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Chapter 17 – Christmas

Chapter 17 – Christmas

The day after Louis party Harry was running around trying to get tomorrow night ready. Louis was helping him as I kept Niall busy. Niall, Theo, Sophia and I went shopping for Christmas, “so do you know what we can get people?” I wondered. We were sitting down eating lunch, “um sexy undies for Lou,” Niall smirked. I laughed a little bit as Louis said the same thing to me, “I don’t think he would wear it,” I smiled. Niall shook his head, “no you wear it and let him do anything to you,” Niall says.

“I’ve already got Louis birthday and Christmas peasants. His the only one I got,” I tell him. Sophia and Niall seemed surprised, “what did you get him?” Sophia asked. I smiled as I shook my head, “not telling,” I say. They both pouted, “I’ve already got Harry’s,” Niall tells us. Sophia looked upset, “am I the only one that didn’t get her boyfriend something?” she questioned. Niall and I both nodded our heads, “you could always take my idea about the sexy undies,” Niall suggested. Sophia shrugged her shoulders, “how do you spice things up in the bedroom?” I asked Niall.

“Well one time I was on my knees naked waiting for Harry to come in. When he walked in and came closer to me. I just undid his jeans and sucked him off,” Niall tells us. I nodded my head slowly, “we did more, but I don’t think you want to hear that Lil,” he added. I smiled at him, “where you his slave?” Sophia questioned. Niall nodded his head, “it was a great night,” he smiled.

“Maybe you should do that Soph. I’m thinking some nice sexy black undies, six inch heels and a whip,” I smirked. Sophia cheeks went red, “me and Liam haven’t done anything like that,” she mumbled. Niall laughed a little bit, “maybe you should start,” he says. I nodded my head, “have you done anything like that Lil?” Sophia wondered. I felt my cheeks burn, so I looked around, “oh my god you have. What have you done?” Niall questioned. I bit my lip as I shook my head, “please tell us. Sophia needs ideas. Hell I need ideas,” Niall begged.

“Well you know how me and Louis stayed in the treehouse last night,” I started. They both nodded their heads, “well he tied me up and made me cum five times,” I admitted. They just stared me, “how are you still walking?” Sophia asked. I shrugged my shoulders, “wait last night you were supposed to please Louis,” Niall pointed out. I nodded my head, “he said he wanted to see me cum,” I admitted. Niall smiled at me, “god you two are in love and I can see what Louis talking about,” he says.

After we finished lunch we went shopping. We were in a lingerie shop, so Sophia could look. I was holding Theo as Niall and I watched her, “maybe you should find something,” Niall suggested. I shook my head, “Louis staying at his mum’s on Christmas eve, so he can spend Christmas day with them,” I tell him. Niall nodded his head, “so I don’t know when we’re going to be alone,” I say.

“No one told you that we spend Christmas night together?” Niall wondered. I shook my head, “well we get together at someone house after we finished doing the family thing. It nothing big. We just sit around talking, giving out presents and have a few beers,” Niall explained. I poked Theo nose, “I think this is going to be the best Christmas I ever had for a long time,” I say. Niall wrapped an arm around me, “I think it is too,” he smiled.

After Sophia finally picked something we went shopping to get everyone else. We managed to get to get everyone’s before the shops closed, but Niall and I got Theo a lot. I got Zayn a black leather art journal, Perrie a snowflake necklace, Sophia a bracelet, Liam a remote control helicopter, Theo some toys, Gemma some new books, Josh some really cool drumsticks, Niall a new pair of headphones that he wanted, Anne a necklace with a charm that said ‘Mum Forever and Always’ and I got Harry a solid silver bracelet that said ‘Big Brother’.

When Niall and I got home the house was empty, “must be still out,” I say. Niall put our Christmas presents in the lounge room, “we could start wrapping the presents,” Niall suggested. I nodded my head as I put Theo on the floor. We sorted the presents before we started to wrap them. I wrapped up Anne’s and Harry's up first. I grabbed Niall's present and hid it. He didn't know I got him the headphones he wanted, because I knew he would say they cost too much.

When we were done wrapping Anne came home, “so you guys done with Christmas?” She asked us. We both nodded our heads as she stood in the doorway, “and Louis birthday,” Niall says. I shook my head, “I still got to make his cake. He got upset when he found out we brought his one for his party,” I tell them. Niall laughed a little bit, “that's because you made mine,” Niall smiled. Anne picked Theo up off the floor and sat down on the lounge, “where is Harry and Louis?” Anne questioned.

“Hanging out together. Me and Niall thought it best that they spend time together without us there,” I tell her. Anne smiled at us, “aww and then you two can spend time together,” Anne teased. Niall and I started laughing, “I think we spend too much time together,” I joked. Niall pushed me, “you’re my best friend,” Niall admitted. I was shocked, “you beat everyone else part from Harry,” he added. I hugged him tight as I realized that Niall and I are close then I am with everyone else, “your mine,” I tell him.

“Look at daddy and Aunty Lilly having a moment together,” Anne teased. We looked at her and Niall looked like he wanted to give her the rude finger, “like I said before. If Niall was straight and you weren't with Louis. I think you'll be together,” she added. Niall gave her the rude finger as Anne laughed at him, “it would be a whole new different for me,” I say. They looked at me, “I'm just saying that I've only ever been with Louis. Where Niall is Niall,” I started.

“And I have a baby,” Niall interrupted. I gave him a small nod, “so don't take this wrong, but I'm glad you’re with Harry,” I tell him. Niall acted offended, “first you reject my marriage proposal, then you reject me cuddling you and now your rejecting me and Theo,” he says. I kissed his cheek, “it wasn't meant to be. I have Louis,” I tell him. Niall kissed my cheek as he laughed, “and I have Harry,” he says. Mine and Niall's phones went off. I had a message from Louis:

Louis Tomlinson

Hey hunny. Sorry to say I won't be staying over tonight and Harry won't be coming home. His really really nervous about tomorrow night. So I told him he can stay at mine and I'm going to stay with him. Love ya xoxoxo

Niall was typing on his phone, “the boys won't be home tonight. There having fun,” I tell Anne. She smiled at him, “it's good for them to get away from their other halves once in a while,” Anne says. I nodded my head as Niall stood up, “I'll be back,” he says. As soon as Niall left the room I looked at Anne, “Harry really nervous about tomorrow night,” I tell her. Anne sighed, “his still going to propose. His just worried that it won't go the way he planned,” Anne says. I nodded my head as I messaged Louis:

Is he worried that it won't go the way he planned? I love you xoxoxo

Louis Tomlinson

I think so since his making me practice xo

“Do you know what Harry doing? He hasn't really told me anything. He just told me to keep Niall out,” I asked Anne. She nodded her head, “his got the boys singing a song he wrote,” she tells me. I was surprised, “and that's all I know,” she added. I smiled at her as I messaged Louis back:

Does Harry want Niall in something nice? Xoxo

Louis Tomlinson

Yes and you. I got to go back to practice babe, so I’ll talk to you later. I love you xoxo

I quickly messaged back that I love him as Niall came back into the room, “it’s just us tonight,” Niall says. I nodded my head as I noticed that it was nine o’clock, “we should get Theo to bed,” I tell him. Anne shook her head, “I can do that. Why don’t you two watch a movie?” Anne tells us. I looked at Niall, “you pick the movie this time since I always pick,” Niall smiled. I got up to pick a movie as Anne left us.

After I picked a movie Anne came back with Theo, so we could say goodnight to him. Anne also told us that that she was going to bed. Niall and I got comfortable on the lounge, “I don't think I could ever move out of here,” Niall smiled. I played the movie, “why that?” I wondered. Niall looked at me, “because I don't know what I would do without the help with Theo,” he admitted. I put my hand on his shoulder, “you will be alright. You did it before,” I tell him. Niall nodded his head, “I always had Harry,” he says.

The next day Niall was in a bad mood since Harry wasn't home. I put him in the lounge room with the PlayStation as I looked after Theo. I knew he was upset with Harry since it was their one-year anniversary and he wasn't home. I called Louis to tell him to tell Harry to call Niall. When Harry called Niall it made him a little bit happier, “Harry taking me out tonight,” Niall beamed. I smiled at him, “Louis also taking you out tonight, so you can have fun by yourselves,” he smirked.

“He said something about wanting to wake up with me in the morning,” I say. Niall nodded his head, “he wants birthday sex. You should have gotten something to wear,” he tells me. I bit my lip, “I've already got something,” I admitted. Niall seemed happy, “it better be hot,” he smirked. I nodded my head, “Louis thinks I'm hot wearing his clothes,” I admitted. Niall smirked bigger at me, “so you could get away with wearing his t-shirt and nothing on underneath,” he pointed out. I nodded my head, “or I could put that Black Widow costume back on,” I smiled.

“Oh god. We will never see you again if you did that,” Niall joked. I laughed a little bit, “we'll do you wanna know something about that night?” I wondered. Niall nodded his head, “we didn't just talk at the park,” I tell him. Niall was surprised, “you suck him off?” He questioned. I shook my head, “he fucked you, but I thought you couldn't get that costume off,” Niall says. I nodded my head, “that costume comes down just enough,” I smiled.

Niall and I talked about our sexual fantasies until we had to go get ready. I had a shower, but as I came out of the shower Louis was sitting on the edge my bed, “hey babe,” he smiled. I walked straight over to him and kissed him, “where were you ten minutes ago?” I questioned. Louis laughed a little bit, “I thought I could hear you moan,” he smirked. I hit him in the arm, “I’m sorry that I wasn’t here to help you,” he apologized. I sat down on Louis leg, “what made you play with yourself?” he wondered.

“Niall and I were talking about our sexual fantasies and I got turned on,” I admitted. Louis kissed my cheek, “if it anything babe. I think Niall tossed off too, so it must have been a good conversation,” Louis tells me. I nodded my head, “Niall’s my best friend,” I say. Louis seemed shocked, “not Soph or Perrie?” he asked. I shook my head, “Niall knows a lot about me and I feel really comfortable with him. I feel it with everyone else, but Niall different. He told me that I’m his best friend,” I explained.

“I’m happy for the both of you,” Louis says. I kissed him, “so what are you doing here?” I asked. Louis played with the bottom of my towel, “I need to get Harry suit. Niall don’t know I’m here,” he replied. I nodded my head, “but now Niall’s in his room,” he added. I got off of Louis and quickly put on a pair of track pants and a top, “I’ll distract him while you grab it,” I tell him. Louis kissed me, “I’ll see you later. Love you,” Louis smiled. He kissed me, “love you,” I smiled back.

I convinced Niall to come have a smoke with me, so Louis could go into his room. I told Niall that I need help with Louis tonight. I just told him that I wanted to make it special for Louis. Niall just told me to be on top and to listen to him. I nodded my head as we went back inside.

I started to get dressed. I put on my black flora lace underwear on. It was beautiful with some of the flowers in bronze. The bra was designed to just cover my nipples, “Lilly!” Niall yelled. I put on my dressing gown before I went to see him.

I found him in his room holding a small box, “someone was in my room,” he says. I came in closer to him, “and left you a present,” I tell him. Niall nodded his head, “open it Niall,” I added. Niall slowly opened and in it was a silver four-leaf clover necklace. Niall started to cry as he took it out of the box. He looked at the back of it, “that bastard,” he mumbled. I put my hand on his back, “what’s wrong,” I asked.

“I threw this necklace away in the forest at the cabin when I was mad. I told Harry about it two weeks ago that I wanted to go look for it. I wanted it back,” Niall explained. I noticed a note in the box:

You never lost it. I’ve always had it

Niall smiled at the note as he put his necklace on, “I guess this is my present for our one-year anniversary,” he says. I rubbed his back, “what did you get him?” I asked. Niall went into his bedside table and pulled out and envelope. He handed it to me and I opened it, “you changed Theo name,” I say. Niall nodded his head, “Harry still not his dad on paper, but if it all goes wrong. Theo will know that Harry is his father,” he tells me. I smiled as I hugged him, “this is amazing,” I say.

When I got back to my room I noticed I had a message on my phone:

Louis Tomlinson

Did Niall get the present?

So Louis left the present:

He did. It was the four leaf clover he lost

Louis Tomlinson

That's just the start. There should be another one in Theo’s room. I'll talk to you later. Love you xo

I messaged Louis that I loved him back before I put my dress on. It was a white dress with black lace flowers over the top part that slightly went on the bottom half. I started on my makeup I was just going to go with simple nude makeup. Before I could start on my hair Niall called me again.

I found him in Theo’s room holding another small box, “I found another one,” he says. I stood next to him, “open it,” I tell him. Niall shook his head, “why not?” I wondered. Niall looked at Theo asleep in his cot, “because it has something to do with him,” he replied. I wrapped my arm around him, “it be alright,” I reassured him. Niall slowly opened it to reveal a picture. I looked at the picture closely to see that it was Harry. He was pointing to Theo’s name that was on his side. Niall lifted up his shirt up to look at his tattoo of Theo’s name before looking at the picture again. I realized they were both the same. I noticed on the back of the photo was some writing. I turned it around to show Niall:

No matter what happens. I will never regret being Theo’s dad. You two have showed me a new way to think of life. I couldn’t be happier.

Niall started crying, “I think I need a smoke,” he says. As Niall was about to walk out Anne walked in, “don’t you look beautiful Lilly,” she smiled. She noticed Niall, “happy tears,” I tell her. Anne hugged Niall, “he just can’t do this and not be here,” he mumbled. Anne rubbed his back, “you’ll see him soon,” she tells him. Niall looked at her, “and I’m going to take Theo to see Johanna, so I can help her with Louis birthday party,” she added. Niall got Theo out of his cot and held him tight, “your other dad is too nice to me,” he whispered.


After I had a smoke with Niall. I finished getting ready. I left my hair down and straightened it a little bit. I put my cubic zirconia triple teardrop chandelier earrings in. I grabbed my black clutch and made sure I had everything I needed in it. I grabbed my six inch heels and my white cotton pea coat. I put them in the lounge room as I noticed Niall sitting on the lounge, “your meant to be getting dress,” I pointed out. I noticed Niall had little black box in his hand, “I'm going to propose to Harry tonight,” he tells me. I was shocked, “I was going to do it on Christmas, but I wanna do it tonight,” he added. I sat down next to him, “why do you want to do it tonight?” I asked.

“Because I love him and today I love him more. I want to spend the rest of my life with him,” Niall admitted. I grabbed Niall’s hand, “then do it tonight when you see him,” I tell him. I couldn’t tell him that he couldn’t, because I knew he would ask me why. Niall kissed my cheek, “can you help me pick something out?” he wondered. I nodded my head, “need to look good for what I’m about to do,” he says.

Niall ran off to have a quick shower and I grabbed my phone. I called Louis, “hey babe,” he says when he answered. I looked around to make sure Niall wasn’t around, “ok don’t tell Harry, but Niall going to propose to him tonight. I couldn’t tell him no,” I rambled. I played with my dress, “ok I won’t tell Harry, but does Niall have a ring?” Louis questioned.

“Yep. He was going to propose on Christmas, but Harry with his presents today. Makes Niall want to do it tonight,” I tell him. I heard the shower stop, “I have to go. I have to help Niall get ready. I love you,” I says. Louis told me that he loved me before I hung up. Niall called me to come to his room.

When I got there he had two suits on the bed. One was black and the other was a dark blue, “pick one,” he tells me. I pointed to the black suit, “and a white dress shirt,” I say. Niall got a white dress shirt out of the wardrobe. He started to get dressed in front of me and this time I looked away.

I looked back when I knew Niall had pants on, “I can't believe I’m doing this,” he mumbled. I helped him put on his white dress shirt and started doing it up, “it be fine,” I reassured him. Niall started taking his piercings out, “I might leave them out like Louis,” he says. I finished doing his shirt up, “I miss his lip one. I liked how I could feel it when he kissed me,” I admitted. Niall smiled as he took his last piercing out, “maybe you should ask him to put it back in,” Niall tells me. Niall walked away to put his piercings away, “how should do my hair?” he asked me. I grabbed his hair wax and put some in my hand. Niall sat on his bed thinking about something. I styled Niall’s hair into a quiff, “your all done,” I smiled.

“Do I look alright?” He questioned. I kissed his forehead, “you look handsome,” I reassured him. Niall smiled a little, “but personally it won’t matter what you show up in. I know Harry loves you,” I added. Niall smiled bigger as he nodded his head. He stood up, “and I love him and I’m going to spend the rest of my life with him,” he tells me.

We were in the car on the way to see Harry. Niall seem nervous, but happy at the same time. I couldn’t believe what was about to happen when we got out of the car. I was afraid that Niall was going to run up to Harry and ask him straight away. I knew Harry had put a lot into tonight and I wanted to see it happen, “Ni I think you should propose to Harry when it’s just you two,” I tell him. Niall quickly looked at him, “why?” he questioned.

“I think it be more romantic if you went on a walk or something,” I replied. I just wanted Niall to not do it straight away, “I’m not going to panic and ask him as soon as I see him. I know that’s what your worried about,” he reassured me. I nodded my head, “you only get to propose to someone once,” he added. I sighed, “Louis lucky that he gets to do it twice,” I mumbled. Niall laughed a little bit, “but you will always remember the first time he asked,” he says.

“Yep, but I remember the words he said after. He told me that he doesn’t see life without me anymore. He loves me so much that it hurts,” I remembered. I smiled to myself, “you said yes to him didn’t you?” Niall asked. I played with my fingers, “I still haven’t said yes,” I say. Niall smiled big at me, “but you will,” he teased.

We arrived at the address that Harry gave us, but there was nothing around part from trees and snow. I grabbed my jacket and bag before I got out of the car. I put my jacket on, “you sure this is the right place?” I asked. I have no idea why we were here. Niall nodded his head, “I know this place,” he whispered. Niall grabbed my hand as we started walking into the forest.

We stopped when we noticed lights near a frozen stream. Niall breathing got faster, “his going to propose,” Niall whispered. Niall looked at me, “you know? Don’t you?” he wondered. I couldn’t help, but nod my head, “I hate you. I know you’ve known for a while,” he says. I kissed his cheek, “I couldn’t tell you,” I tell him. Niall took in a deep breath, “let’s see how his going to do it,” he smiled.

Niall and I walked along the stream following the lights. We stopped when we came to a dark open area, but all of a sudden the trees lit up with fairy light through them. Niall squeezed my hand as we heard a piano start playing:

“I figured it out
I figured it out from black and white
Seconds and hours
Maybe they had to take some time,” we heard Harry sing.

We saw him and the rest of the boys on a small stage. They were all dressed nicely in their suites:

“I know how it goes
I know how it goes for wrong and right
Silence and sound
Did they ever hold each other
Tight like us
Did they ever fight like us?” Liam sang next.

Niall was crying and never let go of my hand. I put my hand over the top of ours:

“You and I
We don't want to be like them
We can make it till the end
Nothing can come between
You and I
Not even the gods above
Could separate the two of us
No nothing can come between
You and I
Oohh You and I,” Harry serenaded Niall.

Harry was smiling big at Niall as he held back his own tears:

“I figured it out
Saw the mistakes of up and down
Meet in the middle
There's always room for common ground,” Zayn sang softly.

Louis smiled at me:

“I see what it's like
I see what it's like for day and night
Never together
Cause they see things in a different light
Like us
They never tried like us,” Louis sang as he looked at me.

I felt tears in my eyes:

“You and I
We don't want to be like them
We can make it till the end
Nothing can come between
You and I
Not even the gods above
Could separate the two of us,” Harry sang again.

I leant into Niall and he did the same to me:

“Cause You and I,” Zayn belted.

I was really impressed with his high note. That it took my breath away:

“We don't want to be like them
We can make it till the end
Nothing can come between You and I
Not even the gods above
Could separate the two of us
No nothing can come between
You and I,” they all sang together.

I was crying and so was Niall. This was perfect for Niall and Harry, “you and I,” Zayn belted again. Niall was taking in deep breaths, “oohh You and I. Oohh You & I,” Harry sang softly. I rubbed my hand up and down Niall’s forearm, “We can make it if we try. You and I,” Zayn sang as he smiled. Harry took a deep breath in, “oohh you and I. You and I,” he cried as he voice broke at the end. I pushed Niall to go to him, but he didn’t move, “Ni you need to go to Harry,” I tell him. Niall gave me a nod before he ran off to Harry. Niall jumped straight on him before he kissed him. Louis came over to me and kissed me straight away, “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you,” I smiled. Louis grabbed my hand, “Niall knows. He worked it out when we found the lights near the stream,” I tell Louis. He laughed a little bit as Liam, Sophia, Zayn, Perrie and Anne with Theo in her arms stood next to us, “part two,” Anne says. I noticed Theo holding a little black box as he was dressed in a little suit with a thick jacket over the top. Anne started to walk over to Harry and Niall, “we better head back to that cabin,” Perrie says after Anne came back over to us.

We started walking, but my heels kept getting stuck into the snow. I ended up falling over, “come here babe,” Louis smiled. Louis picked me up bridled style as Liam grabbed my shoe that was stuck in the snow. Liam put my shoe back on for me, “should have told you about wearing boots,” Sophia say. I looked at her and she raised her dress to show me her boots, “I have my heels at the cabin,” she added. I laughed a little bit, “I think she happy with Louis carrying her,” Zayn smiled. I nodded my head, “he gets a work out,” I say. Louis shook his head, “you weigh nothing,” he tells me. I kissed him, “liar,” I whispered.

We stopped in front of a cabin that was decorated with lights around the trees, “wow. Harry outdid himself,” I say. Louis put me down once we got inside, “well this is their engagement party,” Louis tells me. I smiled at him, “Lilly!” I heard a familiar voice yell. I turned around to see one of Louis’s twin sisters, “that’s Daisy,” he whispered. I held my arms out to her, “Daisy,” I smiled. She hugged me tight, “missed you,” she says. I hugged her back as tight, “I missed you too,” I tell her.

“There’s a lot of people here,” she tells me. I looked at Louis, “my family, Liam’s family, Zayn family, Josh and his family, Gemma and some other people,” he tells me. I nodded my head as Louis grabbed my hand. Daisy grabbed my other hand, “where’s Harry?” Daisy asked. Louis laughed a little bit, “his with Niall,” he tells her. Daisy nodded her head, “ever since she met Harry. She always asks me about him. I think she got herself a little crush,” Louis explained. I smiled at him, “poor girl,” I say.

We walked into the main hall and there must be about forty people here. I couldn’t believe all of these people came here to help celebrate Harry’s and Niall’s engagement. The place was decorated beautifully with tea lights all over the tables. I noticed Gemma with Josh and his family. I noticed his Nanna and his dad as they seemed happy to be talking to Gemma. I also noticed Veronica talking to Officer Cole and she was giggling. I nudged Louis before I pointed over to them, “they talk a lot since his our parole officer,” Louis tells me. I shook my head, “their flirting with each other,” I pointed out.

“No way,” Louis says in shock. I nodded my head as I noticed Johanna and Anne coming over to us. They were dressed beautifully, “I wonder how it’s going out there,” Anne says. Johanna smiled at her as Daisy wrapped her arms her, “it be going great,” she tells her. They looked at us, “personally I thought this would be your two engagement party,” Johanna smiled. Louis shook his head quickly and I laughed, “aww what colour is red Lou,” Anne teased. Louis pulled me away from them, “I like them two together,” I say.

“I don’t,” Louis mumbled. I stopped him, “well you better get used to it. That’s my mum and your mum. They going to see each other,” I pointed out. Louis kissed me, “you’re lucky I love you,” he smiled. I kissed him, “I love you,” I tell him. Louis took me over to a table with our names on it. I noticed this table was full of our group and Gemma and Josh. Louis helped me take my jacket off since it was warm in here. He put it on the back of my chair, “I want to go talk to Josh and his family,” I tell Louis.

We went over to Josh and his family. Gemma was still there, “Lilly,” Josh smiled. He hugged me, “is that Little Lilly?” his Nanna questioned. I looked at her as I nodded my head, “you’ve grown up to be a beautiful woman,” she smiled. I hugged her, “good to see you too Nanna Rose,” I smiled back. I stood back next to Louis, “good to see you Lilly,” Josh’s dad says. I smiled at him since I knew he wasn’t a touchy person, “so how have you all been?” I asked. I felt Louis hand on my back, “great,” Nanna rose says. Josh’s smiled at me, “sorry to hear about your dad tho. He was a good friend to me,” he says. Louis rubbed my back, “he was,” I smiled a little.

“But I can’t believe Harry is getting married. What do you think about your brother getting married?” Josh’s dad asked. I played with my fingers, “I’m happy for him. Niall means a lot to him,” I tell him. Josh seemed on edge, “I’m happy for you and Louis. I just hope it turns out better than your dad and mother,” he says. I gave him a small nod, “it already is,” I smiled. He smiled back at me, “well you better go and talk to other people,” he tells me.

Louis and I walked away from them, “why were you guys worried?” I wondered. Louis sighed, “Josh dad has post-traumatic stress disorder from the air force. He snaps sometimes,” Louis tells me. I wondered why Josh didn’t tell me, “is he going to be alright tonight?” I questioned. Louis nodded his head, “he loves Harry,” he says.

Louis and I decided to get a drink as we waited for Harry and Niall to come. Zayn and Perrie joined us, “they been out there for ten minutes. What could they be doing? They have Theo,” I wondered. They all nodded their heads, “talking, kissing,” Zayn smiled. Sophia and Liam joined us, “poor Theo,” I say. Sophia and Liam looked at us, “there coming,” Liam tells us. He pointed to the entrance and we saw a very happy Harry and Niall. They were holding hands as Harry held Theo, “it went good,” Zayn pointed out. When they walked into the main hall everyone looked at them. Niall looked overwhelmed with how many people where there. Louis wrapped his arms around me from behind, “I have something to tell you,” Harry started. He looked around at everyone, “Niall said no,” he tells everyone.

“What?” Louis questioned. I noticed that Harry was still smiling, “but then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes,” Harry smiled. Harry showed everyone the ring on his finger and everyone cheered and clapped for them. I noticed Niall looking down at his hand, so I looked at his hand. He also was wearing a ring, “Lou. Niall wearing a ring too,” I whispered. Louis looked at Niall’s hand, “he is too,” he whispered back. Harry stopped everyone clapping, “but I asked him again to marry me and this time he said yes,” Harry beamed. Niall held up his hand to show off his ring. Everyone clapped and cheered again, “let’s go congratulate them,” Liam smiled.

We all walked over to them as Anne was hugging them. She was crying as she was smiling, “my little boy is turning into a man,” she cried. Harry went red, “mum it’s ok,” Harry reassured her. I hugged Niall first since Harry was trying to calm Anne down, “why did you say no the first time?” I wondered. He smiled at me, “because I wanted to do something for once,” he smiled. I kissed his cheek, “I better help Harry with mum,” I say. I went over to Harry and Anne, “Lilly please tell this woman that it’s ok,” Harry begged. Anne was still crying, “Harry I think she just happy,” I tell him.

“If it’s anything. When Lilly and Louis get engaged. I be crying all over her too,” she says. I smiled at her, “I’m looking forward to it,” I admitted. Harry hugged me, “why didn’t you tell me that Niall was going to propose to me?” Harry questioned. I looked at him, “because I thought you would have got in first,” I replied. Harry placed my face between his hands, “well he rejected me and then proposed, but I was happy about it,” he smiled. He kissed my forehead, “I’m happy for the both of you,” I smiled back.

I managed to pull Anne away, so other people could congratulate Harry and Niall. We stood close as Anne watched Harry, “I never thought I would see this day,” Anne smiled. I wrapped my arms around her, “I’m really happy that I got to see it,” I say. Anne kissed the top of my head, “I don’t think Harry would have asked him if you weren’t here,” she tells me. Louis came over to us with Theo in his arms, “Niall really wants to run. I think there’s too many people for him,” Louis says. Louis checked Theo to see he was warm before he took his jacket off. Louis turned him around, so he could see Anne and I, “look how cute my two little men are,” I smiled.

“I’m not little babe,” Louis pointed out. I poked Theo nose, “you sure?” I teased. Louis kissed me, “you look so beautiful in your dress,” he tells me. Anne made some noise to tell us that she was still there, “you look beautiful too Anne,” Louis smiled. She smiled back at us, “suck up,” she teased. I bit my bottom lip to stop me from laughing, “doesn’t hurt,” Louis says. A man came up to us with a camera, “can I please take a picture?” he asked me and Louis.

“Sure,” Louis tells him. The man stopped Louis handing over Theo to Anne, “as a family,” the man smiled. Anne held back her laughter, but Louis just smiled at the guy. Louis and I posed for a picture with Theo, “now that I got a picture with my god son. Can I have just one with me and my girlfriend?” Louis questioned the man. I noticed the man was embarrassed as he nodded his head. Louis gave Theo to Anne, so we could take the picture. Louis took Theo back, “now them two,” Louis told the man. I stood next to Anne and the man took another picture, “Gem!” Louis yelled. Gemma came over to us, “get in the picture,” Louis smiled.

“You alright hunny?” I wondered. Louis nodded his head as I posed for another picture. Harry and Niall came over to us, “why don’t you get in the picture Harry?” Louis asked me. Harry stood next to me and the man took another picture. I managed to get away before I got another picture, “I’m going to get you later,” I tell Louis. Niall laughed, “I’ll get him back for ya,” Niall tells me. Niall took Theo off of Louis and gave him to me. Niall pulled Louis over to Harry before whispering something to Harry. Louis looked a bit worried as Harry talked to the photographer. Niall and Harry stood on both sides of Louis and kissed his cheeks. Louis just smiled as the man took the picture. Louis came back over to me, so Niall and Harry could get some pictures together, “even?” Louis wondered.

“I want to put that picture up,” I smiled. Anne took Theo off of me, “why don’t you two go have fun?” Anne suggested. Louis grabbed my hand and pulled me away from them, “how about a smoke?” Louis asked. I nodded my head as I pulled him to get my jacket and purse.

We stood outside in the snow, “I can’t believe Niall said no, so he could propose,” Louis says. We both lit up a smoke, “he wanted to do something for once,” I tell him. Louis sat down on a fence as he smiled, “I’m actually happy that he did,” I added. Louis nodded his head, “can I ask where that song came from?” I wondered. Louis looked down as kept smiling, “Harry and I wrote it,” he admitted. He looked at me, “he tried to write it by himself, but couldn’t. So I sat down with him and helped him finish it,” Louis added.

“It’s a beautiful song,” I smiled. I moved in closer to Louis, “I love your part,” I say. Louis held his hand out to me, so I grabbed it. He tried to pull me closer, but I wouldn’t let him. I shook my head as I had a drag of my smoke. Louis held up his smoke for me to take and I did. I put both of ours out before I went over to him. Louis put his hands on my hips and pulled me closer to him. We were eye level since he was sitting on the fence. I placed my hands on his chest, “so do you want me to do the same thing when I propose?” he asked.

“No,” I tell him. I kissed his nose, “plus you’ve already asked me. I can’t forget that,” I added. Louis looked down, “maybe I shouldn’t have asked you then,” he whispered. I made him look at me, “I don’t. I think if you thought about asking me. I don’t think you would have told me the full truth,” I reassured him. Louis looked confused, “full truth?” he questioned. I nodded my head, “I like how your words were raw. You didn’t try and make them sound better. They came from the heart,” I confessed.

“Because we were in our safe place. Where we both can say what we want. I told you something personal and it felt right to ask you then. I just didn’t know that you would reject me,” he says. I kissed him, “I didn’t reject you. I was just worried that you might regret it the next day,” I admitted. Louis kissed me, “I never regret you,” he smiled against my lips. Louis kissed me again, but staying against my lips.

We kissed until we heard someone come out. It was Liam and Zayn, “this is where you two are hiding,” Liam smirked. Louis wrapped his arms around me tight, “too many people,” Louis says. Zayn and Liam laughed a little bit, “I can’t believe that Niall is the one that proposed,” Zayn admitted. I laughed a little bit, “I kinda can. He told me that he was,” I tell them. Liam and Zayn shook their heads as they smiled, “anyway they engaged and one day they’ll get married. Oh our Harry and Niall are growing up,” Liam says as he acted upset.

“It be alright boys,” I tell them. Zayn hugged Liam, “just think Lilly and Louis will be next,” Zayn smiled. Louis kissed my cheek, “if you boys going to talk like girls. I’m going inside,” I say. I kissed Louis before I started walking in, “I’ll see you soon babe,” Louis tells me.

When I got inside I put my coat and purse on the table. I bumped into Veronica, “Hi Lilly,” she smiled. I smiled back, “hi Veronica. You enjoying yourself?” I asked. She nodded her head, “I never guessed that I would see this day,” she says. I raised an eyebrow at her, “I knew they liked each other. They used to talk to me about loving someone they can’t have. I also knew Niall didn’t fancy me. I’ve been alone with him a lot and he never made a move. I’m just happy they got over everything,” she explained.

“So am I,” I smiled. I knew Niall and Harry been together for a year, but there was a lot of bumps and some of them big ones, “so how are you and Office Cole?” I asked to change the subject. Veronica blushed a deep red, “I seen you two flirting with each other,” I teased. Veronica looked down, “he is a great guy. We’ve been going out for about six months now,” Veronica admitted. I wrapped my arm around her, “I’m happy for you,” I tell her. Veronica smiled at me, “thank you,” she says.

Veronica and I talked a little bit more before she wanted to go dance with Office Cole. I just stood there looking at everyone dancing, “you wanna dance babe? It’s a slow song,” I heard Louis ask. I nodded my head as I turned around to him. I kissed him before he grabbed my hand and lead me to the dance floor.

When we found a spot Louis pulled me close to him. He held my hands close to his chest as he wrapped his arm around my waist and put his other hand on my hip. I placed my hand on his back under his arm before Louis started swaying us to the music. I leant my head onto his shoulder as I looked at him. I smiled as Louis kissed my nose, “your perfect babe,” he smiled. He kissed me, “your perfect,” I tell him. Louis shook his head, “far from it,” he whispered.

We danced for the whole song until Daisy and Phoebe came up to us. They wanted to dance with us, but Louis didn’t look like he knew how with them. Phoebe grabbed his hands, “just follow her lead and don’t forget to twirl her around once and a while,” I tell him. Louis gave me a small nod as he started dancing with Phoebe. I just smiled at them, “Lilly Belle why does Harry kiss Niall? His another boy,” she asked me. I knelt down to be eye level with her, “because he loves him. It doesn’t matter if it’s another boy. Love is love,” I tell her.

“So is it alright for a boy to love another boy?” she questioned. I nodded my head, “can a girl love another girl?” she wondered. I nodded my head again, “but you don’t have to worry about any of that until your older,” I say. Daisy hugged me, “can we dance?” she smiled. I nodded my head as I stood up. I took my heels off just in case I stepped on her. I started dancing with her, but I looked at Louis, “thank you,” he tells me. I smiled at him as I leaned over to kiss him.

We danced with the twins for a little bit until they had enough. As Louis and I were about to walk off Niall stopped us. “dance with me Lilly. Please,” Niall begged. I looked at Louis and he gave me a small nod. Niall must of saw since he was pulling me on to the dance floor.

Niall and I found a spot and started dancing, “this is a great night,” he smiled. I nodded my head as Niall twirled me, “I want to ask you something and Harry is alright with it,” he started. Niall pulled me closer to him, “um I want you to be my best man or maid of honour. Whatever you want to call it,” he tells me. I jumped on him as I hugged him, “I take that as a yes,” he laughed. I put my feet back on the floor before looked at him, “of course, but I’m not wearing a suit,” I smiled. Niall kissed my forehead, “you'll get a dress,” he tells me. We started dancing again.

After a couple of songs, we got told to sit down at our tables. I sat down with Louis at our table. Everyone joined us part from Harry and Niall. They had their own table at the front, so everyone could see them. Anne was sitting with Louis family, “please not be talking about us,” Louis mumbled. I grabbed his hand, “it be alright,” I reassured him. Gemma noticed what we were looking at, “why isn’t mum sitting with Harry and Niall?” Gemma wondered.

“Niall don’t have anyone, so Harry thought it be best that Anne sits with Louis mum,” Liam tells her. Gemma nodded her head, “we’re his family,” Zayn added. Niall really was my family now and my best friend. Louis wrapped an arm around me as Harry stood up, “mum tells me that I got to make a speech. So here it is. The first time I spoke to Niall was in the music room. He was playing his guitar and he had his eyes closed. He was so into the music as he played. That was the day I started to fall for him. The day I fell in love him was the day I went to his house. He was looking after our son Theo. He was so tired from Theo keeping him up all night. He was snappy at me, but I didn’t care. Niall fell asleep with a tiny Theo on his chest and they both looked peaceful. I watched them for a while and that when I realized that I love him and Theo. My love grows stronger for the both of them every day. I love you Niall James Horan,” Harry confessed. I noticed Harry was teary as Niall hugged him, “aww Harry does what Lou does to Lilly,” Liam teased.

“Liam what did I say about that?” Louis questioned. Louis was bright red, “you watch me sleep?” I wondered. Everyone was looking at Louis, “yes,” he whispered. I kissed him, “I do it to you,” I tell him. Louis laughed a little bit as he kissed me, “shh Niall going to talk,” Gemma tells us. Josh started poking her, “stop it or I will hurt you,” she warned him. Josh wrapped his arms around her before he kissed her, “I’m glad Niall and I brought them out from hiding,” I whispered to Louis. He kissed me as Niall looked at everyone, “I’m want to start with thanking everyone for coming tonight,” Niall started.

“We love you buddy!” Liam shouted. Niall went bright red, “me and Harry had a weird relationship at the beginning. I will admit that I was afraid to love him. I grew up with a judgmental family that would kill me if they knew about me and Harry. That’s why they’re not here tonight and I don’t care. I have replaced them with the best people that I will ever know,” he continued. Niall was crying a little, “I love Harry for a long time before I could really admit it to myself. He was still there after all I have done to him and myself. He was the first person to understand why I wanted Theo and he stayed. I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I’m thankful. I love you Harry Edward Styles,” Niall finished. Harry kissed him straight away as they started whispering stuff to each other, “now that’s love,” Sophia says.

“We all know that he was talking about May,” Perrie pointed out. We all nodded our heads, “but that’s in the past and Niall only did that so he could think that he wasn’t gay. But he always went back to Harry,” I tell them. They all smiled, “plus that night we heard Niall and May. Niall couldn’t finish. He went soft half way through,” Louis says. I was shocked, “we would like Lilly to say something,” Niall says. I looked around and all eyes were on me, “babe stand up,” Louis tells me.

“Flower?” Harry questioned. I stood up slowly and took a deep breath. I felt the back of Louis hand on my leg, “I’ve known Harry since birth and his is my big brother, but really I’m his big sister. Niall I’ve only known for just over four months now. Niall my best friend. His one of the few people that knows what I’m going through. I would be lost without them two. I love you both and I wish you both all the happiness in the world,” I tell them. Harry and Niall smiled at me as they both mouthed thank you. I sat back down, “Louis turn,” Harry smirked. Louis stood up, “these two people I can count on which is hard for me. I can’t believe we still talk after the shit we done to each other, but they’re not friends. They are my brothers and I love them. Thank you for everything guys and I wish you all the best,” Louis smiled. Louis sat back down and I kissed him, “let’s eat,” Harry says.

After we finished eating we had a smoke before going back inside, “an hour to midnight,” I say as I checked the time. Louis smiled as he nodded his head, “Lilly, Louis,” I heard our names be called. We turned around to see Lottie coming towards us. She hugged us both, “now before I forget thank you Lilly,” she smiled. I was confused, “I talked to that guy since I had nothing to lose and now we're going out,” she tells me. I hugged her as Louis groaned, “when do I get to meet him?” Louis questioned.

“Tomorrow if that's alright with you?” Lottie asked. Louis nodded his head as Lottie hugged him, “thank you Lou,” she beamed. She ran off to probably tell Johanna, “breath. You can worry about that tomorrow,” I tell him. Louis took in a deep breath as he nodded his head, “I’ll be there, so you don’t kill him,” I added. Louis smiled a little bit, “I probably would. I know what boys think about,” he says. I wrapped my arm around him, “sex. He is a fifteen-year-old boy. He most likely a virgin,” I pointed out. Louis sighed, “that means he thinks of sex more,” he tells me.

“Let’s not think about it. Let’s go have a good time for the rest of the night,” I smiled. Louis kissed me, “what you want to do?” he asked. I looked around, “I don’t know,” I mumbled. Johanna and Anne came up to us, “we’re going to go home. Theo and the twins are asleep,” Johanna tells us. We both nodded at them, “will help put the twins in the car,” Louis tells her.

After I pinched Sophia boots, so I could carry one of the twins. Johanna and Anne went to say goodbye to Harry and Niall with Theo. I picked up Daisy and she woke up a little bit, “go back to sleep,” I cooed. Daisy hid her face into my neck, “I love you Lilly Belle,” she mumbled. I kissed the top of her head, “I love you,” I whispered. She smiled as she went back off to sleep, “sweet dreams,” I added.

When we got them into the car Anne and Johanna finally came out. We hugged them, “I see you tomorrow morning. So you can do Louis cake,” Anne reminded me. I gave her a small nod, “I’ll be back,” I tell her. I kissed Theo forehead, “you be a good boy for nanna. I love you,” I whispered. I kissed his forehead again before Anne put him the car, “be good tonight,” Johanna smirked. Louis shook his head, “better be going mum,” Louis mumbled. Louis was blushing, “his so easy to tease,” Johanna says. I nodded my head before they got into the car.

We went inside after they left, “can we leave?” Louis wondered. I shrugged my shoulders as I noticed Harry and Niall dancing. It was a slow song and they were wrapped up in each other, “life has changed so much in four months,” I whispered. Louis kissed the side of my head, “for the better,” Louis whispered back. I nodded my head as I leant into him, “I’m Niall’s maid of honour,” I say. I looked at Louis and he was smiling, “I’m Harry’s best man,” he tells me. I kissed him, “you know what that means?” I wondered. Louis shook his head, “we have to help them with the wedding and we got to do another speech,” I smiled.

“Please tell me Harry the man and leaving it all up to Niall,” Louis begged. I shrugged my shoulders, “I think they’re going to share it,” I say. Louis sighed, “I’m leaving that up to you and them. I don’t know what looks good,” Louis tells me. I kissed him, “I think we got a lot of time before we have to start,” I reassured him.

Louis and I went up to Harry and Niall to tell them that we were going. They walked out to Louis’s car with us after I grabbed my stuff. They hugged us, “thanks for everything guys,” Harry tells us. We smiled at him, “just remember you owe me,” Louis says. Harry nodded his head, but Niall looked at Harry with lust in his eyes, “why don’t you get out of here? I think someone make sure no one breaks anything,” I suggested. Harry looked at Niall, “I think that might be a good idea,” Harry whispered. Harry quickly looked at us, “we’ll have a goodnight and we will see you tomorrow,” Harry tells us.

Louis and I got into his car, “I know who topping tonight,” Louis smiled. I shook my head as I put on my seatbelt, “who?” I asked. Louis also put his seatbelt on, “Niall,” he smirked. Louis started his car and I took off my earrings, “and I don’t think they will even make it to the bed,” he added. Louis started driving, “where are we going?” I wondered. Louis smirked at me, “a nice hotel room for the night. We will be there in about twenty minutes,” he tells me.

We arrived at a big hotel twenty minutes later. We got out of the car and Louis grabbed a bag on the back seat. He gave a man his keys, so he could park his car. Louis grabbed my hand as we walked into the hotel, “let’s get to our room,” he smiled. We went straight for the elevator, “already got the key?” I wondered. Louis nodded his head, “mum got it for me. I paid, but she checked in,” he tells me. Louis pushed the button for the elevator, “they wouldn’t let me get a room. I’m not eighteen yet,” he pouted. I kissed him, “aww poor baby. You’re not eighteen for another ten minutes,” I pointed out.

“It’s going to be the longest ten minutes of my life,” he mumbled. We got into the elevator, “so how does it feel to be seventeen still?” I asked. Louis pushed the button to our room, “I’m over it. I want to be an adult,” he tells me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and Louis placed his hands on my hips, “you sure, because I remember you saying that you wanted to be a baby again,” I reminded him. Louis laughed a little bit as he kissed me, “that be nice too, but your right about that I would miss all the sex,” he admitted.

“Who said you’re getting any tonight?” I teased. Louis kissed my nose, “no one,” he says. I ran my hands down his chest, “good, because you already had your birthday sex,” I tell him. Louis went to kiss me, but the elevator doors opened, “must be our floor,” he says.

We found our hotel room and went in. There was a big bed, TV, mini bar, a small table and chairs and a single armchair. Louis threw our bag onto the floor, “five minutes until I’m eighteen,” he whispered. I stood next to him after I took my jacket and shoes off, “what’s the best and worst thing. That you done when you were seventeen?” I asked.

“The worst thing I did was trying to kill myself, because if I did. I wouldn’t have the best thing next to me,” he smiled. He wrapped his arms around me, “but I’m going to start my eighteenth year of life with the best thing,” he added. He kissed me, “happy birthday baby,” I smiled against his lips. Louis kept kissing me as he phone was going off. He broke the kiss to turn his phone off, “I’ll get to them later,” he says. He unzipped the back of my dress as he kissed me again. I took my arms out and let my dress fall to the floor. Louis looked me up and down, “fuck babe,” he swore.

“I’m all yours,” I whispered. Louis ran his fingers down my neck, across my chest, down between my breasts, down my stomach to the tops of my knickers. All of a sudden Louis pushed me against the wall as he kissed me hard. He ran his hands all over my body. I pushed his suit jacket off his shoulders before Louis threw it onto the floor. I slowly undid the top button to his shirt, “just rip it off babe,” he tells me. I ripped it open and ran my hands down his chest. I slowly got down onto my knees before I undid his pants. Louis bit his lip as I pulled his pants and boxers down to his feet. He was already hard, “I will always love this sight of you,” I smirked.

“You better love the rest of me,” he says. I nodded my head as I grabbed his member. I started licking the top, “I hate when you tease,” Louis whispered. I put the head of his member into my mouth. I sucked on it lightly and Louis threw his head back. I put more of him in my mouth as my hand around his member moved up and down a little. I continued to put more of him in my mouth until I reached my hand. I slowly took him out of my mouth and looked at him. His eyes were black as he looked at me. I put him back in my mouth and started moving backwards and forwards. Louis grabbed the side of my hair as I kept going.

After a little bit Louis stepped back from me. He made me stand on my feet before he pushed me against the wall. He pushed his body against me as he kissed me. He ran his hand down the side of my body to my thigh. He pulled my leg up, so I would wrap it around his hip. I felt his member rub between my legs. Louis other hand ran over my breast before he grabbed it. Louis kissed my neck before he stepped back. He looked me up and down, “what do I want to do to you?” he smirked.

“Like I said baby. I’m all yours,” I say. Louis came back over to me and put his hand down the front of my knickers. He played with my button as he kissed my neck. I dug my fingers into his arms, “Lou,” I moaned. Louis kissed across my chest to down one of my breasts. He moved my bra down with his free hand before he started to suck on my nipple. I ran my hands through the back of his hair as Louis gently bit down on my nipple. Louis moved to my other nipple and started sucking on it. His fingers played with my entrance, but he pulled his hand out of my knickers. Louis ran his hands up my back to my bra. He undid it and I let it fall to the floor. Louis grabbed the sides of my knickers before he pulled them down slowly. When they fell to my feet I kicked them off. Louis kissed me, “stay there,” he tells me.

“What you doing baby?” I wondered. Louis quickly went into his bag and grabbed a box. He threw the box onto the bed after he got something out. When he came closer to me I noticed that he had a condom in his hand. He put it on himself, “do you trust me?” he asked. I nodded my head as Louis grabbed my hands. He wrapped my arms around his neck, “say it,” he tells me.

“I trust you,” I smiled. Louis ran his hands down my back over my bottom to my thighs. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. I kissed him as Louis moved his arms under my thighs. He lifted me up higher, “I might need you help with the next part,” he smirked. I ran my hand down his chest to his member. I positioned him at my entrance before Louis slowly moved me down onto him. I wrapped my arm back around his neck as we were letting the feeling take over, “I’ll do all the work,” he tells me.

“Please remember I’m new at this,” I reminded him. Louis kissed me, “I never done this position. I’ve only ever seen it in porn videos,” he admitted. Before I could say anything Louis started moving me backwards and forwards on him. I dug my fingers into his back as he started kissing my neck. He pushed me up against the wall before he kissed down my chest. I pulled his face back up to mine and kissed him. Louis got faster and harder after I moaned into his mouth. I threw my head back against the wall as the feeling was taking over me, “I don’t care if you come babe. I love that face,” he groaned.

“I’m just letting the feeling take over,” I whispered. Louis pulled me close to him, so he could kiss me. As we were kissing Louis turned us around and started walking. Louis never broke the kiss as we fell on the bed together. He started moving in and out me slowly. He moved from my lips to my neck and I couldn’t help put my fingers through his hair. Louis grabbed my hand that was in his hair and in entwined our fingers together next to my head. I wrapped my other arm under his shoulder as I laid open mouth kisses to his shoulder.

After sometime Louis got faster with his movements. I pulled on his hair, so I could kiss his neck. Louis moaned into my ear as he thrusted hard into me. Louis pushed himself up with his hands to look at me. He watched me as he gave me two quick thrust before thrusting deep inside. I grabbed the blanket and Louis kissed me. He kept watching me until he shut his eyes. I ran my hands up his chest to his neck. Louis shook at little bit and I knew he was close. He opened his eyes to look at me as he got harder with me. Sweat was coming off the both of us and I felt myself close. Louis smirked at me as he hit the right spot. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I came moaning his name. Louis watched me as I was riding out my high. He kissed me as he also came.

Louis rolled next to me as we caught our breath. I rolled on my side to look at him before I ran my hand down his sweaty chest. Louis grabbed my hand, “thank you for the best birthday so far,” he smiled. I leant over and kissed him, “happy birthday again baby,” I say. Louis rolled over onto his side, so he can look at me properly. He ran his finger down my side to my hip, “baby can I ask why your trying things with me for the first time?” I asked.

“Truth even tho it going to sound bad?” he questioned. I nodded my head, “the other girls that I have been with was just to get my dick wet. So I only did three positions with them. Where with you I want to do all of them. We picked the position we tried tonight when we were stuck in my car. I know you want side by side,” he tells me.

“But you said that was the lazy sex position,” I remembered. Louis nodded his head, “but for you I would try it at any time,” he says. I kissed him, “we will keep that for lazy morning sex, but let’s get in the shower. So we can go to bed. It’s been a big day and we have another big day,” I tell him. Louis kissed me, “it’s my eighteenth birthday,” he smiled.

We had a shower together and Louis begged me to sleep naked with him. I told him no, but he took my clothes away from me. I picked up his dress shirt off the floor, “remember babe you ripped that off of me, so it won’t do up,” he smiled. I still put it on and held it together, “why won’t you sleep naked with me?” he pouted.

“Because I like teasing you,” I smirked. Louis came over to me and picked me up. He threw me onto the bed before he hovered over me. He kissed me lightly, “you still look hot, because I know your wearing nothing underneath,” he says. I placed his face between my hands as I kissed him. I felt Louis hand slip inside of the shirt. He ran his fingers up and down my stomach as he kept kissing me.

Louis and I finally got into bed after we had sex again, but with me on top wearing his shirt. As we were laying down Louis took his top off of me and threw it on the floor. He stopped me from getting up, “stay and let’s go to bed,” he tells me. I nodded my head, “I wasn’t going too. I was get comfy on the bed,” I smiled. Louis kissed me, “night birthday boy. I love you,” I tell him. Louis kissed me again, “night the best birthday present. I love you,” he says.

The next morning Louis and I got up early so we could have breakfast together. Louis took me to café near the hotel to get breakfast. We sat down on a small table across from each other as we ate, “so do you want your birthday present now or later?” I asked him. Louis smiled big, “I though you gave that to me last night,” he says. I shook my head as I went into my bag. I got out a ring box, “babe you know we can’t get married yet,” he tells me.

“I’m not proposing. I’m making a promise,” I smiled. I gave Louis the ring box and he opened it slowly. I got him silver titanium ring with a black band in the middle, “look on the inside of the ring,” I tell him. Louis got the ring out of the box to have a closer look, “forever and always. Lilly,” he whispered. I grabbed Louis left hand and put the ring on his ring finger. Louis leant over to kiss me, “I love you,” he smiled.

“I love you,” I smiled back. Louis quickly kissed me again before sitting back, “I didn’t expect this babe,” he admitted. Louis grabbed my hand, “probably the best present I have ever got,” he added. I felt my cheeks burn as Louis squeezed my hand. I saw Harry and Niall walk in, so I pointed them out to Louis, “love birds!” Louis shouted. They looked at us before coming over to us, “happy birthday Lou Bear,” Harry smiled.

“What have I said about that Harry?” Louis reminded him. Harry just smirked at him as Louis went red, “well happy birthday Lou,” Niall tells him. Louis smiled at him, “thanks guys,” he says. Harry was still smirking at Louis, “so did you two have a fun night?” I asked. Niall cheeks went red, “great,” Harry smiled big.

Niall and Harry pulled up two chairs after they ordered a coffee each, “no food?” Louis questioned. Niall shook his head, “ate at the hotel,” Niall tells him. Louis held back a laugh and I knew he was thinking dirty, “so what did you have to eat?” Louis smirked. I shook my head, “how old are you today?” I questioned.

“Eighteen,” Louis replied. Niall hit Louis in the back of the head, “not in front of Lilly. You know it makes her and Harry uncomfortable,” Niall tells him. Harry and I nodded our heads, “we will talk later,” Louis says. Niall nodded his head, “so Louis are you going straight to your mum’s after this?” Harry asked him to change the subject. Louis shook his head, “I have to drop Lilly Belle off first. Then I’m going straight there,” Louis tells him.

“I can take her home. I’m going to the same place,” Harry pointed out. Louis looked like he wanted to say no, “you’ll see her later and you just spent all night with her. So a couple of hours won’t kill you,” Harry added. Louis nodded his head, “it will kill me and it’s my birthday,” Louis pouted. Harry just smiled at him, “I’m still taking her home. Go spend time with your family,” Harry tells him.

“But I want to spend time with my wife,” Louis lied. I noticed that Louis had his hands under the table. I knew he was putting his ring that I got him on his other ring finger. I quickly done the same thing, “it’s true,” I smiled. Louis and I both held our hand’s up to show off our rings, “get fucked,” Harry swore. Harry grabbed Louis hand and looked at the ring. Niall was laughing, “hunny how old is Lil again?” Niall asked Harry.

“Seventeen,” Harry says. Realization came over Harry’s face, “for fuck sake you two,” Harry started. Harry shoved Louis hand back at him, “now I don’t feel guilty about taking Flower home,” Harry continued. Niall rubbed Harry back, “I can’t believe you Lou Bear and you Flower. It will break my heart if I missed your wedding,” Harry tells us.

“You know that goes for you too?” I wondered. Harry looked at Niall, “I know, but Niall and I have decided on a small wedding with the people that came last night,” Harry says. I nodded my head, “that’s about forty people,” I pointed out. Harry gave me a small nod, “but we are not getting married for a while,” Niall tells us.

We talked about the wedding until we had to get going. I walked with Louis to his car, “you know I have to go home to make your cake? So Harry taking me home is easy on everyone,” I wondered. Louis nodded his head, “I just thought twenty minutes more with my girlfriend would be nice,” he says. I kissed him, “well if you didn’t say anything to Harry and Niall. You would have,” I pointed out.

“So it’s my fault now. They were going to notice us anyway. The place wasn’t that full,” Louis says. I shrugged my shoulders, “maybe,” I smiled. Louis kissed me again, “can I ask something before we leave?” I started. Louis nodded his head, “why did Harry call you Lou Bear?” I asked. Louis went bright red, “nothing. It’s an old joke,” he rambled. I kissed him to stop him, “I will find out,” I smiled.

“Harry don’t you dare tell her why you call me Lou Bear!” Louis shouted. Harry gave him the thumbs up, “you know you just told people that Harry calls you Lou Bear?” I wondered. Louis looked around and noticed people looking at him, “fuck,” he whispered. I put his face between my hands, “I love you and I will see you later,” I tell him. I kissed him, “I love you and my cake better be better than Niall’s,” he smiled. I shook my head as he kissed me.

On the car ride home with Niall and Harry. I kept asking Harry why he call Louis Lou Bear, but he told me nothing. Niall didn’t even know where it came from. When we got into the house it smelt like cookies, “mum must be baking,” Harry says. I nodded my head as we walked to the kitchen.

When we walked into the kitchen to see Anne with a mixing bowl. Gemma was also there as she was holding Theo, “morning,” Harry smiled. Niall quickly went over to Gemma to get Theo off of her. Niall hugged Theo tight, “where the birthday boy?” Gemma asked.

“Hopefully at his mum’s and not hiding from them,” I replied. Gemma laughed a little bit, “well I better get started on that cake,” I smiled. I looked around the kitchen to see Anne has filled every side with cookies, “sorry hunny. I’ll make you some room in a minute,” Anne tells me. Harry looked around, “why so many?” Harry wondered.

“Some for tonight and some for tomorrow,” Anne says. Harry grabbed a cookie, “put it down. You can wait for tonight,” Anne tells him. Harry quickly put it in his mouth and Niall quickly took one when Anne not looking. I laughed a little bit, “mum it’s not like you can tell if your missing some,” Gemma says. Harry took the cookie out his mouth, “do you want me to put it back?” Harry joked. Anne shook her head, “but no more,” Anne tells us.

“But the rest of us didn’t get one,” I pouted. Anne gave one to me, Niall and Gemma, “now no more,” Anne says. We nodded our head as Niall was about to laugh, “now Harry help Lilly with her cake,” Anne ordered.

“But what about my fiancé?” Harry whined. Niall sat on a stool, “I’m happy watching you get in Lil’s way,” Niall smiled. Harry glared at him, “just do the dishes and we should be fine,” I tell him. Harry went over to the sink, “anything you want washed first?” he questioned. Harry started filling the sink up with hot water and dishwashing liquid, “mixing bowls, measuring cups and the wooden spoons,” I replied. Harry grabbed them all as Anne packed up her cookies, “when I’m done. I have to go out for a little bit,” she tells us.

“I’ll make sure no one get hurt,” Gemma says. Harry stuck his finger up at her, “Niall I feed Theo about an hour ago and he hasn’t had a nap yet,” Anne tells him. Niall held Theo up in front of his face, “you better not be giving nanna trouble,” Niall says in a baby voice. Anne smiled at them, “he hasn’t. He just doesn’t want to sleep,” Anne says.

After Anne left and Harry finished the dishes. I got all of my ingredients out, “I noticed that you already done a little bit of it,” Gemma says. I nodded my head, “I did it yesterday before I got ready,” I tell her. I started making two mixtures for the cake, “why is the vanilla smaller than the chocolate?” Niall questioned.

“Because the chocolate going be the base and the vanilla going on top of that,” I explained. I put the chocolate on the mixer and made Harry mix the vanilla, “so what did you and Lou do last night?” Gemma smirked. Harry shook his head, “if you’re going to talk about that shit I’m leaving,” he warned us.

“I’m staying,” Niall tells him. Harry gave me the bowl to mix before going over to Niall. He took Theo off of him, “I’m going to put Theo to bed and then I’m going to have a shower,” he says. Harry left the room with Theo, “I thought he got over that,” Niall mumbled. Niall stood up, “I don’t know if I should follow him or stay,” he tells us. Gemma rubbed his back, “how about I put it this way. If you stay you can find out how Louis fucked Lilly or you can get fucked in the shower,” Gemma smiled.

“I love you ladies, but I’m going,” Niall says. He ran off, “I thought that might make him leave,” Gemma laughed. I nodded my head as I started mixing the cake mix, “so how was last night?” she asked again. I knew my cheeks were red, “good, great, fantastic,” I rambled. Gemma laughed harder, “tell me what you did,” she begged.

When I was done telling Gemma what Louis and I did last. Both cakes were in the oven, so I started on the icing for the cake. I was making things to go on the cake out of the fondant icing, “you sure you want to become a teacher. I think you can open a cake store,” Gemma says. I laughed a little bit, “I could do both. Teacher by day and cake maker by night,” I joked. Gemma nodded her head, “I’ll help,” she tells me.

“What are you helping with?” Harry asked as he walked in. He was just wearing track pants, “Lilly’s cake business,” Gemma replied. I shook my head, “I can help too. I know how to make cookies,” Harry smiled. Niall walked in also just in track pants, “you lied to me Gem. He did nothing,” Niall pouted. Harry was confused, “I’m sorry. I can’t control him,” Gemma teased. Niall wrapped his arms around Harry, “what are you talking about?” Harry wondered. Harry wrapped his arms around Niall, “Gem said if I joined you that we would have sex in the shower,” Niall tells him.

“Aww my poor baby. I think we got enough of that last night and this morning,” Harry cooed. Harry kissed the top of Niall’s head, “I know. I just can’t get enough of you,” Niall smiled. Harry kissed him, “I love you,” he whispered. Niall kissed him, “I love you,” Niall whispered back. Gemma and I were smiling at them, “so how the cake coming?” Harry asked me.

“Cooking. I’m just making things to go on the cake,” I tell him. I finished one of the decorations to go on the cake, “the rate you’re going. Louis would be lucky to get it before new year’s,” Niall joked. I shook my head, “two big decorations are done and in the fridge. I have three simple ones to go,” I pointed out. Gemma stood up, “can I do one?” she wondered. I nodded my head as I gave her a template, “can I try too?” Niall wondered. I gave him another template, “do you want to try to Harry?” I asked.

“I might help Niall,” he says. I cheeked on the cakes before I started on my next decoration. I kept an eye on everyone as they were doing there’s. I heard my phone go off, so I checked it. I had a message from Louis:

Louis Tomlinson

How everything? Xo

“You don’t have time to slack off,” Harry says. I shook my head as I messaged Louis back:

Doing your cake and Harry, Niall and Gem are helping. What you doing? Xo

Louis Tomlinson

Are they doing a good job? The twins are making me watch Barbie. Do you know she has Christmas movies? Xo

“I’m done,” Gemma smiled. Harry and Niall also finished, “can you two make a striped pattern out of red and white?” I asked. They nodded their heads, so I told them how big I wanted them. After I watched them start I went back to messaging Louis:

They are. Yes, I knew Barbie had Christmas movies, but my favourite Christmas movie is How the Grinch Stole Christmas xo

Louis Tomlinson

You wanna watch that tonight or tomorrow? Xo

I looked at the other to see how they were doing. To my surprise they were going great:

When we can. Baby I think I want to do something else when I leave school xo

Louis Tomlinson

What were you thinking?” xo

“Can you pay attention to us?” Niall whined. I looked at them, “you guys are actually going great,” I smiled. They all smiled big at me, “ok you can message Lou now,” Niall says. I went back to my phone:

I want to make cakes xo

Louis Tomlinson

Can you do both? It’s just a lot of hard work in the cake business. I don’t want to crush your dreams. I just want you to think about it. I don’t just don’t want to hear in a couple years time that you wish that you stuck with teaching. But I will completely support you in whatever you do. I love you xoxo

I knew Louis had a point, but maybe Gemma idea about doing both might work for me. I don’t know what life is going to give me after school. All I know that I always wanted to teach, “we are done!” Harry shouted. I looked at them, “smoke break,” I tell them. Niall and Harry ran out as I messaged Louis:

I think I keep teaching and do cakes in my spare time. I think I was just having fun making your cake today. That I thought it might be a better job for me. But as I was watching the guys help me with your cake and how excited they got when they were done. I want to see more of that. I love you xoxo

Louis Tomlinson

I know you do babe. I’ve seen it in your face at football practice with the girls. Your proud of them no matter what they do. I have to go the girls want me to colour in with them. I love you xoxo

“Ready,” Niall smiled as him and Harry came back in. They put on their jackets as they held mine and Gemma’s, “ok give me one sec,” I tell them. I messaged Louis back:

Thank you xoxo. I want to see what you coloured in. I love you xoxo

I went outside with everyone after I put my jacket on. I looked at my smoke, “I don’t think I want to smoke anymore,” I admitted. I put my smoke back in my packet and threw it at Harry, “proud of you. I noticed that you have been smoking less and less. I was just waiting for you to stop,” Harry smiled. He hugged me, “when are you going to?” I wondered.

“Soon, so is Niall. We have Theo to think of now,” Harry tells me. I nodded my head, “I think I’ll start in the new year tho. I don’t think you want me snappy over the holidays,” he added. I nodded my head, “all of you going to quit. I don’t want to lose you guys at a young age,” Gemma tells us. I nodded my head again, “I need to get Louis to quit. I hope he realize that he needs to be in full heath to go to the football academy,” I say.

“How do you know that?” Niall questioned. I looked at him, “I looked it up. Like Louis doesn’t just need the skills. He also needs the fitness,” I tell them. Niall smiled big at me, “it’s cute that Lou’s girlfriend takes an interest in his dreams,” Niall teased. I stuck up my finger, “he takes an interest in mine, but all I have to do is get high marks in school,” I say.

“Is he still ahead of you in English?” Harry asked. I nodded my head, “his also up to date in geography. Did you know on your first week anniversary when you were in history? Louis was in the library catching up in geography,” Niall smiled. I was shocked, “that’s when I knew he loves you. He told me himself,” Niall continued. I felt overwhelmed, “he didn’t have to tell me I just knew. He wanted to make everything about you. To me that’s love,” Niall smiled.

“He admitted to me not long after I found out about your mother. That he stayed one night and saw one of your nightmares. It terrified him to the point that he was going to cry,” Harry tells me. I knew he was talking about the night Louis stayed on our one-week anniversary, “I saw it before then. I saw it in the little things that he did for you,” Harry added.

“Why are you guys telling me this?” I wondered. I knew I was crying, “because you didn’t notice,” Niall smiled. I played with my bottom lip with my fingers, “I think I did. When we started that thing. We had moments that made me believe that we were more than friends. I just got scared when love was brought up with him,” I admitted.

“Now look at you two. You two have been together for over four months now,” Gemma says. I nodded my head, “and a lot has happened. Some good and some bad,” I pointed out. They all agreed with me, “but I need to go back inside to cheek on the cake,” I added.

Gemma and I went inside to leave Harry and Niall outside. I checked on the cakes and they were done. I got them to put them on the side to cool down, “it’s funny to think of life before that someone special. Harry changed when Niall came into his life, but there were some bad days,” Gemma tells me. I nodded my head, “I don’t want to think about life before now,” I admitted.

After the cakes cooled down I covered them in different coloured fondant. Once that was done I put the rest of the fondant decorations on it. I stepped back to have a look at it. The bottom was blue with red and white stripes along the bottom half. The Captain America shield that Harry and Niall made was in the middle. The Thor hammer I made yesterday was against it. The other side was a black widow spider that Gemma made. On the top of the cake was the other cake. It was red with a yellow band around the bottom. Iron man mask was in the middle and a Hawkeye symbol was near the top. On top of the cake was the Hulk fist that I made it look like it was coming out of the cake, “Lou going to love his avengers cake,” Gemma smiled.

“Is it better than Niall’s?” I asked. Gemma shrugged her shoulders, “why don’t we ask Ni?” she questioned. I nodded my head as Gemma yelled for Niall. He came in with Harry, “what?” he wondered. Gemma pointed to Louis cake, “oh my god this is amazing,” Harry smiled. They looked over it, “better than yours Ni?” I questioned. Niall nodded his head, “but I still love my cake, because it was mine,” he tells me.

I had a shower after I made sure the cake was alright. When I got out of the shower I put on my undies and dressing gown. I did my hair and makeup before I put on my dress. I looked at myself in the mirror as I fixed my dress up. The dress was red with thick strips and the neck was a little bit low. The skirt flared out at my hips. The back had a big red bow just above my bottom. I did my hair in a lose bun with lose bit at the front. I also put a big red bow headband on. I left my make-up simple with some red lipstick.


I put on my red flats with bows on the top before I met everyone in the lounge room. Everyone was dressed up to go to Louis’s mum house. Anne was back and already dressed to go, “oh wow you look beautiful,” Niall says. I knew my cheeks were red, “remember she don’t like complements,” Harry teased. Anne wrapped her arm around me, “stop teasing the poor girl and get the stuff in the car,” Anne ordered.

I grabbed my bag before I put my jacket on. The boys carried Louis’s cake out to the car and put it in the boot. They made sure that it wouldn’t go anywhere before they came back inside, “Josh should be here in a minute to pick me up,” Gemma says. Niall and Harry made sure they had everything for Theo. Anne was running around making sure that everything was locked up.

We were in the car after Josh picked up Gemma. Harry and Niall sat in the back with Theo as I sat in the front with Anne. Niall and Harry were singing along to the radio, “I got you an early Christmas present. It’s in the top of my bag,” Anne tells me. I noticed a little red box sticking out of her bag, so I grabbed it. As I opened it Harry and Niall were watching me. It was a pair of pearl earrings with diamonds around the bottom, “put them on,” Harry tells me.

“Are these real?” I wondered. Anne nodded my head, “every girl needs pearls,” Anne smiled. I looked at Harry and he just smiled at me, “it's alright. You deserve it,” he whispered. He kissed my cheek before he squeezed my shoulder. I slowly put the earrings in, “beautiful,” Anne says. It's not that I didn't like them. It just I knew they cost a lot of money.

When we got to Louis mum’s house the sun was setting. It was a decent sized two store house, but I knew four girls lived there and two more kids on the way. I could tell under the snow that it was a light terracotta brick. The windows and door were painted white. I only noticed one car in the driveway, “are we the first people here?” I wondered. Anne nodded her head as we got out of the car.

Once inside since Anne just opened the door and walked in. I noticed it actually looked like a home that people lived in. Louis’s house always got me. It always felt cold and way to clean. Where Johanna’s house felt warm and happy. We stood in the entrance way and I looked around. I saw a bench with a cushions on it. I noticed above the coat hooks there was some family pictures. I found a picture of Louis. He must have been about seven playing in the backyard. I heard footsteps come our way, “Lilly!” I heard the twins shout.

“Daisy! Phoebe!” I shouted back. I hugged them both, “mum yelling at Lou,” Phoebe tells me. I now could see the difference in the twins. It was small, but I noticed them, “what did he do?” I sighed. The girls laughed, “something about a ring on the wrong finger. I didn't know there was a wrong finger,” Daisy tells me. Oh no Louis still had the ring I got him on his ring finger, “I'll go sort this out,” I say.

The twins showed me where the kitchen was, but I didn't have time to look around. I noticed that Johanna was talking Louis as Louis had a smirk on his face. They noticed me and everyone else, “Anne did you know these two got married last night?” Johanna questioned her. Anne shook her head, “I did. Me and Niall were there,” Harry smiled. I looked at him to stop him talking, “it was simple and their vows made me cry,” Harry added.

“How did you get married? Lilly still seventeen,” Anne pointed out. I looked at Louis and he was trying not to laugh, “Lil pregnant,” Niall lied. Louis stood next me and wrapped his arm around me, “I explained to the judge that Lil was pregnant and didn't live with her birth mum anymore,” Niall kept lying. Louis dug his fingers into my side at the mention of my mother, “you all better be bullshitting us,” Anne warned.

“Yes we are,” Louis tells them. It looks like Louis couldn't take their glaring, “I tried to tell mum that, but she just kept saying how could I do that. The ring in on that finger, because me and Lilly played a joke on Harry and Niall this morning and I forgot to put it back on the other finger,” Louis explained. Louis put the ring on his other ring finger and show everyone, “I'm more surprised that Harry went with it,” I say. Louis agreed with me, “can we do it to the others when we see them tomorrow?” Harry begged.

“No. The girls will kill me before you can even tell them it was a joke,” I pointed out. Harry pouted, “plus the joke is getting old,” Louis says. I looked around the kitchen as Harry kept begging Louis. It was a nice simple white kitchen with wooden bench tops. The island in the middle of the room had a dark marble bench top. The kitchen was smaller than Anne’s, but bigger than my mother’s.

When Louis had enough of Harry. He pulled me out the backyard, so he could have a smoke. I didn’t look around I was looking at how good Louis looked tonight. He was wearing black skinny jeans with a white button up dress shirt. He also had a black denim jacket over the top with the sleeves rolled up to show off his tattoos. His hair styled into a messy quiff and if people weren’t inside I would have jumped him. Louis smiled as he caught me looking at him. I kissed him before he could get a smoke out. Louis quickly put my face between his hands as he kept kissing me.

When we pulled away Louis had a little bit of my lipstick on his lip. I wiped it off with my thumb, “thank god you’re here,” he smiled. We wrapped our arms around each other, “why that?” I wondered. Louis kissed my nose, “part from mum thinking that we got married. Lottie and Fizzy been fighting and mum put them in their room. Daniel went out. I been watching Barbie all afternoon with the twins,” he whined.

“You enjoyed watching Barbie,” I teased. Louis laughed a little bit as he rubbed his nose against mine, “and why are the girls fighting?” I asked. Louis sighed, “what I worked out is that Fizzy not happy that Lottie boyfriend coming tonight. I think Fizzy jealous. She also was snapping at me and telling me that I wasn’t allowed to kiss my girlfriend,” Louis tells me. I nodded my head, “you wanna know what I think?” I questioned. Louis nodded his head, “Fizzy is going through puberty,” I say.

“No. I don’t want to think about it,” Louis mumbled. I kissed him, “and I also don’t think she remembers the age gap between her and Lottie,” I tell him. Louis nodded his head, “she feels out of place since Lottie gets to do things before her. I think she don’t want to lose her or you, because when you came back you had me. She has to share you with me,” I added. Louis sighed as he nodded his head, “I’ll go to talk to her,” he says.

When we were in side Louis helped me take my jacket off, “wow,” he whispered. I looked at him and he was looking me up and down, “you got to go talk to someone,” I reminded him. Louis nodded his head, but his eyes never leaving my body. I pushed him away before he kissed me.

I sat down in the lounge room with Gemma and Josh, “where’s the birthday boy?” Josh asked. I pointed up, “talking to his sister,” I say. They both nodded their heads as Lottie came in. She sat down right next to me, “my boyfriend be here soon,” she tells me. I smiled at her, “quick tie Lou up,” Josh joked.

“His not going to be that bad is he?” Lottie questioned as she looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders, “I think he’ll be good,” I reassured her. Lottie looked nervous, “is everything alright?” I asked her. She nodded her head, “it’s just that my boyfriend is the opposite to Louis and the other guys,” she tells me. I think Louis be happy to hear that, “he is a nerd. He gets straight A’s, but his on the school’s football team,” she added. I grabbed her hand, “I think Louis would be happy to hear it,” I smiled. Louis walked in with Fizzy and I stopped him before he sat down. I dragged him into the hallway, “what’s wrong?” he wondered.

“I actually have good news for you,” I started. Louis was confused, “Lottie boyfriend is a good boy. He is a nerd,” I tell him. Louis looked happy, “thank god,” he smiled. There was a knock at the door, “that must be him,” I say. Louis smirked before he went to open the front door. I stood behind him to see a teenage boy. The boy was dressed in black dress pants, white dress shirt, a black tie with a grey sweater over the top. I looked at his face to see that he was a good looking guy. He had blonde hair styled up in a neater quiff than Louis. He had nice blue eyes, “I’m Desmond Elsey, but you can call me by my last name. I like it better,” he introduced himself.

“I’m Louis. I’m Lottie big brother and this is my girlfriend Lilly,” Louis introduced us. Desmond seemed scared as I noticed Louis purposely showing off his tattoos, “nice to meet you,” I smiled. I pushed past Louis, so I could hug Desmond. I let him in the house, “hunny can you give us a minute?” Louis asked me. I nodded my head before I left.

“Who was that?” Lottie questioned as soon as I walked back in the lounge room. I shook my head since if she found out that was talking to Desmond. She would run out there to save him. I looked at Gemma and she knew Louis was talking to him, “Where’s Harry and Niall?” I questioned. I haven’t seen them since Louis and I went outside, “gone to the shops to get something,” Josh tells me. I nodded my head before I sat down.

After a little while Louis walks in with Desmond. Lottie straight away ran to him and hugged him. Louis sat down next to me, “he is alright,” Louis tells me. I nodded my head, “told you,” I smiled. Louis kissed me, “I have to look out for my little sister like Harry looks out for you,” Louis says. I put my head on his shoulder and Louis kissed the top of my head, “Louis can you come into the kitchen!” Johanna shouted. Louis kissed me before he got up.

As soon as he was gone Gemma got up, “everyone here,” she says. Gemma left us and came back with our group. They were all dressed up with presents in their hands. Harry and Niall was with them, “I can’t wait to see his face,” Harry smiled. Josh got his camera out and got ready for Louis.

When Louis came back in with Anne and Johanna his face was shocked. He was looking at everyone, “happy birthday!” everyone shouted. Louis smiled big and I could swear that he was holding back tears. Liam hugged him first before everyone else did. Johanna made Louis sit down on the lounge before she left with Anne. He looked at me to sit next to him, so I did. Everyone sat around the lounge room looking at Louis, “had a good birthday so far?” Zayn asked him.

“The best,” Louis smiled. Johanna came back with a few presents and Anne came back in with Theo. Niall took Theo off of Anne and sat back down next to Harry. Johanna gave the twins, Lottie and Fizzy a present each to give to Louis, but Johanna went first. Louis opened it and it was a red and white striped football jersey. Louis held it up to see his last name and the number twenty-eight on the back. When he turned it around I noticed the team was Doncaster Rovers Football Club, “I also talked to the club about letting you go back to watch games. They say yes, but you only got one chance,” Johanna tells him. Louis seemed really happy, “oh thank you mum,” Louis smiled. Louis kissed Johanna cheek and I knew Louis did something bad at the last football match he went to.

Lottie was next and she got Louis a cup that said ‘My brother has an awesome sister. True story’. Fizzy got him a photo frame with him and the girls. The Picture looked recent since he had his tattoo’s, but no piercings. Under the photo was some writing that said ‘Sometimes being a big brother is even better than being a superhero’. Daisy was next and she got him a keychain of a half football with a heart behind it. On the heart it had twenty-eight and big brother. Phoebe was last out of his family and she gave Louis a notebook. The cover was a picture she drew of her family. I noticed that it didn’t have Daniel in it, but it had Mark. Louis looked emotional as he looked at all the presents that his family got him. I rubbed his back, “baby?” I questioned.

“I’m ok,” he whispered. He hugged and kissed his sisters, “I love you girls,” he whispered to them. They all smiled at him, “me and Niall next,” Harry says. He looked really excited as he grabbed a big present behind the lounge. Harry gave it to him and Louis opened it. It was a red sports bag with Tomlinson in white. Louis smiled as he hugged Harry, “thanks guys,” he tells them.

“Theo got you something too,” Niall says. Niall stood up with Theo in his arms. Theo was holding a little present as he was trying to eat it. Louis took Theo off of Niall, “don’t eat that,” Louis tells him. Theo smiled at him as Louis opened his present. It was a little football boot that said ‘Uncle Lou Bear no.1 fan – Theodore Louis Horan-Styles’. Louis kissed Theo forehead, “thanks guys,” Louis says. I noticed that Louis was getting emotional again as Niall took Theo off of him. Louis played with the little football boot in his hands. He kept running his thumb over Theo name, “you know it’s set in stone now?” I whispered.

“Really?” Louis questioned. I nodded my head and Louis let a tear fall. I wiped it away, “it’s ok,” I cooed. Louis kissed me before he stood up. He walked out of the lounge room. I looked at Harry, “go,” I tell him. Harry quickly left the lounge room, “my Lou Bear is over whelmed,” Johanna says. Niall and I looked at her, “you call him Lou Bear. That’s where Harry got it from,” Niall pointed out. Johanna nodded her head, “I have since he was born,” she tells us.

After a little while Louis and Harry came back. Louis sat down next to me, “now where were we?” Louis questioned. I noticed that his eyes were a little bit red and puffy, “I’m next,” Liam says. Liam gave him an envelope and Louis opened it, “yes. I wanted to go to this football match,” Louis smiled He had two tickets in his hand, “you can take Liam,” I tell him. Louis nodded his head, “we can have a girl day,” Sophia says. I nodded my head as Anne gave Louis her present. It was an Apple watch, “Anne I can’t,” Louis tells her.

“It’s not just from me. It also from your mum, but that also means you don’t get anything from us tomorrow,” Anne explained. Louis kissed her cheek and whispered something in her ear. Anne smiled at him, “no problem sweetie,” she says. Louis sat back down next to me, “what was that about?” I asked him. Louis shook his head as Zayn gave him a gift bag. Louis opened it before he got two different sizes presents out, “Perrie came up with one and I came up with the other,” Zayn tells him.

“So I hope you like it,” Perrie smiled. Louis opened the smaller one first. It was a phone case and on the back of it said ‘Louis loves Lilly’. Near my name I had lilies and Louis had a football, “Zayn designed it,” Perrie tells him. Louis opened the next one and it was a black t-shirt that said ‘I’m not cute. I’m punk. – Louis Tomlinson’. I laughed a little bit as everyone else was confused part Louis, Zayn, Perrie and I. Louis glared at Zayn, “your cute. No your cute,” Zayn teased.

“Ok. I think we’re missing something,” Liam says. I nodded my head, “they calling each other cute when we went shopping for Lil bikini,” Zayn tells them. They all nodded their heads, “my cute punk,” I smiled. Louis kissed me, “one more to go Lou,” Josh says. Josh gave him his present before Louis opened it. It was two photo frames with pieces of paper in them, “you bastard,” Louis swore.

“Mum. Lou said a naughty word,” Daisy says. Johanna laughed at her as I was reading the pieces of paper:


Back at school they all thought I was an outcast, car crash
"A hopeless fool", they said to me
And my girlfriend said I messed up, will I ever grow up?
In the end, I'm not gonna

What was I thinking?
Everyone sees it
It's not a secret
That I'm just a reject
Sick of the system
Don't wanna hear it
It's not a secret
That I'm just a reject

I'm just a reject

My teacher said I was mentally disabled, so unstable
So I'd stay in bed all day
Save your breath, you can talk at me, but I'm not listening
If this is a test, then I'm probably failing

What was I thinking?
Everyone sees it
It's not a secret
That I'm just a reject
Sick of the system
Don't wanna hear it
It's not a secret
That I'm just a reject

They try to save me, but I'm too far gone
And they call me crazy so I played along
And you wanna change me, but I'm on my own

What was I thinking?
Everyone sees it
It's not a secret
That I'm just a reject
Sick of the system
Don't wanna hear it
It's not a secret
That I'm just a reject

“That is Louis first song that he showed me. I’ve had it for a couple of years,” Josh tells us. Louis noticed that I read it, “told you I was a reject,” he says. I shook my head, “it’s a good song tho,” I smiled. Louis kissed me, “dinner be ready soon,” Johanna tells us. Her and Anne left the lounge room, “I love you guys, but I’ll be back,” Louis tells us. He stood up and left the room, “your turn Flower,” Harry says. I stood up, “he went up the stairs,” Fizzy tells me.

I found Louis in his mum’s room. He was sitting on her bed was the little football boot in his hands, “baby?” I wondered. Louis looked at me, “sit with me please,” he begged. I sat down next to him, “what’s going on?” I asked. Louis looked down at the little football boot, “normally on my birthday. I’m sitting at home by myself. Last year Harry and Niall came around, but they left before midnight. I’m just so overwhelmed with everyone here. To be able to spend my birthday with my family. With you. I don’t know how to feel. It’s like everything hitting me all at once. Then Niall and Harry give me this,” Louis started. He held up the little football boot, “with Theo new name on it and you telling me that Niall actually changed it. I was hit by more emotions again. I swear if you tell me that your pregnant. I think I will bull my eyes out,” he confessed.

“I’m not pregnant,” I reassured him. Louis laughed a little bit, “how sure are you?” he questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “I’m due in a couple of days, but don’t jinx us,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he kissed me, “I don’t think my life could get any better than right now, so I think your safe,” he says. I raised an eyebrow, “so if I was pregnant you be happy?” I questioned. Louis nodded his head, “but we are going to wait until we are both ready,” he reminded me. I think Louis happiness was making him drunk, “I think my baby lost it,” I smiled.

“I haven’t lost it. I’m just really happy and I haven’t been this happy for a long time. I am really happy that I got you. Everything that makes me happy is here with me tonight. My family, the guys and you. It’s everything that makes me happy in this world. And you all support me in my little boy’s dream,” Louis rambled. I love seeing Louis this happy. It made him smile that it crinkled his eyes. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “you’re my everything,” he whispered. I kissed his forehead, “you’re my everything,” I tell him.

Louis and I went down after we got called to dinner. Louis took me into the dining room and I loved how it was set up. There was a big long wooden table with missed matched chairs. Along one of the walls was a huge cube bookshelf filled with kid’s stuff. In the middle of the table was lots of food and everyone was sitting around the table. Theo was in his highchair next to Harry on the corner, so Louis and I sat at the top of the table next to them. Louis sat next to Theo after he took his jacket off. Anne and Johanna sat at the other end of the table, “anyone want to say anything?” Johanna asked.

“I like to thank everyone for coming tonight. It really means a lot to me. I am thankful for a lot of things today and that’s thanks to you guys. Thank you,” Louis says as he held his drink up. I kissed his cheek, “Happy birthday Lou,” Liam smiled. We all cheered before we started eating.

Halfway through dinner Niall got my attention as I was talking to Lottie and Fizzy. He pointed to Harry and Louis feeding Theo. Louis was making Theo laugh every time Harry was about to feed him, “would you stop that,” Harry tells him. Louis smiled as he shook his head, “if you do it again. I will put these mushed up green beans on your white shirt,” Harry warned him. Louis poked Harry nose and Harry flicked Theo food on him, “mum. Harry threw food at me,” Louis whined.

“Mum. Louis won’t stop playing with Theo when I’m trying to feed him,” Harry whined too. Both Johanna and Anne sighed, “would you two stop or I will separate you two,” Johanna tells them. They both nodded their heads, “Niall and Lilly swap spots with them,” Anne tells us. Niall and I swapped spots with Harry and Louis. I fed Theo, “Louis is in a very good mood,” Niall pointed out. I nodded my head, “did you suck him off before dinner?” he whispered. I shook my head, “he is actually happy,” I tell him.

The rest of dinner was filled with small talk and couple of jokes that Harry told. All the boys stood up, “smoke babe?” Louis asked me. I shook my head, “Flower don’t smoke anymore,” Harry tells him. Louis looked shocked, “since when?” he questioned. I started cleaning up the table, “since today. I went outside with the guys and didn’t feel like one. I haven’t all day,” I admitted. Louis slowly nodded his head, “you can go,” I tell him. Louis kissed me before he left, “now how do we get that boy to quit?” Johanna wondered. I kept cleaning the table, “I think he’ll do it himself soon,” Anne smiled.

After we cleaned the dining room. We set Louis cake up before he came in. He looked at his cake carefully, “this is amazing babe,” he smiled. Louis quickly came over to me and kissed me, “better than the one I got at my party,” he added. I kissed his nose as I wrapped my arms around his neck, “you wore that,” I reminded him. Louis laughed a little, “so did you,” he says.

After we sang happy birthday to him. We sat in the lounge room eating the cake, “it’s nice to just sit and talk,” Perrie says. We all agreed with her, “it’s going to be a great Christmas tomorrow too,” Niall smiled. Harry smiled at him before he kissed him, “so who’s house we going to this year?” Zayn questioned. We all looked at each other, “my house,” Harry says. We all nodded our heads, “um since we got Theo,” Harry added.

“We understand mate. It must be nice having a kid now. You get to do all the fun family things again,” Liam tells them. Harry and Niall nodded their heads, “sounds like you want a family,” Louis pointed out. Liam nodded his head, “one day after I’m finished with school,” Liam admitted. Sophia smiled at him as we started talking about random stuff.

Louis and I sat in the lounge room with Daisy and Phoebe after we cleaned up from eating the cake. We were watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I had my legs on the lounge as I cuddled up to Louis, but I had Daisy laying down in front of me with her legs over mine and her head on Louis thigh. I had my arm wrapped around her as my other arm was behind Louis back. Phoebe was on the other side of him and Louis had one of his arms around her while he had the other around me. Everyone else was cleaning up or outside smoking. Liam, Sophia, Perrie and Lottie boyfriend Desmond had to leave to go back to their families. Louis seemed not to mind that they weren’t here that long. I just think he was happy that they came in the first place, “you comfy?” Louis asked me.

“Yeah. You?” I asked back. Louis nodded his head before he kissed the top of mine, “sorry if you wanted to watch this with just me,” he apologized. I shook my head, “I actually think this is better,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he kissed me, “would you two watch the movie,” Daisy says. Louis and I laughed a little before we went back to watching that movie. I ran my fingers backwards and forwards along the skin of Louis’s lower back. He dug his fingers into me, “babe can you please stop that. I don’t want a problem around my sisters and we have nowhere to go without someone knowing,” Louis whispered. I stopped and Louis kissed the top of my head, “thank you,” he says.

After a little bit Harry and Niall came in with Theo in Niall’s arms, “oh look a cute little family,” Harry teased. Louis just smiled at him as Niall came over. Niall put Theo on Louis chest, “now that’s better,” he smiled. Niall stood back with Harry before Harry took a photo, “can you actually watch him for a little bit? We need to go out to get some milk,” Harry wondered. Louis nodded his head, “but you’re going to have to move Daisy. Theo not light,” Louis tells her.

“Thank you,” Niall smiled. I moved to grab a pillow for Daisy as Louis moved Theo down to sit on his lap. I put the pillow in front of me and Daisy put her head on it. I moved closer to Louis, so I could put my head above Theo’s, “take your time. You got the rest of the night off,” Louis tells them. Harry and Niall both shook their heads, “you can’t do that. It’s your birthday,” Harry pointed out. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “I want to spend time with my nephew,” Louis smiled. Harry looked like he wanted to grab Theo from Louis, “go Harry,” I tell him.

When Niall and Harry left Louis kept moving around a little bit, “I’m going to go give Theo a bath,” Louis tells me. He stood up with Theo, “sorry if you wanted to watch the movie with me, but I can’t keep still,” he apologized. I sat up, “it’s ok. I have the girls,” I say. I was a little bit hurt that Louis didn’t want to stay and watch the movie with us, but he was spending time with Theo. He kissed me, “be back soon,” he smiled.

The twins got comfy on me as Lottie and Fizzy came in, “Zayn helping Lou bath Theo. Mum and Aunty Anne watching them,” Fizzy tells me. I laughed a little bit as they sat down on both sides of the twins, “I like this movie,” Lottie smiled. Gemma came in, “when did it take three men to bath one baby?” she questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “sit next to me Gem?” Phoebe asked. Gemma nodded her head, “but can I please sit next to Lilly?” Gemma wondered. Phoebe and Fizzy moved, so Gemma could sit down next to me, “well it looks like Louis has lost his spot,” I say.

The boys came out twenty minutes later with a clean and changed Theo. Harry and Niall still weren’t back, “aww that a family picture,” Josh smiled as he looked at us. He got his camera and took a picture of us girls, “I think I will call it sisters,” Zayn says. We all looked at him, “What are you talking about?” I wondered. Zayn just smiled at me, “nothing,” he lied. I saw Louis go into Theo baby bag and got out a bottle, “well get comfy guys on the other lounge,” Louis tells them.

“Can we pick the next movie?” Josh asked. Louis nodded his head before he left the room. I love to see Louis being all maternal with Theo. It just makes me smile and happy, “it’s right about men with babies is just porn for women,” Zayn says. We all looked at him, “what’s porn?” Daisy asked. Zayn turned deep red, “adult stuff,” Josh tells her. Daisy nodded her head while Lottie was trying not to laugh. Louis came back in, “Lou do you have porn?” Daisy asked him. Louis stopped dead with shock over his face, “where do you learn that word?” he questioned. Daisy pointed to Zayn, “I forgot that there were kids here,” Zayn defended himself.

“Go sit in the corner until I get you,” Louis ordered. Zayn got up and sat in the corner of the lounge room, “now girls don’t say that word again or mum will kill us,” Louis tells them. They all nodded their heads as Louis sat down next to Josh, “you alright there dad?” Josh asked Louis. Louis nodded his head, “fine. Just don’t want the girls to learn words like that,” he replied. He started feeding Theo and Josh took a photo of him, “you have a stain from the green beans,” Josh tells him. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “knowing this little guy. His growing to throw up his bottle on me,” Louis says. Josh shook his head, “he hasn’t done that for a while,” he tells him.

I watched Louis feed Theo as Louis was watching Theo. It looked so natural to him that I knew that he would be a great father, “you alright?” Gemma whispered. I nodded my head before I put it on her shoulder, “you got tears in your eyes,” she tells me, so Louis couldn’t hear. I looked at Louis and he was still looking at Theo, “I’m fine,” I say. Gemma kissed my forehead, “seeing him like that makes you think about it,” Gemma pointed out. I hid my face into her shoulder, “he will be a great dad,” I mumbled.

When I knew that I had my emotions under control. I went back to watching the movie, but it was the end of it. Louis let Zayn come out of the corner and Josh picked another Christmas movie, “ok girls before this movie starts. I need you to get changed for bed,” Louis ordered. All the girls got up and ran off to their rooms. Gemma and I was still on the lounge, “I think that goes for you too Louis,” I teased.

“You’re on my bed,” he tells me. I shrugged my shoulders, “you can still go get changed in the bathroom,” I pointed out. Louis handed Josh Theo before he went into his bag. He grabbed out some clothes, “ok mum,” Louis says. I smiled at him, “attitude or Santa won’t come,” I joked. Louis kissed me before he left the room. Zayn smiled at me, “I can’t wait to grow old with you guys,” he says.

“Hunny we’re home,” we heard Niall say. Him and Harry came into the lounge room with smiles on their faces, “about time. Your child has been fed, bathed and changed,” Josh tells him. Niall and Harry sat down, “it took three boys to bathe him,” Gemma smiled. Harry and Niall laughed, “but it only took one of them to dress him and feed him,” Gemma added.

“We supervised the whole thing,” Zayn says. Harry nodded his head, “girls make sure you brush your teeth!” Louis shouted. He walked back in, “good to see you back,” Louis smiled. Louis sat down next to me, “let me guess. Lou Bear been looking after all the kids,” Harry pointed out. We all nodded our heads as Louis glared at Harry for calling him Lou Bear, “Why don’t you like it when Harry calls you Lou Bear? Can only your mum call you that?” I teased. Louis went bright red, “yes,” he mumbled.

“Aww Lou Bear is a Mummy’s boy,” Gemma teased. Louis pulled me closer to him as he wrapped his arms around me, “where are they tho?” Niall wondered. Louis played with my dress, “last time I saw them they were drinking in the kitchen. Well Anne was drinking,” Josh tells us. Harry sighed as he stood up, “I’ll go check on them,” he says. Harry left, “I think it’s good for them,” I smiled.

When Harry came back he was in shock, “don’t go out there unless you want to be picked on and Lou your mum not holding back,” Harry tells us. Niall looked curious, “I might go check for myself,” he says. Niall got up and went to the kitchen, “Harry what did they do to you?” Louis asked. Harry shook his head, “your mum asked questions about how Niall and I do it. Mum wasn’t there at the start, but when she came back your mum told her everything,” Harry replied.

“I’m so sorry Harry. We will get used to it. We have to stick together against these women,” Louis tells him. Harry nodded his head, “but why did you tell Johanna how you and Niall did it?” I wondered. Everyone was looking at Harry, “she only thought there was one way, so I told her about the others,” Harry explained. Niall came in and sat down next to Harry, “you told her what I do with my tongue,” Niall says.

“So it was more than positions that Harry told,” Zayn smirked. Harry went bright red, “well I can’t help you with that,” Louis tells him. Harry put his head on Niall shoulder and Niall pushed him away, “you did this,” Niall reminded him. Harry took Theo off of Josh, “at least my son won’t reject me,” Harry smiled. Theo smiled as he clapped his hands at Harry, “I have a question for the two dads in the room,” Zayn started. Harry and Niall looked at him, “What is Theo going to call you? I know your both his dads, but won’t that confuse you and him. What if Theo wanted Niall, but Harry came?” Zayn questioned.

“We already work that out. Harry going to be dad and I’m going to be papa,” Niall tells us. We all like that, “my money on Theo saying dad first,” Zayn says. Josh agreed with him, “my money on papa,” Louis tells them. I shook my head as the girls came back, “that’s my Lilly Belle,” Daisy pouted. She stood in front of us with her hands on her hips, “what about me? I have no one” Zayn questioned.

“Your Lucky Louis,” Daisy tells him. Daisy and Phoebe sat with Zayn as Josh moved to sit next to Gemma. Lottie and Fizzy came in and sat on the floor. Zayn played the movie and Niall wrapped his arms around Harry and Theo. Everyone looked happy as we watched the movie.

Today was Christmas and I got up early. Well my body got me up early. I started my period and it wasn’t due for another two days. I had a shower and put on a new pair of pyjamas before I went downstairs. I found Niall and Theo in the kitchen, “morning,” he mumbled. I hugged him before I kissed his cheek, “morning,” I say. Theo looked sleepy, “it’s six o’clock in the morning. We should be in bed still,” Niall whined.

“Yes we should,” I tell him. Niall got Theo bottle out of the fridge, “what you doing up?” he asked. We walked into the lounge room, “girl things,” I say. Niall nodded his head slowly as we sat down. I noticed there was a lot more presents under the tree, “merry Christmas,” I smiled. Niall opened his arm out, so I would cuddle against him. He kissed the top of my head, “merry Christmas princess,” he whispered. I looked at Theo and he was already back to sleep with his bottle hanging out of his mouth. Niall was close behind him, “go back to sleep Ni,” I tell him. I closed my eyes as well.

I got woken up by Theo pulling on my hair. I grabbed it to stop him pulling, “no,” I tell him. He smiled at me, “well I guess it’s time to get up,” I say. I noticed that Niall still asleep, so I tried to take Theo off of him, but Niall’s grip around him got tighter. I looked at the time to see it was eight o’clock now, “Ni time to get up. Theo awake and you won’t let him go,” I say as I shook Niall. He slowly opened his eyes, “please tell me that we haven’t been to sleep for ten minutes,” he begged.

“We’ve been asleep for about two hours,” I tell him. Niall smiled at me, “you could have had a bit more, but you wouldn’t let Theo go,” I added. Niall looked down at Theo, “because his mine and its Christmas. We should get everyone else up,” he rambled. I think Niall was excited since it was Theo first Christmas, “you get Anne and Gemma and I’ll get Harry,” he smiled.

I went to get Gemma up first which was a struggle, so I jumped on her bed until she got up, “your making me regret this sister thing,” she groaned. I sat down next to her, “but that’s what sisters do,” I smiled. I kissed the side of her head, “come on we have to wake up mum,” I added. Gemma pushed me away and I fell off the bed, “Harry! Gemma being mean!” I shouted. Gemma was laughing at me, “I didn’t mean that,” she says. Harry came in, “be nice it’s Christmas,” he tells us. Gemma and I both nodded our heads, “let’s get mum,” I smiled. I quickly got up, “someone excited,” Gemma teased.

“It’s Christmas,” I say. I ran over to Harry and hugged him tight. Harry hugged me back as tight, “merry Christmas Flower,” he smiled. He kissed my forehead, “let’s go get mum,” he tells me. I nodded my head before we looked at Gemma. She still was lying in bed, “I’m coming,” she sighed. She slowly got out of bed, “where’s Niall?” Gemma questioned. Harry started pulling me, “making breakfast,” he tells us.

When we got to mum’s room. We stood around the bed watching her sleep, “mum,” Harry says as she shook her a little bit, but nothing. Gemma tried next, but also got nothing. I shook mum a bit harder than Harry and Gemma, “mum it’s time to get up,” I smiled. Harry and Gemma were smiling at me, “was that you Lilly?” mum questioned. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I nodded my head, “come on mum. Niall making breakfast,” I say. Before I could move mum hugged me tight, “say it again please,” mum cried. I hugged her back tight, “mum. You’re my mum,” I tell her.

After Anne calmed down we went to the kitchen to see Niall cooking. He looked at us, “Lil you said it didn’t you?” Niall asked. I looked at mum she looked like she was about to cry again, “I did,” I smiled. Harry stood next to Niall before he kissed him.

Gemma and I set up the dining room table as mum and Harry helped Niall finish breakfast. When I was done setting the table. I put Theo in his high chair and waited for everyone else, “it’s your first Christmas,” I say. I poked Theo belly and he laughed, “can’t wait until your older. It be different. You be waking daddy and papa up at six o’clock in the morning, because Santa came,” I added. Harry came in and put a plate down in front of me. Harry sat down on the other side of Theo with a bowl of baby cereal. He started feeding him, “you take this dad role seriously,” I teased.

“It’s called sharing. I normally feed Theo in the mornings. Niall a pain to get up early, but he does get up during the night with him,” Harry tells me. I nodded my head, “Niall was up at six o’clock this morning with him,” I says. Harry seemed surprised, “we fell back to sleep on the lounge for a couple of hours,” I added.

“What were you doing up?” Harry wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “just couldn’t sleep,” I lied. Harry started feed Theo as everyone else came in. Niall sat on the other side of Harry after he put a plate down for him, “so you and Flower were cuddled up on the lounge this morning,” Harry started.

“We were both tired still and Theo fell asleep. I didn’t want to move and Lil was comfy against me,” Niall interrupted. Harry smiled at him as he kissed him, “calm down. I wasn’t going to say anything bad. I was going to say that I wish I saw it,” he reassured him. Niall smiled a little as he went bright red, “you don’t have to defend yourself when it comes to Flower, because I know nothing would happen since Louis would kill you,” he added.

“Let’s eat, so we can start Christmas,” Mum smiled. We started eating, “so what’s the plan for the day?” Gemma wondered. Harry seemed nervous, “we’re staying home all day. I just want to spend it with my family,” mum tells us. We were all happy with that, “but when Louis comes later. His mum and sisters are coming too,” mum added. Harry was confused, “can I ask why?” Gemma asked.

“Because she is my friend and I like someone to talk to tonight while you kids have fun with your friends,” mum replied. I nodded my head, “but what about Daniel?” Niall questioned. Mum played with her food, “his going to see his family tonight,” she replied. Harry was still confused, “mum is everything alright with them?” Harry wondered. Mum nodded her head, “let’s eat,” she faked smiled.

After we finished breakfast we sat in the lounge room. Harry and Niall sat on the floor with Theo. Mum, Gemma and I sat on the lounge, “who going first?” Gemma wondered. We all looked Theo, “Theo it’s his first Christmas,” mum says. Harry quickly went to get Theo presents from under the tree.

Theo had a lot of presents from all of us. It was mostly toys, books and clothes. We all decided for mum to go next. Gemma got her a new diary, Harry and Niall got her gold bracelet, Theo got her a photo frame with Theo’s feet and hand prints with the date. I slowly gave mum her present and she opened it quickly. Mum started crying as she put the necklace on. Gemma and Harry had a closer look, “mum forever and always,” Gemma whispered. I nodded my head, “you guys are my family. No one can me tell you’re not,” I admitted.

“I think I might cry at this family bonding moment,” Niall says. Harry hugged him, “you’re a part of this family,” Harry tells him. Niall had tears in his eyes now as he hugged Harry back tight, “let’s get on with Christmas,” Niall mumbled. Harry kissed him before they looked at me, “I think your next,” Harry smiled.

Everyone went to the tree and grabbed a present. Mum had a couple in her hands as she sat next to me. Gemma handed me hers first, so I opened it. It was a necklace with a silver heart locket with a purple and pink butterfly. There was also a little heart that said ‘Lil Sister’ on it. I opened the locket to see a picture of Gemma and Harry, “ok this not fair. Christmas is meant to be smiles not tears,” Niall says.

“Happy tears,” I smiled. Gemma hugged me before she showed me her necklace. It was the same as mine, but it said ‘Big Sister’ and had a picture of me and Harry. I hugged her again, “it means a lot to me,” I tell her. She kissed my cheek, “it means a lot to me too,” she smiled. I hugged her again, “ok me and Niall next,” Harry says. Harry handed me a small box, “open it,” Harry half shouted.

“Calm down,” Niall tells him. I open it to find a silver charm bracelet with six charms already on it. There was panda bear, football, a tree of life, a heart that looked like a real one, four leaf clover and pair of blue baby boots. I knew each of them meant something to us, “thank you boys,” I smiled. I hugged them tight, “and now Theo’s,” Niall says. I thought it was cute that Niall and Harry got another present to say it was from Theo. I opened it after Niall gave it to me. It was a black art journal with Theo’s hands on the front cover. On the back it had Theo’s full name, “this is wonderful guys,” I say.

“Don’t cry again,” Niall teased. I stuck my middle finger up at him, “I think I’ll only put Theo in this,” I tell them. They smiled at me, “still got some left,” mum says. She handed me two of them, “these are nothing special,” she added. I opened them to find a new iPhone and an Apple watch, “I think this would be the best Christmas present,” mum smiled. It was a thin envelope, “what’s this?” I questioned.

“Just open it,” mum tells me. I slowly opened it and pulled a piece of paper out. I read it, “I’m yours?” I whispered. This didn’t make sense since the court date was next month, “yes you are. It’s all over Lilly,” mum reassured me. I started crying and now I knew how Louis felt last night, “so you’re really my sister now,” Harry smiled. I smiled back at him, “I guess I am,” I smiled back.

We all decided that Niall was next, so Harry took Theo off of him. Mum went first and It was a brand new Mac computer, “that’s from me and Gemma,” Mum tells him. Niall shook his head, “it’s too much,” he says. Mum just smiled at him, “well I’m not taking it back, so you might as well keep it,” she pointed out. Niall looked at the box, “thank you,” he tells them. Niall hugged them both, “Flower next,” Harry tells him.

“What did you get me Styles?” Niall questioned. Harry shook his head as I gave him my present. Niall opened it, “for fuck sake you guys,” Niall swore. Niall hugged me tight, “you guys have spent too much money on me,” he says. We all shook our heads, “your worth every penny and much more,” I tell him. Niall hid his face into his hands, “you guys are amazing,” he mumbled into his hands.

“Baby. Theo is next,” Harry tells him. Niall looked at Harry and Harry gave him Theo with a present in his hand. Niall opened it and it was a notebook with Theo’s hand prints all over it, “for your music,” Harry says. Niall kissed Theo forehead before he kissed Harry’s lips, “thank you,” he smiled. Harry kissed him, “mine now,” he says. Harry got up and ran off, “what he doing?” Niall questioned. We all shrugged our shoulders, “don’t know sweetie,” mum says.

Harry came back after a little bit with a red electric guitar, “you didn’t,” Niall says. Harry nodded his head as he came closer. Gemma took Theo off of Niall, so Niall could stand up to grab the guitar. Niall looked over it until he got the back. He was reading something, “follow your dreams, because I know you can do it,” Niall whispered.

“Now this next surprise you might kill me for,” Harry started. Harry got a piece of paper out of his track pants. He gave it to Niall, “your fucking kidding me!” Niall shouted. Niall didn’t look angry. He looked shocked, “they want it,” Harry tells him. The rest of us were confused, “want what?” I wondered.

“They want my song,” Niall tells us. We all shocked, but we all were happy for him, “what song?” I questioned. Harry smiled big, “it’s called secret love song,” Harry replied. Niall was reading the piece of paper over and over again, “can we listen to it later?” I asked. Harry nodded his head as Niall was still in shock, “you’re an arse,” Niall whispered

We all hugged Niall when he came back to earth. Harry was next with his presents. Mum got him some clothes and couple of games and Gemma gave him some books to read. Niall went next and it was couple of band t-shirts. Harry held up the Kiss t-shirt, “love them,” he smiled. He kissed Niall, “now what did my son get me?” Harry wondered. Niall handed him a little box, so Harry opened it. It was a necklace with a cross on it, “I know you been eyeing it off,” Niall started rambling. Harry kissed him to stop, “thank you,” Harry whispered. Niall smiled as he kissed him, “ok you two can save that until later,” Gemma whined.

“Ok,” Harry smiled. I gave him my present. Harry ran his finger over the word of ‘Big Brother’, “I think we’ve gone sentimental this Christmas,” Harry says. He hugged me tight, “thank you for coming back,” Harry whispered in my ear. I kissed his cheek, “thank you for not forgetting me,” I whispered back. Harry moved back a little, “never,” he says.

Gemma was last to open her presents. Mum got her a new laptop for University, Harry and Niall got her camera, Theo got her a dairy with a photo collage of him on the cover and I gave her my books. Mum said she had one more present each for all of us. We all opened them at the same time and they were Christmas jumpers. Gemma and I had the same. It was a light blue with white polka dot all over it. In the middle was a penguin with a Christmas hat on, “thanks mum,” me and Gemma say at the same time. Niall and Harry hid theirs, “we will show you after we had a shower,” Niall tells us.

We quickly ran off to go have a shower and change for Christmas. So we could clean up before we started on lunch. I had a quick shower since I had one early this morning. I put on a pair of black jeans after I put on my undies. I also put on a long black sleeved top with lace on the shoulder and the end of the sleeves. I put on my black Ugg boots before I put on my Christmas jumper. I put my hair up in a ponytail and left my room.


When I got downstairs mum was dressing Theo in his Christmas outfit, “I can finish dressing Theo while you go get ready,” I suggested. She smiled at me, “I might just do that,” she says. Mum kissed my forehead before she started leaving, “mum thank you for fighting for me,” I tell her. She ran back over to hug me, “I’ll do anything for you,” she whispered. I looked at her, “to me you have always been my mum,” I admitted. Mum started crying as she kept hugging me.

When mum stopped hugging me and left to go get ready. I finished getting Theo dressed and Gemma came down, “so much rubbish everywhere,” she smiled. I nodded my head as she noticed Theo, “are them two doing it in the shower?” she questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “well you’re out before them, so probably,” I say. Gemma started cleaning up and sorting out the presents.

When Gemma finished cleaning I put Theo on the floor with some of his new toys. I went over to the stuff I got for Christmas. I put on my necklace that Gemma got me and the bracelet the boys got me. I grabbed my new phone after I grabbed my old one, “you have a new number too,” mum tells me as she walked in.

“Glad I don’t know that many people,” I say. I turned on my new phone and waited for it to load, “so what’s going to be your first picture?” Gemma asked me. She sat down next to me with her new laptop, “I don’t know. Never thought about it,” I say. I looked at the pictures on my old phone. Most of them were landscape or animals, but when I started at Eden. I had more pictures of my friends and Louis. I found the one I took of myself that I sent Louis when he was at the gym. I still can’t believe that I did that.

As I was putting everyone phone numbers in my phone. Harry and Niall came out in their matching Christmas jumpers. It was dark blue with Rudolf the red nosed reindeer in the middle, “oh that’s cute,” Gemma teased. Niall stuck his finger up as he sat down next to Theo. Harry looked over my shoulder, “don’t forget to set your music up on it and a wallpaper,” he tells me. I nodded my head, “thinking of a wallpaper,” I mumbled.

When I put everyone number in my phone I sent out a message saying Merry Christmas. I also told them that it was my new number. I grabbed my old phone and sent the picture of Louis and Theo asleep in Louis bed. I smiled as I set it as my background, “great picture,” Gemma says. I nodded my head, “they look so peaceful. I wish I could go back,” I admitted.

For the rest of the morning I set up my phone while helping mum cook Christmas dinner. I got messages back from everyone saying Merry Christmas. Louis kept messaging me asking me to save him from his sisters. I just told him to suck it up and have fun.

Christmas dinner went by fast with small talk and bad jokes. Mum looked happy through the whole thing and so was I. It was the first Christmas in a long-time were I was happy. I knew nothing could change how I feel right now.

As I was putting Theo down for his afternoon nap. I sat on the rocking chair with him as I sang him a lullaby. I kept him with me even when he was asleep, “don’t ever change,” I whispered. I felt someone watching me, so I looked up to see Louis. He put his finger over his lips, “don’t want to wake him,” he whispered. He came over to me and kissed me, “Merry Christmas,” he says.

“Merry Christmas,” I smiled. Louis kissed me again before he sat down on the footstool. He smiled at Theo, “had a good Christmas so far?” he asked. I nodded my head, “great one. I don’t have to go to court next month. Mum already did it all, so I’m already hers,” I tell him. Louis ran his knuckles under my eye, “that fantastic babe,” he smiled.

“What about you?” I wondered. Louis smiled a little, “the twins woke me up at six and told me that Santa came. I got up with them, but told them they had to wait for everyone. They woke everyone up part from mum. I had to get mum up at seven, because they won’t leave me alone. I forgot what it was like to be a kid again,” he says. I laughed a little bit, “sound like you’ve had a great morning too,” I teased.

“I did actually,” he smiled. Louis grabbed Theo hand, “Harry told me that you and Niall were cuddled up on the lounge this morning,” he added. I nodded my head, “we both were up early and still tired, so we went back to sleep when Theo did,” I explained. Louis kissed me, “why were you up early?” he questioned.

“How do I put this,” I started. Louis looked confused, “I’m not pregnant,” I tell him. Realization came over Louis, “it’s alright. I think we got enough the other night,” he says. He kissed me, “how about we put this one in his cot and go down to see the girls?” Louis suggested. I nodded my head before I got up.

After I put Theo in his cot. Louis and I went downstairs to see the girls in the lounge room. They all were excited to see me as the twin ran up to me. They hugged me tight and I smiled at them. I noticed that mum and Johanna were fighting about something. I got Louis attention on them, “what going on?” he asked them. Mum looked at him, “I got the girls and your mum something for Christmas, but she saying I can’t give them out,” mum explained.

“Because we didn’t get anything for you,” Johanna says. Mum shook her head, “I don’t care. You being here is enough for me,” Mum smiled at her. Johanna hugged her tight, “so girls sit down,” Mum tells them. Louis sister all sat on the lounge before mum gave them a present each. Mum left Johanna last, “Merry Christmas,” Mum says.

We all played games as we waited for everyone else to turn up. Josh was first and Gemma tackled him before he even got in the door. Zayn and Perrie were next and the twins pushed Perrie out the way, so they could have Zayn. Liam and Sophia were last, but they look like they were up to something before they came.

We all sat in the lounge room without Louis’s sisters and our mums. We handed out our presents to each other, but I didn’t give Louis his. I got art stuff off of Zayn, a phone case same as Louis’s from Perrie, books from Sophia, a crystal panda bear from Liam and Josh gave me photo frame with a picture when we were younger and a picture from now.

When everyone was looking at the presents. I grabbed Louis and took him to my room. We sat on my bed, “I wanted to give you yours with no one around,” I started. I handed him his present and he opened it, “it’s dog tags with special dates to us,” I tell him. Louis ran his thumb over the dates, “first of September. The day I met you. Thirteenth of October. The day I said I love you,” Louis started. He looked confused about the next date Twenty second of November?” Louis questioned.

“The first time you asked me to marry you,” I tell him. Louis smiled a little, “twenty sixth of November. This one has two meanings to us. That day I promised you that we be together forever and always, but it was also the day we lost our baby,” he says. I nodded my head before I kissed him, “I love you,” I whispered. Louis kissed me, “I love you and this is fantastic,” he smiled. Louis kissed me again, “now my present is not as good as yours,” he tells me.

“So you’re not going to propose again,” I joked. Louis laughed a little bit as he shook his head. He got out and envelope and gave it to me. I pulled out two tickets for Hunter Hayes, “you’re kidding me,” I say. Louis shook his head, “his coming to London for a small show,” Louis tells me. I hugged him tight, “you can take whoever you want,” he added. I kissed him, “you,” I smiled. Louis laughed a bit, “thought so,” he whispered.

Louis put on his dog tags before we went back down. The girls were playing a dancing game on the TV as everyone watched. Louis and I sat down on the floor in front of the lounge. Mum came in and threw the boys a present each. They all opened them and they all were a Christmas jumper, “you have to wear them,” Mum tells them. Mum also gave all the girls one, “you all must wear it,” she added. Louis put his on, “now this is Christmas,” he smiled.

After a while we all decided to put a movie in since everyone was tired. I curled up with Louis on the lounge, “now this is how you end Christmas,” Liam says. We all agreed with him, “I think this is the best Christmas I have ever had,” I whispered. Louis kissed the top of my head, “same,” he says. I looked at him, “I love you,” I smiled. Louis kissed me, “I love you,” he smiled back.



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