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Chapter 16 – Love

So a couple weeks went by and It was a week before Louis’s birthday. In those couple of weeks, we pretended to break up, so Niall could get his money. The total of money that he got end up being about ten grand. Niall was over whelmed with all the money that he got. That he thought about proposing to Harry. I talked him out of it and told him to do it after Christmas. We also found out that Sophia was the one that said six months. Sophia also said that when she placed the bet is when she wasn’t talking to us. So she really didn’t know who we were. All she knew was the way Louis looked at me.


It was the last day of the term and it was freezing. I was rugged up in black jeans, black singlet, a white off the shoulders jumper, a grey thick jacket and a pair of black ankle boots. Louis and I were still pretending that we broke up and it was killing us both. We were in physics and I had to sit next to a girl that fell asleep while Louis sat by himself. We didn't pay much attention since we kept message each other. Most of the messages where I miss you and I love you.

At lunch Harry, Liam and Sophia sat with me a couple of tables away from Louis, Niall, Zayn and Perrie. I kept looking over at them, “it sucks doesn't it?” Harry asked me. I nodded my head, “now I know how you and Niall feel and that boy owes me big time,” I tell Harry. They all laughed, “well it's your last day like this. Then when we come back to school. You and Louis can be together again,” Sophia reassured me.

“Yeah don't forget that you and Louis are getting back together at his birthday party. That I dragged you to,” Harry reminded me. I gave him a small nod, “also don't forget you're mine tomorrow too, so we can go shopping for Christmas,” Sophia added. I also gave her a small nod, “what you going to get me?” Liam asked. I laughed as I shook my head, “not telling,” I smiled. I looked over at Louis and he was already looking at me. I noticed Perrie was talking to all of them, “God we need to save our men,” Harry sighed.

“That we do,” I whispered. I saw Amy coming over to them, “Lil stay,” Liam tells me. Amy put her hand on Louis shoulder and I wanted to hit her. Louis quickly pushed it of if him as he glared at her. I couldn't hear what she was saying to him, but she looked at me. Harry grabbed my hand, “remember you two are still together,” Harry whispered to me. I squeezed Harry's hand, “for the last time Amy! I don't want you, so just piss off!” Louis yelled. Everyone was looking at them and Louis looked straight at me, “clearly she the one that left you Louis! Maybe you should just move on!” Amy yelled back. Louis stood up, “but I will never be with you!” Louis shouted.

“Just fuck off Amy,” Perrie snapped. I was having a hard time staying next to Harry. I wanted to run over there and punch Amy straight in the face, “Flower calm down,” Harry tells me. Amy was getting closer to Perrie, “Harry if she hits her. I’m over there,” I warned him. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist. Amy leaned in close to Perrie and whispered something in her ear. Harry's grip around me got tighter, “let me go Harry,” I tell him.

“I can't do that Flower,” he says. Perrie pushed Amy away before she stood up, “you’re all the fucken same. If that bitch never came to the school. I would have gotten what I wanted,” Amy snapped. Louis started laughing, “no you wouldn't. I don't think you get it Amy. I didn't want you years ago, so why would I want you now?” Louis questioned. Amy looked at him, “because I know two of your friend’s biggest secrets,” she smirked. My mind straight away thought of Harry and Niall, “you don't know jack shit about us,” Louis spat.

“So it's not true that Niall and Harry are together and in love,” she says. I looked at Harry and he was looking at Niall, “Harry,” I whispered. Harry didn't take his eyes off of Niall, “we can't deny it, but I need Niall to tell her it's the truth,” Harry says. I looked at Niall and he was white as a ghost. He said something that none of us could hear, “what was that Niall?” Amy smiled. Niall stood up, “it's true!” He shouted. We all stood up waiting for people to attack Niall and Harry, but to our surprise no one did. I didn't know to take that as a good sign or a bad one, “anything else you got on us?” Perrie asked.

“You guys are unbelievable,” Amy said in anger. She stormed off, “go to him Harry,” I tell him. Harry quickly left my side to be with Niall, “you alright?” Sophia asked. I nodded my head as I watched Harry and Niall hug. Louis was looking at me, “I'm going to need a minute,” I say. I grabbed my bag before I started walking off, “have fun,” Liam smirked.

I hid in the gym away from everyone. I actually needed a minute to myself, so I could calm down. I still really wanted to hit Amy for coming on to Louis and for telling everyone about Niall and Harry. However, Louis came in, “Lilly Belle,” he smiled. He quickly came over to me and hugged me tight, “you alright?” He wondered. I shook my head as I wrapped my arms around him, “I feel like punching that bitch,” I admitted. Louis kissed the top of my head, “so tell me what she said to you,” I demanded.

“All she said to me was. That I should be with her now since she can fuck me right,” Louis replied. I grabbed the back of Louis's top, “but you know I only want you. I made a promise to you,” he reassured me. I kissed him, “how's Niall and Harry?” I wondered. Louis kissed my forehead, “I don't know. I just know the others are with them. I'm scared for them Lilly,” he started. I looked at him and he was looking in the distance, “no one has said anything to them, but it doesn’t mean it won't start. We go to a school were we watch our backs for being normal. What about the people that are different? I don't know what's going to happen to them,” Louis confessed.

“We will protect them. I will put my life on the line for them. They deserve to happy and in love. They need to be alright for Theo,” I tell them. Louis rubbed my back, “just don't do anything stupid,” he says. Louis kissed the top of my head, “let's go home for the day. I know the others are. We’re not going to miss much this afternoon,” Louis tells me. I looked at him, “I think that be for the best, but can I still hit that bitch?” I begged. Louis laughed a little, “how much I like your jealous side. I’m going to have to say no” he smiled. I kissed him, “OK,” I whispered.

We all got out of school and back to my house. Niall and Harry got Theo from day care before coming home. I will admit that I was worried the whole time that they been gone. I was still worried when they were home that I couldn't keep still. Louis had to hold me for a little bit, but I ended getting out his grip. I knew Louis was getting annoyed with me, so I laid on my bed in my room. I hid my face in my pillow, "you finally sat still," I heard Liam say. I looked at him and he was standing in my door way, "yep," I say.

"so what got under your skin?" Liam asked. He sat on the edge of my bed, "I'm worried about Harry and Niall. What are people going to do to them? Do they know where Harry lives? What if they come here?" I rambled. Liam stopped me, "we're all going to stay here for a bit to make sure nothing happens to them or you. We are still going to live our lives like normal," Liam tells me. I gave him a small nod, "so be normal Lil and everything will work out. Plus, your boyfriend staying over. We going to do Theo room and Christmas is next week," he added.

"I know, but that's just me lately. I worry about everything. I know I need to stop, but I don't know how," I admitted. Liam moved closer to me, "I'm just going to say it straight out. Your scared to get attacked again which is understanding. Lilly you went through a loss and you don't want another one," Liam says. I played with my blanket, "I really wish I could tell you that your wrong, but I think your right. What if something happens to one of them? What's going to happen to Theo?" I wondered.

"he will be safe and loved still. Just don't think the worse. Think about Harry and Niall being free," Liam smiled. I smiled a little bit at him, "I wonder if their going to be free at Louis birthday party?" I asked. Liam shrugged his shoulders, "well that's tomorrow night. Where you and Lou get back together," Liam pointed out. I smiled as I nodded my head, "I can't wait to get him back full-time," I say. Liam laughed a little, "I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing," Liam joked.

"it's a good thing. I get to keep a better eye on her at school, so I know she doing schoolwork. I know in physics she been messaging a boy and not doing work," Louis smirked. He was leaning against my door frame, "really? and how do you feel about that?" Liam questioned. Louis came closer to us, "I don't know. I know we’re not together anymore, but I thought she take sometime to find someone new,” he says. I shook my head, “well this new guy that I’m talking to. His really this nice guy, but everyone thinks his a bad boy. He covered in tattoos and he did have piercings for awhile. Until he took them out,” I teased.

“wow sounds like your dating your ex. I think you need to look for someone else,” Liam tells me. We all started laughing, “well it’s my time to go and leave you with your ex,” Liam added. He quickly got off my bed and left my room. Louis shut the door before coming over to me, “so you alright now?” Louis asked. I nodded my head as Louis laid right next to me. He laid on his side looking at me, “you sure? Or do you want your new boyfriend?” Louis joked. I put my head on his bicep, “I want you,” I tell him. Louis kissed my nose, “but do you feel better after talking to Liam?” he wondered.

“I do, but don’t mean I’m still not worried,” I admitted. Louis kissed me, “we both are. It’s just we can’t show it. We got to be strong for them two. Like they were strong for us when we needed them,” he tells me. I gave him a small nod as he wrapped his arm around me, “but when it’s just us two. We don’t have to be strong,” he added. I smiled at him, “no we don’t,” I say. I kissed him, “we should go back to the others. I think Harry might be thinking we’re up to something,” I smiled. Louis kissed my forehead, “I think his at the door now,” Louis whispered. I got off the bed to opened my door and Louis was right. Harry was standing there with a smirk on his face, “can we help you Harold?” I questioned.

“nope. I just wondering if you were alright, but I can see that you are,” he tells me. He kissed my forehead, “where going to watch a movie. You two in?” Harry asked. I looked at Louis and he was spread out on my bed, “I was planning something better,” he smirked. Harry grabbed me by the arm and dragged me out of my room, “well you can do that by yourself!” Harry yelled. Harry dragged me down the hallway, “I can’t do that by myself! I need Lilly Belle!” Louis yelled back. Harry kept dragging me, “his pushing it. Isn’t he?” I wondered.

“not really, but at the same time I don’t know if his joking or not,” Harry replied. I laughed a little bit, “I think his joking. I’m actually not sure. I know it’s been a very long time,” I rambled. Harry stopped me, “that’s pushing it. I don’t want to know when the last time you done it,” he whined. Harry managed to pull me all the way to the lounge room. Everyone was sitting there, “now we going out. We will be home later. So please tell lover boy when he comes down,” Harry tells them.

After Harry and I put our shoes and jackets on we went outside, “we are going for a walk,” he informs me. I smiled as I nodded my head, “where too?” I wondered. Harry started walking down the street, “somewhere,” he smiled. I smiled as I shook my head, “are we just going to walk around until you want to go home?” I questioned. Harry shook his head, “we’re going to a place,” he says. We kept on walking, “so why are we out in the cold walking around?” I asked. Harry smiled big at me, “so I can show you something,” he says.

“not fair,” I sighed. Harry wrapped his arm around me, “you need to learn that you don’t have to know everything. That some things can be surprises. Like right now,” he tells me. I wrapped my arm around him, “Louis full of surprise,” I say. Harry nodded my head, “he even surprises me when it comes to you. I can’t believe he asked me for my permission to marry you,” he started. He eyes went wide, “oh shit I wasn’t meant to tell you,” he added. I laughed a little bit, “I already knew. He asked me already,” I reassured Harry.

“what do you mean he already asked you?” Harry questioned. He looked at me, “he asked me before he asked you,” I replied. Harry slowly nodded his head, “and I’m guessing you told him to ask me? But how did he ask you the first time?” he wondered. Harry turned down a street, “he asked me as we were having a bath and yes I told him ask you. I also told him to ask Josh and mum,” I explained.

“mum,” Harry smiled big. I smiled big as well as I nodded my head, “you really want to call mum, mum?” he questioned. Harry hugged me tight before I could tell him yes, “have you said it to mum yet?” he asked. I shook my head, “don’t until Christmas. I think she would really like that. I really think she would cry,” Harry tells me. I laughed a little bit, “you want to make mum cry. You cruel bastard,” I joked as I stepped back.

“you know you want too. It be the great Christmas present,” Harry smiled. I nodded my head, “but we should keep walking before Louis comes and gets us,” I tell him. Harry nodded his head, “we nearly there anyway,” Harry says.

We walked about five more minutes and Harry stopped in front of a house. It was small and old, but I knew it. I knew this house and I didn’t know why, “Harry who lives here?” I wondered. Harry looked at the ground, “it’s my old house. The one where we grew up,” he reminded me. All my childhood memories came back to me at this house. Harry started walking to the front door, “Harry what are you doing? You don’t live here anymore,” I questioned. Harry kept walking and I quickly followed him. Harry smiled at me as he pulled a set of keys out of his pocket. He kept smiling as he unlocked the front door. He slowly opened the front door, “I own it,” he tells me.

“no way,” I say. He pushed me into the house, “well mum still does. She never sold it when we moved. I asked mum a couple of weeks ago if I could have it when I turn eighteen. If you couldn’t tell she said yes,” he smiled. I laughed a little bit as I looked around a house that I grew up in. It was a bit run down, but all it need was some fixing up. Harry stood next to me, “I’m going to move in when I turn eighteen, but before then I’m going to fix it up. It’s going to be a surprise for Niall, so you better not tell him,” Harry tells me.

“I won’t tell him, but I can see who wears the pants,” I smiled. Harry shook his head, “Niall more the man in our relationship,” Harry says. I nodded my head slowly, “actually I think you both are,” I joked. Harry laughed a little bit, “anyway I need this house be done in about a month. So I was wondering if you want to help me. I want to leave you in charge of Theo’s room and the dinning room. Which means you need to pick colours and furniture,” he informs me.

“what about the rest of the house and why can’t I have the kitchen?” I wondered. Harry took me into the kitchen and there was nothing. The cupboards and tiles been ripped out, “because I’ve already started,” Harry pointed out. I noticed pieces of paper on the wall with a design for the new kitchen. It was going to be a traditional white kitchen with dark wood floors. It was also going to have a little bit of modern twist to it, “I like it,” I tell him. Harry smiled at me, “your going to laugh at me, but I thought about leaving Louis in charge of the lounge room. I think he could do it,” he says.

“oh please do. I want to see what he does,” I laughed. Harry started laughing with me, “I should show you Theo room,” Harry says. I nodded my head, “why are you leaving me Theo room?” I wondered. We started walking, “because I want you to paint a picture on the wall,” he replied. I slowly nodded my head, “I want you to have a mark on this house. This house is just as much as yours as it is mine,” he added. We stopped in front of a door, “Theo getting my old room,” Harry says. He opened the door and as soon as I saw the room a memory came back. It was me and Harry sitting on his bedroom floor doing a history project together. He was doing all the research as I drew a picture on the poster. We must have been about eleven, “Flower what you smiling about?” Harry asked.

“I was just remembering us doing a history project together. Your nose was in a book as I was drawing,” I tell him. Harry smiled big, “I remember Josh and Marcel coming in and teasing me about doing homework. Then I got into a fight with them and got in trouble. I also remembered mum telling me that they were jealous of me, because I was working with you,” Harry remembered. Harry quickly went into his old wardrobe and got a big piece of paper out. He brought it over to me, “it was this one,” Harry smiled. I looked over the piece of paper and it was the history project that I remembered, “I think I kept it for your drawing. I kept a lot of your stuff,” he added. He went back into the wardrobe and got a shoe box out. He sat crossed legged on the floor, so I joined him. He opened the box, “I wondered what happened to this. I thought it was at the other house somewhere,” Harry says.

“what is it?” I asked. Harry started pulling out pieces of paper, “stuff you done,” he replied. He showed me some of my old drawings and some were from when I was three. They just scribble, but Harry had them, “why do you have this?” I asked. Harry was still looking through the box, “because I was proud of you. You can draw better than I can and I was impressed. I always thought it was amazing,” Harry tells me. I felt tears in my eyes, “thank you,” I whispered. Harry grabbed my hand, “I have a funny feeling that I did it, because I was the only one that cared. I remember a time that you showed your dad a picture you did when you were seven. He said it was good when he didn’t even look at it. Then you gave it to him and he just put it on the table. I saved it from going in the bin,” Harry remembered. He pulled a picture out of the box, “it was this one,” he continued. He showed me a drawing of my family, but it didn’t have my mother or my dad in it. It was just Harry, Josh, Marcel and Anne, “I should have took this as your first sign you weren’t happy at home, but I was seven at the time too,” he finished.

Harry and I kept going through the box for a little bit, “you know if you showed Niall this box. He might think you had a thing for me,” I joked. Harry laughed a little bit, “I don’t think so, but if I showed Josh might be a different story,” Harry smiled. He stood up before helping me up. He put everything back in the box, “we should head home,” he says as he picked up the box. He also picked up the history poster, “might take them home with me to show mum,” he tells me. I shook my head as I walked out of the room. I looked down the hallway as I remembered me hiding stuff in the wall. I quickly went over there and opened the part of the wall. It was full of dolls and a tiny box, “have you been hiding stuff in the wall here?” Harry wondered.

“yep. It’s just toys and this little box,” I replied. I showed Harry the tiny box as I stood up, “what could be in there?” Harry questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “won’t know until I open it,” I say. I slowly opened the box to revile two silver rings with bears all the around the band. The rings where the same, “oh my god Flower. I remember these. I stole these from my grandmother. She told me that they were special and one day that I would give the ring to somebody that I truly loved. She wasn’t talking about my future husband. She was talking about someone that’s going to be there in the end no matter what,” Harry tells me. Harry got both rings out of the box and put one on his finger. He got down on one knee, “I want that person to be you Flower. We started this life together and I want to make sure your there when it all ends,” he smiled.

“of course I’ll be there,” I smiled back. He put the ring on my middle finger next to Louis’s promise ring. I hugged him tight after he got up, “but why did I have them?” I wondered. I put the tiny box in my jacket pocket, “well I knew that you could hide stuff, so I must have given them to you to hide. I did steal them,” Harry tells me. I nodded my head, “well since you proposed to me. We better head back to see our other men,” I say.

Halfway back home Harry stopped me, “I know your worried about me and Niall, but you don’t have to be. We be ready for anything that comes at us. So I want you to live your life normally and we are still going through with the plan for you and Louis,” Harry reassured me. I slowly nodded my head, “I'm just worried that someone will go out of their way to hurt you guys,” I confessed. Harry kissed my forehead, “if your talking about Brian. We can handle him,” he reassured me.

“I know you can. It's just what if it's five onto one?” I questioned. Harry sighed, “what if we travel in pairs?” Harry questioned back. I nodded my head, “it would make me feel better,” I smiled. Harry kissed my forehead again, “you know I see an upside to this. I get to be with my man in public now,” Harry pointed out. I smiled bigger as I nodded my head, “you can go on proper dates now while I look after Theo,” I say. Harry nodded his head quickly, “thank you Flower,” he whispered.

When we got home Louis and Niall straight away came up to us, “we were worried. You been gone for a couple of hours and you both didn’t take your phones. What if something happened?” Niall questioned. Harry kissed him to shut him up, “sorry,” Harry apologized. Louis wrapped his arms around me before kissing the top of my head, “where did you two go?” Louis asked.

“just an old place that we used to go,” I replied. Harry nodded his head before he ran off, “Styles where are you going now?” Niall wondered. Niall followed him, “what’s Harry up to?” Louis asked me. I bit my bottom lip to stop me from smiling, “I don’t know,” I say. Louis picked me up and carried me all the way to the backyard, “your going to freeze out here,” I teased.

“I don’t care. What do you know?” Louis asked. I looked everywhere part from him, “Lilly,” Louis says. I still didn’t look at him, “not telling,” I tell him. Louis came in closer and I put my hands up to stop him coming closer. He grabbed my hand, “who gave you this ring?” Louis questioned. I looked at him as he was looking at the ring Harry just gave me, “Harry,” I replied. Louis looked confused, “his got a matching one. It means that be there for each other in the end,” I added.

“the end of what?” Louis wondered. I placed my hands on his chest, “when we die,” I say. Louis looked upset, “it’s nothing romantic. It’s just means Harry wants me at the end, because at the end of the day. I know Harry going to be there,” I admitted. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “but it’s right next your promise. That we have each others hearts for forever and always,” I reassured him. Louis kissed me, “forever and always,” he smiled.

When we went back inside after a little bit since Louis was freezing. We walked into the lounge room to see everyone their part from Harry and Niall. Louis sat on an arm chair before trying to pull me down, “wait. I manna take my jacket and shoes off,” I tell him.

After I took my jacket and shoes off and put them by the front door. I went back into the lounge room, “so what are we doing?” I asked. I sat down next to Louis legs before I put my legs over his. Louis wrapped an arm around my legs, “I don't know. All I know we're looking after Theo now while Harry and Niall fuck,” Liam replied. I covered my ears quickly as everyone laughed at me. Louis kissed the side of my head, “not funny guys,” I say as I uncovered my ears.

“Nah it was just a head job,” Niall smirked as he came in. Harry came in after him, “who gave?” Zayn questioned. Niall pointed to Harry, “he knows how to shut me up,” Niall smiled. Louis shook his head, “to shut you up. Harry should have had his dick in your mouth,” Louis says. Niall laughed a little bit, “I refuse to do it. I wanted to know where him and Lil went, but he won't tell me,” Niall tells Louis. I looked at Harry and he was smiling, “if it’s anything Niall. Lilly Belle won’t tell me either, but her and Harry got matching rings,” Louis pointed out.

“What?” Niall questioned. He quickly grabbed Harry hand to look at the ring before Niall looked at me. I held my hand up to show Niall the ring, “it’s just a promise that we be there for each other at the end,” I tell him. Niall didn’t look happy, “you promise her that you’ll be together until the end, but you won’t me,” Niall snapped. Niall ran out of the room, “Harry let me talk to him,” Louis says before Harry could leave. I got off of him, so he could get up, “do you think you can fix it?” Harry wondered. Louis nodded his head, “I know what his thinking,” Louis tells him.

After Louis left to talk to Niall. I sat on the floor with Theo and Harry, “Harry does Niall think that you might not be gay?” Sophia questioned. Harry shrugged his shoulders, “I have reassured him over and over again about Flower. It’s just I think he still thinks that I would leave him for her. I will never do that. Flower is my sister and that’s why I gave her the ring,” Harry admitted.

“Plus you would have to fight Louis for me and I love him. So it be very hard,” I joked. Harry smiled at me as he laid down on his back, “but we have years together,” Harry pointed out. I put Theo on his chest, “yeah so. Louis has touched me the way you never will,” I smirked. Harry quickly looked at me, “pushing it,” Harry warned me. I laughed a little bit, “maybe you push it with me. I don’t need to know about you and Niall’s sex life too,” I pointed out.

“Guys calm down. I can see you two fighting over this shit,” Liam interrupted. We both looked at him, “I swear if I didn’t know you two. I would say your brother and sister,” he added. Me and Harry started laughing, “I think Liam would have killed us if he grew up with us. I’m surprised Josh didn’t,” I say. Harry nodded his head, “that lazy git should be here by now,” Harry tells me. I looked around, “his running late. Something about talking to girl,” Zayn informs us. Harry raised an eyebrow. “the one from Italy?” I questioned.

“Yep that one. She meant to be coming to England to see him,” Perrie tells me. I smiled big as Louis and Niall came back in. Louis motioned for me to come over to him, so I did. Niall took my place on the floor, “everything alright,” Louis whispered in my ear. Niall whispered something into Harry ear before he kissed him. Harry just smiled at him, “well since everyone happy. Let’s do something,” Perrie says.

“what do you want to do?” Sophia asked. Harry sat up with Theo still on his chest, “we could always start painting Theo room. The room empty,” Harry suggested. Everyone nodded their heads, “great while you guys paint me and Lil can go out and get his furniture,” Niall says. I looked at Louis and he nodded his head, “when do we go?” I wondered.

Niall and I left after we got our stuff and put our jackets and shoes on. We went to a big furniture shop, “can I ask why you wanted to take me?” I asked Niall. We both got out of the car, “because I need to keep the room neutral. I also thought we could talk,” Niall tells me. Niall came over to me, “you know I haven’t really spent time with my boyfriend today. When I got home I had a talk with Liam. Then Harry took me out and now I’m with you,” I pointed out. We started walking, “do you want some alone sexy time with Lou?” Niall wondered.

“what is sexy time?” I joked. Niall laughed a little as we entered the shop, “now I know why Lou clinging,” Niall says. I shook my head, “that’s normal Lou,” I tell him. Niall and I walked straight to the baby section, “so Lou worse then Harry,” Niall smiled. I looked around at all the baby stuff and wondered if I could be here, “Lil it’s alright,” Niall reassured me. I looked at him, “this is another reason why I took you. We need to know if your alright now,” Niall tells me.

“It's been about three weeks, but to tell you the truth Niall. If I lost it normally I think I'll be alright by now, but I didn't. Marcel took it from us and that's what hurts,” I confessed. Niall hugged me tight, “it be alright. You and Lou will get another chance when your ready,” Niall whispered in my ear. I step back from him, “but right now I wanna try baby shopping,” I tell him. Niall nodded his head, “but if it gets to much for you. Tell me,” Niall says. I smiled a little at him, “thank you,” I mumbled.

I managed to stay as Niall and I got Theo furniture. We end up getting him a white crib, chest of draws, bookcase and other little bits. Once we loaded them into the car Niall and I decided to have a smoke before leaving, “Ni can I ask why you got mad when you found out about the ring?” I wondered. Niall took a big drag of his smoke, “you know Harry told me that he'll get me a promise ring like Louis got you. I still haven’t got it. Then you come home with a promise ring from Harry. I just couldn’t help get mad at him. It’s just why can Louis do this shit and he can’t? Harry the most romantic person I know, but he can do this one thing. It feels like he doesn’t love me like that,” he admitted.

“Harry loves you Niall. He wants to give you the world. He just working out how. He just can’t find the right ring for you,” I reassured him. Niall looked down, “I would wear a girls ring if he gave it to me. The ring just symbolises the promise,” Niall tells me. I understood were Niall was coming from, “are you going to wear that ring for the rest of your life?” I asked him. Niall looked at me unsure, “maybe it’s a good thing to wait for something,” I tell him. Niall nodded his head, “you know something that you’re not telling me,” he pointed out. I just smiled at him as I kept smoking, “that’s not fair,” he pouted.

All the way home Niall kept asking me what I knew, but I told him nothing. However, it put a smile on his face since he knew Harry was up to something. When we got inside we could smell paint through the house, “well that room should have been painted by now since there's six of them,” Niall says. I nodded my head, “but it's them,” I pointed out. Niall laughed a little bit as we walked into the lounge room. To my surprise Louis was looking after Theo. He was feeding Theo some baby food on the floor as Theo was in his sit, but it looked like Louis was wearing more than Theo ate. Louis noticed us, “hey guys,” he smiled.

“Hey,” I smiled back. Niall pushed me closer before he ran off, “did you two have fun?” Louis asked. I sat down next to Louis, “yep. We got everything,” I say. I cleaned up Theo face, “I wouldn't bother until I'm done,” he tells me. I looked at Louis top, “has he eaten anything?” I wondered. Louis looked down at himself, “well he keeps laughing, but I think he got some,” Louis says. I took the food off of Louis and started feeding Theo myself. Theo managed to swallow the food in his mouth, “it's not that hard to feed him,” I teased. I kept feeding him, “well you don't do the aeroplane,” Louis pouted.

“Oh I thought it was your face,” I joked. Louis took Theo food off of me, “I'll show you,” he tells me. He feed Theo as he pretended the spoon was an aeroplane. When Louis put the food in his mouth Theo spat it back out laughing. He got it in Louis face, “aww hunny. Maybe you should just try normally,” I pointed out. I wiped Louis face, “maybe we should have a shower,” he flirted. I kissed his nose, “maybe we should,” I smiled. Louis kissed me, “let's finish feeding Theo first,” Louis says.

After we feed and cleaned up Theo Niall took him off us. So Louis and I could have a shower together. We stood in the bathroom still dressed, “babe can you help me take my top off? I don't want to get baby food everywhere,” he asked. I helped Louis take his top off, “can you help me now?” I flirted. Louis smirked as he grabbed the bottom of my jumper, “I haven't done this for awhile,” he says. He pulled my jumper over my head, “no we haven't,” I smiled.

“When was the last time we had a shower together?” Louis wondered. I started to think, “about a couple of weeks,” I remembered. Louis nodded as he took off my singlet. I stopped him from taking my pants off, “I just want you to know. That nothing going to happen tonight,” I tell him. Louis slowly nodded his head, “and it’s because everyone here,” I added.

“I locked the door,” he smirked. I shook my head, “still nothing,” I say. I undid Louis jeans slowly, “I just want to spend sometime with my boyfriend,” I continued. I pulled his jeans down his legs to the floor, “since tonight I haven’t really seen him,” I finished. Louis took my jeans off, “ok,” he whispered. I turned the shower on before we finished undressing each other.

We stood under the water for about five minutes until Louis hands started running up and down my body. I grabbed his hands to stop him, “I said nothing,” I reminded him. Louis just smiled at me, “I can’t help it. Your naked and wet in front of me,” he says. I shook my head as I wrapped his arms around me. I wrapped my arms around his neck to pull him closer to me. I kissed him as Louis dug his fingertips into me, “how about I give you a head job?” I wondered. Louis shook his head, “I want my girlfriend to enjoy herself too,” he tells me. I shook my head this time, “I just want to give to my boyfriend. He puts up with a lot of shit and not just from his girlfriend,” I smiled.

“but my girlfriend also puts up with a lot of shit too,” he says. I ran my hands down his chest as I slowly got on my knees. I kissed under his belly button, “you know I’m going to jump you after this,” he tells me. I bit my bottom lip before I kissed down his member since he was still soft. He started to get hard when I kissed the tip. I put the tip in my mouth and sucked on it lightly. I put more of him in my mouth when he got harder. When he was fully hard I slowly went backwards and forwards making sure to pay attention to the tip. Louis put his hands through my hair as he was trying hide his moans.

I kept going until Louis came into my mouth. I looked at him as I swallowed his cum, “you need to stop fucken doing that,” he tells me. He helped me up, “why? You love it when I do,” I smirked. Louis kissed me hard, “that's why you need to stop. It drives me crazy,” he confessed. I kissed him, “you guys have been in there for over twenty minutes,” we heard Harry say. Louis kissed my nose, “looks like I have to jump you later,” he sighed. I kissed him, “it be alright,” I reassured him.

We got out and got dressed in track pants and t-shirts. We went down stairs to find everyone in the kitchen including Josh. They all smiled at us, “hey,” I say. I hugged Josh, “been a good girl?” He asked. I looked at him, “yep,” I replied. Louis laughed a little, “well Louis thinks not,” Liam says. I glared at Louis, “still a good girl in my eyes,” Josh says. Everyone laughed a little bit, “anyway what we doing in the kitchen?” I wondered.

“We got hungry and for some reason Theo is still hungry,” Niall tells me. Louis just smiled at him, “well more food ended up on Louis than in Theo mouth,” I say. Niall looked at him, “you can't do the aeroplane. He laughs to much,” Niall pointed out. I laughed a little bit, “that would have been nice to know,” Louis mumbled. I went over to Louis, “but I thought you would have learnt after the first time he spat it out,” I teased. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “your lucky that I love you,” he whispered. I kissed him, “it’s ok my idiot,” I smiled. Louis gently bit my nose, “don’t tease me babe. You know what happens when you do,” he warned me.

“I can’t wait,” I smirked. Louis kissed me, “your lucky that people are here or I would have bent you over the kitchen bench,” he whispered in my ear. He kissed under my ear, “you better watch yourself before you get hard with all your fantasies,” I tell him. I placed my hands on his hips, “your playing a dangerous game babe,” he smirked.

“And there's nothing you can do about it,” I smiled. I turned around before I leaned back into him. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “You know I will win,” he says. He put his chin on my shoulder, “I think we should order pizza. It's easy,” Liam suggested. We all agreed with him, “and are we all staying here tonight?” Liam questioned. We all looked at Harry, “if you guys want,” Harry says. Everyone then looked at Niall, “yes you guys can stay, but no partying. That’s for tomorrow night,” he smiled.

“yep. We all can sleep in the lounge room,” I smiled. Louis dug his fingers into me, “oh my god it’s a slumber party,” Perrie said excitedly. Sophia started to get excited with her, “look what you have done babe. By the end of the night Harry would have his hair braided,” Louis says. Harry smiled big, “can we? I think it’s long enough now,” he begged. I laughed, “sure,” I tell him. Louis hid his face into my neck as everyone left the kitchen to set up the lounge room. I kissed the side of Louis head, “did you want to sleep in my bed with me?” I wondered. Louis nodded his head, “I want to have some alone time with my girlfriend since she in a playful mood. I haven’t seen this side for awhile,” Louis admitted.

“so you only want me when I’m in a playful mood?” I questioned. Louis stepped away from me as he turned me around, “yep,” he says. I pushed him, “then have fun with your hand, because your getting nothing from me,” I tell him. Louis grabbed my hand, “babe I’m joking,” he smiled. I smiled back, “I know,” I say. Louis pulled me close to him and I played with his top, “can I ask something?” I wondered. Louis nodded his head for me to continue, “since we haven't done it for a bit. Will it hurt?” I asked.

“I don't think so, but why?” He wondered. I ran my hands down to his hips, “you and me in your car with me on top,” I tell him. Louis was shocked, “please don't be teasing me babe. The thought about you riding me makes me hard,” he admitted. I kissed him, “I'm not,” I promised. I rubbed him through his track pants, “babe we need to leave now,” he groaned. He grabbed my hand to stop me, “if we don’t. I will take you on the kitchen floor and I don’t care who walks in,” he added.

We quickly got to the front door to put our shoes and jackets on, “and where do you think you two going?” Niall asked. He was standing behind us, “to get some smokes,” I lied. He slowly nodded his head, “then you don’t mind if I come,” he says. Louis quickly shook his head, “no you stay home. I want to spend sometime with my girlfriend alone and we can’t here,” Louis tells him. Niall started laughing, “just go. I’ll tell Harry your getting me something for Theo,” he smiled. I kissed his cheek, “you got an hour,” he added.

After me and Louis got our jackets and shoes on we were in his car. We heading somewhere, “baby where are we going?” I wondered. Louis grabbed my hand, “my place. No one home,” he tells me. He placed my hand on his thigh, “how much I loved the thought about you riding me in the car. I can’t today. It’s been awhile for us,” he admitted. I smiled at him as I squeezed his thigh. Louis phone started ringing through the car. I saw Harry’s name come up, “hey,” Louis says as he answered.

“you guys need to head home right now. A blizzard coming,” he panicked. Louis quickly looked around, “how much time do we have to get home?” I asked. Louis looked scared, “five minutes,” Harry replied. Louis groaned as he hit the steering wheel, “we won’t make it back and I can’t drive like a dick,” Louis tells him. Louis did a U-turn, “Harry I’m going to try to head back, but if we don’t. At least I’ll be close by,” Louis informs him. I noticed it started to snow, “just be safe Louis,” Harry begged.

“I’ll keep her safe Harry,” Louis tells him. The snow started to come down harder, “fuck. Harry we not going to make it back. I’m going to park somewhere close,” Louis groaned. Louis parked next to a building, “ok. Keep warm we don't know how long it's going to last for,” Harry says. We said goodbye to Harry and just sat there.

We didn't say anything as the blizzard was going outside the car. The car was already covered in snow, “I blame global warming for this,” Louis says. I laughed a little bit, “same,” I smiled. Louis turned his car off, “too much snow on the car. We going to get fumes soon,” he tells me. I nodded my head, “great day,” I said sarcastically. Louis grabbed my hand, “cock blocked by the weather,” he mumbled. I shook my head, “well not really. No one can see in the car,” I pointed out. Louis raised an eyebrow at me, “babe we’re stuck in a blizzard and all you can think about is sex,” he says.

“it’s not like we can go anywhere,” I tell him. Louis looked around, “but babe this is not what I pictured to have sex after our break,” Louis admitted. I grabbed his hand, “same, but I want to do it,” I say. Louis squeezed my hand, “I want my boyfriend and this is kinda a romantic setting,” I added. Louis smiled a little, “I don't know if I have a condom,” he tells me. I opened his glove box to find a small box of condoms, “your always prepared,” I say. Louis bit his bottom lip, “I won't hate you for doing it in your car. I’m the one that suggested it,” I reassured him.

“I know,” he started. He laughed to himself, “when did I turn into a girl?” he smiled. I laughed a little bit, “you’re not a girl. You just care,” I tell him. Louis moved my seat back before kneeling in front of me. He ran his hands up my thighs, “we are going to do this slow,” he says. I kissed him, “we have a lot of time. I think,” I whispered on his lips. Louis kissed my chin to down my throat as he undid my jacket. He undid my seatbelt before pulling me forward. He took my jacket off and threw it onto the driver’s seat. He took his off too and threw it in the same place as mine, “are we getting naked?” he questioned.

“I want too. It’s not like anyone can see in. The car covered in thick snow,” I replied. Louis pulled my top up, so he could kiss all over my stomach. He kissed just under the waistband of my track pants before moving up my body to my chest. He pulled my top off and it joined the rest of our clothes. I pulled his top off as well. I ran my hands down his chest to the waistband of his track pants. I pulled him closer, so I could kiss him. Louis ran his hands up my sides until he got to my bra. I moved forward a little bit as I kept kissing him. He unclipped my bra and I moved my arms out of it before I placed my hands on his face. Louis smiled as we kept kissing which caused me to smile into the kiss as well. Louis moved back from me, “now to give back from the shower,” he smirked.

“can’t wait,” I say as I bit my bottom lip. Louis pulled my pants down with my knickers to my feet. He pulled my feet out when he spread my legs apart. He ran his hand up my inner thighs as he looked at me. He licked his lips before putting his head between my legs. He straight away sucked on my button, “fuck Lou,” I moaned.

“God I missed this,” he mumbled against me. I put my hand through his hair as he kept going. He slowly put two finger in me before moving them in and out. I knew Louis wanted me to cum before we have sex and I was close. He curled his fingers inside of me and I pulled on his hair. Louis curled his fingers again and I couldn’t hold back. I came on his fingers as my legs shook a little bit.

Louis kissed up my body as I was getting my breath back. He kissed my nose, “you alright babe? You came very quick,” Louis wondered. I nodded my head, “it’s just been a while and it just felt way to good,” I admitted. Louis kissed me as he leaned over me. I ran my hands down his bare back to his track pants. I pushed them down with his boxers as we kept kissing. I kissed his neck to his chest as I pushed his clothes to his feet, “you still want to be on top?” he asked.

“yeah,” I tell him. Louis picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He quickly turned around before sitting down in the seat. His member rubbed between my legs, “fuck,” Louis groaned. My fingers played with his member between my legs. Louis just looked at me as he ran his hands up and down my sides. The look he was giving me was making me hot, “what you thinking about?” I wondered.

“how beautiful you look right now,” he smiled. He kissed me, “and how lucky I am to call you mine,” he added. I smiled as he kissed me again, “stop saying the right things,” I say. Louis kissed my forehead before leaning forward making sure not to let me go. When he sat back he had the box of condoms in his hand. I took them off of him before I opened them. I took a condom out and ripped it open. Louis watched me as I put it on his member, “you ready?” I asked him.

“yeah, but are you?” he asked. I nodded my head before I kissed him. Louis lifted my hips up as I positioned his member at my entrance. Louis slowly put me down on his member until he was fully in me. I didn’t move I was letting the feeling of him inside me take over me. Louis ran his fingers down my back, “you alright?” he wondered. I smiled as I nodded my head, “just missed this feeling,” I say. Louis put his hand on the back of my head to push me closer to his lips. He kissed me deeply as he tongued entered my mouth. I slowly went up and down on him and he moaned into my mouth.

I kept the same pace as we kept kissing for a little bit. Louis grabbed my hips and lifted me up, but then pushed me down hard. I moaned loudly, so he did it again, “oh god baby,” I moaned. I dug my fingers into his chest as I took back over the pace. Louis grabbed my bottom and squeezed it hard. We both were breathing heavy, “babe go faster please,” he begged. I smiled as I shook my head no. Louis smacked my bottom which caused me to moan a little. He smirked at me, “kinky babe,” he says. He did it again, “fuck Lou,” I groaned.

“then go faster babe,” he smirked. I went a little bit faster, however Louis smacked my bottom again, “faster,” he ordered. I looked at him, “you better stop or I’ll make sure you don’t cum,” I warned him. Louis smirked as he smacked my bottom again. I grabbed his hands and entwine our fingers together. I kissed him, “behave,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he kissed me, “I like your dominate side,” he says.

“baby I’ll make you do all the work,” I groaned. Louis got out of my grip to grab my hips, “you sure you want me in control?” He questioned. I bit my lip as I nodded my head. Louis started thrusting in and out me hard and fast. I dug my fingertips into his shoulders, “oh god,” I kept repeating. I hid my face into his shoulder as he kept going his pace. When he hit the right spot I bit into his shoulder, “fuck, fuck, fuck babe,” Louis moaned loudly. I looked at him, “I’m better than alright,” he smiled.

We kept going until we both came loudly. I stayed on top of Louis trying to catch my breath. My whole body was numb, “babe you going to have to move,” Louis tells me. I shook my head, “I can’t move,” I say. Louis kissed the top of my head before he picked me up by my hips. He moved me to his thighs, “get in the back babe. I’ll join you in a minute,” he tells me. I turned around on his thighs, so I could put my knickers and track pants back on. Once I got them on I got in the back, “baby can I have my top?” I asked. Louis gave me my top and jacket, “thank you,” I say.

After Louis got redressed he joined me in the back. He laid down with his head in my lap, “that was different babe. My shoulder still hurts from you bitting it,” Louis smiled. I kissed his forehead, “well you did hit the right spot,” I tell him. I started to wonder if the condom broke again. I don’t know if I could take a scare like the right now. I felt the back of Louis hand on my cheek, “the condom didn’t break babe. I know that’s what your thinking,” Louis reassured me. I kissed him, “stop reading my mind,” I whispered against his lips.

“I’m not. I just know you,” he smiled. He kissed me, “inside and out,” he added. I moved back to look at the snow covered window. Louis moved to grab his phone, “we been stuck for about an hour and Harry messaged me,” Louis informs me. He started reading his messages, “Harry says we could be stuck here for the night,” Louis tells me. I looked at him, “let's hope not,” I mumbled. Louis sat up, “we will be alright babe,” Louis reassured me.

“It's just I'm worried,” I admitted. Louis pulled me closer to him, “well let's talk about something to keep your mind off of things,” he suggested. I nodded my head, “actually I want to talk to you about what we just did,” I started. Louis seemed surprised, “it’s just you said you wanted slow, but you were smacking me to go faster,” I pointed out. I placed my legs over the top of his, “was that too far for you?” he wondered.

“no. It excited me more,” I tell him. Louis ran his hand down my thigh, “do you want to try more kinks babe?” Louis asked. I nodded my head, “but why did you wanted to go faster?” I questioned. Louis bit his bottom lip, “it felt like I was about to cum, but I wanted you to cum with me. I knew you weren’t even close, so I took over and we both lasted longer than I thought,” he confessed. I kissed him, “maybe you can’t cum without me,” I smiled.

“thank god, because I never want to leave you on the edge,” he smiled back. I ran my hand down his chest, “but let’s get back to talking about kinks,” he says. I laughed a little bit, “why do you want to try some baby?” I asked. Louis nodded his head, “I liked smacking your pretty arse,” he smiled. I bit my lip, “anything you want to try?” He asked. I started thinking, “I want you to tie me up. I think I'll go crazy if I can't touch you,” I admitted.

“I think it be good one for me too,” he says. I nodded my head as I kissed him, “I think I might have to gag you too. I think you be begging me too much to untie you,” I smirked. Louis let out a shaky breath, “oh god. Just thinking about that could make me hard,” he whispered. I laughed a little, “maybe later. I’m still sore,” I say. Louis kissed my forehead, “anything else you want to try?” Louis wondered.

“I want to try different positions. Like more difficult ones,” I replied. Louis raised an eyebrow, “are you saying Kamasutra positions?” he questioned. I nodded my head, “Soph showed me an app on her phone with them on it,” I tell him. Louis handed me his phone after he unlocked it. I went into the app store to find it and downloaded it. When it finished downloaded we had a looked.

About half an hour later me and Louis saved over a doze positions to try out, “we not going to try them out for a while babe,” Louis tells me. I pushed out my bottom lip, “not even an easy one? We haven't even done side to side yet,” I asked. Louis kissed my bottom lip, “and we have all the time in the world for that. Plus, side by side is done in the morning when you first wake up. It's the lazy sex position,” Louis tells me.

“Can I ask you something?” I wondered. Louis nodded his head, “Soph told me that she woke up one time and Liam was fucking her from behind. Would you ever do that to me?” I asked. Louis licked his lips, “it's a great way to wake you up, but I would need to know that you’re not going to freak out over it,” Louis tells me. I bit my lip trying to think if I would be alright with it, “but I prefer to start with oral, so your nice and wet for me,” he added.

“I could do the same to you,” I smiled. Louis played with my track pants, “I wouldn't mind if I saw my dick in your mouth when I opened my eyes. But better yet I wouldn't mind if I saw you on top of me bouncing up and down on my dick,” Louis smirked. I grabbed his hand, “you just saw that,” I pointed out. Louis kissed me, “but we are talking about when I wake up and your normally awake before me too,” he reminded me.

“That's true, but most of the time I just lay there looking at you. Unless we have school than I'm waking you up,” I smiled. Louis laughed a little bit, “well this is a new way to wake me up and if you wake up earlier than normal for school. Give me a blow job and I’m sure to get up,” he tells me as he winked at the last bit. I shook my head, “but it also depends on what mood I’m in,” I pointed out. Louis kissed my nose, “I know,” he says.

We sat there in silence for awhile, “Lou it's getting colder,” I say. Louis looked in the back of his car, “move for a sec babe,” he tells me. Louis leaned over the seat and grabbed a blanket. He also grabbed his gym bag that he takes to my house. He threw the bag next to the window, “sorry but I have to climb over you,” he apologized. He climbed over me to sit against his bag before he put one of his legs behind my back. He pulled me between his legs as he placed his other leg on the other side of me. I got comfy and laid my head on his chest. Louis wrapped the blanket around us, “I still think we're going to be cold babe,” he tells me.

“We need a fire,” I joked. Louis laughed a little, “only if it gets too cold,” he smiled. He grabbed my hands under the blanket, “we're safe in here,” he reassured me. It sounded like he was he was reassuring himself, “how about we get some sleep? So if the storm finishes we can go straight home,” I suggested. Louis nodded his head before we laid down. Louis body covered mine as he cuddled me, “get some sleep hunny,” I tell him. Louis kissed me, “I love you,” he says. I kissed his nose, “I love you,” I say back.

I woke up a couple of hours later when Louis phone started ringing. I picked up to see Harry name on the screen, “hello,” I say when I answered it. Louis grip around me gotten tighter, “where are you? The storm gone,” Harry asked. I sat up to wake Louis up, “hunny where are we?” I questioned him. Louis rubbed his eyes, “near the gym about five minutes away from your house,” he replied.

“I heard that,” Harry tells me. I heard movement over the phone, “we be there soon,” he added. He hung up the phone, “Louis the storm gone. We can go home,” I say. Louis opened his eyes as I saw the time. It was three in the morning, “it's fucken freezing,” Louis swore. I agreed with him since I was cold too, “we will be home soon,” I tell him. Louis sat up and tried to open the door, but it wouldn't open. He tried all the door even the boot and none of them opened, “fuck we’re trapped,” Louis whispered.

“The boys are coming,” I reassured him. Louis grabbed his phone and called someone, “how far are you?” He asked. Louis kept nodded his head, “we trapped. There's too much snow,” he tells the person on the phone. I looked around, “ok bye Niall,” Louis says. Louis looked at me, “their only a couple of minutes away,” he informs me. I nodded my head as I started to play with my fingers. Louis quickly grabbed my hand, “hey you don't have to be nervous. We're getting out of here,” Louis reassured me.

“I know. It just I don't want them to hurt themselves. We would have been alright until the morning,” I admitted. Louis kissed me, “I don't think Harry would have been alright until morning. He wants you home, so he knows your safe,” Louis tells me. I nodded my head, “his doing it for you too,” I smiled. Louis smiled a little as he shook his head, “more you tho babe,” he says. Louis phone started to ring, “hello,” Louis says as he answered it.

“There here?” I wondered. Louis nodded his head before he kept talking on the phone. I wrapped the blanket around me tight, “ok,” Louis says. He hung up his phone, “we will be out of here in no time. All the guys are here,” Louis tells me. He pulled me onto his lap and I wrapped the blanket around the both of us.

The boys got us out about ten minutes later and then we were home. All the girls were asleep in the lounge room and Anne was home too. Harry made Louis and I sit in front of the fire as the boys went to bed. Harry gave us a cup of tea, “now you two not cold?” Harry asked. Louis and I both shook our heads, “we are fine Harry go to bed,” I tell him. Harry sat right down next to me, “I’m fine,” he says. I looked at Louis, “Harry go lay next to Niall. We’re going to finish our tea and go to bed,” Louis tells him.

“I can wait,” Harry smiled. I put my head on his shoulder, “Harold don’t make me wake up Niall,” I warned him. Harry sighed as he crawled next to Niall, “good boy,” I say. Niall wrapped his arm around him as Harry hid his face into his neck, “cute,” Louis whispered. I looked at Louis, “hurry up and finish your tea, so we can go to bed,” I tell him. Louis kissed my forehead, “how about we just go to bed?” he suggested. I nodded my head before I took my jacket and shoes off. Louis did the same as I crawled next to Harry. Louis laid beside me and wrapped his arm around me tight. I pulled the blanket over us, “now don’t leave me in bed tomorrow morning,” Louis whispered.

“why?” I questioned. I turned around to face Louis, “in case I got morning wood,” he says trying to be quite. I bit my bottom lip, “my poor baby and I won’t be able to do anything about it,” I teased. Louis kissed my nose, “goodnight my kinky girl. I love you,” Louis tells me. I kissed him, “goodnight my horny boy. I love you,” I say.

Due to the blizzard we had to move Louis birthday party to the next night. Also Sophia and I couldn't go Christmas shopping. We all decided to finish Theo room, so Harry and Niall could have their room to themselves. The girls and I decorated it as the boys put up Theo’s furniture together. By the end of the day Theo’s room was done. The walls were a grey, but his furniture made it brighter. There were photos and art on his wall. Anne put in an old rocking chair in the corner with a big foot stool.

For the rest of the night we just laid around watching Christmas movies until we went to bed. Harry and Niall didn’t put Theo in his new room. Niall said something about it stills smells like paint, but I knew he just wanted Theo with him.

In that time, me and the girls came up with a theme for Louis’s birthday party. We are going with superheros since we couldn't pick just one. So before Louis party me and the girls were going to go shopping to get his birthday stuff and I wanted to get some clothes.

Tonight was Louis’s birthday party and me and the girls getting ready at my house. Niall was there too looking after Theo. He also was to take us to Louis when we were ready. Gemma was also coming with us tonight to party with us. I think she just wanted to keep an eye on Harry and Niall.

I started to get dressed after I had a shower. I put on my undies which wear black with little red flowers on them. I than put on my Marvel shirt with my blue jeans. I grabbed out my new high top Spider-man shoes, “I’m going in the shower,” I heard Perrie shouted. I started my makeup as I was letting my hair curl a little bit. I just done a little winged eyeliner, so my eyes would stand out. I brushed my hair and I ended up curling the ends myself.


I joined Sophia and Niall in the lounge room, “Lil we are going to make Niall look handsome tonight for his boyfriend,” Sophia tells me. I looked at Niall and he looked worried, “but we're keeping it simple,” Niall says. Sophia just smiled at him, “Gem going through his stuff now,” Sophia tells me. Anne came in with Theo, “it be alright Ni. I'll make sure they don't put you in pink,” she reassured him. Gemma came in, “Niall in the shower. Your clothes are on the bed,” Gemma tells him. Niall ran off, “and Soph the shower free,” Gemma added. Gemma sat down on the lounge as Sophia ran off, “now that I got you two girls. I want to ask you two a favour,” Anne started.

“yes mum. We will look out for Harry and Niall,” Gemma smiled. Anne smiled back at her, “look after each other and don’t drink too much,” Anne says. I hugged her tight, “we will be good,” I promised her. Anne smiled at me, “can you take Theo for a little bit? I need to make a phone call,” Anne wondered. I nodded my head as I took Theo off her, “thank you,” she smiled. She quickly left the room, “I don't want to upset you, but are you and Louis alright with the?” She asked as she pointed to Theo.

“Yep. It still hurts, but we're getting through it,” I admitted. I sat down next to Gemma, “got to move on with life,” I added. Gemma poked Theo nose, “I can't believe Harry going to propose in a couple of days. Then we really can't get rid of Niall,” she joked. I laughed a little bit, “I don't want to get rid of Niall,” I say. Gemma put her head on my shoulder, “same. I like him too much,” she whispered.

We sat there for a bit until Perrie and Sophia came down and joined us. We were just waiting on Niall, “I think his nervous. This is his and Harry’s first public outing as a couple,” Perrie pointed out. I handed Gemma Theo, “I'll check on him,” I tell the girls.

When I got to his and Harry’s room I knocked on the door, “come in,” Niall says. I opened the door to find him sitting on the bed just in a towel. I sat down next to him, “what's wrong? I asked. Niall played with his towel, “I'm scared,” he whispered. I grabbed his hand, “I want to beg you to be my girlfriend tonight. I don't want to come out yet,” he confessed. I shook my head, “I won't do that. Everyone knows that you and Harry are together,” I tell him.

“I want to go back,” he mumbled. He stood up, “I not ready!” Niall shouted. I stood up, “you are Niall. You’re just scared. You don’t have to be scared anymore,” I reassured him. Niall started pacing, “I’m not gay. I’m straight,” he kept mumbling to himself. I grabbed his arm, “Niall your gay and you love Harry. I believe you two are going to last forever. Why hide now?” I questioned. Niall looked at me, “because I know what’s going to happen,” he snapped.

“No. You think what will happen. Personally I think people are going to treat you the same. You haven’t changed,” I tell him. Niall shook his head, “people talk and I’m afraid that my dad would find out. He will go out of his way to hurt Harry,” Niall admitted. I hugged him tight, “I won’t let that happen and I know everyone else feels the same. You and Harry been through so much together. you deserve happiness,” I promised him.

After Niall calmed down and got dressed in front of me. We came down the stairs together, “lets go celebrate Louis’s birthday,” Perrie smiled. Niall went over to Theo, “you be good for Nanna,” Niall started. Niall kissed Theo’s forehead, “daddy loves you,” he smiled. I couldn’t help, but smile big at Niall. I went over to Theo and kissed his cheek, “love you my little man,” I smiled. Niall kissed the side of my head, “thank you for everything,” he whispered.

On our way to Louis’s I messaged Harry about Niall freaking out. I got nothing back, however when we got out of the car. Harry tackled Niall for a hug, “you told him Lil?” Niall asked. I nodded my head, “I had to. Just in case you came on to me,” I say. Niall laughed, “Louis would have killed me if I came onto you,” Niall pointed out. I quickly got in the house to see Louis.

Once I saw him in the kitchen with Liam. I ran up to him and jumped on him. Louis quickly caught me before I wrapped my legs around him. I kissed him as I wrapped my arms around his neck, “well hello to you too babe,” Louis smiled. I kissed him lightly, “happy birthday party,” I say. Louis kissed my nose, “what did you get me?” he wondered. I kissed him, “something, but you not getting it until your birthday,” I tell him.

“Your no fun,” he pouted. Liam coughed loudly, “hey Liam,” I smiled. I looked at him, “why don’t you go jump Soph?” I smiled. Liam laughed a little bit, “ok I get it. You want some alone time, but that’s what Lou bedroom for,” Liam smiled back. Louis started walking, “thanks for the tip,” Louis says. Harry and Niall came in, “Harry Lou and Lil were up to no good in front of me,” Liam whined.

“Were not,” I pouted. Louis kissed my cheek, “Lilly Belle was just saying hello,” Louis smirked. Harry shook his head, “I really don’t care,” he says. Both me and Louis smiled before we both stuck up our middle finger at Liam. Liam laughed as he left the kitchen, “so Niall what’s this thing about you coming on to Lilly Belle?” Louis questioned. Niall turned white, “um I just freaked out and it was the first thing that came into my head,” Niall mumbled.

“Ni it’s alright,” Louis reassured him. Zayn and Perrie walked in, “Lil you don’t need to be carried around like a little kid,” Perrie tells me. I shrugged my shoulders as I was trying to work out if she was telling me off, “I’ll carry my girlfriend if I want to,” Louis slightly snapped. Perrie rolled her eyes, “hey can we have that talk now?” I asked Louis to distract him.

Louis carried me all the way up to his room before throwing me onto his bed. He hovered over me, “why does Perrie have the shits with us?” Louis wondered. I kissed his nose, “I don’t know,” I say. Louis kissed me, “well she needs to stop,” he tells me. I pushed him onto his back, “your getting nothing until later,” I tell him. Louis pouted, “but it’s my birthday,” he says. I kissed him, “no it’s your party,” I pointed out. Louis ran his hands up my thighs, “but still it’s all about me,” he smiled.

“I don’t care. You’ll get some later,” I tell him. I stopped his hands getting higher, “your so unfair,” Louis whispered. I smiled as I kissed him, “if you wait until later. I’ll let you do anything to me,” I promised. Louis smiled big, “do you really mean anything?” he questioned. I bit my lip as I nodded my head, “I can wait until later now and I’m not telling you what I want,” he smirked.

We joined everyone downstairs in the kitchen, “that was quick,” Liam smiled. I nodded my head, “he couldn’t get it up,” I joked. Louis acted offended, “I can always get it up,” he tells everyone. They all looked at him, “Lilly Belle wouldn’t let me get it up,” he added. I looked down as I shook my head, “good, because we going to start partying now,” Sophia say.

Well went into the dinning room to play beer pong with a twist. On my team was Niall, Liam and Zayn since we diced to split the couples up. Louis had Harry, Sophia and Perrie and Gemma sat out to keep the teams even, “the last time we played this Lil was a virgin. This is going to be fun,” Niall smiled. I pushed him a little as Harry threw the ball. It missed Liam cup, “just remember Lil normally don’t miss the cup,” Liam say as I picked up the ball. I threw the ball and it landed in Perrie cup, “who do you want to fuck out of everyone part from Zayn?” I asked.

“you Lil,” Perrie replied. She drank her drink in one go before moving away from the table. Louis just stared at me as Sophia threw the ball. It landed in Niall’s, “the kinkiest thing you and Harry ever done?” Sophia smirked. Niall went bright red in the face, “I don’t think I can say since his sisters are in the room,” Niall pointed out. Liam covered my ears as Sophia covered Gemma’s, so we couldn’t hear anything.

When Niall finished telling everyone what happened they uncovered my and Gemma’s ear. They all just smiled at us, “I don't want to know,” I tell them. Liam threw the ball and missed Louis cup. Louis threw the ball and it went straight into Zayn cup, “do you like Perrie loud or quite when you have sex?” Louis questioned him. Zayn drank his drink as he smiled, “it depends what I’m doing to her. I like a mixture of both,” he says. Louis nodded his head as I threw the ball. It landed in Sophia cup, “how many times has Liam made you cum in one sitting?” I wondered.

“just two times,” she smiled before she drank her drink. All the boys looked at Liam, “only two?” Louis questioned. Liam slowly nodded his head and Louis covered Harry’s ears, “I made Lilly Belle cum four times in about fifteen minutes,” Louis tells everyone. Louis uncovered Harry’s ears, “don’t want to know,” Harry quickly tells everyone. We all nodded at him as he threw the ball. It just missed Liam cup. Liam threw the ball and it also missed. I picked up the ball and threw it into Harry cup, “I’m going to let Liam ask this while I block my ears,” I say. I quickly blocked my ears as Liam asked Harry a question.

When they were done I un covered my ears as Louis took his shot. He got it in Liam cup, “the night that you caught Niall and Harry. Did you get turned on by it?” Louis wondered. Liam looked at Niall and Harry, “surprisingly yes that I will admit that I had to wank after it,” Liam confessed. Louis smirked as he slowly nodded his head. Niall and Harry were surprised as they whispered in each others ears, “how about we make the last round fun? since we know Lil not going to miss,” Zayn suggested.

“and how do you plan on doing that?” Niall wondered. Zayn handed Louis another ball, “you throw at the same time,” Zayn started. Niall stopped him from continuing, “but what if they both get it in? Who gets to ask the question?” Niall questioned. Zayn smiled at him, “we do. Plus, they know all their dirty secrets since they do them together,” Zayn pointed out. Louis and I both nodded our heads, “just please think of Harry,” Louis joked.

“do we have too?” Niall smiled. I laughed a little bit before Louis and I threw the balls at the same time. I closed my eyes, “both win,” Perrie says. I opened my eyes to see the ball in my drink, “I’m going for a smoke while you ask your question,” Harry tells us. He quickly left the room as everyone grouped together to work out what they wanted to ask me and Louis. I stood next to Louis with my drink, “I’m scared,” I whispered to him. Louis put his arm around me, “I wouldn’t be,” he reassured me.

“ok we got one,” Sophia says as they all looked at us. Louis grip around me got tighter, “how kinky are you two and how kinky do you want to be?” Gemma asked us. I straight away looked at Louis, “we are getting there. Well put it this way nothing off limits,” Louis tells them. They all nodded their heads, “but what have you done?” Niall wondered. Louis bit his bottom lip, “not telling,” he says.

“oh please just tell us,” Niall pouted. Louis shook his head, “I’ve gaged him and his spanked me,” I admitted. Everyone was shocked, “well I’m going to join Harry for a smoke,” I smiled. I drank my drink before I went outside.

Harry was standing next to the pool, so I joined him, “where’s everyone?” Harry asked. I looked around to see them talking to Louis, “I think their questioning Louis,” I smiled. I got a smoke out and lit it up, “poor boy,” Harry teased. I laughed a little bit, “nah he should be alright,” I say. It looked like Harry was thinking about something, “what you thinking about?” I wondered.

“just how tonight will go with Niall and me. I’m worried that Niall going to freak out when he doesn’t need to,” Harry confessed. I put my head on Harry’s shoulder, “his already had one freak out, but I do think he will be alright to night,” I reassured Harry. Harry smiled at me, “I hope you are right,” he says. I gave him a small nod, “oh by the way. Niall got dressed in front of me and all I can say is not bad,” I tell him. Harry quickly looked at me, “not bad? His fantastic,” Harry tells me. I slowly nodded my head, “he could have a bigger arse,” I teased.

“his arse is perfect to me and there is nothing you can say to change my mind,” Harry tells me. I smiled at him, “I know, but just so you know Louis has the best arse out of everyone,” I say. Harry laughed a little bit, “you know we could fight all night who’s got the better arse, but in the end. We are going to choose our men, so there’s no point,” Harry pointed out. I nodded in agreement, “what are you two talking about?” we heard Niall asked. We looked to see everyone by the back door, “just that Flower saw you naked,” Harry smirked. I knew he said that since Louis was next to Niall, “why did my girlfriend see you naked?” Louis questioned.

“I got dressed in front of her, but she could have left the room,” Niall defended himself. Louis looked at me, “I couldn’t leave him. He had a freak out about coming here tonight. So I stayed with him,” I explained. Louis nodded his head, “at least he didn’t see you naked,” Louis smiled. Louis and Niall came over to me and Harry, “so party starts in an hour,” Louis says. Me and Harry didn’t reply we just turned the boys around, “I told you that Louis has the better arse,” I say.

“no Niall does,” Harry tells me. I knew the boys thought Harry and I were crazy, but we were having fun. I grabbed Louis bottom, “I have something to grab onto,” I smirked. Harry did the same to Niall, “same,” Harry smirked back. The boys turned their heads to look at us, “I’ve seen both naked and Louis’s is way better,” I tell him. Harry shook his head, “so have I and Niall’s is way better,” Harry smiled.

“I’ll just like to point out Lou. That your girlfriend been checking me out,” Niall tells him. Louis quickly turned around, “well I also like to point out that your boyfriend been checking me out,” Louis says. Niall and Louis looked at me and Harry, “you two explain yourselves,” they both demanded. Harry and I quickly runaway before they could grab us. We ran behind Gemma, “protect us,” Harry tells her. Gemma shook her head, “no. You both done wrong and now you need to punished,” she smirked. Harry grabbed me and we ran inside.

We hid in Louis wardrobe, “you know his going to look for us in here,” I pointed out. Harry shrugged his shoulders, “their going to find us no matter what,” Harry whispered. I laughed a little bit, “what do you think they will do to us?” I wondered. Harry shrugged his shoulder, “I don’t know, but I hope Niall shows his dominant side,” Harry smirked. I shook my head, “I thought you shared that,” I remembered. Harry shrugged his shoulders, “when Niall tops his always gentle. I like it hard and rough sometimes,” Harry admitted. I knew this conversation should be making me feel awkward, but it wasn’t, “do you ever get that feeling?” Harry asked me. I nodded my head, “sometimes Louis is the girl more than me,” I tell him.

“well to me that’s a good thing, but to you might not be. I’m just happy that Louis taking it slow with you. I don’t want you in the world of fifty shades or porn,” he started. I laughed, “fifty shades is nothing compared to other erotic novels that I have read. It’s soft porn,” I interrupted. Harry raised an eyebrow at me, “and when did you start reading them?” he asked. I smiled at him, “since Gemma gave them to me,” I replied. Harry smiled as he shook his head, “that explains the kink talk,” I heard Louis say. Harry and I quickly turned our heads to see Louis and Niall standing in the doorway, “how long have you been standing there?” Harry questioned.

“long enough to know that you want me rougher,” Niall smirked. Harry went bright red, “and that my girl reads porn books,” Louis also smirked. I bit my lip, “so most of it,” I smiled. Louis and Niall nodded their heads, “but I’m more surprised that you two actually had this conversation. Are you two drunk already?” Niall wondered. Harry and I both shook our heads no, “well part from you two having a bonding moment. We haven’t forgot what you two did,” Louis smiled.

“but in my defence. Niall did it right in front of me and I have only seen you and Liam naked in my whole life. I don’t count Harry since we were little,” I pleaded. Louis gave me a small nod, “and my defence is when I checked Louis out. It was before you Niall. I haven’t done it since,” Harry says. Niall laughed a little bit, “don’t need to lie to me hunny. I seen you doing it. As long as you don’t touch. I really don’t care, because I know your coming home to me,” Niall tells him. Harry hugged Niall before they started walking out of Louis room, “use the bathroom, so it be easier to clean up!” Louis shouted.

“will do!” Niall shouted back. Louis shut his bedroom door, “people be here in half an hour,” I say. Louis smirked as he nodded his head, “and Josh is here,” Louis tells me. I was about to walk out of the room, but Louis stopped me before I could even move. He pushed me against his draws, “don’t forget you need to be punished,” he smirked. I kissed his chin, “and I told you that you’re not get any until later. If you still want that deal,” I reminded him. Louis bit his bottom lip, “I want both and I will get both,” he tells me. I slowly got down to my knees, “if that’s what you want,” I say. I undid his jeans, “but you’re only getting my mouth,” I added. Louis smirked big at me, “and that's all I need babe,” he tells me.

After I gave Louis a head job in his wardrobe. We went down stairs to find everyone in the kitchen, “Josh,” I smiled as I hugged him. He hugged me back, “where Harry and Niall?” Josh questioned. I looked at Louis, “in the bathroom,” Louis smiled. Josh laughed a bit, “what did Niall do?” He questioned. Louis shook his head, “Harry the one in trouble,” Louis says. Josh raised an eyebrow at him, “oh really. I have never seen Niall’s naughty side,” Josh smirked.

We all sat in the lounge room talking as we waited for Harry and Niall. When they came down I saw pain in Harry’s face and a worried look on Niall’s face. They sat down with us and Niall grabbed Harry’s hand, “you alright?” Sophia asked Harry. Harry nodded his head, “I’m fantastic,” he smiled. We all nodded our heads, “well we better get this party started. People will be here in any minute,” Liam pointed out.

We all got up part from Harry and Niall to get the house ready. I lost Louis straight away when people started coming. I stayed with Josh and Gemma in the kitchen, “you’ll get your man soon,” Gemma reassured me. I shrugged my shoulders, “I got him for the night. Plus, I never party with you two,” I say. Josh smirked at me as Niall came into the kitchen, “shots Niall?” Josh asked him. Niall nodded his head, “hey Ni don’t worry about Harry. I have seen him do the same to you,” Gemma tells him. Niall nodded his head as Josh set up three shots each, “it’s just I never done it to him. I don’t like to see Harry in pain,” Niall admitted.

“just enjoy the rest of the night or you bring Harry down,” Josh tells him. Niall gave him a small nod, “so we have three shots each and the fastest one wins,” Josh explained to us. Niall and I straight away groaned, “that was a bad hangover,” Niall reminded me. I nodded my head as I remember Niall’s birthday party, “but you won,” I pointed out. Niall nodded his head, “well let’s do this,” Gemma says.

When we all had our three shots in front of Josh counted down from three. As he said go we all grabbed a shot and drank them one after each other, “done!” Niall and I shouted at the same time. We looked at each other before we hugged, “oh my god I won,” I smiled. We looked at Josh and Gemma, “what are you going to make us do?” Josh asked. I whispered in Niall’s ear, “we want you two to snog,” Niall smirked. Josh and Gemma were shocked before they looked at each other, “just don’t fall for me,” Gemma joked. Josh placed Gemma face between his hand before he kissed her. Niall took a picture of them kissing and sent it to our group. However, they were still kissing, “do we tell them to stop?” Niall whispered in my ear.

“I don’t know,” I whispered back. Josh picked Gemma up and put her on the kitchen counter. That made me and Niall quickly get out of there, “I’m not telling Harry that,” Niall say. I nodded my head, “tell me what?” we heard Harry question. Harry stood right next to us, so we just turned him to see Gemma and Josh making out, “how did the fuck did that happen?” Harry wondered. Niall and I both pointed at each other, “we won at shots and dared them to kiss, but we didn’t think this would happen. Why is this happening? I thought Josh liked that girl from Italy,” I rambled.

“maybe it was a cover up since I asked him if he liked Gem. He told me no, but I never believed him. I’ve seen they way they look at each other,” Harry tells me. I nodded my head, “well there’s my girlfriend, but what are you guy looking at?” Louis wondered as he stood next to me. He looked at Gemma and Josh, “wow I never saw that coming,” Louis whispered. I wrapped my arm around him, “it’s mine and Niall’s fault,” I say. Louis kissed the top of my head, “how is it yours and Niall’s fault?” Louis asked.

After explained to Louis we had a smoke outside without Harry and Niall, “so we never made a big thing about us getting back together,” Louis pointed out. I nodded my head, “but I really don't care. They probably think we got together to help our friends,” I say. Louis agreed with me, “plus I get to do this,” Louis smiled. He kissed me, “what was stopping you before?” I teased. Louis kissed my nose, “Niall and yes I’m sticking to that,” he smiled. I shook my head, “can’t blame him for everything,” I say.

“well Harry going to blame you and Niall for Gemma and Josh getting together,” Louis tells me. I nodded my head, “but he will get over it. Like he got over us,” I say. Louis nodded his head, “you really ran back to that bitch,” we heard Amy spat. We turned around to see her with her group, “well you can’t let love go,” Louis tells her. Amy rolled her eyes, “like you have a future with her. You will get board of the same thing over and over again,” Amy says. Louis started laughing, “I don’t think I ever will. The whole time we were apart I was thinking about her. You don’t know us and I would really like if you fuck off,” Louis smiled.

“why don’t you?” Amy snapped. Everyone started laughing, “because I live here and I really like for you to leave my house. Your making a fool of yourself,” Louis tells her. Amy stormed out of there, “when will that ever end?” I sighed. Louis wrapped his arm around me, “hopefully soon, but we know it’s when we finish school,” he replied.

After Amy left Louis and I went back inside and I lost Louis straight away. I found Perrie and Sophia dancing, so I went to join them. They were happy to see me, “you got away from Louis,” Sophia smiled. I nodded my head, “then let's party!” Perrie yelled. I could tell that Perrie was already drunk, “yes lets party,” I laughed. Perrie started grinding against me until Sophia moved me to the other side of her. Perrie didn’t look happy with her, so she left us. I looked at Sophia, “what is up with her?” I wondered. Sophia shrugged her shoulders, “she snapped at me when we first got here,” I started.

“yeah Liam told me about that. He thinks Perrie might be jealous of you and Lou. He also told me that Perrie not happy with Zayn since he hasn’t thought about marriage with her,” Sophia explained. I grabbed Sophia, so we could go somewhere more private.

We went to Louis’s room and sat on his lounge, “ok where were we? Oh has Perrie snapped at you?” I asked. Sophia nodded her head, “when we were in dance. Leeroy complemented me on getting a dance move, but told Perrie she need to work on it. Perrie got snappy at me,” Sophia replied. I remembered that, “what have we done?” I wondered. Louis’s bedroom door opened and in came Niall, “what are you girls doing in here? The party out there,” Niall questioned.

“talking. Come join us,” I smiled. Niall sat down between Sophia and I, “we have a question for you,” Sophia started. Niall looked back and forward between me and Sophia, “it’s about Perrie,” Sophia continued. Niall looked down, “you noticed it to,” Niall says. He looked at me, “I’m worried about her obsession with you Lil. I think she would leave Zayn if you gave her the chance. I just wonder why she doing this now,” Niall admitted.

“I don't want to sound like a bitch, but maybe she wants attention. Think about before me and Lil came along she was the only girl in the group,” Sophia explained. Niall and I thought for a second, “it makes sense. Her and Zayn were the only known couple and now we all have someone. She not special anymore,” Niall tells us. Sophia agreed with him, “I know I should feel bad since I’ve known her for a long-time, but she being a bitch about it. If she can’t be happy for her friends being happy. Then she needs to step back,” Niall added.

“anyway we should be getting back to the party,” I tell them. Niall shook his head, “I don’t want too,” he mumbled. I raised an eyebrow, “and why not?” I questioned. Niall crossed his arms, “people are looking at me funny,” he says. I grabbed his hands, “you listen here Niall James Horan. You go back out there and be happy. Don’t care about other people. Just care about you and what you want,” I tell him. Niall kissed my nose, “whoa Niall that’s my girlfriend,” I heard Louis say. We all looked at him standing at the door, “well when I walked in Lil and Soph were making out. I had to pull them apart,” Niall lied.

“you don’t pull them apart. You call me and Liam,” Louis smiled. Louis came over to us and pulled me up from the lounge. He sat down before pulling me onto his lap, “and I know that’s not true. Lilly Belle’s lip would be red and she would have blushed when you said it,” Louis pointed out. I kissed Louis cheek, “like I can make her blush right now,” Louis started. I looked at him to not say another word, “when you were fucking Harry. Lil was giving me a head job in my wardrobe,” Louis smirked. I tried not to blush, but I knew I was, “oh god your right,” Sophia teased.

“only a head job?” Niall questioned. Louis nodded his head, “well she made a deal with me that if I wait. I get to do anything to her,” Louis tells him. Niall smiled big, “careful Lil. His up for anything,” Niall warned me. Louis shook his head, “I’m not that sick,” Louis laughed a little bit. I got off of Louis lap, “well I’m going back to the party,” I tell them. Sophia got up, “yes I think we need shots,” she smiled. Louis bit his bottom lip, “maybe some body shots,” he says. I shook my head, “I think I’ve had my limits of drinks,” I tell him. Louis got up as Sophia pulled Niall out of the room, “it’s eleven. I want my cake in half an hour. Then I want people to be out of here before one,” Louis demanded.

“Why?” I wondered. Louis grabbed my hips, “because you wouldn’t believe what I got planed for us,” he replied. He kissed me lightly as I was trying to work out were this dominant side came from, “it’s alright. I’m not going to go all kinky on you with master and slave,” he reassured me. I kissed him lightly, “I might like that,” I flirted. Louis turned around, “piggy back?” he asked. I jumped on his back without any worry. I learnt with Louis that if I say no, because I was afraid of my weight he would just pick me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he grabbed my legs, “no protest?” he questioned. I shook my head, “you need the work out,” I teased. I kissed his neck before we left his room.

When we got downstairs everyone was still partying, “can we kick people out right now?” I whispered into his ear. Louis quickly nodded his head until he noticed something. I looked were he was looking and my eyes met with Ashton friends Michael, Luke and Calum. My grip on Louis got tighter, “hey babe don’t worry. I just think it’s them,” Louis reassured me. I loosen my grip, “how about we go say hi,” Louis tells me.

When we got close to them. I got off of Louis back, “before you say anything. Ashton not here,” Luke tells us. Louis nodded his head as he wrapped an arm around me, “we haven’t spoke to him after what he did to Lilly. Hell I decked him,” Michael says. Louis dug his fingers into me, “but we’re here to have a good time. Unless you want us to leave?” Luke wondered. Louis shook his head, “you guys can stay. Just no stripping off to nothing,” Louis says. Michael laughed, “I can’t make promises. Those shots were dangerous,” he smiled. I smiled back, “but is it true that Harry and Niall are together?” Calum wondered.

“they are. Do you have a problem with that?” I questioned. Calum and the others shook their heads, “just surprised that’s all,” Calum says. Luke quickly pulled Louis from me and walked down the hall, “can I ask what that’s about?” I asked. Michael smirked at me, “Luke got a message from May about coming tonight. That’s why we are really here. I also came, because I heard that you and Louis broke up. However, looks like your together again,” Michael admitted. I nodded my head trying not to make eye contact with him. Calum started laughing, “his alright Lilly. He knew he had no chance with you. You’re in love with Louis,” Calum smiled.

“guys,” I heard Harry say. He had Niall next to him as they looked around, “his not here,” I tell them. Harry nodded his head, “so what brings you here?” Harry asked. I looked where Louis and Luke went, “Luke came here for May and Michael came here for Lilly,” Calum tells them. Harry glared at Michael, “big brother step down. I know she still with Lou,” Michael reassured him. I shook my head, “Harry younger than me by about thirteen days,” I inform them. They started laughing, “so Harry is the little brother,” Calum teased.

“yes I am, but I am the big brother,” Harry tells them. I noticed Niall looking at Michael like he wanted to say something, “they know Niall,” I say. Niall looked down at the ground, “and buddy if your worried about the kiss on your birthday. Don’t be. I’m bi,” Michael reassured him. Niall smiled a little bit, “mine,” Harry playfully snapped as he wrapped both of his arms around Niall. Louis came back with Luke, “just the person I want to talk to,” Luke smiled. Harry and Niall were confused, “Niall I want to ask you if I could ask May out?” Luke wondered. Niall looked at Harry, “she still has her boyfriend, but go for it,” Niall smiled.

“thanks,” Luke smiled back. Luke ran off, “well I’m going to find a poor soul that go home with me,” Michael says. He walked off, “I’m going to make sure he doesn’t find one,” Calum tells us. I laughed at him as he followed Michael, “lets do the cake now,” Louis says. I nodded my head, “and I didn’t make it. We brought it,” I tell him. Louis pouted, “that’s not fair. Niall got a made one,” he pointed out. I kissed him, “I’ll make you one on you actually birthday,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he kissed me, “so does that mean your coming with me to mums?” he wondered. I nodded my head as I kissed him, “you know that’s the first time you asked me?” I asked.

“no. Really?” Louis questioned himself. I nodded my head, “well babe do you want to come to my mum’s with me for my birthday?” Louis asked me. I nodded my head, “I just need to be home, so I can spend Christmas with mum,” I tell him. Louis nodded his head as Niall was confused, “mum? You want to spend Christmas with that bitch,” Niall questioned. Harry acted offended, “my mum not a bitch,” Harry says. Niall was shocked, “when did you start calling Anne mum?” he wondered.

“In my head for a little bit, but the first time I’m going to say it to her is on Christmas,” I tell him. Niall smiled big, “I’m so glad that I’m going to be there,” he says. Harry kissed Niall’s cheek, “it’s going to be a great Christmas this year,” I whispered. Louis kissed the side of my head, “can we do cake now?” Louis asked. We all nodded our heads before walked to the kitchen.

After we got Louis cake we all stood in the dining room with the rest of the group. Harry and I stood on each side of Louis, “I want to thank everyone coming. I also want to thank my family which are these guys near me,” Louis started as he pointed to the others. They all smiled at him, “I want to thank Harry, because without him. I wouldn’t be here,” Louis continued. Harry hugged Louis tight, “but I got the best early birthday and Christmas present. I got my wonderful beautiful girlfriend back. Those weeks without her was torturer for the both of us. I love you and I will never leave you again,” Louis smiled. I kissed him as everyone clapped, “Happy birthday Lou!” Harry shouted. Louis blew his candles out as Harry and I looked at each other. At the same time, me and Harry pushed Louis head into the cake. Everyone laughed and I gave Harry a high five, “that’s not nice you two,” Niall tells us.

“we know,” I smiled. Louis looked at Harry before he looked at me. I saw a smirk come across his face, but before I could run. Louis grabbed me and rubbed his face all over mine. My whole face was covered in cake, “this brings back memories of whip cream,” I remembered. Louis smiled as he kissed me, “that was a good morning,” he says. Louis licked up the side of my face and I did the same to him, “fuck,” Louis swore. I knew Louis wished people weren’t here, so he could do naughty things to me, “better go clean up,” I smirked.

We went into the bathroom, “clean me up babe,” Louis smiled. I got a wash cloth, but Louis stopped me, “no with you tongue,” he smirked. I bit my bottom lip, “if I do. I know that you'll get hard and,” I started. Louis kissed me to stop, “I won’t get hard. I'm waiting until later," he tells me. Louis played with my hands, "I want to relive that morning," he whispered. I licked his nose and he smiled as he scrunched up his nose. Louis stopped me before continuing, "take turns," he says.

After we licked all the cake off each others faces. I was turned on, but Louis was already washing his face. I just stood there looking at him until he turned around to me. He smirked at me, "come here babe and let me get you cleaned up," he says. He pulled me closer, so our bodies touched. He slowly washed my face as he also took my makeup off. He was smiling as he was doing it, "all done," he tells me. He kissed me lightly, "lets finish this party, so we can have our own," he whispered on my lips.

We joined the party again to see people already leaving. I noticed Luke with his arm around May, “I hope he knows what his in for," Louis says. I nodded my head, "she good person. Just wants to go wild," I smiled. Louis agreed with me as we walked into the kitchen, "I hate to be mean, but I'm going to run off and do something for a little bit. I'll come and get you when I'm ready," he tells me. I gave him a small nod, "ready for what?" I wondered. Louis shook his head, "I hate when you do this to me," I whispered. Louis kissed me before he ran off to leave me there.

In about thirty minutes me and the others managed to get everyone out of the house. We all started cleaning up without Louis, "so where your boyfriend?" Gemma asked. I shrugged my shoulders, "he getting ready for something," I replied. Gemma smiled big at me, "I think I know what's he doing," she says. I sighed, "at least someone does," I mumbled. Gemma playfully pushed me, "you'll like it," she tells me.

Gemma and I kept cleaning for a bit together until Harry joined us, "I wanna talk to you Gem," Harry started. Gemma looked at him, "yes. Josh and I are together, but we only been together for a couple of weeks," Gemma tells him. I held back my smile, "why don't people tell me anything anymore?" Harry whispered. I put my hand on his shoulder, "because do you really want to know that where I had Louis dick?" I joked.

"fuck no!" Harry yelled. Gemma and I laughed at him, "this is why we don't tell you things," I pointed out. Harry smiled as he shook his head, "before I forget. Gem can I call Anne mum?" I asked her. Gemma nodded her head, "of course," she tells me. I hugged her, "thank you," I smiled. I felt a hand on my back, "so cleaning done," I heard Louis say. I turned around and jumped on him. Louis caught me, "ok I think someone missed me," Louis smiled.

"nah. I think she wants to know what you got planed," Gemma smirked. Louis laughed a little bit, "I don't need to know any of this," Harry says. He started walking away, "oh and thanks for your help Lou," Harry said sarcastically. Louis waved him off as he still had a hold of me, "have fun you two," Gemma tells us. Louis and I gave her a small nod, "so you ready?" Louis wondered. I nodded my head as I noticed Louis had a jacket on, "been ready since the bathroom," I tell him. Louis kissed my nose as he wrapped his jacket around me, "night everyone. No one in my room, my sister room or Troy's room. If I found anyone in them. I will hurt you," Louis tells them.
Louis carried me to his backyard all the way to his treehouse. I looked up to see there was light up there, "how much I love holding you. I don't think I got the skills to climb up the ladder while holding you," Louis says. I let my legs drop to the floor as Louis hands ran up my back, "so we're staying here?" I questioned. Louis nodded his head before he pushed me to the ladder, "just climb up and see what I have done," he tells me.

When I got to the top of the ladder with Louis close behind me. I looked into the treehouse to see it candles everywhere. Louis covered the floor in a mattress with blanket and pillows. I could hear and feel a heater going, "welcome back to my treehouse," Louis started. He started covering the windows and the door, "we will be staying the night," he continued. He finished covering the door before he stood in front of me, "what do you think?" He asked.

"it's very romantic," I smiled. I put my hands on his hips and Louis did the same, "I was going for that since everyone inside," Louis smiled. I kissed him, "I'm a lucky girl to get a man like you,” I whispered. Louis kiss my forehead, “I'm the lucky one,” he whispered back. I ran my hands up his chest to around his neck, “so what are we going to tonight?” I wondered. Louis kissed me, “anything that I want,” he reminded me. I played with my bottom lip with my teeth, “you wish you never said that now?” Louis questioned.

“no. I trust you,” I tell him. Louis moved his hands under my top and I pulled back since his hands were cold, “what’s wrong?” he asked. He looked worried, “your hands are cold,” I smiled. Louis rubbed his hands together to get them warm. He smiled at me as he put them back under my top. I didn’t pull away this time, “better,” I teased. Louis kissed my nose before he pushed me down onto the mattress. He hovered over me, “relax babe,” he smirked. He kissed me, “lets just get warmed up first,” he added. He ran a hand down my thigh, “I think I'm going to start with undressing you,” he says. He moved down to my feet and took my shoes and socks off. He ran his hands up my legs to my hips. He moved his hands, so he could undo my jeans. He pulled them off leaving me in my top and knickers. Louis ran his hands up and down my thighs, “not cold?” he wondered.

“no,” I whispered. Louis pushed my top up and kissed all over my stomach. I sat up, so he could take my top off. I grabbed the bottom of his top, “I let you have the top,” he smiled. He took his jacket off and I pulled his top off. I ran my hands down his chest all the way to his hips. Louis grabbed my hands, “lay back,” he tells me. I laid back down as Louis took his shoes and socks off. He laid right next to me on his side. He ran his fingers over my stomach, “I don’t know what I want to do with you,” he says.

“anything you want,” I tell him. Louis kissed my shoulders, “even if I want to tie you up?” he questioned. I nodded my head, “what if I wanted to fuck you hard and rough?” he wondered. I nodded my head again, “I said anything baby,” I reminded him. Louis moved away from me to grab something. He smirked as he held some rope up, “now are you hundred percent sure?” he asked. I felt butterflies in my stomach, “I’m sure,” I smiled. Louis straddled my waist, “bra off first,” he says. He pulled me up to take off my bra, but before I could kiss him. Louis pushed me back down, “remember I’m in charge,” he smirked.

“oh this is going to be fun,” I whispered. Louis tied my hands together before tying the rest of the rope to the treehouse. My hands were above my head and I couldn’t move them. Louis ran his hands down my chest, “if you beg too much. I will gag you,” he warned me. I nodded my head, “what you going to do to me?” I wondered. One of Louis fingers outlined my breast, “I know, but I’m not telling you,” he smiled.

“I hate when you do this,” I mumbled. Louis moved his finger to my nipple and went around in circles around it. I squeezed my thighs together as Louis kept going. He kissed me before he moved down. He kissed all over the top my chest and I really want to run my hands through his hair. He moved my legs apart before kneeling between them. Louis ran his hands up my thighs to all the way to under my breasts. He grabbed them gently, “always so soft,” he whispered. He leant over me to put one of my nipples in his mouth. He sucked on my nipple really hard and I couldn't help but bend my legs around him. I just hated that he still had his jeans on, “please take your jeans off,” I begged.

“Nope,” Louis smiled against me. I tried to grab him, but the rope stopped me, “oh babe. It be alright,” Louis teased. He sucked on my other nipple and arched my back. Louis pushed me back down, “it's like I've never touched you,” Louis says. His fingers played with my nipple, “it feels like I've never touched you,” I whispered. Louis kissed me, “maybe soon,” he smirked. Louis kissed from my chin to the tops of my knickers. He slowly pulled my knickers down and off, “now hold still,” he tells me.

“I can't help it,” I whined. Louis kissed each of my hips as he ran his fingers down the front of me. His fingers played between my legs as he watched me. I bit my lip, “relax babe,” Louis cooed. He kissed down my stomach until he replaced his fingers with his tongue. He ran his his tongue up and down between my legs before he started sucking on my button. I moved my hips until Louis grabbed them to keep me still. He kept going and I could feel his finger play with my entrance. He slowly put his finger inside me before moving it around. I moaned at the pleasure he was giving me. He removed his finger from me, but put replaced them with two. He moved them in and out of me slowly, “baby faster,” I groaned.

“But that's not what I want,” he smiled as he looked at me. He moved his fingers even slower and I pulled on the rope to grab him, but couldn't. Louis laugh to himself a little bit, “your evil,” I mumbled. Louis started moving his fingers fast as his other hand played with my button. Louis watched me as I came undone by his fingers. He kept going as I was riding my high.

After a little bit Louis stopped and sucked on his fingers, “one,” he whispered. Louis took his jeans off with his boxers. He kneeled between my legs before he rubbed his member up and down me between my legs. Louis smirked at me as I pulled on the rope, “this must be more painful for you than me. I bet you miss me touching you,” I smirked back.

“I do, but that's something I can live with,” he teased. Louis leaned over and grabbed a condom. He slowly put it on himself and I couldn't help but watch him. Louis ran his hands up my thighs to my hips. I felt his member at my entrance, “this is going to be interesting,” he says. He pulled my hips closer as his member entered me. We both moaned until he started moving in and out of me. His pace wasn't slow, but it wasn't fast. It was hard and hitting the right spot, “fuck,” I puffed.

“I'm guessing you like this babe,” Louis groaned. I nodded my head as I felt myself already about to cum again. I knew Louis knew since he hit the spot harder. He did it a couple more times until I came around him. He stopped as he watched me ride out my high, “two,” he smiled. I didn't know why he was counting how many times that I've came already.

Louis made cum two more times, but he looked like he couldn't take anymore himself. He was getting harder and faster, “baby I don't know if I can take anymore,” I tell him. Louis gave me a small nod, “next time together,” he groaned. I nodded my head as Louis kept going. My whole body felt numb, but I could already feel myself about to cum again. Louis fingers played with my button and I came with him.

After Louis pulled out of me he removed the rope from my wrist. He threw the condom into a bin before laying down next to me. I rubbed my wrists, “let me have a look babe,” Louis says. He took my wrists into his hands and kissed them. He ran his fingers over the marks the rope gave me, “pulled too much,” he smirked. I rolled onto my side to look at him, “I did,” I started. Louis wrapped an arm around me, “I just wanted to feel you underneath my fingertips,” I admitted.

“I missed you scratching me,” Louis says. I kissed him as I ran my fingers down his chest, “you’re the one that tied me up,” I pointed out. Louis kissed my forehead, “I know and it was worth it,” he smiled. I placed my head on his chest, “yes it was,” I whispered. I closed my eyes, “don't fall asleep yet babe. I need to blow out the candles, so we don't start a fire. You also need to get into bed properly,” Louis tells me.

“But I'm comfy,” I whined. Louis rolled me over before he got out of bed. He threw me my knickers and his top, “get dressed,” he tells me. I slowly got dressed as he put his boxers on and blew out most of the candles. I got under the blankets as he moved a candle near us, “great party,” Louis says. He got under the blankets with me, “great private party,” I smiled. Louis pulled me close to him, “that it was,” he smiled back.

“Just have one question for you,” I started. Louis gave me a small nod for me to continue, “why did you make me cum five times? I thought that you'll make it all about you,” I wondered. Louis kissed me lightly, “it was. I like to see you cum. You make the most beautiful amazing face and I love seeing it,” he tells me. I hid my face under his chin since I knew that I was blushing, “and your hiding another face that I like to see,” he teased.

“Shut up,” I mumbled. I felt Louis shook his head, “what so bad that I think my girlfriend is beautiful all the time?” Louis questioned. I looked at him, “because I'm not used it still,” I reminded him. Louis kissed me, “I know, but one day you'll give in,” he smiled. Louis wrapped his arms around me tight as I closed my eyes. Louis kissed the top of my head, “goodnight master,” I smirked. Louis laughed a little bit, “goodnight my slave,” he says.


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