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Chapter 4 – Half Way Twice

Chapter 4 – Half Way Twice

It been a couple of days since Louis stayed over and it was Friday. He didn’t stay over again since he had to be home for some reason that he wouldn’t tell me. However, he called every night and we talked until I feel asleep. At school he was there were making sure I went to all my lessons and I made sure that he went to all of his too. I still haven’t finished my drawing and today I didn’t have a free, but art was my last lesson. It was also my last day in the sling and I was so happy about that. It make all the boys stop carrying my bag to my lessons for me, but even when I’m all healed Louis most likely still carry my bag for me.

I walked into school and greeted by Perrie, “hey,” she smiled as she hugged me lightly. Perrie hasn’t really hugged me since I hurt my shoulder, because I think she scared that she hurt me. She takes my bag off of me, “you know I can carry that myself on my good shoulder,” I tell her. She smiled again, “but it has all of your books in it,” she says. Harry and Zayn come over to us, “good morning ladies,” Harry says as he hugged us. He takes my bag off of Perrie and put it over his shoulder. Perrie kissed Zayn that made me think where Louis is. Zayn hugged me, “morning Lil,” he says. Then Niall and Liam came over to us too, “morning,” Niall mumbled. He hugs Perrie and I, “it ok,” I tell him as I rub his back. Niall not a morning person at all really, “it a beautiful morning,” Liam says a bit too happy. He also hugged Perrie and I, “no it not,” Niall snapped. I wrap my arm around him as he rested his head on my shoulder, “did you have another late night?” I asked Niall. He nods his head, “it be alright,” I tell him. He smiled, “by the way I love what you’re wearing Lil,” Perrie tells me. I look down at my outfit and I was wearing a dark red t-shirt with my denim shorts and also my dark red flats. I put my hair up in a high ponytail to stop it getting caught in my sling. I look over at Perrie’s outfit; she was wearing skinning jeans with a black tank top. She wore black flats and her hair was down, “nah I like yours better,” I tell her. She smiled at me, “what about us?” Liam pouted. I look over the boys and they all were wearing jeans, but Harry had the tightest. They all were wearing different coloured singlet’s with Niall in white, Zayn in red and Harry in grey and Liam in black, “Perrie still better,” I tell them as they started to laugh.


“What about mine?” I heard Louis asked. I turn my head to look at him keeping Niall on my shoulder. He was wearing a black t-shirt, black skinny jeans and also black Converse shoes. His hair was styled messes with blue tips like the first day I met him. I smiled at him as he walked closer to us, “it very black, but love the blue tips,” I tell him. He smiled at me, “I thought you might,” he tells me. He hands Niall an energy drink, “this should help,” he tells him. Niall lifts his head and starts drinking it, “thanks,” he half smiled. Louis wraps an arm around me, “before I forget love the red,” he tells me as he pulled on my shirt. I might have worn red today for him, but it looks like he put blue in his hair for me. Harry brings me back from my thoughts, “we have five minutes until lesson,” he says. I start to wonder why Perrie, Zayn and Liam were here early since they don’t have lesson, “what are you three doing here so early?” Louis asked them like he read my mind.

“To finish some work off for class today,” Liam replied. Perrie and Zayn nodded in agreement, as we smiled at them, “well I’m going to make my bag lighter for you all since you won’t let me carry it,” I tell them. They all smiled at me, “soon,” Harry tells me. Louis kissed me goodbye before Harry and I went to my locker to some of my stuff away.

Harry and I get to history on time, “take a sit,” Mr Bowles tells us. We sat down at the back as Mr Bowles explained to us our assignment that due next Friday. Harry and I started our work until the bell rang for next lesson. We pack up our stuff and Harry grabs my bag, before I could.

P.E was our next lesson and we met everyone there. We all sat down at the back, “how was history?” Louis asked me as Harry put my bag down on the desk. I sat down next to Louis as Harry pulled a chair up to Liam and Niall desk. Perrie and Zayn where in front of us, “great got my first assignment,” I replied. He smiled at me, “how was geography?” I asked him. I got my notebook and pen out, “alright,” he says. He puts my bag on the floor, “what did you learn?” I questioned. He opened his notebook up, “stuff about Japan at the moment,” he tells me. Mr McKain walks in, “now class we are going to learn about the energy system today. So I will start writing on the board about them and I want you to write it down,” he tells us. Mr McKain starts writing on the board and explain the energy system to us. We all wrote what was on the board, “you getting this babe?” Louis whispered to me. I smiled as I started to explain it to him, “thanks,” he says after I finished explaining it to him. He kissed my cheek, “now class you have assignment on this and it will be due in two weeks,” he started. He hands out the assignment to us, “you will need help with the tests in this, because someone needs to time and recorded you,” he added. I look over the assignment and the test were on speed, balance and coordination. I look over to Louis as he was still reading the assignment with a confused look on his face. He looks at me, “can you please be my partner and help me on this?” Louis begged me. I smiled at him, “and why would I do that?” I teased. Louis starts to pout, “but babe I will fail if you don’t help me,” he whined.

“But what do I get out of it?” I asked him. He raised an eyebrow at me, “what do you want from me?” he questioned. I bite my bottom lip, “I don’t know yet, but I’ll think of something,” I tell him. Louis moves in closer to me, “anything you want,” he whispered. I smiled, “I will keep that in mind,” I say as I moved in closer so our noses touched. He smiled, “so does that mean you’ll be my partner?” he asked me. I smiled as I kissed his lips lightly, “only if you behave,” I say on his lips.

“I’ll try,” he smirked. I move back from him, “you better,” I tell him as the bell rang. We pack up our stuff, “can we go to my locker before we go outside?” I asked Louis. He picked up my bag, “sure, but only if we go to mine too,” he tells me. I nodded yes, “ready to go?” Harry asked us. Louis picks up his bag, “we meet you at the wall,” Louis tells him. Harry and the others leave, “we better go ourselves,” Louis says as he grabbed my hand.

After we got our physics books, we went to the wall to see no one there, “where are they?” I asked Louis. He looks around, “I don’t know,” he replied. I look at the front of the school to see a big group of people. I point to show Louis, “looks like there a fight,” he says. We walk over to see Harry fighting with Brian, “what going on?” I asked in shock. Louis didn’t respond he just dropped our bags and runs over to them. Louis pulls Harry off of Brian and whispered something in to his ear. Harry looks over at me and then tells Louis something. Brian walks over to me, “better be careful, because my sister always gets what she wants. I don’t care if you Louis girlfriend at the moment. I will help my sister get what she wants,” he threated me.

“Sounds like your sister is a spoiled little bitch,” I spat at him. Louis and Harry run over to us, “Louis your girlfriend better watch her mouth or someone will shut it for her,” Brian warned him. Louis wraps an arm around me, “no one will fucken dare touch her,” Louis gritted threw his teeth. Brian smirked as he walked away, “what did he say to you?” Harry asked me. I look at them both, “who is Brian sister?” I asked them. They looked at each other, “Amy,” they both say. I realized that Amy wants Louis and I am the only thing that stand in her way. Nevertheless, I will not give up that easy, “what does his sister want with you?” Louis asked me.

“She wants you Louis,” I tell him. Louis scrunched up his nose, “I don’t want her tho,” he says as he wraps his other arm around me tight. The others come over to us, “what just happened?” Niall asked. I look at Harry to start, “Brian said that he saw Flower and Louis fucking in an empty classroom before P.E. Then he said that he was right about Lilly being Louis new fuckdoll. Therefore, I punched him and told him that she was with me before P.E. That when we started to really fight,” Harry explained. I was shocked at what Harry told me, because Brian could be talking about when Louis and I was making out on Tuesday. I think Louis realized the same thing, “but how was Amy meant to get me from that?” Louis questioned. Everyone looked at him, “I think they are trying to make me turn on you Louis, so Lilly will leave you,” Harry says. I shake my head in disbelief, “but we know it not true whatever comes out of their mouths,” Zayn tells us. Then bell rang, “better get on with this day,” Liam sighed.

Louis and I walked into our physics classroom and sit at the back. My hand started to itch under the bandage, “Louis can I please take this off?” I begged as I held my hand up. He smiled as he started to unravel it, “looks all better,” he says as he kissed my hand. I smiled at him, “how about the sling?” I questioned. He laughed a little, as he shakes his head no, “I’ll let you take it off at the end of the school day,” he tells me. I pouted as the teacher started the lesson, “be my lab partner Lilly Belle?” Louis asked me. He grabs my hand and pouts, “you will be doing most of the work since you would not let me take my sling off,” I tell him. He kissed my hand, “that’s fine with me,” he says as he stands up. I stand up next to him and pick up my notebook and pen. We walk over to a workbench, “you stay here and I’ll grab everything,” he tells me. He runs off as I sat down on a stool and started to set up my notebook for the labs. Louis comes back with some chemicals and two lab coats, “you need to put this on,” he says as he puts down the chemicals. I look over the chemicals to see if he got them all, “you need to take the sling off for a minute,” he added. Louis helps me take my sling off and puts on my lab coat, “now stay still as I do it up. Can’t have you hurting yourself,” he smiled. I smiled at him as he slowly does the lab coat up and leans into me, “I prefer to take this off with the rest of you clothes,” he whispered in my ear. I giggle as I playfully push him, “I said behave,” I smiled.

“That was for P.E,” he says as he grabs my hips and pulls me to him. I wrap my arms around his waist and kissed him lightly, “the sling still going back on,” he smiled. I pout and Louis kissed my bottom lip, “please Lilly Belle stop pouting and put it back on for me,” he tells me. I smiled a little as he put it back on, “thank you,” he says before kissing me lightly. I start to set up as Louis puts his lab coat on, “I thought I was meant to do all the work,” he says as he helps me. I smiled as I shake my head a little, “I can still do something’s,” I tell him. Mr Thrones puts two pairs of safety glasses on the bench, “don’t forget to wear them,” he tells us. Louis picks up a pair and puts them on, “do I look smexy?” he asked. I start to laugh, “very,” I say as I tried to stop laughing. Louis picks up mine, “don’t forget you have to wear them too,” he says as he put them on me. He smiled as he stepped back, “you look hot,” he tells me. He pulls me to him and kissed me, “you’re making it very hard to behave,” he tells me. I move away from him and look at my notebook and the tasks, “so what do we have to do first?” he asked as he pushed his front into my back as he wraps his arms around me. He placed his chin on my shoulder as he read the tasks. I point to the first one, “that looks easy,” he says as he kissed my neck. I bite my bottom lip, “Louis please behave so I can focus,” I tell him. Louis kissed my cheek and starts the first lab.

We finished all the labs and Louis writing the results down in his book, “now the teacher said we got to work together to do a report on it,” I tell him. Louis looks up from his notebook, “so we got two assignment together,” he smiled. I smiled back, “don’t forget I’m helping you in English too,” I tell him. He smiled bigger as he went back to his notebook and stated writing again. I realized that I am still wearing the lab coat, “why are we still in our lab coats?” I asked him as I looked down at myself. Louis looks up at me, “like I said you look hot in it,” he winked at me. I start to undo the buttons with one hand, “please let me help you,” Louis says as he takes my sling off. He slowly undoes the buttons, “behave,” I warned him. His fingers lightly touch my thighs as he undoes the last button, “Louis,” I say in a stern voice. Louis kissed me lightly, “sorry,” he apologized. I place my hand on his neck, “I know this must be hard for you for taking things slow,” I tell him. He kissed my wrist, “just a little bit, but you’re worth it,” he smiled. I shake my head in disbelieve, “if you say so,” I sighed. Louis placed his hands on my thighs, “why don’t you think you are?” Louis asked me. I drop my hand from his neck, “because I’m boring and pure,” I admitted to him. Louis starts to move his thumbs on my thighs, “I don’t think you are,” he says as he kissed my lips lightly. Louis stays close to my face, “you need to stop thinking that, because you have me,” he tells me. I smiled, “like I said you’re worth the wait,” he added as he kissed me between every word.

“Mr Tomlinson and Miss Underwood please save that for later,” Mr Thrones tells us. I blushed as I looked down, “will do sir,” Louis tells him. I look at Louis as he smiled, “better get back to work before I get us in trouble again,” he says as he runs his hands up and down my thighs. I bite my bottom lip, “Louis you need to stop that and get back to work,” I tell him as I grabbed one of his hands. Louis smiled as he kissed me, “I know,” he sighed. He went back to work and I watched him. Over the past few days Louis and I gotten much closer. I also learnt that we really do enjoy each other company, “you know it rude to stare,” he says. I smiled as Louis brought me out of my thoughts, “just making sure that you’re doing it right,” I joked.

“If I’m doing it wrong that means you’re wrong,” he smiled. I quickly look over my notebook, “everything right,” I tell him. Louis laughed as he kissed the side of my head, “I know it is,” he tells me. The bell rang, “time for lunch,” Louis beamed. I shake my head no, “finish writing down the results first,” I tell him. Louis pouted, “unless you want to finish it at lunch in front of everyone?” I asked him. Louis nodded his head as he packed up.

We meet everyone at the table, “how was physics?” Harry asked me as I sat next to him. I smiled at him as I noticed Perrie and Zayn sharing food next to Harry, “great, Louis did all the work,” I tell him. Harry smiled at me as I noticed Liam playing on his phone across from me. I turn to Louis who was sitting next to me talking to Niall that was right next to him, “Louis you got work to finish,” I tell him. Louis sighed as everyone laughed, “I know hunny. You’re lucky that you are cute,” he says as he got out our physics notebooks. Everyone smiled at us including Harry as I helped Louis.

When we finished we started to eating, “good to see Louis do some school work outside of class.” Zayn smiled. Niall started to laugh, “that because he is already whipped,” he says. Louis glared at him, “careful Niall I can make you go missing at the cabin this weekend,” Louis warned him.

“But everyone here heard you so I don’t think you will get away with it. Plus Lilly wants to keep me so she stop you,” Niall tells him. I start to laugh, “of course Niall I will save you,” I smiled. I saw Perrie get excited, “so that means you’re coming this weekend?” she questioned. I look at her, “what’s this weekend?” I asked her. She looks at Louis, “why haven’t you asked her yet?” she asked him.

“I was getting there,” he tells her. Perrie sighed in frustration. “we leave tonight. So how was she meant to pack?” Perrie snapped at him. I was confused about what was going on “what are you two talking about?” I interrupted. Louis and Perrie look at me, “where going to Zayn’s uncles cabin at the lake. We always go up the first week back at school, because when football starts we don’t have many weekends off,” Liam explained to me. I nodded that I heard him, “so would you like to come?” Louis asked me. I smiled, “I would love to spend the weekend with all of you guys,” I beamed.

“I’ll take you home after school, so you can pack and we will meet them at the cabin,” Louis tells me. I shake my head no quickly, “I’m not getting on your bike for the ride all the way to the cabin,” I tell him. Louis chuckled, “while you’re in art I’ll go home grab my stuff and get my car,” he smiled. I playfully hit him in the arm, “you have a car and you make me ride that god dam bike,” I argued. Louis puts an arm around me and I push him away, “do you hate my bike that much?” Louis questioned. I nodded yes as I crossed my arms, “that’s a lie,” Louis smiled.

“Is not. I don’t like the fact that if we crash there nothing to protect us,” I complained. The smile never left Louis face, “I’m not that bad,” he says as he puts an arm around me again. This time I didn’t push him away, “if it makes you feel better I’ll take my car when we need to go somewhere together,” he tells me. I smiled as he kissed my cheek, “I’m right you are whipped,” Niall laughed. I look at Niall, “careful I might let Louis make you go missing,” I tell Niall. He stopped laughing, “I thought you wanted to keep me, but now you want me to go missing all because I teased your lover boy. It feels like you used me and it hurts me,” Niall joked as he pretended to cry in his hands.

“I was using you for your hugs, because you do give great hugs,” I smiled. Louis hugs me tight, “you know she wants me to hug her,” Niall tells him as he smiled. Louis buries his face into my neck, “she all mine,” he playfully snarled. Everyone started to laugh, “that I am,” I tell him as I kissed his cheek. I saw Perrie whisper something to Zayn and he smiled.

After lunch Louis, Perrie, Liam and I had English, “Perrie what did you whisper to Zayn at lunch?” I asked her. She smiled at me, “that you’re coming out of your shell, because of Louis,” she replied. I stopped and looked at Louis, “you know I’m right,” she added. She grabs my hand as we sat down next to each other. Louis starts to pout, “she can sit next to me for one lesson,” Perrie tells him. Liam sits down next to him and Louis hugged him, “Liam I miss Lilly already,” Louis faked cried. Liam starts to rub his back, “it ok mate she right behind you,” Liam tells him. I start to laugh, “would you just grow up, because little boys don’t get to do big boy things,” I smiled. Perrie starts to giggle as Louis and Liam look at me, “I’ll grow up,” Louis smiled. We read our book and took notes for the whole lesson until the bell rang.

Louis walked me to art, “I’ll see you after school and maybe you could show me your drawing?” he asked me. He puts my bag on the table, “if I finished it,” I answered. Louis smiled as he kissed my lips, “see you after school in my big boy car Lilly Belle,” he smiled. I kissed him, “see you than my big boy,” I tell him. Zayn walks in smiling, “Zayn you look after her when I’m gone,” he tells him. Zayn nods, “Mr Tomlinson you are in the wrong class,” Mr Lambert informed him. Louis smiled as he kissed me before he left, “alright class get to work,” Mr Lambert barked. Zayn and I sat down, “I have a present for you,” Zayn smiled. I look at him as he went into his bag, “close your eyes,” he tells me. I closed my eyes, “now you can open them.” Zayn told me. I slowly opened my eyes to see a big tin of expensive colouring pencils, “I can’t accepted these,” I stuttered. Zayn puts an arm around me, “yes you can. You are an amazing artist and you need the right tools. So please take them,” Zayn insisted. I lightly run my fingers over the tin, “you’re not going to take no for answered are you?” I challenged. Zayn smiled at me as he shakes his head no. I hug him tight, “thank you so much. You don’t know what this means to me,” I smiled. We break apart, “better get to work,” Zayn says.

Half way through the lesson, Mr Lambert stops us, “now class your next task is to bring your favourite quote to life in any form you want,” he tells us. I get out my notebook and quickly write the task down. I went back to my drawing, “you know that looks finished to me,” Zayn commented. I shake my head no, “just some small details left,” I tell him. He smiled at me, “or maybe someone is trying to delay showing Louis,” he stated. I look at my drawing, “do you think it strange that I drew this?” I asked.

“No it a big thing in your life and Louis should be impressed by it,” Zayn replied. I smiled, “you want to know something?” I asked Zayn. It felt like I could trust and talk about anything with Zayn. He nodded his head for me to continue, “this is not the first time Louis kissed me,” I confessed to Zayn. He looked at me with wide eyes, “then why did you draw this one? If it was not your first kiss,” Zayn questioned. I blushed “I can’t tell you,” I whispered. Zayn raised an eyebrow at me, “I know you’re still a virgin and I know you and Louis taking is slow. So it nothing sexual,” he started. I start to giggle at the last part, “wait is it something sexual?” Zayn questioned. I smiled at him, “Lilly just tell me and I promise it never leave this room. If I tell anyone I break up with Perrie,” he promised. I quickly shake my head no, “don’t you dare break up with her on something stupid like this,” I tell him. Zayn smiled, “the thing is Louis and I had a game on how many kisses we owed each other. I owed him a few, so I started kissing him in the same spots where he kissed me. However when I kissed him on his neck I managed to get that one spot and he got a hard on from it. He tried to hide and get away from me, but with me being too pure and stupid to know. I stopped him from going anywhere and embarrassed us both. Then I don’t know what came over us and we kissed,” I explained to Zayn. He smiled as he look at my drawing, “but Louis felt like he ruined my first kiss because he was horny. So when we were outside he asked me if he could kiss me again the way I was meant to be kissed for the first time,” I tell him.

“Wow I thought Louis had more self-control, but at least he made it up to you,” Zayn smiled. He puts an arm around me, “now I’m going to go all Harry on you since I know you won’t tell him this stuff. Did you and Louis get up to anything else?” he asked me. All I could think of was did Perrie tell him what I told her in the changing room on Tuesday. I not mad at her if she did, “did Perrie tell you what I told her?” I questioned.

“She told me you can drink to more than one questioned in I never. It was easy to work out since we ask only three questions and I knew you did go skinny-dipping. But please don’t be mad at her,” Zayn says as he puts his other arm around me. I smiled at him, “I’m not mad at her Zayn. You’re her boyfriend and she tells you everything,” I reassured him. Zayn smiled, “I’m guessing you tell Louis everything,” Zayn says. I nodded my head, “well most of the time,” I tell him. I hug him, “but that all we got up to and I haven’t done it since. We also in different rooms when we did it,” I admitted. Zayn rubs my back, “why haven’t you done it again?” Zayn asked me. I blushed slightly, “it just felt that I did it wrong, so I haven’t tried again,” I replied. Zayn moves back as he kept his hands on my shoulders, “you know there is no wrong way. You just need the motivation,” Zayn smirked. I blushed a deeper red, “and if you think you’re doing it wrong just ask Perrie or even Louis,” he added. I nodded my head, “but we should get back to work so you can show Louis your drawing,” Zayn tells me. I smiled as I went back to my drawing, “thank you Zayn,” I say to him. Zayn smiled, “anytime and if you have any more questions on sex and that. Don’t be scared to ask me or Perrie, we be glad to help. You know you could always talk to Louis about it too, so he also knows that you’re unsure or that you want to try something,” Zayn tells me. I quickly look up at him, “thanks I might need it,” I tell him. Zayn smiled as he went back to his drawing and I did the same.

The bell rang and I finally finished my drawing, “Lil your lover boy is here to pick you up,” Zayn smiled as I quickly shut my sketchbook. I get up and turn to Zayn, “you can tell Perrie what I told you, but if the others including Louis find out. I will kill you,” I warned him. Zayn smiled, “I promise,” he says as he ran off. Louis walks over to me, “hi babe,” he says as he kissed me lightly. I smiled as I wrapped my arm around him, “hey,” I say. I rest the side of my head on his chest, “ready to show me your drawing?” he questioned as he played with my sketchbook. I took in a deep breath as I opened it, “wow,” was all Louis said. I started to get worried, “I know it weird that I drew this and I’m,” I started before Louis crushed his lips to mine. I relaxed under his kiss, “this is amazing, but how did you remember all my tattoos?” Louis asked me.

“Zayn sent my pictures of you,” I tell him. I show him the pictures that Zayn sent me. Louis smiled, “so Zayn helped,” he laughed. I nodded my head yes, “and I don’t think it weird at all. I want to show it to everyone,” he smiled. I blushed as I hid my face into his chest, “don’t be embarrassed about it,” he tells me. He kissed the top of my head as he wrapped his arms around me tight. He starts to rub my back, “you amaze me every day since I met you,” he whispered. I smiled into his chest, “and so do you,” I say as I looked up. Louis kissed me, “we need to get going,” he tells me. I nod as I picked up my sketchbook and put it in my bag, “Zayn left his pencils behind,” Louis says as he picked them up. I smiled as I took them off him, “there not Zayn’s. There mine, he gave them to me,” I tell Louis as I put them in my bag. He raised his eyebrows, “Zayn buying my girlfriend a present. What does his girlfriend say about it?” Louis questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “he a nice guy that wanted to help me out,” I say. Louis kissed me lightly, “he is a nice guy, but don’t forget your my girlfriend,” he tells me. I kiss him lightly, “I know,” I smiled. Mr Lambert coughed loudly and we turn to him, “time for you to go home, because some of us like to leave,” he snapped at us. I went to pick my bag up and Louis stops me, “no,” he tells me. I smiled at him as he picked it up and put it on, “I mean now,” Mr Lambert growled at us. Louis smiled as he grabbed my hand, “see you around,” he cheekily says to Mr Lambert as we left.

We stop in front of a big Rang Rover, “wow it big,” I say as I looked over his car. Louis smiled, “that why I like my bike more,” he tells me. I stop him before he got into the car, “you said that you would take my sling off at the end of the school day,” I reminded him. He smiled at me, “you can wait until we get to your house. So I can cheek it properly,” he tells me. I pout, “which is only five minutes away,” he added. He kissed me lightly, “so move that pretty little arse of yours,” he smiled as he smacks my bottom. I giggled as I got into his car, “your being cheeky today,” I tell him as he got in the car. He smirked at me, “I am,” he sarcastically said. I shake my head as I looked at the window.

The car ride to my house was quick, “I’ll cheek if my mother is home.” I tell him. He nodded his head, “and I’ll will park up the road and wait for you to message me,” he tells me. I smiled as I was about to get out the car, “wait I want a kiss before you go, because I don’t know how long it going to be until I see you again,” Louis begged. I leaned over and kissed him, “see you soon,” I say as I got out of the car and shut the door.

I ran inside and looked around for my mother. She was nowhere to be found, so I messaged Louis:

She not home

As I sent it my mother walked through the front door, “good your home,” she says. I quickly messaged Louis:

WAIT she just walked through the door

I put my phone in my pocket quickly, “I’m going out tonight and I’ll be leaving in about ten minutes,” she told me. I nodded my head, “that means no parties or boys over,” she started. She starts laughing, “wait you don’t have any friends or boy interested in you,” she said nastily. She pushed past me to go to her bedroom, “oh and I don’t think you should come out of your room for the weekend. I don’t want to see your ugly face,” she added as she slammed her bedroom door. I walk into my room and slammed my door, “bitch,” I sighed. I noticed Louis sitting on my bed looking at me. He gets off my bed and hugged me, “don’t listen to her, because she is so wrong about you. I think you’re beautiful and that all that matters,” he reassured me. He kissed me hard, “better start packing, so we can leave,” he added. I shake my head no, “you said that I could take my sling off when we got home,” I pouted. Louis runs his thumb over my cheek, “I know I did, but maybe it your punishment since I know how bad you want to take it off,” he smirked.

“Not a very good punishment,” I tell him. Louis chuckled, “what were you thinking?” he asked me. I smiled, “something better,” I say. Louis raised an eyebrow, “what you’re thinking is more a reward,” he teased. I giggled, “Lilly Camellia Underwood!” my mother yelled. Louis kissed me before I left, “yes,” I say as I found her.

“I’m leaving now and I mean it I don’t want to see you at all this weekend. I’m also not leaving you any money for smokes, so make them last,” she tells me. I nodded my head, “why don’t you stay at Harry’s and that bitch Anne’s?” she spat. I rolled my eyes, “I might just do that,” I spat back. My mother moves close to me, “watch your mouth,” she tells me in a stern voice. I held back a smile and she knew it. I felt a sting to my cheek as she slapped me, “don’t you dare smile!” she shouted. I put my hand up to my cheek, “you’re lucky I need you to live here for the money,’ she added. She walks out and slams the front door behind her. I stood there as a tear fell from my eyes, “Lilly are you alright?” I heard Louis ask.

“Fine,” I whispered. I turn around to face him, “fuck Lilly did she hit you?” Louis asked me as he got angry. He runs over to me and takes my hand away from my face, “I’m going to give her a piece of my mind,” he gritted threw his teeth. Louis starts to run for the front door, “Louis don’t please,” I cried. I stop him near the front door, “Lilly please let me go,” Louis barked. I lean against the door as more tears fell, “Louis please don’t!” I shouted. Louis punches the wall and his hand goes through it. I gasped as I fell to the floor and brought my knees to my chest to hug them. I was scared of Louis right know, because I didn’t know what he was going to do. My eyes never left him and braced himself on the wall with his hands. I noticed the hand that went through the wall was bleeding down to the floor. Louis takes a deep breath pushes himself off the wall. He stands there looking at the hole in the wall, “shit,” he sighed. He slowly turns around and sees me, “Lilly,” he whispered. He kneels down next to me and I moved away from him. Louis looks at the ground as he let tears fall, “I understand,” he mumbled. More tears left my eyes as I watched him in this broken state. I slowly move back over to him, “Louis,” I whispered as I placed my hand on his face. He pushed it away, “don’t bother I don’t deserve you,” he tells me. I kiss him as I placed my hand back on his face. Louis doesn’t push me away, but kisses me back. He pulls me to him as he leaned against the door as he deepen the kiss. We break the kiss as I sat next to him and leaned into him. Louis puts his arms around me as I rest my head on his chest, “I’m sorry Lilly for losing my temper,” Louis apologized.

“It alright,” I whispered. I get my arm out of the sling and wrap it around him, “no it not. I scared you,” Louis tells me. I kissed his chest, “I’m alright now,” I reassured him. Louis sighed, “are you?” he questioned. I nod my head against him, “then why won’t you look at me right now and tell me?” he added. I look at him, “Louis I’m fine. I was scared, because I didn’t know what you going to do. I was trying to stop you and,” I started as a lump in my throat stopped me. Louis kissed me, “I never hurt you no matter what,” he tells me. I smiled a little, “I know, but it still scary,” I admitted. Louis kissed me again, “but thank you for showing me that you care,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he kissed me again, “got to protect my beautiful princess,” he says. I kissed him before resting my head in the curve of his neck. Louis leaned his head against mine, “you still want to go away with me this weekend?” he asked me.

“Yep,” I replied. I felt Louis smile as he kissed my head, “Louis I am really alright now,” I tell him. I kissed his neck a couple of times, “Lilly you need to stop that so you can start packing,” Louis groaned. I smiled as I did it again, “Lilly,” Louis moaned. He pulls me away from him, “I know what you’re doing,” he tells me. He stands up and helps me up, “need to get your hand cleaned up before you put blood everywhere,” I smiled. Louis looks at his hand and then at my top, “I like that top,” he pouted. I looked down at my top and notice Louis got blood on it, “it alright. I can get it out,” I tell him.

I take him to the kitchen and put his hand under the tap, “now this might hurt a little,” I say as I turned on the water. Louis doesn’t flinch or show any pain, “I’m used to it,” he tells me. I kiss his cheek, “I know you are,” I whispered. He starts to wash his hand as I take off my sling, “I bet your glad to be out of that,” he smiled. I throw it on the kitchen table, “very. It nice to have both arms back,” I tell him. I wrap my arms around him, “because I can do this again,” I smiled. Louis kissed me, “I’m glad too,” he tells me. I walk away and get the first aid kit off the top of the fridge. I get out a couple of alcohol wipes and medical pad with a bandage. I walk back over to him, “I need you to sit down for me,” I tell him. Louis walks over to the kitchen table and jumps on it. I put the stuff down next to him and get out one of the alcohol wipes. I grab his hand and placed it on one his cut knuckles, “that hurts,” he hissed. I smiled at him and I do the same to all of them, “I got to make sure nothing got into them,” I tell him. I blow on them to ease the pain before dressing it up properly. I kiss his hands before I walked away to throw the rubbish in the bin. I turn to see Louis standing in front of me, “thank you for looking after me,” he says as he kissed me. Louis picks me up under my bottom not breaking to kiss. I wrap my legs and arms around him as he started to walk to my bedroom. He puts me down once we were inside my room and breaks the kiss, “Lilly I need to have a good look at your shoulder. So can you please take your shirt off,” Louis tells me.

“But why does it really have to go?” I asked him. Louis smiled as he played with the hem of my shirt, “to see how the bruise is going,” he replied. I run my fingers down his chest to the hem of his shirt, “I have already seen you in your bra before,” he added. I run my fingers over his abs under his shirt, “but I was drunk then,” I reminded him. Louis closed his eyes as my fingers lightly travelled down to start of his jeans. He grabs my hands, “you need to stop that,” he slightly moaned. I entwine our fingers together, “I’ll make a deal with you,” he started. I smiled, “I take my shirt off and you take your shirt off,” he continued. I bite my bottom lip, “but I’ve seen you with your shirt off before,” I say. Louis looks at me and smiled, “you know that not fair if you want me to take my pants off too. Since your just taking off your top,” he stated.

“I’m wearing shorts that are short,” I tell him. Louis bites his bottom lip, “I think I’ll leave them on as your punishment,” Louis smirked. I pout a little as Louis turns me around, “ready?” he asked as he played with my shirt. I nod my head, “I’m going to do it slowly,” he whispered in my ear. He slowly lifts my shirt off and throws it on my bed. Then his shirt met mine on the bed, “you still have a light bruise,” he tells me as he kissed my shoulder. He runs his hands down my arms, “now I need you to lift your arms up slowly,” he added as he grabbed my hands. I start to slowly lift my arms as Louis hands travelled to my shoulders. I closed my eyes at his touch, “does it hurt babe?” he asked me. I shake my head no as Louis hands travelled down my back. He stops them at the top of my shorts, “you can put them down now babe,” he tells me as he slowly moved his hand to the front of me. I placed my hands on top of his as I leaned back into him. Louis kissed my neck before resting his chin on my shoulder, “you know you have really nice skin. I could run my hands all over you,” Louis smiled. I start to play with his fingertips, “Louis when are we ready to take it to the next level?” I asked him.

“I really don’t know. I know I have been pushing it today, but I don’t think that we have to go to the next level if you’re not ready. I don’t want to push you into something you’re not ready for,” he tells me. I looked down as he grabbed my hands, “when am I going to be ready?” I wondered. Louis kissed my shoulder, “whenever you know you are ready,” Louis says on my skin. I move away from him and sit on my bed. Louis kneels in front of me, “babe what are you thinking?” Louis asked me. I kissed him lightly, “I want us to take it to the next level,” I admitted to him. Louis looked shocked, “but I know you’re going to say no,” I added. Louis placed his hands on my thighs, “why do you want to go to the next level? Do you even know what the next level is?” he asked me.

“No I don’t know what the next level is and I think I’m ready,” I replied. Louis moved his hand higher on my thighs, “that why I’m going to say no, because you said I think I’m ready,” Louis pointed out. Louis rejects me again, but I know he is doing what he thinks best for me. However, I still feel hurt about it, “Lilly how about we met half way?” he questioned.

“What half way?” I asked him. Louis kissed my knee, “I have body parts that I’m dying to kiss on you,” he began. He kissed my other knee, “if you let me,” he continued. Louis takes off my shoes, “Lilly need an answer,” he says as he kissed my shin. I pull his face up to mine and kissed him, “yes,” I whispered on his lips. Louis stands up and kicks his shoes off, “I know I’m being annoying, but are you sure?” he asked me. He takes his socks off, “yes I’m sure,” I tell him. Louis leans over and smiled, “I will stop or not kiss somewhere when you tell me,” Louis assured me. I nodded slowly as he kissed me lightly, “what about the others?” I asked him. Louis kissed my neck, “I told them that we meet them up there,” he reminded me. Louis kissed the other side of my neck, “no more talking about the others please,” he requested. I moaned as he kissed the middle of my neck, which made him smile. He moves me so I was laying down on my bed properly, “I want to start with your back,” he says as he slowly turns me around. He lightly runs his fingers down my back as he kneeled between my legs. I shiver at his touch and Louis chuckled, “you ready babe?” he whispered on the back of my neck

“Yes,” I whispered as I turned my head to the side. He kissed the back of my neck as he moved my bra straps down. Then he kissed along one of my shoulder blades slowly. He moves to my other one and does the same before leaving trail down my spine to my bra. I bite my bottom lip to stop me from moaning, “babe if this making you feel good I want to hear it,” Louis says before biting my bottom lip. I let out a small moan as he pulled my bottom lip out from my teeth. Louis kissed me lightly on my lips as I felt his bare chest on my back. Louis leaves a trail of kisses from my lips to my back as I let out another small moan. Louis moves my bra and I moved slightly, “I’m not going to take it off,” he reassured me as he kissed underneath it. I relaxed as he kept kissing down my back to the tops of my shorts. He kissed along the tops of my shorts and I let out another moan. He carefully turns me around as he stayed between my legs. I look at him as he crushed his lips to mine, “Lou,” I moaned on his lips. I was being turned on by this and so was he. Louis started to get rougher as he kissed me again. He stops all of suddenly and takes a deep breath, “is everything all right?” I asked him out of breath.

“Yeah, just need to calm down,” he tells me. I knew what he meant as I ran my fingers along his neck. Louis smiled as he started to kiss me along my jaw line. I dig my fingers into his back, “no marks,” he whispered in my ear before nibbling on my earlobe. I let out a moan as Louis moved to the other earlobe, “your moans are making it hard to control myself,” he groaned. I turn my head towards him and he smiled, “I want you to feel something before I continue,” he said in a husky voice. He kissed me as he grabbed my hand and took it lower. He stopped at the top of his jeans as he was waiting for me to stop him. When I didn’t he placed my hand on his crotch and I felt his hard on threw his jeans. He pulls away from my lips as he kept our hands there, “that what you’re doing to me,” he whispered as looked me right in the eyes. I start to rub him threw his jeans which I earned a moan from his lips. He moves my hand away and pins it next to my head, “behave,” he puffed. I smiled as I kissed him, “this is not about me, it about you right now,” he tells me on my lips. He starts to kiss me all over my neck, “no marks,” I tell him.

“I know,” Louis smiled. He started to kiss along my collarbone and down my arm to my hand. He does the same on the other side and I let out a moan. Louis hovered over my face, “I’m going to move down to your chest now, but I’m not going to kiss you under your bra,” he tells me. I give him a small nod as he kissed me. He lays kisses all over the top of my chest, before moving down to my breast. He hovered over one of my breast and I could feel his breath on the skin that was not covered by my bra. Louis looked up at me and waited for me to stop him. I gave him the ok and he kissed it, “Lou,” I moaned as I bent my legs. He starts to run his hands up my legs to the tops of my thighs. Louis kissed the other side before kissing down between them. He moves one of his hands to move my bra down so he can continue kissing down. More moans left my mouth as he kissed all over my stomach. He starts to kiss my hipbone as one of his hands goes up the side of my shorts. He grips onto the side of my knickers as he starts to kiss the other side. I throw my head back, “I wonder what you’ll act like when I touch you properly,” Louis smirked.

“Lou,” I moaned as he grips me knickers tighter. Louis kisses along the tops of my shorts on both sides until came to the middle. He kissed just under the top of my shorts and I let out a loud moan. I felt Louis smile as he travelled up to my belly button. He ungrasp my knickers as he moved right down to my feet. He starts to kissing at my ankle all the way up to my knee. He does the same on the other leg before looking up at me. Louis starts to rub his hands gently up my thighs, “nearly finished babe,” he tells me. I grip onto the blanket as his hands rested on the side of my thighs. He starts to kiss the inside of my thigh until he was half way up. He does the same on the other one as his hands travelled up my shorts. My shorts ride up as placed his hands on the side of my hips. Louis starts to kiss where he left off getting higher. I grip onto the blanket tight as I let out a moan. Louis was so close to my core, I could feel his breath on it. He move down to my other thigh and starts to go higher again until he reached the same spot. His fingers brushed the side of my bottom as he moved them out. He placed random kisses as he moved back up to my lips, “I can smell how fucken wet you are,” he says before kissing me hard.

“Fuck,” I moaned into his mouth. I wrap my arm around his shoulders to bring him closer to me. I force my tongue into his mouth and tried to get dominance, but failed as Louis took over. I felt his crotch rub against my core, “Lou,” I moaned into his mouth. Louis moves his crotch away, but I wrapped my legs around him to move him back. He breaks the kiss and looks at me, “I want you to finish what you started,” I begged him. Louis puts his head between my breasts and kissed them lightly. One of his hands starts to play with the tops of my shorts, “I need to take our pants off to make you feel it properly,” he tells me. I nodded my head yes quickly as he slowly took my shorts off. I watched him as he jumped off the bed to take his jeans off. His hard on still constricted by his boxers, “are you sure?” he asked me.

“Yes. Now will you get back on top of me,” I demanded. He smiled as he got back on top of me, “what we about to do is called dry humping. We go slow, but not painfully slow tho,” he tells me as he moves my legs wider apart. Louis hand travelled down my side and across to the top of my knickers, “can I have a feel babe?” Louis asked as he got closer so our noses touched. I nodded yes as our noses rubbed together, “but if only I can feel you too,” I tell him. Louis kissed me lightly, “only if you don’t rub me, because that the next level,” he tells me. I nod my head as he stared at my face closely. He moves his hand under my knickers slowly as he went down. He slid a finger threw slit and grazed my button, “fuck Lou,” I moaned as I bit my lip. Louis does it again and my legs shake a bit as I moaned loudly. He moves his hand out and sucks on his finger, “you taste so good,” he groaned. I blushed as I turned my head away, “have a taste,” Louis tells me as he moved my face to kiss him. I stick my tongue in his mouth to taste myself, but all I could taste was him. Louis pulled away, “it your turn now,” he smiled. Louis starts to guide my hand as he watched my face closely again. I look down as we went under the material of his boxers. He rubbed my hand up the full length of his member right to the tip. I move my fingers over the tip to feel his pre cum, “fuck,” he puffed. He closed his eyes as he rubbed my hand down to his base. He bites his bottom lip as he moaned and I slowly moved my hand along his member. I run my fingers of the tip again before Louis grabbed my hand and pins it next to my head, “I said no,” he groaned. I smiled at him before I kissed him, “ready?” Louis asked.

“Yes,” I puffed. I run my fingers down his chest, “let me do all the work, unless you want to touch yourself,” he tells me. I moaned as his crotch starts grinding on mine slowly. I move my hands to grip his arms as he kissed my jaw line. He stared into my eyes as he kept grinding against me slowly. I closed my eyes as I let the feeling take over me, “Lilly,” Louis moaned. I open my eyes to look at him as sweat started to dripping from his forehead. Our breathing was uneven with each other as he kept grinding against me. I leaned up to kiss him hard as he kept going. I start to take my bra off before laying back down. Louis stops, “Lilly what are you doing?” Louis puffed. I smiled at him as I started to pull it off, “Lilly,” Louis groaned as he pins my hands next to my head. Louis rested his forehead to mine, “it ok Louis,” I tell him. Louis kissed me lightly before moving back. He slowly takes my bra off as his fingers ran over my skin. He bites his bottom lip as he threw my bra on the floor. He looks at my breast before kissing me hard and passionately as he started grinding against me again. I grab his hand and start to move it to one of my breast, “Lilly are you sure?” he questioned on my lips.

“Yes, just be gentle please,” I whispered. Louis lightly runs his fingers over my breast as I bit my bottom lip, “Lilly are you alright?” Louis asked me. I smiled and nodded my head as Louis kissed me. His finger runs over my nipple, “Lou,” I moaned into his mouth. I wrapped my legs around him as he gently cupped one of my breast. He starts to squeeze it lightly as he starts to lay kisses down my neck. He stops between my breasts as he squeezed my breast a little harder. I run my fingers threw his hair as I moaned his name. Louis moves back up to my lips, “how are you feeling babe?” he asked me. I pull him to my lips and kissed him hard. Louis rested his arms on each side of my head as he got harder a faster. Our chest rubbed together as I put my fingers in his hair. Louis puts his head in the curve of my neck as his breathing got faster and heaver. I wrap my arm around his shoulders as I rested my head against his. I felt my core tighten, “Lou I’m going to cum,” I moaned. Louis hovered his face over mine, “just hold on a little bit longer for me babe,” he puffed. I nodded my head, as he got harder and faster against me. I pull his hair slightly trying to control myself from cumming. Louis lightly nibbled on my bottom lip, “cum for me Lilly,” Louis moaned. I let myself come over with a wave of pleasure as Louis does the same. We both moan loudly as he kept grinding hard against me. Louis falls on top of me trying not to crush me with his body weight.

After we caught our breath, Louis rolled next to me and pulls me close to him. He starts to run his fingers lightly up and down my bare back, “how are you felling?” Louis asked me. He kissed me lightly as he runs his thumb over my cheek, “amazing,” I smiled. Louis kissed me again leaving his head next to mine as our noses touched. He pushes the hair off my face that had fallen out of my ponytail. Louis lightly runs his fingers down the side of my face as I closed my eyes. I smiled as Louis kissed the tip of my nose, “go to sleep Lilly Belle,” Louis whispered as he pulled me closer so our bodies were touching. He starts running his fingers down my arm, as I feel asleep.

When I woke up Louis was gone and I had blanket around me. I moved my arms out from under it and made sure that my chest was still covered. I slowly turn around to see Louis putting clothes away in my sports bag. He changed his clothes to grey track pants and a red t-shirt. It also looked like he had a shower since his hair was flat and there was no more blue in it. He looked deep in thought, “what are you doing?” I asked him. I must have scared him a little bit, because he jumped a little, “good to see you awake babe,” he says as he comes over to me. He sits down on the bed next to my legs, “and packing for you,” he added. He leans over and kissed me lightly, “how are you feeling?” he asked me.

“My legs are sore, but I feel great,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he runs his fingers over my bare shoulder. I grabbed his hand as I sat up and brought my knees to my chest, “thanks for starting to pack for me,” I say as I kissed his hand. I rest our hands on my knee as I put my chin on them, “is everything alright Lilly Belle?” Louis asked me. He moves in closer to me as I played with his fingers, “Lilly?” Louis whispered as he stops me playing with his fingers. I look into his eyes that were full of worry, “Lilly do you regret what we did?” he asked me. I shake my head no, “then what wrong?” he questioned. He placed his hand on the side of my face, “it just this weekend,” I tell him. Louis leans in so our foreheads touched, “we going have to stop,” I added.

“Who said we have to?” Louis whispered. I kissed the inside of his wrist, “they think it just for school. If we continue to do it in front of them they are going to know,” I bubbled. Louis starts to rub his thumb over my cheek to calm me down, “I don’t know how to tell them, but I’m really not ready to tell Harry. I don’t know how he will act,” I added. Louis kissed me lightly, “I understand and we work out something for this weekend if you want?” he asked. I smiled as I kiss him, “I would like that,” I say on his lips. He smiled as he kissed my forehead, “now go have a shower so you can help me pack,” he ordered. I shake my head no, “where is the please and could you say it nicer,” I tell him as I laid back down leaving my knees bent. Louis chuckled, “can you please go have a shower so you can help me pack,” Louis says as he hugged my knees. I giggled as I sat up to kiss him, “better,” I say. I was about to get out of bed and panicked as I realized that I was wearing no top or bra, “arms up,” Louis tells me. I put my arms up and Louis puts his black t-shirt that he was wearing before on me. I smiled, “thank you,” I say as I kissed him. I wrapped my arms around his neck as Louis wrapped his arms around my back. Louis pulls me down on top of him as he laid down on my bed, “Louis I need a shower,” I whined. Louis kissed me, “Lilly do you regret what we did?” he asked me again.

“No I don’t,” I tell him as I kissed his Adams apple. Louis runs his fingers down my arm, “then why did you panic when you realized that you’re not wearing a top?” he questioned. I play with his shirt, “I’m not used to being naked around boys,” I tell him. Louis gently rubs my back, “you got nothing to hide from me. I think you’re beautiful,” he admitted. I blushed as I hid my face into his neck, “still not use to it,” Louis sighed. Louis kissed the side of my head, “babe you need to go have that shower, because we need to get going it already seven,” he tells me. I sit up, “I know,” I pouted. Louis sits up and kissed me lightly, “why are you pouting?” Louis questioned as he pokes my cheek. I put my head on his shoulder, “I’m still tired,” I tell him. Louis kissed my cheek, “I’m sorry, but I have to be mean. Get in that shower before I put you in there,” he tells me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and Louis started laughing, “you’re so lazy sometime,” he smiled. I hit his back, “am not,” I tell him.

“Are so. You had all of us carrying your bag for you at school. I’m packing for are weekend away,” he teased. I move away from him and turn my back to him, “your mean,” I pouted. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “you all carried my bag since I hurt my shoulder. I was going to carry it myself, but no one,” I began until Louis kissed me. I pushed him away, “now you’re the one being mean,” Louis says as he kissed me again. I wrap my arms around him as I deepen the kiss, “better get in that shower before I start round two,” he says on my lips. I kissed his cheek before getting off the bed, but Louis grabbed my hips to stop me. My back was to him as he kissed between my shoulder blades, “now no fun in there,” he whispered in my ear as he got up. I step out of his grip before he could kiss my neck, “you need to stop,” I tell him. Louis smiled as I walked out of my room to the bathroom.

I had a quick shower to wash myself. I walk back into my room just in a towel to see Louis still packing my bag. I come up from behind him and wrapped my arms around, “have a good shower?” he asked me as he puts one of his hands on top of mine. I kissed his back, “yep,” I mumbled into his back. Louis grabs one of my hands, “you should get dressed,” he tells me. I kiss his back again before I unwrapped my arms from around him and walked over to my wardrobe, “wear something warm and comfy,” he added. I get out clean underwear and turn to see if he was looking at me. He was with a smile on his face, “turn around Louis,” I tell him. Louis turns around and I quickly put my underwear on. He turns back around as I looked in my wardrobe, “I didn’t say you could turn around yet,” I say. Louis comes over and wrapped his arms around me, “I know, but I’m trying to have much time with you before we have to go. Because of the others,” he whispered in my ear. I run my fingers up and down his forearms, “Louis can I get dressed please,” I begged him. Louis kissed my neck, “what your rush?” he questioned on my skin.

“Because I standing in my underwear and your fully dressed,” I pouted. Louis kissed my neck again as I moved my hands to the side of his track pants. I started to try to pull them down slowly, “someone is being cheeky,” Louis smiled into my neck. I stop trying to pull them down since they were not really going anywhere, “Louis please let me get dressed,” I sighed. Louis turns me around to face him, “I’m starting to feel uncomfortable,” I added as I look at the floor. Louis runs his fingers down my arms, “why do you feel uncomfortable?” he asked me. Louis pulls my face up gently, “because I feel naked under your stare,” I replied. Louis kissed me lightly, “and you told me to get dressed so we can get going,” I added. Louis kissed me lightly again, “you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable around me,” Louis tells me on my lips. He runs his hands down my back and rest them on my hips. He starts to kiss me along my shoulder, “I think you’re beautiful,” he whispered on my skin. He does the same on my other shoulder, “Louis you need to stop before,” I started before Louis started to kiss along my collarbone. I held back a moan, “before what babe?” Louis chuckled. He starts to move down my chest leaving sloppy kisses, “before we go round two,” I whispered. I grip the hem of his shirt and start to pull it up, “arms up,” I tell him. Louis puts his arms up as I pulled his shirt up and over his head. Louis throws it on the floor and I start to kiss his neck until I earned a small moan from him. I smiled as I started to kiss his chest, “Lilly,” Louis puffed. I start to pull his track pants down until they fell to his feet. He kick them off as I start to kiss down his abbs to the tops of his boxers. I saw Louis bite his bottom lip as I kissed all along the top of his boxers. He pulls my face back up to his and kissed me hard. I felt Louis get hard as I lightly grinded against him, “Lilly,” Louis groaned as he grabbed my hips to stop me. I smiled as I bit my bottom lip, “I want to go round two,” I tell him.

“You sure?” Louis asked me. I nodded my head yes as Louis starts to walk backwards to my bed taking me with him. Louis sits at the top of my bed and pulls me to him so I straddle his lap. I start kissing his neck making my way up to his mouth. I nibble on his bottom lip, “fuck this is hot,” Louis groaned. I thrust my tongue in his mouth gaining dominance over him. Louis pushes me closer to him as his hands travelled over my back. He rested them next to my bra clasp as he finger ran over it. I lean back a little as I break the kiss, “please do,” I whispered. Louis unclips my bra and it falls to my hands. I throw it on the floor as Louis runs his fingers between my breasts. He leans in close to them, “Lilly I want to kiss you all over your boobs. If you let me,” Louis says as one of his fingers outline my breast. I wrap my arms around his neck as I nodded yes. Louis starts to kiss them hard, “oh god,” I moaned. His hand comes up and starts to squeeze one of my breast gently. Louis looks up at me and smiled as he squeezed a bitter harder. He starts to move it around in circles as I let a moan escape my lips. I closed my eyes as he kept going. I felt his tongue graze over my other nipple, “Lou,” I whispered. He stops and looks up at me, “do you want me to stop?” he questioned. I shake my head no as ran my hand through the back of his hair. Louis licked my nipple again and I grab a fist full of his hair. I rocked my hips against him as he did it repeatedly. He attached his lips around my nipple and started to suck it lightly, “oh god that feels good,” I moaned as I threw my head back. Louis sucked a bit harder as he got faster with my other beast. I squeezed my thighs around him as I stopped grinding against him, “don’t stop riding me. It so fucken hot you on top of me,” Louis groaned on my nipple.

“Ok,” I puffed. I start grinding against him again as he sucked my nipple. Louis grazed his teeth over my nipple as he took it out of his mouth, “I can feel you getting wet on top of me,” Louis moaned. I blushed as I looked away. “you are so fucken hot,” Louis whispered before kissing my neck. I run my fingers down his arm as he licked where he kissed me. I moan escapes my lips as he nibbled on my ear lobe, “go harder and faster babe,” he whispered in my ear. I brace myself on his shoulders as I went harder and faster, “yes like that,” he moaned. Louis grips the side of my knickers as he buried his face into my breast. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he started to place rough sloppy kisses over them. He starts to tug down my knickers as I got harder and faster, “how close are you babe?” Louis asked into my chest.

“Close,” I moaned. Louis placed is hands under my knickers on my bottom to push me down harder on him. I felt Louis member twitch underneath me, “babe I’m going to cum soon,” he moaned. I still was not ready to cum yet, “please let me help you cum,” Louis begged. I nod my head as Louis kissed me hard. His hand travelled to the front of my knickers and starts to play with my button. Moans escapes my lips as he kept going, “I’m going to cum,” I half screamed as I felt my core tighten. Louis pulls his hand out as he grinded against me hard, “fuck,” Louis moaned as he came. I follow him as I fell on top of him, “that was great,” he says as he tries to catch his breath. Louis wrapped his arms around me as he laid down on the bed. I start to draw patterns on his chest as he lightly runs his fingers up and down my back.

We laid there in silent until his phone starts ringing, “what now?” he groaned. Louis holds me as he picked up his phone from my desk, “it Liam,” he says as he showed me. Louis answered it, “hello Liam,” he greeted him. I could hear Liam on the other end, “so how far away are you two?” Liam asked him. Louis smiled at me, “still haven’t left yet,” he replied. I heard Liam laughing, “what taking you so long?” Liam questioned. Louis moved the phone away from his mouth as he kissed me lightly, “something’s came up, but we be leaving soon,” Louis smirked as he told Liam. He hangs up his phone before Liam could say anything else, “looks like we really have to go now,” he sighed as he kissed me. I start to get off him, but Louis grips my waist, “thank you for trusting me,” he says as he leaned up to kiss me. I smiled as I got off him and the bed, “and you can do that to me anytime,” he added as got off the bed. I playfully push him, “you push me away after what we just did. I thought it was wonderful to have a beautiful girl like you on top of me,” Louis pouted as he wrapped his arms around me. I blushed as I hid my face into his chest, “you’re beautiful,” he tells me. He kept repeating the word beautiful as he kissed me all over my face. I giggled, “Louis you need to stop so we can get dressed and go,” I tell him.

“I know,” he says as he kissed my lips. I pull away from him to pick up my towel, “no time for a shower,” he tells me. I sighed, “but I feel dirty,” I whined, Louis rubs his hands up and down my waist, “so do I, but we can have a shower tomorrow morning,” he tells me. I look at him and pout, “I know life not fair. So change your knickers and get dressed. You’re also going to have to learn that a shower won’t always be there after,” he added. He kissed my lips as he turned me around to my wardrobe. I get out a pair of clean knickers and take the ones I was wearing off, “you better not be looking Louis,” I warned him. I turn my head to see him looking the other way as he was taking his boxers off. I could not help but look at his bottom, “Lilly are you looking at my arse?” Louis chuckled. I quickly turn my head around and put on my clean knickers on, “I take that as a yes,” Louis says. I get out a clean bra, because I didn’t want to turn around to find my other one. I put it on as I looked at what to wear. I get out a pair of blue track pants and a white low cut t-shirt. I put them on and turned around to see Louis dressed and staring at me, “yes?” I wondered. Louis smirked, “just staring at your arse like you did mine,” he winked at me. I shake my head as I walked over to my bag ignoring him. I looked in my bag to notice that it was just missing my bathroom stuff. Louis puts his hands on my hips, “did I do alright?” he asked me as he put his chin on my shoulder.


“I think you did,” I tell him. Louis smiled, “I packed three outfits for hot weather and three outfits for cold weather. I also packed three bras and five pairs of knickers. There is also five pairs of socks in different lengths from ankle to knee-high. The only thing that missing is your bathroom stuff,” he tells me. I kissed his cheek, “I’m impressed,” I smiled. Louis kissed my neck, “but did you have fun going through my underwear?” I asked him.

“Yes I did,” he smiled. Louis kissed my shoulder, “better get the rest of my stuff and brush my hair,” I tell him. Louis lets go of me so I could go to the bathroom. I brushed my hair as I put it in pigtails and grabbed what I needed. I noticed the bandage that I wrapped up Louis hand with. I pick it up and quickly went in the kitchen to get another medical pad.

I walked back into my room to see Louis cleaning up, “put your clothes in my washing hamper and I wash them for you. It alright my mother won’t find them since I do all the washing,” I tell him. Louis looked at me and smiled, “I still have to wash your clothes. Sorry to say,” he apologized as he puts our clothes in the hamper. I walk over to my bag and put the rest of my stuff in, “Louis sit down please,” I tell him. Louis sit down on my bed, “what are you doing?” he asked as I picked up his hand. I kissed his hand, “need to wrap up your hand,” I tell him.

“Nah it fine,” he says as he takes his hand away. I run my fingers down his face, “you sure those cuts are deep?” I questioned. He looked at his hand, “I’m only going to wrap it up again,” I added. Louis gives me his hand, “ok, but I’m only doing it for you so you don’t worry about it,” he tells me. He kissed me, “thank you,” I say on his lips. I start wrapping it up, “sorry again for losing my temper,” he says. I kiss him, “it alright,” I tell him. Louis smiled, “I covered up the hole with a painting, but I plan to fix it properly for you,” he tells me. I finished wrapping up his hand I kissed him again. Louis cupped my face as he kissed me deeper, “I mean it,” he tells me on my lips. I kissed him lightly before I walked over to my wardrobe to get a pair of socks and my Ugg boots. Louis gets up and walks over to my wardrobe, “what are you doing now?” I asked him. He gets out a pair of sneakers and pair of flip-flops, “you need shoes for this weekend,” he replied. He walks over to my bag to put them in the shoe part as I put my socks on. I put my Ugg boots on as he sat down next to me, “the pigtails are very cute by the way,” he smiled. I blushed as I looked down, “cute,” he whispered in my ear. I look at him, “put your shoes on so we can go,” I tell him. Louis starts to put on his socks as I got off the bed to go to my wardrobe. I grab out my jacket and put it on, “ready?” Louis asked me. I look at him with my bag over his shoulder, “just need to grab my phone, smokes and my book,” I replied.

“A book?” he questioned. I nodded my head as I went over to my school bag and grabbed out my smokes. I then grabbed out my phone to see I had a message:

Perrie Edwards
What are you up to that taking so long? ;) xo

I start to giggle as I put my phone in the pocket of my track pants, “don’t forget your charger,” Louis tells me as I hand him my English book. I grab my charger and put it in the side pocket of my bag, “ready,” I tell him.

As we walked out, I noticed Louis put up one of my paintings over the hole. I smiled, “I like this painting that why I put it up,” he tells me. I look down, “I painted it,” I admitted. As I was looking down, I noticed that Louis cleaned up his blood and bits of the wall. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “you’re amazing in more ways than one,” he tells me. I look at him, “how?” I questioned. Louis kissed me, “not telling, because you should already know,” he replied.

I lock up the house and we walked to his car a couple houses up. Louis opens the boot of his car and puts my bag in. he grabs out a grey beanieand puts it on, “time for a smoke since there is no smoking in my car,” he says as he shuts the boot. He grabs out two smokes before sitting down on his car bumper. I sit down next to him as he lights up one of the smokes and hands it to me, “thank you,” I say as I kissed his cheek. He lights up the other smoke, “no need to thank me,” he says as he blew out smoke. I smiled at him, “I know your running out and you got to make them last,” he added. Louis grabbed my free hand and entwines our fingers together. We sat there for a while not talking just enjoying each other company, “this weekend going to be interesting,” Louis says. I smiled at him, “I never been to a cabin,” I admitted. Louis smiled, “there nothing to worry about just the spiders and wild dogs,” he tells me. I looked shocked at him, “it be all right, I’ll keep you safe,” he reassured me. He kissed me lightly, “you better,” I tell him.

We throw our smokes away and got into his car, “how long until we get there?” I asked him. I put my seat belt on, “it takes about an hour and half to get there,” he replied. I look at the time and it was already passed eight, “so we should be there about nine thirty to ten o’clock,” I say. Louis nodded as he does his seat belt up and starts the car.

Ten minutes of driving I got hot, so I took my jacket off. I threw it on the back sit of his car as his phone rang threw the car. I looked at the dashboard to see it was Niall calling, “oo Mr rich boy,” I teased. Louis laughed as he answered the call, “hello lover boy,” Niall greeted Louis. I started to laugh, “and by the sound of it I’m on loudspeaker. Hello beautiful Lilly,” Niall chuckled.

“Hello Niall,” I say. I look at Louis who was shaking his head, “what do you want Niall?” Louis asked him. Louis grabbed my hand, “just making sure you and Lilly are on your way and not on each other still,” Niall replied. Louis kissed my hand, “we’re not on each other anymore and we are on our way,” Louis smirked. I shake my head as I looked down, “Louis and Lilly are coming. They got off each other finally!” Niall shouted to everyone. I take my hand from Louis, so I could hide my face in them as he started to laugh. I hit him in the arm, “ow that hurt Lilly,” Louis tells me as he rubbed his arm.

“Sounds like Louis just got in trouble. It ok Lil I don’t believe him since you have higher standers,” Niall tells me. I giggle, because Niall meant him, “you mean like Liam,” I teased. Louis pouted and I could tell Niall was too, “thank you sweetie,” I heard Liam say. Which meant Niall turned us to loudspeaker, “any time,” I say. I heard Zayn laugh, “would you two hurry up and get here,” Harry tells us. I look at Louis, “we are trying don’t want to break the law or we never get there,” Louis tells him. I get out my phone and messaged Perrie:

Is Harry ok?

I look at Louis again, “well drive safe. I like Lil here in one piece,” Liam says. I smiled, “what about Louis?” I asked. I heard them laughing, “and him,” Zayn replied. We tell them goodbye and hang up, “why did you have to say that?” I questioned Louis. A smile comes onto his face, “they don’t believe it,” he replied. I smiled as my phone goes off:

Perrie Edwards
He just wondering what taking you two so long. I told him it takes a girl awhile to pack for a weekend away :) xo

I smiled, “is Harry alright?” Louis asked me. I look at him, “he just wondering where we are. So be careful he most likely interrogate us,” I tell Louis. He grabs my hand, “just got to make a quick stop,” he tells me. We pull up to a deli, “just wait here and I’ll be right back,” he says as he kissed me. He gets out of the car and jogged into the store. I waited until Louis came back out holding two-paper coffee cups and two spoons in his mouth. He gets into the car without spilling or dropping them. He puts them in the cup holders, “their hot,” he mumbled. Louis leans back as he went into his pocket to get out a pile of sugar packets and two chocolate bars. He put the right next to me before he went into his other pocket and got out two packers of smokes. He puts them in the centre console as I take the spoons out of his mouth, “thanks. I hope you like tea,” he says as he points the cups. I smiled at him, “I do,” I tell him as I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

Louis starts to drive again, “can you please put three sugars in my tea?” he asked nicely. I pick up the cup closest to him and take the lid off to put three sugars in it. I stir it before putting it back and doing the same with mine. I pick up the spare sugar packets, “what do you want me to do with these?” I asked him. Louis quickly looks at me then back to the road, “just put them in the centre console,” he tells me. I put them in there as we finally got out of the suburbs onto a long stretch of road. I look at the window, “one of them chocolate bars are for you,” Louis tells me. I look at them, one was a mars bar and the other one was a cherry ripe. I pick up the cherry ripe and open it, “can you please open the other one for me?” Louis asked me. I opened up the mars bar and hand it to him, “thanks babe,” he says as he grabbed my hand. He kissed it before letting it go, “your being nice today,” I say before bitting into my cherry ripe. Louis smiled as he started to eat his mars bar, “just to you so far,” he tells me,

“No you were nice to everyone today,” I point out. I bite my cherry ripe waiting for him to say something, “I never noticed. Maybe you’re already rubbing off on me,” he says as he winked at the last part. I giggled, “what you missing my rude side?” he questioned. I smiled, “maybe towards my art teacher,” I admitted. Louis raised his eyebrows, “he the reason why I kept my mouth shut,” he smiled. I start to laugh a little, “I’m being nice for you, because I don’t want you to end up in the principal’s office for fighting with a teacher again,” he added. He puts the last of his mars bar in his mouth and put the wrapper in the centre console. I grabbed his hand before he could put it on the steering wheel, “thank you,” I tell him. Louis rested our hands on his thigh as I finished my cherry ripe and put the rubbish in my pocket. He starts to rub his thumb over the back of my hand. I pick up my cup of tea as Louis left my hand on his thigh to pick up his. I start to move my fingers backwards and forwards on his inner thigh as he drank some of his tea. He puts his cup of tea back and grabbed my hand, “this is why I miss my bike,” he says. I look at him, “why do you miss your bike?” I wondered. Louis kissed my hand before putting it back on his thigh, “I miss you holding on to me instead you being over there,” he admitted to me. I give his hand a light squeeze, “I kind of miss it too,” I tell him. Louis chuckled, “so I was right you don’t hate my bike,” he smirked. I smiled, “there are some good things about it,” I tell him.

The rest of the car ride was filled with small talk, “nearly there,” Louis says as he stops in front of a gate. He got out to open it, but it was locked. He jumps back into the car, “someone locked it. So now I got to call Zayn,” he tells me. He calls Zayn threw the car, “hey Zayn can you open the gate for us,” Louis tells him as he answered the phone.

“Alright I’ll be there soon to let you two in,” he tells us. Zayn hangs up and I look at Louis, “what now?” I asked him. Louis smiled at me, “I know something,” he smirked. I shake my head as I smiled, “I was thinking something more innocent, but I like what you’re thinking,” Louis says as he jumped into the back seat. Louis leans forward and undoes my seat belt, “what are you doing?” I asked him. Louis pulls on my arm until I joined him on the back seat of his car, “getting in us time, before the others come,” he tells me. He kissed me as he pulled me closer to him, “since I can’t do it all the time this weekend,” he added. I smiled as he kissed me again, but harder and with passion. He lays me down as he deepen the kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his tongue dominated my mouth.

We made out until we heard a car, “time to stop for now,” he smiled at me. He kissed me lightly before helping me up, “I know,” I sighed. He kissed me lightly again before getting out of the car. I follow him as the other car stopped near the gate, “hey guys,” Zayn says as he got out of his car. Perrie gets out of the passenger side, “hey,” she said excitedly. Zayn opens the gate and Perrie runs up to hug me, “your finally here and out of that sling,” she tells me. I smiled at her as she took a step back, “I know and it good to be out of it,” I tell her. She wrapped an arm around my waist, “so how was making out with Louis?” she whispered in my ear. I blushed, “how do you know that?” I questioned. She starts to giggle, “why else would you two get out of the back sit of the car?” she smirked. I look at the ground, “are you two keeping it a secret that you’re making out all the time?” she asked me. I look at her, “we just don’t know how to tell everyone especially Harry. I’m also not ready since they think I’m a good girl,” I admitted.

“It ok I won’t tell anyone and every good girl goes bad once in a while,” she smiled. I giggle, “but does Zayn know?” she asked me. I look over to Louis and Zayn and they were talking about something, “yep. He said that I could talk to you or him about sex and that,” I tell her. She hugs me tight, “we can start tomorrow when the boys go fishing,” she says as she lets go of me. I smiled at her again, “I think that be great since I already have some questions,” I tell her. She giggled harder this time, “you girls done gossiping so we can get going?” Louis smiled. We nodded are heads as we ran back to our separate cars, “what were you and Perrie talking about?” Louis asked as we got into the car. I smiled at him as I put my seat belt on, “just girl stuff. What were you and Zayn talking about?” I asked back. Louis starts to laugh as he drove forwards a bit. He gets out the car to shut the gate and locked it back up. He gets back into the car and starts driving, “waiting for my answer,” I tell him.

“Just boy stuff,” he smiled. I smiled back at him, “why did you put your seat belt on for a short drive?” he asked me. I play with my seat belt, “because I feel naked without it,” I tell him. Louis laughed as he grabbed my hand and kissed it, “does Zayn and Perrie know about the real us?” he asked me. Louis starts rubbing his thumb over my knuckles, “yeah, because they know what I drew for art,” I tell him.

“Perrie saw before me,” Louis whined. I laughed a little bit, “yeah sorry. It just that she knew that Zayn knew that you kissed me and she kept questioning me about it. So I showed her,” I explained. Louis kissed my hand, “and it nice to have someone to talk to about it,” I added. Louis laughed a little bit, “I knew Zayn knew, because I asked him how to take it slow and how to control myself with you,” he confessed. I look at him, “really?” I asked a bit shocked. Louis smiled as he nodded his head, “he hand to take it slow with Perrie. So I asked him how he did it,” Louis tells me. I take my seat belt off and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek, “you are really trying for me. Thank you,” I tell him as sat back down in my seat. Louis blushed a slight pink, “I told you that I’ll try, but come back over here and give me a real kiss,” Louis tells me. He stop the car as I leaned back over to him, “thank you again,” I say. Louis cupped my face before kissing me hard and passionately. I didn’t want to move away, but the centre console was digging into me. I moved back as I rubbed where it was digging into me, “next time I’ll come over to you,” Louis say as he rubs where I was rubbing. I smiled at him as he started to drive again.

We stop in front of this big two-story cabin “wow,” was all I could say. Louis smiled, “it a nice place to call home for a couple of days,” he says. I get out of the car and attacked by Niall hugging me, “she here!” Niall yelled. I hugged him back, “Niall you saw me at school today,” I giggled. I felt Niall smile as he kept hugging me, “I know, but you were stuck with Louis all afternoon,” he tells me. I look at Niall, “what that supposed to mean?” I asked him. Niall smiled again, “just that he most likely nagged you on how slow you were taking,” he replied. I smiled at Niall, “nah, he was a good boy,” I tell him. Niall quickly looks at Louis, “him a good boy,” he laughed as he pointed to Louis. I shake my head, “Louis and Lilly are finally here!” I heard Liam shout. I giggled as Liam pulls me out of Niall arms and hugs me. I look over at Louis who seemed a bit jealous, “remember guys that Lilly has standers and that me,” Liam smiled. I hug him back, “careful I don’t like when people brag,” I joked. I saw Harry slowly walking over to us, “you’re finally here after we got here at seven,” Harry says. I could not tell if he was angry or not, “sorry we took so long. I had to clean the kitchen as well as pack,” I lied. Harry looks at me, “so it took you four hours to pack and clean a fucken kitchen,” Harry spat at me. Louis moves closer as Liam starts to rub my back, “her mother cooked dinner for us and we got talking,” Louis lied. Harry looks at him, “so you talked with her mother about what?” Harry questioned him.

“Just on how we met, school and how she was staying at Perrie’s this weekend,” Louis kept lying. I could tell that he hated that he was making my mother a good person. Harry smiled at him, “so did you tell her mother that you’re her fake boyfriend?” he questioned. Louis takes in a deep breath, “no,” he says. I take in a sharp breath and Liam noticed, “well since that all cleared up let’s get their bags in and give Lilly a tour of the place,” Liam tells them. I wanted to thank Liam for ending this argument, but I didn’t want to draw more attention from Harry. Louis and Harry sighed, “I’m going to bed. Night,” Harry says as he walked back into the cabin. Louis goes to the boot of his car, “Liam why don’t you start giving Lilly the tour of the place,” Louis tells him.

“Ok. Well welcome to Zayn uncle’s cabin which is more like a mansion,” Liam started. I giggle a little bit since Liam was trying to make me happy. I saw Louis and Niall grab our bags and go inside with the others. Liam started to show me around outside, “now here we have the fire pit where we talk and have a few drinks. It also the place where you tell your secrets, but it stays in the group,” he tells me. I look to see a fire pit with chairs all around it. Liam takes me over to the edge of a lake, “this is the lake,” he smiled. I look onto this beautiful lake with the moon reflection on it. I stood there looking on to the lake, “Lil I know you and Louis are hooking up,” he tells me. I look at him, “what makes you think that?” I asked him.

“Just the way you got scared when Harry kept questioning you on why it took so long,” he replied. I look down, “your afraid to tell Harry aren’t you?” Liam asked. I nodded slowly, “I am and you can see why. He snapped when he found out that Louis and I are in a fake relationship. He snapped tonight, because we got here late. He snapped when he found out I was high and I wonder what he would do if he found out it was with Louis,” I babbled. Liam put his arm around my shoulders, “I’m so scared to lose him, because I want to have some fun for once in my life,” I added. I felt tears in my eyes, “you won’t lose him over some fun with Louis,” Liam says as he pulls me in for a hug. I let my tears fall, “it be alright, because these things work out themselves,” he added. Liam kissed the top of my head, “nothing works out right in my life,” I tell him. He starts to rub my back, “well you not going to lose me in all this,” he tells me. I heard footsteps coming towards us, “is everything alright?” I heard Louis ask. I didn’t look at him as he came closer, “she needs a hug from you,” Liam tells him. Liam unwrapped his arms as Louis pulls me to him, “remember what I said Lilly that you never lose me,” Liam reminds me. He walks away to leave Louis and I alone, “Lilly you want to talk about it?” Louis asked me. I shake my head no against his chest, “want to explain to me why Liam said that you never lose him?” he questioned.

“No,” I sobbed. Louis sighed, “Lilly you need to tell me or I can’t do anything about it,” Louis begged. I looked up at him with tears still running down my face. Louis wiped away my tears with his thumbs before kissing me lightly. I look down as Louis kissed my forehead, “I’m scared of what Harry would do if he found out and I’m scared that I could lose you both. All because what we do Louis,” I admitted. Louis kissed my forehead again, “I know Harry was a big part of your life. The part when you were happy, but now that he is back you’re scared to lose him again. All because what we do when we are alone,” he started as his voice got shaky. I felt more tears in my eyes fall, “I think we should stop, before you lose Harry over me. I don’t want you to lose him, because I wanted a bit of fun with you,” he continued as he voice broke. I started to cry hard into Louis chest, because I was losing him. I was losing the person that showed me how to live and made me feel wanted, “no,” I sobbed. I grip him tight as he let go of me, “it for the best Lilly Belle that we do it now, before we get to far in,” he tells me. He ungrasp my hands from him and I look up at him. His eyes were full of tears, “Louis please don’t do this. I need you to show me how to live,” I cried. Louis looked at the ground and rubbed his hand over his face, “Lilly I’m a screw up that probably hurt you. You don’t need me,” he choked. I don’t know what came over me, but I kissed him hard. Louis responded quickly as he thrust his tongue in my mouth as he pulled me close to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his tight around my waist. We separate after a while and I placed my head under his chin, “Lilly am I worth is?” Louis asked me. I kissed his chest, “to me you are,” I tell him. Louis hugged me tighter as he kissed the top of my head, “I promise you that you’re not going to lose Harry. I’ll do everything that I can show him that I’m not going to hurt you,” Louis tells me.

We stood there for a while not talking just in each other’s arms. I was getting cold and Louis trying his best to keep me warm, “I think we should go inside,” he tells me. I look at him, “how do I look?” I asked him. Louis smiled as he wipes away the tears that stained my face. He kissed me lightly, “beautiful,” he says on my lips. He wraps his arms around me tight as we walked to the cabin.

Once inside I started to warm up and noticed myself in a mirror near the door. I look like a mess with my eyes all red and puffy, “Louis I look horrible,” I sighed. Louis shakes his head no, “you’re beautiful,” he tells me. He walked me away from the mirror into a big lounge room. It had a big couch shaped as a u with shelving all around the back of it. There was a big TV in front of it with game systems. In the corner, there was a piano with a guitar next to it. On the other side of the room was two lounge chairs next to a big bookcase filled with books, “this is the lounge room,” Louis says. Then he takes me into the dining room with a twelve-seater table and matching chairs, “dining room,” he continued. We heard voices coming from the kitchen as Louis walks me over there. We walk in to see everybody part from Harry, “this is the kitchen,” Louis tells me. I have a look around this big kitchen with and island in the middle of it. I keep looking around at all the appliances until my eyes final land on the others. Perrie runs up to me and hugged me tight, “no more crying this weekend,” she tells me. I smiled as I look at her, “I’ll try,” I tell her. She hugged me tight again, “this weekend is meant to be fun so we going to have lots and lots of fun,” she says. I smiled bigger, “and it will be,” I tell her. She kissed my cheek, “Niall knows,” she whispered in my ear.

“So everyone in this room knows,” I sighed. She nodded as she kissed my cheek again, “cool some girl on girl action,” Niall smirked. Perrie kissed my other cheek, “now ladies did you ask your men if you could start that?” Liam asked us. Niall hits him on the arm, “start what?” I asked. They all start laughing, but I knew what they were talking about. I start to walk away slowly pretending to be hurt, “come here Lilly Belle,” Louis says as he pulls my back to him. I smiled as he wrapped his arms around me, “sorry for laughing at you,” Louis tells me. I start to giggle, because he meant it, “Lil playing us,” Zayn points out.

“That’s mean,” Niall pouted. I look at him, “we deserved it since we laughed at her. Even tho she knew what we talking about,” Perrie tells them. I smiled at Perrie, “maybe we should still punish her,” Louis smirked. He still had a hold of me. “that sounds like a good idea mate,” Zayn says. They all smirked at me, “I’ll be gentle,” Perrie says before she kissed me. I closed my eyes as I started to kiss back, “this is hot,” Niall says. Louis pulls me back to him, “save some for later,” he whispered in my ear. Perrie smiled, “you been teaching her well Louis,” Perrie tells him. I could tell Louis was smiling, “that I have,” he boasted. I smiled, “how about we watch a movie?” Liam asked as he changed the subject. We all nodded out heads, “so since it Lilly first time here she gets to pick the movie,” Liam added. I thought of a movie to watch, but didn’t know to choose between a comedy or an action, “do you have the Avengers?” I asked. The boys got excited, “we have all the Marvel films,” Liam beamed. I start to giggle, “me and Lilly Belle get the snacks and drinks. While the rest of you get changed and get the lounge room set up,” Louis tells them. They all leave and I was about to turn around to Louis, but he stops me, “don’t move yet.” He whispered. Then Niall comes running back in, “you two haven’t moved,” Niall said disappointedly. Louis looks at him, “do it again and you’ll be swimming with the fishes tomorrow,” Louis tell him. Niall nods and runs back out, “that goes for all of you!” Louis yelled. I heard footsteps as the others ran off, “how did you know?” I asked him.

“Because we did it to Zayn and Perrie,” he replied. I smiled as he kissed my cheek, “you know that not nice and can you let go of me please,” I tell him. Louis puts his chin on my shoulder, “um, I got a semi hard on from you kissing Perrie and it shows since I’m wearing no boxers,” he whispered. I get out of his grip and walked over to the fridge, “there nothing I can do about it,” I smiled. I bent over to get out three bottles of coke out and Louis groaned, “no you’re just making it worst,” he mumbled. I giggled quietly, “where are the glasses?” I asked him. Louis points to a top cupboard and I reach up making my shirt rise. Louis groaned again as I put them on the bench, “so where are the snacks?” I asked him. I noticed he was leaning against the island now, “I thought about just getting chips out. I can’t be stuffed making popcorn,” he tells me. I sighed, “where the popcorn?” I questioned. He points to a bottom cupboard, “fuck,” Louis groaned as I bent over. I got out two bags of chips and two microwave popcorn packets out. I put the chips next to the drinks before walking over to the microwave. I put one in and lean on the other side of the island away from Louis. I push my breast up on purpose to make them nearly fall out of my top. Louis noticed what I was doing, but as he was about to walk over to me, “where the food and drinks?” Niall whined. I smiled at Louis before turning to Niall who was just wearing grey track pants, “waiting on the popcorn,” I tell him. Niall smiled as he picked up the chips and walked out of the kitchen. I turn to Louis who was smiling, “what are you smiling at?” I asked him.

“Just Niall nearly caught us going round three,” he replied. I smiled at him, “who said that be going round three?” I questioned. Louis bites his bottom lip, “need a hand you two?” Liam asked as he walked in. He also was wearing grey track pants and no shirt, “do you guys go shopping together and get the same clothes?” I questioned. Liam smiled, “nah. We just like grey track pants,” he replied. I start laughing, “if it makes you feel better Zayn wearing black ones,” he added. I smiled, “so he didn’t get the memo about grey track pants,” I joked.

“We never gave it to him. I take these,” Liam says as he picks up the three bottles of coke. He balanced the glasses on top, “do you need a hand?” I asked Liam. He shakes his head no, “I got it. You just bring in the popcorn in when it done,” he tells me. He starts to walk out, “do you want me to wait for you two before starting the movie?” he asked.

“You can start the movie if you want,” I tell him. The microwave went off as Liam left, “where are the bowls?” I asked Louis. He goes over to a cupboard and gets two bowls out. I noticed as he was walking back to the island he was harder, “thanks,” I smiled. I get the popcorn out of the microwave and put the other packet in. The packet I was holding was burning my finger as I set the time for the other packet. I rush and put the packet in the bowl without tipping it in. I put my finger in my mouth to cool it down, “do you have to?” Louis moaned slightly. I take my finger out of my mouth, “I burnt my finger,” I pouted. Louis bites his bottom lip as he grabs my hand and kissed my finger. I smiled as I took my hand back. I pour the popcorn in the bowl, “I’ll meet you in there,” I tell him. I kissed him on the lips before I left to go into the lounge room.

I walk in to see the couch covered in pillows and blankets. They also pulled out the sofa bed, “you and Louis got that corner,” Zayn says as he points to the other side couch. I hand him and Perrie the bowl of popcorn since Liam and Niall had the chips on the sofa bed. I noticed as I walked around that every pair had their own bottle coke and two glasses on the shelves near them. I pour Louis and I a glass before I sat down on the lounge. I take my Ugg boots off with my socks before getting under the blankets. Louis comes running in and jumps over the back of the lounge landing next to me. He quickly gets under the blankets, “you still hard?’ I whispered in his ear. Louis nodded his head quickly as I smiled. I start to eat the popcorn as Louis puts his arm around my waist and pulls me closer to him, “and you’re not helping,” he whispered.

“But I’m not doing anything,” I said innocently. Louis bites his bottom lip as I placed my hand on his knee, “behave,” he tells me. I kissed his cheek as I squeezed his knee, “Lilly don’t start what you can’t finish,” he whispered in my ear before kissing under it. I move my hand up his thigh until I brushed it against his hard on. Louis puts the bowl of popcorn next to out drinks quickly. He gets up and runs out of the room, “nice job Lil,” Niall smirked. I look at him, “what?” I wondered. Liam and Niall start laughing, “not so innocent are you?” Liam smiled. Zayn and Perrie look over at us, “what are you two talking about?” Zayn asked. Niall pointed over to me, “Lil gave Louis a woody and now he got to take care of himself,” he explained to them. I blushed, “I did not. He got one himself,” I tell them. They all start laughing, “and it was because of you,” Perrie teased. I hide myself under the blanket, “it ok Lilly,” I heard Niall say. The he hugs me over the blanket, “it just shows Louis is really into you,” he added. I couldn’t help but smile, “but I bet you made it worse for him,” I heard Zayn say. I take the blanket away from my head as Niall still hugged me, “that was easy,” I smiled.

“What was easy?” Louis questioned as he walked back into the room. He had no shirt on, “and Niall what are you doing with Lilly Belle?” he added. Niall doesn’t let go of me, “just keeping her warm and comfy as you went to toss,” Niall smiled. Louis starts to laugh, “I didn’t tell them,” I say.

“She didn’t mate,” Liam said before Louis could speak. Louis sat down next to me, “I know that. Now Niall go back over to your spot, before I put you there,” he tells him. Niall raised his eyebrows, “make me,” he playfully says. Louis got back up and tried to pick Niall up, but Niall still had a hold of me. I start to giggle, “Niall let go of her,” Louis tells him. Niall shakes his head no, “never,” he says. Louis starts to drag Niall and I go with him falling and banging my head onto Niall’s, “ow,” we both cried. Louis stopped dragging Niall as he helped me back up, “you all right,” Louis asked me. I nodded my head as I rubbed were Niall and I hit our heads together, “I’m fine Louis thanks for asking,” Niall said sarcastically. Louis glared at him and he moves back over to Liam quickly. Louis moves my hand away from my head and kissed the spot where it hurts, “look what you did Niall you made me hurt Lilly,” Louis says. I smiled, “at lest you know that it was you not him,” I tell him. Louis pouted, “but it was kind of his fault. If he just let you go,” he tells me. I crawl over to Niall on the couch as he was still rubbing his head. I moved his hand away and kissed the spot he was rubbing. Louis picks me up, “my lips,” he says before kissing me. I heard everyone say aww as Louis puts me back down in the corner of the couch. Louis jumps over me and sat down next to me. He pulls the blanket over us, “now behave this time,” he tells me. Louis pulls me to him and I rest my head on his chest as we all went back to watching the movie. Louis picks up the popcorn and puts it his lap, “this is nice,” I smiled. Louis kissed the top of my head, “that it is,” he whispered.

We watched the movie after a while my phone was digging into my leg. I sit up and grab it out with the cherry ripe wrapper. Louis does the same before grabbing my phone and wrapper. He puts them down on the shelve next to our drinks. I lean over to grab my drink, however the bowl runs against my ribs and I pull back. I rub them as Louis puts the bowl next to our phones and grabs my drink, “you keep hurting yourself tonight,” he says as he starts to rub my ribs. I smiled as I took my drink off of him and start to drink it, “that I do,” I tell him as I hand my drink back to him. I look at the others, they were so into the movie, and Perrie was asleep on Zayn. Louis pulls me back to him as he lowered himself down on the couch. I rest my head back on his chest as he ran his fingers up and down my back. I closed my eyes as I let today events take over me. Louis kissed the top of my head as I fell asleep.

I woke back up, the room was dark, and Louis was asleep next to me. I laid there a thought about what happened yesterday, but all that came in to my mind was all the bad things. With Harry in a fight with Brian and him threating me. My mother getting to me and slapping my face. Louis getting mad and losing his temper. Harry snapping at Louis and I for being late. Louis trying to end things with us, because I was scared to lose Harry, “Lilly what wrong? Why are you crying?” Louis whispered as he puts his hand on my cheek. I don’t look at him, “just yesterday getting to me,” I admitted. Louis kissed the top of my head before he moved me up to the pillow so I faced him. Louis wrapped his arms around me and pulls me closer to his face so our noses touched, “what about yesterday?” he asked me.

“All the bad things that happened,” I replied. Louis starts to rub my back slowly, “want to talk about it?” he wondered. I tell him what was going through my mind, “don’t worry about Brian and Amy they won’t lay a finger on you. Harry and I never going to leave you, but if you did have to choose I will make you choose him tho,” he tells me. I open my mouth to say something, but Louis kissed me, “but I hope it never comes down to that,” he added. He kissed my nose, “but why didn’t you tell me that your mother was getting to you?” he asked me. I look down, “because you told me that I’m strong and I didn’t want to disappoint you,” I admitted. Louis kissed my nose again, “I’m not disappointed. Even the strong break, but they come back stronger than before,” he tells me. Louis kissed my forehead, “and about me. I am really sorry for losing my temper in front of you. It something I’m working on,” he added. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him lightly as I took his beanie off. I throw it behind me and kissed him hard as my fingers played with his hair. Louis pushes me against him as his tongue enters my mouth. He then pushes me onto my back as he gained more control. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he started to kiss down my neck. We stopped when we heard someone move around in their sleep. Louis looks at me, “we could always finish this somewhere else,” he whispered. I bite my bottom lip, “or we could save it for later,” he added.

“I think we should save it for later,” I replied. I kissed him, “since I want to walk today,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he laid next to me, “and I don’t think I could really go round four after a long day,” he admitted. I held back a smile, “so you can only go three rounds?” I questioned. Louis kissed me, “I can go more, but I don’t think you can,” he teased. He kissed me again, “so you're saying that I can’t take it?” I asked him. Louis smiled as he kissed me again, “I hope you can take it, but maybe I should turn you on right now. So you know how I felt when you were teasing me,” he smirked. I look down, “sorry for teasing and not helping you out with your hard on,” I say. Louis chuckled as I look at him, “and how were you suppose to help me?” he questioned. I bite my bottom lip, “with not teasing you,” I replied. Louis kissed me lightly, “even if you weren’t doing it on purpose. I would still got hard just by watching you,” he admitted. I blushed, “now go back to sleep we have a big day ahead of us,” Louis says as placed his hand on the side of my face. He kissed me, “goodnight my sweet, strong, beautiful girl,” he tells me. I kissed him, “goodnight my strong, handsome, tattoo man,” I smiled. He smiled as I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep next to him.


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