noticed he had a hard on. I don’t know who was more embarrassed him or me. I blushed as I looked away, but in the corner of my eye, I could see Louis blushing. Then Louis grabbed my hand and pulls me right next to him as we faced opposite’s ways, “how did you know where my sweet spot was?” he asked as he wraps an arm around the front of me. Louis places my hand on his neck as he ran his fingers down my arm, “I don’t know,” I whispered. I was getting a strange feeling inside of me that wanted to kiss Louis with everything I got. I look at him and he was already looking at me as he was bitting his bottom lip. My breathing got heavier and faster, “Lilly can I kiss you?” Louis asked me. I nodded yes not trusting my words as Louis brought his hand to my face. Louis crushes his lips to mine it was passionate, but gentle. I pull him gently by the neck not wanting this kiss to end as he pulled me to the front of him. I didn’t care that Louis hard on was pressed against me; it just made me want him more. Louis detaches our lips as he rested his forehead to mine, “fuck,” he breathed. I ran my fingers down his chest to the start of his abbs, “Lilly you don’t know what you do to me,” he whispered. I connected our lips back together as Louis picks me up. I wrap my arms around his neck as he walks us back over to his bed. He drops me down on the bed as our lips break apart, “stay here while I take care of this,” he tells me as he points down to his hard on.

“Ok,” I say as I slowly nodded my head. Louis kissed my neck, “do whatever you want,” he tells me. I nodded again as Louis bit his bottom lip, “I mean anything,” he whispered in my ear as his hand ran up my thigh. It sent shivers down my back as Louis kissed me lightly. He walks into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. I couldn’t shake the feeling of him all over me and it didn’t help that I knew what he was doing in the bathroom. I started to run my hands up my thighs earning a small moan from myself. Therefore, I closed my eyes as I put my hand down Louis boxers that I was wearing. I started to feel around until I found my button. I start to rub it and started to moan quietly. I got faster as I started to think about Louis touching me, “fuck,” I puffed. I heard Louis start to moan from the bathroom, which only turned me on more. I started to rub in circles, “oh god!” I moaned loudly. I kept going until I felt a wave of pleasure, “fuck!” I moaned loudly. I take my hand out and noticed it was covered in a clear liquid. I grab a tissue of the bedside table to wipe it all off and then I threw it in the bin near the bed.

The bathroom door opened and Louis comes out with his boxers lower that I could see some of his hair. He smiled at me, “sounds like you had a good time,” he says as he walks over to me. He flops his front down onto the bed, “sounds like you had a good time too,” I say as I ran my fingers threw his hair. Louis pulls me down to him so I was lying in front of him, “your moans sent me over the edge,” he tells me. I rested my head on his arm, “how are you feeling?” he asked me. I smiled, “wondering why I haven’t done that before,” I tell him. Louis kissed me, “it helps when you got me to think about,” he winked. I placed my hand on his face, “that it does,” I say before kissing him. Louis pulls my legs to him so they were under his arm. Then his hand starts traveling up the outside of my thigh, “please don’t. I need a shower,” I tell him.

“Did you get that wet?” Louis questioned. I nodded yes as hide my face into his shoulder. Louis kissed my neck, “don’t be embarrassed. It just normal,” he whispered into my ear. Louis moves his fingers to the hem of his boxers that I was wearing. He slides his fingers under the material and starts to move his fingers backwards and forwards. He kissed my neck again, “did you put a finger in?” he asked me. I shake my head no, “next time try it,” he tells me as he kissed the top of my head. I looked at him as he was looking at his bedside table, “fuck,” he mumbled.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him. He looked at me, “it ten and we got to get ready for school, but I want to stay here like this for the day. However I don’t want to get in trouble from the others,” he tells me. I run my fingers down the side of his face, “why would you get in trouble?” I questioned.

“Because you’re a good girl and I’m the bad boy turning you bad,” he explained. I smiled as I kissed his cheek, “but your worth getting in trouble for,” he says as I sat up. I blushed as I looked down at him, “come on,” I say as I kissed his forehead. Louis gets up off the bed, “let’s have a smoke first,” he says as he held his hand out. I put my hand in his as he pulls me to him, “but I want a shower first,” I whined. Louis smiled, “no,” he tells me.

Louis drags me out of his room all the way to the kitchen. We grab out a smoke and went outside, “do you like torturing me?” I asked him. Louis looks at me as he lit his smoke up, “why would you think that?” he asked as he blew out smoke. He hands me his lighter and I lit up my smoke, “because I’m still…,” I started but stoped, because I felt embarrassed. I blew out smoke as Louis wraps his arm around me, “wet,” he sarcastically says. I pushed him away and turned my back to him, “I’m sorry,” Louis says as he wraps his arm around me again. I ignored him as I smoked my smoke, “can I see how wet you are?” Louis questioned on my neck as he slowly lifted my shirt. I lean my head back a little as he played with the waistband of his boxers that I was wearing. Louis kissed my neck as he throws our smokes away, “Lilly I need an answer,” he tells me.

“Yes,” I whispered. Louis kissed me as his hand travelled down, “fuck,” he whispered against my lips. Louis starts to move his hand out, but I stop him, “please don’t stop,” I begged. Shock goes over him, “I’m sorry Lilly I can’t,” Louis whispered. Louis moves his hand out and places it on my waist, “why?” I asked him. Louis kissed my shoulder, “because it your hormones going crazy on this new feeling,” he tells me. I look down at the floor feeling embarrassed and upset that Louis rejected me, “hey don’t be upset,” Louis says as he pulls my face towards him. He kissed me lightly, “I just don’t want you to rush into things that you might regret. You only met me yesterday,” he tells me. I nodded slowly, “and you already know too much about me,” I tell him. I gave him a weak smile, “please believe me that I only want the best for you. I already fucked up your first kiss,” Louis says as he stands in front of me. He placed one of his hands on my hip as his other hand lightly touched my cheek. I look him right in his blue eyes as I placed my hands on his bare chest, “Lilly can I kiss you the way you’re meant to be kissed?” Louis whispered. I nodded slightly as Louis moves closer to me. His lips hovered over mine as I closed my eyes. He softly placed his lips to mine as he kissed me. I don’t know how long we kissed for, but I didn’t want it to end. Louis pulls back and rested his forehead to mine as we caught our breath. I open my eyes to see his beautiful eyes already starting into mine. We didn’t say anything as Louis moves back. He runs his thumb over my bottom lip, “better have a shower,” he tells me. I nodded not trusting my voice since I was still breathless.

He drags me back to his room, “you have a shower in mine again and I use the one down the hall again,” he tells me. He kissed me, “I’ll bring your bag in when I’m done,” he added before kissing my lips again. He runs out of his room as I went into the bathroom.

After I had my shower, I wrapped a towel around my hair and body. I walked out to see Louis in a towel holding my bag. His hair was dripping wet and sending droplets down his chest. I walked over to him and take my bag, “Lilly are you alright?” Louis asked me as I put my bag down on his bed. Louis comes over to me and wraps his arms around me, “yeah,” I say as my voice broke. I still memorized by the kiss, but at the same time I was thinking I was no good for him. Because I was too pure, “Lilly are you still thinking about me stopping you?” he asked me. I nodded yes slowly as I opened my mouth. Louis puts his finger over my lips, “I know you wanted too and I stopped you. Because I would have pinned you against the wall and taken your virginity right then and there,” he tells me. I was shocked at what he told me, “Lilly it alright I will never do that to you. Ever,” Louis reassured me as he hugs me tight. I was still shocked so I unwrap his arms around me and picked up my bag up, “Lilly what wrong?” Louis questioned. I could tell that he was worried, “nothing,” I say as I entered the bathroom and shut the door. I threw my bag on the floor in frustration, “fuck,” I heard Louis say. I was so confused about what I was feeling. Louis brought back memories of what happened at school, but I knew Louis wouldn’t do that to me. I started to cry whishing what happened to me never did. I didn’t hear the bathroom door open, “Lilly?” Louis whispered. Louis hugged me tight, “I’m such an idiot. I didn’t think about what I said to you or even remembered what happened to you,” he says as I cried into his chest. Louis starts to rub my back slowly, “Lilly I will never do that to you. I promise. I’m so sorry,” he babbled as he put his face in the crook of my neck. I felt a tear on my neck, “Louis?” I questioned. He kept his face in my neck, “I’m sorry,” he whispered. I pull his face up so I could see him and his eyes were teary, “why are you crying?” I asked him.

“Because I fucked up again like I always do and this time I hurt you. Lilly I’m just a screw up and I think we should just,” he started before I crashed my lips to his. It took him a second before he started to kiss back. He tongue licked my bottom lip and I opened my mouth slightly as his tongue entered and dominated my mouth. I just went with what my body told me to do since this was my first time making out. Louis moved against me as he deepens the kiss, “wow,” we both said as we placed our forehead together. I look into his eyes as out eyelashes touched, “no, because I’m living my life for once and that because of you,” I tell him on his lips. Louis smiled as kissed my lips lightly. He steps back and my towel falls down before I could grab it. So without thinking I pulled Louis back to me so he couldn’t see, “um,” I say in embarrassment.

“I’ll close my eyes as you pick up your towel,” Louis chuckled. He closed his eyes as I picked up my towel and wrapped it back around me, “you can open them,” I tell him. He opened them and smiled at me, “that was nice,” he says. I blushed as I smiled at him, “you can do that to me anytime,” he winked. I smiled as I pushed him out of the bathroom, “careful that you towel don’t fall down again,” he smiled as I shut the door in his face. I went to my bag and got out my clothes and underwear out. I put my underwear on before putting my blue skinny jeans on. Before I put my top on I noticed around my neck was still a bit red from last night. I heard a knock at the door so I quickly put on my white tank top, “decent?” Louis asked.


“Yep,” I replied. He opened the door dressed in dark skinny jeans and a white singlet with a band on it. It showed off his tattoos and I couldn’t help but look at him. He walks over to his sink and grabs his toothbrush, “did you bring yours?” he asked me. I started to look threw my bag until I found it, “yep,” I say as I stood next to him. He takes it and puts some toothpaste on it, “you know I could done that myself,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he started to brush his teeth with my toothbrush. I just look at him as he brushed his teeth, “just returning what you did to mine,” he smirked. I hit him playfully in the arm as he gives me my toothbrush back. I washed it before I put some toothpaste on it, “you know my tongue was just in your mouth,” he smiled as he started to brush his teeth again. I blushed as I started to brush my teeth, “you cute when you blush,” he says. I look at him as he was staring into the mirror. I could tell he was watching me as we continued to brush our teeth. I looked back at the mirror, “you need to spit it coming out of your mouth,” I tell him as he dripped. He spits into the sink, “so do you,” he says as he wipes some toothpaste from my chin. I spit as he continued to brush his teeth. We finished brushing our teeth and I got out my makeup, “you don’t need that,” he tells me as he takes my makeup off me. I smiled at him, “I just want to put on some eyeliner and mascara on,” I tell him.

“No,” he says I tried to reach for my makeup. Louis puts his arm up higher so I couldn’t reach, “I said no, because you’re beautiful without it,” he tells me. I looked down and blushed, “please believe me when I say that you’re beautiful,” he says as he wraps his arms around me.

“I don’t think I can,” I admitted to him. Louis kissed the top of my head, “I know it will take time, but in the end I will show you,” he tells me. I look at him as he bent down and kissed me lightly, “we should have some breakfast now,” he says as he puts my makeup down. He starts to lead me out of the bathroom before I stopped him, “I need to brush my hair first,” I tell him. Louis lets me go so I could brush my hair, “are you going to brush yours?” I asked him.

“Nah going to wear a beanie,” he says as he lent against the bathroom doorframe. He watched me brush my hair, “you know it rude to stare,” I say as I put my hairbrush down. Louis smiled as I put my hair into a ponytail.

We went down stairs to the kitchen, “Harry made us pancakes,” Louis says as he pulls a note off the fridge. I walk over to see four more notes:

See you at school xoxo – Perrie

Can’t wait for art Lil xo – Zayn

Can you two not leave water and your clothes everywhere xo – Liam

I show Louis Liam note, “Liam is a clean freak and all he kisses and hugs are for you,” he tells me. I show him Perrie’s, “I think one is for you,” I smiled. He returned the smile, “but the ones from the boys are yours,” he says. I went back to read the last note:

Bow chicka wow wow xo – Niall

I laughed as I showed Louis the note, “that Niall for you,” Louis says as he takes the notes off me. I smiled, “is that why Zayn asked me if he sent me a naked picture?” I questioned. Louis starts to laugh, “that him, but he didn’t send you one right?” Louis asked as he went serious.

“Maybe,” I teased. Louis comes closer to me, “can I see it?” he questioned. He knew I was bluffing, “why do you want to see Niall naked?” I asked. He smiled, “because I know he didn’t send you one,” Louis smirked. I walked over to my bag from last night, “you got to be fucken kidding me. I’m going to kick his ass,” Louis groaned. I started to laugh as I put my bag back down, “that’s not funny,” Louis sighed. I couldn’t stop laughing, “you think it funny that I was going to hit Niall?” he questioned. My laughing calmed down a bit as Louis comes over to me so there no space between us, “you’re evil sometimes. You know that,” he says as he pulls my face towards him.

“Why do you care if Niall sent me a naked picture?” I asked him. He kissed me lightly, “because I do,” he replied. He walks away and starts to reheat the pancakes, “you know that not an answer,” I tell him. Louis smiled, “but it the only one you’re getting,” he tells me. I sat down on a stool next to the breakfast bench and looked at my phone, “wow it already ten thirty,” I say as I put my phone back down. Louis comes over with a stack of pancakes and puts them down, “I know,” he says as he walked over to the fridge. He gets out strawberry jam and whipped cream and then gets out two plates. He puts them down next to the pancakes, “I wonder why Harry made these?” he questioned as he got out a two forks and two knifes.

“To say sorry to me since he knows I love pancakes,” I tell him. Louis sits next to me, “why would he need to apologize to you?” Louis asked me. He puts three pancakes on my plate, “the way he acted last night after he found out I was high,” I tell him. I grab strawberry jam and start to put them on my pancakes, “what did he do?” Louis questioned in a stern voice. I sighed, “he yelled at me and tried to forcibly take me somewhere. But I stood my ground and told him it my life,” I tell Louis as I smiled at the last part. Louis kissed my forehead, “like I said you should,” he smiled. I nodded as I started to put some whipped cream on my pancakes.

After we finished eating, I started to pack my bag up with my clothes and stuff. I noticed my underwear was still wet from last night, “just leave them and I’ll wash them. Actually leave the rest of your clothes so you’re not carrying them around. I promise I’ll give them back to you,” Louis tells me as he was standing in the doorframe. I smiled as I took my clothes out, “do you even know how to use a washing machine?” I asked. He bites his bottom lip, “how hard can it be?” he questioned. I walk over to him, “I’ll let you find out,” I replied. He smiled as we both walked out of the bathroom, “Lilly do you have shorts and shoes for P.E today?” Louis asked me as I was putting on my white flats.

“I have my shoes from yesterday, but I forgot to pack shorts,” I tell him as I looked at the floor. Louis laughed a little, “its ok. You can borrow a pair of mine,” he says as he walked into his wardrobe. He comes back out with a pair of shorts and a maroon beanie on, “they may be a bit big, but there is a pull string to make them tighter,” he explained to me. I take them and put them in my bag with my shoes and socks. Louis grabs his bag, “time to go,” he tells me as he grabbed my hand. I pull my hand back, because it was hurting. Louis noticed, “let me fix that up before we go anywhere,” he says as we walked out of his room.

He picks me up and sits me down on the kitchen bench. He goes threw a cupboard and pulls out a first aid kit, “the only thing I can do is wrap it up and give you some painkillers,” he tells me. I nodded as he got a glass of water. He comes back over to me and hands me the painkillers and the glass of water. I take them quickly, “they should kick in about ten minutes,” he tells me. Louis picks up my hand as I put the glass down. He kissed it before wrapping it up and when he was done he kissed it again, “time to really go now,” he says.

We ended up looking at his bike, “I’m not getting on that again,” I tell him. He smiled, “then we can stay here all day,” he says as he hands me his helmet. I sighed as I walked over to his bike and tried to think how to get on it. Then Louis picks me and puts me down on his bike, “is that bad to spend all day with me?” he laughed. I shake my head no as I put my leg over the other side, “I just don’t want to get you in trouble,” I tell him. He smiled as he puts his ray bands on and put his bag on the front of him, “like I said before your worth all the trouble,” he says as I put the helmet on. Louis gets on in front of me, “don’t forget to hold on,” he tells me. I wrapped my arms around him under his bag. Louis placed his hand on top of mine, “ready?” he asked. I nodded my head yes as he starts his bike. Louis moved his hand away and starts to ride his bike. I didn’t cling on for dear life this time as we rod to school.

When we got to school everyone was on break already, “on time,” Louis says as he got off. I take the helmet off as Louis puts his bag the right way. I put the helmet down in front of me, “love he hair by the way,” he winked at me. I quickly put my hands up to my hair to feel that it was messy. I take my hair out of the ponytail and smoothed it back down. I put it back into a ponytail, “remember I don’t like it messy,” I tell him. Louis picks me up and puts me on the ground, “I know,” he says.

We walked over to the others, “Lil!” Perrie yells as she hugs me tight. I hug her back, “it good to see you too,” I say as she lets me go. I look over at the boys they were all smiling part from Harry. They all hugged me, “so got a hangover Lil?” Zayn smiled.

“Nope,” I replied. They all looked at me shocked, “you drank way too much last night not to have one,” Liam says. Everyone nods in agreement part from Louis, “I think it because of all the running and fighting I did last night?” I tell them. Harry looks away, “or you getting some bedroom action,” Niall smirked. Louis moves closer to him, “careful what you say about her,” Louis tells him in a stern voice. Niall face turned to fear, “I didn’t mean anything by it,” Niall stuttered. I pull Louis back, “would you calm down,” I tell him. Louis looked at me, “sorry if I would like to tell them that you’re not that type of girl!” Louis yelled at me.

“I think they already know that since I’m a virgin!” I yelled back. I walked away from them and headed for my locker. I put my stuff from my bag in as I took out a blank notebook. I slam my locker shut, “wow someone pissed off,” I heard Zayn say. I turned to look at him, “before you say anything I’m here to walk you to art,” he added. I smiled at him,” thank you,” I say. Zayn smiled back as he put an arm around my shoulders, “can we go out for a quick smoke?” he asked me. I nodded yes as we walked out another entrance away from the others meant to be. We get a smoke out, “can I borrow your lighter? I lost mine last night,” I asked him. Zayn smiled as he handed me his lighter, “you always lose something at a party,” he says as he blew smoke out. We talked about the party as we smoked, “you got high with Louis didn’t you?” Zayn asked me. I nodded yes, “did you like it?” he questioned. I smiled, “I coughed up my lungs,” I replied. Zayn started laughing as we threw are smokes away as the bell rang.

When Zayn and I walked into the art room everyone eyes were on us. I noticed there where only couple of tables, but the stools and easels everywhere. Zayn takes me to an empty desk, “I always sit here,” he tells me. We sit down as the teacher came in, “hello class and welcome to art and design. My name is Mr Elijah Lambert,” said a man in his early thirties. He had blonde hair and blue eyes that don’t stand up to Louis or even Niall’s. He looks over the class and leaves his eyes on me, “in this class in kind of free will. I will set task on subjects and you complete them in any way you want,” he tells us. His eyes finally leave mine to a pile of sketchbooks, “these are your sketchbooks and your first task is to draw one moment from this morning,” he added. He starts to hand out the sketchbooks to the class, “now since it a nice day we going to have class outside,” he tells us.

We all went outside to a new part of the school I haven’t been to yet. There where trees and concrete tables that had different coloured paint over them. I could tell this is where the art class always came to work. Zayn and I sat under a tree, “this is why I love art class,” he says as he got out his penile case. I smiled as I got mine out, “I can see why,” I tell him. We opened our sketchbooks and I stared at the blank page, “so what are you going to draw since you were with Louis all morning?” Zayn asked me. I shrugged my shoulders, “I’m going to draw Perrie asleep in bed. I think she beautiful when she dreaming,” Zayn tells me with love on his voice. I smiled at how much these two are in love with each other. Zayn starts drawing, “so what did you and Louis do this morning?” Zayn questioned with a smile on his face. I blushed as I thought about what happened this morning, “you know Lil that the first time Louis had a go at Niall for being dirty minded,” Zayn admitted to me.

“Really?” I questioned as I look at him. Zayn nodded yes as he kept drawing, “is it because I'm a virgin?” I asked him. Zayn looks at me, “maybe, but Louis protects the people that mean something to him,” Zayn tells me. I shake my head no, “I only met him yesterday,” I tell him. Zayn smiled, “and I think he already knows a lot about you,” Zayn says. I look down at my page, “Zayn what I draw here never leaves us. Ok?” I asked him. I look back up at him, “it never leave us,” he promised. Zayn smiled as he went back to drawing. I started to draw mine and Louis first real kiss that we had in the backyard.

After a little bit, my phone goes off and it was a picture of Louis from Zayn, “I thought you could use it. In case you forgot what he looks like” he smiled. I look at him, “what makes you think I’m drawing him?” I questioned. Zayn smile grew bigger, “because I have been looking over your shoulder. It also looks like Louis gave you your first real kiss,” he tells me. I looked down and blushed, “how do you know Louis was my first real kiss?” I asked him.

“Because you lied during I never and I heard you and Louis talk about kissing him on the cheek don’t count,” Zayn replied. I look up at him and playfully hit him in the shoulder, “you shouldn’t ears drop in other peoples conversations,” I say as he starts to laughing. The class looks at us, “would you keep down,” Mr Lambert tells us. Zayn stops laughing and nods his head as he went back to drawing. I look at the picture Zayn sent me of Louis and start to draw again.

Half way through the lesson, Zayn pulls out two smokes and hands me one, “thank you, but won’t we get in trouble?” I asked him. Zayn smiled, “nope,” he replied as he lit up his smoke. He hands me the lighter, “I think you need a break for your hand,” he added as I lit up my smoke. I forgot all about my hand, but it was not hurting. I look around and noticed Mr Lambert eyes were on me. I look away and look at Zayn, “so how the drawing going?” I asked him. Zayn smiled as he showed me his drawing of Perrie sleeping. He was an amazing artist, “that really amazing,” I tell him.

“Can I see yours?” he questioned. I show him my drawing, “it not as good as yours,” I say. Zayn takes my sketchbook, “this is amazing,” he tell me. I was shocked, “it better than mine,” he added. I looked down as I blushed, “um thanks,” I mumbled. Zayn gives my sketchbook back, “I know Louis would be impressed,” he winked at me. I smiled, “but he will never know,” I tell him.

We finished our smokes and went back to drawing. When I finished the outline of my drawing, I went into my pencil case to get out my cheap crappy colouring pencils, “don’t use those,” Zayn tells me. Then he went into his bag and got out a big tin of expensive colouring pencils, “use these, because I don’t want that drawing to be ruined with cheap colouring pencils,” he added. I smiled as I looked over his colouring pencils, “thank you Zayn,” I tell him. Zayn smiled as I started to colour in, “wait your missing some Louis tattoos,” he tells me. Zayn gets his phone out and starts to go through it. Then he sent me a picture of Louis just in his boxers looking like he just woke up. I look at Zayn, “why do you have a picture like this?” I asked him.

“Louis used to tell us he never gets hangovers. Therefore, the night before we all party hard and he woke up with a hangover. So I took a photo to reminded him that he does,” he explained to me. I started to laugh, “now just got to see you hangover and I have everyone,” he added. I smiled at him, “maybe next party,” I tell him.

I put the rest of Louis tattoos on him as the bell rang. I didn’t finish my drawing neither did Zayn, “we finish them next time,” he tells me as we were packing up. Before I could leave Mr Lambert stopped me and Zayn stopped a couple metres away from us, “if I was you I’ll stop hanging out with him and his gang. Before you get in trouble or worst hurt,” he tells me. I look him right in his blue eyes, “no,” I tell him and walked away. Zayn walks next to me, “what did he say Lil?” he asked me. I was mad at what Mr Lambert told me, “he said that I should stay away from you and the others,” I tell him. Zayn frowned, “he told me that Perrie would be a waste of time,” he says as he got angry. I put my arm around his shoulders, “but I’m guessing you said no like me,” I smiled. Zayn smiled as he put an arm around me, “she will never be a waste of time,” he tells me.

“I know she won’t,” I say as I noticed Louis standing in front of us. He didn’t look happy, “hey,” he gritted threw his teeth. Zayn and I unwrap our arms from each other, “hey mate,” Zayn says. Louis ignored him as he kept looking at me, “Zayn can you give me and Louis a minute. We will meet you at the table,” I tell him. Zayn nodded slowly as he didn’t want to go, but he left anyway. Louis just kept staring at me, “Louis what’s wrong?” I asked him. He didn’t say anything as he pulled me to an empty classroom. He slams the door, “what the fuck? you tell me off this morning for yelling at Niall. Then you walk away before I could finish!” he started. I was about to say something but I choose not to, “then I find you all over Zayn and happy like nothing has happened!” he shouted. He raised his hand to put threw his hair and I flinched. Louis noticed that I flinched, “what the fuck Lilly. Have I have I ever hit you?” he asked me a bit calmer. I shake my head no slowly, “then why did you flinch? Has your mother hit you before?” he questioned me.

“No, well not yet. But you know the real reason and don’t make me say it please,” I tell him. Louis sighed in frustration, “and before you say anything else. What the fuck was that Louis?” I yelled at him. Louis looks me straight in the eyes, “what the fuck was that? I was trying to look out for you and you yell at me for it. Then I come to talk to you about it and you had your arm around Zayn smiling like an idiot,” he spat at me. I groan in frustration, “you know why, because my art teacher told me to stop hanging around you and the others. Then Zayn told me that he said not to waste his time on Perrie. You know what we both told him no, because that the people in our lives that make us happy,” I spat back. Louis looked shocked, “and I was smiling like an idiot, because I could see how much Zayn loves Perrie. It was nice to see someone in love since I don’t believe in it,” I added. I turn to around to leave, but Louis stopped me, “you don’t believe in love?” he questioned. I look at him, “no I don’t, because it always ends up bad,” I tell him. Louis pulls me to him, “but you have never had a relationship,” he says.

“I have seen what loves does. It a fucked up thing. I thought when you love someone you do anything for them and not leave them,” I tell him. Louis understood what I meant, “I’m sorry how I acted towards you. So I want to make it up to you, so I’m buying you lunch,” he tells me. I shake my head no, “I’m not hungry,” I say. Louis closed the gap between us, “I don’t care,” he tells me. I rolled my eyes before I could stop myself, “you were going so good with that,” Louis says as he cupped my face between his hands. I sighed, “I think you can let that one go since you were being a dick,” I smiled. Louis smiled as he kissed my lips lightly, “just this once,” he says. Louis kissed me again, but staying longer. I placed my hands on his waist as he moved one of his hands to my lower back. He pushes me to him as he deepen the kiss, “Louis what are we doing?” I asked him as I pulled away.

“Making out,” he replied. I bite my bottom lip, “I know that, but why?” I questioned. Louis sits down on a desk and looks at the floor, “because it fun,” he tells me. I sit down next to him, “fun?” I asked. Louis smiled as he looks at me, “yeah fun. I don’t believe in relationships either. So what we doing is for fun,” he tells me. I play with my bag straps, “but why me? There are other girls,” I questioned.

“I don’t like any other girls here and you’re the first one that has caught my eye,” he tells me. I smiled a little, “but there must be other girls out there that are not virgin’s,” I tell him. I looked at my fingers that where playing with my bag strap. Louis moves my face to face him, “I don’t want any of them,” he says. He takes my bag off of me, “I want you,” he tells me as he throws his bag on the floor. Louis crushes his lips to mine as he pulls me closer. I wrap my arms around his neck as I deepen the kiss. Louis pushes me down on to the table as he covered me. Louis breaks the kiss as he puts my legs on the table. He gets back on the table and kneels between my legs. He kisses me softly, but passionately. I pull him closer to deepen the kiss again leaving my hands on his back. Louis slides his hand under my shirt resting it on the skin of my waist. Louis breaks the kiss, “I think we should go to lunch before Zayn comes back,” he tells me as he caught his breath. He kissed me lightly, “why would Zayn come back?’ I questioned on his lips.

“because he left you when I was angry,” he smiled before kissing my nose. For some reason I was disappointed that he didn’t kiss my lips. Then Louis kissed my lips hard, “don’t ever be upset that I didn’t kiss you on the lips,” Louis whispered on my lips. I felt funny what was going on between Louis and I, “how did you know?” I asked him. Louis pulls me up as my legs was on each side of him, “because I could see it on your face,” he replied. Louis starts to rub his hands up my thighs, “your hair a little bit messy,” Louis smiled. Louis got off the desk as I fixed my hair. I jumped off the desk and pick my bag up, “time for lunch,” Louis says as he pulls me out of the classroom.

We started to walk and all I could think about was what were Louis and I? I do not do relationships or love and I know he don’t too. He told me it for fun, but I just don’t know. I only met him yesterday, but it feels like I know him longer. I was so lost in my thoughts that I walked into someone, “watch where you going slut,” a girl snarled at me. I look up to see it was the girl from last night, “what did you just call her?” Louis asked with angry in it. She looks at him, “I called her a slut since she is your new fuckdoll,” she spat at him. I saw Louis tense up, “be careful what you call my girlfriend if I was you. Because I know all about you being the basketball team fuckdoll,” Louis spat back. I look at Louis in shock, “ha, Louis Tomlinson have a girlfriend. That a load of shit,” she laughed. I look at her, “only to you Amy,” he smiled as he grabbed my hand.

He pulled me out to the lunch area as I still questioning that he called me his girlfriend. I didn’t even hear him speaking to me until I felt his hands on my shoulders, “what do you want for lunch?” he asked me. I just look at him, “Lilly Belle are you alright?” he questioned. I give him a small nod, “don’t worry about what Amy said,” he tells me. My mind was still over the fact he called me his girlfriend, “Louis why did you call me your girlfriend?” I asked him. Louis smiled at the floor, “I said it so she’ll back off, but hate to say this it going to be around the school in about five minutes,” he replied. I opened my mouth to say something, but Louis stopped me, “I know you don’t do the relationship thing, but it will help keeping the dicks and bitches away from you,” he added. I smiled a little, “but what do we tell the others, because I don’t think Harry be happy?” I asked him.

“We tell them the truth,” he smiled. I smiled bigger as I nodded, “now go sit down and I’ll get our lunch,” Louis tells me as he kissed my forehead. I noticed everyone looking at us including our group, “why don’t I come with you. So I don’t have to explain to the others since it your plan?” I asked him. Louis smiled as he held his hand out, “that be great since I don’t know what to get you,” he says as I take his hand. Louis entwines our fingers together, “um thanks for standing up for me, but won’t this relationship thing stop you from being with other girls?” I asked him. We line up to get food, “I never thought of that,” he sighed. I don’t know why, but I felt hurt about it. I tried to pull my hand away, but Louis grips it tighter, “Lilly I have thought about and like I told you already I only want you. I think you might be a good influence on my schoolwork and me. Because I need good grades to get into the football academy,” he tells me.

“Louis are you asking me to help you to become a football player?” I questioned. Louis nodded yes, “is that what you want to do after school?’ I asked him. He smiled, “I now it a little boy’s dream, but I love football,” he beamed. I could tell he loved his football, “it not a little boy’s dream or we wouldn’t have any players now if they gave up on their dreams,” I tell him. He gave a sweet soft smile as he lets go of my hand to picked up two trays, “so what would you like?” he asked me. I looked at all the food and picked up a sandwich, “you know you could get something bigger,” he tells me. I smiled as I shook my head no, “well then you’re getting some dessert too,” he says as he points to a chocolate mousse. Louis gets himself a hamburger and some chips. He then picks up two chocolate mousses and puts one on my tray, “you hungry or something?” I smiled.

“I’m a growing boy and I’m really hungry,” he tells me. He picks up two bottles of water and two bottles of Gatorade. He puts them on his tray, “you know I can carry them,” I tell him. He smiled, “I know, but that won’t be the boyfriend thing if I made you carry the heavy things,” he says as we made it to the cash register. I heard my phone go off so I got it out of my pocket and read the message:

Harry Styles

I put my phone back in my pocket, “who messaged you?” Louis questioned as we started to walk out. I open the door for him, “just Harry asking me about us and he is not happy,” I tell him as we walked to the table where the others were.

When we got there and everyone was smiling part from Harry. I sat down next to Zayn and Louis sat down between Niall and I. Perrie sat between Zayn and Harry while Liam sat in between Harry and Niall, “so what is this fucken thing about you two being together?” Harry spat from across the table. Liam puts his hand on Harry shoulder, “we are really not together. I said it to Amy, because she was calling her my new fuckdoll and a slut. Therefore, if people think we are together they will leave her alone. I haven’t even properly kissed her yet,” Louis explained. I was looking at Harry, but in the corner of my eye I saw Zayn smiling. Because Louis lied about kissing me, “but everyone knows that you don’t do relationships,” Niall pointed out.

“So Lilly Belle is the new girl and maybe everyone thinks she changed me from my bad ways. I never said it last the whole year,” Louis tells them. They all nodded, “what if Lil finds someone?” Perrie asked. I started to laugh and everyone looks at me, “I don’t do the relationship thing too,” I tell them. Perrie looks at me in shock, “why?” she questioned. I look at her, ‘because I don’t believe in love, so why get into a relationship if I don’t believe?” I tell her. Perrie looked sad as she looks down, “but I got nothing against anyone else being in love. It just not for me,” I added. Louis placed his hand on my knee and gave it a light squeeze, “so this is something you both don’t do?” Liam questioned. We both nodded our heads yes, “this is going to be fun,” Liam smiled. I wonder what he meant by it, “well we better eat,” Louis says as he started to eat. I started to eat my sandwich, “so what did you and Zayn do in art? He won’t tell me,” Perrie asked me. I slowly swallow my food, “just drawing,” I tell her. Zayn smiled at me, “we had to draw something from this morning,” Zayn added. I saw Louis smirk before giving Zayn a warning look, “but we can’t show you until the end of the term,” he tells her. Louis leans over to me, “so what did you draw?” he whispered in my ear.

“Not telling,” I smiled. Louis looked disappointed as he continued to eating, “Lilly I’m sorry about what I said this morning,” Niall apologized to me. I smiled at him, “you don’t have to be sorry and don’t change the way you are, because of this dickhead,” I tell him as I point to Louis. Niall started to laugh as Louis over acted being hurt, “I’m hurt Lilly Belle that you think that of me. I think this relationship is over before it even started,” Louis said sarcastically. Everyone part from Harry started to laugh as I raised an eyebrow at him, “ok, I am a dickhead and I’m sorry about this morning too Niall,” Louis smiled as he puts his arms around Niall and I. He pulls us close to him, “I can never say mad at you two,” he added. Niall pulls away, “not in public or in front of your girlfriend Louis,” Niall joked. Before I could pull away, Louis kissed me on the forehead, “please not in front of us,” Harry half yelled. I could tell Harry was still not happy about Louis and I, “got to make it believable,” Louis tells him. Harry rolled his eyes, “still don’t mean you can do it in front of me,” Harry spat at him.

“Harry Edward Styles a word now,” I spat at him. Everyone was shocked including Harry as I stood up. Harry stood up slowly as I started to walk away from the others. Harry caught up to me, “don’t ever use my full name again,” Harry tells me angrily. He grabs my wrist and turns me around to face him, “then stop acting like a prick then,” I spat at him. He lets go of my wrist and starts pacing, “I’m acting like a prick, because he is my best mate and you’re my sister. Now I got to put up with you two being together,” he spat back. I groan in frustration, “Harry we are not together and you been acting like a prick since the party last night,” I tell him.

“Because ever since you came to this school and met him you become a different person that I knew. It hurts me to think the little girl that I knew is gone,” he explained. I shake my head, “that little girl is gone since I left you and I don’t think she coming back anytime soon,” I tell him. Harry stops pacing and looks at me, “you know what for once in my life I have more than two friends. I’m also living life,” I added.

“I just want to know why him?” Harry asked me. I look at the ground, “because he don’t look at me and see you,” I replied. Harry steps closer, “what do you mean?” he questioned. I look at him, “Niall and Liam won’t go near me without you there. It like you yell at them for it,” I tell him.

“Why would they think that?” Harry mumbled.

“Maybe because you warned them when they first met me and the way you acted at the party,” I spat at him. Harry sighed, “I get it. I just want to know what do you get out of this deal?” he asked me.

“To be left alone so I can finish my last year of school,” I replied. Harry moves closer to me, “and him?” he questioned. I look him in his green eyes, “to get better grades,” I tell him. Harry hugs me, “Flower I just don’t want you to get hurt in all this. I’m sorry we keep yelling at each other, but I just miss the old Flower. I also want you to be happy,” he tells me. I hug him tight, “I am happy Harry. I’m happy I got you back in my life. I’m happy I made new friends,” I say as I kissed his cheek. We break apart, “just promise me on thing,” he started as he put an arm around me. I nodded for him to continue, “if he tries anything that you don’t want to do. You tell me ok?” he asked me. I put my arm around him, “ok,” I promised.

We walked back over to the others, “everything alright now?” Louis asked. I nodded yes, “Louis if you hurt her. I will hurt you,” Harry warns him. Louis gives him a small nod, “good,” Harry says as he started eating. Louis looks at me, “if you think I’m hungry you should see Niall. He was going to steal your chocolate mousse,” Louis tells me. I look at Niall and he smiled, “I love food,” he says. I start to laugh, “good to know,” I smiled. Louis puts his hand on my back, “are you sure everything alright?” Louis whispered in my ear. I look at him, “I think so,” I admitted to him. He starts to rub my back a little, “we talk about it later,” he tells me.

We all finished eating and went to wall where we always meet each other. We all stood there smoking, “so Lil so you play any sports?” Liam asked me. I nodded yes as I blew out smoke, “I play football and I also do track,” I tell them. Louis raised his eyebrows, “what position do you play in football,” Louis asked.

“Midfielder,” I replied. Harry smiled big, “just like me,” Harry beamed. I smiled back at him, “I’m a defender like Perrie,” Louis tells me. I look at Perrie, “I may be a girly girl, but I do like playing my football,” she smiled. Then she points to the rest, “Niall is a striker, Liam is a goalkeeper and Zayn here is also a midfielder,” she tells me. I giggled a little bit, “so we all like playing football than?” I questioned. I knew the answer as they all nodded their heads.

We finished are smokes and headed to our lockers to get out P.E stuff. Louis came with me, “so is everything really alright with you and Harry?” he asked me. I put my P.E stuff in my bag, “he misses the old me,” I replied as I did my bag up. Louis puts his arm around me, “do you miss the old you?” he asked. I look down, “the old me always studied and never went to parties. Would never thought about doing drugs or talking to boys like you,” I admitted to him. Louis pulls me to him, “you know I don’t miss the old me,” I tell him. Louis kissed the top of my head, “just don’t turn into a bad girl. I like your nerdy side,” he smiled. I laughed a little, “better get to P.E,” I say as I shut my locker.

When we walked into P.E a man in his thirties welcomed me, “welcome to physical education. My name is Mr Eugene McKain,” he tells me. I noticed he had brown hair and blue eyes, “Lilly Underwood,” I tell him. He smiled at me, “well take a seat and we won’t be here long,” Mr McKain tells me. We headed to the back where the others sat. As I was about to sit down Louis pulls me to his lap. I noticed everyone eyes were on us and I didn’t like it. Louis noticed as he puts his arms around me, “Ignore them,” he whispered in my ear. I start to play with his fingers as I ignored everyone, “welcome to your last year of P.E and yes our doubles will be physical. While our singles will be theory,” he started. Louis grabs my hands to stop me from playing with his fingers, “I hope you all brought a change of clothes. So everyone change and meet me on the football pitch,” he tells us. Everyone got up, but Louis kept me down, “you going to have to get used to the staring, but I’ll be there to help,” he tells me. He kissed my cheek, “why didn’t you tell Harry that you kissed me?” I whispered in his ear. Louis smiled, “because he would have killed me,” he whispered back. I smiled, because he was right, “why you missing my lips on yours already?” he smirked.

“Maybe just a little,’ I teased. He started to laugh a little as he sat up still holding on to me, “if you are good I might give you one,” he whispered in my ear. I look at him, “Lil come on!” Perrie shouted. I kissed Louis cheek as I got out of his arms and ran to her.

As we were walking to the girls changing rooms, Perrie held my hand, “so are you really together?” she asked me. I shake my head no, “why not you two seem too really like each other?” she asked me. I look at the floor as we walked, “to tell you the truth I don’t know what going on. I bumped into Amy and he told her that I was his girlfriend. It was a shock to me since Louis knows I don’t do the relationship thing. Then he told me that I’ll be a good influence on him and his schoolwork,” I explained to her. I look at her as she slowly nodded her head, “but I know you have kissed him,” she smiled.

“What makes you think that?” I questioned.

“From Zayn smiling when Louis said that he didn’t kiss you,” Perrie tells me. Then she stopped all of sudden, “wait, why does my boyfriend know?” she questioned. I pull out my sketchbook and showed her my drawing, “wow, you are amazing and I guessing Zayn looked over your shoulder,” she says as she kept looking at my drawing. I put it back in my bag, “yep,” I tell her as I made her start walking again.

When we got there the other girls in our class where already dressed and leaving. We put our bags down on the bench, “Perrie can you not tell the others about the drawing? I already made Zayn promise,” I asked her. I got my shoes and socks out and put them down, “you secret safe with me,” she smiled. I pull out Louis shorts, “are those Louis?” she asked me. I nodded yes as I started to take my pants off, “why?” she questioned. I smiled, “I forgot to pack a pair for today. So he gave me a pair to borrow,” I tell her. She smiled as she got changed, “sorry about last night,” she apologized to me. I pull Louis shorts up and tied them up, “no need to be sorry for having fun,” I tell her. She blushed, “but your bag was in our room and you had to share with Louis,” she says as she changed her top. I smiled, “it was alright. I borrowed some of Louis clothes and he didn’t try anything in bed,” I tell her. She giggled a little, “until this morning,” she winked at me. I blushed, “let’s just say I can drink to another question in I never,” I smiled. Perrie looks at me, “wait you played with yourself?” she questioned. Shock goes over her and I nodded my head yes, “why?” she asked. I bite my bottom lip, “let’s just say he started it,” I replied.


We finished getting changed and headed out to the pitch with our bags. We noticed the boys hanging around a tree as we walked over to them. We throw our bags down with the boys bags, “you look good in my shorts,” Louis smiled. Everyone looked at us, “already in Louis pants,” Niall smirked. I smiled as I nodded yes, “laps!” Mr McKain shouted. We all started running around the pitch, “what your distance on track?” Niall asked me.

“One and two hundred,” I replied. Niall smiled, “wanna race?” he challenged me. I nodded yes, “ok, from here to Mr McKain is about two hundred metres,” he explained as we stopped. I nodded yes again as the others stopped next to us, “you two going to race?” Louis questioned.

“Yep,” I smiled. Then the others lined up next to us, “Mr McKain can you tell us when to go!” Liam shouted. Mr McKain puts his thumb up to say that he heard Liam, “ready, set, go!” Mr McKain shouted. We all started running and I was just focused on getting to Mr McKain first. I always thought if I worry about where other people where I will be slower. Therefore, I focused on the finishing line, “the winner is Lilly, then Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Perrie,” Mr McKain says as we passed him. I could not help but smile, “your fast,” Zayn puffed.

“Here,” Louis says as he hands me a bottle of Gatorade. I smiled as I took it from him and started to drink it, “I already had my lips around that,” Louis whispered in my ear. I started to laugh a little bit, “Lilly why didn’t you tell me that your that fast. I wouldn’t gone easy on you,” Niall said as he tried to catch his breath. Everyone starts laughing, “mate she still would of kicked your arse,” Harry laughed. Niall sticks up his middle finger at him, “someone is a sore loser,” Liam teased. I walk over to Niall and put my around him, “I give you a rematch if you like?” I asked him. Niall smiled, “you on,” Niall says.

“Alright class get into teams of seven to play six a side football,” he tells us. Niall put his arm around me, “looks like your safe for today princess,” he smiled. We looked at the rest of the group, “the team is already here,” Liam says. We all nodded, “I’m glad with have Lilly now,” Zayn says.

“So you weren’t happy when you first met me?” I pouted. Zayn smiled, “I was, but now when we play six a side football we don’t have to grab someone else,” he replied. Everyone nodded in agreement as Niall hugged me tight, “careful Niall. Lilly boyfriend is right there,” Liam laughed. We both look at Louis, “don’t tell me you already forgot about me Lilly Belle,” he says as he crossed his arms. I smiled at him, “maybe just a little bit,” I teased. Niall chuckled, “Niall step away from the girl,” Louis tells him. I grip Niall tighter, “but I want to keep him,” I playfully say. Louis comes over to us, “and what are we supposed to do with him?” Louis asked me. I smiled, “I don’t know yet,” I tell him. Louis starts to tickle me and I fall to the ground laughing, “I think someone is very ticklish,” Louis says as he kept tickling me.

“I want a captain from your teams!” Mr McKain shouted. Louis stops tickling me and walks over to Mr McKain. Liam helps me up, “why is Louis captain?” I asked him. Liam smiled, “because he is the captain of the school’s football team. So he knows what his doing,” he explained to me. Liam goes over to his bag and gets out a pair of goalkeeper gloves. He put them on, “alright were playing first against Sam and his team,” Louis tells us as he point out Sam. His team had three girls and the rest were guys, “so who going to sit out first?” Louis asked us as we got into a circle. Zayn puts his hand up, “ok. Now Harry and Lilly in the middle, Niall forward and Liam in the goals. Perrie right wing and I’ll take the left wing,” he tells us. I could see why he was captain, “now it just a friendly match that has two minutes halves, but we are still going to win this,” he added. We all nodded as we put our hands in the middle, “I just like to quickly say to Lilly. Welcome to the team and let win this shit,” Louis said as we all threw are hands up. We all run in to positions, “wait,” Perrie says as she runs over to Zayn and kisses him. I noticed in the corner of my eye that Liam was telling Louis something. Then Louis runs up to Harry and I, “sorry about this mate,” Louis tells Harry. Louis kissed my cheek, “good luck babe,” he says. I noticed Harry had his eyes closed, “good luck Louis,” I say as I kissed his cheek. Louis runs back off to his position, “Harry you can open your eyes now,” I tell him. Harry slowly opens his eyes, “I don’t think I can get used to that,” he sighed. Mr McKain walks over to us, “heads or tails?” he asked Harry.

“Heads,” Harry replied. Mr McKain flips a coin, “heads,” he says as he puts the ball between Harry and I. the other team get into position, “now I want no fighting and lets play ball,” he tells us. He blows his whistle and the game starts. Harry taps it to me and I kick it to Niall. He runs down the pitch to the goals. Niall shoot for a goal and it goes in, “yeah!” Niall yelled. He starts jumping up and down, “well done Niall, but back to places,” Mr McKain tells him.

We won our first match four nil, “that was a good game,” Harry puffed as he laid down on the grass under the tree. It was a good game with Liam catching every ball that came at him. Perrie and Louis never let a player past them. Harry and Niall scored all the goals and played my part. I was impressed how well we all played together. I laid down near Harry, “Lil you’re a great player,” Liam tells me. I blushed, but no one could tell since my cheeks where already red. Louis sits down next to me, “drink,” Louis tells me. I sit up as Louis helps me, “thanks,” I say as I take the drink off of him. Louis puts an arm around my waist, “now we got the next match off, so rest up guys,” Louis tells them. I started to drink as I noticed everyone was already laying down. They all looked asleep, “are they asleep already?” I asked Louis.

“Perrie and Zayn are. Liam and Niall got headphones in and be sleep soon and Harry is fast asleep. Don’t forget we got more sleep then them,” he tells me as he looked around. I nodded slightly, “but now I get to do this again,” he says before crushing his lips to mine. I kissed him back as Louis pulls me to him, “I miss it too,” he whispered on my lips. I smiled before kissing him lightly as he pulled me down. I laid down on his shoulder, “so why do you want to keep Niall?” Louis asked me.

“Because he cute and cuddle even with all that tattoos and piercings,” I smiled. Louis shakes his head as he bite his bottom lip, “and I’m not?” he questioned. I kiss him lightly, “you’re much better,” I say as I rest my head on his chest. Louis starts to run his fingers up and down my back, “let’s play twenty questions,” Louis tells me. I smiled again, “ok, what is your favourite colour?” I asked him.

“Dark red,” he smiled. He poked my nose, “yours?” he asked. I bit my bottom lip, “I like every colour, but blue stands out,” I tell him. Louis plays with his bottom lip, “what is your favourite song of all time?” he asked me. I thought for a second and decided to pick my seconded favourite song, “wide awake by Katy Perry. You?” I say as I poked his nose. Louis smiled, “look after you by The Fray,” he replied. I poked his chest, “what your favourite food?” I wondered. Louis starts playing with my fingers, “cookie dough, I have such a sweet tooth. I am guessing yours is pancakes,” he answered. I nodded yes, “ok let’s turn this game dirty. Have you ever watched porn?” he questioned. I look up at him, “no. I wouldn’t bother asking me dirty questions since I’m too pure,” I tell him. Louis wraps his arms around me, “you are too pure, but not for long,” Louis smirked. I playfully hit him in the chest, “don’t act like you don’t want me,” he chuckled. I turn my back to him, “keep thinking that,” I tell him. Louis puts his arm around my waist and pulls me closer to him again, “Lilly Belle I know you want me,” he whispered. I could tell he was smiling and I couldn’t help but smile too. Louis starts to move his fingers up and down on my waist as he kissed my neck. I closed my eyes as I fell asleep next to him.

I got woken up by Liam, “time to get up sweetie,” he tells me. He smirked as I rubbed my eyes, “you can wake up Louis,” he says as he points to him. I noticed Louis arm still wrapped around me as Liam left, “Louis time to wake up,” I say as I turned around to shake him a little bit. Louis snuggles into my chest, “Louis get your face out of my boobs,” I tell him. I felt him smile into my chest, “that a good way to wake up,” he says as he rolls on to his back. I sat up as I rolled my eyes and Louis pulls me down to him, “I let it go once today, but I don’t think I can let that one go,” he whispered in my ear. I smiled, “what are you going to do about it?” I asked him as I sat up again. Louis sits up, “you’ll will see,” he winked at me. Louis stands up and holds his hand out, “going to sit this one out,” I tell him. Everyone was already gone, “now don’t have fun without me this time,” he says as he looked around. The Louis kissed me on my lips quick before running off. I look at the other team and it was all guys part from one girl.

The game was a draw at two all and everyone played great, “ten minute break. Then Louis team verses Brian team,” Mr McKain tells us. Louis sits down next to me and I hand him his drink, “thanks,’ he says before taking a big drink. Everyone sat around us, “they got better,” Niall says. Everyone slowly nodded part from me, “so we can still win this,” Louis tells them.

“I’m out that trip hurt a little bit,” Harry tells us. Perrie puts an arm around me, “do you think you can help us win this?” she asked me. I smiled, “let’s win this shit,” I say. Everyone smiled then there eyes wondered to a man with brown hair, “Paul!” they all yelled. They all got up and ran to him, Louis stayed behind with me. Louis gets up, “time to meet Paul,” he smiled as he held his hand out. I take his hand as he pulls me up. Louis didn’t let go of my hand, but he entwined our fingers together. I noticed when we walking over to them everyone was hugging him and really happy to see him. Louis and I stop in front of him, “Paul,” Louis says as he lets go of my hand to hug him. When they both stepped away from each other, Paul’s blue eyes were on me, “who is this beautiful lady?” he asked. I smiled a little, “this is my girlfriend Lilly underwood and she plays football too,” Louis beamed. Paul looks at him in shock then turns back to me, “I’m Coach Paul Higgins of the football teams for both boys and girls. I am also one of the schools guidance counsellors,” he tells me. He pulls me in for a hug and I hugged him back, “not again. Paul let her go you have a wife and kids. She my girlfriend,” Louis says as he tried to pull me off. Paul hugged me tighter and I do the same, because we both knew it was pissing Louis off. Louis picks me up out of Paul’s grip and throws me over his shoulder, “my girlfriend,” Louis tells him as we started walking away. I started laughing and so does everyone else, “Louis put me down please,” I giggled. Louis slowly puts me down after we about ten metres away from them. Louis cupped my face and kissed me in front of everyone. I could not help but put my hands on his waist. Louis smiled as he kept kissing me and I couldn’t help but smile too. Louis breaks the kiss and pulls me to him, “my girlfriend,” Louis yelled. I look at our group as I felt my cheeks go red. I noticed Zayn and Perrie smiling as the rest of the boys had shocked faces. We started walking back to them with our arms wrapped around each other, “why did you do that? Harry won’t be happy,” I whispered. Louis smiled at me, “so I can kiss your lips anytime I like now and Harry will have to get over it,” he whispered back. We stopped in front of everyone, “I get it Lou she is your girlfriend,” Paul smiled. I look over to Harry and he still had his shocked face, “alright time to get back to football and Paul be watching, so play your best,” Mr McKain told us.

We all run to our positions, “so how was your first kiss?” Zayn smirked. I playfully push him, “shut up and let’s play some football,” I tell him. Mr McKain puts the ball down between two players from the other team. He blows his whistle and the matched started. The first half was one all, thanks to Niall, “we need to attack more,” Zayn says. I nodded my head, “Lilly Belle use the fact that you are smaller than Brian and get the ball,” Louis tells me. I nodded again, “I know you can do it,” Louis added a he kissed the side of my head. Mr McKain signals for us to get back to our positions, “let’s do this shit!” Niall shouted.

The first half of the second half was scoreless, so it was still one all. I noticed Brian had the ball so I started running towards him. Zayn was running in front of him trying to stop him. Brian stopped and smiled at Zayn, so I took opportunity to take the ball. I ran across the front of him carefully not touching him as I took the ball. I started running with the ball to the other end as Louis and Perrie kept players off of me. I got to the goals and noticed that Niall had a player on him and Zayn was still down the other side of the pitch. I took in a deep breath as I shot for goal. It brushed the goalkeeper’s fingers as it went in, “goal!” Mr McKain yelled. Louis runs over and picks me up as he hugged me, “I knew you could do it,” he says before he kissed me. He puts me down as he breaks the kiss, “we still have two minutes,” I say.

“So now we just got to make sure they don’t score,” Louis tells me. We run back to our positions, “that was a lucky shot,” Brian sneered. I smiled at him, “sure it was,” I say as Mr McKain put the ball down in front of Brian. Mr McKain blows his whistle and Brian kicks it to the player behind him. I started to run after it, but Brian kept blocking me, “where do you think you’re going?” he smirked. I smiled as I went under his arm, “for the ball,” I tell him. I managed to get to the player with the ball, but Brian was close behind me. I get the ball and kick it to Perrie as I got pushed to the ground. My left shoulder hit the ground hard and a shooting pain went threw me. I ignored the pain as I got back up to see Brian smiling at me. I started to run up the pitch trying to my best to keep ignoring the pain in my shoulder. Then Mr McKain blows his whistle to end the game, “Louis team wins,” he shouted. Louis runs up to me, “Lilly are you alright?” he asked me with worry in his voice.

“Fine,” I say as I grabbed my shoulder. Louis moves my hand and has a look at my shoulder, “you need to get ice on that now,” he tells me. He kissed it lightly, so he does not hurt me, “come on,” he says as he wraps an arm around my waist. I noticed Harry running towards us, “here,” he puffed as he hands me an ice pack. I quickly put it on my shoulder, “aww Louis girlfriend got an owie,” Brian mocked. I felt Louis tense up, but before I could stop him, he was already inches away from Brian face. Harry runs over to them, “you think it funny pushing over my girl,” Louis spat at him. Harry tried to pull him away, “how would you like it if I punched the shit out of you,” Louis continued. The rest of the boys where there trying to pull him away as Perrie puts an arm around me. Liam and Harry finally held Louis back, “Louis!” Paul shouted. Everyone looks at Paul, “a word now,” he tells him. Liam and Harry let go of Louis as he walked over to Paul. Then they all walked over to Perrie and I, “how the shoulder?” Liam asked.

“Hurts, but I will live,” I replied. Then Louis and Paul walk over to us, “you all played great today. I hope to see you all next week, especially you Lilly,” he says before leaving. I look at Louis and it looks like he calmed down, “better take you to the doctors to make sure your shoulder is alright,” Louis tells me. Everyone nodded in agreement, “you can’t take me, because you brought your bike. I don’t think I can hold on,” I tell him. Louis sighed, “I’ll take her,” Harry says. Louis smiled at him, “thanks,” he says. Harry runs over to grab our bags, “you tell me what the doctor says ok?” Louis asked me. I noticed the others where gone to grab their bags, “of course, but you don’t do anything stupid,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he kissed me lightly, “I’ll try,” he whispered on my lips. He pulls back as Harry comes back, “you ready to go Flower?” Harry asked me. I nodded as I started to walk away, “where is my goodbye kiss?” Louis pouted. I noticed Harry glaring at him as I walked back over to Louis. I kissed Louis, but he held my face there longer, “bye Louis,” I say as I pulled away. Louis smiled, “bye Lilly Belle,” he says. I walked back over to Harry as I waved everyone else goodbye.

We get to Harry car and get in, “Louis is pushing it,” Harry sighed as he starts his car. I put my seat belt on, “I know he is, but I’m aright with it,” I reassured him. Harry sighed again, “I know you’re alright with it. That what scaring me,” he whispered to himself. He puts his seat belt on, “just don’t let him take advantage of you please,” he pleaded. I look at him, “I won’t,” I tell him.

The car ride to the doctors was quiet only the radio making noise. I get out of the car and grab my purse out of my bag, “can we have a smoke before we go in?” I asked Harry. He nodded yes slowly as he pulled out his smokes. I get one out of my bag, “can I borrow you lighter please?” I asked him after he lit his smoke up. He hands me his lighter, “keep it,” he tells me. I lit up my smoke and put the lighter in my bag, “thanks,” I say as I blew out smoke. He smiled, “did you have a good morning?” he asked me. I smiled back, “I did and thank you for the pancakes,” I replied.

“So what did you two do?” he questioned. I knew I couldn’t tell Harry the full truth, “we talked and got ready for school,” I tell him. Harry moved closer to me, “you know Louis had a single lesson this morning?” he asked me. I look at Harry right in the eyes, “no. what lesson did he have?” I questioned.

“Geography with Niall,” he replied. I looked down at the floor, “why did he miss it?” I questioned. Harry put his arm around me as I looked at him, “because we all had lesson and you didn’t,” he tells me. I smiled a little bit, “but we all have frees at different times,” I say as I took a drag of my smoke. Harry does the same, “that true,” he says as he blew out smoke. I smiled as I blew out smoke, “and I have one more lesson then you guys,” I inform him. Harry starts laughing, “that you do,” he smiled.

After we finished our smokes we went in, “sit down while I’ll talk to the lady,” I tell Harry. Harry sits down as I gave the lady my details. When I was done I sat down next to Harry, “how the shoulder now?” Harry asked me. I take the ice pack off and noticed a bruise forming, “still hurts,” I admitted to him. Harry looks at it, “you know I never wanted to stop Louis from hitting him, but if he did we would lost our captain for football,” Harry tells me. I look at him, “glad you did, because you need him to play,” I say as I put the ice pack back on my shoulder. Harry gets his phone out, “better tell mum where I am,” Harry smiled. Harry starts typing on his phone, “she love to see you again,” he added. I smiled, “what about Marcel?” I questioned. Harry starts laughing, “he don’t believe me that you go to my school. He thinks I’m playing a sick joke on him,” he tells me. I was about to say something, “Miss Lilly Underwood,” a man in his forties called. I look at Harry, “I’ll be back,” I say to him as I got up.

I walk over to the doctor and he takes me to his examination room, “what can I help you with?” he asked me. I explained to him what happened and he takes a look at my shoulder. He puts my shoulder in a sling, “it stays in this until Friday night to be sure. So no heavy lifting and try not to put your school bag on it,” he tells me. I nodded that I understood him, “is that all?” he asked me as he looked at my other hand. I bring it up, “can you have a quick look at this please?” I asked him. He smiled as he unravels my hand, “that looks like it be alright if you keep it wrapped up for a couple days,” he says as he looked over my hand. He wraps it back up for me, “thank you,” I say as I got up and walked out. I walked back over to Harry, “how long?” he questioned as he points to the sling. I smiled just until the end of the week,” I tell him.

We walked out of the doctors to his car, “don’t forget to message Louis,” Harry smiled. I grab my phone out of my bag as I put my purse away. I get in the front and put my seat belt on, “so where do you live?” Harry asked me. I tell him my address and then I messaged Louis:

Shoulder in sling until Friday night to make sure, but I’m fine just hurts a little xo

I look at Harry, “you should message the rest too,” he says as he starts to drive. I forward the message that I sent Louis to everyone. As they were sending, I got one back:

Louis Tomlinson
Maybe I should kiss it better ;) xo

I smiled as I got more messages back:

Perrie Edwards
Oh, no that sucks. Get well :) xo

The rest where nearly the same, “I feel loved,” I smiled. Harry starts to laugh, “you always be loved,” he says. I smiled bigger as I messaged Louis back:

That be nice, but I thought you were going to punish me for rolling my eyes? Xo

Harry got to my neighbourhood before Louis messaged me back:

Louis Tomlinson
I forgot about that, but I will punish you when you are better ;) xo

Harry pulls up to my house, “see you at school tomorrow,” he says as I jump out of the car. I smiled, “see you tomorrow,” I say as I grabbed my bag.

Harry drives off as I walked into my house, “is that you Lilly?” my mother asked. She walks out of the kitchen, “yes it is,” I tell her. She looks at my shoulder and hand, “did the girls at school do that today?” she smirked. I rolled my eyes, “no just fell over in P.E today,” I tell her as I walked to my room. I shut my door and put my bag on my desk, “Lilly stay in your room tonight. I’m having some work mates around!” she shouted. I lay down on my bed as my phone goes off:

Louis Tomlinson
You home yet?

I looked confused at the message, but I messaged him back:


I closed my eyes, as there was a tap at my window. I get up and walked over to my window and open it, “hello my gorgeous girl,” I heard Louis say. I looked down since this house goes up when you get to the back. He was already showered and changed his clothes from school today. He was now wearing grey track pants with a white t-shirt that clung to his body. He changed his maroon beanie for a grey one. I smiled at him, “what are you doing here?” I asked him. Louis smiled back, “come to see if you’re alright. Can I come in?” he asked. I nodded yes, as Louis jumped and grabbed my window ledge. He pulls himself up as I stepped back, “so how are you feeling?” he asked me as he stood in front of me. I smiled, “much better now,” I say. Louis wraps his arms around my waist as he pulls me closer to him. He kissed me lightly, “is your mother going out tonight?” he asked me. I shake my head no, “but she having her work mates over. So I got to stay in my room,” I tell him.

“I’ll stay with you,” he smiled. He kissed me lightly again, “all I’ll be doing is studying,” I tell him. Louis kissed my sore shoulder lightly, “that alright and maybe you can help me with English than?” he questioned. I nodded yes, “good. I’ll be back in a little bit with my stuff and dinner for us. So have a shower and get into you PJ’s, unless you like wearing my shorts,” he says as he kissed me. I push him off, “you better go now or I might not let you back in,” I smiled. Louis kissed my cheek before leaving out the window. I get out a pair of pyjamas and pair of clean knickers. I put them on my bed with my sling and my bandage from my hand.


I had a quick shower and got dressed in my pyjamas, leaving my sling and bandage off. I get my school stuff out of my bag and hide my sketchbook. I sat at my desk and started to read my history textbook while I was taking notes. I don’t know how long I was therefore, “Lilly Belle, I’m back,” I heard Louis say. I walked over to my window and looked at him, “took your time,” I smiled. I noticed he had put a jumper on and his backpack was on one of his shoulders, “well pizza takes a while,” he says as he hold up a pizza box. I tried to work out how he was going to get back into my room with the pizza, “wait a minute,” I tell him. I snuck out of my room and noticed my mother was out the front talking to her work mates. I quickly ran to the back door and got Louis. We ran for my room as my mother and her work mates where coming in. I quietly closed my door, “that was close,” Louis says as he sits on my bed. He throws his bag on the floor as he puts the pizza box next to him. He picks up my sling and bandage, “why aren’t you wearing them?” he questioned. I look down at my feet, “come here,” he says. I walk over to him, “you need them on,” he added as he kissed me lightly. He puts the sling back on for me and then grabs my hand gently. He kissed it before wrapping it back up, “now keep them on,” he tells me. Lucky for me there on the opposite sides, “it looks like you got into a fight,” he smiled.

“The hand is from a fight,” I smiled. Louis kiss my hand again, “I got to teach you how to punch properly. So you don’t hurt your hand again,” he tells me.

“Who said that I get into another fight?” I asked him. Louis plays with my fingers, “I didn’t say that you will get into another fight, but in case you do I want you to be prepared,” he says as he looks down. I run my fingers down his jaw, “because at our school there is always going to be fights, and I can’t always be there to protect you,” he added. He looks at me, “I understand,” I say as I kissed him. Louis phone goes off, “what now?” he sighed on my lips. I walk over to my desk and sit down, “I forgot that I had gym with Liam and Niall tonight,” he says as he reads his message. I look at my history work, “you can go if you want” I tell him. Louis starts typing on his phone, “nah, I want to stay here with you,” he smiled as he throws his phone next to him. I smiled as I continued to look at my work, “come on it dinner time,” Louis says as he kissed my neck. Louis sets himself on my floor against my bed and opens the pizza box. It was Hawaii, “please tell me you like Hawaii,” he pleaded. I sit next to him, “I love it,” I beamed. Louis smiled big, “I’m liking you more and more,” he says. I was thrown off by his comment, “time to eat so we can study,” he added. I started laughing as he picked up a piece of pizza, “what so funny?” he questioned.

“Just that you want to study,” I smiled as I picked up a piece of pizza. I started to eat my pizza, “it funny that I want to study. I only want to, because you want to,” he tells me. He starts eating his piece of pizza, “Louis why did you miss geography this morning?” I asked him. Louis smiled as he looked down, “because you didn’t have a lesson until after break,” he replied.

“So Niall went and I could sat down and read my history textbook,” I tell him. Louis sighed, “I thought you would have a hangover, so I didn’t want you up too early. Are you saying that you didn’t enjoy this morning?” Louis questioned. I smiled, “I did,” I blushed. Louis pulls me to him and kissed my cheek, “I did too,” he tells me. I push him away playfully, “would you eat so we can study,” I tell him. Louis brings his hand up to my cheek, “I got some sauce on you,” he smiled as he wipes it off.

After we ate all the pizza, Louis pulls out two bottles of coke and hands me one, “thanks,” I say. I tried to open it, but my hand started to hurt, “here let me do that for you,” Louis says as he opened it for me. I smiled, “I don’t know how I can ever pay you back for today,” I admitted. I started to drink my coke, “I can think of many ways, but they can wait,” he tells me. I look at him confused, “how?” I asked. Louis smiled, “I’ll tell you later,” he replied. I push him, “no now,” I demanded. Louis shakes his head no, as I put my drink down. I straddle his lap, “please tell me,” I begged as Louis put his drink down. Louis placed his hands on each side of my hip, “no. I don’t want to scare you off,” he tells me. I run my fingers down his chest, “why would I be scared?” I questioned. Lois laughed a little bit, “because what I’m thinking is sexual,” he replied. I put my head on Louis shoulder, “Louis am I too pure for you?” I asked him. Louis starts to run his fingers up and down my back, “no. why would you think that?” he asked me.

“Because it I wasn’t a virgin you would have kept touching me this morning,” I tell him. Louis pulls my face towards him, “Lilly I would still stopped, because you’re not just another girl to me. You make me believe there is good in this world,” Louis confessed to me. Louis kissed me hard and I return the kiss. Louis runs his hands up my back under my shirt. I opened my mouth a little bit and Louis took opportunity to thrust his tongue in. Louis pulls me closer to him as he dominated my mouth. I run my hand under his tops and rest it on his chest. I felt his heart raced as we kept making out. After a while, Louis pulls away and I rest my head on his shoulder. His fingers played with the skin on my back, “I like how we study,” he chuckled. I smiled, “don’t think it happen all the time,” I tell him as I remove my hand from under his tops. Louis kissed me lightly, “if you say so,” he smirked. I get off of him as Louis grabbed my hand lightly, “who said that we were finished?” he said disappointed. I smiled, “I did, because I got my history work to finish,” I tell him. Louis pouted like a little kid, “you knew that I was studying and you need to start reading the book for English,” I added. I kneel down in front of him, “who said I haven’t started reading?” he questioned. I lean into him, “I did,” I tell him.

“Bad idea,” Louis smiled as he wraps his arms around me. He pulls me to him and kissed me hard, “you know that not fair,” I say on Louis lips. He placed his hand on my cheek and run his thumb over my lips, “I know, but I told you that I kiss you better,” he smiled. This time I kissed him hard as my hand travelled to the hem of his jumper. Louis smiled into the kiss as I started to pull his jumper up, “let me help you,” he says as he takes his jumper off. He reconnects our lips as he brings me closer to him, so I straddle his lap again. His hand travels up my top to the sides of my waist. I pull back, “I think we better study, before you have a repeat of this morning,” I say as I tried to get off him. Louis held me tight, “who said it just be me?” he smirked. I smiled as I tried to get off of him again, “you know you want to play,” he says as his arms kept me in place. I put my head under his chin, “how are we going to do that when my mother and her work mates are in the house? It not like you can run off the bathroom,” I mumbled into his chest. Louis moves his hands to my lower back, “I didn’t think of that and I understand that you don’t want to play right now,” he says as he kissed the top of my head. He starts to play with the hem of my pyjamas bottoms, “I don’t think we are ready to take this to the next level. Like I said this morning, you just met me yesterday and I don’t want you to regret anything. I’m just being a dickhead again and trying to make you do stuff that you’re not ready for yet,” Louis admitted. He was right about that, I don’t think I'm ready to try anything else with him yet. I was still getting over making out with him, “Lilly I’m sorry again,” Louis sighed. I think he was getting worried that I was not speaking to him, “don’t be sorry,” I tell him as I look at him. He looks at me, “but I should be,” he says as I run my fingers down his neck.

“Louis it really alright,” I reassured him. I kissed him lightly as I got up. Louis hugs my legs, “sometimes I wonder why you put up with me,” he whispered. I run my fingers through the side of his hair, “because you make me happy,” I tell him. He looks up at me with wide eyes and that point I realized that he was broken on the inside. Louis stands up, “I’ll try,” he whispered. I quickly look over at my history work, “how about I forget about history and we start on English together,” I said trying to change the subject.

“Ok, but first after all that making out I need a smoke,” he tells me. I smiled as I was about to walk away to grab one, “you can have one of mine,” he added. He pulls me to him and kissed me lightly as I smiled. We walk over to my window and I sat down on the ledge and look up at the sky. Louis lights up a smoke and hands it to me, “thank you,” I say as I take it from him. He lights one up for himself and blows out smoke. Louis starts to play with my toes, “stop playing with my toes. I don’t like people touching my feet,” I tell him.

“But you have cute little toes,” he smiled. I pull my feet closer to me, “I don’t care,” I tell him. I continued to smoke and so did Louis, “what do you want to do after school?” Louis asked me unexpectedly. I look at him, “I want to become a teacher,” I replied. Louis smiled, “what do you want to teach?” he questioned. I thought as I took a drag of my smoke. I blew smoke out, “English or art,” I tell him. Louis finished his smoke and threw it out the window. I do the same, “why won’t you show me what you did in art today?” he asked me. I smiled, “because it not finished,” I tell him. I get off the window ledge, “can I see when it done?” he wondered. I look at him, “maybe,” I teased. Louis wraps his arms around me, “does Zayn know what it is?” he questioned. I nodded my head yes, “you know that unfair,” he says before kissing me lightly.

“Why do you want to see it so badly?” I asked him. Louis smiled, “because you spent all morning with me,” he replied. I kissed him lightly, “it alright I didn’t draw you with a hard on,” I smiled. He starts to laugh as he kissed me, “then why don’t you show me?” he inquired on my lips.

“I’ll show you when it finished,” I tell him as I walked away from him. I grabbed my English book, “but right now we have some English work to do,” I added. I sit down at the top of my bed as Louis closed the window, “you will show me your drawing when it done,” he tells me. He sits down next to me on my good shoulder, so he doesn’t accidently hurt me. He pulls me to him, “you read to me,” he said like a little kid. I get comfortable on him as I started to read him the book. After a while, I felt sleepy, “let’s get into bed properly and I’ll read to you,” Louis tells me. I slowly nodded as Louis got off the bed, “can you help me take my sling off?” I asked a bit sleepy. Louis smiled as he slowly takes my sling off and kissed my shoulder lightly. He starts to unravel my hand, “I think you need to let your hand breath,” he tells me before kissing my hand. I get under the covers as Louis takes his shirt off, “can’t sleep with a shirt on,” he says as he gets in next to me.

“What about your pants?” I questioned. Louis pulls me to him, “I’ll be naked it I took them off,” he smiled as he picked up my English book. I look at him, “are you saying you are wearing nothing under your track pants?” I wondered. Louis nodded yes, “I can never go out without my underwear on,” I tell him. Louis chuckled, “then where is your bra?” he smirked. I covered my chest with my arms, “it hurting my shoulder and I’m at home,” I tell him. Louis laughed a little as he turned on my desk lamp. He gets out of the bed and turns my bedroom light off, “nearly forgot that,” he says as he gets back into bed. He pulls me close to him again and starts reading. His voice was calm and soothing to me as he kept reading. I felt my eyes get heavy as Louis moved to put the book down and turn off my lamp. I place my head on his chest as I wrapped my arms around him. Louis wraps one of his arms around the back of me as he rested his hand on my hip. With his other hand, he starts to run his fingers up and down my arm, “two nights in a row in the same bed together,” he says. I kissed his chest, “you make me feel safe to sleep,” I said sleepily. Louis kissed the top of my head, “you make my day brighter,” he whispered to himself. I just heard him as I closed my eyes, “night Lou,” I say as I opened my eyes to look at him. He smiled as he kissed me lightly, “night Lilly Belle,” he says. I rest my head back on to his chest as I closed my eyes. Louis pulls my legs to him with his and rest them between his. Louis starts drawing patterns on my hip as I feel to sleep.


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