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Chapter 2 – Losing my Party Virginity

Chapter 2 – Losing my Party Virginity

Louis finally stops in front of a house similar to mine. Perrie and the boys where sitting out the font, “you can let go now unless you want to go around the block really fast,” Louis laughed. I quickly let go of him, “fuck off,” I tell him. Louis laughed harder as he got off his bike, “suit yourself,” he says as he takes the helmet off of my head. I glare at him, “you survived,” he says as he takes his bag off. I sat there and kept glaring at him, “I thought you didn’t like my bike, so why are you still on it?” Louis smiled.

“I can’t feel my legs since I was holding on for dear life,” I tell him. Louis laughs loud and the others noticed, “Let me help you,” he says as he picks me up bridal style. He walks us over to the others and puts me down, “what did you do to her Louis?” Niall smirked. Perrie runs up to me and hugs me, “she don’t like my bike so she was holding on for dear life.” Louis told them. They all laughed part from me, “I was the same for the first time,” Perrie tells me. I smiled at her, “so what were you two doing?” Liam asked as he raised an eyebrow. Harry looks at Louis, “not much this one takes so long to walk and pack,” Louis tells them. I noticed Louis get out his smokes and I felt like one, but I felt that I would disappoint Harry if I did. Then I noticed everyone get out there own packets including Perrie, “Lilly Belle here smokes too,” Louis tells everyone.

“What?” I heard Harry say. I look at the floor, “thanks Louis,” I say in my head. I looked back up, “is he right Flower?” Harry asked. I nod yes, “what happened to you turn to smokes?” Harry questioned.

“A bad decision,” I say. I went through my bag and grabbed out my smokes, “my poor Flower,” Harry sighed. I put a smoke between my lips and lit it up. I noticed Harry looking at me, “a lot has happened in six years Harry,” I tell him. Harry looked disappointed as I feared he would. I sat down next to Niall on the step and smoked my smoke in silent as everyone else was talking. I looked at the floor, “Lilly I hear you’re going to wear a dress tonight,” Niall says. I nodded yes, “Louis making me,” I tell him. Niall raised as eyebrow and I noticed Louis heard me, “she lost a bet with me,” Louis tells Niall. I stare at Louis and realized that he didn’t want anyone to know the real reason. A smile played on my lips, “so what was the bet?” Niall asked.

“If he remembered anything from physics and he did,” I replied. Louis smirked and I rolled my eyes to piss him off, “wait Louis learnt something?” Zayn questioned. I nodded yes, “it surprised me to,” I say. Everyone started to laugh, “Well while everyone laughing at me I’m going to go and set my house up for the party. You guys coming to help me and leave these girls to get ready?” Louis asked them. They all nodded as they got up, “now you girls don’t do anything naughty while were gone,” Zayn smiled as he kissed Perrie goodbye.

When the boys left Perrie turns to me, “so what did you and Louis really do?” she asked me. I smiled, “we just talked,” I replied. Perrie started to laugh, “Louis doesn’t just talk,” she winked at me. I playfully push her, “but that all we did, I swear,” I tell her. She looks at me, “really?” she questioned. I nodded yes, “wonder what’s wrong with him to keep his hands off you? You’re beautiful and that one of his weaknesses,” she says. I shrug my shoulders, “maybe it because of Harry,” I tell her. I didn’t want to tell her the truth of what really happened. She wraps an arm around me, “maybe, but why did he message me about dropping you off?” she asked.

“Because we lost track of time,” I lied. She looks at me right in the eyes, “than why did he message me early?” she questioned. I had to think of something quick, “I had to clean up before we left,” I lied again. She smiled, “well let’s go and get ready,” she tells me.

She pulls me up and drags me inside, “sorry about the house falling apart,” she says. I smiled at her, “so is mine,” I tell her. We both start laughing as we walked into her bedroom. It was the same as mine part from her walls were a light pink and her bookcase was bigger, “your room is just like mine,” I tell her as I take my bag off. She smiled, “means we got the same government house,” she giggled. Louis was right about Perrie being happy that I’m around. Perrie pulls me to her bed and sits me down, “I have the perfect dress,” she says as she pulls out a little black dress. I look at it, “Louis would love to see you in it,” she tells me.

“why do you keep bring him up?” I asked her. She throws me the dress, “because you like him,” she smiled. I shake my head no, “he pisses me of so much,” I tell her. She starts laughing, “Then why did you spend nearly all afternoon with him?” she questioned.

“Because he wouldn’t leave me alone,” I replied. I pick up the dress, “then wear the dress tonight and piss him off as other guys talk to you,” she tells me. I liked her plan, “you look like you got the same sized feet as me so you should wear these too,” she says as she holds up a pair of six inch black heels. I looked at them, “I have never worn heels before,” I tell her. She smiled, “then better put them on and start learning,” she says as she hands them to me. I took off my shoes and socks so I could put the heels on. I stand up and nearly fall back down, “tip is to walk heel to toe and take smaller steps,” she reassures me. I start to walk in them and only stumbled a couple times, “your right,” I tell her. She smiled as I kept walking around in them for about half an hour. Then Perrie pulls me to her desk chair, “now the next part is your hair and makeup,” she smiled. I was scared I’m not a girly girl and I could tell Perrie was.


After we both finished getting ready she let me look in the mirror. My hair was lightly curled and I had these smoky eyes that made my green eyes stick out. Then I looked at my lips which were a shade of red, “wow you’re amazing” I tell her as I looked at her. She was also wearing a little black dress and heels. Her makeup and hair was done as the same as mine, “we look like twins,” I say. I noticed Perrie get excited, “I know, I hope you don’t find that weird,” she says. I hug her, “no, because I won’t be the only one dressed like this,” I tell her. She starts to giggle as she hugs me tighter, “we need to get out bags ready before Zayn get here,” she says. I looked at her confused, “well two one for our phones and smokes and one for our clothes for tomorrow,” she explained.

“You said that I was staying here tonight,” I tell her. She smiled, “I said that you could say that you’re staying at mine,” she reminded me. I smiled back at her as she handed me a little red handbag. I go over to my bag and get out my phone and smokes, “can I borrow your phone so I can put my number in it?” she asked me. I unlock it for her as I put my smokes in the little red bag, “I’ll be right back I need to pee,” I tell her.

When I got back she was smiling as she held my phone, “don’t hate me, but I messaged the boys your number,” she tells me. I smiled back at her, “I can’t hate you,” I say as I take my phone off her. I unlock it and I had five messages all from different numbers. I start to read them:

I’m Harry styles :)

I’m Niall Horan and I’m happy that I got your number ;)

I look at Perrie who was smiling from ear to ear. So I kept reading my messages:

The name is Liam Payne but you can call me whatever you want ;)

I’m Zayn Malik and no dirty messages please I love Perrie :)

I look up at Perrie who looked over my shoulder to read Zayn message, “I love him too,” she tells me. I smiled as I looked at my last message:

The name Louis Tomlinson and you better remember that because you’ll be screaming it later. P.S don’t roll your eyes

I start to laugh, “Why are three out of the five boy’s added flirty winks?” I asked as I saved their numbers in to my phone. Perrie shrugs, “I’m guessing it was Louis, Harry and Niall,” she says.

“Not Harry,” I tell her. She raises her eyebrows, “Liam sent you a flirty wink?” she questioned. I nodded yes as I showed her the message, “wow you have three guys going after you,” she giggled. I giggled with her, “let’s wait out the front for Zayn,” she tells me.

We grabbed our stuff and headed out,” where are you parents?” I asked her. As she locks up the front door, “they both work the night shift,” she replied as we sat down. We both pulled out a smoke and started to smoke them, “why did you start smoking?” I asked her. She looked down at the ground, “to lose weight. I was bigger when I started at Eden and I was getting picked on for it. So one day I heard some girls talking about how they smoke to lose weight. I thought I give it a go and it worked, but it a dumb way to do it. Because now I can’t stop and I’m killing myself with every smoke,” she tells me. I put my arm around her, “that why I started too,” I tell her. She looks at me, “really but you’re a good girl tho,” she says as we takes a drag of our smokes.

“I used to eat a lot when I read or was doing school work. So I put on a lot of weight and like you I heard some girls talk about it. So I picked up one of my mothers and it worked, but now got to quit before I kill myself,” I explained to her as blew my smoke out. She nodded in agreement, “the stupid things we do,” she giggled.

Zayn turns up as we just finished our smokes, “Zayn!” Perrie yells as she runs up and kissed him. Zayn looks at us as he picks our bags up, “wow you two look beautiful,” he says as he looks at us both. I blush at his words lucky for me it was dark so he couldn’t see. Zayn put our bags in the boot as Perrie jumps in the front. I jump in the seat behind her, “I bet you’re glad you’re in a car and not on a bike. Perrie says. I start to laugh, “Very,” I tell her as Zayn got in the car.

He starts the car and drives off, “so Lil why haven’t messaged the boys back? Louis, Niall and Liam looked really upset,” he asked me. Did he just call me Lil, “we hadn’t had time,” Perrie answers for me. Zayn smiled, “why don’t you do it now,” he tells me. I got my phone out of my bag and decided to message Niall back first:

I’m happy to have your number too :)

I was planning not to send any flirty winks. I messaged Liam next:

Just Liam for now :)

I read Louis message again and decided not to message him back. So I messaged Harry back:

Harold! See I remembered :D

I looked out of the car window as my phone goes off:

Harry Styles
Don’t call me that in front of the boys

I start to laugh, “what so funny? Did Niall send a naked picture of himself?” Zayn asked me. I laughed harder, “no. I used to call Harry, Harold,” I tell them. I messaged him back as Zayn and Perrie laughed:

I already told Perrie and Zayn

I look up from my phone to see them two still laughing, “I’m so going to call him that,” Perrie giggled. Zayn nodded in agreement as my phone goes off:

Harry Styles

I giggled as I messaged him back:

For calling me flower

I sent it as I got another message:

Louis Tomlinson
Why did you message the others and not me?

I rolled my eyes as I ignored his message. Then Harry message me back:

Harry styles
Two can play that game

I didn’t reply I just put my phone back in my bag.

We arrived at this big two storey house, “welcome to Louis house,” Zayn announced. I noticed there weren’t many cars or any music playing as I stepped out of the car. Perrie grabs my hand and leads me to the front door. She knock and Liam and Niall open the door, “wow,” they both say. I blushed as I looked down, “you going to let us in or just stare?” Perrie asked. The boys let us in, “thank you,” Perrie says as we walked in.

I looked around this big lounge, dinning and kitchen area. It was modern and there was no paint falling off the walls, “I’ll go and put your bags away,” Zayn tells us. We nodded, “now the party don’t start until ten and it just passed nine now,” Liam says. That why it just us, “so let’s grab a drink and play a game,” Niall tells us. I nodded slowly, “it be fun,” Niall says as he puts an arm around me. He drags me to the kitchen where Harry and Louis were, “wow you two look amazing,” Harry says as he hugs us.

“Perrie did a good job on you,” Louis says to me. I look at him as he smiled, “let’s get our drinks and start the game,” Niall says. Everyone nodded, “what game we playing?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Just a game called I never,” Liam tells me. I looked at him confused, “it were someone says something like I never kissed a girl and if you have you drink. It a great way to get to know people,” Liam explained. I nodded that I understood, “it alright we go easy on you since it’s your first party,” he added.

“How do you know it my first party?” I questioned. Liam smiled, “Louis told us,” he answered as he nods towards Louis. I look at Louis who was still smiling, “here,” he says as he hands me a red cup. I smelt it and it smelled sweet so I taste some. It tasted as it smelt, but I could taste the alcohol in it, “save some for the game,” Louis says. I smiled at him as everyone left the kitchen and sat down at the dining room table. Louis grabs my arm before I could leave, “why didn’t you message me back?” he whispered in my ear.

“Because I won’t be screaming your name later,” I tell him. Louis wraps his arms around me, “I’m not so sure,” he tells me. I move away from him, “I am,” I say. Louis picks up his drink and smirks, “better join the others,” he says.

We join the others in the dining room and there was only one seat left. Perrie was already sitting on Zayn’s lap, “Lilly who’s lap you going to sit on?” Niall smirked. Louis sat in the last available seat and smiled at me. I looked at the boy’s and decided to sit down on Liam’s lap. I could tell Liam was smiling, because of Louis face, “I’ll start. I have never kissed a boy,” Niall says. Perrie and I drink, “I have never gone skinny dipping,” Liam says. Everyone part from me drinks, “your turn Lilly,” Perrie tells me. I didn’t have one, “um,” I say.

“It’s ok we just skip you, but better have one next round,” Zayn tells me. I smiled at him, “I have never played with myself,” Louis says. Again everyone but me drinks and Louis noticed. A smirk comes on his face, “you never touched yourself?” Perrie asked. I shake my head no, “you are so pure,” Liam laughed.

“I can see myself sober by the end of this game,” I smiled. Everyone starts laughing, “Screw this game,” Louis says. Everyone looks at him, “we will all be drunk and Lilly Belle be sober,” Louis explained. I nodded in agreement, “and since it my first party I want to be drunk,” I laughed. Perrie laughed with me, “Let’s play beer pong with a twist,” Niall says.

“What the twist?” Harry questioned. We all look at Niall, “two teams with one cup per person and you try to get it in someone cup. They drink there cup, but the twist is that you get to ask them a questioned and if they don’t answer they got to drink all of their teams drinks,” he explained. We all agreed to it and got into two teams. I had Liam and Harry on my team, “I’ll go first,” Liam announced. He threw the ping pong ball and missed, “too bad,” Louis smiled. Louis throws the ball and it lands in my cup, “how far have you gone with a guy or a girl?” he asked me. I took in a deep breath, “if you’re trying to ask if I’m a virgin I am at everything,” I replied. I noticed everyone was shocked as I drank my whole drink. I put the empty cup back on the table, “that’s rare at our school,” Louis says. Everyone nodded in agreement and I felt embarrassed about it. Harry pulls me to him, “that just means we got to protect her from the dicks at school,” Harry tells them. They all agreed, “and everyone else too,” Zayn added. I smiled, “I’m not holding on to it for love. I’m holding on to it for someone I trust,” I tell them.

“But don’t you trust someone you love?” Niall questioned.

“You can trust someone without being in love with them. It the person that makes you feel safe,” I explained. They all nodded that they understood, “my turn,” I say as I picked up the ball and trying to change the subject. I threw it hoping it land in anyone’s and it landed right into Louis drink. Just my luck, “how many girls you slept with?” I asked him. I think the alcohol in my body was making me brave, “um seven,” he says as he drinks his drink. He looked down at his cup, “Lilly and I need another drink to keep playing,” Louis says. He signals for me to follow him to the kitchen, “my turn,” Perrie says as we entered the kitchen. Louis fills our cups back up, “Louis is it a bad thing that I’m a virgin?” I asked him. I leant against the counter and looked down, “I don’t think it is,” Louis tells me. Then he places his hand on the side of my face and pulls me to look at him, “than why do I feel like it is?” I admitted to him.

“Because we all are not, but we do have to keep you safe from other guys. Because they can smell a virgin,” he tells me. I raised an eyebrow at him, “did you smell it?” I questioned. He smirked, “I did, but I didn’t know that you done nothing with anyone,” he replied. I stand up as Louis left his hand on my face, “and kissing me on the cheek doesn’t count as kissing a guy,” he says as he moves closer to my face. I push him away, “who said I was talking about you?” I asked. Louis smiled, “your eyes did when you kissed me,” he says. I look down because he was right, “and for pushing me. I’ll make you do a body shot off me later,” he tells me as he lifts my head up. I stick my tongue out at him, “you’ll need that later,” he whispered in my ear.

“I need some fresh air,” I say as I grabbed my bag. I headed for the backyard it was huge with a big pool and spa. There was a single big tree right at the back, “you alright hunny?” I heard Perrie ask. I turned around and smiled, “fine. Just wanted a smoke,” I tell her. She stands next to me as I got out a smoke and lit it up. Perrie hands me two cups, “one yours,” she tells me as she lit her smoke up. I hand her drink back, “you shouldn’t be embarrassed about still having your virginity. I only lost mine this summer to Zayn,” she tells me. I smiled at her, “don’t worry about tonight, because we’re going to look after you,” she added. Then the boys came out, “you ready for tonight Flower?” Harry asked me.

“Yes Harold,” I smirked. Everyone starts laughing as Harry glared at me, “Harold?” Liam questioned. The boys pulled out a smoke, “it for Harry nerdy side,” I tell them.

“We all know about Harold nerdy side,” Niall laughed. Harry was still not laughing, “I’m sorry Harold,” I say as I put my arm around him. Harry smiled at me, “it was going to come out sooner or later,” he says as he puts an arm around me. The boys stopped laughing so they can have their smokes, “people will be here soon,” Louis says as he looks at his phone. Everyone smiled, “than the real fun begins,” Zayn says. Then my phone goes off as Harry moves away from me. I get it out and read it:

Louis Tomlinson
Don’t do anything stupid tonight. I don’t want to have to save you again

I smiled as I looked at Louis:

I don’t need saving I’m a big strong girl

I messaged him back. I turn my phone on silent, “who messaging you?” Niall asked.

“My mother,” I lied. Then my phone vibrates:

Louis Tomlinson
I know you’re strong but I don’t know about being a big girl yet

I look at him and he winks at me:

Stop being dirty

I replied. Then I heard Louis laugh as I looked at everyone else. Zayn and Perrie were making out and the rest were talking about something. I felt my phone vibrate in my hand so I looked at my message:

Louis Tomlinson
I think you’re the one being dirty ;) and stop standing there and come talk to me

I put my phone back in my bag as I walked over to Louis, “is this better?” I asked. He smiled, “much,” he replied as he steps closer to me. I smiled at him as I drank some of my drink, “I wasn’t being dirty by the way,” he tells me. I look at him, “sure you were,” I say. Louis smiled as he took a sip of his drink, “why do you want me to talk dirty to you?” he smirked. I bite my bottom lip, “we all know you want to,” I tell him. Louis raised an eyebrow as I drank half of my drink, “so that not a no then?” he questioned. I smiled as I drank the rest of my drink, “need another one,” I say. Louis shakes his head no, “I think you can wait a bit. It going straight to your head,” he tells me. I take a step forward and stumble a bit. Louis wraps an arm around my waist, “see told you,” he says. I think he was right the alcohol was going straight to my head, “no it not. It just the first time I wore heels,” I tell him. Louis chuckles, “still no drink,” he says. I crossed my arms and pouted, “and you say you’re a big girl,” he teased me. I playfully hit him on his chest, “I need you kinda sober to do the body shot,” he whispered in my ear. I rolled my eyes, “for that I’m going to take one off of you,” he tells me. As I was about to say something the doorbell rang, “can one of you take Lilly Belle so I can get the door?” Louis asked everyone. Niall comes running, “are you drunk already?” he questioned.

“Maybe a little bit,” I giggled. Niall wraps an arm around me as Louis answered the door. A big group of people came in and the music started playing, “I’ll take her Niall,” Perrie tells him. Niall lets go of me and greets some people, “I’m not that drunk,” I say. Perrie wraps an arm around me, “it just the heels,” I added. Perrie laughed, “Sure it is,” she says. I could tell she didn’t believe me, “let’s go dance,” I tell her as I point to the people already dancing. She nodded yes as she leads me to the dance floor.

I don’t know how long we danced for but there were more people here, “I’m going to get a drink,” I tell Perrie. Zayn takes my place with her on the dance floor. I walked in to the kitchen, “want a drink?” Niall asked me. I nodded yes, “I think I got rid most of the alcohol in my system,” I say. Niall laughed as he hands me a drink, “I can see from all the dancing you did,” he smiled. I smiled as I drank some of my drink. I noticed a group of guys starting at me from the other side of the kitchen. I moved closer to Niall and he noticed what I was doing. He puts his arm around me, “there just stoners,” he whispered. I still felt uneasy as they kept staring at me, “they look like they want to eat me alive,” I whispered back. Niall laughed, “They probably think your food,” he tells me. I laugh with him, “what so funny?” Harry asked as he walked into the kitchen. Niall points to the stoners, “oh,” Harry says. Then he turns to them, “fucken stop staring you’re never going to get her!” Harry yelled at them. They ran out of the kitchen, “that’s better,” I say. They both start laughing as I took a sip of my drink. I looked around at the party and noticed Perrie and Zayn still dancing. I also noticed Liam playing beer pong and it looked like he was wining. But I couldn’t find Louis, “I’m going out for a smoke,” I tell Harry and Niall.

They followed me outside, “I still don’t like you smoking,” Harry tells me as I lit up my smoke.

“I don’t like you smoking too,” I tell him. He smiled at me as he lit up his smoke. Niall ran off to go talk to some guy, “how is your night going so far?” Harry asked me.

“Great so far,” I smiled. Harry laughed, “It just gets more fun from here,” he tells me. Then Niall waves Harry over, “I’ll be right back Flower,” he says before running over to Niall. I stood there smoking my smoke as I looked around, “ready for your body shot?” Louis whispered behind me. I turn around to face him, “I don’t think I want to do it,” I tell him. Louis smirks, “don’t forget you owe me,” he says as he takes my smoke out of my hand. He starts to smoke it, “that mine,” I say. Louis smiled as blew smoke out, “I know,” he says.

“Can I have it back please?” I asked him nicely. Louis takes another drag, “maybe,” he replied. I take a big drink of my drink, “are you trying to get drunk?” Louis asked me. I nodded yes, “it stops me from wanting to hit you,” I smirked. Louis looked at me, “you don’t mean that,” he says as he hands me my smoke back. I take it and had a big drag, “I might do,” I say as I blew smoke out. Louis smirks at me, “body shots!” Louis shouts as I butted out my smoke. Louis grabs my hand, “you can hit me after our body shots,” he tells me.

He drags me to the dining room table and notice no one was playing beer pong. Perrie stands next to me, “who you going to do?” she asked me. I pointed to Louis as he was getting a bottle and shot glasses. She smiled at me, “I thought he pissed you off?” she questioned.

“He does,” I replied as I put my drink down. Louis stood next to me, “Tequila,” he says as he shows me the bottle. Niall came stood next to Louis with salt and some lime wedges, “Zayn and Perrie first!” Louis yelled. Zayn takes his shirt off and I couldn’t help but stare. He had tattoos over his toned body, “his Perrie,” Louis whispered in my ear. I look at him, “I can see why,” I smiled. Louis pours a shot and gives it to Perrie. Zayn laid down on the table as Niall made a line of salt on his abbs. Perrie puts the lime in Zayn mouth, “watch and learn,” Louis tells me. I watched as Perrie lick the salt off of Zayn and then she takes her shot. She takes the lime out of his mouth and then she kissed him, “next!” Niall shouts. Liam starts to take off his shirt and he too had tattoos over his toned body. A girl I never seen before comes and does the shot. She also kissed Liam, “do I have to kiss you?” I asked Louis. He smiled at me, “only if you want to,” he says as Niall takes his shirt off. What with these boys and there toned tattoo bodies? They looked like gods, “you alright there Lilly Belle,” Louis laughed. I looked at him, “I’m great,” I smiled. When I looked back Niall was finished with his body shot, “Harry!” Liam yelled. Harry comes running with his shirt already off. I didn’t look, because Harry felt like my brother. I heard Louis laugh again, “you watched everyone else, but you won’t watch Harry,” Louis says.

“Because he like my brother,” I tell him. Louis wraps and arm around me, “good to hear,” Louis whispered in my ear. I looked at him, “our turn,” he tells me. Louis takes off his shirt and I had a good look. He had tattoos across his chest and one of his nipples pierced. He had rock hard abbs and a snail trail leading down. He lay on the table as Niall gave me my shot. Niall the starts to put a salt line on Louis abbs, “ready?” Louis asked me as he puts the lime in his mouth. I lick the salt slowly and then I took my shot. As I take the lime from his mouth our lips brushed. I step away as I sucked the lime and then threw it into the empty bowl. Louis gets up from the table, “that was not that bad,” he says. I smiled, “maybe,” I playfully say. Louis noticed, “It the girls turn!” he shouts. The girls from before go before Perrie and I. They laid down one after each other lifting their shirts up. Lucky for them they weren’t wearing dresses like Perrie and I. Perrie sits on the table, “let’s do this at the same time,” she tells me. I sit next to her, “how are we going to do this?” I asked her. Before she could reply Louis lifts the bottom of my dress up to just under my knickers. Louis puts a salt line on my thigh then gives the salt to Zayn. Then Louis gets a lime, “relax I’m not going to hurt you,” Louis whispered before he puts the lime in my mouth. Louis picks up his shot and clinks it with Zayn before he licks the salt slowly. Then he drinks his shot, “don’t forget to let go,” he tells me. Then Louis takes the lime and our lips brushed again. I quickly jump off the table and pulled my dress back down, “that was fun,” Louis says as he puts his shirt back on. I smiled at him as I picked my drink up. Louis stopped me, “don’t drink it,” he tells me. He takes the cup from my hand and throws it on a plant, “why did you do that?” I questioned him.

“You let it out of your sight,” he tells me. I raised an eyebrow, “someone could put something in it,” he continued. I look into his eyes, “something?” I asked. Louis smiled, “like a date rape drug. I don’t trust people here part from our group,” he explained to me. I give him a small nod, “sometimes you’re too innocent for yourself,” he says as he grabs my hand.

He takes me to the kitchen and gets me another drink, “now don’t let this one out of your sight,” he tells me. Then a random guy walks in, “let’s do a shot,” he says as he puts an arm around me. Louis pulls me to him as two more guys walked in. I wrap my arm around Louis to make sure no one came near me. The guy start pouring shots and hands two to Louis and I. Louis hands me his cup and take the shots off of the guy, “one, two, three,” the guy says. Him and his friends take their shots, “open your mouth and put your head back,” Louis tells me. I did what he told me and Louis pours the shot down my throat. Then he takes his, “oh my god that burned,” I say. Louis takes his drink back as I drank some of mine. Louis puts his arm around my waist, “so Louis is this your new girl?” the guy asked.

“Yep,” he replied as he kissed my cheek. They guy looks me up and down, “can I have her when you’re done?” he questioned as he licked his lips. I felt Louis tense as I put my arm around his waist, “no,” Louis gritted threw his teeth. The guy looked at him, “you know you’ll get bored of her soon or is she the group sex toy?” he spat. I felt Louis breathing get heavy and faster, “no she not!” Louis shouted. Louis puts his drink down, “get the fuck out of my house!” Louis tells him. The guy smiled at him and Louis punches him. The guy fought back as his friends cornered me, “where do you think you’re going pretty lady?” one of them questioned. I dropped my drink as I threw a punch at him hitting him straight in the nose. I heard a crack as it made contact, “fuck!” he screamed as he fell to the floor. His other friend tried to grab me, “I don’t think so,” I heard Liam say. When I turned around the other guy was on the floor and Liam on top of him. I didn’t know what to do until I felt a hand grab my leg. I look down to see it was the guy I punched, “you’ll pay for that bitch!” he yelled at me. Then a fist come in contact with his face, “don’t you fucken call her that!” Louis shouted at him. Then Harry, Niall and Zayn where throwing them out, “one,” Liam says.

“One?” I questioned. I looked at them and they both had bloody lips, “one fight down,” Louis replied. I picked up two napkins and put it on their lips, “thanks,” Liam says. I noticed their hands were bloody as they held to the napkin to their lips, “what do you mean one down?” I asked.

“I have a rule. Two fights and the party over,” Louis tells me as he washed his hands. Liam leaves us to use the bathroom, “you can punch, but how is your hand?” Louis asked me. I didn’t noticed my hand hurting until he said it, “it hurts,” I tell him. Louis grabs out an ice pack and puts it on my hand. He holds it there, “I’m sorry that I piss you off, but please don’t hit me,” Louis smiled. I giggled, “Lil are you alright?” I heard Perrie asked as she walked into the kitchen. She stops and looks at my hand, “what happened?” she asked with worry on her voice.

“Some dicks tried to take Lilly away from us, but when I didn’t give her to them they called her nasty names. So we hit them,” Louis tells her. Perrie smiled, “so we got a fighter,” she says. Louis and I started laughing, “Told you I’m a big girl,” I tell Louis. Perrie looks at us confused, “there gone and how are we in here?” Harry asked as he and the rest of the boys walked into the kitchen.

“Fine,” I replied. They look down at my hand, “you got him a good one. He screamed like a bitch,” Liam says. They all looked at me and I smiled, “what can I say?” I laughed. They all joined in and then left Louis and I, “how’s your hand?” he asked me. He takes the ice pack off, “much better thanks,” I smiled. I touched Louis lip, “how are you feeling?” I asked him. He smiled, “I’m great,” he replied. Louis grabs my hand that I had on his face, “you sure?” I questioned.

“Nothing a shot won’t fix,” he smiled as he let go of my hand. He pours two shots, “it will help the hand,” he tells me as he hands one to me. He clinks our shots, “to you for being a big girl,” he says. He brings the shot to his lips, “to you for saving me again,” I say as I take my shot. Louis does the same, “why does it burn?” I questioned. Louis smiled at me, “because it bad for you,” he replied.

We both grab a drink and went back to the party. I talked to some girls from my classes and all they wanted to know what the boys like in bed. After a couple more drinks I stumbled out side to the big tree. I noticed in the tree was a big tree house, but no way to get up there. I sit against the tree and got out a smoke. I started to look for my lighter, but it was gone, “here,” I heard Louis say. I take the lighter out of his hand, “thanks,” I say as I lit up my smoke. Louis sits next to me, “enjoying the party?” he asked me as he lit up a smoke. I sighed, “Why do all the girls want to know how good you all are in bed?” I asked him. He laughed, “I don’t know,” he replied.

“It annoying. I’m not good with people and I tried my best, but there idiots,” I say. Louis laughed harder, “that they are,” he says as he wraps an arm around me. I drank the last of my drink and put the empty cup next to me. I took a drag of my smoke and looked up as I blew it out, “why do you have a tree house with no way to get up there?” I asked him. Louis looks up too, “there is a way up,” he tells me. He takes a drag of his smoke and blows it out, “but I don’t like people up there,” he added as he looked at me. I look back at him and smiled as I took a drag of my smoke.

We finished our smokes in silent, “would you like to go up there?” he asked me. I look at him, “you don’t have to since you don’t like people up there,” I replied. Louis gets up, “you’re not people you’re Lilly Belle,” he says. He pulls me up and I stumbled into him, “I think you should take those heels off,” he smiled as he steadied me. I take off my heels, “how are we going to get up there?” I asked. He smiled, “just watch and stay right there,” he says. Louis runs to the other side of the tree and jumps. He misses the branch, “fuck,” he sighed. He runs back over to me, “I can do this,” he puffed. I start to giggle, “Thanks for the encouragement,” he says. I stopped giggling, “You can do this Louis,” I tell him. He smiled and runs for the branch again. He grabs it this time, “wow,” I say a bit louder then I planned to. I heard Louis laughing as he climbed the tree to the tree house. He stood on a branch, “now for laughing at me I might not let you up,” he smiled. I look up at him, “plus it's a nice view down your dress,” he added. I looked down as I cross my arms over my chest, “don’t be like that,” Louis whined. I looked back up at him, “then let me up,” I tell him. He raised an eyebrow as he let a rope ladder down. He climbs down it, “ladies first,” he says as he reached the bottom. I look at him, “so you can look up my dress. No way,” I tell him. Louis smirked, “no so you don’t fall,” he says as he pushes me to the ladder. I start to climb it and Louis close behind me, “Louis stop looking,” I tell him. Louis chuckles, “nice black knickers,” he says.

We made it to the top and Louis pulls up the ladder, “don’t want other people to come up here,” he says. I walk in to the tree house and half it was boys stuff while the other half was girl stuff. Louis stands behind me, “do you have a sister Louis?” I asked him.

“I have five of them, but only one comes here,” he replied. I look at him, “where do the other four live?” I questioned. Louis sighed, “with my mum, but that’s a story for another day,” he tells me. I nodded, “so why don’t you like people up here?” I asked.

“Because people mess it up,” he replied. He pulls out a little bottle of vodka and drinks some. He hands it to me and I take a swig, “will I ever get used to that?” I questioned. Louis smiled as he took the bottle off of me, “I don’t think so,” he replied. Louis walks over to a set of small draws, “I know your mother does it, but if you don’t want me to I won’t,” he tells me as he held a tin. I looked at him confused, “it dope,” he says. I raised my eyebrows, “it your life Louis,” I tell him.

“So you don’t mind if I have a joint?” he questioned. I smiled at him, “because my mother is a bitch on it doesn’t mean you’re going to be,” I replied. Louis rolled himself a joint as I sat down on the floor. I threw my bag across the room as Louis lent against the opening to the tree house, “you sure?” he asked me. I smiled again, “I’m sure and will you stop asking me,” I tell him. Louis lights it up and inhales it, “I have a stupid question,” he started as he blew smoke out. I look right into his eyes, “have you ever been high?” he asked. I shake my head no, “are you against it?” he questioned. I shake my head no again, “do you want to try it? You don’t have to I’m not going to force you,” he asked me. I looked down and thought about it, “why not you only live once,” I replied. Louis sits down next to me, “open your mouth,” he tells me. I open my mouth as I closed my eyes. Louis covered my mouth with his as he blew smoke in. I inhale it and started coughing, “it happens for first timers,” he reassured me as he rubs my back. When I stopped coughing I look at him as he puts the joint in an ashtray. Louis takes a swig of vodka and hands it to me, “are you trying to get me drunk and high so you can have your way with me?” I giggled as I took the bottle. Louis shakes his head no as I took a swig, “just being nice,” he smiled. Louis gets up and grabs a fluffy blanket, “stand up please,” he tells me. I tried to get up, but my head felt dizzy. Louis puts the blanket next me and helps me up. He holds onto me as the world was spinning around, “I think it all going to your head,” he chuckled.

“No it not,” I say as he moves me next to the wall. I put my hands on the wall to steady myself as Louis spreads the blanket on the on the floor. He comes back over to me, “can you walk?” he questioned as I was holding myself up with the wall. I took a step and stumbled into Louis arms, “I take that as a no,” he smiled. He picks me up bridal style and lays me down on the blanket. Louis lies down next to me and pulls me to him. I lay my head on his chest as I wrapped my arm around his waist. Louis wraps one of his arms around my back as he placed his hand on my hip. With the other he started to fun his fingers down my arm to my hand as he entwines our fingers together. It was nice to lay there as the world stopped spinning, “how are you feeling?” Louis asked me.

“I feel great,” I replied. Louis chuckled, “Louis can you not tell Harry about the dope, because he is already disappointed about me smoking?” I asked him. Louis sighed deeply, “His is a hypocrite,” he says.

“but please,” I begged. Louis starts to move his fingers on my hip, “why do you care so much about what he thinks?” Louis questioned. I rest my chin on his chest as I looked at him, “because he was a big part of my life,” I tell him. Louis lifts his head to look at me, “so you have changed since then and so has he,” Louis tells me. I could tell he was getting annoyed even in my drunk state, “it your life you should so whatever you want and not care about what people think,” he added. I hid my face into his chest, “can we stop talking about Harry?” Louis asked me. I nodded yes into Louis chest, “good, because this conversation was pissing me off,” Louis tells me. I turn my head to the side so I could breathe probably, “why?” I asked him. Louis tucked my hair behind my ear, “because why should you care what he thinks. He done worst stuff than you,” Louis spat at me. I tried to move away, but Louis grips me tight, “don’t go. I’m sorry it just when you start worrying about what people think of you. You stop living life the way you want and become like everyone else,” Louis tells me.

“I understand, but I’m scared of sticking out,” I admitted to him. Louis smiled, “you already do,” he says. Louis pulls me up closer to his face, “I noticed you,” he whispered. Louis lets go of my hand and runs his fingers up my arm and down my back to his other hand. I look into his glassy blue eyes as he looks into mine, “Louis!” someone shouted. Louis sits up still holding me, “what!” he shouted back.

“Fight!” someone yelled. Louis sighed, “Looks like the party is over,” he tells me. Louis gets up, “time to get everyone out,” he says as he helps me up. I nodded to say that I heard him, but all I could think about was he going to kiss me.

I was starting to sober up as my feet hit the grass, “well hello you two,” Zayn smirked. Louis chuckled, “where is the fight?” Louis asked.

“In the lounge room,” Zayn replied as he left. Louis turns to me, “stay out here and if you can to get people to leave,” he tells me. Louis kissed me on the cheek as he ran off. I looked around the backyard and noticed a small group of girls sitting down next to the pool. I walk over to them, “time to go ladies,” I tell them. A blonde girl looked at me, “fuck off slut,” she spat at me. She stands up and comes closer to me, “I think you should leave now,” I tell her in a stern voice. She raised an eyebrow, “I don’t have to listen to you mole,” she says. I smiled, “leave now or I will make you,” I tell her as I closed the gap between us. She stood her ground, “no. I don’t care if your Louis new fuckdoll you can’t tell me what to do,” she spat in my face. She grips me by the throat, “Mr Dew was right you are a waste space,” she added. Her grip round my throat got tighter and I couldn’t breathe. Then a fist came in contact with her face and she lets go of me. I fill my lungs back up with air as I bent over, “just fuck off slut!” I heard Perrie shout. All the girls got up and ran off, “you alright Lilly?” Perrie asked me as she lent down. I nodded yes, “you can punch,” I puffed. She starts to laugh, “Zayn taught me well,” she says. Perrie runs her fingers over my throat, “it’s a bit red and sore, but should be gone by the morning,” she tells me. I finally caught my breath, “thanks for saving me,” I tell her.

“You would have done the same for me,” she smiled. Then Harry and Zayn came over to us, “what happened to you Flower?” Harry asked as he noticed my throat. Zayn noticed too, “just a blonde slut,” I say. Harry didn’t look happy so I turned to Zayn, “your girl can punch,” I tell him. Zayn smiled and kissed Perrie cheek, “I know,” he says. I start to giggle a bit too much, “are you high Flower?” Harry questioned. I couldn’t help but nod yes, “what the fuck,” Harry gritted threw his teeth. Harry grabs my hand a bit too tight, “let go Harry!” I yelled at him as he tried to take me somewhere. He was so strong so I sat on the floor, “what are the fuck you doing Lilly?” he spat.

“I’m not a little girl anymore and you can’t tell me what to do. It’s my life and I can do what I want,” I spat back. Louis was right it was my life and I should do whatever I wanted. Harry groans, “Harry you need to calm down,” Perrie tells him. Harry turns to her, “shut the fuck up!” he yells at her. Zayn step in front of Perrie, “mate you need to calm the fuck down or I’ll make you,” Zayn tells him. Liam and Niall come running, “you all need to calm the fuck down, because Louis is in another fight,” Niall puffed.

We all went out the front yard to see Louis fighting with the guy from the kitchen. His friends who seemed to multiply, “you girls stay here,” Liam tells us. They walked over to Louis and the guy fighting, but his friends stop them. It was six to four, “that not fair,” I say. Perrie just looked on to see what was about to happen. I couldn’t watch so I turned my head away, “I’ll fuck her before you do!” someone yelled. I looked at Louis and the guy, “you won’t fucken touch her!” Louis yelled back. Then it turned for the worst one of the guy friends grabbed Louis and held him back, “how would you know when you’ll be in the hospital,” the guy tells Louis and just heard him. I couldn’t take it anymore I ran over and punched the guy right in the face. I heard the same crack as I did before, “fucken bitch!” he yelled as he held his nose. Louis got out of the other guy’s grip and ran to my side, “I would never go anywhere near you!” I shouted at him. Everyone stopped fighting, “just get the fuck out of here before we go round three,” Louis tells them. They all staggered away, “that means all of you!” Louis yelled louder. The crowed disappear and it was just our group left. We all look at each other, “what a great party.” Niall laughed. We all joined in laughing with him as we walked back inside.

The house was a mess, “this is going to take a while,” Liam sighed. Harry pulls me to him, “I’m sorry about before,” he says. I nodded, “you should apologize to Perrie too,” I tell him. I really didn’t want to talk to him right now so I walked away. I started to clean up the backyard, “I’m here to help you,” I heard Louis say. I turned around to him, “what happened to your neck?” he questioned as he lightly runs his fingers over it.

“Just some slut,” I replied. Louis smiled as he got his smokes out, “shit,” I whispered. He looks at me as he puts one between his lips, “I left mine in the tree house,” I tell him. Louis lights his smoke up and gives it to me, “thanks,” I say as I kissed him on the cheek. Louis smiled as he got another one out, “what was that for?” he questioned. I smiled as I took a drag of my smoke, “just returning the kiss you gave me,” I say as I blew smoke out. He smiled as he looked at the ground and lit up his smoke, “you know you still owe me one from the kitchen,” he tells me. I smiled as I kissed his cheek again, “better?” I asked him. He nodded yes as we started to clean up, “you can smoke and walk,” Louis says sarcastically. I laughed at him, “it a miracle,” he says as throws his hands up in the air. I laughed harder, “nah it not. I just like pissing you off,” I smirked.

We finished cleaning up, “you stay here and I grab your bag,” Louis tells me as he ran off. I look into the house and noticed everyone has gone to bed. So I walked to the pool and put my legs in the water. I lean back and closed my eyes, “you all right there?” Louis questioned. I nodded yes leaving my eyes closed, “the water feels nice,” I say. I open my eyes to see Louis standing next to me. I noticed that he had a good view down my dress so I stood up. He smirked, “have a good look?” I asked him. He nodded yes as I unzipped my dress. Louis looks at me with wide eyes as I took it off, “I’m going for a swim,” I tell him. I jump in the pool and when I came up he was still staring at me. So I went back under and found an unopened beer bottle, “look what I found,” I smiled. I open it and threw the cap at Louis, “that the last thing you need,” Louis tells me as he puts my bag and shoes down. He starts to take his clothes of, but leaving his boxers on. I had a good look as I drunk some of the beer. Louis jumps in near me and splashes me, “Louis,” I giggled. Louis comes up right next to me, “give me the beer,” he tells me. I shake my head as I ran away from him. I got to the edge of the pool before Louis caught me. I started to scull the beer before he takes it off me. Then he throws it on to the grass, “I told you no,” he tells me.

“No you said that the last thing I need,” I smiled. Louis smiled as he placed his hands each side of me on the edge of the pool. He starts to laugh a little bit, “what happened to the girl that was scared of me?” he questioned.

“You,” I replied. Louis smiled as he closed the gap between us, “oh my god Zayn!” we heard Perrie moan. Louis quickly put his hand over my mouth to stop me from laughing, “Shh they probably here you, because the window open a bit,” he tells me. I lick his hand before he moved it away. He smiled at me before licking his hand, “were even now,” he tells me. I smiled, “you read my mind,” I say. Then a cold wind blew across us and I wrap my arms around myself. Louis wraps his arms around me, “I think it time for bed,” he tells me. I nodded yes, “good idea,” I stutter from the cold. Louis jumps out of the pool and helps me out. He wraps his arms around me again, “go inside and I’ll grab our stuff,” he tells me.

When I got inside I was still cold and Perrie moans could be heard threw out the house. I covered my ears as I felt a pair of arms go around me. I noticed it was Louis as he moves one of my hands from my ear, “sorry to say, but your room being used,” he whispered in my ear. I look at him, “so you’re in my bed,” he continued. I shake my head no “I won’t do anything I promise and you were nearly was a sleep on me in the tree house,” he tells me.

“That because I was drunk and high,” I say. Louis picks me up and throws me over his shoulder, “don’t make a noise or they will hear you,” he tells me. I knew he meant Perrie and Zayn, “ok,” I sighed.

Louis walks us up the stairs to his room and puts me down. I look around his room it was much bigger than mine. He had a big bed which was in the middle of the wall with a pair of matching side tables. He had a desk in the corner next to the window and next to it was a big bookcase filled with books. He also had a big TV and a game system in front of a two seater couch. On the other side of his room he had a walk in wardrobe and a bathroom next to it. He had football posters all over the walls, “I’m guessing you like football,” I say. He smiled, “no I love it,” he says as he walked into his wardrobe. I realized that my clothes probably in Zayn and Perrie room, “shit my clothes are in Zayn and Perrie room,” I say. Louis comes out of his wardrobe, “I know,” he says.

“What am I going to wear?” I asked him. He smiled as he handed me a t-shirt and pair of his boxers, “these,” he says. I take them off him, “now go have a shower to warm up. You can use mine and I use the one down the hall,” he tells me. I nodded as he started to walk away, “there is a lock on the door,” he winked at me.


I went into the bathroom as he left and locked the door. I jumped into the shower as hot water fell against my skin. I washed my makeup off and used Louis shampoo to get the product out of my hair. I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me tightly. My teeth felt fuzzy, so without thinking I used Louis toothbrush. Then I dried my hair the best that I could with the towel before brushing it with his hairbrush. I put on his clothes and walked out, “took your time,” Louis smiled. I look at him and he was just wearing a pair of boxers. He walks over to me, “you look warmer,” he says before going into the bathroom. I turned around to watch him, “Lilly Belle did you use my toothbrush,” he asked me. I nodded yes slowly, “I wasn’t thinking sorry,” I say. He smiled as he put some toothpaste on his toothbrush. He starts to brush his teeth, “that all right,” he says when he was done. He turns the bathroom light off and shuts the door, “and by the looks of it used my hairbrush too,” he says as he runs his fingers threw my hair. I smiled, “well you are making me sleep in your bed with you,” I say. Louis raised an eyebrow and messed up my hair, “well I like you with messy hair than,” he tells me. I push his hands away, “well I don’t,” I say as I headed back to the bathroom. I brush my hair again as Louis watched me, “what are you staring at?” I asked him.

“Just how my shirt lifts up on you when you brush your hair,” he smirked. I shake my head, “the way you’re going I’m going to sleep on the couch in the lounge room,” I tell him as I put the hairbrush down.

“No way the other boys will see your naked legs,” he tells me. He pulls me to him, “and then I will have to hit them,” he added. I smiled as I walked away from him, “then behave,” I tell him. He smiled at me as he turns the bathroom light off and shuts the door again. He walked over to his to his desk, “what time do you have your first lesson tomorrow?” he asked me. I looked over at the clock to see it was two in the morning, “you mean today and after brake,” I tell him. He starts writing on a piece of paper with a big black maker. The he grabbed a piece of sticky tape and walks over to his door. He opened the door and stuck the paper to it, “what are you doing?” I questioned him.

“Just leaving a note not to wake us,” he replied as he locked his door. He walked back over to me, “what side of the bed do you sleep on?” he asked me. I look over to his big bed, “I don’t have one. I have always slept in a single bed,” I tell him. He smiled, “well I sleep on the right side and you can sleep in the middle,” he says. I looked at him, “middle?” I questioned. He nodded yes, “well single beds don’t have sides they have a middle,” he tells me. I bite my bottom lip to stop me from rolling my eyes as I walked to the left side of the bed, “the left side will do,” I say as I got under the blankets. Louis gets in on the right side of the bed. I face away from him on the edge of the bed, “why are you so far away?” he asked.

“To stay away from you,” I replied. Then Louis pulls me across the bed to him, “but you will fall out and hurt yourself,” he says next to my ear. I lift my head as he puts his arm underneath it then I put my head back down on his arm. His other arm wraps around my waist, “this is better,” he whispered. I entwine our fingers together that where on my waist, “it warmer,” I say. Louis chuckled behind me as he puts one of his legs over mine and pulls them to him, “warmer?” he questioned. I nodded yes and then the only sound was heard was are breathing. I could feel all of Louis body against mine, “Lilly are you bitting your bottom lip to stop yourself from rolling your eyes?” he asked me.

“Yes,” I say. I felt Louis smile against my neck, “thank you,” he says. I kissed his bicep I was laying on, “you’re welcome,” I tell him. Louis moves a little behind me to cover my body more with his. I felt safe and warm in his arms, “thank you Louis for taking my party virginity,” I say. Louis lifts his head and kissed my upper arm, “anytime,” he says. The he kissed my shoulder before resting his head in the crook of my neck. I felt his stubble against my neck and it made me smile. It set every hair on my body to stand up, “you alright there Lilly? You’re squeezing my hand,” he asked me. I didn’t realize that I was doing that, “fine,” I whispered. I felt my cheek go red and so did Louis, “you sure?” he questioned as he rubbed his stubble against my neck.

“You need to stop that, “I slightly moaned. Louis chuckled before kissing my neck, “you owe me two,” he says as he rested his head back down in the crook of my neck. I moved my free hand to grabs his free hand that was across the bed, “two what?” I questioned. Louis starts to play with my hand, “kisses and I want them in the same spot too,” he whispered. His stubble rubbed against my neck as he spoke, “yep,” I moaned. Louis moves his hand from my waist and moves my hair across my neck, “this should help,” he says before putting his head back where it was before. Louis grabs my hand and starts to move his thumb backwards and forwards, “you know I could make you feel good,” he whispered. I stiffen against him, “hey it alright I’m not going to do anything to you until you tell me I can,” he reassured me before kissing my cheek. I relax, “thank you,” I tell him. I felt Louis smile, “that three you owe me now,” he says sleepily. I smiled as he was falling asleep, “goodnight Louis,” I say. I bring his hand up to my lips and kissed it. Then Louis does the same to my hand, “goodnight Lilly,” he whispered before putting our hands back where they were. Louis was asleep not long after we said goodnight. I closed my eyes as I was covered by his warmth and fell asleep.


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