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Chapter 14 - Black Widow

Chapter 14 – Black Widow

When I woke up my whole body was sore and burning. I didn’t know that I’ll feel like this after last night. I looked at Louis as he was still sleeping. He looked so peaceful and happy that I didn’t want to wake him. When I moved a little he gripped me tighter as he mumbled something. As I pushed his hair out of his face I noticed that it was getting longer. Louis smiled in his sleep before mumbling something else. I watched him for a bit until he started to wake up, “how long have you been watching me?” he asked in his morning voice.

“Not long. I think,” I smiled. Louis kissed me lazily, “how you feeling?” he wondered. He ran his fingers down my arm, “sore,” I tell him. He then ran his hand down my side to my hip, “we go home today,” Louis says. I nodded my head, “are you going to tell everyone that you not a virgin?” he questioned. I shook my head, “people that matter should already know,” I say. Louis gave me a small nod, “do you want me to tell people?” I wondered. Louis quickly shook his head no, “no,” he tells me. I kissed him, “I’ll be happy if people don’t find out. It’s our lives not theirs,” he added. I kissed him again and again. Louis smiled as I kept kissing him. He pulled me close, so our bodies would touch. I groaned out of pain and Louis pulled back to look at me, “are you that sore?” he smirked.

“Yep, but it worth it,” I smiled. Louis kissed me over and over again until I grabbed the back of his head to keep him against my lips. Louis straight away put his tongue in my mouth and gain dominance. His hand ran along my body to squeeze my bottom. I placed my leg on his side as I bent my leg. We kept kissing and I could feel Louis get hard against my thigh. He pushed me onto my back as he deepened the kiss. I wrapped my arms around his back to push him closer to me. Louis started kissing down my neck, “babe are we going,” he started. I nodded my head as I kissed him, “I want to,” I tell him. Louis gave me a small nod before he kissed me. I felt his hand between my legs. He started to rub my button and I moaned into his mouth. He kept going until I was nearly about to cum, but he moved his hand away. He got off the bed to grab a condom before getting back onto the bed. Louis knelt between my legs, “you know this might hurt still?” he wondered.

“I know,” I whispered. He put the condom on himself and positioned himself at my entrance. He kissed me as he slowly entered me. It hurt, but not as much as last night. Louis looked at me, “I’m alright,” I tell him. He started moving in and out of me slowly as he looked at me. The pain quickly disappeared as it turned into pleasure, “faster Lou,” I groaned. He got faster and I dug my fingers into his arms. Louis looked like he was controlling himself, “what wrong?” I wondered. Louis shook his head, “you can tell me,” I begged.

“You’re tight which makes me wanna cum already,” he groaned. I didn’t know what to say or do. Louis stopped, “babe what’s wrong? Babe ignore what I just said. It’s not a bad thing,” Louis tells me. I nodded my head as Louis started moving in and out of me again.

We came not long after that. We laid next to each other, “we need to talk about what happened,” Louis rolled onto his side to face me, “yes you’re tight, but you will get used to me. There was no other way to put that,” he tells me. I nodded my head, “but is it really that hard for you?” I wondered. Louis placed his hand on my stomach, “yep, but I have learnt to control it when it comes to you,” he replied. Louis leaned over and kissed me, “I love you,” he whispered. I kissed him, “I love you,” I whispered back.

We laid there not saying a word as Louis draws patterns on my stomach. I grabbed his hand, “when are we going to try a different position?” I asked. Louis entwines our fingers together, “why? You already sick of me on top,” he questioned. I shook my head, “it just I remember you saying that you want to do me in your car. Also that you like me on top,” I tell him. Louis smiled, “you want to try you on top?” he asked. I shrugged my shoulders, “I would like to, but I don’t know when. I’ll let you take the lead for a bit,” I admitted. Louis kissed me, “we will do me on top for a bit until you’re ready to do something else. And also so you can get used to me,” he tells me. I kissed him, “also we won’t have sex unless we have protection since you’re not on the pill,” he added. I nodded my head before I kissed him again.

Louis packed up all our stuff and put it outside of the tent. He informed me that we will be going to the cabin for a little bit. He also informed me that Niall, Zayn and Liam will be coming to help pack up the campsite. Louis packed us a change of clothes in his backpack, so we would have clean clothes after our shower. Louis gave me a piggy back ride the whole way to the cabin. He put me down once we got inside, “now we have an hour or two before the guys get here. So I say shower and then whatever we want,” Louis tells me. I nodded my head before Louis took me upstairs.

He put his bag in one of the rooms before we went into the bathroom. He turned the shower on, “now no funny business in the shower. I want a clean shower,” he says. I started to undress, “really?” I questioned. He nodded his head, “we’ve done it twice already this weekend. I also like my girlfriend to walk tomorrow,” he smiled. I finished getting undress and Louis was still fully dressed. He just looked at me, “hunny you need to get undressed to get into the shower,” I pointed out. Louis looked down at himself, “I think I’m liking the view too much,” he smirked. I shook my head as I got into the shower, “hunny if you don’t get undressed. I’m kicking you out,” I warned him. Louis quickly got undressed and joined me in the shower, “I thought so,” I whispered. Louis wrapped his arms around me from behind, “what did you say babe?” he questioned.

“Nothing,” I lied. Louis spun me around, “if you don’t tell me. I will withhold sex from you,” he threated. I laughed a little, “like you can. You finally got it back after so long,” I smiled. Louis kissed me, “I still think that I can do it,” he says. I nodded my head before I pushed myself against him. He bit down on his bottom lip, “careful babe. I will take you on the bathroom floor,” he groaned. I kissed his neck, “but you said that you withhold sex from me,” I reminded him. Louis picked me up under my bottom and get out of the shower.

After having sex on the bathroom floor and a shower. We got dressed and sat in the lounge room. I sat in the corner on the U shaped lounge. Louis laid down with his head in my lap. I was playing with his damp hair, “I really do hate to say this, but I was right,” I teased. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “you know I can’t resist you. Especially when you put your wet naked body against mine,” Louis smirked.

“What about Lil naked body?” we heard Niall questioned. Him, Liam and Zayn were standing at the lounge room entrance, “how long have you been there for?” I wondered. Louis sat up, “to know that your right and Louis can’t resist your wet naked body,” Liam smiled. I nodded my head, “so not long then,” I say. Louis gets up, “well let’s pack up, so we can go home to our loved ones,” Louis says. They all nodded their heads, “babe you stay here,” Louis tells me. I shook my head, “but I’ll be alone here,” I pouted. Louis kissed me, “I’ll leave Ni and you can have some girl time,” Louis smirked. I looked at Niall, “we going to have so much fun. We can do each other’s hair while we talk about boys,” Niall says as he acted like a girl. I laughed as I patted the spot next to me. Niall pushed past Louis to sit down next to me. He waves the boys off and they leave, “so tell me about your weekend,” Niall smiled.

I told Niall about my weekend with Louis, “I’m actually really happy for you two, but three time already?” he wondered. I nodded my head, “we don’t get privacy during the week like you do,” I pointed out. Niall smiled as he nodded his head, “where is Harry today?” I asked.

“Looking after Theo for me,” Niall replied. I smiled, “he thinks I’m going out with my father,” he added. The way he said ‘father’ it felt like he wanted to hit him. Niall hugged me, “you alright?” I asked. Niall shook his head, “I’m sorry,” he apologized. He moved back from me, “don’t be sorry,” I tell him. Niall ran his hands down his face, “no I’m sorry for the way I talked about you with my family. I was making up these sick twisted things that I do to you when we fuck. I just needed to seem normal. I think if my family found out about me and Harry. They will kill us and I’m not joking,” he confessed. I hugged him tight, “don’t be sorry. I understand. I just want you to be safe,” I reassured him.

“Why is love a fucked up thing? I just want to be with Harry and be happy,” Niall mumbled. I rubbed his back, “Niall you’re moving in with me,” we heard Liam tell him. Niall grip around me got tighter and I felt his heart get faster. I knew Niall was panicking over the fact that Liam heard him about him and Harry, “Ni it’s alright,” I cooed. I looked at Liam for him to say something, “Ni. I have known for a while now about you and Harry. I’m happy for the two of you,” Liam admitted. Niall didn’t loosen his grip on me. Louis and Zayn walked in, “what’s going on?” Zayn questioned. I looked at Louis, “Niall been having rough time at home. So let’s give them some space,” Louis tells Zayn. Louis grabbed Zayn by the arm, but Zayn pushed his arm away. He looked confused at us, “what kind of trouble?” Zayn wondered. Louis grabbed his arm again, “not now Zayn,” Louis says. Zayn pushed Louis away again, “Niall is my friend. If his in some sort of trouble I want to help,” Zayn snapped. Niall grip around me got tighter, “Zayn please,” I begged.

“No. I want to know what’s wrong!” Zayn yelled. Niall’s fingers dug into me, “Niall it’s alright. Just calm down,” I whispered in his ear. Niall didn’t move, “Zayn just leave!” Liam shouted. Zayn didn’t move, “what’s so bad that you can’t tell me?” Zayn asked. Niall breathing got faster, “I’m gay! I’m in a relationship with Harry and we love each other!” Niall yelled as he looked at Zayn. Niall’s fingers dug into me more, “nice joke mate. Now tell me the truth,” Zayn snapped. Niall hid his face into my neck as he started crying. I rubbed his back, “it’s the truth Zayn” Louis tells him. Zayn shook his head, “no fucken way,” he swore. Liam stood between Zayn and Niall, “I don’t know what to say,” Zayn says. He walked out and Louis followed him. Liam sat down next to Niall, “told you,” Niall sobbed. Liam puts his hand on Niall’s back. Niall froze, “calm down. I’m not going to hurt you, but you are hurting Lilly,” Liam tells him. Niall didn’t move, “Liam how long have you known for?” I asked.

“First day we met you at Louis party. I was going to go to bed with Harry and Niall, but when I opened the door a little. I saw them making out with nothing on. I really just thought they just got high and drunk and that they just wanted to try something. However, I noticed the way they look at each other and how much time they spend together. I also noticed that when one of them is upset the other one cheers them up. Also they really don’t hide the fact they perve on each other a lot. I was waiting for one of them to tell me. I kinda know why they won’t tell me, but I am really happy for them,” Liam explained. I nodded my head as Niall kept mumbling something. Liam hugged Niall from behind, “relax,” Liam whispered to him.

“No,” Niall cried. I felt Liam’s hands on top of Niall’s hands before he pulled them away from me, “no!” Niall screamed. Liam wrapped his arms around Niall, so he couldn’t get away, “it’s ok,” Liam reassured him. Niall shook his head, “I take it back. I’m not gay. It’s wrong and disgusting. I’m in love with Lilly. I want Lilly!” Niall continued screaming. I placed his face between my hands, “Niall I’m here,” I cooed. Niall was having a full on panic attack, “you need to calm down,” I added. Niall shook his head, “please,” I begged. Niall shook his head again. I grabbed my phone and called Harry, “hey,” Harry says as he picked up.

“Harry you need to get to the cabin now. No questions. Just get here,” I demanded. I hung up on him, “Niall Harry coming,” I tell him. Niall didn’t say anything. I really wanted to cry at the state Niall was in, because I really do believe that he fears for his and Harry life right now. I stood up, “please Lilly don’t leave me. I need you,” Niall cried. I took in a deep breath, “I’ll be back. I promised,” I tell him. I walked away from him to find Louis and Zayn.

I found them out the front and Zayn was looking at the lake. Louis was a couple of meters behind him. I ran straight up to Louis and wrapped my arms around him. I started to cry into his chest, “babe what’s wrong?” Louis questioned. He wrapped his arms around me tight, “Niall is having a full on panic attack and I can’t help him. He just said that his not gay anymore and that he loves me. He so scared Louis,” I cried. Louis kissed the top of my head as he rubbed my back, “it’s going to be alright. I know it is,” Louis reassured me. I shook my head, “what about Zayn?” I asked.

“His alright with it. His just angry at the fact that we didn’t want tell him. He thinks we think of him as a monster,” Louis explained. I nodded my head as I stepped back. Louis let me walk over to Zayn and I stood next to him, “Niall needs you,” I tell him. Zayn looked at me, “you sure? Because you were all telling me to go,” he snapped. I nodded my head, “he thinks you don’t like him anymore. His afraid that you’ll hurt him or Harry,” I say. Zayn hugged me, “I’ll never do that. I will kill if someone hurts them two. They are like my brothers and I want them to be truly who they are,” he admitted. I hugged him back, “then tell Ni that,” I say. Zayn let go of me before walking back up to the cabin. Louis and I followed him.

He stood away from Niall, “Lilly!” Niall yelled. I sat down next to him, “I’m here,” I say. Niall grabbed my hands, “thank you,” he whispered. He looked like he calmed down a little bit, “Ni,” Zayn started. Niall squeezed my hands tight, “I wanted to say that I’m happy for you and Harry and that I’m alright with it. I’m sorry for leaving before, but I was so mad at everyone for keeping this from me,” Zayn continued. I ran my thumbs backwards and forwards on the back of Niall’s hands, “I will protect you from any idiot that stands in your way of happiness,” Zayn promised.

“Even if it’s my father and brother?” Niall asked Zayn nodded his head, “even them. Niall the way you grew up was wrong. You shouldn’t have done or seen those things. You deserve to be happy and if Harry makes you happy. I want to give you that to you,” Zayn admitted. Zayn stepped closer as Niall started crying again, “that means a lot to me,” Niall whispered. Zayn hugged Niall and I stood up. I walked over to Louis, “I told you it be alright,” Louis whispered in my ear.

“I wonder what Harry going to say when he gets here?” I wondered. Louis raised an eyebrow at me, “I called him,” I explained. Louis nodded his head slowly, “I’m a dead man,” he whispered. I nodded my head, “does anyone want a cup of tea?” I asked. They all nodded their heads before I went into the kitchen and Louis followed me. I put the kettle on, “babe has what happened ruined our weekend?” Louis wondered. I shook my head, “our weekend finished when they showed up,” I tell him. Louis nodded his head, “and it be our last weekend away when Harry finds out why we were up here. His going to kill me,” Louis says. I smiled as I got the cups out, “I think his going to be more focused on Niall then us. So we got a little bit more time,” I pointed out. Louis laughed, “babe you’re meant to say. I won’t let him kill you,” Louis tells me.

“I know, but maybe I want him to kill you,” I teased. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “I at least want a couple more rounds,” I added. Louis kissed me, “maybe I won’t let you have a couple more rounds,” Louis smirked. I kissed him, “we know you can’t help yourself,” I smiled. Louis picked me up, “well I do want to die happy,” he says. He kissed me, “and I would die happy with you,” he admitted. I placed his face between my hands, “I love you,” I say. Louis smiled big, “I love you,” he tells me. I kissed him as I wrapped my legs around him.

After a quick make out session and I made the cups of tea. We all sat down in the lounge room. Niall seemed to calm down a lot more, but he was still a bit shaky, “now that you’ve calm down. I want to talk about you living with me,” Liam started. Niall shook his head, “I can’t leave Theo,” Niall tells him.

“What about if Theo comes with you?” Zayn suggested. Niall looked down at the floor, “like Greg is going to let me do that. He knows I never move out, because of Theo,” Niall says. I rubbed his back, “but you need to leave,” Liam tells him. Niall stood up, “you don’t understand,” Niall snapped. He storms out of the cabin and slams the front door. I looked at Louis, “go,” he says. I kissed him before I went to find Niall.

I found him sitting on the lounge on the front porch. I sit down next to him, “is Louis alright with you following me around?” he asked. I nodded my head, “I think he don’t see you as a threat anymore,” I replied. He laughed a little bit, “maybe I’m doing all of this, so I can get into your pants,” he joked. I shook my head, “I know you’re not, but it’s good to hear you laugh,” I smiled. Niall looked straight into my eyes, “I’m sorry for scaring you, hurting you and I can see I made you cry,” Niall apologized.

“Don’t be sorry,” I say. Niall grabbed my hands, “why are you so understanding?” he questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “if I was straight. I would have stolen you off of Louis,” he says. I nodded my head, “but you’re not,” I pointed out. I played with Niall’s fingers, “Niall what will happen to Theo if you leave?” I wondered.

“I believe no one will care or love him as much as I do,” he admitted. I looked down, “then why don’t you fight to take him away?” I asked. I looked at Niall, “because I have no money. That’s why I placed a bet on you and Lou. I could use the money to get him,” he tells me. Niall stopped me from playing with his fingers, “if you and Louis pretend to break up on the first of December. I win. I’m the only one that said three months. Everyone else said a week or two. Someone did say six months tho,” he added.

“What bet? I already thought you won that bet,” I wondered. Niall looked down, “yeah that was just between our group. There’s one that the whole school doing. I thought you knew about it. I thought Louis would have told you weeks ago,” Niall tells me. I shook my head, “he forgot to mention that,” I say. Niall shrugged his shoulders, “maybe he didn’t want to tell you, because you would have seconded guessed him and what you’re doing with him. Louis has liked you from the start and he was so scared to lose you,” Niall reassured me.

“His right. You didn’t need to know about people placing bets on how long we were going to last,” we heard Louis say. We looked at him, “I wouldn’t have second guessed us. I wanted you,” I tell him. Louis smiled, “babe you don’t have to lie. If I was you and found out about the bets. I would have thought twice,” Louis says. I shook my head, “remember I wanted a bad boy,” I say. Louis laughed a little, “yeah, but look at how I turned out. My grades are up, I go to school every day, I stopped talking back, I have manners and I’m head of you in English,” Louis pointed out. Niall laughed really hard, “oh god it’s true. Louis not a bad boy anymore his a good boy,” Niall smirked. Louis crossed his arms, “look who’s talking,” Louis says. Niall shrugged his shoulders, “at least I’m happy,” Niall smiled. Louis uncrossed his arms, “so am I,” he smiled back.

Louis and Niall talked for a bit, so did Liam and Zayn when they came out, “Harry be here any minute,” Liam says. I nodded my head, “yep,” I mumbled. I looked at Louis, “if it anything. It’s better that you tell him now then him finding out later,” Zayn tells us. Louis nodded his head, “but you guys won’t let him hurt me right?” Louis questioned. The boys nodded their heads, “you and Lilly are together and in love. It was going to happen. Maybe not as soon as Harry thought, but I really believe he was never going to be ready for it,” Niall says. I nodded my head, “that’s because I’m his little sister. He still sees me playing with dolls,” I tell them.

“I can’t wait for the day in the future that you tell him that you’re pregnant,” Niall smiled. All of sudden Louis got pulled up from his seat and thrown on the floor. We noticed that it was Harry, “what the fuck did you do to her?” Harry snapped. We all quickly got up to stop Harry from hurting Louis. Niall held him back as I helped Louis up, “what the fuck Harry?” Niall questioned. Harry glared at Louis, “I heard you guys talking about telling me about them two. I worked out what happened this weekend. Why so soon? You only been together for two months,” Harry wondered.

“Because I wanted too,” I tell him. Harry looked at me, “is it because he already done it?” Harry questioned. I shook my head, “because I love and trust him,” I started. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “Harry I never thought about losing it to someone I love. I believed that I would lose it to someone I trust. I never thought about finding someone like Louis, but I did. I don’t regret it and I never will,” I admitted. Harry looked down, “and your one to talk. I know how you and Niall got together the first time,” I tell him.

“Yeah, but we known each other for a while before that,” Harry pointed out. Harry realized what we just said, “um um,” Harry stuttered. He looked around at everyone, “they know. That’s why I called you,” I say. Harry looked at me, “I thought you were in trouble,” he mumbled. Harry looked at Niall, “you alright?” Harry asked him. Niall nodded his head, “he got over his panic attack,” Liam says. Harry placed Niall’s face between his hands, “you sure?” Harry questioned. Niall nodded his head again as Liam motioned for the rest of us to go inside.

We stood in the kitchen as we left Harry and Niall outside, “how the fuck did he sneak up on me like that?” Louis wondered. He rubbed his shoulder, “I don’t know, but it scared the shit out of all of us,” Zayn says. I checked Louis shoulder and it was red, “I thought he was going to kill you mate,” Liam joked. Louis didn’t laugh, “he still can and we are in a great room for that,” Louis pointed out. We laughed a little bit, “his not going to kill you, but he might chop you dick off tho,” Zayn smiled.

“No. I’m attached to that,” I say. They all laughed at me as I realized what I just said. I felt my cheeks burn, “so you do just want me for my dick. I’m hurt babe,” Louis faked cried. I hugged him, “you know I don’t baby,” I tell him. Louis smiled at me, “god I’m running away before they make babies on the kitchen floor,” Zayn groaned. But he had a smiled across his face, “already did that on the bathroom floor,” Louis tells him. I slap Louis’s chest, “what happened not telling people?” I questioned.

“Well I said other people. These guys don’t count and they probably already know,” Louis pointed out. I sighed as Liam and Zayn nodded their heads, “so you done it twice this weekend?” Liam wondered. I shook my head, “three times,” I replied. Liam seemed a bit shocked, “in less than twenty-four hours,” I added. Liam looked at Louis, “learn to control yourself Lou,” Liam tells him. Louis gave him a small nod, “I will,” he says.

After a little bit Niall and Harry came back in and their lips were red and swollen. We all looked at them, “everything alright now?” I asked. They both nodded their heads, “well we all better be getting home. Louis you can take Flower home, but if your ten minutes late. I’ll ban you for a week to see her,” Harry warned him. Louis quickly nodded his head, “well we better get going then,” Harry smiled.

We all said goodbye to Zayn and Liam since we wouldn’t see them when we got home. On the drive home Louis was quiet and had a serious look on his face. I grabbed his hand, “baby what’s wrong?” I wondered. Louis squeezed my hand, “it nothing,” he lied. He placed our hands on his thigh, “you’re lying. You haven’t said a word since we got into the car,” I pointed out. Louis squeezed my hand again, “we need to talk about the weekend,” Louis started. I felt my heartbeat get faster, “we need to slow down with the sex. You just pointed out that we fucked three times in less than twenty-four hours. Don’t get me wrong. I am liking it, but you shouldn’t be that eager,” he finished.

“Why not?” I wondered. Louis sighed, “so every time that you see me. You just want to fuck me?” he snapped. I shook my head, “you know it takes two people to have sex. If you thought, it was too much why didn’t you say something?” I asked. Louis squeezed my hand, “I don’t know,” he whispered. I ran my thumb along the back of his hand, “is it because what Liam said to you in the kitchen?” I wondered. Louis nodded his head, “but it’s our relationship not his. I bet he can have Sophia over during the week and do whatever with her. Were we have to leave the door open. We also try to get as much out of our weekends together. Lou went from sleeping with each other every night to maybe once or twice a week,” I rambled. I couldn’t read Louis right now and it was scaring me, “I know. It’s just that he might have a slight point tho. You just lost your virginity last night,” he started.

“I’m scared to lose you,” I interrupted. Louis quickly pulled the car to the side of the road, “what?” he questioned. He looked at me, “I’m scared of losing you,” I mumbled. Louis hit the steering wheel with his fist, “why?” he wondered. He leant his forehead against the steering wheel, “be, be, because,” I stuttered. I didn’t know what to say, “because what Lilly?” Louis pushed. I took in a deep breath, “my mother is still in my head. I can’t get her voice out of my head. She keeps repeating that you’ll get bored of me. They won’t stop,” I confessed. Louis quickly moved my seat back before he hovered over me. He kissed me, “I told you that I’ll never get bored of you,” he started. I could tell that he was getting upset with me, “what is going to take for you to see that? I love you Lilly and I would die without you. I don’t see a life without you and that scares me. I know what I just said scares you, but it how I fell,” Louis admitted. He was crying now and wiped away his tears, “I love you with everything I got,” he added.

“I love you with everything I got,” I tell him. Louis kissed me, “so please stop thinking like this,” he begged. I gave him a small nod, “I’ll try,” I promised. Louis kissed me again and I wrapped my arms around his back. I pulled him closer to me as he hid his face into my neck. What was upsetting me was that Louis was still crying. I rubbed his back, “baby I’m sorry,” I apologized. He kissed my shoulder, “I’m the one that should be sorry,” he mumbled. He moved back over his seat, “let’s just get home,” he added.

The rest of the car ride was completely silent and it was killing me. I could tell that Louis was still upset with me, “I’ll meet you inside in a minute,” he tells me. I shook my head, “I wanna talk,” I say. Louis looked at me, “so you want me to tell you that I’m second guessing our weekend together? Did you only want to fuck me, because you thought I’ll leave you?” he questioned. I shook my head, “what happened today has nothing to do with last night. I love you and last night was perfect. It’s just when I woke up today I thought that nothing was stopping us from doing anything. I took the opportunity. I don’t want to lose you and I know I shouldn’t listen to my mother,” I tell him.

“No you shouldn’t and until you stop. We are not going to have sex,” he tells me. I nodded my head, “I love you, but I still need a minute to myself please,” he added. I nodded my head again before I got out of the car. Louis put his forehead against the steering wheel and started talking to himself.

When I got inside Niall was sitting in the lounge room with Theo on his lap. He looked at me, “princess is everything alright?” he wondered. I gave him a small nod, “where is everyone?” I asked before he could ask any more questions. He stood up, “Anne and Marcel are at work and Harry gone to the shops to get dinner,” he replied. He came closer to me, “you sure you’re alright?” he questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “you wanna talk about it?” he wondered. I nodded my head before we sat down on the lounge. I took Theo off of Niall and hugged him tight, “you gotten bigger since the last time I saw you,” I say. Theo smiled at me which made me smile a little, “so what happened?” Niall asked.

“After Liam and Zayn found out that Louis and I did it three times already. Liam told Louis to control himself with me, but it got Louis thinking. Which mad us to fight a little and then I told him that I was scared to lose him. Louis was upset when he found out that why I was scared. I still hear my mother’s voice in my head telling me he’ll get bored of me,” I explained. Niall hugged me tight, “it be alright,” he reassured me. I hid my face into his neck, “he told me that he’ll never get bored of me. He also told me that that he would die without me,” I tell him. I moved back since I remembered that I had Theo on my lap, “that’s all you need. Princess that man loves you so much that I do believe that he would die without you. I’m not trying to say that if you leave him that he will kill himself. I’m just saying that you should have his voice in your head instead of your mother’s,” Niall tells me.

“I’m trying. It’s only been a couple of weeks and I’m scared of the court date. What if she wins?” I wondered. Niall shook his head, “that never happen. I can promise you that,” he reassured me. I gave him a small nod, “if not we will run away together. Personally I think everyone will come with us. We can all live together in a big house by the sea,” he joked. I laughed a little bit as we heard a car pull up the driveway, “Harry home,” Niall smiled. Niall got up to go help him as I looked after Theo.

After a little bit Niall came back in with the food. He put it down on the coffee table, “Harry and Louis gone out for a little bit to talk,” Niall tells me. He takes Theo off of me and puts him in his bouncer. Niall got the food out, “pick a movie,” he tells me. I sighed, “you pick a movie,” I tell him back. Niall got up and went through the movies, “I think we should watch Knocked Up,” he smiled. He put the movie in before sitting down next to me. We started eating, “you going to the costume party in a couple of weeks?” I asked.

“Yep. I think everyone going. I still don’t know what I’m wearing,” he replied. I laughed a little, “I think I’m going to go as Black Widow. Louis said he do anything to see me in that,” I tell Niall. He looked shocked, “fuck if I was straight and I saw you in that. I would kidnap you and do naughty things to you,” he admitted. I laughed harder, “you would have to steal me out of Louis grip first,” I smiled.

After we finished eating and fed Theo. We gave Theo a bath in the kitchen sink, “Niall are you and Harry thinking about taking Theo?” I wondered. Niall gave me a small nod, “Harry wants to wait until his eighteen, so he can sign the forms with me,” Niall confessed. I gave him a small nod, “do you think you two be alright being dad’s at a young age?” I questioned. I poked Theo nose, “it already feels like I am to him and if it wasn’t for Harry to help me. I think I would have lost my mind,” he tells me. I kissed his cheek, “I can’t believe you made me an aunty at a young age,” I joked. Niall laughed, “you love it,” he smiled. I nodded my head, “I do,” I say.

We put Theo to bed after his bath and I decided that I was going to have another shower. When I got out Louis and Harry still wasn’t back. I went into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea, “hey,” Anne smiled as she walked in. I smiled at her, “hi. Do you want a cuppa?” I asked her. She shook her head, “I’m going to bed. I have another long day at work tomorrow,” she tells me. I hugged her tight, “is everything alright sweetie?” she wondered. I shook my head, “I think I need help,” I mumbled.

“What do you need help with?” she questioned. I looked at her, “my mother’s voice is still in my head. I don’t know how to get rid of it,” I admitted. Anne kissed my forehead, “I have an idea. Why don’t you write down everything that you hear her telling you down? Then we go through it together and work out something from there,” she suggested. I nodded my head, “can I start that tomorrow?” I asked. She kissed my forehead again, “of course you can. Why don’t you just go to bed yourself?” she wondered.

“I’m waiting for Louis. Him and Harry went out,” I replied. Anne placed her hand on my shoulder, “then go lay in bed and when he comes home. He’ll join you,” she tells me. I gave her a small nod as Niall came into the kitchen, “well goodnight you two,” Anne smiled. She kissed both mine and Niall’s cheeks before she left the room. Niall just stood there in a pair of track pants, “Marcel hiding in his room. He still can’t stand me,” Niall tells me. I looked down, “I heard Anne talk to you about writing down your mother words down. I think it’s a great idea, but I think Louis, Harry and Marcel should be there too. I know a lot of your thoughts are about Louis,” Niall added. I nodded my head, “I really want to ask you to be there. I thought maybe,” I started.

“Princess if you want me there. I’ll be there. You have always been there for me,” he interrupted. I hugged him, “thank you,” I say. Niall rubbed my back, “let’s go to bed and wait for our men,” he smiled. I shook my head, “I really want a cup of tea,” I tell him. I went back over to the kettle, “do you want one?” I asked him. Niall nodded his head, “you’re afraid to fall asleep. You want to see Louis before you close your eyes,” Niall says. I nodded my head, “what if he doesn’t come back tonight?” I wondered. I stared at my cup, “he will. He can’t leave you feeling like this,” Niall reassured me.

We sat down on the lounge talking about what Niall should wear to the costume party. We both fell asleep against each other only to be woken up by Louis and Harry. Louis picked me up and carried me to bed. He put me down on the bed gently, “go back to sleep babe,” Louis whispered. He moved me under the blankets, “are you staying?” I asked him. Louis kissed my forehead, “I am,” he tells me. Louis striped down to his boxers before getting into bed next to me. He wrapped his arm around me from behind and pulled me close to him. He kissed my shoulder, “I’m sorry,” I apologized.

“Don’t be babe. Just go to sleep,” he reassured me. Louis hid his face between my shoulders blades. He kissed me my back, “I love you,” he mumbled. I grabbed his hand, “I love you. I always will,” I tell him. I rolled over to face him as Louis kept his arm around me, “I’m sorry for keeping my fucked up thoughts from you,” I say. I placed his face between my hands, “we need to learn to talk more,” he half smiled. I kissed him, “I just find it funny that we both scared to lose each other. You would think those fears would make us stronger. I believe they do. We are going to fight for us. We are going to work out all our problems with us and ourselves. Then I hope everything be alright,” Louis confessed. I kissed him again, “let’s get some sleep we have school tomorrow,” he tells me. He kissed me, “goodnight my Black Widow. I love you,” Louis smiled. I kissed him, “goodnight my Hawkeye. I love you,” I tell him.

A couple of weeks have passed and I still didn’t write my mother’s words down. Louis and I have gotten better and we had sex once since then. Tonight was the costume party and I was getting ready with the Sophia and Perrie. May stopped talking to us ever since Niall broke it off with her. I don’t feel like it was a lost. She was using Niall to get back at Max and her family. I know Niall was using her too, but it wasn’t his fault tho.

We all in my room getting ready for tonight while the boys got ready at Liam’s. Sophia was doing my hair, so I could wear a wig tonight, “I can’t believe that you’re going as Black Widow. What does Louis say about that?” Sophia wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “I haven’t told him and I told Niall not to tell him,” I replied. Sophia laughed, “well I wouldn’t blame him if he takes you straight home,” Sophia tells me. Perrie came out of the bathroom and her hair was black, “wow black hair makes you look different,” I say.

“Well I’m going as a black cat. I need the hair to match. It be gone in eight washes,” she tells me. I swapped with Sophia when she was done my hair and Perrie started with her hair. I started doing my make-up, “do you know if Niall and Harry are going to be wearing matching outfits?” Sophia asked. I shook my head, “they not. They don’t want people to catch on about them. They’re fine with us knowing, but they’re not ready for the rest of the world,” I tell them.

“But they are so cute together,” Perrie pouted. In the couple of weeks before the party. Niall and Harry told Perrie and Sophia about them being together. The girls thought it was incredible and very happy for them. When we had a movie night at mine and Harry’s house. Harry and Niall cuddled on lounge. I was really happy for them that they didn’t have to hide anymore. I come out of my memoires when my phone went off. I grabbed it and read my message:

Louis Tomlinson
What you wearing tonight babe? xo

I shook my head before I replied to him:

Not telling xo

Louis Tomlinson
Fine not telling you what I’m wearing :| xo

I put my phone back down and continued with my make-up. I looked over at Perrie and Sophia as Perrie was trying to get a little tiara into her hair, “who are you going as again?” I asked Sophia. Perrie got the tiara in her hair, “Audrey Hepburn,” she replied. I nodded my head, “I just thought of something quick and easy,” she added. I went into my wardrobe to change into my costume which was harder than I thought. I really do hope Louis would help me take it off later to night.

When I came back out the girls looked me up and down, “I think I’m lesbian,” Perrie says. I laughed at her, “I dibbed her first,” Sophia tells her. Perrie shook her head, “I kissed her first. I was her first girl kiss,” Perrie tells her. They started fighting who gets me, “girls I’m taken by Louis,” I interrupted them. They both looked at me, “but you still can have a girlfriend on the side,” Sophia smiled. I shook my head, “which should be me. I know Liam won’t mind,” she added.

“No it should be me. I know Zayn would love it,” Perrie says. I just looked them, “just finish getting ready for tonight,” I ordered. Perrie and Sophia shook their heads, “you got to choose one of us,” Perrie tells me. I sighed, “I’ll choose tonight when one of you woos me,” I say. Perrie and Sophia smiled at me, “done,” they both say at the same time. I sat down on the bed to put my boots on, “so have you and Louis done it since your weekend away?” Sophia asked.

“Just once. Last weekend,” I replied. Perrie started on her hair, “does it still hurt?” Sophia questioned. I shook my head, “it stopped hurting by the third time. It just feels uncomfortable when he first enters me. Then I get over it quickly,” I tell her. Sophia nodded her head, “it’s always going to be like that. Unless you’re loose like some sluts I know,” she reassured me. We all laughed, “I’m guessing you’re talking about Amy?” Perrie laughed. Sophia nodded her head, “that girl does it everywhere and every day of the mouth,” Sophia says. I screwed up my face, “can you have sex during your period?” I wondered.

“Yep. It’s a bit messy and the guy got to be ok with it,” Perrie tells me. I played with my fingers, “have you girls done it?” I asked. Perrie and Sophia nodded their heads, “just once and that was with the ex,” Sophia replied. I looked at Perrie, “me and Zayn do it regularly. We do it in the shower. It makes less mess and Zayn don’t mind,” Perrie tells us. Sophia and I both nodded our heads as Sophia was thinking of something, “I don’t think Louis minds. When we looked after Theo for the first time. I was on my period and Louis wanted to shower together. We didn’t since it makes me feel uncomfortable,” I admitted.

“I was the same at first, but I was just horny and it wouldn’t go away. So I asked Zayn to join me in the shower. Once we both in. I jumped him,” Perrie tells me. Perrie put her hair in half pony before putting cat ears in her hair. Sophia started her make-up, “just give it time and one day that you be so horny that you don’t care,” Perrie smiled. I nodded my head, “I feel like that most of the time now,” I say.

“That’s because you had sex. It’s different from fingering and oral. You become lost in each other and the world disappears. It’s a fantastic feeling,” Sophia smiled. Perrie was smiling too, “I don’t think I want to go to the party tonight. I think I just want to go home with Zayn,” Perrie says. Sophia agreed with her, “how about a couple of hours at the party and then we go?” I suggested. The both nodded their heads, “I don’t think our men would mind and I think Harry and Niall would like it too,” Sophia says. My phone went off and it was a message for Louis:

Louis Tomlinson
What are you girls doing? Xo

“I think I might tease Louis right now,” I smirked. Sophia sat down next to me as Perrie went to get changed in my wardrobe, “I suggest a boob picture,” Sophia tells me. I laughed as I messaged Louis back:

Just walking around in our undies and Soph keeps touching me xo

Louis Tomlinson
Well tell Soph to stop. I can only touch you ;) xo

I laughed a little bit as I showed Sophia my messages, “Pear we need your help for a minute,” Sophia tells her. Perrie just came out in her undies, “what with?” she asked. Sophia unzip the top half of my costume, “we going to send Louis a picture,” Sophia replied. We managed to get the top half off, “bra off too,” Sophia smiled. I looked at her, “this don’t count,” I tell her. Sophia pouted as she took her top off, “don’t pout hunny,” I cooed. Sophia takes my bra off and covers my breast with her hands. Sophia kissed me as Perrie took the picture, “this is so unfair,” Perrie says.

“Well then swap,” Sophia tells her. Sophia got up and Perrie sat down next to me after she gave Sophia my phone. Perrie did the same pose as Sophia, “got it,” Sophia says as she took the picture. Perrie started making out with me as she squeezed my breast. I pulled away, “that’s not going to work,” I tell her. Perrie pulled away as she pouted, “this is so unfair,” she says. She got up and went back to finish getting ready. I put my bra and the top of my costume back on. Sophia sat down next to me as she gave me my phone back, “you ok?” she whispered in my ear. I nodded my head as I sent Louis the picture of me and Sophia kissing. Sophia grabbed my hand as I got a message back:

Louis Tomlinson
Tell Soph to get her hands off your boobs. They’re mine and only mine. You don’t see me touching Liam dick xo

I showed Sophia the message and Sophia takes my phone off of me. She started typing on it before she showed me the message:

I dare ya. It would turn us on so bad ;) xo

I clicked send before I could think twice, “what if he does?” I asked. Sophia laughed, “then we send a picture of us naked with me on top of you,” Sophia replied. I was shocked, “why do you get to be on top?” I wondered. Sophia shrugged her shoulders, “since I already done it before” she admitted. I was more shocked, “you bi?” I questioned. Sophia shrugged her shoulders, “I was lonely and drunk one night. I found this girl at a party and I went home with her. I didn’t know what I was doing, but she did. I really enjoyed it,” she explained. I didn’t know what to say and lucky for me my phone went off. It was a picture message from Louis. The picture was just Liam and Louis bottom half with their hands down each other pants. I showed Sophia, “well get undress and get on that bed,” Sophia smiled.

“We don’t have time for that,” Perrie tells us as she came back out. She was in a full black Lycra outfit with a tail at the back. We looked her up and down, “Sophia you need to finish getting ready. We have about twenty minutes to get to the party,” Perrie added. Sophia went to go get changed and I started putting my accessories on my costume.

When we were done I had my wig on and Perrie added a mask to her outfit. Sophia had a black dress, long black gloves on and pearls around her neck. We took a photo together and Marcel took one for us. Marcel was going to drop us off at the party, but we had to wait for the boys to message us that they were there. We stood around the lounge room, “we still need to get the boys back for that picture. I want to see how far they take it,” Sophia says. I nodded my head, “but we could take it too far and get in trouble tho,” I tell her. Sophia gave me a small nod, “what about me? I know Zayn wouldn’t care. It’s his wet dream,” Perrie pouted. I hugged her, “that’s Zayn. I don’t think Louis likes sharing me,” I point out.

“So, he’ll get over it. You’re not an object,” Perrie says. It felt like Perrie was getting upset with me, “kissing someone for fun is one thing, but going all the way is something completely different. It would feel like I cheated on Louis and I don’t want that. I don’t want to make his fears come true,” I snapped. I remember one night when Louis and I were talking. He told me that he fears that I would find someone better than him and cheat on him. Eleanor did it to him, but I could never do that to him. Perrie just looked at me, “what about what you want?” she questioned. Why was she pushing this? This is my first ever relationship and I didn’t want to lose Louis, “I want Louis and only him,” I tell her. Perrie didn’t seem happy with my answer. My phone went off, “well let’s go,” I say.


When Marcel dropped us off at the party we straight away saw the boys. Liam was dressed up as the Joker, Zayn was Jack Sparrow, Niall was a guy from Top Gun, and Harry was Miley Cyrus in just a pair of nude shorts and a foam hand. He also managed to put his hair up in too little buns on each side. When I looked at Louis he was dressed as Hawkeye from Avengers. I was shocked and happy at the same time. Louis was looking me up and down as he bit his lip. I walked over to him, “I’m liking what I’m seeing,” I say. Louis kissed me, “babe I don’t think we’re going in. I just thought of this fantasy that we could play out,” he smirked. I kissed him, “so have I,” I whispered against his lips. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “so a couple of hours here then we go home. To really use these costumes,” Sophia tells us. All the boys agreed and Niall kept looking at Harry, “I think Niall going to find it hard to not look at Harry tonight,” I say. Louis agreed with me, “if I was him I would too,” he admitted. I raised an eyebrow at him, “baby do you have something to tell me?” I wondered. Louis shook his head, “I’ll be looking at you tonight and I can’t promise that I’ll keep my hands to myself,” he tells me.

We went inside and got a drink. People were looking at me which just made Louis pull me closer to him. Perrie and Zayn went to dance while Harry and Niall went outside for a smoke. Sophia and Liam stayed with me and Louis in the kitchen. We were the only ones in there, “Lil. Louis sent me the photo of you and Soph kissing,” Liam tells me. I looked at Louis, “your boobs are covered and it was his girlfriend that you were kissing,” Louis defended himself. I kissed him, “I’m more shocked that you sent it to him,” I say. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “I know I have nothing to fear with you,” he smiled. I looked down, “well tell that to Perrie,” Sophia started. We all looked at her, “she got upset with Lil, because Lil didn’t want more from her,” Sophia finished. Louis looked at me, “more?” he questioned.

“Well Soph and I were talking about how to top your picture. Sophia suggest her naked on a top of a naked me. We both realized that we were pushing it with you two if we did. Perrie told me that Zayn wouldn’t mind and I told her that you would. The she asked me what I wanted, so I told her that I wanted you. She wasn’t happy with me after that,” I explained. Louis seemed surprised, “I think Perrie got a crush on you,” Louis says. I shook my head, “babe Perrie bi,” he added. I was shocked and so was Sophia, “oh my god it makes sense now. When we took that picture of Lil and me. Perrie got jealous and wanted a turn, so we swapped spots. When I was done taking the picture Perrie tried to make out with Lil, but Lil pulled away,” Sophia tells us.

“Babe I know she your friend, but can you stay away from her tonight? I think she might try something with you tonight,” Louis asked. I nodded my head, “you should watch out for Soph too,” I say. The boys looked at her, “I have slept with a girl before,” she tells them. Liam was shocked, but it turned into a smirk, “but I never do it when I have someone,” she added. Liam kissed her cheek, “well there goes that fantasy,” Liam sighed. Louis agreed with him and I hit him, “what I would let you do Soph, cause I know you two be alright after it. But with Perrie she might leave Zayn for you and you’re mine,” Louis smiled.

“I’m not an object,” I tell him. Sophia laughed, “but it’s hot when they say it tho,” Sophia pointed out. I nodded my head, “well I could give you a hicky babe. Then everyone knows that your mine,” Louis tells me. I nodded my head before he attached his lips to my neck. He sucked on it for a little bit as I noticed that Liam was doing the same to Sophia. When Louis pulled away he had a smirk on his face, “I haven’t done that for a long time,” he says. I nodded my head as Louis ran his thumb over the mark, “what the fuck did I walk into?” we heard Harry swear. We all looked at him, “Lou what did I say about marking her?” Harry questioned him. Niall stood behind him checking out his bottom, “I did it to save her from Perrie,” Louis replied. Harry was confused, “Perrie got a crush on her,” Louis added. Harry slowly nodded his head, “well this party boring,” Niall says.

“I know. We haven’t even left the kitchen and we can tell,” Liam smiled. Harry and Niall stood against the kitchen bench, “maybe we could leave this place and go have fun somewhere else,” Harry suggested. We all nodded our heads, “what about Perrie and Zayn?” I wondered. Louis shook his head, “I didn’t see them when we came in. I think they already left,” Niall tells us.

We all drank our drinks before Harry took a bottle of vodka. We walked out to the front, “so now where?” Louis asked. Harry started walking up the street, “anywhere!” he shouted. We followed him, “we look like idiots. It’s ten and we all wearing costumes as we walk through the streets,” Liam says. We all nodded our heads, “but at least we all look better than Harry,” Louis teased. Harry stuck up his middle finger, “I like it,” Niall says. We all gave him the kissy face, “shut up guys,” he mumbled. I could tell that he was blushing under the street lights, “let's go to the park,” I tell them.

We did end up at a park not too far away from the party. We sat down on the playground as we drank from the bottle of vodka, “so we all got dressed up for nothing,” Sophia pouted. All the boys shook their heads, “God no. We call all use it later at home,” Liam smiled. I felt Harry’s eyes on me and Louis, “grow up Harold,” I tell him. Niall laughed, “shut up Niall,” Harry tells him.

“Aren’t you cold Harry? Cause I am” Sophia asked him. We all nodded our heads, “well we have two options. One we go to somebody house or two we call it a night?” Liam suggested. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “or maybe we should go back to the party and show them how it done?” Niall added. We all looked at him, “we didn’t get dressed up to have kinky sex. We got dressed up to party and then have kinky sex later,” Niall smiled.

“He has a point. Let’s go party!” Sophia yelled. We all stood up, “Me and Lilly Belle meet you there,” Louis tells them. I looked at Louis, “you got fifteen minutes or I’m sending Liam to get you,” Harry warned us. We gave him a small nod before they left us at the park. I turned to Louis, “why did you want to stay back?” I asked. Louis kissed me hard, “just wanted to spend some time with my hot girlfriend,” he smiled against my lips.

“We can’t do anything, because once this costume comes off it staying off. And it’s too tight for anything else,” I tell him. Louis laughed a little, “so we have to wait until we get home?” he wondered. I nodded my head, “unless you want something right now?” I questioned. Louis kissed me again as he grabbed my hips, “no. I can wait until later,” he tells me. He ran his hands down to my bottom, "it is very tight. Are you wearing anything underneath?” Louis smirked. I nodded my head, “bra and knickers,” I tell him. He squeezed my bottom, “why do you always wear knickers?” Louis whined.

“Because I feel funny without them,” I admitted. Louis kissed my nose, “but I remember our first weekend together at the cabin. You didn’t wear any for a night,” he remembered. I shook my head, “I like how you left out the most important thing to that story,” I say. Louis kissed my nose again, “and what was that babe?” he smirked. I put my hand over his mouth to stopped him from kissing my nose again, “that you made me,” I smiled. Louis moved my hand away and kissed me, “but you also did something naughty that night and I had to punish you,” he whispered in my ear. I ran my hands up his chest to the sides of his neck, “I do a lot of naughty stuff,” I smiled.

“Like what?” Louis asked. I played with the back of his hair, “well I kissed Sophia and made out with Perrie tonight,” I replied. Louis pushed me into him, “do you want to get punished babe?” he wondered. I bit my bottom lip, “I might do,” I say. Louis picked me up and laid me down on the playground. He hovered over me with his hands on each side of my head, “but you said that this costume is too tight and once it’s off it’s off,” Louis reminded me.

“I know,” I smiled. I pulled him down on top of me before I started kissing him. I wrapped my legs around his waist, “babe are you trying to give me a boner?” Louis questioned. He started kissing my neck as I nodded my head, “if you give me a boner are you going to do something about it?” he wondered. I nibbled on his earlobe, “yes,” I whispered in his ear. Louis picked me up as I still had my legs wrapped around him, “let’s go somewhere more private,” he tells me.

“What’s wrong with here?” I wondered. Louis laughed a little bit, “because Liam will come back and I don’t want him to see my dick in your mouth,” Louis replied. I nodded my head before I started kissing his neck. I made sure to leave a mark, “fuck babe,” he groaned. He pushed me up against a tree that was about twenty metres away from the playground. We were surrounded by trees and bushes, so you really had to know that we where there. I wrapped my arms around Louis neck as he kissed me. I felt one of his hands move to the front of my costume to the zipper. He pulled it down slowly, “you know,” he started. He removed my belt, “I could fuck you against this tree,” he continued. I felt his cold hand on my stomach, “because I can pull this outfit down enough,” he smirked.

“You would like that,” I say. I put my feet on the ground, “I would love to do that,” he says. He pulled my arms out of the top of the costume. He turned me around and I put my hands against the tree. He kissed down my back, “we have under ten minutes,” he tells me. Louis pulled the bottom half of my costume down with my knickers to my mid-thigh. I turned around to see Louis undoing his pants before he put a condom on himself. I bit my lip as he ran his fingers between my legs, “already wet babe,” he smirked. I felt his member between my legs, “babe this might,” he started.

“Lou,” I whined. He ran his member a couple of times up and down between my legs. He entered me slowly and we both moaned, “babe got to be quiet. Don’t want to get caught,” Louis groaned. He grabbed my hips before he started moving in and out of me slowly, “we need to be faster babe,” he added. I nodded my head as I bit my bottom lip. Louis started going in and out of me faster and it felt incredible. He dug his fingers into my hips as he hit the right spot. I bit my lip harder to stop a moan escaping my mouth. Louis kissed between my shoulder blades, “no holding back babe,” he whispered. I felt his hand moved to between my legs to rub my button. I really wanted to scream on how good this felt. Louis pulled me closer to him, so he could kiss me, “I’m close babe,” he tells me. I gave him a small nod before I put my hands back on the tree. Louis thrust hard a couple times into me which sent us both over the edge. Louis kissed up my back after he pulled himself out of me.

After we got redressed my legs felt wobbly, “you might need to give me a piggy back ride to the party,” I tell him. Louis turned around, so I could jump on his back. When I was on his back and he had a hold of me properly we started walking. I kissed his neck, “I love you,” I whispered. Louis stopped to turn his head towards me. He kissed me, “I love you,” he smiled. We started walking again, “what made you dress up as Hawkeye?” I asked.

“Because his you’re favourite,” Louis replied. I kissed his neck, “but I will admit that I never thought you would dress up as Black Widow. So what do you want from me in return?” he wondered. I bit my lip, “I want a bath and a massage,” I tell him. Louis smiled, “just that?” he questioned. I kissed his neck again, “with you,” I smiled against his skin. He stopped all of a sudden and I looked to see why. I saw Sophia on top of Liam on a park bench. They haven’t noticed us, “are they?” I started. Louis quickly nodded his head, “shh,” Louis whispered. He quickly turned around, but Louis phone started ringing. I closed my eye as I heard Sophia scream in embarrassment. Louis got his phone out of his pocket, “Harry,” he says. I hid my face into Louis neck, “me and Lilly Belle heading back, but as we were heading back. We um caught Liam and Sophia having sex on a park bench. So we head back by ourselves. See you soon,” he tells Harry.

“I don’t know what to think,” I mumbled. Louis started walking quickly, “nothing. It was just a dream,” he reassured me. I laughed a little, “why would I dream that?” I asked. Louis shook his head, “well you and Soph did want to swap us for one night,” Louis reminded me. I wrapped my arms around him tighter, “I just want you,” I tell him. Louis kissed my hand, “I just want you too,” he smiled. I leant my head into his, “babe do you know why Niall wants to party tonight?” Louis asked.

“Anne got Theo tonight at home. So I don’t think Niall wants to go home just yet. Anne said that he could stay out tho,” I tell him. Louis nodded his head as he stopped. He got his phone out and started typing on it, “I have an idea,” he says. I got off his back before we started walking in a different direction.

We ended up in front of a motel, “I maybe be slightly confused,” I admitted. Louis smiled at me, “I’ll get Harry and Niall a room tonight. I don’t think you want Harry to stay over mine tonight,” he explained. I shook my head, “but why this one?” I asked. Louis grabbed my hand, “because it stumbling distance from the party,” Louis replied. We went inside to the front desk and there was a man in his forties sitting behind it. Louis leaned over the counter, “I would like a room for the night,” he tells them man. The man stood up, “king size bed?” the man asked. Louis nodded his head, “yep,” Louis says. The man looked at me, “late check out?” he questioned. Louis nodded his head again, “seventy pounds,” the man tells him. Louis got his wallet out and gave the man the money. The man made Louis fill in some forms before he gave the key over to him.

When we got outside Louis turned to me and looked me up and down, “baby you alright?” I wondered. Louis nodded his head, “it just he was looking at you funny,” he says. I kissed him, “I’m glad that we not staying here,” he added. I nodded my head, “so am I. Niall and Harry can have all the kinky sex they want here,” I smiled. Louis kissed me, “but we still have to party first,” he reminded me.

We got back to the party to be greeted by Harry and Niall at the front. Harry had his arms crossed, “I said fifteen minutes you been gone for forty-five minutes,” Harry says. Louis threw him the key, “got you a present,” Louis smiled. Harry was confused about the key, “it’s a motel room. Not far from here,” I explained. Niall takes the key off of him and put it in his pocket, “thanks,” Niall says. Harry looked at Niall, “it’s not like you have any place to put it,” Niall pointed out.

“I could put if one place that I know that you’ll like to go,” Harry smirked. Louis covered my ear, “sex talk babe,” he whispered in my ear before covering it back up. I saw Harry and Niall still talking to each other and I felt Louis laugh. Niall quickly kissed Harry before Louis uncovered my ears, “what happened?” I asked Louis. He wrapped his arms around me, “just triple x rated stuff that they’re going to do later,” he replied. I nodded my head as I looked at Harry and Niall, “so how do we make this party a good one?” I asked.

“We go in there changed the music, call for body shots and get people absolutely smashed,” Niall smiled. I nodded my head as Liam and Sophia walked over to us. Sophia couldn’t look at me or Louis, “what took you so long? Lou and Flower managed to get a motel room before coming back,” Harry asked them. Sophia looked down, “they got a motel room?” Liam questioned. Harry nodded his head, “for me and Niall,” Harry tells him. Liam looked at me and Louis, “Payno we are not going ignore the fact that Louis and Lil caught you two having sex on a park bench,” Niall tells him.

“We were the innocent ones for once,” Louis lied. Liam looked at Louis closely, “then what’s with the hickey?” Liam pointed out. Louis laughed a little, “making out. We couldn’t do anything. Lilly Belle costume is so tight that I’m going to have to rip it off her later,” Louis kept lying. Liam nodded his head, “you know it not all about sex with us. We do talk,” I say. Harry nodded his head, “which reminds me. I need to talk to you two,” Harry tells me and Louis. We nodded at him, “well why they do that. We’ll start this party,” Niall smiled.

As soon as Liam, Sophia and Niall left Harry stood next to us. Louis arms got tighter around me, “any voices?” Harry asked. I shook my head, “not tonight,” I tell him. Harry put his hands on my shoulders, “do you mean no voices tonight or can we not start this tonight?” Harry wondered. I looked down, “both,” I sighed. I looked back up at Harry, “I just want to have fun tonight. I don’t want to have a heart to heart while you’re dressed as Miley Cyrus. We can do it another time,” I admitted. Harry kissed my forehead, “tomorrow night,” he tells me. I shook my head, “yes or we are going home now,” he warned me. I rolled my eyes, “fine, but Louis and Niall are going to be there,” I tell him. Harry nodded his head, “can I ask why Niall?” Harry questioned. I smiled, “because he owes me,” I replied.

We went inside to see Niall dancing on top of the dining room table. When he saw us, “body shots!” he yelled. People cheered him as he got off the table and came over to us, “we were waiting for you guys to come in,” Niall tells us. He took us over to dining room table, “I think Liam and Soph should go first,” Harry says. I nodded my head as Liam and Sophia came over with a bowl of lime wedges. Harry takes the bowl, “on the table Soph. your first,” he smiled. Sophia sat on the table and pulled the bottom of the dress up. Liam put a salt line on her thigh, “here you go,” Harry says. He put a lime wedge in Sophia mouth. Niall gave Liam a shot of tequila before Liam licked the salt off of Sophia thigh. He takes the shot and then grabbed the lime for Sophia mouth. Sophia pulled him back for a kiss, “hey I get to do that to you now,” I smiled at Louis.

“Thank fuck for that,” he smiled back. He pulled me close to him, “because I wanted you to do that the first time we did this,” he added. Louis picked me up and laid me down onto the table. He unzipped the top of my costume all the way down to my belly button. He put the line of salt between my breasts before putting the lime in my mouth. Louis took his shot off of Niall, “ready?” Louis asked. He licked the salt, took his shot and took the lime out of my mouth. He kissed me after he dropped the lime onto the table. Louis pulled away after Niall started complaining, “I dare Niall to do one off of Harry.” Louis smirked.

“What the fuck?” Harry swore. Everyone was looking at them, “I second Louis,” Liam says. I knew the boys were trying to help Niall and Harry out, so they didn’t have to do it off a girl. Niall looked at Harry, “if you both do one off each other. I’ll do whatever you want,” Louis tells them. Liam agreed with Louis, “if we do. I want you and Liam to do one off each other,” Niall smiled. Louis and Liam nodded their heads, “do you what us to go first to show you how it’s done?” Liam teased. Niall and Harry nodded their head, “please do,” Harry smiled. Liam got on the table after he undid his top, “now no kissing me,” Liam tells Louis. I put the lime in his mouth, “where do you want the salt?” Sophia asked.

“Chest,” Louis replied. Sophia put a line of salt in the middle of Liam’s chest. Niall gave Louis his shot before he licked the salt off of Liam. He took his shot and took the lime out of Liam’s mouth. Louis kissed me after he was done, “now it’s your turn,” I smiled against Louis lips. I unzipped Louis’s top, “just remember your mine,” I joked. Louis laid down on the table and Sophia put the salt line in the middle of Louis’s chest. I kissed him before I put the lime in his mouth. Liam did the shot quickly, “now Harry and Niall’s turn,” Sophia smiled. Niall took the top off his costume, “thank you,” Harry whispered to me and Louis.

After Niall and Harry did their shots. Sophia and I did our shots off of each other as well. Then most people at the party joined in and never questioned they boys. Everyone at the party started to get drunk, “now this is a party,” Niall smiled. I wrapped my arm around him, “you enjoying yourself?” I wondered. Niall nodded his head, “it’s nice to have a night off from Theo,” he smiled. I kissed his cheek, “you deserve it,” I tell him. Niall smiled at the floor, “you know it means a lot to me. That you and Louis got me and Harry a room for tonight. I know Anne’s got him, but if we go back there. I can’t help but cheek on him. I need a life away from the kid, but I don’t want to go to far,” Niall confessed.

“Niall you deserve happiness. I know Harry gives you that and so does Theo. It’s alright to want a night off from everything,” I reassured him. Niall smiled at me, “then let’s party!” Niall yelled. I laughed at him, “then let’s do something fun,” I smiled. Niall grabbed my hand, “lets dance! Our men won’t mind,” he smiled. He dragged me over to a mass of people dancing. I laughed really hard when Niall started dancing. He was waving his arms in the air and it was not in time with music. He grabbed my hands, so we could dance together.

After a couple of songs Niall and I decided to find Louis and Harry. We found them outside smoking, “hey,” I smiled. Louis pulled me close to him, “enjoy yourself?” he wondered. I nodded my head before I took his smoke off of him. I take a drag, “babe if you wanted one. I give you one,” Louis tells me. I shook my head, “just want a couple of drags,” I say. Louis got a new smoke out, “keep that one,” he smiled. He lit up his new smoke, “why are we the life of the party?” Harry wondered.

“because we the fun people,” Niall replied. I noticed Harry and Niall standing really close to each other. I felt bad for them since they couldn’t be like me and Louis. Harry gave Niall his smoke, “so I think we should play a game,” I suggested. The boys looked at me, “we just need Soph and Liam,” Louis pointed out. We all looked around for them, “I think their hiding from us since we caught them,” Louis says. I nodded my head, “Liam! Sophia!” Harry shouted.

“like they can here us,” Niall tells Harry. What shocked us Liam and Sophia came over to us, “how can we help you?” Liam asked. Sophia still hasn’t looked at me, so I stood next to her. I wrapped my arm around her, “you know I not going to say anything about what I saw,” I reassured her. She looked at me, “plus you want to have lesbian sex with me,” I teased. Sophia smiled, “you wanna go do that now?” she joked.

“oh no you don’t,” Louis says as he pulled me away from her. Sophia pouted, “this is my Lilly Belle and I’m the only one that’s gets to do stuff to her,” Louis tells Sophia. Harry raised an eyebrow at him, “what kinda stuff?” Harry wondered. Louis looked around, “stuff that you don’t want to know,” Louis mumbled. Harry laughed a little bit, “you two can do whatever you want, but Flower got to agree with it,” Harry tells him. I was shocked and so was everyone else, “you feeling alright hunny?” Niall asked.

“yes I’m fine. I come to realize in these past couple of weeks that Flower not a little girl anymore. I wish she was, so I could look after. But she has Lou and can look after herself now. I just wanted to be the big brother that hurts every guy that went near her. However, Louis managed to sneak his way in without me noticing and I’m glad. I’m glad that they are together and I really don’t care what they get up to anymore. As long as Louis not hurting her,” Harry confessed. What surprised me was Louis hugged him before I could. Louis whispered something into his ear that I couldn’t hear. Harry smiled at him as he nodded his head. I hugged Harry next, “thank you,” I tell him.

“it’s alright. Just in the far future when you are pregnant. Can you tell me when Niall there?” he asked. I nodded my head, “thanks, because I still think I’ll hit him,” he says. I laughed a little bit, “oh Niall told me you plan about Theo,” I started. Harry pulled back, so he could look at me, “and if it’s what you and him want to do together. I’m happy for you both and I’ll help in anyway,” I finished. Harry kissed my cheek, “thank you Flower,” he smiled. I kissed his cheek, “I love you,” I say. Harry hugged me tight, “I love you,” he whispered. I moved back until I was next to Louis again, “I think something wrong with Harry,” Niall joked.

“nothing wrong with me,” Harry tells him. Niall nodded his head, “you wouldn’t accept it weeks ago and now you are. I don’t get it. We fought over it and you still didn’t see my point,” Niall argued. I looked at Louis and he was already looking at me, “well I’m sorry that all it took was to hear that Flower wasn’t a virgin anymore,” Harry argued back.

“guys calm down. Everything alright now and we should just move on,” Louis interrupted before they continued. Harry and Niall looked at him, “the main thing is that Harry finally alright with it,” Louis pointed out. Niall and Harry nodded their heads, “you know you did help,” Harry says to Niall. Harry hugged Niall and before he could stop himself. Harry kissed Niall on the lips, “shit,” Harry swore. Niall was white as a ghost as we all looked around to see if anyone saw. I think no one did, “baby no one saw. I’m sorry,” Harry reassured him.

“Louis kiss me,” Liam demanded. Louis quickly kissed Liam, “ok ladies we’ve done your dare. Now it’s our turn,” Liam said a bit too loud. I smiled at him, “Soph I dare you to stick your hand down Lilly Belle’s pants,” Louis says. Sophia unzipped the top of my costume before he stuck her hand down my pants. She placed it on top of my knickers, “what happed to only you can touch me?” I questioned Louis. He shrugged his shoulders, “we’re playing a game, so it’s alright,” he smiled. I looked at Niall to see he was back to normal, “thanks guys,” Niall says.

After five minutes Louis told Sophia that she could take her hand out of my pants. We were all still outside, “all it took for this party to change from boring to something fun. Was good music and body shots,” Harry pointed out. We all nodded our heads, “why was it boring?” I wondered. They all shrugged their shoulders, “some parties just are,” Louis says. He wrapped his arms around me, “like I find parties boring without you there,” he tells me. I raised an eyebrow at him, “so what happened to the party that you went to without me? You came home drunk and high,” I asked. Louis looked down, “I thought we weren’t going to talk about that. I already said I was sorry,” Louis says.

“I know we did,” I say. Louis just looked at me, “then why did you bring it up?” he wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “stop,” Harry interrupted. We looked at him, “if you start talking about that night. You both are going to start fighting. None of us want that,” Harry added. Louis and I nodded our heads, “sorry,” I apologized. Louis kissed the side of my head, “I think we all should head home. It’s one,” Liam says. We all agreed with him, “well not me and Harry. We got a motel room,” Niall smirked.

We all said goodbye to each other before getting into the taxis that we called for. When Louis and I got back to his house, “I think we should play hide and seek,” he smiled. I was confused, “the kids game?” I questioned. Louis nodded his head and I laughed, “why?” I wondered. Louis pulled me closer to him, “I think it be fun,” he says. I shook my head, “I just want to get out of this costume,” I tell him. I unzipped the top, “but I want to play hide and seek,” he pouted.

“why do you really want to play hide and seek?” I asked him. Louis ran his hands down my sides, “because I was thinking that we could use it as roll play,” he started. I was confused, “I thought that Hawkeye could save Black Widow and then Black Window could pay him back with sex,” he smirked. I kissed him, “I was more thinking that Black Widow gets tied to the bed and Hawkeye can do whatever the fuck he wants,” I tell him. Louis shook his head, “I want Black Widow on top,” Louis admitted. Louis moved his hands to my bottom, “I don’t know Louis,” I whispered.

“babe it be alright. I’ll help you,” Louis tells me. I sighed, “I don’t think I’ll look good on top,” I tell him. Louis kissed me, “I think you look amazing on top. Lilly I think you’re the most beautifulest girl in the world,” Louis reassured me. I kissed him, “I’ll only do it if you find me,” I smiled. Louis kissed me again, “babe I know every spot in this house,” he smiled back.

I ran away before Louis started counting down from thirty. I hid in a cupboard that was in the hallway on the first floor. I hated waiting in a small space that was pitch black. I could hear Louis running around that house looking for me. I was so close of getting out of the cupboard, but Louis found me. He picked me up, “you alright babe?” he wondered. I kissed him, “I worked out why I never won hide and seek. I don’t like small places,” I tell him. Louis kissed me, “so I tortured my girlfriend and now I want her to fuck me. I’m a sick bastard,” Louis says. I placed my hand on his neck, “no you’re not. I forgot myself,” I reassured him. I kissed him as he started walking to his room.

When we got to his room Louis put me on the bed, “it’s all coming off even the wig. I want to have sex with my girlfriend,” Louis tells me. I smiled at him, “so you don’t want to fuck Black Widow?” I questioned. I sat up, “nah. I think my girlfriend prettier,” he smiled. Louis helped me take the wig off, “this is great foreplay,” I joked. Louis took my hair out, so it would fall down, “I think it is,” he started. I was shocked, “I love it when your hair is down. It makes you look more beautiful to me,” he confessed. I kissed him, “you need to stop saying stuff like that,” I whispered on his lips.

“why? It’s the truth,” he questioned. I kissed him again, “because I’m still not used to it and I don’t think I’ll ever be,” I admitted. Louis kissed me, “babe we’re going back to our first week together,” he tells me. He pushed me down onto the bed, “but we going to do it a little bit different,” he added. He kissed me deeply, “what are we going to do?” I wondered. Louis kissed my nose, “I’m going to kiss you all over your body, but we’re both going to be naked this time,” he replied. Louis kissed my forehead, “I would like that,” I smiled.

Louis and I both got undressed with help from each other. We sat on his bed naked with our legs underneath ourselves as we looked at each other, “you know your perfect to me?” he wondered. I shook my head before he kissed me, “well you are,” he smiled. He ran his fingers down my arm, “I hate you when you say the right things,” I say. I pushed him down on his back, “you know hate don’t fit that sentence. I think you should change it to love,” he smiled. I kissed him, “now say it again,” he added. I kissed him again, “nope,” I say. Louis stopped me from kissing him again, “no kisses until you say it,” he tells me. I ran my hand down his chest, “I love it when you say the right things,” I whispered.

“repeat that please. I didn’t hear you,” he teased. I quickly kissed him, “I love it when you say the right things,” I shouted a little bit. Louis kissed me as he pulled me down on top of him. He flipped us over, so that he was on top of me. He kissed me all over my face, “you know when we first did this. I thought it was going to be more romantic,” he admitted. I kissed him, “back then I didn’t care. All I wanted was for you to touch me and make me forget,” I tell him. Louis rolled me onto my back, “why do you always start with my back?” I asked.

“because I like to watch you,” he tells me. He kissed down the back of my neck and across my shoulders. He slowly kissed down my spine all the way down to just above my bottom. He ran his hands up my thighs as he kissed each of my butt cheeks. He slowly turned me around slowly, so I was on my back. He kissed me gently, “are you enjoying this?” he wondered. I nodded my head, “then why aren’t you moaning like you did the first time?” he questioned. I placed my hand on the side of his face, “because that was the first time someone touched me like that. I was letting it take over me,” I tell him. I ran my thumb across his cheek, “so you’re not letting this feeling take over?” he asked.

“I am and I love it, but I have been spoilt by sex. So I won’t moan that much,” I admitted. Louis kissed my nose, “just don’t fake it with me,” he says. I nodded my head, “but isn’t the part that I feel you,” I remembered. Louis smiled big, “if you want too,” he whispered. He grabbed my hand and ran it down his body to his member. He was hard, but not fully there, “like you I have been spoilt with sex,” he says. I kissed him, “now lets continued this,” he added. I stopped him, “after your finished with me. Can I do you?” I wondered. Louis nodded his head before I let him kiss my neck. He started sucking on the bit were it drives me crazy. He moved to my shoulder kissing all the way down to my hand. He did on the other side as well, but started at my hand. Louis kissed across the top of my chest, “but I can do this now,” he smirked against my skin.

“and what is that?” I questioned. Louis started kissing all over my breasts and I moaned. He started sucking on one of my nipples, “fuck this feels good,” I groaned. I put my fingers through his hair as he started sucking on my other nipple. I pulled on Louis’s hair and he he moaned around my nipple, “you liking this babe?” he smiled. He gently bit my nipple, “fuck,” I swore as I pulled on his hair more. Louis kissed down between my breasts down to my belly button. He kissed across my hips before going a bit lower. He moved down the bed to my feet, “can I start with your feet this time?” he asked as he grabbed my foot.

“why?” I wondered. Louis ran his thumb over my thought, “because I want to kiss every body part,” he smiled. I nodded my head before his kissed the top of my foot. He then kissed my ankle all the way up to my knee. He did the same on my other leg, “don’t you dare say what you said last time,” I warned him. Louis looked confused at me, “you said it after you kissed up my thighs,” I explained. Louis looked like he remembered, “my girl don’t like my dirty talk,” he smirked. I shook my head, “I love it, but moments like this. I don’t really want to hear it,” I admitted. Louis kissed my lips, “I understand,” he says.

“good boy,’ I teased. Louis kissed me again before he moved back down to my thighs. He kissed up the outside of my thigh to my hip. He did the same on the other side, “babe,” he started. I gave him a warning look, “you look beautiful from this angle,” he smiled. I shook my head as Louis kissed up my inner thigh to the middle on both legs. He placed his hands on my stomach, “be a good girl for me and stay still,” he says. Louis kissed each of my thighs as he got higher and higher up them. He kissed me a couple times between my legs, “Lou,” I moaned. He started running his tongue up and down my slit. I grabbed the bed sheets as he sucked on my button. He entered two fingers into me and moved them in and out, “god Lou,” I moaned. He curled his fingers in me, “fuck Lou. You need to stop or I’m going to cum,” I tell him. Louis looked at me, “then cum,” he smiled. I shook my head as I leant on my elbows to look at him properly, “why?” he questioned. He kept moving his fingers in and out of me, “because I love coming with you,” I admitted.

“but I love it when you cum more than once,” Louis admitted back. I grabbed his hand to stop him, “not this time baby,” I tell him. Louis kissed me, “your lucky that I love you,” he says. I kissed his forehead as I pulled him up, so he was closer to my face. I kissed him before pushing him on his back, “it’s my turn now,” I smiled. Louis pulled me to him and kissed me, “I don’t want full body,” he tells me. I nodded my head, “so where don’t you want it?” I wondered. I ran my hand down his chest, “back, legs and arms,” he replied.

“so that just leaves chest and dick,” I pointed out. Louis nodded his head, “also neck and stomach,” he says. I started kissing his neck, “mark me babe,” Louis tells me. I knew Louis loved the part just under his ear, so I sucked there. Louis dug his fingers into my hips, “fuck that’s the spot babe,” he moaned. I pulled back to see the mark I left and I kissed it. I quickly kissed Louis lips before I started kissing his chest. I kissed all over it making sure I kissed ever single one of his tattoos. Louis looked at me as I moved down to his abbs. I slowly kissed all over them, “I can’t believe this feels good,” Louis whispered.

“is this another first?” I wondered. Louis nodded his head as I kissed just under his belly button, “I take another first,” I smiled. I moved back a little before I kissed just above his knee, “babe,” Louis says. I kissed just above his other knee, “just let me do it. Please baby,” I begged. Louis nodded his head and I kissed up one of his thighs to his hip. I kissed across the front of him to his other hip before kissing down his thigh. I ran my hands up his thighs to his member. I ran my fingers up and down it a couple of times. I then kissed the tip all the way down to the base before I kissed back up to the tip. I sucked on the tip and Louis threw his head back. I put more of him in his mouth, “fuck babe,” Louis puffed. I slowly took him out of my mouth making sure I made a popping sound. Louis groaned as I put him back into my mouth. I started moving up and down until Louis stopped me. He pulled me on top of him, “do you still want me on top?” I wondered.

“yeah I do,” he smiled. He tucked my hair behind ear, “but right now you need to fucken kiss me,” he demanded. I kissed him and Louis pushed me more into him. I placed his face between my hands as Louis deepened the kiss. I ran my hands up his face to his hair and pulled on it slightly. He moaned into my mouth before I sat up. I straddled his waist, “you ready babe?” Louis asked. I nodded my head and went into his side table to grab out a condom. I moved back onto his thighs, so I could put the condom on. I looked at Louis as I bit my lip. Louis grabbed my hands, “just remember that I’m going to help,” he reminded me. I nodded my head before I moved closer to his member, “don’t think about how you look. Just remember that I think your perfect,” he tells me.

“ok,” I whispered. Louis placed my hands on his chest before he moved his hand to my hips. He lifted me up a little and moved me over his member. I positioned him at my entrance, “you ready?” he wondered. I nodded my head before Louis slowly lowered me down on himself. I moaned when he was all in me, “now just up and down babe,” he tells me. I felt embarrassed that Louis was telling me what to do. I started moving up and down on him slowly, “that’s it,” he smiled. I put my hand over his mouth, “no more talking. I think I get it,” I tell him. I moved my hand away, “ok,” he says. Louis grabbed my hands again, “babe you look amazing like this,” Louis moaned. I shook my head, “I said no talking,” I reminded him. Louis bit his lip as I got a little bit faster.

After a while at my slow pace Louis and I were both sweating. I pushed my hair back, “I know you said no talking, but babe can you go a little bit faster,” Louis begged. I got faster, “fuck I don’t think I can keep going,” I puffed. Louis pulled me down to him and kissed me. Louis wrapped his arms around my back as I placed my hands next to his head. Louis started thrusting in and out of me faster than I was. I grabbed the bed sheets into my hands as I moaned. Louis kept his pace and I knew I was about to cum soon. I grabbed his shoulders and dug my fingers into them. I hid my face into his neck as he kissed my shoulder. Louis hit a spot in me that made me moan loudly into his neck. He hit a couple more time and I came. He also came at the same time swearing uncontrollably.

We laid there with me on top of him, “you alright babe?” Louis wondered. I nodded my head as I moved my head to look at him. Louis pulled my hips up, so he could pull out of me. I moved down before he let my hips go. I rested my head on his chest, “do you still want your bath?” Louis asked. I nodded my head, “and my massage,” I reminded him. Louis laughed a little bit as he kissed my forehead, “well you got to get off of me babe,” he says. I sighed, “in a minute,” I tell him. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “you know we could just go to bed and you can have your bath tomorrow?” he suggested. I shook my head, “I want one now,” I say. I rolled off of Louis on to the bed, “well then stay here and I’ll go run the bath,” he tells me.

After a while Louis came and got me. He carried me all the way to the bathroom before putting me in the bath. Louis got in behind me and pulled me close to him, “why did you want a bath?” Louis asked. I leant my head on his shoulder as I looked at him, “I like being close to you,” I say. Louis kissed my forehead, “and how does a bath do that for us?” he questioned. I ran my fingers down his chest, “because I forget the world,” I admitted. Louis kissed my forehead, “I always forget the world when I’m with you,” I added. Louis leant his head into mine, “it’s like nothing can hurt us. We can say whatever we want,” he whispered. He hugged me tighter, “why did you want to kiss all over my body again?” I wondered.

“because I want to show you that I love every bit of you,” he confessed. I kissed his neck, “but why didn’t you let me kiss you all over your body?” I questioned. Louis looked down, “it feels different for me. It feels like I’m only meant to do it to you,” he tells me. I made him look at me, “but then how am I meant to show you that I love every bit of you?” I wondered. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “Lilly I’m still finding it hard that you love me back. I still trying to figure out what I did to deserve you,” Louis admitted. I kissed him, “I will always love the man that saved me from myself,” I reassured him. Louis looked away from me and I could swear that I saw tears in his eyes. I ran my hand up his chest to the side of his face. I gently pulled his face towards me and I was right. He was crying, “baby why are you crying?” I asked.

“because you’re the first person that’s not family to say those words to me,” he admitted. I kissed him, “I mean them too,” I whispered against his lips. He placed his hand on the back of my head to push me against his lips again. We kissed slowly never turning it to a make out session, “Lilly marry me?” Louis asked me. I pulled back to look at him, “marry me?” he repeated. I was shocked and I didn’t know what to say. Louis ran his hands up my arms, “why?” I wondered. Louis looked down, “because I don’t see life without you anymore. I love you so much that it hurts,” he confessed. I still didn’t know what to say, “I don’t know,” I say. I saw rejection come across Louis face, “I mean I need to think about it. We’re still in school and we’re so young,” I explained. Louis gave me a small nod, “I don’t care about that, but if you need time to think. Then I’ll wait,” he tells me. He kissed me before I laid against him.

We just laid there not talking as Louis drew patterns on my thighs. We got out when the water turned cold and went into his room. I got dress in a pair of his boxers and his black t-shirt. Louis just put on a pair of boxers. I brushed my hair and teeth and so did Louis. We still haven’t said a word to each other and it was killing me. I was scared that I could lose Louis if I say no. I sat crossed legged on his bed as Louis made sure that everything was locked up. When he came back I patted the spot in front of me, “sit please,” I say. Louis sat in front of me and crossed his legs too. I grabbed his hands, “before I give you my answer about marrying you. I want you to ask Harry, Marcel, Josh and Anne for permission first,” I tell him. Louis nodded his head slowly, “there going to say no,” he mumbled.

“don’t be so sure. Look at Harry tonight. He finally sees me as a grown up,” I reassured him. Louis nodded his head, “but Marcel would definitely say no. He hates me,” Louis pointed out. I sighed, “and he’ll get over it. But Lou the rest love you,” I tell him. Louis smiled a little, “it doesn’t hurt to ask,” I added. Louis pulled me to him, so I would sit in his lap facing him. I wrapped my legs around him, “babe if this is your way of telling me no. I’m alright with it. I just ask you again and again until you say yes,” Louis smiled.

“I’m not saying no, because I realized as I was thinking. That I’m scared to lose you. I don’t know what our future holds for us, but I do know I want to with you,” I admitted. Louis kissed me, “you know you just kinda said yes,” Louis says. I smiled as I nodded my head, “you still got to ask tho,” I reminded him. Louis sighed, “fine if it means so much to you. I’ll ask them for permission,” Louis tells me. I kissed him, “it means a lot to me,” I tell him. Louis ran his hands up my back under the t-shirt, “well after I asked them. I really should propose properly with a ring,” Louis says. I kissed him, “you know we don’t need to get married for me to stay with you?” I asked.

“I know, but my last name sounds good with your name,” he smiled. I shook my head, “who said I was changing my name?” I teased. Louis kissed my nose, “me or I don’t want to marry you,” he joked. I placed his face between my hands, “I know you do,” I smiled. I kissed him, “lets get to bed,” he smiled. We got into bed and I faced him, “Lou,” I started. Louis ran his fingers down my arm, “you know I’m scared to marry you?” I asked. Louis pushed my hair out of my face, “why?” he questioned.

“I’m scared that I won’t be good enough for you or that you get bored of me,” I admitted. Louis laughed a little bit, “I don’t think so. If I had any of these thoughts, I wouldn’t have asked you. Lilly I love you,” Louis reassured me. He kissed me, “lets go to sleep,” he tells me. I nodded my head before I kissed him, “goodnight my future wife. I love you,” Louis smiled. I shook my head as he kissed me, “goodnight,” I started.

“you better say it,” Louis interrupted. I laughed a little bit, “goodnight my future husband. I love you,” I laughed a little bit. Louis laughed a little bit, “we are sad people,” he says. I raised an eyebrow at him, “how?” I wondered. Louis poked my nose, “have you noticed that every time we go to bed and say goodnight. That we say stupid things. Like there was one time I said goodnight Lilly Belle my princess and you said goodnight Louis my superhero,” he pointed out. I kissed him, “do you just want us say goodnight?” I asked. Louis shook his head, “no, but we are going to run out of things to say,” he says. I kissed him, “lets go to sleep,” I tell him. I hid my face into his chest before he kissed the top of my head. I fell asleep thinking about Louis and I getting married.



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