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Chapter 1 – Louis Knows too Much Already

Chapter 1 – Louis Knows too Much Already

Welcome to Eden High School for criminals, drug addiction and the poor. It a school to keep people like me away from normal people. My name is Lilly Underwood and I fit in the last category for the school. I was poor there was only enough money coming in to pay for the rent and some food. It was not always like this when my dad was alive. My dad died about four months ago from a stroke at work. So it just me and my dreadful mother that wished I was never born. I hear it at least twice a day and other horrible names from her, but I’m used to it.

It was the first day of school and my first day at Eden High School for my last year. I was in sixth form and hoping to go to university to study to become a teacher. I like school, because I like learning about things.

I was the girl at school that always had her nose in a book or in the library doing extra work. I had one friend at my other school named Anastasia Hyatt. She was just like me with her nose in a book and doing extra work. However she was off to the USA to do her last year of school. I was kinda glad, because I don’t want her to see my new school or house.

The house was small only two bedrooms. The paint was coming off the walls and ceiling. The kitchen and bathroom was out of date and really small. My room just fitted my wardrobe, a desk, a small bookcase and a single bed. The paint on the walls was a light purple and the floor was a dark wood.

I make my way over to my wardrobe and got out a pair of black shorts and a white t-shirt. It was still warm outside for autumn, but I grabbed out my black cardigan. I had a quick shower to wash my long brown hair. When I got out of the shower I looked deep into my green eyes in the mirror, “it going to be alright,” I told myself. I really hope it was, because I was never good with people. Anastasia was the one that made the move for us to be friends. I get out of the bathroom and walked back to my room to get ready. After I finished getting ready I went back to the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair. I was not a big fan of makeup, but today I put on some mascara and eyeliner. I walked back into my room and grabbed out a pair of ankle socks. After I put them on I grabbed my black cheap knockoffs Converse and put them on. I was ready for school as I grabbed my bag and headed out the door.


The school was a fifteen minute walk from my house. When I arrived at the gates of this run down school, “great,” I muttered under my breath. I walked in and noticed everyone was in groups staring at me. I ignored it as I walked to the front office. When I got in there I noticed a young lady standing behind what looks like bullet proof glass. She was beautiful with her long dark brown hair, “how may I help you?” she asked. I smiled at her and noticed her hazel eyes behind her glasses, “my name is Lilly Underwood at it my first day here,” I replied. She turned around to the filling cabinet that said category three and got out a folder, “here is your timetable, locker number with key and a map of the school,” she tells me as hands me pieces of paper and a key. I take them, “thank you,” I say.

“No problem,” she smiled. As I was about to walk out she said, “If you have any trouble come and see me. My name is Veronica,” I nod to show that I heard her.

When I started to walk around the main part of the school looking for my locker. I noticed there was no colour on the walls it was all bland and lifeless. I could tell this school was going to suck the life out of me. I sighed as I looked at the map to see were my locker was. It was just down the corridor that I was in. I started to walk to it and noticed people looking at me, “breath,” I thought to myself. I got to my locker and opened it to put some of my blank notebooks in it. I shut it as the first bell rang to go to class. I looked at my timetable I had physic, “cool,” I thought. I looked at the map to see where it was, “great,” I sighed. It was on the other side of the school and I don’t know the school yet.

I started to find my way there thanks to the map. I was only five minutes late as I walked into the class. The teacher who looked too young to be one with his blonde hair and blue eyes. His name tag read Mr Thrones, “take a sit please,” he says as he points to the only empty sit left. It was next to a boy covered in tattoos on his arms and some sticking out on his shirt on his chest. He had his eyebrow, ear and lip pierced. His legs where on the table as I started to walk to him. He was wearing red t-shirt with black skinny jean that where not really tight. His brown hair was styled messy with red tips to match his shirt. He was wearing real red Converse shoes which meant his most likely in another other category. He takes his legs off the table as I sat down, “so you must be new here, because I never seen you around,” he says. I look at him and noticed his amazing blue eyes. I quickly nod yes so he didn’t catch me staring. He smirked at me, “the name Louis,” he told me.

“Lilly,” I tell him. He chuckles to himself, “well Lilly Belle welcome to Eden high,” he says. I raise an eyebrow, “what with Lilly Belle?” I asked him.

“Well your name is Lilly and you look like a princess,” he tells me. I rolled my eyes at him as he leans into me, “careful Lilly Belle I wouldn’t roll your eyes at me. I’m a category one,” he whispered in my ear. Was he trying to scare me, “what makes you think I’m not?” I asked him with much bravery I had. I wouldn’t lie he did scare me only because I don’t know what he has done. He laughed, “Because you look like a girl that wouldn’t hurt a fly or go anywhere near drugs,” he replied back.

“Tomlinson and…” the teacher started.

“Underwood,” I finished for him. He rolled his eyes, “would you like to tell the class what you two were talking about?” he asked us.

“None of your fucking business,” Louis spat at him. He rolled his eyes again and went back to writing on the board. I got out my notebook and pen, “I thought you didn’t like people rolling their eyes at you,” I smiled. I started to write what was on the board, “only you,” he smirked. I look at him and rolled my eyes on purpose and went back to writing notes. I felt Louis arm go around the back of my chair, “now Lilly Belle you’re pushing your luck,” he tells me in a stern voice. I put my hand over my mouth, “oh I’m so scared,” I said sarcastically. He smiled, “you should be,” he whispered in my ear. His words sent shivers down my spine and all the bravery left me. I went back to writing notes and Louis kept his arm on the back of my chair. I ignored it since I was leaning down most of the lesson. I leant back after I was done and greeted by Louis hand. I jumped at little, because I couldn’t believe it was still there. I looked at him and he smiled, “all done Lilly Belle?” he asked. Was he trying to annoy me or scare me, because he was definitely annoying me. I rolled my eyes out of habit and I bit my bottom lip when I realized that I did it. Louis placed his hand on my back and I shrugged it off. Louis looks straight into my eyes, “I’ll be careful if I was you,” he says.

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked out of curiosity. He smirked, “you don’t want to know,” he tells me. The bell rings and he was out the door before anyone else. I was glad that he was gone, because he did scare me. I get out my timetable to see that I had history. I got the map out to see it was not far from here.

When I got into the next class I was greeted by a middle age man that had brown hair and eyes, “you must be Lilly. I’m Mr Evan Bowles you history teacher for the year,” he tells me. I smiled and nodded as I walked back of the class. People in the class wear staring at me and I worked out why, because they didn’t know what category I was in. I sit down right at the back by myself, because no one would sit next to me. This made me think they were waiting for me to make a move which would never happen. I got my pen and a new notebook and put it on the desk. The teacher got up and started to explain what we are doing for the term in history. Then a boy with tattoos and piercing came running in. I thought for a second that it was Louis, but this boy had curly brown hair pushed off his forehead. He was wearing all black and his jeans tighter then Louis. He looks at me as the teacher points to the empty chair next to me. He had the same piercings as Louis has, but he only had one arm fall of tattoos. As he was walking towards me he green eyes was giving me a strange look. He sat down next to me and turns to me, “Flower?” he questioned. Did he just call me Flower? The only people that called me that where Marcel and his twin brother, “Harry?” I questioned back. He smiles and pulls me in for a hug, “good to see you again Flower,” he says.

“It been too long Harry,” I say as I hug him back. The teacher coughed loudly and Harry and I break the hug to look at him. He continued on what he was telling the class, “It has been nearly six years since I’ve seen you,” Harry tells me. I nodded, “please tell me you’re a category three that I got nothing against it. But I couldn’t not stand it if you’re turned to crime or drugs. You’re my pure flower,” Harry tells me with hope behind it. I smiled at him, “I am a category three,” I tell him. Shock goes over his face, “why, what happened?” he questioned.

“My dad died about four months ago from a stroke,” I explained to him. Harry looked sad when I told him, “so it just my mother and me,” I continued. Harry pulls me in for another hug, “I’m so sorry Flower. I knew your dad meant the world to you,” he whispered in my ear. I hug him back, “thank you,” I whispered back. Harry breaks the hug, “so how is Marcel doing?” I asked him to change the subject. Harry smiled, “he doing great getting a better education than us,” he replied.

“That’s good to hear,” I say. Harry and Marcel mum Anne was my dad good friend growing up. I was more friends with Marcel, because he was just like me. However Harry was always making sure no one picked on us for being nerds. The last time I saw them I was twelve and now I’m seventeen turning eighteen in January. I couldn’t help to wonder what has happen to them since the last time I saw them, “Harry what happened to you to end up in a place like this?” I asked him.

“Fighting too much,” he says. I look right into his green eyes, “Marcel got beaten up pretty bad and I went nuts after that,” he continued. Poor Marcel was all I could think, “So after I got the people that got Marcel I got into fights more. So it was to come here or jail,” he added. I put my hand on his shoulder, “you chose to come here so you can still protect him,” I say. He nods in agreement, “and I now have another reason that I’m glad that I chose to come here,” he says as he winks at me. I start to giggle, “What I have always kept you safe. Haven’t I?” he questioned. I nodded yes, “that you have,” I say.

The teacher comes around and handed us a textbook, “now read chapter one,” he told us. I open the book and started to read, “You haven’t changed one bit,” Harry smiled. I smiled back, “I’m happy the way I am,” I tell him. Harry opened his textbook, “when did you start learning?” I joked. Harry playfully pushes me, “you know history and P.E are my favourite’s subjects,” he says, I laughed at him, “I remember,” I smiled.

Harry and I started to read the textbook and taking notes down until the bell rang. Harry and I packed up our stuff up, “we got break now and I was wondering if you want to meet my friends?” Harry asked. I nodded yes since Harry was the only one I knew here, “I’ll just put my stuff in my locker and I’ll be right with you,” I tell him.

“Why don’t I come with you so you don’t get lost?” Harry questioned. I smiled, “that would be nice,” I replied. Harry and I walk to my locker and I put my notebooks and textbook. I grab out a new notebook and put it in my bag. Harry and I started to walk outside to the courtyard, “Harry why do people keep staring at me?” I asked him.

“Because there trying to work out what category you’re in. They most likely think you’re in my category since we know each other,” Harry explained. I nod to say that I understood him, “it be alright no one will hurt you when I’m around,” he reassured me. We walked to a small concrete wall were three boys and a girl were sitting. The boys all had tattoos and piercings, but they all had different colour hair. The first one I noticed was a boy with short hair with blonde tips and brown roots styled up. His eyes were a beautiful blue and he was laughing. The next one had short brown hair styled up too, but the sides of his head where shaved. His eyes matched his Hair colour and he was talking to the blonde boy. Then I looked at the next boy he had really dark brown hair styled up too and his eyes where hazel. He was so into the girl next to him and I could see why she was beautiful. She had medium blonde hair and these gorgeous blue eyes, “guys this is Lilly,” Harry says as he points to me. The girl got up and hugged me, “my name Perrie,” she says as she steps back. Then the boy with the blonde tips hugged me, “I’m Niall,” he says. Then the boy with brown hair and eyes pulls him off, “Liam,” he says as he hugs me tight.

“Guys clam the fuck down. We don’t want to scare her,” the boy with dark brown hair says. Liam moves away, “the name Zayn,” he says as he hugs me lightly. I smiled, “nice to meet you all,” I say. Niall smiled, “you’re too nice to be hanging out with Harry,” he said as he points to Harry. Everyone laughed including me, “me and Flower grew up together. The last time I saw her before today was when we were twelve,” Harry explained to them.

“Flower?” Perrie questioned. Harry smiled, “it something me and my brother call her,” he tells her. She smiles, “hello everyone!” I heard a familiar voice shout. I turn to see who it was and just my luck it was Louis. I sighed and rolled my eyes, “Lilly Belle what are you doing here?” he asked with a bit of annoyance behind it. I rolled my eyes again not caring that he saw me, “Lilly here is friends with Harry,” Liam told him. Louis chuckled to himself, “you move fast,” Louis says. Harry gives him a stern look, “I grew up with her and I haven’t seen her for six years until today in history,” Harry tells him. Louis smiled, “I met her today in physics,” Louis told him. Zayn starts laughing, “Wait you went to class?” he laughed. Louis nods yes to him which made him laugh more, “It my last year and I got to show up to some lessons,” Louis tells him. Zayn stops laughing after a bit and it was quiet, “Lilly do you mind me asking what category you’re in?” Perrie asked me.

“I’m a category three,” I replied. Louis smirked, “same as me,” Perrie smiled. It made me smiled and realized I’m not alone at this school, “the rest of us are category one,” Liam tells me. I moved closer to Harry, “but we never hurt you sweetie, “Liam added as he noticed my shocked face. I smiled, “better not,” Harry tells them. They all smiled at Harry part from Louis, “so what your next lesson Flower?” Harry asked me. I got out my timetable, “English literature,” I say as I was trying to ignore Louis eyes on me. I put my timetable in my back pocket, “cool you’re with me,” Perrie says. I smiled at her and she returns the smile back. Then the bell rang to signal for us to go to class, “back to the hell hole,” Niall groans. Perrie kissed Zayn, “see you at lunch babe,” Zayn tells her.

Then Perrie grabs my hand and pulls me into the building, “so what the deal with you and Harry?” she asked me still holding my hand. I look at her, “are you together or just friends?” she added.

“We are just friends. I have no romantic feelings towards him, because he just like a brother to me,” I tell her. She smiled, “so that means you’re up for grabs then?” she questioned. I nodded yes and her smile grew, “you should come to Louis party tonight than,” she says. I scrunched up my nose, “um I don’t do the party thing,” I tell her.

We walked into the classroom and sit at the back together. We took out our notebooks and pens, “why don’t you do the party thing?” she questioned. I sighed, “Never been to one,” I confessed to her. Shock goes over her face, “I was a big nerd at my other school and had only one friend. So no one ever asked me to a party,” I explained.

“Then come tonight. We can get ready at my house and you can say that you’re staying at mine,” she begged. I look down at the table, “why do you want me to go?” I asked her. I look up at her, “because the boys are my only friends and that only because of Zayn,” she explained to me. I could tell she was embarrassed as she looked down at the table, “do you want to be my friend?” I asked her. I could tell this school was going to change me day by day. She looks up at me with a big smile on her face, “I would love too and we can celebrate our new friendship at tonight party,” she tells me as she pulls me in for a hug.

“ok,” I gave in. I heard a chuckle, “now Lilly Belle, Perrie is Zayn’s,” Louis says. I rolled my eyes at him since I was no longer scared of him, because I have Harry here. He raises an eyebrow at me, “leave the girl alone Louis,” Perrie spat at him. Louis sits down in front of me and Liam joined him, “hello again ladies,” Liam says. We both smiled at him, “hey,” we both say. Louis rolled his eyes at us, “now class welcome to English literature,” said the teacher as he walked into the class. He looked over fifty with his grey hair and his washed out blue eyes, “for those don’t know me my name is Mr Jake Dew,” he continued. I noticed that Louis was looking at the desk, “where going to start the year off reading wuthering heights by Emily Brontë,” he started. Louis sighed loudly, “it a story about love andrevenge. I want notes on every chapter and essay on the whole book,” he finished. He starts handing out the books to all the class. Perrie and I take one off him and start reading it. The boys groan as they take one, “why do we have to read this fucken crap” Louis spat.

“Because Mr Tomlinson it my class and I say so,” Mr Dew spat back I noticed Louis move uncomfortably in his seat, “what if I don’t want to read it?” Louis said angrily. The teacher smirked at him and I knew the teacher was trying to rev him up, “if you don’t read it you’ll end up in the dog house,” Mr Dew spat back at him. I could see Louis tense up under his shirt, “are you trying to aggravate him so he’ll get out of your class?” I asked the teacher. Mr Dew looks straight at me, “no one asked for your opinion!” he yelled at me. I stood up, “and no one asked you to be such a dick!” I yelled back. Mr Dew storms over to me only inches away from my face, “I told you no one asked for you opinion!” He shouted. I was pulled back and Louis stood in front of me, “who gave you the right to talk to her like that!” Louis yelled at him. Was he protecting me, “because you’re all the same. You all are nothing part from a waste of space!” he shouted. I felt Louis start to lift his arm up, “I may be a waste of space, but it doesn’t mean she is,” Louis spat at him. I grabbed Louis arm, “don’t he not worth it. He the waste of space around here,” I tell Louis.

“Mr Tomlinson and Miss Underwood my office!” an older woman shouted. We turn our heads to her, “now!” she added. We followed her out of the classroom and headed towards her office. Once inside Louis sat straight down in a chair front of a desk. I sat down in the chair next to him and the women sat down behind the desk. I read her name bar on her desk it said Principal Nicole December. I look at her she had blonde hair to hide her greys and her eyes where a light brown, “do you both know why you are here?” she asked us. Louis laughed, “Because we got into a fight with Mr Dew,” Louis replied. She nodded, “but I do have to say this that he started it,” Louis added. Principal December sighed, “What makes me think I believe you?” she questioned him. I knew Louis couldn’t say anything in his defence, “the teacher started on him and I asked why. Then he starts on me. Then Louis comes to my rescue, because I was scared that the teacher was going to hit me,” I explained to her.

“Why would I believe you too?” she asked me. I sighed, “because I’m a category three and it my first day here. This guy next to me pisses me off so much I want to punch him. So why would I lie to protect him?” I asked back. She gives me a stern look, “let’s just say this is a warning and you two can go back to class,” she tells us. We both nod at her as we got up and started to walk out. I turn to her, “I think Mr Dew is over teaching here at this school. I think you need to find a replacement,” I tell her. She looks up from her desk, “and why is that?” she questioned.

“Because I don’t like to be called a waste of space,” I replied. I left her office and shut the door to leave her with what I said.

I walked out into the corridor and notice Louis leaning against the lockers. I ignored him as I started to walk pass him to get back to class, “now wait up Lilly Belle,” he says as he grabs my wrist. I tried to pull away, “let go Louis,” I tell him. He grips around my wrist got tighter, “what’s your rush?” he asked me. I tried to pull away again, “not like you I like to learn,” I spat at him. He smiled, “what makes you think I don’t like learning?” he asked me. I look straight at him, “by the way you do nothing and complain,” I replied. He loosens the grip around my wrist, “you know nothing about me,” he spat.

“Your right I don’t, but you know nothing about me too,” I spat back. Louis pulls me to him, “Harry knows a lot about you,” he says. I try to push away, but his grip around me just got tighter, “Harry only knows what I was like. He don’t know the real me and what I go through every day,” I tell him. I gave up trying to get out of his grip he was just too strong for me. I sighed as I looked down, “I just wish people would not take notice of me. I wish I was invisible,” I admitted to him. I don’t know why I just said that to him, “I think Perrie notice you missing,” he says. I look up at him, “there is a curse when you become friends with us,” he tells me. Was he being nice to me? The mood around us changed, “and what that?” I asked him. I saw him smile, “everyone stays away from you and where not the worst in the school. It like everyone becomes afraid of you, because of us,” he replied. I smiled, “at least I got Perrie in this gang,” I say. Louis laughed, “I’m glad she got you, because when she first came here she was getting bullied by everyone. Then just one day Zayn snapped and it all stoped for her. She joined our group and everyone left her alone. Her and Zayn only came a couple this summer,” Louis explained to me. I gave him a confusing look, “why are you telling me this?” I asked him. Louis looks up at the ceiling, “because Perrie is like a sister to me. Like Harry I hate bulling and I know his brother Marcel was getting bullied. I also worked out Harry used to protect you too,” Louis replied. He looks down at me, “do you really hate me?” he asked me.

“I never said hate,” I say as I stepped away from him. I started walking back to class, “I said pisses me off,” I smiled. Louis walks next me, “oh one more thing Lilly Belle don’t ever try to stick up for me,” he tells me. I laughed, “I mean it,” he added.

When we walked back into class Mr Dew looks at us, “get over your tantrum?” he smirked. I laughed, “I don’t know if I have,” I smirked back. He rolled his eyes at me, “you know it rude to roll your eyes,” I tell him as I leant on his desk. This teacher was pissing me off more than Louis does, “I think you should sit down before you end up back at the principal’s office again,” he warns me. I was about to yell at him, but then Louis puts his hand on my shoulder, “I wouldn’t waste my time on this waste of space,” Louis tells me. I sigh and walked back to my sit next to Perrie. Louis follows and sits down next to Liam, “so what happened?” Liam asked.

“Just a waring,” Louis replied. I went back to reading the book and taking notes, “are you alright?” Perrie asked me. I nod yes and smiled, “everything fine,” I say. I noticed Mr Dew staring at me and so did Louis, “don’t,” I say sternly as I noticed Louis tense up. Perrie and Liam look at me and I give them a half smile. They turned back to their book and notes. I do the same until the bell rang for lunch. I put my stuff in my bag, “time for lunch,” Perrie said happily. I smiled at her, “cool,” was all I could say. We walked out and I could see that Louis wanted to punch Mr Dew out. So I walked between them as we left the classroom.

We got to canteen and met up with the rest of the boys, “how was English?” Niall asked us.

“Great,” I said sarcastically. They noticed, “Why what happened?” Harry questioned. I look at Louis, “Louis and Lilly got into a fight with Mr Dew and had to go to the Principal’s office,” Liam tells them. Harry gives me a concerned look, “what did Louis do?” Harry asked.

“Lilly here stuck up for Louis and Mr Dew called her and waste of space. But before Louis could do anything the principal came in,” Perrie explained. I wonder why she left most of it out. Harry puts his arm around my shoulder, “Flower is not a waste of space,” Harry says. Louis smiled, “can we get lunch now?” Niall asked. The boys nodded, “I’m not hungry,” I tell them.

They walked away from me and I walked outside to the lunch area. I will admit I was hungry, but I didn’t pack any nor had any money to get some. I looked around and noticed people staring at me again and talking to the person next to them. I sighed, “Stop staring!” I shouted in my head. I closed my eyes to block them out, “Lilly Belle?” I heard Louis say. I opened my eyes to see him next to me, “everything alright?” he asked. I nod yes and give him a weak smile, “follow me,” he tells me. We sat down at a table, “where are the others?” I asked him. He smiled, “stuck in line, because fight broke out,” he replied. I look at him in shock, “it happens at least twice a week,” he added. He starts to eat his lunch as I looked down at the table, “are you sure everything alright?” he asked.

“Everything fine,” I lied. The staring was getting annoying, “I’ll be right back,” I tell him. I get up from the table, “it the staring isn’t it?” Louis questioned. I sighed, “it nothing,” I lied again. I started to walk away, “Lilly just sit your pretty arse back down,” Louis said sternly. I look at him, “why should I start listing to you all of sudden?” I asked him. Louis raised an eyebrow, “you know you shouldn’t care what people think of you,” he says. I sit back down, “and you don’t have to listen to me, but what I tell you is for your own good,” Louis added. I look at him, “sorry we took so long,” Perrie says as she sits down next to me. I look away from Louis and face her, “it ok,” I say. Everyone sat down and started eating, “would you eat something you’re making me feel bad,” Louis says as he throws me his apple. I catch it, “but I said I was not hungry,” I tell him.

“I don’t care,” he says. I smiled at him to say thank you and start eating the apple, “so Lilly what your last lesson?” Liam asked me. I get my timetable out, “I have no classes for the rest of the day,” I say.

“But you’re still coming to my house right?” Perrie questioned. I nodded yes, “I’ll just go home and get some stuff. Then I’ll meet you at the front gate,” I tell her. She smiled, “what do you have?” I asked her.

“Drama,” she replied. I noticed Louis was smiling, “I have it with Zayn,” she beamed. I smiled at her and noticed how in love she was with Zayn. The rest of lunch we talked about what lessons we have for the year. Found out we all had P.E together and Zayn and I had Art together. I also found out that the extra curriculum classes and team sports start next week. The bell rang for everyone to go to class, so I said my goodbyes to them.

I headed to my locker and my English stuff away since I knew tonight I was going to get nothing done. I walked out of the school and greeted by Louis, “there you are Lilly Belle,” he smiled.

“What do you want Louis?” I asked him. I started to walk home, “I thought I’ll come with you,” he replied. I rolled my eyes, “I’m a big girl and I can walk home by myself,” I tell him. Louis pins me against a tree with anger in his eyes, “what the fuck Louis?” I shouted at him. He pins my arms above my head, “what did I say about you rolling your eyes at me?” he questioned. I tried to get out of his grip as I felt tears in my eyes, “Louis you’re hurting me,” I cried as I let my tears fall. Louis looks at me and his look changes to worry. He slowly lets go of me and I push him away, “Lilly I’m so sorry,” he mumbled. He takes a step closer to me, “just leave me alone,” I tell him as I sit on the ground. I bring my knees to my chest, “I’m not going anywhere,” Louis tells me. He sits down and placed his legs around me, “I said go way,” I spat at him. Louis didn’t move, “Lilly what I did to you has it happen to you before?” he asked. I look at him, “yes,” I breathed out. Louis puts his face in his hands and groans out of anger, “fuck,” he sighs. I hid my face into my knees, “what happened?” he asked me. I shake my head no, “have you told anyone?” he questioned. I look up at him as tears covered my cheeks, “a teacher stoped it and told my mother,” I replied. Louis grabbed my hands, “what happened to him?” he asked. I shrug my shoulders, “he got kicked out of school,” I tell him.

“How far did he get?” Louis asked as he ran his thumbs over the back of my hands. I look away, “he got as far as touching me,” I say. Louis pulls me to him, “I’m sorry for what I did. It just I don’t know how to act around a girl that doesn’t listen to me,” Louis admitted. I couldn’t help but laugh a little, “you’re kidding right?” I asked.

“Nope. Perrie is just like one of the boys,” he smiled. I stand up, “come on,” I say holding my hand out. Louis doesn’t take it as he got up, “don’t need help,” he smiled. He wipes away the tear that stained my cheeks, “that better,” he says.

We started to walk to my house, but half way there I stop, “Louis can you not tell Harry or the others what I told you?” I asked him I waited for his reply, “You know you got to tell Harry, but I won’t say anything,” he replied. I sighed in relief and started to go through my bag for my smokes. I find them and pull one out, “so Lilly Belle not that innocent,” Louis Smirked. I went back into my bag to look for my lighter, “here,” Louis says as he handed me a lighter. I take it and look at him with his own smoke between his lips. I light mine as I sit down on someone brick wall, “it just a bad habit I got,” I tell him.

“Why did you start?” he questioned as he sat down next to me. I look at the floor, “for stress,” I replied. He laughed, “Smoking probably the worst thing for stress,” he says. I look at him, “I bet the real reason was to lose weight,” he added. I half smile at him, “I'm right aren’t I?” he questioned. I nodded yes as I looked at the floor, “I’m trying to quit now,” I tell him.

“Like we all are,” he smiled. We smoked the rest of our smokes in silent, “better hurry up before where late back,” Louis tells me. He stands up, “why did you start smoking?” I asked him. I get up off the wall, “was at a party picked one up and never put them down,” he replied. We started walking to my house, “that not a good reason,” I tell him. He starts to laugh, “Neither is yours,” he says.

We got to my house and I let him in. I was embarrassed about my place it was falling apart. I left Louis in the lounge room and went to my room to grab my clothes. I was going through wardrobe thinking of what to wear tonight, “you should wear a dress tonight,” I heard Louis say. I turn around to see him standing against my doorframe, “who said I was going to night?” I asked him.

“Well you’re going to Perrie’s and I know Perrie coming,” he tells me. I shake my head and smiled, “she making me go, because I never been to one,” I tell him. He looks at me in shock, “and you’re coming to my party,” he says. I nodded yes, “you should still wear a dress,” he tells me. I sighed, “I don’t own any dresses,” I tell him. He sits on my bed, “then borrow one off of Perrie,” he smiled. I grab out my clothes for tomorrow, “what if I don’t want to?” I asked as I put my clothes on my desk. He smiled, “then you can’t come and Perrie be upset,” he smirked. I walk over to him and crossed my arms, “you wouldn’t do that to her,” I say.

“I could message her and ask. I think she be happy to give you a makeover,” he tells me. I rolled my eyes and Louis grabs my hips, “I think for rolling your eyes all day at me I’m going to make you wear a dress,” he smiled. Louis wraps an arm around my legs so I couldn’t move. He gets his phone out and calls Perrie, “hello my sweet Perrie. Lilly was wondering if she could borrow a dress for tonight. I’ll tell her and another thing make sure she wears it. Ok bye,” Louis says to Perrie. He hangs up and put his phone back into his pocket, “she said she has the perfect dress,” he smiled. I bite my bottom lip to stop me from rolling my eyes. I looked down into Louis blue eyes, “why do you want me to wear a dress?” I asked him.

“Do I need a reason?” he asked back. I nodded yes never leaving his eyes, “I just want people to see we have another beautiful girl in our group,” he tells me. I blushed as I turned my head, “I’m guessing you don’t hear that a lot,” he says.

“I don’t hear it at all,” I admitted to him. Louis pulls my face towards him, “why?” he questioned. I look back into his blue eyes, “I just never have,” I tell him. Louis opens his mouth to say something, “Lilly are you home?” I heard my mother shout. I put my hand over Louis mouth, “yes!” I yell back. Louis starts to lick my hand, “can you come here?” she asked.

“I’ll be there in a minute,” I replied. I move my hand away from Louis mouth, “you know you didn’t have to cover my mouth,” he says. He grabs my hand that I covered his mouth with, “I dare you to lick it,” he says. I look down at my hand that was covered in his slobber, “no,” I tell him. He smirked, “I’ll start yelling,” he tells me. I look at him, “please don’t,” I begged him.

“Then lick it,” he says. I looked down at my hand, “you’re a fucken arsehole,” I say before I licked my hand. He lets go of me and I walked out of my room to my mother. She was sitting at the kitchen table, “there is my so called daughter,” she spat at me. I noticed she was rolling herself a joint, “what do you want?” I asked her. She put the joint between her lips and lit it up, “did you take some money out of my purse?” she asked as she blew out smoke. I shake my head no, “don’t lie to me bitch,” she spat as she slams her hand on the table. I went into the kitchen to get myself a drink, “I’m not,” I tell her. Please don’t start on me with Louis in my room. I drunk my drink in one go, “go back to your room and stay there,” she told me.

I walked back to my room and shut the door. I turn around to see Louis still on my bed. I ignored him as I got out some PJ’s and clean underwear out, “are you alright Lilly?” Louis asked me. I don’t look at him, “I’m fine,” I say. I walked over to my desk to put my clothes with the rest, “Lilly I heard,” Louis says as he wraps his arms around me. I looked down at his hands, “I’m really fine Louis,” I tell him again. Louis doesn’t move his hands, “I don’t care what lie’s you’re telling me. I’m not letting go,” he tells me.

“Lilly!” I heard my mother shout followed by her footsteps. I look at Louis, “get under the fucken bed now,” I tell him. He lets go and dives under the bed in time. My mother swings the door open, “how many fucken times do I have to tell you not to leave your bag in the lounge room?” she snapped. I noticed she was holding Louis bag, “I’m sorry,” I say. She throws his bag at me hard and I catch it, “and I’m going out tonight,” she tells me. She walks out of my room and slams the door, “why were you even born!” she yells. I hug Louis bag as I sit on the edge of the bed. Louis comes out from under my bed, “Lilly?” Louis whispered. Louis pulls me to him and throws his bag down. I wrapped my arms around him, “sorry you had to hear that,” I whispered. Louis starts to rub circles on my back, “it alright,” he reassured me. I burry my face into his chest as Louis grip around me got tighter. We stood there for a while, “I can’t leave until she does,” I tell him.

“I’ll message Perrie telling her that I’ll drop you off at her place later,” he tells me. I move away from him as he got his phone out. I walked out of my room and went to the bathroom to grab some stuff. When I got back Louis was putting my clothes in my bag. I close the door and lean on it, “thanks,” I say. Louis looks over to me as he was putting the last of my clothes away. He comes over to me and takes the stuff I hand in my hands. He walks back over to my bag and put them in. I was still leaning against the door frozen as I looked at the floor. I was thinking about what just happened and that Louis knows. I felt Louis hands on my shoulders, “come,” he says as he fingers travel down to my hands. He pulls me off the door and leads me to my bed. He sits down on it, “Lilly it alright,” he says still holding my hands. I couldn’t bear to look at him, “Lilly would you look at me,” Louis tells me. I shake my head no, “I’m not judging you,” he says. I still don’t look at him as he got off the bed. He pulls my face to him and I close my eyes, “please look at me,” Louis pleaded.

“I don’t want to,” I mumbled. I was completely embarrassed about what Louis heard. I kept it hidden for so long that even Anastasia, Harry and Marcel didn’t know. Then I felt Louis arms go around me and picked me up. He threw me on my bed and takes off my shoes. I rolled over to the other side of my bed away from Louis. I felt the bed dip and arm go around me, “I got you,” Louis whispered as he pulls me to him. I look out of the window, “where your dad?” Louis asked me.

“Dead,” I replied. I felt tears in my eyes, “he died about four months ago,” I added. I let a tear roll down my face to my pillow, “I’m sorry,” Louis whispered.

“It was a bit better when he was around. My mother only did it when he wasn’t home,” I admitted. Louis grip around me got tighter, “you miss him?” Louis questioned. I nod as more tears feel, “so much,” I cried. Louis turns me around to face him, “it going to be alright,” he says as he wipes my tears away.

“How do you know that?” I asked him. Louis starts rubbing his thumb back and forth on my cheek, “because I know you’re strong and I know this will hopefully end soon,” he tells me. I closed my eyes hoping what he said was true. Then we heard the bathroom door slam, “we be out of here soon,” I tell Louis. He nods and smiled, “for someone who smokes dope she not a happy person,” Louis says. I hid my face in my hands to hide my embarrassment about my mother, “how do you know about that?” I mumbled into my hands. Louis moves my hands away from my face, “I can smell it on her,” he replied. He smiled a little, “Lilly I know you’re not happy about your mother, but you don’t have to be embarrassed about it. She the one making a fool of herself,” he tells me. I sighed, “But…” I started as Louis puts his finger on my lips to stop me from continuing.

“No buts,” he says. He leaves his finger there, “you’re never going to be her. You know how I know?” he asked. I shake my head no as Louis kept his finger on my lips, “because your care about other people. I saw it more than once today. You may say that you wished invisible, but I know that you really wished that people would just accept you just the way you are,” he tells me. I must have looked shocked, because Louis starts to laugh, “I also think you’re going to fit in with our group,” he added.

“Gang you mean,” I say against his finger. Louis shakes his head, “gangs create trouble and we don’t. We protect the people that are close to us,” Louis says. I raised my eyebrow at him, “then what happened in class today?” I asked him as he finally moves his finger away. Louis smiled, “just saying my opinion. I thought everyone was entitled to it,” he tells me. I smiled at him, but quickly changed as we heard footsteps coming towards my room. Louis quickly jumps off my bed and hides under it. My mother burst into my room just wearing a towel, “Lilly where is your makeup?” she yelled. I got off the bed and went to my bag, “hurry up!” she shouted. I get it out and hand it to her. I noticed Louis shoes next to mine so I kicked them under my bed as I stood next to it. My mother was still standing there going through my makeup, “why was your makeup in your bag?” she spat. I felt Louis fingers on the back of my leg, “I put it in there,” I say a little bit bitchy.

“So a boy could touch you again?” she questioned. I froze she knew that I hated what happened to me. I felt Louis grip my ankle, “no,” I mumbled. She starts to laugh, “Sure slut,” she says as she throws my makeup bag at me. She leaves my room and slams the door. Louis lets go of my ankle then my door flew open again, “I’ll be bring someone back tonight, so don’t come out of your room,” she tells me. I nodded that I heard her, “fucken slut!” I shouted in my head. She slams the door again as she leaves. Louis waited until he heard another door slam to come out from under my bed. I put my makeup away in my bag, “don’t” I say as I felt Louis coming closer to me. I turn to look at him, “just don’t,” I tell him. Louis was playing with his lips ring with his tongue. He looked lost for words and truth be told so was I. We stood in silent looking at each other with nothing to say. Louis steps closer to me and I put my hands up to say no. But Louis ignores me and hugs me tight with my hand against his chest. I tried to push him away, but his grip around me just got tighter, “don’t push me away,” he whispered. I start to cry into his chest, “I’m here,” he says as he starts to rub my back.

“Why would she do that?” I mumbled. Louis places his chin on top of my head, “I thought she loved my dad,” I added. Louis moves his hands to my waist, “love is a fucked up thing,” Louis says. I looked up at him and realized how close he was to my face, “that it is,” I whispered. I looked down and played with my fingers against Louis chest, “I always thought my dad loved Harry mum Anne,” I say. Louis lifts my chin up to face him, “why do you think that?” he questioned as he left his hand on my face. I looked down with my eyes and bite my bottom lip before looking him in the eyes again, “because growing up we always be around there and my dad was always laughing with Anne. Even when Harry dad was around he was always focused on her. When Harry dad left we had more sleepovers there and dad stayed too. When dad told me we were moving I was hoping it was with them, because I was always happy there,” I admitted.

“Was your mother that bad back then?” he asked. I nodded yes, “I used to believe Anne loved me as much as Harry and Marcel. She used to have tea parties with me while the boys where doing something. I know it sounds stupid,” I replied. Louis smiled as he ran his thumb along my jaw, “I don’t think it is. She gave you what every little girl wanted. She gave you love,” Louis tells me. I believed what Louis told me, “You should go and see her soon. I know Harry would love to take you,” Louis added.

“You think she wants to see me?” I asked him. Louis smiled bigger, “what you told me I think she would love to. I also think she give you a hug and never let you go,” Louis tells me. I smiled, “when dad and I used to leave she would hug me tight and never wanted to let go. Truth be told I never wanted her to let go,” I confessed to him. I rested my head under his chin and sighed, “Lilly!” my mother shouted. I sighed again but this time out of frustration, “does that bitch ever leave you alone?” Louis asked with anger in it. I shake my head as I stepped back from him. Louis starts to walk towards my door, “Louis what are you doing?” I asked him as I stopped him. I could tell Louis was angry, “going to shut her up,” he gritted threw his teeth. Louis tries to push passed me, “Louis please no,” I begged.

“I can’t,” he says as he picks me up. He tries to throw me on my bed, but I tightly held on to him, “Lilly get your fucken arse here!” My mother yelled. I could tell Louis was getting angrier, “let me go Lilly,” he spat. I shake my head no, “please Louis let me go and see her,” I pleaded. Louis sighs in frustration, “you told me that I’m strong so let me prove it,” I tell him. Louis reluctantly nods yes as I let go of him, “thank you,” I say as I kissed his cheek.

I run out of my room thinking I just kissed Louis, “there you are,” my mother say as she got me out of my thoughts. I look at her, “I’m leaving now and I just want to remind you not to come out of your room,” she tells me. I nodded yes, “is that all?” I asked.

“Did you meet anyone at school today?” she smirked. I was shocked about what she asked me, “Yes Harry, Anne son,” I replied. Her smirked disappeared into a thin line, “don’t talk about that bitch,” she spat at me. She leaves and slams the door, “I think she likes slamming doors,” I heard Louis chuckle. I look at him, “I think she does,” I smiled. I was trying to life my mood, “we should get going,” Louis says. I nodded before heading back to my room as Louis followed. I sit down on my bed as I was putting my shoes on, “can I ask you something stupid?” I asked Louis.

“Of course you can,” he replied as he sat down on my bed. Louis starts to put his shoes on, “what happens at parties?” I asked. Louis lets out a small laugh, “lots like drinking, dancing, games and most people hook up,” he replied. I smiled at the thought that I was going to my first party. Louis looks at me, “I’m glad I’m taking your party virginity,” he smiled. Then Louis kissed my cheek, “what was that for?” I asked as I got off my bed.

“Just returning the kiss you gave me,” he says as he stands up next to me. Louis picks his bag up and so do I, “I’m proud of you for being strong,” he tells me. I smiled at him, “thank you for telling me that I am,” I say. I put my backpack on, “I knew that you are since your go against me and stand up for me. Which I didn’t need,” he smiled.

“How does that make me strong?” I questioned. Louis starts to laugh as he puts his bag on, “because you don’t know what I’m capable of,” he smirked. Louis grabs my hand and leads me to the front door, “we need to go remember,” he says as he opens the door, I rolled my eyes as he walked out, “careful Lilly Belle,” he says. I lock the door as we headed back to school.

I got out my smokes and sit down on the same brick wall as we did before, “can’t you smoke and walk?” he whined. I smiled as I lit up my smoke, “nope,” I say as I let out smoke. Louis rolled his eyes at me, “why do you want to get rid of me so quick?” I asked him. I take another drag as Louis got his smokes out, “I have a party to prepare for,” he says with a smoke in his mouth. He lights it up and takes a big drag, “and so do you,” he added as he blew out smoke. I shake my head as he sat down next to me, “maybe that why I’m in no rush,” I say. I take another drag and so does Louis, “and I think I deserve one,” I added as I blew my smoke out.

“I think we both do,” Louis says as he blew his smoke out. I bring my smoke up to my lips, “you know you’re the first girl to stop me from doing something. You did it to me four times today,” Louis says. We both take a drag of our smokes, “and that’s a hard thing to do,” he added as he blew his smoke out. I didn’t know what to say so we finished our smokes in silent. As soon as I butted mine out on the floor Louis grabs my hand, “time to go,” he says as he pulls me up.

We get back to school to only see a couple of cars and a motorcycle there. Louis leads me to the motorcycle, “get on,” he tells me. I shake my head no, “I’ll be careful and you can wear my helmet,” he says. I shake my head no again, “no way,” I tell him. Louis picks me up and throws me over his shoulder, “Louis put me down,” I say as I started to hit his back. Louis puts me down on his bike, “stay still,” he says as he moves one of my legs to the other side of his bike. I was about to get off, but Louis stops me by putting his hands on my thighs, “Lilly,” he says in a stern voice. I stop trying and stick my tongue at him. Louis starts laughing, “It be over before you know it,” he smiled as he puts his helmet on my head. Louis puts his bag on the front of him and gets out a pair of Ray Bands and puts them on. Then Louis got on to his bike and grabs my hands, “hold on,” he says as he put them around him under his bag. I felt his muscles under his shirt, “now for being a pain in my arse I might go fast,” he tells me.

“Louis don’t you dare,” I say as he started his bike. Louis chuckled a bit, “I might have to now since you dared me to,” he says as he starts to ride off fast. I clung onto Louis for dear life and I knew he was laughing since I could feel it.


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