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Chapter 15 – Old Faces

A couple of days have past since Louis asked me to marry him. I still haven’t got it in my head that I kinda said yes to him. I still can’t believe that he asked me and when I thought that he was the type not to get married. He hasn’t brought it back up since I told him that his got to ask, Harry and the others first. Harry also forgot to have that talk with me. I’m happy that he hasn’t said anything since I don’t know what would have happened.

We were in football practice training for our first game on Saturday against my old school. Sophia and I were trying to come up with a game plan that we could try on Friday’s practice. Everyone else was playing a quick game of football. May was there, but didn’t talk to us. Louis and Niall where also making a game plan for this Saturday. They kept asking me questions about my old school and all I kept saying that things have changed. Louis made a joke that it because they don’t have me anymore. I really don’t know how my old school is going to play. We came third last year and that’s all thanks to our seniors.

After practice was finished Louis told me that him and Harry were going out for a little bit. I will admit that I was a bit worried that Louis would ask Harry for his permission to marry me. I know it is what I asked Louis to do before he asked me again. I just thought that I might have more time to think about it. I was also hoping that Louis would think about what he asked me. It’s a big commitment for the both of us. Louis is the first person that I love and it scares me.

Niall took me home after we picked Theo up from day-care. When we got in and got Theo settled. Niall decided to watch some TV in the lounge room, “make yourself at home,” I joked. I sat down next to him, “well it is kinda my home. Most of my stuff here and so is Theo’s,” Niall tells me. I was surprised, “I didn’t know you were moving in,” I pointed out. Niall smiled big at me, “slowly,” he says. He looked like he wanted to tell me something, “why slowly?” I wondered.

“So my dad doesn’t freak out,” he replied. Niall looked down at Theo, “his mine Lilly. Greg left last week,” Niall admitted. Niall was smiling from ear to ear, “Greg left him to me. He thinks that Theo going to stop me from having a life. I have a life thanks to Theo,” Niall continued. I hugged him, “I just have one slight problem tho. Greg says only one other person can sign the paper and that person is you Lilly. I’m going to fight for it. I want Harry on that piece of paper and no one else,” he finished. I nodded my head, “so no matter what Theo is yours now?” I questioned. Niall nodded his head, “but you want Harry to be his father as well?” I added.

“Yes. Harry really wants to be his father as well. He sees a life with me and Theo,” Niall tells me. I played with my fingers, “why don’t you two get married?” I wondered. Niall played with his lips as he thought about something, “never thought of that. We always talked about raising Theo together, but never talked about marriage. Maybe Harry don’t believe in it,” Niall says. Niall was still thinking, “do you want to get married?” I asked him. Niall shrugged his shoulders, “I think I do, but now I think Harry don’t,” he mumbled.

“Don’t you think you’re to young?” I questioned. I know I was trying to find out what Niall thought about marriage, “when you love somebody and want to spend the rest of your life together. I don’t think age comes into it. If your thinking about marriage. I think your already in too deep. You see a life with that person forever and your scared to lose them,” Niall confessed. I nodded my head, “everyone scared to lose somebody, but it doesn’t mean love,” I tell him.

“No it doesn’t, but that somebody that always in your mind. The one that you just want to be next to all the time. The one that makes you feel safe. Now that’s a person you want to spend the rest of your life with,” Niall smiled. I smiled back, “so if you and Harry get married. Whose last name you going to use?” I asked. Niall pulled me closer to him as he wrapped an arm around me, “I don’t know. Maybe we’ll keep both. Styles-Horan. No Horan-Styles,” Niall tells me. I laughed a little bit, “I actually like Horan-Styles,” I smiled. I placed my head on his shoulder, “I like Lilly Camellia Tomlinson,” Niall says. I moved quickly away from him, “you know?” I questioned.

“Know what?” Niall asked back. Niall moved in closer to me, “are you and Louis getting married?” he wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “he asked me when we got home after the party. I haven’t given him a proper answer yet. I told him that his got to ask Harry, Marcel, Josh and Anne first,” I admitted. Niall was shocked, “how did he propose?” Niall questioned. I looked down, “um in the bath,” I replied. Niall gave me a small nod, “where you having sex?” he wondered. I shook my head, “we were talking,” I say.

“Do you want too?” Niall asked. I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t want to lose him and I do see a future with him. It just I’m worried that were too young and we’re not thinking,” I admitted. Niall hugged me, “you know there’s a thing called a long engagement? Truth be told an engagement ring is like a promise ring, but much bigger meaning to it,” he started. I looked at him, “I don’t think Louis wants to get married in a couple of months. I think he wants to get married to you, because he really does love you. I think he wants you to promise that you will be together forever. I know it scary to think that someone cares for you that much, but it’s the truth. Say yes if that’s what you want, but don’t let other people tell you differently. It’s your life and I’ll support you no matter what,” Niall tells me.

“Thank you Niall,” I smiled. I hugged him tight, “no princess thank you. I don’t think I could have done half the shit I have done without you,” he whispered. I kissed the side of his head, “Flower I’m home,” we heard Marcel say. He came into the lounge room and looked straight at me and Niall. We both smiled at him as Niall kept an arm around me, “hey. How was school?” I asked. Marcel shrugged his shoulders, “the same as normal,” he says. He kept looking at Niall, “where’s Harry and Louis?” Marcel wondered. Marcel finally looked at me, “gone out with each other,” Niall tells him. Marcel nodded his head, “well I’m going to my room,” he mumbled. He ran off, “his going to have to get used to me. I live here,” Niall says. I nodded my head, “you start dinner,” I tell Niall. I stood up, “what do you want me to do?” he asked.

After I told Niall what to do I went to see Marcel in his room. I knocked on the door until he said I could come in. When I walked in Marcel was sitting at his desk, “hey. Can I talk to you?” I questioned. Marcel nodded his head, so I sat down on his bed. He turned around on his chair, “what did you want to talk about?” he asked. I played with my fingers, “Niall,” I replied. Marcel sighed, “why don’t you like him? Harry loves him,” I wondered.

“Harry don’t love him. Harry just wants somebody to hold at night,” Marcel snapped. I shook my head, “Harry loves him Marcel and it’s about time you accept that. They want to raise Theo together and I don’t think anyone can stop them,” I tell him. Marcel shook his head, “that’s Niall problem not Harry’s. I can’t believe Harry that stupid to do it. Does Harry know what this would do to the business? What is he thinking to give it all away for a boy? A boy that is so poor,” Marcel says. I slapped Marcel across the face after I stood up, “don’t you fucken dare talk about Niall like that. If you forget that I never really had any money. You’ll never know the feeling of hunger or shame, because you couldn’t go out. Maybe you should look at the bigger picture Marcel,” I argued.

“I never accept him. I don’t want too,” Marcel tells me. I stopped myself from hitting again, “well you better his living here,” I say. Marcel stood up, “you better be fucken lying to me Lilly!” he yelled. I shook my head no as I smiled, “I’m not, so get over it,” I tell him. Marcel pushed me back onto the bed, “I don’t like liars Lilly,” Marcel smirked. I felt uneasy now, “I’m not lying,” I whispered. I felt his fist come in contact with the side of my mouth and I screamed for Niall. Marcel punched me in the side of my stomach. I screamed out for Niall again, “stop screaming for him!” Marcel shouted. Before Marcel could hit me again Niall pulled him off of me. Niall started hitting him and it didn’t look like he was going to stop, “Niall stop!” I screamed.

“No! He fucken hit you!” Niall yelled. I got off the bed and quickly went over to Niall and Marcel. I tried to pull Niall off, but I couldn’t. He just kept going, “Niall please,” I cried. I used all my strength to push Niall off of Marcel. When I got him onto his back I straddle his waist as I pin his hands next to his head. Niall tried to get me off, “please princess,” Niall begged. I shook my head, “calm down Niall,” I say. I heard the front door open, “hunny I’m home,” I heard Harry says.

“Harry!” I screamed. I heard multiple footsteps come running up the stairs until I heard them stop near me. I looked up to see Harry and Louis, “what’s going on?” Louis snapped. They looked at Marcel on the floor not moving, “Marcel fucken hit her,” Niall spat. I saw rage come across Louis face, so I quickly got off of Niall. I grabbed Louis before he could do anything. Harry looked over Marcel and Niall grabbed Harry, “you don’t want to do that,” Niall tells him.

“I think I do Niall,” Harry whispered. Louis made me look at him and he wiped his thumb across my lip. I pulled back since it hurt, “I’m going to kill him,” Louis mumbled. I shook my head, “just get out of here,” I ordered. Louis shook his head this time, “I’m not leaving you in here with him,” Louis tells me. I pushed Louis out of the room, “you too Niall,” I added. Niall gave me a small nod before walking out. I looked at Harry, “what happened?” Harry questioned.

“I was talking with him about Niall and him moving in. He doesn’t believe me that you love Niall and he said that your stupid. Then he kept saying that I was lying and I kept tell him I’m not. That’s when he started hitting me,” I explained. Harry looked over Marcel, “is he alright?” I asked. Harry nodded his head, “just knocked out. I should take him to the hospital and leave him there,” Harry says. I moved in closer to Harry, so I could look at Marcel. His face was covered in blood, “Harry I don’t want Niall to get in trouble,” I admitted. Harry wrapped an arm around me, “he won’t,” Harry reassured me.

I left Harry to deal with Marcel and went down the stairs to find the boys in the kitchen. Niall was washing his hand as Louis held Theo, “you alright?” Louis asked me. I shrugged my shoulders as I felt tears in my eyes. Louis quickly came over to me and hugged me tight with one of his arms, “it’s alright now,” he cooed. I cried into Louis chest after Niall took Theo off of him. Louis wrapped both of his arms around me tight. He rubbed my back as his kissed the top of my head, “I don’t want to stay here tonight,” I mumbled into Louis chest.

“you can stay at mine. So can Niall and Theo,” Louis tells me. I nodded my head, “thanks,” I whispered. I stepped back from Louis to see Niall looking at Theo, “I’m sorry,” I apologized to Niall. He looked at me, “don’t you dare be sorry for that fuckhead hitting you. And don’t be sorry that I hit him back. You don’t deserve this. You just looking out for me,” Niall tells me. I could see tears in his eyes, “no one has ever done that for me,” he whispered. Louis held his arms open for him, “I’m alright,” Niall says. Louis pushed me to him, so I would hug him. I hugged him and Theo tight and Niall cried into my shoulder. I rubbed his back, “thank you,” Niall says. I kissed the side of his head, “it’s ok,” I whispered.

“is it? I feel so much hate towards him. That I want to kill him,” Niall admitted. Louis hugged us, “don’t you think I feel the same? I thought this was a place that I could leave Lilly here and she would be safe. But it’s not,” Louis tells him. Louis kissed the top of my head before he also kissed the top of Niall’s head. Niall moved back, “Louis it’s different when Lil kisses me since I don’t like girls. But you kissing me is another thing. I might end up with a crush on you,” Niall joked. I knew he was just trying to cheer us up, “but you’re my little Ni,” Louis pouted.

“I think I’m taller than you now and I know that I’m older than you,” Niall teased. Louis stood on his tippy toes, “nah I’m taller,” he says. I pushed him down as I noticed Harry in the kitchen doorway. He didn’t look happy, “I’m taking Marcel to the hospital,” Harry tells us. I also noticed that Harry’s hands were covered in blood, “Harry what did you do?” I questioned. Harry looked at his hands as he brought them closer to his face, “I didn’t hit him. I just grabbed him,” Harry replied. Harry walked over to the kitchen sink, “Harry we’re not staying here tonight,” Niall tells him.

“why not?” Harry wondered. Niall looked at Louis, “they don’t want to stay here Harry,” Louis tells him. Harry threw the glass that was on the kitchen side. It smashed onto the floor, “his not saying. I’m dropping him off at the hospital and dad can deal with him,” Harry snapped. Harry was breathing heavy, “please don’t leave. I don’t want to be alone tonight and I can’t leave mum. I still have to tell her,” Harry begged. I hugged Harry and he straight away hugged me back, “ok we’ll stay,” I reassured him. Harry kissed the top of my head, “I’m so sorry Flower,” Harry cried.

“it’s ok,” I cooed. I rubbed his back, “it’s not Flower. Marcel hit you when you were defending Niall. I didn’t know that he hated him so much. I can’t believe that he thinks Niall ruin my life. Niall gave me a reason to live, to be happy and to be in love. I don’t ever want to lose that,” he confessed. I looked at Niall and he had tears coming down his face, “I want to marry him Flower,” Harry whispered in my ear. I was shocked, “I better get Marcel to the hospital,” Harry says. I stepped back from him, “do you need to go?” Harry asked me. I shook my head, “can you show me?” he added. I lifted up my top to show him where Marcel hit me. Harry touched it and I pulled back. Louis quickly was by my side to look at it. I didn’t want to look at it, “babe that actually bad,” Louis tells me.

“I don’t care. I don’t want to look,” I admitted. Harry and Louis looked at each other, “babe you should actually look,” Louis says. I shook my head, “if I don’t see it. It’s not real,” I whispered. Louis kissed the side of my head, “have a look babe please,” Louis begged. I took a deep breath before I looked down. There was already a bruise forming as the shape as Marcel fist. I quickly put my top down, “I’m fine,” I tell them.

“Flower just come with me,” Harry says. I shook my head, “I don’t want to be anywhere near him,” I confessed. Harry looked at Louis, “babe just go with Harry. He won’t let anything to happen to you,” Louis reassured me. Louis placed his hand on my back, “please just go get checked out. I need to stay here with Niall,” Louis tells me. I nodded my head before I hugged him, “please look after him. I don’t want him to do anything stupid,” I whispered in Louis ear. Louis kissed my forehead, “I will,” he promised.

When we got to the hospital Harry carried Marcel in and I followed behind him. A nurse came straight out to us, “what happened to him?” the nurse asked. Another nurse brought a gurney and Harry put him on there, “I hit him. He hit our sister,” Harry tells the nurse. The nurse looked at me, “I would also like her checked out,” Harry added. The nurse gave him a small nod before telling us to sit down in the waiting area.

I sat next to Harry not saying a word. The last time I was in this hospital was with Louis when he took the drugs. I played with my fingers as I remembered the night. Harry grabbed my hand, “you remember too much,” Harry says. I looked at him, “your remembering the night Louis was in here. Flower you need to let go of the past sometimes,” he added. I nodded my head as a nurse came over to us. She handed me forms to fill in, but Harry took them off me. He started to fill them in for me, “why you doing that?” I asked. Harry looked at me, “because do you know the house address or phone number?” he questioned. I shook my head, “that’s why I’m filling the forms in,” he smiled. I leant my head on to his shoulders as he kept filling in the form.

After a while Harry handed me the forms, “you need to fill in the rest,” he mumbled. I looked over the last page of the form. It was all about sex and when was my last period. I started to think when my last period was, but all I could think of was the one before Louis took me away. I was a week over due, “Flower what’s wrong?” Harry asked. I shook my head, “nothing,” I lied. I filled in the rest of the form quickly. Harry handed it up the nurse for me before he sat back down next to me. He played with his fingers, “do we need to talk about that you’re a week over due?” Harry questioned.

“girls miss all the time,” I say. Harry leant forward, “yeah, but you had sex. So it all changes,” Harry tells me. I started to think about all the times that me and Louis had sex. I remember him wearing a condom every time, “I can’t be. Louis wore a condom every time,” I tell Harry. He laughed a little bit, “could have broken. Condoms are only ninety-eight percent effective,” Harry pointed out. I shook my head, “Louis would have said something if it did. I’m not pregnant Harry,” I tell him. The nurse came over with a small medical jar, “well we about to find out,” Harry whispered.

After I came back from peeing in the small jar and gave it to the nurse. I sat back down next to Harry, “lets not talk about it. Let’s talk about you marrying Niall,” I tell him before he could say anything. Harry looked down at the ground, “well I have been thinking. When I saw a life with Niall I never thought about marriage. I just always thought that be together forever. Then I got thinking about Theo in our little family. Niall was talking about putting my last name with his. So Theo would be Theodore Louis Horan-Styles. Then I like the sound of it with my name,” he smiled. I poked his nose and it made him laugh a little bit, “Theodore Louis Horan-Styles?” I questioned.

“yep. If Theo was a girl it was going to be your name,” he tells me. I kissed his cheek, “I’m not suppose to tell you yet, but Theo Niall’s now,” Harry say. I laughed a little bit, “Niall told me tonight,” I smiled. Harry smiled as he sighed, “so you said yes to becoming Theo god parent?” Harry asked. I was shocked as shook my head, “well um would you like to be Theo god parent?” Harry wondered. I nodded my head as I hugged him. Harry hugged me back, “I’m glad, because you were both Niall and I first choice,” he tells me.

“who the other one?” I questioned. I felt Harry smile bigger, “did you really just asked that? It’s Louis of course,” Harry laughed. I pushed him away, “I had to double check,” I pouted, but stopped since it was hurting. Harry noticed, “I’m fine,” I reassured him. Harry looked behind me, “dad,” Harry shouted a little bit. Harry’s dad was still the same as I remember him, “what happened Harry?” he asked when he stood in front of us. He looked at me, “Marcel hit Flower,” Harry tells him. Harry stood up, “so it’s true that your back. Where’s your dad?” he questioned. I knew he never liked me, because of my father, “dead,” I replied.

“dad that’s enough of that shit. Marcel hit her and I hit him back. I don’t want him to live with us,” Harry snapped. Mr Styles looked pissed at him, “us?” he wondered. Harry nodded his head, “Flower lives with us, so does my boyfriend and our son,” Harry tells him. I could tell the both of them were getting mad, “Harry your seventeen. You can’t have a child and you don’t know the first thing about love. Give it a couple of years and he won’t even know your name,” Mr Styles argued. I stood up to grab Harry before he did something stupid, “just get out of my sight. Go see the other screw up,” Harry says. Mr Styles walked away from us, “sorry about that,” Harry apologized.

“it’s ok. I’m used to that shit,” I reassured him. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist as Mr Styles looked at us. We sat back down as soon as he left, “that why I hate seeing him,” Harry whispered. I rubbed his back, “his always questioning my choices in life. I don’t want to be Marcel and work for the family business. I want to be a history teacher and live with Niall and Theo. According to him I think like a girl in love. I don’t care if that how he sees me. I just want to be happy doing what I want,” Harry confessed. I hugged him tight, “can we just go home?” I asked.

“no we still need to get you checked out. And I’m definitely not leaving until we know if your pregnant or not,” Harry tells me. I sighed, “what if I am?” I wondered. Harry looked straight at me, “I really don’t want to think about that right now, but Louis would probably be hospital,” Harry says. I shook my head, “I don’t want to be a single parent,” I tell him. Harry laughed a little bit, “I was only going to hurt him, but truth be told Flower. I don’t know what I would think. I really can’t tell you that your too young to have a family. Look at me I have a baby and I want to marry Niall,” Harry started. Harry got a little black box out of his pocket, “this is what me and Louis did tonight,” he continued. He opened the box to show me a white gold band with a small diamond in the middle, “if it was up to me. I would have gotten him a bigger diamond, but I know he wouldn’t like that,” he finished.

“so when you going to proposed?” I asked. Harry shrugged his shoulders, “Niall still not ready to come out yet,” he says. Harry put the ring away, “you know Ni thinks that you don’t believe in marriage?” I questioned. Harry was surprised, “he wants to talk to you about it. He wants to marry you, so I would be quick in asking him. You don’t need to tell the world that your getting married. As long as you both know the promise that you share. No one else should matter,” I tell him. Harry nodded his head, “I’m going out for a smoke and no you can’t have one,” Harry teased. I raised an eyebrow at him, “I don’t want you hurting the baby,” he smiled.

When Harry was gone I called Louis, “hey. Is everything alright?” Louis asked as soon he answered. I played with my top, “how’s Niall?” I asked to change the subject. I heard Louis moving around, “his fine. His in the shower right now,” Louis replied. I put my hand between my knees, so I would stop fidgeting, “Louis did the condom break?” I questioned. Louis dropped the phone before he quickly picked it up, “no. Well um maybe the first time we did it. I’m not hundred percent sure, but when I took the condom. I had um blood on me. I just thought that maybe I put it there when I took the condom off,” Louis rambled. I leant on my elbows on my knees as I hid my face in my hand, “babe are you pregnant?” Louis wondered.

“I don’t know. I’m a week late,” I sighed. I felt sick, “babe calm down,” Louis say. I heard Louis say ow, “Harry told me to do that,” I heard Niall say. I looked up to see Harry standing there, “Louis?” he whispered. I nodded my head, “babe do you want me to come to the hospital?” Louis asked. Harry sat down next to me, “no,” I replied. Harry rubbed my back, “I have to go,” I tell Louis. We said goodbye and I love you before I hung up on him. I looked at Harry, “what did he say?” Harry wondered.

I told Harry everything Louis just told me and he just sat there. I was still feeling sick, “so you could be pregnant,” Harry mumbled. I nodded my head, “Miss Underwood,” a nurse called me. Harry and I stood up and followed her to cubical. The nurse told me to change into a gown and sit on the bed. Harry stood outside as I changed. I told Harry he could come back in when I was sitting on the bed. I held the back of my gown, so Harry wouldn’t see my knickers. I felt really naked since the back was open and I had to take off my bra. Harry noticed what I was doing before he got another gown for me. Harry helped me put it on, so it would cover my back. He sat down on the chair in the room, “should we call mum?” Harry asked.

“I don’t know. I think we need her here,” I say. Harry nodded his head, “good, because I called her and she coming,” Harry smiled. I smiled as I shook my head, “are we going to tell her about the possible baby?” I wondered. Harry played with his fingers, “you already have,” I whispered. Harry nodded his head, “I thought that it be easier for her to come here since we got to tell her about Marcel. I didn’t want to tell her about Marcel over the phone, so I told her that you might be pregnant,” Harry explained. I nodded my head, “I understand,” I say. I played with my fingers, “she should be here soon. Work not that far from here,” Harry tells me.

“Harry if I am pregnant will this affect me staying with you?” I asked. Harry shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t think they’ll make you move back to your mother’s. I think you might have the choice to stay with us or move in with Louis. His eighteen next month,” Harry replied. I nodded my head, “I don’t like waiting,” I sighed. Harry laughed a little bit as Anne walked in. She looked straight at me, “what is this about you being pregnant?” she questioned. I looked at her, “oh my god what happened to your face?” she added. She quickly came over to me to have a closer look at my face, “I need answers you two,” she snapped. Harry started explaining what happened tonight.

When he was done Anne was crying, “I’m so sorry Lilly,” she cried. She hugged me tight, “if his hurt my grandchild. I will hurt him,” Anne whispered. Harry and I were shocked, “but we don’t even know if I am,” I reminded them. Anne stepped back, “that’s true,” she says. She sat down next to me, “so where is Louis?” she wondered. As I was about to answer her Louis walked in, “you better walk straight back out,” Harry warned him. Niall and Theo walked in as well and Niall handed Harry Theo, “now your safe Lou,” Niall smiled. Louis stood in front of me before Harry kicked him in the thigh, “Harry would you stop that,” Niall tells him.

“I just had to get one in,” Harry whispered. Louis looked at me again, “before you say anything. We still don’t know anything. I haven’t even been checked out,” I tell Louis. He kissed me, “keep it in your pants,” Harry mumbled. Niall hit him in the back head, “seriously if you were a girl. We would be on our second child by now,” Niall says. Louis and I both started thinking, “you two been fooling around for a year?” I asked. Niall nodded his head, “we hooked up the day before Louis birthday last year,” Niall smiled. I smiled big as I remember Niall telling me how it happened, “should you kids be talking about this in front of me?” Anne asked.

“sorry,” Niall apologized. A nurse came in, “is there an Anne Cox?” the nurse asked. Anne got off the bed, “yes that’s me,” she says. The nurse asked her to follow her and Anne went with her, “that must be about Marcel,” Harry sighed. Harry handed Niall Theo, “I’ll be back,” Harry tells us. Niall handed Louis Theo, “going out for smoke,” Niall informed us. He started walking out, “oh take looking after Theo practice,” Niall smiled. He left, “do you want to talk about it?” Louis wondered. I shook my head, “there is nothing to talk about. We don’t know anything,” I replied.

“I know,” Louis whispered. He poked Theo nose, “it’s not your fault,” I reassured him. Louis looked at me, “are your serious? Lilly you could be pregnant since I didn’t tell you that the condom broke,” Louis argued. I looked down, “you didn’t know,” I say. Theo started crying and Louis tried to calm him down, “I should have looked better,” Louis whispered. Louis stopped Theo crying, “can we not talk about it until we know?” I asked. Louis nodded his head, “I want him arrested!” we heard a man yell. Louis and I went to check to see who it was. It was Anne, Harry and Mr Styles, “you want your own son arrested defending Lilly!” Anne yelled back.

“I don’t want Harry arrested! I want his boyfriend arrested!” Mr Styles shouted. I knew Marcel told them it was Niall, “it wasn’t him. It was me. I was defending my sister,” Harry argued. I walked over to them before Louis could stop me, “Flower stay back,” Harry ordered. Mr Styles looked at me, “she is just like her father. A home wrecker,” Mr Styles spat at me. Harry pushed him, “don’t you fucken dare talk to her like that,” Harry snapped. Louis managed to pull me back as he still held onto Theo, “and she fucking another one of those punk fuckhead’s,” Mr Styles says.

“let me go Louis,” I demanded. Louis pulled me close him, “babe calm down,” Louis cooed. I felt sick and this time I don’t think I could keep it down, “Lou let me go. I’m going to be sick,” I tell him. Harry quickly took Theo off of Louis as I found a bin to throw up in. Louis held my hair as I kept being sick. He rubbed my back as it stopped, “come on let’s get you into bed,” Louis says.

“in minute please,” I mumbled. Louis picked me up bridal style, “it be ok babe,” he whispered. Louis kissed my forehead as he took me to my cubical. He put me down on the bed, “I get you some water,” Louis tells me. He got me a cup full of water and gave it to me. I drank some of it, “bit more babe,” Louis says. I looked at him, “baby I’m alright now. I feel much better,” I reassured. Louis kissed my forehead, “please just a bit more for me,” he begged. I drank a bit more of the water, “happy?” I questioned. Louis kissed me as he nodded his head, “I need to be out there,” I say.

“no you don’t. Please babe just think about yourself for once,” Louis tells me. I pulled my knees to my chest, “but it's all my fault. If I didn't talk to Marcel about Niall we wouldn't have been here,” I say. Louis rubbed my back, “hunny I hate to say this, but I'm glad you stood up for Niall. What if you did when no one was home? I fear that you would be much worse,” Louis admitted. He kissed my forehead as Anne and Harry came back in. They stood by my bed, “how you feeling?” Anne asked.

“Little bit better,” I replied. Harry was poking Theo nose, “don't worry about what happened it all sorted,” Anne reassured me. Niall came back in, “what happened?” He wondered. Harry straight away hugged him, “ok something happened,” Niall says. Harry and him left to talk, “can I just go home now? I want to go to bed,” I whined. Anne kissed my forehead, “soon,” Anne cooed. Louis rubbed my back as I leant into him.

Harry and Niall came back after a little bit with Theo in his pram asleep, “how long does it fucken take for a doctor?” Louis asked. I knew he was getting annoyed, “for some fucken reason too long,” Harry says. Niall looked at me before looking at Harry and Louis, “you two go for a walk,” Niall tells them. They both shook their heads, “what if the doctor comes?” Louis questioned.

“then we’ll call you,” Niall replied. Louis looked at me, “go,” I tell him. Louis kissed me before him and Harry left, “you know I think they forgot about your bruises. I think they just want to know if your pregnant or not,” Anne smiled. I nodded my head, “wait. Was it a good idea to send them out together?” I wondered. Anne and Niall laughed a little bit, “I think it’s a great idea. They need to talk about this shit,” Niall smiled. I smiled back at him, “oh were you meant to ask me something tonight about Theo?” I questioned Niall. He looked at Theo, “did Harry already ask you?” he asked me.

“yep. I like his new name too,” I tell him. Niall looked at me, “what’s Theo new name?” Anne wondered. Niall went bright red, “Theodore Louis Horan-Styles,” he mumbled. Anne smiled big, “so you and Harry still going to go through with it?” Anne questioned. Niall nodded his head, “I’m getting the money together for it,” Niall says. Anne shook her head, “Niall hunny. Let me help you,” she tells him. Niall shook his head, “I want to do it. I need to do it. Harry and you can’t pay for everything for us,” Niall admitted.

“I understand hunny, but you could use the money you have on Theo. You could also use it to start your music career,” Anne says. Niall looked lost, so I held my arms open for him. He came straight over to me and I hugged him tight. He sat on the bed next to me as I kept hugging him, “Anne can I marry your son?” Niall asked her. Anne grabbed his hands, “yes,” she smiled. Niall smiled back, “thank you,” he whispered.

Niall fell asleep on me and I pushed his hair out of his face, “you like Ni don’t ya?” Anne pointed out. I nodded my head, “he doesn’t judge people and has a heart of gold. That’s rare these days. He just wants to help people, but doesn’t want help himself. I know Harry is what he needs and wants. I know Harry will never hurt him,” I confessed. Niall moved, “thank you princess,” he mumbled. I kissed the side of his head, “you deserve everything you want,” I whispered to him. Niall smiled a little before he went back to sleep. Anne was just looking at us, “if he were straight. I think it would be a different story,” she smiled.

“nah. Louis had me on day one,” I smiled back. Anne laughed a little bit, “that I did and also happy three months babe for the other day,” Louis tells me as he walked in. Harry was right behind him, “we’ve been together for three months?” I wondered. Louis acted offended as he nodded his head, “you didn’t remember? Now I feel like the girl in the relationship,” he faked cried. I held my arm open for him and he came over to me. I hugged him tight without waking Niall up, “sorry a lot has been on my mind,” I tell him. Louis kissed the side of my head, “I know,” he whispered.

“Harry why don't we get some tea for everyone,” Anne tells him. Harry nodded his head before him and Anne left. Louis kissed the side of my head, “babe now that there gone I wanted to talk to you about my proposal,” Louis started. He sat down next to me before going into his pocket. He pulled out the same black box as Harry, “I know that the both of us have been thinking about it and I know you said that I got to ask them about it first. But it's not our time It's theirs,” Louis continued. He opens the box to revile a white gold ring. The ring had an oval blue sapphire with two half-moon diamonds on each side. Louis takes the ring out of the box, “but this is a promise,” he says as put the ring on my right hand.

“What promise?” I wondered. Louis kissed the back of my hand, “that no matter what happens. You will always have my heart. Forever and always,” he promised. I pulled him closer, so I could kiss him, “you will always have my heart forever and always,” I whispered on his lips. He kissed me lightly, “oh Harry alright with the promise, but I got to ask him in three months to marry you,” Louis tells me.

“You asked him?” I questioned. Louis nodded his head, “well we were on the subject of marriage, so I asked him. All he said that it was a bit to early and that I should ask him in three months,” Louis explained. I nodded my head, “is he still asleep?” Harry asked as he walked in. He handed Louis a cup of tea, “where's mine?” I asked. Harry smiled, “you got to stick to water,” he says. I pouted, so Louis handed me his cup of tea. I kissed his cheek before I drank some, “mum talking to the doctors and both of my boys are asleep,” Harry tells us.

“I'm not asleep anymore,” Niall mumbled. He sat up, “now let me see this ring,” Niall smiled. I showed him the ring Louis just gave me, “it's so pretty,” Niall smiled. He showed Harry, “I've already seen it,” Harry tells him. Niall kept looking at my ring, “be nice to have a promise,” Niall whispered. Anne walked back in and Niall showed her my ring straight away, “it's a promise ring,” Niall tells her. Anne smiled at Louis and me, “the doctors should be in soon,” she tells us. Niall was still looking at my ring, “do you want one Niall?” Louis asked.

“Yes I do,” he smiled. We looked at Harry, “I get you one then,” Harry says. Niall finally stop looking at my ring, “better come with a promise like Lou’s or I won't expect it,” Niall warned Harry. Niall got off my bed and Louis jumped straight on, “I'm guessing he heard what I said,” Louis says. Niall nodded his head, “if I weren’t with Harry and you were gay. I total take you,” Niall joked.

“Yeah, but if I didn't met Lilly. I would still be a screw up,” Louis tells him. Niall nodded his head as a male doctor came in. He had a folder in his hand, “Miss Underwood I’m doctor White and I'm here to look over you,” he introduced himself. He looked at everyone, “I need mum to stay and the rest of you to get out,” he smiled. Louis looked at me, “um can my boyfriend stay?” I asked him. Dr White nodded his head before Harry and Niall left with Theo in his pram. Dr white looked closely at my face, “does it hurt?” He wondered.

“Just a little bit,” I replied. He touched my face and it hurt, but not that much. I showed him my stomach were Marcel hit me, “this also don't hurt that much,” I tell him. He also touched it, “I want to get an ultrasound on that. To make sure there’s no internal damage,” Dr White tells me. He looked in the folder, “so doc am I going to be a father?” Louis asked him. Dr White kept looking in the folder, “we're not sure,” he says.

“What do you mean you’re not sure?” Anne questioned. The doctor looked at us, “it says positive, but there's abnormal cells with it. I want to run more test to be sure,” he explained. I was confused, “what abnormal cells?” I wondered. The doctor looked back in the folder, “the abnormal cells could be a build up of cells and your body thinks your pregnant. There also a chance that it could be something more serious,” he tells us. Louis grabbed my hand, “how serious?” Louis questioned. I could see everyone was scared, “cancer,” Dr White says.

He left after taking some blood and Louis wrapped his arms around me tight. Harry and Niall came back in with Theo still asleep in his pram. They looked at us all, “what’s wrong?” Harry wondered. None of us said anything, “guys tell me,” Harry snapped. Louis kissed the side of my head, “Lilly might be pregnant, but their not hundred percent sure. It also could be cell build up or cancer,” Louis tells him. Louis voice broke when he said cancer and Harry face dropped. Everyone was looking sad and I couldn't take it, “let's not think the worst,” I say.

“Your right. Let's just get the test done,” Anne tried to smile. Harry got Theo out of the pram and walked out, “he does this when something upsetting him,” Niall says. I nodded my head slowly as a nurse with a wheelchair came in. Louis helped me off the bed, so I could get into the wheelchair, “I think you should go with her Louis,” Anne tells him.

We got to another room, so I could have my ultrasound. I laid down on the bed and Louis sat next to me. He held my hand, “is this where I say that I hope your pregnant?” Louis wondered. I kissed him, “Louis hunny a build up of cells don’t always mean cancer,” I reassured him. He kissed me, “I know it’s just I can’t help think the worst. I don’t want to think the worst,” he admitted. I ran my fingers down his cheek, “I just don’t want to lose you,” he added.

A woman came in to do the ultrasound and my nerves kicked in. After she finished setting up she checked where Marcel hit me. She told me that there’s no internal damage that she could see. She moved to check if I was pregnant or not. Louis looked at the monitor and all we saw was a little circle. The woman had a serious face as she looked too. She moved the ultrasound around, “have you been spotting?” the woman asked.

“no,” I replied. She turned the ultrasound machine off, “I’m sorry to inform you that your baby has died. It looks like it died tonight. I’m sorry for your loss,” she tells us. I looked at Louis and he had tears in his eyes, “I’ll let you have a moment,” she added. The woman left us, “why?” Louis cried. I hugged him tight as he hid his face into my chest. I rubbed his back, “it’s going to be alright baby,” I cooed.

After a while the nurse took me back to my cubical. Everyone was there waiting for us, “the doctor will be in soon to give you your options,” the nurse tells me. Louis helped me back onto the bed as we said nothing. Everyone could tell that Louis has been crying. I couldn’t cry. I just felt numb, “what happened guys?” Niall asked. Louis started crying again and Harry hugged him tight. Anne came closer to me, “what happened sweetie?” Anne asked me.

“I was pregnant. I lost it tonight,” I whispered. Anne hugged me tight and I still didn’t cry, “I’m going to kill him,” Niall gritted through his teeth. Louis and Harry grabbed him before he could move, “not tonight,” Harry tells him. Dr White came in, “Miss Underwood we need to do the procedure now,” he tells me. I nodded my head, “I need you all out part from mum and yes your boyfriend has to leave too,” Dr White added.

After the procedure was done Anne told the doctor to not let the boys back in. She sat down on my bed, “you want to talk about it?” she wondered. I shook my head, “Lilly hunny you just lost a baby. It’s ok to be upset,” she reassured me. I took in a deep breath, “I feel numb and I can’t cry. I just keep thinking that this feels worse then cancer. I lost a little life that I didn't know about and I can't help feel guilty. What if tonight never happened? What would our lives be like?” I confessed. Anne hugged me tight, “it gets better,” she reassured me.

Anne held me for a while until she went to go get the boys. When she was gone I got up out of the bed and walked out of my cubical. I went to find Marcel to talk to him. I found him quickly and he was by himself. He looked at me, “come back to tell me more lies?” he snapped. I shook my head, “I came to tell you that you killed my baby,” I say. Marcel was shocked, “that punk fuckhead knocked you up. I’m glad that I got rid of the baby,” he smirked. I punched him in the face, “for fuck sake Marcel! I lost a baby, because of you and your happy about it! How would you like it if you lost a child?” I yelled.

“I would feel sorry for you, but it was Louis. You need to find someone better Flower. Someone that’s not going to hurt you,” he says. I played with the ring Louis gave me, “I don’t want someone better. I want him. Your worse then him Marcel. You judge people on looks and their past. Louis has never hit me, but you have,” I argued. Marcel laughed, “and you still didn’t learn,” he smiled. I went to punched him again, but Harry stopped me, “your fucked up Marcel!” I shouted. Harry pulled me out of there, “calm down Flower,” Harry tells me.

“I can’t. His happy that he killed my baby,” I say. I started crying and Harry hugged me tight, “he killed my baby,” I repeated. Harry rubbed my back, “I know he did,” he whispered. Harry kissed the top of my head, “lets get you home,” he added. I looked at him, “can I punch him one more time?” I asked. Harry shook his head, “you don’t want to do that,” he tells me.

Harry took me back to my cubical and I straight away ran up to Louis. I hugged him tight, “I wanna go home,” I mumbled. Louis rubbed my back, “just as soon as the doctor say we can,” Louis says. I nodded my head, “I found her with Marcel. She punched him,” Harry tells everyone. Louis kissed the top of my head, “that’s because his happy that he killed the baby,” I whispered. I knew Louis heard me, “stay with them,” Louis says. I shook my head as I looked at Louis, “just stay here. I don’t need you to hurt him. He will get what’s coming to him,” I tell him. Louis kissed me, “you don't do anything stupid,” he whispered.

The doctor discharged me after telling me that I need to see my GP about getting more test done. We all got back home about one o’clock in the morning. I straight away went into the kitchen to get something to eat. Everyone joined me, “how about I cook up a quick meal?” Anne suggested. We all nodded our heads, “I'll help,” Niall says. Anne smiled at him, “I'm going to put Theo to bed,” Harry tells us. Louis grabbed my hand and pulled me out the back.

We had a smoke, “you wanna talk about it?” Louis wondered. I take a drag of my smoke, “I'm actually pissed at you Lou,” I admitted. He looked down, “you should have told me that the condom broke. Then we wouldn't be in this mess,” I snapped. Louis looked at me and he had tears in his eyes, “we lost our baby Lou and I can't help think it's my fault. I was the idiot that confronted Marcel about Niall. I was the idiot that went drinking a couple of weeks ago,” I say. Louis hugged me tight, “we didn't know. You’re not the idiot I am. Your right I should have told you that the condom broke, but I didn’t think it did. You have every right to be pissed at me,” Louis tells me. He kissed my forehead, “but will get through this together,” he added.

We stayed outside until Anne told us food was ready. We all sat at the kitchen table not talking as we ate our food. When we finished we all went into our rooms. I straight away got changed for bed and Louis just striped down to his boxers. He got under the covers as I went to the bathroom. When I came back he held his arms out to me, “come here,” he says. I slowly walked up to him and got under the covers with him. He pulled me close to him, “lets just go to bed and dream of a better tomorrow,” he tells me. I kissed him, “goodnight my Lou. I love you,” I whispered. He kissed me, “goodnight my Lilly Belle. I love you,” he says.


Today was Saturday and it was the day that I versed my old school in football. We were playing at home and most of the school showed up. It was about two o’clock in the afternoon. I was nervous as I watched Louis and the other boys play first. They are winning with one nil and that was thanks to Harry goal. Our group were wearing black tap around there left bicep for me and Louis. We decided to tell everyone what happened since they could see the bruise on my face.

My old school girl’s team hasn’t showed up yet and I knew they would come until the last minute. Sophia and Perrie were trying to calm me down, but I couldn’t. I haven’t been the same since I left hospital. Everything makes me nervous, “ten minutes to go,” Perrie says.

“don’t forget extra time,” Sophia tells her. I kept watching the game, “they need to attack more,” I mumbled. Niall had the ball, “go for goal Ni!” I shouted. He quickly looked at me before running down the field. He kicked the ball into the goals, “yes!” we all screamed. Harry ran up to him and hugged him, “goal to Eden Thanks to Niall Horan. The scores are two nil,” someone announced.

The game ended and the boys won with there two nil. Louis came straight up to me, “babe thanks helping my team win, but don’t forget to use that fire for your team,” he smiled. I kissed him, “I won’t,” I smiled back. I played with the black tape on his bicep, “my game starts in forty minutes,” I say. Louis kiss my forehead, “and your going to win,” Louis tells me. He kissed me, “I better get showered and changed. I only have ten minutes before you girls take over the changing rooms,” he added.

I stood with Sophia, Perrie and the rest of my team as the boys were in the changing room. We were talking about the party tonight after the game when my old school showed up. I watched all the girls get off the bus. I recognized most of them, but my heart dropped when Anastasia got off the bus. She still had her short dark brown hair and her full figure. I can’t believe she here since she told me that she was in America doing her last year of school. I felt more hurt when she put her arm around the school’s bitch. That girl could give Amy a run for her money, “you alright Lil?” Perrie asked.

“that girl with the sort brown hair that’s got her arm around the other girl,” I started. they looked at Anastasia, “that was my best friend. She meant to be in America,” I tell them. The girls from my old school came over to were me and my team were standing. They looked over us, “I want to speak to the captain,” Anastasia demanded. I stood in front of everyone with Sophia next to me, “I’m here,” I say.

“oh its Godzilla,” I heard a girl say. I ignored her as Anastasia looked me up and down, “so you go to this dump. I bet you’re still the same girl with no friends,” Anastasia smirked. Sophia, Perrie and even May stood in front of me, “that’s where your wrong,” Perrie tells her. My old school’s bitches stood next to Anastasia, “oh wow you have three friends, but no boyfriend. I heard Ashton back in town,” Anastasia tells me. I laughed, so did the rest of the team, “I have a boyfriend,” I smiled.

“I don’t see him,” Anastasia says. Josh stood next to me, “is this your boyfriend?” Anastasia asked. I shook my head, “my boyfriend is the captain of the boy’s football team,” I tell her. Anastasia laughed, “Lilly you couldn’t even get Ashton. What makes me believe you got a football player?” she smiled. I was starting to get pissed at her, “calm down. You won’t be able to play if you hit first,” Josh whispered. I nodded my head, “why don’t we save this shit for the game,” I tell her.

“so you can see your team lose,” a girl says. I grabbed Sophia before she went for the girl, “come on girls lets go before we catch something,” Anastasia tells them. They left us, “did you really go to that school?” Sophia asked. I nodded my head, “sad I know,” I smiled. We laughed, “ok girls. As soon as the boys are out of the changing rooms. We go in and get changed. Then we get on the field to warm up,” I tell the team.

When the boys came out my team went in, but Louis stopped me before I could join them. He looked worried, “Josh told me that you nearly got into a fight with your old school,” he says. I nodded my head, “my ex friend Anastasia is captain and a bitch now,” I tell him. Louis kissed my forehead, “you alright tho?” He wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “I will admit that it hurts a little, but I am more determined to win. I just want to wipe that smile off her face,” I confessed. Louis hugged me, “don't get a red card on your first game,” he joked.

I went into the changing room to see the girls half ready. I quickly went to my bag next to Sophia, “did Josh tell on you like he did me?” Sophia asked. I nodded my head, “Lou just told me not to get a red card on my first game,” I smiled. Sophia laughed, “so did Liam,” she says. I laughed this time but stopped, “Soph do you think we can win?” I wondered.

“if they play like their boy’s team. We’ve got this in the bag, but I really don’t know. I would like to say that we will win. That we can wipe that stupid smile off their faces, but we won’t know until we try,” Sophia tells me. I nodded my head as I started getting dressed, “but Lil the team must not know that we don’t know if we can win this. We must go out with determination that we will win this,” Sophia added. I nodded my head again, “we are going to win,” I whispered.

After our warm up we were back in the changing rooms with Paul, “ok now girls this is the first game of the season. I have faith that your going to win this,” Paul started. He had a box next to him, “you all get a top with your last name and number on it,” he continued. He started handing out the tops to all of us, “I think you captain should say something,” Paul says as he looked at me, “we know that their a bunch of bitches that need to put in place. And we’re going to do it. I believe you all have the skills and talents to do so. No matter what happens today. I will be proud of you girls for giving it your all,” I tell them. I noticed that everyone has changed their tops, so I quickly do the same.

We all stood in a circle after Sophia, Perrie and I put black tape around our left bicep. We all put our hand in the middle of the circle, “me and the team like to say sorry for your lost. We also like to show to respect as well with putting the black tape on. We don’t need to know who it’s for or who has died, but we are a team and we are here for each other,” May says. I noticed that they all had black type on as well, “thank you,” I tell them. They all smiled at me, “Soph do you have anything to say?” I asked her. She smiled at me, “let’s win this shit!” she yelled.

We ran out onto the field and got straight into position. I stood with Sophia in the middle and Anastasia and another girl stood also in the middle with us. The referee tossed the coin and we won, so I decided to start with the ball. I took a deep breath as the referee blew the whistle. I kicked the ball right behind me before I started running forward.

It was half time and the scores were one all. We were in the changing room, “I really want to hit them,” Perrie mumbled. Everyone sat down, “I know we all want to hit them, but we can’t. We need to put them in their place. We need to win this game. We need to show them that we’re not losers. That we are the same as them,” I tell them. They all looked at me, “I believe in you guys,” I added. They didn’t say anything, “Lilly right. We need to use this hate we have towards them and win,” Sophia says. They all nodded their heads, “let’s win this shit!” Perrie yelled.

We ran back onto the field with the fight to win, but when it got down to the last five minutes. We were losing hope in ourselves and the score was still the same. Anastasia kept blocking me when she didn’t need too. I took the opportunity when she looked away to see where the ball was. I ran down near the goals as Perrie had the ball. She kicked it to Sophia, but as Sophia kicked to me. Anastasia tackled me to the ground. The referee blew his whistle and came straight over to me. Sophia helped me up as the referee signalled for a penalty in the penalty area. Anastasia got a yellow card, “that’s bullshit. That was a clean tackle,” she argued.

“my decision stands. If you keep going it will be a red card,” the referee warned her. The referee put the ball down in the penalty area, “you should take it Lil,” Sophia tells me. I looked at the striker on our team and she shook her head, “they want you take it,” Sophia added. Sophia ran off before I stood behind the ball. It was just me and the goalkeeper. I took a deep breath as I heard Louis voice in my head saying ‘just shoot baby’. I kicked the ball and it went straight in the goals. I couldn’t believe that it went in. Sophia and Perrie were the first ones to hug me, “you did it,” Perrie smiled. The referee blew his whistle for us to get back into position to play the last couple of minutes.

When the final whistle blew we won with two one. My old school wasn’t happy especially Anastasia, “they cheated,” they all kept saying. Perrie just stuck her middle finger at them, “why don’t you all run back to imaginary boyfriends,” Anastasia snarled. The boys came up to us and Louis straight away hugged me tight, “you won babe,” he smiled. He kissed me as he kept his arms around me, “you know you have perfect timing,” I smiled back. Louis looked confused, “Anastasia I like you met my boyfriend Louis,” I tell her. Anastasia was shocked, “and his so much better than Ash,” I added.

“hi,” Louis says. He waved at her and Anastasia waved back, “so how much is she paying you?” she asked. Louis shook his head and his grip around me got tighter, “nothing. I just love her,” Louis tells her. Anastasia laughed a little bit, “but she’s a nerd and you’re a very hot bad boy,” another girl says. Louis looked at me, “nah you got it all wrong. I’m the nerd and she the very hot bad girl,” he says. My old school laughed, “we don’t believe that for a second,” another girl tells us.

“believe what you want, but Lilly is my girlfriend and I love her,” Louis tells them. They all shook their heads as they walked off the filed, “oh Lilly Matt says hi. You’re not the only one that got a boyfriend this year,” she smirked at me. Louis dug his fingers into my sides, “you going out with that fuckhead?” Louis questioned. Anastasia nodded her head, “his great in bed too,” she says. I kept Louis where he was, but I forgot about Harry, “where is he?” Harry demanded.

“like I would tell you,” Anastasia snapped. Niall grabbed Harry before he could get in closer to her, “well I want to see him, so you tell him that,” Harry tells her. Anastasia nodded her head before she caught up with the rest of her team, “babe you alright?” Louis wondered. I nodded my head, but really inside I wanted to scream. If she dating him that means his back, “you sure?” Niall questioned. I nodded my head, “we just won our first game. We won against my old school and I don’t care if she with that fuckhead that hurt me. I just want to be happy,” I tell them. Louis kissed the side of my head, “I just want to go home,” I added. Louis nodded his head, “go get your stuff and then we’ll go home,” Louis tells me. I kissed him before I ran off.

The team congratulated me as I went to grab my bag. I just smiled at them and told them that they played great. I met up with Louis just outside the changing rooms, “mine or yours? Harry told me that his staying out tonight at Liam’s with everyone else and that Anne’s out. But if we go to mine Troy home,” Louis wondered. He grabbed my bag off of me, “sounds like mine tonight,” I replied. We started walking to the car, “babe are you really alright?” Louis questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “can we talk about it when we get to mine? I just want to have a shower,” I asked. Louis nodded his head as we got to his car.

When we got back to mine it was about five in the afternoon. I straight away went to my room. I started to take off my soccer stuff as Louis came into the room. He sat down on my bed, “babe if you’re not alright. You can tell me,” he says. I looked at him, “ok I’m not alright. Matt back in town and knows were I go to school. That bitch Anastasia lied to me and friends with the school’s bitch. I’m also still not over Wednesday,” I confessed. Louis quickly hugged me, “pack a bag babe,” he tells me. I looked confused at him, “I think we both need to get away for the night,” he added.

“can I have a shower still?” I asked. Louis nodded his head, “do you want one by yourself or with me? I won’t be upset if you want one by yourself,” he wondered. I kissed him, “with you please,” I smiled. Louis kissed me, “ok. You start the shower and I’ll join you in a minute,” he tells me. I nodded my head before I kissed him.

I got in the shower as I waited for Louis. He came in about ten minutes later, “sorry it took me a while. I was organizing somewhere for us to stay tonight,” he apologized. He got in the shower with me, “so where are we going?” I asked. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “just a random place I googled,” he smiled. He kissed me, “but it’s going to take us about two and a bit hours to get there,” he added. He kissed me again, “then we better hurry up in the shower,” I say.

“well I already showered, so you’re the one that needs to hurry up,” he teased. I kissed his chin, “can we stay here for a moment?” I wondered. He nodded his head, “both of our teams won,” he says. I nodded my head, “all of my team wore the black armbands,” I tell him. Louis kissed my forehead, “and they never asked who it was for. They just said that they wanted to support whoever it was,” I added. I hid my face into Louis chest, “I want to be over it,” I admitted. Louis rubbed my back, “so do I,” he whispered.

When we got out of the shower and dressed. I started packing, “I’m going to pinch some of Harry’s and Niall’s stuff,” Louis tells me. I nodded my head, “can you fit into their pants with your big bum?” I teased. Louis acted hurt, “are you calling me fat hunny?” Louis questioned. I shook my head, “I love your bum. I have something to grab onto,” I winked. Louis came over to me, “stop looking at my bum and finish packing,” he tells me. I kissed him, “ok,” I smiled. I grabbed his bottom, “babe you need to stop, so we can get going,” he groaned. I kissed his Adam apple, “I love you,” I tell him. Louis looked at me, “I love you,” he says. He kissed me before walking away.

After we finished packing we got into Louis’s car before he started driving, “so where are we going?” I asked. Louis laughed as he shook his head, “not telling,” he smiled. I looked at him, “do you know how to get there without a GPS?” I questioned. Louis bit his bottom lip, “no,” he mumbled. He threw me his phone, “get directions to Pear Hotel,” he tells me. I lit up the screen to see that I had to put in a pin, “baby what’s your pin?” I asked.

“eighteen o one,” he replied. I type it into his phone as I remembered those numbers. I went into google maps and typed the hotel in. I got the directions, “you’re not going to say anything about my pin code?” Louis wondered. I shook my head, “should I?” I questioned. Louis nodded his head, “what’s your pin?” Louis asked me. I bit my lip, “your birthday,” I whispered. Louis raised his eyebrows at me and I realized that his pin was my birthday. Louis laughed a little bit, “babe did you forget your own birthday?” Louis wondered.

“I did. Well I never celebrated it,” I admitted. Louis grabbed my hand, “it was just a day and I was a year older,” I added. Louis kissed the back of my hand, “well your birthday that’s coming up. Will be big and all about you,” Louis tells me. I never really like celebrating my birthday and everyone forgot it. When I was a kid Anne always made a big deal about it, “so tell me what you soon,” Louis added. I shrugged my shoulders, “what do you want for your birthday slash Christmas?” I asked. Louis smirked, “lingerie,” he says.

“Baby do you want to tell me something? I fine with you wanting to dress up in girl clothes,” I joked. Louis laughed a little bit, “no I want you in lingerie,” he tells me. I played with my bottom lip with my fingers, “and then what you want after that?” I questioned. Louis quickly looked at me as he raised his eyebrow, “you sex freak,” I smiled. Louis laughed a bit harder then last time, “and you know it babe,” he says. I nodded my head, “I’m scared to do it again,” I mumbled.

“Scared to what again?” Louis wondered. I played with my fingers, “to have sex,” I tell him. Louis sighed, “I know what happened scared the crap out of us. We will get back to normal sooner or later, but I do hope it’s sooner. I’m not saying that I want to jump you right now since I always want to jump you. I can wait until your ready again,” he reassured me. I gave him a small nod, “I fear babe if we don’t go back to the way it was. That we’re not going to last. I know sex shouldn’t be a big part of our relationship, but it kinda is. It’s the connection that we both crave,” he confessed.

We didn’t say anything for a bit, “I want to try tonight if you want too,” I admitted. Louis pulled the car over to the side of the road, “I do, but I want you ready again. So how about we take it slow tonight. By the time we get to the motel it be about eight. I’m in no rush to get to bed. I thought about walking around and finding something to eat,” he suggested. I nodded my head, “that sounds nice,” I smiled. He started driving again, “just remember babe I can wait again,” he tells me.

We got to the Pear Motel just past eight o’clock and Louis checked us in. we put our bag in the room before we started walking around the town. Louis held my hand as we were decided what we wanted to eat. We found a small restaurant and sat down inside. We were reading the menu, “can I ask how you got a motel room? You’re not eighteen yet,” I wondered. Louis looked at me, “you’ll be surprised what an extra hundred can do,” he replied. I shook my head, “rich people,” I teased. Louis raised an eyebrow at me, “look who’s talking now,” he pointed out.

“fine I’ll pay for dinner,” I tell him. Louis shook his head, “I’m still paying. I still get more than you,” he smiled. I shook my head this time, “but I actually want too. You paid for the room at least I could do is pay for the food,” I tell him. Louis played with his lips, “ok,” he says. I knew he was up to something, but before I could say anything the waiter came to take our order.

After we ordered and ate our food. Louis grabbed the check, “hey I said I was paying and you agreed,” I reminded him. Louis just smiled at me as he put some money in it, “yeah I know. I was thinking you could pay me back without money,” he smirked. I shook my head as we got up, “and how can I do that?” I questioned. Louis grabbed my hand, “I don’t know yet,” he says. We walked out of the restaurant, “now what?” I wondered.

“It’s ten, so we can keep walking around or go back to our room,” he tells me. We started walking, “what if we take the long way back to the room?” I suggested. Louis smiled as he nodded his head, “now I know where the park is,” he says. I smiled at him, “have you been here before?” I asked. Louis nodded his head, “years and years ago now. I came with mum,” he tells me. I nodded my head, “my grandad lives about two hours away,” he added.

“Do you wanna see him?” I wondered. Louis smiled big, “I was hoping that you would ask that. It's his birthday tomorrow and I really like to see him,” he confessed. I grabbed his hand before I kissed his cheek, “all you had to do was ask,” I tell him. Louis pulled me close to him, “does he mean a lot to you?” I asked. Louis nodded his head, “he was the only one that got me. He understood why I went out of control. He just wishes that I didn't go as far as I did. I was talking to him last week and he was saying how proud he is that I'm doing good. He more proud that I found a girl that willing to stay with me,” he rambled.

“Who said I was staying?” I teased. Louis pulled my hand up to show me the ring he got me Wednesday, “you did,” he smiled. I kissed him, “oh did Harry talk to you about him proposing to Niall?” Louis questioned. I shook my head, “Niall, hasn't really left my side since Wednesday,” I pointed out. Louis nodded his head, “that boy really likes you and I'm fine with it,” he says. I kissed him, “I'm proud of you. I remember you getting shitty with me when I was going to kiss Liam,” I tell him. I kissed him again, “but let's get back to Harry proposing to Niall,” I added.

“Well he wants to do it on their one-year anniversary, but you got to distract Niall. He wants to sing Niall a song then propose to him,” Louis explained. I nodded my head, “I could take him out with Theo,” I suggested. Louis sook his head, “Theo stays, so it just be you and Niall going out. You just need to take him out for an hour or two,” he says. I nodded my head again, “is there anything I need to do?” I wondered. He shrugged his shoulders, “you will have to ask Harry that,” he says.

We took the long way back to the motel, so we got back after midnight. We decided to put a movie on and sat on the bed cuddling. I knew we weren’t really watching. We just put it on, so we don't just sit there awkwardly. I grabbed the controller and stopped the movie, “hey why did you that?” Louis asked. I looked at him, “it's a crappy movie that we were not really paying attention to. We put it on so we don't sit here in silence,” I tell him. Louis pouted, “you may not have been watching it, but I was,” he mumbled. I raised an eyebrow at him, “really? Then tell me about it?” I questioned.

“ok we were not watching it, but I don’t like us not talking,” he admitted. I kissed him, “Louis we just talked for two hours straight walking back here. What’s wrong with not talking? We have done it before,” I wondered. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “maybe I don’t want to talk to you since,” he started. He shook his head as he bit his bottom lip. I straddled his lap, “what baby?” I asked. Louis shook his head again, “are you horny?” I teased. Louis nodded his head, “do you wanna do something?” I wondered. Louis looked down, “if you want too, but can you?” he questioned.

“I feel fine now, but personally I don’t know if it’s going to hurt,” I tell him. Louis nodded his head, “we don’t have to do it. We can wait another week. I just go toss off,” he reassured me. I played with my fingers, “maybe that be a good idea,” I whispered. Louis kissed me, “don’t be upset babe. We have all the time in the world for that shit,” Louis smiled. I pushed him a little, “is that what you think when we have sex? Maybe we won’t do it again since you think it’s shit,” I joked. Louis laughed as he kissed me, “babe sex feels perfect with you,” he laughed.

“then why did you say shit?” I questioned. I wrapped my arms around his neck and played with the back of his hair, “it’s a figure of speech babe,” he says. I kissed him as I nodded my head, “I know,” I teased. Louis pushed me onto my back before hovering over me. He kissed my nose, “I love you,” he whispered. I kissed him, “I love you,” I whispered back. Louis kissed me, “why do you randomly say I love you?” I wondered.

“because I want to say it. I promised myself that I would tell you how I feel about you. I believe that you need to hear it. You also need to hear how beautiful you are to me,” he confessed. I covered my face with my hands, “and this is why I have the need to tell you,” he continued. I moved my hands from my face. He kissed me, “you still don’t believe me,” he finished. I placed my hands on his shoulders, “because I will never believe you. It’s just who I am baby,” I tell him. Louis kissed me, “you have told me that before and I still don’t believe it. I will always tell you that your beautiful, sexy, hot, cute and the rest of them. Because that what I see and so should you,” he tells me.

“even when I’m a complete mess?” I questioned. Louis nodded his head as he kissed me, “you’re a beautiful mess then,” he smiled. I knew Louis was being serious, but I still couldn’t believe him, “even if I put on twenty kilos?” I asked. Louis nodded his head, “I will admit that I fell for your beauty first, but after a little bit. I feel in love with your heart. I love everything about you,” Louis tells me. I kissed him, “I fell in love with your eyes first. The rest of you scared me. But the night that I realized that I fell for you. Was that night you picked me up and we went back to yours. It was in our second week together. When we had that big talk about everything and why we care so much about each other. Then you fell asleep on my stomach. As I was watching you sleep I realized that I can’t sleep without you. I also learnt that I can’t live without you,” I admitted.

“I knew it took you awhile to fall for me, because you didn’t believe me that I wanted you. I always wanted you tho,” he tells me. He kissed me, but I grabbed his face so he couldn’t pull away this time. We kept kissing for a little bit until I let Louis go, “I think I need to go into the bathroom now,” he says. I raised an eyebrow, “I need to take care of myself and no you can’t do it,” he tells me. I stopped him from moving, “why can’t I do it? I don’t care that I don’t get anything in return,” I wondered. Louis sighed as he put his forehead on my chest, “I feel bad tho,” he started. I stopped him, “baby I’m your girlfriend. I’m meant to do things for you like you do things for me,” I tell him.

“and I’m your boyfriend. I’m meant to do things for you like you do things for me,” he repeated. I pushed him off of me onto his back. I straddled his thighs as he looked at me, “I like you on top of me,” he smirked. I ran my hands up his chest under his top, “babe we’re not going to do it. I know the doctor took care of everything that night, but I don’t think we’re both emotionally ready. I really don’t want to toss off myself. I really just wanted to go into the bathroom and hide from you. I can’t take how happy you are. When I know you’re not. It’s ok to grieve over our lost,” he admitted.

“how can I grieve over a baby that I didn’t know about it until we lost it?” I started. I felt tears in my eyes, “over the passed couple of day I keep thinking about what life would have been like. All I kept thinking that we would have been very happy,” I say. Louis sat up, “we will be happy. We will have a family, but not now. When we are ready,” he tells me. Louis kissed me lightly, “but even if you were still pregnant. Our baby was never going to be a mistake. I know we both don’t want our child to feel like that. I know we both would over loved it,” he added. I hid my face into Louis neck, “I know,” I mumbled. Louis hugged me tight, “I would have given up my dream, so you could live yours,” I say.

“I know, but I think I wouldn’t do it. I would feel so guilty that you have to stay home with the baby. While I went to school and played football,” he tells me. I moved back to look at him, “I never would have seen it like that. Louis one thing that I’m hundred percent sure with you is that. You always dreamed becoming a football player and I don’t want you to give up. With me and teaching I can do that later in life,” I admitted. Louis kissed me, “can you see why I want to marry you?” he smiled. I shook my head, “I’m still trying to work out why I want to marry you,” I joked. Louis kissed me again, “because I’m hot and fantastic in bed,” he smiled.

“well you are hot, but I don’t know about fantastic in bed. I’ve only ever been with you,” I teased. I knew we were making jokes to make ourselves happy again. But the talk me and Louis just had makes me feel better about what happened, “and it’s only going to be me,” he says. I crossed my arms over my chest, “that’s not fair,” I pouted. Louis kissed my nose, “what if we swap for a night?” I asked. Louis raised an eyebrow, “you want Niall for a night while I fuck Harry?” he smirked. I nodded my head, “I was thinking Soph and Liam, but I like your idea better,” I smiled. Louis nodded his head, “same for many reasons. The first is Liam hurting you with his big dick and I’m not joking. The next is me fucking Soph. It just feels so wrong that I probably wouldn’t get it up. But with Niall and Harry I don’t have to worry about Niall falling in love with you. And I never done a guy, so that could be interesting,” Louis explained.

“does my baby want to fuck a guy?” I questioned. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “did you like it when Liam kissed you?” I continued. Louis shrugged his shoulders again, “I will admit that it was different and that I’ve been thinking about how Harry and Niall do it. However, I know that I don’t like men that way,” he confessed. I played with his hair as I knew Louis was joking, “so what your trying to say is that you wouldn’t mind trying it. I see nothing wrong with it since girls get to do it all the time. But I don’t think Harry would bottom with you,” I tell him. Louis laughed, “then I don’t want to do it,” he smiled. I kissed him, “thank you,” I say.

“what for?” he asked. I kissed him again, “to lighten up the mood after our serious talk,” I replied. Louis kissed my nose, “I don’t like us to be sad. I want us to be happy, but we do have to be serious sometimes,” he tells me. I nodded my head, “but were you being serious about fucking Harry?” I wondered. Louis bit his lip, “maybe,” he mumbled. I was a little bit shocked, “it was interesting kissing Niall on his birthday. He has soft lips like yours, but his beard stubble was strange,” Louis admitted. I laughed a little bit, “why do you like it so much?” he questioned.

“I love your beard stubble, because I’m a girl. I don’t have it,” I tell him. Louis slowly nodded his head, “so if you and Harry hook up. He needs to shave,” I joked. Louis kissed me, “I still prefer to hook up with you,” he smiled. I pushed him a little, “I’m your girlfriend. We don’t just hook up anymore,” I pouted. Louis kissed me, “I know,” he says.

Louis and I went to bed after we finished joking around, but I do think he is serious about hooking up with Harry. When we got up in the morning we had a shower and got ready to go to Louis’s grandad’s. I didn’t like my choice in clothes since I only brought jeans and a t-shirt. Louis only grabbed track pants and a t-shirt. So he suggested that we should go shopping to get different clothes. I agreed with him since he said the party was kinda fancy. I did my make-up simple and put my hair up in a ponytail before we left.

We got to a clothes shop and we split up to be quicker. I was looking through the dresses and I didn’t know what to pick. I didn’t want to over dress, but I didn’t want to underdress. I found a white dress with colours splashed over it. I found a white denim jacket to go with it and some white flat shoes. When I had everything I found Louis in the men’s section still going through the clothes, “thank fuck you’re here,” he swore.

“why?” I asked. Louis looked at all the tops, “I can’t pick,” he says. I noticed that he had a pair of black jeans before I looked at the tops. I picked up a maroon small checkered top with white collar, “what about this one?” I wondered. Louis checked if it was his size before taking it off me, “that would do,” he mumbled. He quickly started walking to the checkout, “baby what’s your rush?” I questioned. I followed close behind him, “that party starts at two and it’s eleven now, but it’s going to take about hour and half to get there. So that leaves us with about twenty minutes to get changed,” he explained. Louis took my clothes and shoes off of me before putting them down with his on the checkout. The lady scanned them and I just watched.

After Louis paid for them we were in the car on his way to his grandad’s. Louis looked worried, “baby what’s wrong?” I asked. Louis was so focused on the road, “nothing,” he says. I put my hand on his thigh, “are you nervous?” I wondered. Louis nodded his head slowly, “you know you’re the first girl that I brought to a family thing,” he tells me. I ran my thumb along his thigh, “and it’s the first time meeting mum’s new boyfriend,” he added. I was a little bit surprised, “you haven’t met him yet?” I questioned. Louis shook his head, “it’s going to be alright. I’ll be there for you,” I reassured him.

“well I don’t look that punk anymore since I took my pricings out, but my tattoo are sticking out tho,” he says. I squeezed his thigh, “and your family don’t care and if your mum’s new boyfriend says anything. I will say something back to him,” I tell him. Louis smiled a little, “his name is Daniel,” Louis says. I nodded my head, “just focus on your grandad since his the reason your there,” I say.


On the way there we stopped somewhere to get changed. I fixed Louis hair into a quiff before we drove the rest of the way there. Louis stopped at a big house, “is this where I say that we’re not rich and my grandad worked his whole life for this house?” Louis asked. I smiled at him as he grabbed my hand, “you know I don’t judge you or your family,” I tell him. Louis kissed my cheek, “well are you ready?” he wondered. I nodded my head, “are you?” I questioned. Louis nodded his head, “I have to be,” he says.

We walked straight into the house to be greeted by Fizzy, “oh my god Lou you came and you brought Lilly,” she smiled. She hugged us both, “everyone in the conservatory,” she tells us. We followed her to the conservatory and all eyes where on us. I noticed Johanna sitting down and her pregnant belly was huge. Next to her was a guy I haven’t seen before, so that must be Daniel. The twins ran up to us as I noticed Louis grandad, “Lilly Lou,” they both say. One of them hugged me as the other one hugged Louis, “hey,” I smiled. They swapped at hugging us, “it’s good to see you both,” Johanna says as she stood up. She came over and hugged us both, “you both look good,” she added.

“now is my grandson going to introduce me to his beautiful girlfriend,” Louis grandad smiled. He came over to us, “this is Lilly the girl I was telling you about,” Louis tells him. He hugged me, “nice to me you finally,” he whispered to me. I smiled at him, “nice to met you too,” I tell him. He looked at Louis, “now when you told me that she was beautiful. I didn’t think she would be this beautiful,” Louis grandad tells him. Louis smiled as he hugged him as Daniel watched us. He stood there awkwardly, “oh um this is Daniel,” Johanna introduced.

“Louis,” Louis tells him as he held his hand out. Daniel shook it, “and this is my girlfriend Lilly,” Louis added. Daniel hugged me and Louis didn’t like it, “where Lottie?” Louis asked. He looked around for her, “she hiding. Something happened and she won’t talk to me about,” Johanna replied. I looked at Louis, “I’ll go find her,” he tells us. He left me there, but Johanna grabbed my hand and took me into the kitchen. She turned the kettle on, “ok I’m going to get straight to the point. Louis told me what happen Wednesday and I’m so sorry about it. But how are you going about it?” she asked.

“alright. Just waiting to get back to normal and I’m scared that it will happen again,” I admitted. Johanna hugged me, “it takes time sweetie, but you will get back to normal,” she reassured me. I hugged her back, “did Louis tell you how he feels?” I wondered. She nodded her head, “his very upset. He kept saying that he wants to kill Marcel and that a little bit of his heart gone. I talked him out of killing Marcel, but that little bit of Louis heart is forever gone. He was telling me that he kept dreaming about what you would look like pregnant and how beautiful you would have looked. Then he found it stupid that he was thinking this since you didn’t know until it was gone. It doesn’t matter that you found out until it was too late. That still was a life that you and Louis created,” Johanna tells me.

“thank you,” I whispered. Johanna kissed the side of my head as I felt like crying, “Louis still bad at expressing his feelings. We talked about this last night, but he never told me what you told me,” I say. Johanna kissed the side of my head again and Louis walked in, “Lottie has boy trouble and don’t want to talk to me,” Louis tells us. He looked at us, “can I try?” I wondered. Louis looked at Johanna, “if you want,” she says.

I found Lottie in the lounge room looking out the window, “hey,” I say. She looked at me as I sat down next to her, “hey Lilly,” she smiled a little. She looked back out the window, “Louis tells me that you have boy trouble,” I started. Lottie nodded her head, “do you wanna talk about it? I won’t tell anyone,” I asked. Lottie looked at me, “there this guy I like. His in the year above me and his so hot, but he doesn’t even know me. on Friday a girl that I thought was my friend told him that I had a crush on him. Now he won’t even look at me,” she explained.

“there can be many reasons that he won’t look at you. One of them could be that he feels the same, but you’re never going to know. The one thing I learnt is that you got to tell people how you feel. Sometimes the outcome is not what we want, but at least we know and can move on,” I tell her. She nodded her head, “but how do I do that?” she questioned. I smiled a little, “just go up to him and say what you heard is true. I do like you and was wondering if you want to give me a chance,” I replied. Lottie hugged me tight, “don’t let my brother go. I like you too much,” she tells me. I hugged her back, “I’ll try,” I smiled.

We joined everyone in the conservatory and I sat down next to Louis, “sorted?” he wondered. I nodded my head, “by the way. I think Lottie will hurt you if you lose me,” I whispered in his ear. Louis laughed a little bit, “I actually think my family would keep you and get rid of me if that happened,” he tells me. Louis wrapped his arm around me, “well don’t lose me,” I smiled. Louis kissed me as I kept smiling, “gross,” one of the twins say.

“it’s not gross to kiss my girlfriend Phoebe,” Louis tells her. I noticed that Phoebe had a pink dress on while Daisy had a purple one on, “yes it is, because you have cooties,” she tells him. I laughed at little bit, “I don’t have cooties. Only boys your age have cooties,” Louis says. Phoebe crossed her arms, “so when did you get rid of your cooties?” she asked. Louis started thinking, “when I was thirteen,” he replied. Lottie laughed, “isn’t that time mum caught you kissing a girl?” Lottie wondered. Louis nodded his head, “was that your first kiss?” I questioned.

“Yep. It was just a girl at school,” he replied. Louis quickly kissed me, “at least I know when your first kiss was,” Louis smiled. Lottie and Fizzy seemed interested, “when was that?” Fizzy asked. I knew I was blushing, “about three months ago now,” I say. The girls were shocked and so was Johanna, “my brother was your first kiss?” Lottie questioned. I nodded my head, “you poor girl,” Johanna teased. I nodded my head again, “I know,” I smiled.

“So my grandson settled down with the right girl and she waited for him,” Louis grandad says. Louis nodded his head and so did I, “well I don’t know about waited. His the first guy that noticed me,” I say. They all looked at me funny and I wish I didn’t say that, “no one noticed a beautiful girl like you?” Daniel questioned. Louis glared at him, “yep, but I did spend most of my time in the library and not really talking to people,” I tell him. Louis dug his fingers into my side, “so how did Louis get you?” Fizzy wondered. I explained to them how I met Louis and how we got together.

After we were done we sat down to eat in the dining room. I sat between Louis and Lottie, “so Lilly Louis tells me that you want to be a teacher after school,” Louis grandad says. I nodded my head, “I want to be an English teacher,” I tell him. Louis looked at me, “so you finally picked. Why not art?” Louis asked. I played with my fingers, “I can draw, but I don’t think I could teach,” I replied. Louis slowly nodded his head, “just promise me one thing babe,” Louis started. I nodded my head, “don’t turn out like Mr Dew,” he says.

“never,” I smiled. Louis kissed me, “god stop with the PDA,” Fizzy whined. Louis laughed a little, “your just jealous that you don’t have someone,” Lottie says. Fizzy glared at her, “ok girls stop it,” Johanna tells them. They looked at her, “sorry mum,” they both say. Louis was smiling big, “so Louis you still thinking about going to the football academy?” his grandad asked him. Louis nodded his head, “already applied for it. They come out to games during the year. I don’t know when they come out,” Louis says. Louis grandad nodded his head, “that’s a little boy’s dream. What if you don’t get in? what are you going to do?” Daniel questioned.

“I know it’s a little boys dream and I have thought about if I didn’t get in. So I have another plan,” Louis tells him. Daniel nodded his head, “and what is that plan?” he wondered. I put my hand on Louis thigh and he grabbed it, “I plan to be a P.E teacher,” he replied. I was shocked since I never knew Louis had a back-up plan, “so anything to do with sports is your dream job,” Daniel pointed out. Louis nodded his head, “or music,” he smiled. Louis grandad was smiling from ear to ear, “maybe you could sing us a song later,” Johanna suggested. I noticed Louis blushed a little, “maybe,” Louis whispered.

After dinner Louis and Lottie helped me clean up from dinner. I was doing the dishes as Louis and Lottie dried them, “Lottie what is Daniel like?” Louis asked. Lottie stopped what she was doing, “he wants us to think about our futures. He wants us to get realistic jobs. He told me it stupid to become a make up artist and I should think about working in an office,” Lottie tells him.

“That's bullshit your only fourteen. You don't need to think about this shit yet,” Louis snapped slightly. Lottie nodded her head, “you should have heard him when he found out what happened Wednesday with you two. He was telling mum that you’re two very irresponsible people. Mum told him that it was an accident, but he didn’t care,” Lottie says. I could tell Louis was angry, “then why is mum with him?” Louis questioned.

“because she doesn’t want to be alone,” Lottie replied. Louis threw the tea towel, “don’t do anything stupid Louis,” I tell him. Louis leant over the kitchen bench as Lottie left us, “I want to be stupid babe. If this is how he treats my family. I want to hurt him,” Louis groaned. I wrapped my arm around him as I kissed his shoulder, “I want to hurt a lot of people babe,” he added. I leant my head into his, “I know baby,” I whispered. I knew Louis was counting to ten to calm himself down.

After a little bit Louis stood up and faced me. I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I kissed him, “now listen to me. you talk to your mum about Daniel. Don’t say anything to him,” I tell him. Louis nodded his head before he kissed me lightly, “only if you don’t go anywhere near him,” Louis tells me. I nodded my head, “now let’s finish the dishes,” I smiled.

After Louis and I finished the dishes we went outside to have a smoke. Louis looked around, “school tomorrow,” I say. Louis looked at me, “yep,” he mumbled. I moved in closer to him, “I'm so going to tell Niall about Harry proposing,” I tell him. Louis nodded his head and I knew that he wasn't paying attention, “but before then I'm going to fuck Niall,” I added. Louis quickly looked at me, “now you pay attention,” I pointed out.

“Sorry babe,” he apologized. I placed my hand on his chest, “Lou hunny just focus on spending time with your family and not him,” I tell him. Louis nodded his head, “it’s a bit hard when his there,” he groaned. I pulled on his top, so I could kiss him, “and so am I and the rest of your family,” I say against his lips. Louis smiled as he kissed me, “ok,” he whispered. I moved away a little and Louis wrapped his arm around my waist.

When we finished our smokes Louis wanted to stay outside for a bit longer. I stood in front of him as he had his arms around me from behind. He kissed my neck before leaning his head into mine, “you going to sing for us?” I wondered. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “I’m not good without the guys there with me,” he admitted. I played with his hands, “I think you are. You have sung to me a couple of times now. I loved it when you sang Thinking Out Loud to me and that song that not finished,” I reassured him.

“Yeah, but that's just you. When I sing with the boys I can hide behind them,” he says. I grabbed his hands, “we'll sing to me then. Ignore everyone else,” I tell him. Louis kissed my neck, “only if they ask again. I'll do it,” he mumbled into my neck. We heard footsteps behinds us, so we turned around. It was Louis’s grandad, “I see that your hiding from everyone,” he smiled.

“Just thought we take in the view,” Louis smiled back. He stood next to us, “what view? Unless your talking about your girlfriend,” Louis grandad joked. Louis nodded his head, “so what do you think of Daniel?” Louis grandad asked. Louis stood up straight, but kept his arms around me, “what Lottie told me that his a dick,” Louis replied. Louis grandad nodded his head, “that he is, but your mum won’t leave him,” he says.

“why? Lottie told me that she doesn’t want to be alone,” Louis wondered. Louis grandad sighed, “that and also she doesn’t think she can find someone else since she has seven kids when the twins come. I understand that she doesn’t won’t to be alone, but she has you guys,” he explained. Louis played with my hands, “that’s true, but kids can’t give you intimacy like that. Only someone else can and we all want it,” I tell them. They agreed with me, “but we really do need to get back to the others,” I added.

We all went inside to find everyone in the lounge room, “you found them!” Daisy yelled. She came running up to us and hugged me, “we were doing adult things,” Louis tells her. Lottie laughed, “please tell me that it was above the belt,” Johanna smiled. Louis nodded his head, “we were just smoking,” Louis says. We sat down on the lounge and Daisy sat on my lap, “you’re in my spot Daisy,” Louis joked. Daisy stuck her tongue at him, “my Lilly,” she says. I smiled big at them, “no my Lilly Belle,” Louis tells her. Daisy shook her head before hugging me, “My Lilly Belle,” she pouted. I rubbed her back, “how about you share me?” I suggested.

“I’m fine with that,” Louis smiled. Daisy nodded her head, “but my Lilly Belle right now,” she says. I noticed she looked sleepy, “yes I’m your Lilly Belle right now,” I tell her. Louis kissed the side of my head before wrapping his arm around me. Louis grandad was looking at us, “how about that song?” he smiled. Louis went bright red, “do I have too?” he whined. Everyone nodded their heads, “any requests?” Louis wondered. He stood up, “any song,” Johanna smiled.

“if you want me to sing you better pick a song,” Louis warned them. Everyone started thinking, “actually I have one,” Louis says. He took a deep breath before going over to the piano in the room. He sat down and started playing a song that sounded familiar to me,

“Crowded hallways are the loneliest places.
For outcasts and rebels
Or anyone who just dares to be different
And you've been trying for so long
To find out where your place is
But in their narrow minds
There's no room for anyone who dares to do something different
Oh, but listen for a minute,” he started singing.

I straight away recognized that it was Invisible by Hunter Hayes, “Lou voice is pretty,” Daisy whispered to me. I nodded my head as I kept listing to him,

“Trust the one
Who's been where you are wishing all it was
Was sticks and stones
Those words cut deep but they don't mean you're all alone
And you're not invisible
Hear me out,
There's so much more to life than what you're feeling now
Someday you'll look back on all these days
And all this pain is gonna be invisible
Oh, invisible,” he kept singing.

I was just lost in Louis voice that I wished he wouldn’t stop singing. I just wanted the song go on forever. I could tell that Louis knew the meaning of the song as he sang it. I could hear the emotion in his voice and I could see it when he played the piano.

When Louis was finished I wanted to run up to him and kissed him, but I couldn’t since I had Daisy on my lap. Everyone was amazed at him, “where did you learn that song?” Louis grandad asked. Louis sat down next to me, “from my girlfriend. It's her favourite artist. So I did the boyfriend thing and listen to him and learnt his songs,” Louis tell him.

“We'll not every guy I know would do that for a girl,” Lottie says. I was still looking at Louis, “well I'm not every guy,” Louis says back. As soon as Louis looked at me I kissed him, “well I guess Lilly liked it,” Johanna smiled. I nodded my head, “I love it when he sings,” I admitted. They all smiled at me, “so what other songs have he sang to you?” Fizzy questioned. I could tell that Louis was getting uncomfortable, “Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and a song that him and the boys wrote called Story of my Life,” I tell them.

For a little bit they questioned Louis and his singing as Daisy fell asleep on me. Louis and I noticed that it was eight at night, “um we should head home. We got school in the morning,” Louis tells them. I moved Daisy onto the lounge before I got up, “it’s going to take us a bit to get back,” he added. Everyone stood up to say goodbye to us part from Daniel. Louis and I hugged the girls before we went out the front with Johanna and his grandad. Johanna hugged me tight, “I hope I see you soon for my baby shower,” Johanna tells me. I smiled as I nodded my head, “I’ll be there,” I say.

“no. I’m not going,” Louis tells her. She laughed at him, “you’re not going. It’s a girl’s only thing,” Johanna smiled. I laughed a little bit as Louis pouted, “that’s not fair,” he mumbled. I looked at him, “do you want to go now?” I wondered. Louis nodded his head, “then come,” Johanna says. Louis smiled, “maybe,” he says. I shook my head before Louis grandad hugged me, “thanking you for being there for him,” he whispered. I hugged him tight, “your grandson saved me first,” I confessed.

“hunny you saved him first and all it took was for him to look at you,” Louis grandad tells me. I kissed his cheek, “you’re not that different from him,” I say. He nodded his head, “but I didn’t go as wild as him tho, but I did have my bad side,” he smirked. I laughed a little bit, “ready to go home babe?” Louis asked me. I nodded my head before I hugged them again. When Louis hugged them he seemed to hug them for awhile.

On the way home Louis was quite, “did you have fun?” I wondered. Louis nodded his head, “did you?” he asked. I put my hand on his thigh, “yep and I’m proud of you for not saying anything to Daniel,” I tell him. He smiled a little, “because your right. I do need to talk to mum about it first,” he says. I squeezed his thigh, “so when you going to do that?” I asked.

“when I see her later this week,” he replied. I nodded my head, “oh I was messaging Harry before telling him that we be home late. I also told him that I told you about him proposing to Niall. He told me to tell you that you need to tell Niall not talk about marriage to him for a while,” Louis tells me. I raised an eyebrow, “why can’t Harry tell me himself?” I wondered. Louis laughed a little bit, “because Niall can’t wait for you to get home. So his going to be attached to you,” Louis says.

“Why is Niall attached to me?” I questioned. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “I think it might be that he showed you his anger. Out of all of us Niall the one not to show his anger, but when he does it's scary. Niall the innocent one out of all of us and when he snaps. Sometimes he can't calm down. I had to lock him in a room once, so he would calm down. But when I let him out of the room it was trashed. He apologized over and over again and I told him that it was alright. He stayed by my side for a week until I think Harry made him better,” Louis explained.

“so Niall doesn’t like showing his anger and he feels bad when he does. I might need to talk to him about it. He was just saving me,” I say. Louis nodded his head, “and I will never know how to pay him back for that,” Louis whispered. Louis grabbed my hand that was on his thigh, “I do,” I say. Louis quickly looked at me, “how?” he asked. He looked back at the road, “we break up. Niall wins that bet,” I tell him. Louis slowly nodded his head, “but not before I add more money to it. I know Niall going to use it on Theo. So I thought about adding more since he won’t take it from me,” Louis says.

“how much you thinking putting in?” I wondered. Louis squeezed my hand, “five grand. Troy gave it to me when we went to New York,” Louis tells me. I was shocked, “so Niall should be getting about seven grand in the end. That should be enough for him,” Louis added. I nodded my head, “but what if they find out that we were in on it?” I questioned. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “I'm still wondering who said six months. Someone thinks we're going to last,” he says. I nodded my head, “you know how your going to put a lot of money in. I think we should tell Anne about the bet too. She wants to help Niall out so much, but he keeps saying no,” I tell him.

“She wants to pay for Niall's legal fees to add Harry as a father. I can't believe she alright with this,” Louis smiled. I nodded my head, “when I was in hospital Harry told her that I was pregnant to get her to come. After we explained what happened she told me that she would hurt Marcel if he hurt her grandchild,” I started. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and Louis ran his thumb over the back of my hand, “I don’t think Anne cares about our age when it comes to what we want. I think her and Harry had a serious conversation about Theo and Niall. I think she learnt that nothing was going to stop Harry doing it. So she wants to help them. She doesn’t want to lose Harry,” I finished.

“she knows that we’ve make mistakes, but she doesn’t judge us on them. She knows what I did and doesn’t say anything about it. She trusts Harry judgement,” Louis tells me. I nodded my head, “I want to call her mum,” I confessed. Louis squeezed my hand, “then do it. The one thing I learnt with you and her. Is that she is your mum and you got kidnap for those years,” Louis admitted. I leaned over to kiss his cheek, “thank you,” I say.

The rest of the car ride Louis was telling that he was going to get Sophia to put money on the bet for him. When we got to my house we got out and greeted by Niall and Harry, “Harry I think Louis and Lil got married while they were gone,” Niall joked. Harry looked straight at Louis, “no we went to see my grandad for his birthday,” Louis tells him. Louis picked me up bridal style and I wrapped my arms around his neck, “but me and my new wife need to go to bed,” Louis smiled. Harry slapped him in the back of the head, “you need to stop that,” Niall tells him.

We got inside and I noticed that it was nearly midnight, “well we stayed up to make sure that you got home,” Harry says. We nodded our heads before Harry kissed my cheek. Niall did the same, “night guys,” Louis tells them. Harry stopped us before we left, “did you get married?” he wondered. Louis and I both laughed, “Harry we’re under eighteen we can’t without our parent’s permission,” I pointed out. Harry went red as he nodded his head, “you’re anidiot sometimes,” Niall whispered. He wrapped his arm around Harry, “and I love you,” he smiled. Louis and I smiled at them as Niall kissed Harry, “we’re going to bed before this becomes a porno,” Louis says. He started walking, “Harry who would top out of you and Louis?” I asked. Harry was confused by my question, “like I said babe. I’m topping or it’s not going to happen,” Louis reminded me.

“what are you guys talking about?” Niall questioned. Louis turned around to look at them, “Louis said that we could swap. I get Niall for a night and he get Harry,” I explained. Harry and Niall were surprised, “are you two being serious?” Harry wondered. I nodded my head, “Louis won’t let me near Liam and he don’t want to fuck Soph,” I say. Harry nodded his head, “can I fuck Louis?” Harry begged Niall. I laughed a little bit, “are you alright with me fucking Lil?” Niall asked him. Harry shook his head quickly, “well there’s my answer,” Niall smiled. Louis quickly walked up the stairs, “night,” he tells them.

When we got to my room I changed for bed and Louis just striped down to his boxers. We got into bed, “it was a good weekend,” Louis say. I nodded my head before I put it on his chest, “it was after everything that has happened,” I whispered. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “goodnight my wife. I love you,” Louis laughed. I hit him, “goodnight my husband. I love you,” I laughed too. We kept laughing, “Harry is an idiot sometimes,” I smiled.



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