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Chapter 13 – First

Chapter 13 - First

When I woke-up Anne was gone and Niall was sitting on the bed. He smiled at me, "morning," he says. I rubbed my eyes, "morning," I mumbled back. I sat up, "how's Lou?" I wondered. Niall looked down, "he alright. Just upset with himself for scaring you. He is actually downstairs. He thinks you're at your mothers. So you don't have to see him if you don't want to," he tells me. I played with my fingers, "I do want to see him. I just I don't know how I will react," I admitted.

"Well we are all here for you, so take your time," Niall reassured me. As he was about to get off the bed I grabbed his arm, "can you stay?" I begged. Niall nodded his head, "you're just lucky that Lou thinks that I'm in Harry's room," he smiled. I smiled back, "thanks," I say. I played with my fingers again, "Ni what would you do if you were in my shoes?" I asked. Niall grabbed my hand, "Lil what your feeling is alright. I actually want to know something about you tho," he started. I nodded my head slowly for him to continue, "did you talk to anyone about it what happened to you or did you just went on with life?" he questioned. I looked down, "I just went on with life. I had no one to talk to about it since no one believed me it was Matt. The teacher that stopped it left not long after," I confessed. I looked at Niall, "I have a request for you. I want you to talk to someone about it since now it effecting you," he tell me. I nodded my head, "I thought about talking to Veronica about it. I seem comfortable with her," I tell him. Niall nodded his head, "I think that's a wise choice. I don't want to see you have a panic attack again, because Harry nearly had a panic attack too," he says.

"On the subject of Veronica and that I also want to change the subject. Did you really have a crush on her?" I wondered. Niall laughed a little bit, "ok I will tell you the truth if you don't tell anyone," he tells me. I nodded my head, "I promise," I smiled. Niall took in a deep breath, "I didn't have a crush on her. I had one on Zayn. It just that Liam caught me checking out Zayn when he was talking to Veronica. So Liam thought I was checking her out. I never corrected him, because I didn't want him to find out that I was gay," Niall admitted. Niall seemed nervous, "so when I pointed out that Veronica looks like Zayn. You thought I was on to you about being gay?" I questioned. Niall nodded his head, "so when Zayn was making jokes about how he likes to be on top. Were you turned on?" I wondered. Niall shrugged his shoulders, "I kinda was, but Harry and I were already fooling around than," he tells me. I gave him a small nod, "so how did you and Harry happen?" I asked.

"One night we went out together. Just the two of us and we got really drunk. We end up coming back here to his house since no one was home. He asked me to stay in his bed and I thought nothing of it, but when he closed his bedroom door he kissed me. I pushed him off, be he kissed me again. I kissed him back that time. Then one thing lead to another and that all you need to learn. That night I lost my ass virginity to Harry. I thought it was a one off thing with me and him, but he turned up at my house and it happened again. Then I turned up to his house just to see if it was when Harry felt like it. Like he had to dominate me for some fucked up reason. I was shocked when it wasn't and that night Harry lost his ass virginity to me. Me and Harry only been with each other," he confessed. Niall had a big smile on his face, "but can I ask why you fuck girls?" I wondered.

"One night I was going to tell my dad and my brother about me and Harry. I started asking what they think about gay people. That's when they told me that its wrong, disgusting and that if I was gay that disown me. So I told myself that it was just a faze with Harry since I was already fucked up. So I fucked May, but I always went back to Harry for more. I only fucked May once since she became friends with you girls and you know when that was. I told Harry straight away what happened with May. Let's just say that I was glad that I was drunk, because he gets hard when his mad. It just everything I do with May I have to do with Harry. I think now that I'm eighteen that I could tell my family, but I don't. I love Theo too much to leave him behind. I need to know that he is safe and looked after. Harry understands why I won't tell people, but after telling you and Lou last night made me think. People get hurt when secrets are kept and I don't want to hide anymore. It kills me when you and Lou do couple shit in front of me, because I want to do it with the man I love," Niall tells me. I hugged him, "don't be mad with Lou, but he told me what happened to Theo," I say. Niall nodded his head, "can you see why I want you to get help with yours?" he questioned. I nodded my head, "it just I have nowhere to go," I mumbled.

"Anne will have you in a heartbeat, so would Lou," he tells me. I looked down, "Liam said that I could move in with him too. His sister just moved out and that his parents said it be alright," I tell him. Niall seemed surprised, "you have so many options. You just need to choose. You know Harry would give up his room for you?" he wondered. I nodded my head, "have you seen a tattoo on Harry chest?" I asked to change the subject. Niall nodded his head, "the lily on his chest. I thought it was strange at first, so I asked him about it. All he told me that it had meaning. Then when Harry introduced you to us. I finally got why he had it. I actually got jealous, but Harry told me that you're like his little sister. So I was fine with it. I know a lot of our tattoos have no meaning and are stupid, but we do have our special ones," Niall started. He lifted his top up to me Theo's name on his side next to his heart, "like this one," he smiled. I smiled too, "you're such a sucker for that little guy. That I find it incredibly cute," I teased. He smiled big, "says the girl that wouldn't put him down," he says as he pushed me.

"Um hunny are you sure that your gay?" we heard Harry question. We looked at him standing in the doorway, "yep. Just keeping Lil company," he smiled. Harry came over and kissed Niall. I'm happy with them being gay and together. It just different to see them kiss, "so are you going to see Lou?" Harry wondered. He sits on the bed next to Niall's legs, "I do want to see him. I just I don't know how I will react," I say again. Harry nodded his head, "Niall already told me that you all will be down there," I added. Harry smiled, "so do you want to get this over and done with?" Niall asked. I nodded my head as I got out of bed, "I think if I keep putting it off. It just going to get worse," I say. Harry nodded his head, "oh Josh is downstairs too," he tells me. I smiled big, "so his back from Italy?" I questioned. Harry smiled, "yep he got back yesterday," he says.

We all made it slowly downstairs to the lounge room, "ok his out the back with Josh and there talking about something, but Josh don't look happy," Harry tells me. Zayn walked into the lounge room, "Lil?" he questioned. He hugged me, "how are you?" Zayn wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, "I have to see him first before I can answer that," I tell him. Zayn gave me a small nod, "I better go see him," I added.

I slowly walked outside, "hey," I mumbled. Louis and Josh looked at me, "there my little sister," Josh smiled. He hugged me and I hugged him back, "can I talk to Louis alone for a minute?" I asked him. Josh nodded his head before he went inside. Louis looked me up and down, "you stayed here last night?" he questioned. I nodded my head, "then why did they tell me you went home?" he whispered. I played with my fingers, "because what happened last night. Well this morning," I replied. Louis looked down, "I know the word sorry is not going to make-up for last night, but I am sorry. I'm sorry that you had to see that. I'm sorry that I scared you, but I'm really sorry for hurting you. I understand that you don't want to see me anymore," he apologized. I started crying, "why didn't you just come home?" I asked. Louis looked at me, "because Brian was up to something and it was about you. I couldn't leave," he tells me. I sighed, "but why take the drugs?" I questioned.

"Because," he started. I shake my head, "because what Lou? Because it so hard to be with me and my fucked up life? Or you don't want a normal life?" I snapped. I didn't want to get angry with him, but I couldn't help it, "it nothing like that Lilly. I like this normal life with you. I'm the fucked up person that didn't think about you or even us last night. I just thought about myself like I always do. I'm scared about change. I'm scared that I could lose the best thing that has ever happened to me. You fucked me up Lilly and I don't know what to do. I don't know how to be in a normal relationship. I don't know how to be normal," he confessed. I looked down, "am I the best thing that have ever happened to you?" I whispered. Louis came closer to me, "yes you are. I have never love someone so much as I love you," he tells me. Louis slowly lifted up my face to look at him, "I have never love someone so much as I love you," I admitted. Louis smiled as he kissed me, "I love you," I smiled. Louis pushed me into him, "I love you," he whispered on my lips. I wrapped my arms around him, "but if you ever do that to me again. I will have your balls in a jar," I warned him. Louis smiled as he nodded his head, "I mean it," I tell him. Louis kissed me, "I know. It just that you said I love you," he points out. I felt my cheeks go red, "why are you blushing?" he teased.

"I didn't realized that I said I love you. It just felt normal to say it. Like I was meant to say it," I admitted. Louis kissed my forehead, "because you do love me," he smiled big. I kissed him, "I love you Louis William Tomlinson," I say. Louis kissed me, "I love you Lilly Camellia Underwood," he says back.

We went back inside to the others except Josh and Anne, "so no freak out?" Niall asked. I shake my head, "everything alright now," I smiled. Louis wrapped an arm around me, "but he still got to apologize properly," I say. Louis groaned, "still not letting that go," he whispered. I shake my head, "remember nothing sexual," I remind him. Louis started thinking, "make it big," Zayn tells him. Louis looked at him, "whatever your thinking make it bigger than you planned," he added. Louis gave him a small nod, "food on the table!" Anne called from the kitchen.

We all went into the kitchen, "where's Marcel?" I wondered. Harry started playing with his fingers, "um his gone to get Gemma," he mumbled. Gemma is Harry's and Marcel's sister that I haven't met yet. I started to get nervous since I probably look like hell. Louis rubbed my back, "it alright babe," he whispered in my ear. I walked away from them to the nearest bathroom. I started to wash my face as the bathroom door opened, "Flower are you alright?" Harry wondered as he came in. I nodded my head, "Flower you're not alright with Gemma coming," he says.

"I look like hell. I'm going to meet the girl that replaced me," I snapped. Harry hugged me tight, "we didn't replace you. Gemma is my sister just like you are, but you are my number one sister," he reassured me. I hugged him back, "if she don't like you. I will never see her again. There is no reason to hate you," he added. I hugged him tighter, "don't matter Harry. She blood and I'm not," I say. Harry kissed the top of my head, "Flower your more important to me than her. You will always be," he tells me. I smiled a little, "I found out last night that you have a tattoo on your chest," I started. I looked at Harry and he was smiling big, "you want to see that tattoo I got for ya?" he wondered. I nodded my head as I stepped back. Harry pulled up his top, "this was my third tattoo," he says as he pointed to it. The lily was pure white with detail through the tattoo. It was just beautiful, "it's really my only coloured one. It took about seven hours to do," he added. I ran my fingers across it, "it beautiful," I whispered. Harry grabbed my hand, "just like the person it for," he tells me. I smiled big, "I only have tattoos for you and mum," he says. I hugged him, "it means so much to me," I tell him. Harry hugged me tight, "now let's get back out there and show you off," he smiled. I laughed, "yes let's show off how I look like shit thanks to my boyfriend," I smiled. Harry laughed as we walked out of the bathroom.

We went back into the kitchen, "Flower," Marcel smiled. I hugged him, "now I would like you to meet Gem," he says. He pointed to a girl with blonde hair that I could tell that was dyed. She just looked like Harry and Marcel, "I'm Gemma and you must be Lilly," she smiled. I nodded my head as she hugged me. I noticed Harry was watching us closely, "it nice to meet you," I say. She stepped back, "so you're the famous Lilly they go on and on about. Well Harry does the most," she tells me. Harry wrapped his arm around me, "because we're like two peas in a pod," Harry smiled. Marcel acted hurt, "I thought we were. We shared a womb together for nearly nine months," he faked cried. Gemma hugged him, "it ok you got me," Gemma cooed. Harry rubbed my back, "babe I got you a plate full of food before Niall eats everything," Louis tells me as he came into the kitchen. Gemma looked at me before she looked at Louis, "really?" she questioned. The way she said it was like she didn't believe it, "yep. Going on seven weeks strong and even already said I love you," Harry tells her. Gemma seemed surprised, "but it Lou. Are you sure they're not fuck buddies and lying to you?" she asked. Harry shakes his head, "they're really together, so just get over it," he snapped. Anne came into the kitchen, "mum do you really believe that Lou and Lilly are together?" Gemma questioned. Anne nodded her head, "aren't they cute together?" Anne smiled. Gemma shakes her head as she left the kitchen, "sorry about her hunny. She just jealous of you since you got to grow up with the boys," Anne tells me. I gave her a small nod, "I actually understand her," I say. Harry looked confused, "I was so worried that she won't like me, because she you blood sister. To her I'm the replacement to all the years that she didn't know you guys," I explained. Harry nodded his head, "so you both see each other as replacements," Harry says. I shake my head, "I don't any more. I want to get to know her," I tell him.

I went into the dining room as they followed me. I sat down next to Zayn as Louis quickly takes the sit next to me. Harry sits down next to Niall, "so what made you come around?" I asked Zayn. He smiled at me, "to bash the shit out of Louis," he replied. Anne came in, "on the lawn please hunny," she joked. Well I hope she was joking, "I'll help," Josh smiled. I shake my head, "can that be my sorry?" Louis mumbled. I shake my head again, "think of something else. I don't want to clean you up," I tell him. Louis mumbled something, "so Josh how was Italy?" I wondered.

"Great. The food was great, the people were great and the country is beautiful," he beamed. Louis grabbed my hand, "how many chicks did you fuck?" Niall asked. Anne looked at him and Niall mumbled an apology, "only one. I think I'm in love with her," Josh smiled. I smiled big as Louis squeezed my hand, "so what going to happen now that your back here?" I wondered. Josh shrugged his shoulders, "we swapped information, but I only got back yesterday," he say. I gave him a small nod, "but please tell me what happened when I was gone," he added.

We all told him what's been going on at school and our personal lives. I nearly let it slip about Harry and Niall, but Louis covered it up for me. Gemma kept glaring at me the whole time. I was helping Anne clean up, "I see you and Lou are alright now," she points out. I smiled as I nodded my head, "I know last night scared the crap out of me, but we are both going to make mistakes in this relationship. I know Lou is used to doing whatever he wants and not caring about anyone, but he is still learning like I am," I tell her. Anne hugged me as she smiled, "everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes the mistake hurts too much to forgive," she says. I started to wonder if she was talking about my dad, "mum," we heard Gemma say. We pulled apart to look at her and she looked pissed at me, "yes dear?" Anne questioned. Gemma just shakes her head before she ran out.

I followed her to the backyard. When Gemma looked at me I could see tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry," I apologized. She quickly wiped her face, "why are you sorry?" she snapped. I took a step closer to her, "that I got to spend all that time with them and you didn't," I tell her. Gemma pushed me, "it not fair," she cried. She pushed me again, "why did you get to have the life that I was supposed to have?" she continued. I let her push me again, "why don't they talk about me like they talk about you?" she questioned. I hugged her before she could push me again, "it not fair," she cried into my shoulder. I rubbed her back, "I know it not and I wish you could have gotten those years with them. I wish I could have gotten those years with you too," I admitted. Gemma looked at me, "really?" she wondered. I nodded my head, "I would love for you to be my sister. Then maybe I wouldn't been so alone when the boys did something together," I tell her. I meant every word of it. I think if I grew up with Gemma I wouldn't be so dumbfounded about dresses, make-up and boys. Maybe my life would have been different, "then maybe we both wouldn't be so alone," she mumbled. I hugged her tighter as she hugged me back.

We stood there for a while not letting each other go, "I would actually like to get to know you Lilly. If you want to," Gemma says. I nodded my head, "same," I tell her. She stepped back from me, "and I'm sorry about questioning you and Lou," she apologized. I smiled at her, "but how did you manage to tie him down?" she questioned. I laughed, "I really don't know," I replied. She laughed with me, "but he really does love you. It's written all over him," she smiled.

We went back inside and Harry, Anne and Marcel were waiting for us. The all had smiles on their faces, "we're all cool?" Harry wondered. I nodded my head and so did Gemma, "I think we're better than cool," Gemma smiled. Harry hugged me before he hugged Gemma. Marcel and Anne also hugged us, "I'll make some tea," Anne says.

I went into the lounge room by myself to find Niall and Zayn. I smirked at Niall and he stuck his middle finger up at me. I held back from laughing out loud, "you and Gemma alright now?" Zayn asked. I nodded my head as I looked around for Louis, "Lou in the shower," Zayn smiled. I smiled back, "on the first floor," he added.

I found Louis in the bathroom with his head down under the shower. I took off my clothes before joining him. I wrapped my arms around him from behind, "hey," I say. Louis placed his hand over the top of mine, "you're going to get into trouble for being in here with me," he tells me. I could tell that he was smiling, "I don't care," I tell him. I kissed Louis between his shoulder blades, "you alright?" he questioned. I nodded my head against his back, "you?" I wondered. He nodded his head as well, "you wanna talk about last night?" he asked. He turned around as I left my arms around him, "me and your mum talked," I say. Louis wrapped his arms around me, "what did you talk about?" he questioned. I could tell that he was nervous, "about you," I replied. He bit his bottom lip, "she was explaining to me about the Louis I haven't met yet. The fucked up Louis," I tell him. Louis looked down, "you met him last night," he mumbled. I made him look at me, "no. I met broken Louis last night. The Louis that was telling everyone there how he really felt," I tell him. I kissed him lightly, "I also met the Louis that was really happy for his friends being together," I added. Louis smiled a little, "you know when Niall was around you. I always told myself that he was gay. Just to make my fucked up jealous thoughts to go away," he admitted. I laughed a little bit, "who would have thought it was true?" I smiled. Louis kissed me, "are you happy for them?" Louis wondered.

"Yep. I just want them to be happy," I tell him. Louis kissed me again, "I think everyone taken now," he says. I nodded my head, "can I ask you something?" I wondered. Louis nodded his head, "why did you tell your mum about my mother?" I questioned. Louis looked down, "I am finding it really hard to control myself when I see your mother. So one night when mum called me and I told her what was happing. I think she felt relieved that I was feeling like this, because if I wasn't I'm really fucked up. However she also understood why I keep my mouth shut too. I don't want to get you into more trouble," he confessed. He looked at me, "Lilly I don't want you living there anymore. I can't take it. I'm so close to telling Anne and Harry, but I don't want to betray you like that," he added. I felt tears in my eyes, "not today Lou. Too much has already happed this weekend," I begged him.

"Has it gotten worse at home Lilly?" he demanded. I didn't want to tell him that it has. My mother is coming out with worst insults and she not afraid to hurt me now. I looked down and Louis unwrapped his arms from around me. He quickly grabbed a towel and put it around himself, "Louis what are you doing?" I questioned. He opened the bathroom door, "going to stop this shit with your mother. You can hate me all you want for it, but it ending now," he tells me. I quickly got out of the shower and grabbed a towel. I wrapped the towel around myself, but before I could stop him. He was gone, "Harry, Marcel, Anne!" Louis shouted. I caught up to him, "Louis please don't," I begged. Louis turned to me, "I'm fed up with this Lilly," he snapped. Zayn and Niall stood at the end of the hallway, "get them now," Louis ordered. They disappeared, "please," I cried.

"Why do you want to protect that bitch?" Louis wondered. I shake my head, "I don't want to protect her. I want to protect me. I don't want people to pity me, because she's a bitch," I say. Louis shakes his head, "that's a fucked up excuse and you know it. You just don't want to face the fact that you've been lying to them," Louis spat. He was right, "like I said Lilly you can hate me for it, but I am telling them about your mother," he reminded me. I felt numb, "what did that bitch do now?" Anne asked. I could tell that she was angry, "that bitch is fucking abusing Lilly," Louis tells her. I didn't want to look at her, "and you knew about it?" Harry questioned. I knew everyone was there, "why didn't you fucken tell me? This sort of stuff you don't keep from me," Harry snapped. I didn't know if he was talking to me or Louis "who else fucken knew?" Harry kept going. I just want it all to stop, "how about we let them get dressed and then they can tell us?" Anne suggested. Louis came near me, "just don't," I tell him. Gemma came up next to me, "you can borrow some of my clothes," she says. She grabbed my hand, "thanks," I whispered. She squeezed my hand, "that what sisters are for," she tells me.

She takes me to the spare room, "Lilly don't be mad at Louis. He only doing the right thing," Gemma says. I slowly nodded my head, "I know," I mumbled. Gemma placed some clothes on the bed, "Lilly I'm here for you. You don't have to be strong anymore with us. It ok to cry and feel weak," she tells me. She hugged me tight, "I let you get dressed," she says. When she left I slowly got dressed in the track pants and top she gave me. After I got dressed I opened the bedroom door to see Niall and Gemma, "do you want us there?" Niall asked. I shake my head, "it should be alright," I say.

I slowly made my way to the lounge room by myself. Anne, Harry and Marcel were sitting on the lounge. Louis came up next to me and I grabbed his hand. He squeezed it, "please sit," Anne tells us as she pointed to the coffee table in front of her. Louis and I sit down on it and I never let go of Louis hand. They looked at us, "what been going on at home?" Anne asked. I looked at Louis, "her bitch of a mother has been abusing her," Louis says. I looked down, "how bad is it?" Harry questioned. Louis squeezed my hand, "it was name calling at first until the day she hit me about six weeks ago. Then after that she would hit me sometimes," I confessed. Louis let go of my hand so he could put his arm around me, but he grabbed my hand with his other hand. Harry put his hands on my knees, "why didn't you say anything Louis?" Harry spat. I shake my head, "he only knew about the first time she hit me," I tell him.

"He should have told me when he found out," Harry tells me. Louis squeezed my hand again, "I found out on the first day I met her. When I took her home that afternoon. That was the reason why we were late. I wanted to tell you, but Lilly asked me not to," Louis says. Harry squeezed my knees, "who else knew?" he asked. I bit my bottom lip, "um Josh, Zayn, Perrie, Liam and Niall," I say. Harry stands up, "why am I always the last one to know with you? What have I done?" Harry questioned. I could tell that he was hurt, "nothing. I just wanted us to be happy. I don't want you to know any of this shit," I admitted. Harry groaned, "but this is the shit I'm meant to know and making Niall keep it from me. That just low Lilly," Harry snapped.

"I didn't ask Niall to keep it from you. He worked out what was going on all by himself. He wanted me to tell you last night," I snapped back. I took in a deep breath, "last night at the hospital this what Louis was going on about and you wouldn't tell me. I know Louis was in hospital, but you should have told me before that," Harry says. Louis squeezed my hand, "you're not going back there," Anne tells me. The front doorbell rang, "I'll get that," Anne tells us. She gets up and walked out of the lounge room, "what's going to happen?" I asked. Harry looked at me, "well you need a guardian until you eighteen, because of your mark," Harry points out. I nodded my head, "what mark? I know Harry got a mark for fighting," Marcel questioned. We looked at him, "suicide," I tell him. Marcel was shocked, "she's alright now," Harry reassured him. Louis squeezed my hand, "Billy I like you to meet Lilly," Anne introduced as she walked in with a man. Billy was in his late thirties, "hi," he smiled. I stood up to shake his hand, "nice to meet you," I say as we shook hands.

"And this is Louis," Anne tells him. Louis shakes his hand, "Billy and I will be right back. Harry can you come with me for a second?" Anne asked him. Harry, Anne and Billy leaves us, "um who is he?" I asked Marcel. He stood up, "his the family lawyer," he replied. I was shocked, "looks like you're moving in with us," he added. I slowly nodded my head, "no," Harry smiled as he came back in. We all looked at him, "I already see so many problems, but that something I have to get used to. There also going to be a lot of rules too and yes Lou most them about you," Harry tells us. Marcel agreed with him, "like Lou not allowed to stay over on weekdays and your also not allowed to go there," Marcel says. I looked at Louis as I sat back down, "Flower you don't have to hide any more. You're going to be safe here," Harry tells me.

"It just I don't want to become a burden to you guys," I tell them. Harry and Marcel laughed a little bit, "you can never be a burden to us," Marcel reassured me. I smiled a little, "but your relationship with Lou could be. Louis coming around to see you and not me. It's going to hurt me. He was my best friend before he was your boyfriend," Harry pouted. I looked at Louis, "you can still have him," I smiled. Harry shakes his head, "yep. It be nice to have time away from him," I added. Harry shakes his head again, "he be wondering what you're doing and be so annoying until he can see you again," Harry teased. We laughed a little bit, "you know I am sitting here?" Louis smiled. We all nodded our heads, "Lilly can I talk to you?" Anne asked as she came in. I nodded my head as I stood up, "I'll be alright," I whispered to Louis before I kissed him.

I went into the kitchen with Anne to see Billy sitting at the breakfast bench. Billy motioned me to sit next to him, so I did, "now Lilly Anne wants you to live here with her and the boys. If you want?" Billy tells me. I nodded my head, "but for you to do that you need to report your mother to the police," he added. I started to panic and Anne put her hand on my back. She rubbed it a little, "it be alright. I'll be there," Anne reassured me. I gave her a small nod, "so we need to go down to the police station and your boyfriend needs to come too. He also needs to make a report. Do you know if anyone else can make a report too?" Billy asked.

"Um Josh," I replied. Billy wrote that down, "he knew since he stayed over when we were younger," I added. Anne nodded her head, "Josh!" she yelled. Josh came in, "Josh are you willing to make a report against Lilly's mother?" Billy asked him. Josh nodded his head quickly, "of course," he says. He looked at me, "you alright Lilly?" he wondered. I shake my head, "I need some air," I tell them.

I quickly went outside to the backyard. I kept taking deep breaths to calm my nerves. I can't believe this was happening. Something that I always wanted was happening and I was scared. I noticed someone smokes, so I grabbed one. I lit it up and took a big drag, "you know smoking bad for you?" I heard Anne say. I looked at her, "I know. I wish I never started," I tell her. She comes and stood next to me, "I know this is all a bit much for you, but you know it got to be done," Anne tells me. I nodded my head as I looked down, "it just," I started.

"Lilly hunny. I'm not mad at you for not telling us. I'm mad at your dad," Anne interrupted. I looked at her, "I'm mad at your dad, because he knew what your mother was doing to you and he didn't do anything about it. The reason you left all those years ago was, because I told your dad to let you live with me and for him to leave," Anne confessed. I was shocked, "Lilly I loved your dad, but I love you more," she added. I started to cry, "did you fight with me?" I wondered. Anne nodded her head, "I tried so hard in those six years you were gone, but because you didn't report anything. I couldn't do anything. Then your dad put a restraining order on me and I couldn't go anywhere near you. I knew where you were and I was going to send the boys, but I sent Billy's sister Jessica. She told me you were a quiet kid, but happy. I hoped at home changed for you. I hoped that your parents changed, but you just got better at hiding it from people," she explained. I didn't know how to respond to that, so I just cried more. I dropped my smoke and hugged Anne tight, "everything going to be alright now. You're safe," she cooed as she hugged me back tight.

When I stopped crying and calmed down we went back inside. I went straight to the bathroom to fix my hair and my face. As I was brushing my hair Louis came into the bathroom, "you alright?" he asked. I nodded my head, "Anne told me the reason why we left all those years ago. It was because she wanted to keep me and not my dad. She wanted my dad gone," I tell him. Louis wrapped his arms around me, "she told my dad to give me to her and for him to leave. She loves me more than she loved my dad," I added. Louis kissed the top of my head, "you got your wish then babe. You always wanted a parent to love you and you got Anne now. I know you're going to be safe here," he tells me. I put my brush down and looked at Louis, "you're going to have the life you always wanted," he added. He kissed me, "but I didn't think I would have you," I smiled. Louis kissed me again, "I love you," he tells me. I kissed him, "I love you," I say.


I decided to put my hair up in a bun to keep it out of my face. As I was putting on my shoes Niall came and sat next to me, "so I'll be seeing you a lot around here," he smiled. I smiled back as I nodded my head, "we could gang up on our boyfriends. Complain about them, but most of all talk about how much we love them," he says. I laughed as I nodded my head again, "Harry said that he might get upset if Louis around all the time to see me. He tried to make it sound like a joke, but I don't think he was joking," I tell him. Niall gave me a small nod, "Louis and Harry would be together all the time. Doing anything and everything they wanted to do. So when you showed up it put a dent in their relationship. Harry was happy that you were back and wanted to spend more time with you. Louis wanted to be with you and that meant he had to go against Harry. I think we both need to talk to them about spending more time with each other. I don't think we want to be the reason why there not close anymore," Niall admitted.

"It's mainly me, but your right. Maybe we should send them away together. Just the two of them," I suggested. Niall nodded his head, "but let's get you settled in and wait until you and Louis go away," he smiled. I shake my head, "you ready Lilly?" Anne asked as she walked in. I nodded my head as Louis, Harry and Josh stood behind her, "now Harry remember what I told you. I'll see you soon," she tells him. Harry nodded his head, "I already started it," he tells her.

We all got into Anne car and Josh sat at the front as Louis and I sat in the back. Louis held my hand as noticed that he didn't wrap up his cut hand. I had a closer look, "twenty four stiches," he tells me. I looked at him, "and I don't need to wrap it up. It was only wrapped last night to protect the stiches," he added. I noticed on his other hand was a gash with deep bruising around it. I picked up that hand as well, "I ripped out my drip when they let me pee. Harry had to come with me to the toilet," he says. I gave him a small nod, "did you say anything to Harry?" I asked. Louis nodded his head, "I may have yelled at him and told him to not look with other things," he admitted. I raised an eyebrow, "but I have already apologized," he quickly added. I kissed his cheek, "good boy," I smiled.

When we got to the police station I started to get really nervous. Billy pulled up behind us as we got out of the car. I quickly stood next to Louis, "everything going to be alright babe," Louis reassured me. I grabbed his hand a bit too tight, but he didn't pull it away. He just looked at me as pain came across his face, so I loosened my grip. He smiled at me before I kissed him, "ok now when we get in there we got to make a report of what we know. Don't make anything up," Billy tells us. We all nodded, "um what do I do. Her mother never knew I was there and I don't have a good reputation with the police?" Louis wonder. Billy thought for a minute, "still do the report and explain to them about hiding," Billy tells him.

When we went in Anne and Billy went straight up to the front desk, "Lilly you need to tell the full truth. She can't hurt you anymore," Josh tells me. I nodded my head, "I think Anne been working on this for a while now," he added. Anne and Billy came back over to us, "ok Lilly you're up first," Anne tells me. I quickly looked at Louis, "it be alright babe," he reassured me. He kissed my forehead, "it alright me and Billy will be there," Anne says. I let go of Louis hand and straight away grabbed Anne's hand.

We went into a small room with a male police officer. We all sat down at a table, "now Miss Cox tells me that you want to report your mother for abuse," the officer started. I nodded my head, "now if you lie to me it can get you in big trouble. So tell me what your mother dose to you," he tells me. I took in a deep breath, "well for as long I can remember my mother has always verbally abused me until about six weeks ago. She slapped me across the face. From then she kept hitting me," I confessed. The officer wrote it down, "now you need to tell me in detail of the times she hit you," he tells me. I told him about all the times she hit me and then I had to tell him why I stay at Louis's house.

When we were done I was glad to get out of there and back to Louis. Josh went in next with Billy, "you took over an hour," Louis tells me. I sat down as I thought about what just happened. I even had to tell the officer about Matt attacking me. Louis sat down next to me, "you alright babe?" Louis questioned. I shake my head, "had to tell him everything including when Matt attacked me," I tell him. Louis pulled me to him, "it going to be alright now babe," he reassured me. He kissed the top of my head, "I'll be right back. Louis don't go in there without me," Anne says. She left us, "I don't think I can take anymore this weekend. I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep," I admitted. Louis kissed the top of my head again, "it be over soon," he says. I shake my head, "I still have to go there to get my stuff," I tell him.

"And you're not doing that alone. I'm going to be there, so is Anne, Harry and the guys," Louis tells me. I looked at him, "Harry organizing it now. We just need the ok from these guys," he added. I kissed him, "thank you. I don't know how I can repay everyone for helping," I say. Louis shakes his head, "we don't want anything. We just want you safe and happy," he tells me. I kissed him again, "because when you're happy. I'm happy and so is everyone else. You have changed us Lilly. We all see life differently now. We have hope," Louis admitted. I was shocked, "how?" I whispered. Louis kissed my forehead, "I know for me is because I want to be a better man for you. I want to give you everything I can," he started. Louis placed his hand on the side of my face, "do you think Liam and Sophia would be together if you didn't save her from Amy? Or that Harry and Niall would have told us that their together and gay?" he asked. I shrugged my shoulder, "I don't think so. I think Harry and Niall would end marrying the wrong people. So no one would know," Louis says. I closed my eyes, "why can't you see what we see?" he asked.

"Because I'm not special. I'm just normal," I tell him. Louis shakes his head, "you're my special girl," Louis smiled. I raised an eyebrow, "what type of special?" I questioned. Louis smiled, "I haven't work that out yet, but you are my special girl," he teased. He hugged me tight as he kissed me all over my face, "you two save that for private time," we heard Anne say. When we looked at her Louis's mum Johanna was standing next to her. We get up and go over to them, "see you're alright now," Johanna smiled at Louis. He nodded his head, "good to see you again mum, but what are you doing here?" Louis wondered. Anne wrapped her arm around me, "you need a parent to go in with you and Troy no help. So here I am," she replied. Louis smiled as he hugged her, "it nice to see this," Anne whispered in my ear. I nodded my head before Johanna hugged me, "good to see you alright Lilly," she says.

"Yeah especially after last night with this dick," I tell her as I pointed at Louis. She laughed a little bit, "she a keeper Lou," Johanna tells him. I felt my cheeks go red, "Louis, Johanna, Anne and Lilly," we heard a man say. When we looked it was Officer Cole, "you're here, because I'm here," Louis says. Office Cole nodded his head, "got to make you look good boy," he smiled. Louis laughed a little bit, "that's going to take a lot," Louis joked. Officer Cole laughed, "that's why I have your folder," he says. Officer Cole shows us Louis folder, "and I'm sorry Lilly. You can't read how bad your boyfriend was or what I said about you," he added.

"Me?" I questioned. Officer Cole nodded his head, "you're a part of Louis life, so you have to go in the folder. It alright it all good stuff," he replied. I relaxed a bit, "if I knew I was going to end up in your folder. I would have second guessed our relationship," I joked to Louis. He laughed a little bit, "well I would have second guessed our relationship if I knew how much hard work you would have been," he smiled. I pushed him, "I'm hard work? You should be me for a day, so you can put up with you," I teased. Louis wrapped his arms around me, "that's why your hard work. I'm too needy," he says. I laughed a little bit, "at least you know that," I smiled. I kissed him, "young love," Anne and Johanna say at the same time. We looked at them, "don't start that shit again mum," Louis tells her. I looked at him, "what shit?" I asked. Louis looked everywhere part from me, "I say it when he goes on and on about you," Johanna explained. Louis went deep red, "aww what colour is red Lou?" I teased. He hid his face in my neck, "when is it my turn to go in?" he whined. I rubbed his back, "soon baby," I tell him.

We all sat back down and wait for Josh to come out. About forty minutes later he came out, "Louis your turn now," Billy tells him. Louis, Johanna and Officer Cole leave us as Josh sat down, "why do they need us to tell them every little detail?" Josh wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, "I nearly lost it when the officer asked me why I never stopped it. I was a kid than," Josh tells us.

"Oh no. What if they ask Louis the same thing? He will lose it," I say. Josh sighed, "let's hope since his mum is here that he'll keep his cool," Josh reassured me. I nodded my head, "well we know soon enough," Anne says. I didn't like waiting for Louis to come back out. I was worried that he might lose it even tho his mum is there. I decided to watch the clock to keep my mind off of him.

After thirty five minutes he came back out with Johanna and Officer Cole. He came straight up to me, "I need to get out of here please," he begged me. I nodded my head, "we will be back," I tell the others. Louis pulled me outside before they could reply, "I nearly lost is," he groaned. He started pacing, "what does my life and what I have done do with you?" he questioned. I stood in front of him to stop him moving. I kissed him, "thank you," I tell him. Louis placed my head between his hands before he kissed my forehead, "only for you," he whispered. I wrapped my arms around him, "it's nearly over," I say. Louis smiled a little, "just got to wait for what they say," Louis tells me. He kissed me, "let's hope it don't take forever, so I can get you home," he added. He wrapped his arms around me, "then we can sleep," I smiled.

Louis and I had a smoke before we went inside to find out what was going on. All they told us that they are doing a form for Anne to keep me until a court date. They also told us that we be accompanied by two officers to my house to get my stuff. We all hated waiting around, but I noticed that Anne and Johanna got along. They kept talking about the boys and what they been up to as Louis kept a close eye on them.

About twenty minutes later we had the form and the officers were going to meet us at my mothers. Johanna said goodbye to us since she had to get back home to the girls. Also Office Cole said goodbye to us since he wasn't needed anymore. We all got into Anne car and Louis and I sat in the back again while Josh got into the front again. I held Louis hand all the way to my mothers.

When we got there all the boys were there waiting for us. I got out of the car slowly as they all came over to us, "we have to wait for the police to get here," Anne tells them. They all nodded their heads, "so it finally going to be all over?" Niall questioned. I nodded my head, "just got a court date," I tell him. Niall nodded his head, "so Lil my house not good enough for you?" Liam joked. I laughed a little bit, "would you really liked me living there?" I asked. Liam nodded his head, "you could help me gang up on my sister," he says. I shake my head, "I think we would be ganging up on you," I tell him. Liam laughed a little, "maybe it's a good thing that you're moving in with Harry and Marcel," he smiled.

We talked a little bit more until the police officers arrived. Louis, Anne and Billy came with me and the police officers to the front door. Anne knocked until my mother answered it, "what do you want?" my mother snapped at Anne. My mother noticed the rest of us, "I'm here to give you this form," Anne smiled. I could tell Anne was enjoying herself, "a form for what?" my mother asked as she snatched the form off of Anne. She read it, "you're not taking Lilly," my mother's says. Anne nodded her head, "oh yes I am," Anne tells her. Louis wrapped his arm around my waist, "Lilly go get your stuff," Anne added. I went to move, but my mother stopped me, "no. You're not talking my daughter. I don't know what bullshit she has told you," my mother started.

"What bullshit? I have seen what you do to her," Louis interrupted. My mother looked at him, "she has you all wrapped around her finger," she spat. Anne pushed passed her, "I don't care what you say. We are still taking her. You'll just have to fight for her in court," Anne tells her. Louis moved me inside and we went straight to my room. I looked around my room, "just take your stuff. We are leaving your furniture behind," Louis tells me. I just stayed where I was, "babe I know this is a bit much, but the sooner you start. The sooner it be finished," Louis reassured me. He hugged me, "I know. It just I," I started. I didn't know how to finish that sentence since I just wanted to cry. Louis rubbed my back, "I know this is a lot to take in, but it's all going to be over soon. Then you can be happy," Louis says. I nodded my head, "how do I start packing then? I have nothing to put my stuff in," I wondered.

"That what these are for," Niall says as he came in. Harry and Marcel were behind him, "I learnt where I get my bad side from. Mum really wants to show that bitch whose boss," Harry smiled. I smiled a little bit, "well let's get packing," I say. I went over to my bookshelf, "is there anything you don't want us to see?" Niall wondered. I shake my head, "we keep all the kinky stuff at Louis," I say. Harry and Marcel looked at Louis as Niall and I laughed. Louis quickly shakes his head, "we don't have any of that stuff," he says. Niall whispered in my ear about nipple clamps, "but baby what about the nipple clamps?" I teased. Niall laughed really hard and loud, "oh man I love you Lilly," Niall says as he kept laughing. Harry looked at him, "just get packing, so we can go," Harry ordered.

As we packed my room Liam, Josh and Zayn came in to get my boxes. We got all my room and my stuff from the bathroom packed in just about an hour. I carried my panda, my elephant Charlie and the bear Louis won me at the carnival to the car. Louis carried my soccer ball out and grabbed my painting from the wall. We put them in the back of the car, "is that everything?" Anne asked. I nodded my head before we got into the car.

When we got back to Harry's everyone was already there and unpacking the boxes. Gemma, Sophia and Perrie came out of the house to see me. When I got out of the car Perrie hugged me first than Sophia, "you alright?" Perrie asked me. I nodded my head, "we cleaned your room," Gemma tells me. I didn't even think about where my room was or anything like that. I was just so focused on talking to the police and getting this done. Perrie and Sophia pulled me into the house, "um Gemma why don't you show Lil while Perrie and I check dinner," Sophia tells her. Perrie and Sophia walk away from us before Gemma showed me my room. There was nice light wooden floorboards and that walls were painted creamy colour. I had a walk in wardrobe that all my clothes could fit and more. There was a simple white metal bed, "it look better when you get your own stuff in it," Gemma tells me. I nodded my head, "are you alright with me living here?" I wondered.

"Yeah. I lived with them for a little while before I went off to Uni," she tells me. Louis and Harry came in carrying boxes, "where would you like these?" Harry asked. I shrugged my shoulders, "I can't remember what I put in what box," I replied. Harry and Louis put the boxes down on the floor, "well it be like Christmas. You don't know what you will find," Harry smiled. I sighed as I opened one of my boxes, "books," I say. I opened the other one, "more books," I added. Liam, Niall, Josh and Zayn brought in a couple more boxes. They had my art stuff in one and the other two had clothes in them. Gemma started hanging and putting away my clothes.

After a while the boy brought all my boxes in and Gemma and I put half of my clothes away. Perrie called us for dinner which made us stop unpacking my room. When I sat down in the dining room I sat across from Liam and Zayn between Niall and Louis. Everyone else was in the kitchen, "reminded me to never tell you that I love you," Niall whispered in my ear. I raised an eyebrow at him, "why?" I asked. Niall lifted his shirt to show me light scratch marks along his hip, "do I want to know how you got them?" I wondered. Niall smirked as he shrugged his shoulders. I shake my head, "so that where you disappeared to," I smiled. Niall nodded his head, "what are you two talking about?" Louis questioned. I shake my head, "nothing," I say. Niall laughed, "Harry giving it to me," Niall tells him. Louis nodded his head, "learning anything babe?" Louis smirked. I shake my head again, "maybe how to take it and that Niall bottoms a lot," I tell him. Niall pushed me, "remember not all the time," Niall reminds me.

"What are you guys talking about?" Liam wondered. I kept my mouth shut this time, "just how cute you and Zayn are together. We also talking about who tops," Louis lied. Liam stuck up his middle finger, "nah I reckon that you three were talking about threesome together and that just wrong. You two really want to hurt Lilly like that?" Zayn questioned. Niall and Louis shake their head no, "it was more like a tag team," Niall joked. Harry comes in and hit Niall in the back of the head before he whispered something in his ear. Niall smiled, "dinner will be out in a minute," Harry tells us.

I've been living with Anne, Harry and Marcel for a couple of days now and it is different. When I get up in the morning to go to school I have breakfast with the boys. I also get lunch money, so I can eat at school. There was always dinner on the table since the boys like to eat. In those couple of days I was really happy and could see myself happy for a while. The only downside was Harry's and Marcel's rule about Louis staying over on weekdays. I got so used to Louis staying with me that I can't sleep at night. Anne kept telling me about going shopping for my new room, but I keep telling her no. She tells me my room should feel like me.

It was Wednesday and I was in dance with girls. We were working on a dance routine, "so have you seen Harry naked yet?" May asked. Perrie and I laughed at her, "no and I don't want too. He is like my brother," I tell her. May blushed, "really? You live with one of the hottest guys in school and you see him as a brother?" May questioned. I nodded my head, "plus I have Louis to look at," I smiled. Perrie put her arm around me, "so how is it going with Lou only allowed to stay weekends?" Sophia asked me.

"Hard. I got so used to sharing a bed with him. That my new big bed feels so empty," I admitted. Perrie hugged me, "have Lou sneak in at night," Perrie suggested. I shake my head, "I can't do that. I just moved in," I say. Perrie smiled, "yeah I know, but going from nearly every night to nothing is hard. It also the boys rule not Anne's, so ask her about it and tell her that you'll leave the door open," Perrie tells me. I nodded my head, "I might have too. I'm not getting much sleep," I tell them. Perrie kissed the side of my head before we started practicing again.

When Harry and I got home Anne and Marcel were already home. They were cooking dinner, "can I talk to you for a minute?" I asked Anne. She nodded her head before we went into the lounge room. I wanted to talk to her about Louis staying over before I forgot, "is everything alright sweetie?" she wondered. I nodded my head, "um it about me and Lou," I started. We sat down, "I'm finding it hard to sleep without him. So I was wondering for a bit that he could stay over during the week? We will leave the door open," I asked. Anne looked down, "if I say yes you got to promise me that you will leave the door open," she tells me. I nodded my head, "I promise," I tell her. I hugged her, "so should I get another plate out for dinner?" she smiled. I wanted to say yes, but I didn't want to push it. I still needed to tell Harry and Marcel since it was their rule, "I'll take that as a yes and we can tell the boys together," she says. I was starting to wonder if people could read my mind.

We went back into the kitchen, "boys Louis is staying over tonight," Anne tell them. Harry quickly looked at me, "in the lounge room," he says. I shake my head as he nodded his, "in my bed with me. We are going to leave the door open," I tell him. Harry shakes his head, "yes. It not fair that Niall gets to stay overall the time," I point out. Harry looked down, "or that you get to go there," I added. Harry sighed, "fine, but the door better be opened. I will be checking," he tells me. I smiled as I nodded my head, "thank you," I say. I kissed his cheek before I went to grab my phone out of my bag near the front door. I messaged Louis:

Wanna come over tonight? Xo

I went back into the kitchen to see Harry and Marcel talking, "I'm not ok with this Haz," Marcel says. I shake my head, "so you want her to go behind our backs? They need each other right now," Harry tells him. Marcel shakes his head, "his too fucked up for her," Marcel tells him.

"You fucken don't know him and what he has been through. You just see his bad boy image. You don't see how hard he tries to make her happy. That's all he wants. I know he fucked up on Saturday and he hates himself for it, but you know what Marcel? I don't want her to be with anyone else, but him," Harry snapped. My phone goes off and the boys look at me, "Flower?" Marcel says. I shake my head, "just don't," I tell him. I looked at my message:

Louis Tomlinson
Am I allowed too? I don't want to piss Harry off xo

I looked back up to Harry and Marcel, "thank you Harry," I say. I walked away into the lounge room before I messaged Louis back:

Yeah it alright. You can even stay the night, but my door has to be left open tho :( I miss sleeping with you xo

I sat down on the lounge, "hey," I heard Harry say. He sits down next to me, "give Marc more time. He doesn't like Louis or even the other boys, because they remind him of the people that attacked him," Harry tells me. I nodded my head, "so he don't like you being with Niall?" I wondered. Harry shakes his head, "no. I still don't think he is over the fact that I'm gay," he tells me. I nodded my head, "can I ask you something?" I started. Harry nodded his head, "what happened to Marcel girlfriend Kiera?" I wondered. Harry shrugged his shoulders, "he just stopped talking about her, but I do think they are still together tho," Harry says. I gave him a small nod, "but what about the girl at the carnival?" I asked. I know we were all happy for Marcel getting a girls number, but what about Kiera, "I don't know," he whispered. My phone went off, "if it alright with you. Can my boyfriend come over too?" Harry smiled. I nodded my head as I read my message:

Louis Tomlinson
Really? I miss sleeping with you too babe :) I'll be over as soon as I can xo

I smiled, "Harry can I as you something else?" I wondered. Harry looked up from his phone, "you can ask me anything," he tells me. I started to play with my fingers, "why can't Lou stay over during the week?" I asked. Harry laughed a little, "Because you need time away from him. You're safe here," he replied. I nodded my head, "I know. It's just that I got so used to sharing a bed with him that I feel lonely," I say. Harry smiled as he nodded his head, "I know. When Niall stays home and tells me that I can't come around. I toss and turn in my bed all night. I find it so uncomfortable that I don't sleep. I just want him here all the time that I tell him that he can bring Theo if he got to look after him," Harry confessed. I smiled big, "so are you the big spoon or the little spoon?" I teased. Harry pushed me, "I'm the little spoon and don't you dare laugh," he tells me. I let out a little laugh, "it just Ni smaller than you," I smiled. Harry laughed a little bit, "I know, but if we have Theo in the bed. I cuddle Ni or Theo between us both," he tells me. I like talking to Harry about this kind of stuff, "is that one of the reasons you fell for him? Because the way he is with Theo," I questioned. Harry nodded his head, "I have this fantasy were we runaway together with Theo and become a family. I work as a history teacher and Niall writes songs as he looks after Theo. Then we add more to our family," Harry admitted. I rested my head on his shoulder, "that's sounds nice for the both of you. It sounds like you'll both be happy," I say. Harry wrapped his arm around me, "I think his the love of my life," Harry whispered. I closed my eyes, "I can see that," I say.

We stayed there for a bit until Harry phone went off. He read his message, "for fuck sake," he swore. I looked at him, "Niall says that he can't come over tonight, because he got Theo. He also said that his family are on to him about us," Harry tells me. I shake my head, "we need more time," Harry mumbled. The doorbell rang, "I'll get it," I tell him. I knew it was Louis even before I opened the door. He hugged me tight before he kissed me, "so are they really alright with this?" he asked. I nodded my head, "but um can we talk to Harry first?" I wondered. I pulled Louis into the lounge room, "I have an idea," I started. Harry looked at me, "why don't we go get Niall together? I can pretend that Niall and I are together," I suggested. Louis shakes his head as he was confused, "Lou there on to him about being gay. There not as understanding as us. Harry and him need more time," I explained. I saw Harry's eyes light up, "you would do that for us?" Harry questioned. I nodded my head, "just so you know. I'm not ok with this, but I understand. It just why do you need more time?" Louis asked.

"Until I'm eighteen," Harry says. Louis nodded his head, "ok I have rules tho. No kissing him on the lips and no pet names for him" Louis tells me. I smiled as I kissed him, "I promise," I tell him. Harry walked away, "I'm proud of you," I say. Louis smiled, "I'm only doing this, because I owe them so much," Louis says. I kissed him again, "can I ask why no pet names?" I wondered. Louis wrapped his arms, "because their only for me. You only call me baby," he replied. He kissed me, "ok baby," I smiled. Harry came back in, "let's go get him," Harry smiled.

When we got to Niall's we all went up to the front door, "just be all over Ni," Harry started. Louis coughed, "but as comfortable as you and Louis want," Harry smirked. Harry knocked on the front door and a man in his mid-twenties answered. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He must be Niall's brother Greg, "what do you want Harry?" he questioned. I could tell that he was not happy to see Harry, "I'm here to see Ni," I smiled. Greg smirked as he looked me up and down, "and you are?" he asked. I felt uncomfortable under his stare, "I'm his girlfriend Lil," I replied. I noticed Louis looked down, "really? Niall never mentioned you," he says. I shrugged my shoulders, "that's because we are keeping it a secret. I have very religious parents," I say. Greg let us in, "Niall!" Greg called. Niall came into the lounge room, "your secret girlfriend is here with Harry and Louis," Greg tells him. Niall looked shocked at me as I came over to him. I kissed his cheek, "you alright Ni?" I wondered. He slowly nodded his head, "just surprised that you are here princess," he says. I wrapped my arms around him, "well when you said that you couldn't come out tonight. I thought about coming over to see you," I tell him. Niall looked at Louis as he slowly wrapped his arms around me. Greg kept staring at me, "that's why you are my number one girl," Niall smiled. I heard Theo crying, "Ni can you get him. I still need to finish getting ready," Greg tells him. I rolled my eyes as I looked away from Greg, "I'll go and get him with you," I tell Niall.

We went into Niall's room and Theo was crying in his cot, "what's going on?" Niall asked. I picked up Theo, "didn't Harry tell you?" I wondered Niall shakes his head, "all the message said was that we got a plan. I bet Lou is freaking out right now," Niall rambled. Theo stopped crying in my arms, "his ok with it. He just has two rules. No kissing on the lips and no pet names," I tell him. Niall laughed a little bit, "his going to lose it if Greg keeps looking at you the way he is," Niall points out. I nodded my head, "that's why my Irish boyfriend going to say something first," I smiled.

We went back out there with Theo in my arms. Greg was talking with Harry and Louis, "I thought you had to finish getting ready," Niall sneered. Greg looked at us, "I am," he smiled. Greg looked me up and down for the hundredth time tonight, "Greg stop looking at her like that! She not going to drop to her knees and suck you off!" Niall snapped. Greg chuckled, "like she going to do it to you when you got Theo to look after," Greg spat. Niall smiled as he nodded his head, "we're going to more than her sucking my dick," Niall smirked. Harry put his hand on Louis shoulder, "might just stay home just to hear that," Greg says. Louis glared at him, "well if you're staying home. I'll just go to her house," Niall tells him. Greg shakes his head, "you got Theo to look after," he points out.

"I'll look after him," Louis says. Greg looked at him, "I don't mind," Louis added. Greg storms off, "why don't you go pack Theo a bag," Louis tells Niall. Niall ran off to his room as I walked closer to Harry and Louis, "you alright?" Harry asked. I nodded my head as Louis shook his, "Greg is getting on my nerves," Louis admitted. I nodded my head, "we will be out of her soon," I reassured Louis.

Niall came back with two bags after a while, "ready," he smiled. Greg comes out, "you must owe Niall one. If you're looking after Theo, so he can get laid," Greg says to Louis. Harry takes Theo off of me, "yeah I do or I just like to see my mate happy," Louis tells him. Louis takes Niall's keys off of him and gives him his, "I'll take your car, so we're not fucking around with the car seat. Harry you come with me, so these two can do whatever the fuck they want," Louis snapped. I knew Louis couldn't hold his anger back any longer. Greg throws Niall a little box, "take them. We don't want another baby in this house in nine months," Greg tells him. I noticed Niall holding a box of condoms, "thanks," Niall said sarcastically.

We get out to the cars, "thanks guys," Niall says. Harry put Theo in the car, "let's just go," Louis groaned. Niall and I quickly get into Louis's car, "he is about to exploded," Niall tells me. I nodded my head, "lucky for me he is saying the night," I smiled. Niall laughed as he started the car, "so that's why Harry begged me to come over," he says. I nodded my head as we put our seatbelts on, "yep, but we got to leave the door open," I tell him. Niall started driving, "I think I might send you and Lou to the shops to get Theo something. You both need alone time before he explodes. Just suck him off in the carpark," Niall smirked. I blushed, "princess I know you and Lou are doing the dirty. Harry just chooses not to believe it," he added. I laughed a little bit, "what is he going to do when I get pregnant?" I asked. Niall quickly looked at me before looking back at the road, "are you and Lou already planning a family?" he questioned.

"Well that night we looked after Theo together. We talked about having kids. We kinda agreed to if we don't have anyone in six years that we would have kid together, but that was before we got together properly," I confessed. Niall seemed shocked, "I didn't picture Louis wanting kids, but then again from the photos you showed me and the way you talked about him and Theo. I can. I just thought that he was always going to be single. Then he met you and he changed. He changed into someone with a future. I know we give Louis shit about stuff, but we do it so he can see that his life was going nowhere. I don't want Louis to give up on his dream about being a football player," Niall admitted. I looked down, "same. That night at the carnival when Marcel was afraid that Louis would knock me up. I got me thinking. Louis said that he'll give up everything, so I could still do what I wanted. It just I can go to Uni later in life, but he can't go to the football academy. What I'm saying is that we don't have to give up anything. We just got to put it on hold," I say. Niall nodded his head, "just use protection until your both ready for a baby" Niall smiled. He threw me the box of condoms, "I want them all used," he added. I laughed a little bit, "don't you need them?" I wondered.

"nah. Harry can't get pregnant and I know he don't have any STD's," Niall replied. I nodded my head, "you know I'm still a virgin?" I asked. Niall nodded his head, "but next weekend you won't be," he says. I shake my head, "does Lou tell you everything?" I questioned. Niall stopped at a red light, "well he tells me, Zayn and Liam everything. He is too afraid to tell Harry. I tried to tell Harry, but he just puts his fingers in his ears. Princesses I'm trying to make Harry see you as an adult, but he won't have a bar of it. I even told him that I won't have sex with him until he does," Niall tells me. I never knew Niall was doing this for me, "how long did you last?" I wondered. Niall started driving again, "a week," he replied. I put my hand on his shoulder, "thanks for trying," I smiled.

We got back to Anne's house, "where Louis and Harry?" I wondered. Niall shrugged his shoulders as he got his bag out of the car. We went inside to the lounge room, "Flower," Marcel smiled. He looked at Niall, "hey," he says. Niall sighed, "Marcel give it a break. Niall has done nothing to you. I'm getting sick of you judging them," I snapped. Marcel was shocked, "it feel like your judging Harry's and I's decision. You make me feel like I have done something wrong," I added. I know I should have said this before when I was listening to his and Harry's conversation, "it's nothing like that," Marcel argued back. I sighed, "then what is it?" I asked. Marcel ran his fingers through his hair, "don't fucken bother," I spat. I tried to walk away, but Marcel grabbed my arm tight. Niall pushed him away, "don't you fucken touch her," Niall warned him. Marcel pushed Niall, "you don't tell me what to fucken do fag boy!" Marcel shouted. This time I pushed Marcel, "what is your fucken problem?" I yelled. Marcel looked at me and I could see that he was angry, "them! I fucken hate the lot of them! Harry wouldn't be who he is now if he didn't meet them. You wouldn't be a slut if you didn't meet them!" Marcel shouted. Niall punched Marcel right in the face, "don't you ever fucken call her that!" Niall spat. Niall grabbed Marcel by his top, "her and Lou are in love. She far from a slut. Not like you. You don't know what they do together. You don't know how hard they are trying. You don't know how hard me and Harry are trying. We are faithful to them not like you. Does Kiera know about you fucking the girl from the carnival?" Niall asked. I knew Niall was beyond mad, he was furious. Marcel shakes his head, "you're worse than us. You judge us by our looks, but we will never cheat on the people we love," Niall says. Niall let go of Marcel, "Marcel a word now," we heard Anne say. We looked at her and she didn't look happy. Marcel goes over to her, "Niall calm down," Anne tells him. Niall nodded his head as Marcel and Anne disappeared. Niall started pacing, "ten, nine," Niall started counting.

"Ni?" I whispered. He didn't hear me as he kept counting. I hugged Niall tight and he quickly hides his face into my neck. He wrapped his arms around me, "hunny I'm home," we Harry say. We didn't let each other go, "what happened?' Harry asked with panic. Niall looked at him, "ask your brother," he tells him. I looked at Louis holding Theo as Harry ran off. Louis looked pissed, "don't. Not now Lou," I begged him. Louis walked away with Theo, "um thank you," I tell Niall. He shakes his head, "I should be thanking you," he tells me. He kissed my forehead, "you stood up for us when you haven't known us that long. I don't think anyone has stood up for us especially against their own family," he added. I looked down, "go fuck yourself Marcel!" Harry yelled. Niall rubbed my back, "it going to be ok princess," Niall cooed. He kissed the top of my head, "no go fuck yourself Harry. Better yet why don't you get fag boy out there to do it!" Marcel yelled back.

"I'm gay as well you fuckhead!" Harry snapped. We heard glasses breaking and Louis came running in with Theo. He hands me him, "Niall in there now and you stay her with Theo," Louis ordered. Niall and Louis ran off and Theo started crying. I tried to calm him down, "shh it alright baby," I cooed. Marcel storms passed me, "don't you fucken dare say anything to her," Louis warned him. Marcel sticks up his middle finger up at him and rolled his eyes. Before Louis could move Harry and Niall grabbed him, "let me fucken at him," Louis groaned. I looked at Marcel, "leave," I tell him. Anne comes stands next to me as Marcel looked at her, "mum?" he questioned.

"I think it for the best you leave tonight. This is supposed to be a happy home for Lilly," Anne tells him. Marcel walks off and slams the front door. Theo snuggled into my chest as I kissed his forehead, "I'm sorry," I apologized. Anne rubbed my back, "don't be. It was going to be me that would have lost it," she admitted. We all looked at her, "I have so much respect for those boys for what they have done for my family. Especially Niall and Louis. They looked after you and Harry when I didn't," she added. I hugged her, "thank you," I tell her Harry and Niall let go of Louis as Anne took Theo off of me. Louis ran up to me and hugged me tight. I hugged him back as tight, "its ok," I cooed. I realized that somehow I calm Louis down.

We hugged for a bit until we stepped back, but we still had our arms around each other. Everyone was gone, "I need you to kiss me babe," Louis begged. I kissed him and he quickly kissed me back. The kiss felt eager and rushed like he just wanted to forget. I pulled back before I rested my head under his chin. Louis rubbed my back, "tell me what happened please," Louis tells me. I played with my fingers against his chest as I explained what happed.

After I explained Louis felt tense, "I don't know if I can see Marcel without wanting to hit him," Louis admitted. I nodded my head, "I know," I whispered. Louis kissed the top of my head, "I want to get lost in us babe," Louis says. I looked at him, "I know we can't right now," he added. I shake my head, "Ni said that he will send us to go get something for Theo," I tell him. Louis kissed me, "can we go now?" he wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, "let's go find out," I replied.

We found everyone in the kitchen. Harry was cleaning glass off the floor as he was mumbling to himself. I looked at Niall, "he talks to himself to get rid of the anger," he tells me. Niall leaned in closer to me, "or it my arse that takes it," he added quietly. I smiled at him, "I bet you wish it was your arse right now," I whispered. Niall nodded his head and I laughed little. Louis looked at us, "oh um can you do that favour that you said in the car?" I wondered. Niall raised an eyebrow at me, "I can try, but don't you think they need you here?" Niall questioned. I looked at Anne and Harry before I looked down, "your right," I say.

"Lilly do you think you and Lou could go get Theo a dummy and some nappies? Anne asked. I looked at her, "yeah," I stuttered. Anne smiled at me, "thank you. Niall didn't pack his bag well," she tells me. I looked at Niall and he shrugged his shoulders. Louis grabbed his keys off of Niall before dragging me out to his car. We get in, "I thought you said Niall had that plan?" Louis questioned. I nodded my head, "he did and I wasn't going to go through with it," I tell him. Louis started driving as I put my seatbelt on, "seatbelt," I tell him. Louis quickly put his seatbelt on, "why?" he wondered. I looked at the window, "because my family needs me. They just kicked Marcel out," I replied. I looked at Louis, "I know. I was going to tell you no and that we will sneak out later," he admitted. He grabbed my hand, "to tell you the truth Louis. I don't even know if I'm in the mood," I say. Louis kissed the back of my hand, "same. I'm confused the way I feel right now. I want to get lost in you, but I want to go back to them," he tells me. I squeezed his hand, "what are we going to do? Because that's how I feel," I asked. Louis placed my hand on his thigh, "we get Theo stuff first and then we see how we feel after that," he replied.

We get to the shops and got Theo a dummy, nappies and some toys to play with. I noticed Louis always gets him something to play with. After we put the stuff in the back of the car Louis pin me against the car. He kissed me with so much force that my head hit the car. I kissed him back the same way before he picked me up by my thighs. I wrapped my legs around him, "I need you. I want you," he admitted against my lips. I pulled on the back of his hair, so he would look at me. I could see the want in his eyes, "I want you," I tell him. Louis kissed me again as he shoved his tongue into my mouth. I let out a small moan as our crotches rubbed together. I was full aware that we were making-out in the carpark were anyone could see us. I felt Louis cold hand go under my top, "take me somewhere baby," I tell him. Louis put me in the front seat as he was still holding me. He quickly got in the driver's side.

We drove somewhere that was out of site and no people around. Louis pushed my seat back before he kneeled down in front of me. He hovered over me as he looked at me closely. He started pull my pants down as he kissed me. I pulled on his top, "let's get into the back," he tells me. I nodded my head as he took my pants and shoes off. We jumped into the back and I straight away took Louis clothes off leaving him in his boxers. Louis smirked as he started to take the rest of my clothes off. I was naked underneath him, "fuck," he whispered. He started kissing down my body, "we're going to have to go back to the beginning," he says. He started to grind against me hard and fast. I placed my hand on his back as he started kissing my neck. Louis looked like he wasn't getting off on this, "baby you alright?" I wondered. Louis groaned as he moved away from me and looked down. I quickly sat up and covered myself, "it's not working. I'm feeling no release," he admitted. I felt hurt that Louis couldn't get off with me. He looked at me, "babe it's not you. I'm hard. It just dry humping not doing it for me," he reassured me. I looked down, "then what will?" I questioned. Louis bit his bottom lip as he looked down again, "me sucking you off?" I added. Louis shakes his head, "no. Not in the back of your car," I tell him.

"I know. It just I want a proper connection with you," he confessed. I straddled his lap, "if you want that then take me somewhere," I tell him. Louis wrapped his arms around me, "no Lilly. You don't have to give into me, because I'm fucked up," he snapped. I take his face between my hands, "I love you and I can't do that to you," he says. I kissed him, "and I love you," I tell him. Louis kissed me, "let's just get back to the others before we do something stupid," he tells me. I shake my head before I rested it on his shoulder, "let's stay here for a little bit," I say. Louis ran his fingers up and down my bare back.

We stayed there for a bit, "this is what I needed," Louis says to break the silence. I kissed his shoulder as his phone went off. Louis grabbed it out of his pant pocket as I stayed on his lap. He read the message, "we need to get back. We have been gone over an hour," Louis tells me. We got dressed and got back into the front. I pulled the seat forwards, "um I'm sorry about before," Louis apologized. I grabbed his hand, "don't be. I knew what you meant. I kinda wish I," I started. Louis put his hand up to stop me, "don't finish that sentence, because I don't," he interrupted. I looked down, "and we still need to talk about what happened, but we are going back now," he tells me. I nodded my head as he started his car.

When we got back Harry came out to see us, "what took you so long? I was worried," he asked. I handed him Theo nappies, "sorry. We just talked," I tell him. I walked pass him, "you better have just talked," he say. I rolled my eyes as I went into the house and straight for the kitchen, "hey," I smiled at Niall and Anne. Niall raised an eyebrow at me and I shake my head. He seemed shocked, "just in time for dinner you two," Anne tells me. I nodded my head, "I'll go set the table," I say Anne shakes her head, "Harry already done it," she tells me. I gave her a small nod, "Lil can you help me set up the cot?" Niall asked.

I went with Niall into Harry's room, "what the fuck is wrong? I thought you two going out would help," Niall asked. I sit on Harry's bed, "it's just that I screwed up," I tell him. Niall grabbed the porta cot, "how?" he questioned. I looked down, "Louis didn't feel nothing as we were dry humping. So I asked if he wanted me to blow him, but he said no. He wanted sex, but didn't at the same time since I'm still a virgin. So I told him to take it," I explained. Niall looked shocked at me, "I'm still a virgin. He mad at me, because I was willing to give into him," I added. Niall shakes his head, "so would I. Lilly you don't have to give it up, because he wants sex. You and Lou are going to have a special weekend together. He already planned it and it might not be what you expecting, but it be so much better," Niall tells me.

"So you know what it is then?" I wondered. Niall nodded his head, "but I can't tell you," he smiled. Niall started to set up the porta cot, "I do know that I don't have to give it up to him. It just that he said the he wanted a proper connection. I wanted that too," I admitted. Niall kneels in front of me, "we all want that in life. It just you got to wait for next weekend," Niall reassured me. I smiled at him, "and I put too much hard work into Louis plan. That I want to see it happen. I don't want to be there, but I want to hear about it," he tells me. I laughed a little bit, "thanks Ni," I say. Niall went back to setting up the porta cot, "you know I have noticed that we have been getting closer lately," I point out. Niall smiled as he nodded his head, "I like it," he says. I noticed a big stuff toy cat, so I picked it up. Niall looked at me, "I um," he stuttered.

"You won this for Harry at the carnival," I smiled. Niall nodded his head, "you're not the only ones to stay back," he tells me. I looked down at the big stuff cat, "did you do anything else?" I wondered. Niall nodded his head again, "after I won that. We went walking around until we got to some trees and the rest is triple x rated," he tells me. I was shocked, "princess you know me and Harry do those things, so don't act shocked," he added. I shook my head, "it not that," I tell him. He was confused, "you nearly caught me and Lou doing something triple x rated," I admitted. Niall laughed, "really? That would have been funny. Harry would have killed Lou on the spot," he smiled. I pushed him, "it's not funny," I pouted.

The rest of the school week went by and so did our week break. I managed to get my room the way I like it. We painted the walls a light blue and got white rug for the floor. I kept the bed, but got cool bed sheets to go with it. I got and bigger desk and bookcase and now have more room for books. Anne got me all new art stuff, but I kept the pencils Zayn got me.

It was Friday and Louis and I were going to have our weekend away. Louis picked me up from home and my nerves really kicked in. When we were in the car I didn't say a word as Louis drove us somewhere. Louis grabbed my hand, "you alright?" he asked. I shrugged my shoulders, "if it anything babe. We're doing it tomorrow night," Louis tells me. I gave him a small nod, "babe if you're too scared to do it. We can wait. Let's just enjoy this weekend," he added. I gave him another small nod, "thanks," I say. Louis kissed the back of my hand, "but tonight is my apology," he smiled. I smiled back, "and what is it?" I questioned. Louis shakes his head, "it's a secret," he says. I squeezed his hand, "so this weekend is a surprise? Are you going to tell me anything?" I wondered.

"That you get to relax and leave it all up to me this weekend," he tells me. I smiled big as I shook my head, "just a hint," I begged. Louis laughed a little bit as he shook his head, "I'll suck you off," I tell him. Louis quickly looked at me before looking back at the road. He gripped the steering wheel tight, "don't tempt me babe," he tells me. I moved my hand from his and placed it on his thigh, "no. I'm driving babe. The quicker we get there the quicker you will know," he added. I squeezed his thigh, "babe," he warned. I moved my hand away, "you're no fun," I pouted. Louis laughed, "you just got to learn to wait," he smiled.

As we were driving the scenery seemed familiar, "are we going to the cabin?" I wondered. Louis smiled a little, "near there," he tells me. We stopped in front of the gate and Louis gets out to open it. He drove up a little bit before he locked the gate up again. As Louis was driving again I just watched him closely. We parked out the front of Zayn's uncle cabin, "I thought you said were not going here," I point out. Louis got out of the car and I followed him, "I said near here," he reminded me. He grabbed a backpack from his car boot before making sure his car was locked. He grabbed my hand, "we're going to your spot," I smiled. Louis nodded his head, "really?" I beamed as I hugged him.

"Why are you excited to go to the spot?" he wondered. I kissed him, "because it's beautiful and I love it there," I tell him. Louis started making me walk, "well we have to get there first," he tells me. I kept smiling as we were walking, "is this why you asked me to pack my bag last night? So you could take it here?" I asked. Louis nodded his head, "and Niall asked what you packed since he carried your bag," Louis tells me. I laughed a little bit, "just clothes and bathroom stuff. I might over packed clothes tho," I say. Louis laughed, "well you never told me where we were going, so I packed for everything," I tell him.

When we got to his spot on the other side of the lake. There was a big tent and cushions against the fallen tree. Louis wrapped his arms around me from behind, "and if you go into the forest just a little bit there's a shower tent" he tells me. I turned around, so I could kiss him, "its wonderful baby," I tell him. Louis smiled as he kissed me, "you should really see inside the tent" he says. He takes me over to the tent and opened it. Inside was a big bed with blankets and pillows over it. Our bags were on one side of the tent with the food, "oh there is no booze or dope," he says as we walked back out of the tent. We walked over to the lake as I put my arms around Louis. He did the same to me, "I better start a fire," he says. I didn't let go him, "can we enjoy this moment first?" I asked him. Louis nodded his head as he kissed me.

We kissed for a little bit, but it never turned into making-out. I let Louis go, so he could start the fire. I stayed near the lake staring out onto the water. I couldn't be happier with Louis picking this place. I found it perfect. Louis wrapped his arms around me as he stood next to me. I rested my head under his chin, "this is perfect Lou," I say. Louis kissed the top of my head, "and it just the beginning," he smiled. I wrapped my arms around him, "how are you going to apologize? I wondered. Louis kissed the tip of my nose, "you'll have to wait and see," he smiled.

"How long do I have to wait?" I questioned. Louis laughed a little bit, "after dinner and dinner be ready when I start making it," he tells me. I smiled, "so what's for dinner?" I asked. Louis laughed more as he shook his head, "you have to see. If you ask any more questions I won't do anything," he warned me. I nodded my head, "I love you," I tell him. Louis kissed me, "I love you," he tells me back.

Louis started cooking dinner on the campfire as I sat down on the cushions, "you want help?" I asked. Louis shakes his head, "I cheated. All I'm doing is heating up soup and toasting some bread," he tells me. I giggled, "that don't surprise me," I say. Louis looked at me, "I know you can't cook," I added. Louis acted hurt, "that hurt Lilly. I don't think I want to share my soup with you," he pouted. I kissed him, "it still nice that you're trying," I tell him. Louis kissed me, "suck up," he whispered. He turned back around before handing me a bowl of soup. He sat next to me as he gave me a piece of toast, "now I know this is nothing like the food you made when we first came here," he started. I shut him up by kissing him, "just shut up, so we can eat," I tell him. Louis smiled as I dipped some of the toast into the soup. I ate it, "it good. Now eat yours," I say.

We ate our dinner with small talk. After we finished we sat there looking up at the stars, "do you want your apology now?" Louis asked. I quickly nodded my head as Louis got up. He went into the tent and came back with a guitar, "now I only know this song on guitar since Niall taught me," he sat down next to me, "and the song is Thinking Out Loud by Ed," he added. He started playing,

"When your legs don't work like they used to before.
And I can't sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?

And, darling, I will be loving you 'til we're 70
And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23
And I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Well, me - I fall in love with you every single day
And I just wanna tell you I am

So honey now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I'm thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are" he started singing.

I was in love with his voice since it was full of emotion. When he put the guitar down and stop singing. I jumped on him and kissed him hard. Louis fell backwards with me on top of him still kissing him. He wrapped his arms around me as he stuck his tongue into my mouth. We made-out for a while, "I'm guessing you liked it," he smiled. I nodded my head, "I love you," I tell him. Louis lightly kissed me, "I love you," he whispered on my lips.

The next morning Louis and I laid in bed talking, "so what the plan for today?" I asked him. He smiled, "well it already eleven, so some breakfast in bed first," he started. He got up and grabbed two bowls, "then you can do some schoolwork," he joked. He grabbed out a box of fruit loops, "I didn't bring any," I smiled. Louis laughed as he grabbed out some milk, "then we can stay in bed all day," he smiled back. I get up to help him, "back to bed," he ordered. I shake my head, "if I don't help you. You're going to drop something," I tell him, I grabbed the bowls off of him and Louis poured the fruit loops into them. He then poured milk before grabbing two spoons. I get back into bed with the bowls of fruit loops. Louis gets in next to me and kissed my cheek. I hand him a bowl after he put a spoon in mine. He started eating, "you know I can help? I know you want me to sit back and relax, but I don't mind doing stuff," I tell him. Louis nodded his head, "it just this weekend I want to treat you like a princess," he admitted. I kissed him, "you already do," I say. Louis smiled, "plus I don't want to be a princess. I want to be a superhero," I tell him. Louis laughed, "you could be my Black Widow," he says.

"No way. I never look good in that suit. Only Scarlett can pull that off," I smiled. Louis shakes his head, "I would do anything to see you in it," he admitted. I shake my head, "well we missed Halloween last night, so there went your chance," I point out. Louis smirked, "not really. There is a party in a couple of weeks and it's a costume party," he says. I shake my head again, "come on babe. You can pick whatever you want me to wear. Hell I would wear a dress for you," he begged. Louis takes my bowl off of me and put it down on the floor with his. He pushed me down onto the bed, "anything you want," he repeated. He kissed my nose, "I'll think about it," I tell him. Louis kissed my forehead, "I'll go naked if you want me to," he says. I kissed him, "no way. This body is just for me," I smirked. I ran my hands down his sides to his bottom. I grabbed it, "especially this," I added. Louis kissed me, "I like it when you get handsy with me," he smiled. I ran my hands up his back, "let's finish breakfast," Louis says. He gets off of me and I sit up, "before you say something. I don't want anything. I want to save it for later," he tells me. The realization of tonight hit me, "if you still want to," he reassured me. He hugged me, "babe say something," he says.

"Why am I so scared?" I wondered. I wrapped my arms around him, "why don't you tell me?" he suggested. I was lost for words as I tried to think, "babe are you scared, because it will hurt or it not what you thought?" Louis asked. I shrugged my shoulders, "I completely don't know why. It just every time I think about it I get scared," I confessed. Louis kissed the top of my head, "I want to do it. I want that connection with you. I want you to make love to me," I added. I felt embarrassed as I those last words to him. Maybe Perrie has rubbed off on me, "I want to make love to you too. I want you never regret giving me your first time. I want it to be a night you'll never forget," he admitted. I kissed him, "I want to do it right now," I tell him.

"Tonight. I want to do it tonight," he says. I started to think if I could wait until tonight. I have the courage to do it now, but if I wait until tonight I might not have it. Louis ran his thumb over my cheek, "I know you have the courage now to do it, but I don't. That's why I want to do it tonight," he admitted. He kissed me as I was shocked. I always thought Louis was always ready for this. I didn't know that he was scared like me, "I'm scared that I could screw it up. I need to be ready too," he added. I kissed him as I nodded my head, "then we wait until we both ready tonight," I say. Louis nodded his head before he pulled back. He looked down at our bowls of fruit loops, "breakfast is ruined. The fruit loops are way too soggy for me," Louis smiled. I laughed a little bit, "at least we ate half of it," I say. Louis gets up as he picked the bowls up, "I'm going to clean these," he tells me. As soon as he left the tent I laid down. I closed my eyes as I tried to think about tonight. I thought about the times I asked Louis for sex when I shouldn't have.

I didn't know Louis came back until he laid next to me. He wrapped his arm around my waist as he pressed his body against me. I open my eyes to see him looking at me with his head on the pillow. I rolled over to face him as he kept his arm around me. He put his other arm under my head before I wrapped my arm around his waist. We just laid there looking at each other, "what are you thinking about?" he wondered.

"Just the times I asked you to take my virginity," I admitted. Louis kissed my forehead, "why?" he questioned. I placed my other hand on his chest, "I wanted to remember why I asked. Like what were we doing and stuff like that," I tell him. Louis ran his hand up and down my side, "well the first time you asked me was when we ended things at the cabin. That Tuesday night at my place after you were having a bad day. Also that time at Niall's eighteenth, but we were drunk. Or when I couldn't get off that night when you had to be with Niall. Not really good times babe," he points out.

"So you have to upset me or get me drunk," I say. Louis shake his head, "no. I said no then too," he reminded me. I nodded my head, "how about we talk about what turns us on? Like when think about turning whatever we are doing into sex," he suggested. I laughed a little bit, "ok. You naked, your beard stubble, you kissing and touching me, when you dominate me and when you got no piercing in," I tell him. Louis smiled, "and moments like this or when you went down on me for the first time," I added. Louis kissed my nose, "mine are you naked especially underneath me, um you kissing and touching me, you on top of me, you bitting you bottom lip. Actually anything you do with me," he admitted. I kissed him, "so you think about sex with me all the time?" I wondered. Louis bit his bottom lip, "not all the time. Like right now I'm kinda not thinking about it," he replied. I raised an eyebrow, "kinda?" I questioned. Louis smiled, "well we are talking about our turn on. That we properly use later. So my mind is on later which is about us doing it," he explained. I kissed him, "but have you ever dreamt about having sex?" he wondered.

"I have," I say. Louis put his leg over mine, "tell me about it," he tells me. I felt my cheeks go red, "well there all with you and it always you on top of me. The only thing that changes is the place," I tell him. Louis kissed each of my cheeks, "they will get better when you learn new positions," he tells me. I looked at him, "but tonight I will make your dreams come true," he smiled. He kissed my forehead, "so you never dreamt of me doing you against the shower wall like you asked me that day?" he asked. I shake my head, "I only said that, because it came into my head. I know different positions, but my mind always pictures you on top," I tell him. Louis smiled, "that because you like me in control. Where I like you in control, so I dream about you on top," he says. Louis pulled me closer, "one day," I smiled. We talked for a little bit more until we fell asleep.

When I woke-up Louis was gone, so I got up and got dressed. I checked my phone for the time and it was three in the afternoon. I walked out of the tent to see Louis standing near the lake. I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him from behind, "why didn't you wake me?" I wondered. Louis grabbed my hands, "you looked peaceful and there was no reason to wake you," he replied. I kissed his back, "so how long have you been by yourself?" I questioned. Louis moved his thumbs against my hands, "not long. About twenty minutes," he says. I kissed his back again, "I've been thinking about tonight. We will do it when you're ready, but right now I just want to spend time with you. I at least want to wait until its dark," Louis tells me. I nodded my head against his back, "what do you want to do until then?" I asked. Louis let's go of my hands and turns around to look at me, "we could go for a walk," he suggested. I smiled as I nodded my head. He grabbed my hand before we started walking along the lake shore. I leaned into him as I placed my hand on his forearm, "I think when Harry turns eighteen. Him and Niall are going to take Theo and runaway together," I tell Louis. He stopped walking, "why do you think that?" he questioned. I pulled him, so he would start walking again, "Harry was telling me that he has this fantasy were him and Niall runaway with Theo. Then that night I had to be Ni's girlfriend Harry said that he need more time until he was eighteen," I tell him. Louis nodded his head, "I always thought it was strange that Harry said until he was eighteen since Niall already is," Louis remembered. I nodded my head, "they going to be great fathers," he smiled. I smiled back, "but how will Anne go being a nanna?" I joked. Louis laughed, "from what I saw that night. Anne is going to love it. Did you know she put Theo in her room that night?" Louis asked. I shake my head, "when I went to get a drink. I saw them move the porta cot into her room. I think she wanted Ni to have a good night sleep," he says.

"Or maybe so Ni and Harry can get it on," I say. Louis groaned, "Then that not fair to us. We had to leave the door open, so we couldn't do anything," he pouted. I kissed his cheek, "did you also know that Harry and Ni nearly caught us in the trees at the carnival?" I wondered. Louis face turns to shock, "they were the people we heard coming," I added. Louis looked lost for words, "I I don't think I be alive right now," he stutter. I wrapped my arms around him, "I wouldn't let Harry kill you," I reassured him. Louis laughed a little bit, "I don't think you could have stopped him. Especially if he saw my dick in your mouth," Louis tells me. I laughed, "I don't think I could look at Harry the same if he did," I say.

We kept walking until we decided to turn back. Half way back Louis decided to give me a piggy back ride. Saying that he needed a work-out. I pretended to be offended saying that he was calling me fat. He just laughed and reassured me that I never be heavy for him to carry. We got back to the spot and Louis put me down on the cushions, "what's the time?" I asked. Louis cheeked his phone, "about five thirty. I'm going to start dinner then we can watch a movie," he tells me. I nodded my head, "so what's for dinner?" I wondered. Louis smiled, "since I'm such a romantic person and can't cook. I was thinking baked potatoes stuffed with cheese and tomato," he says. I smiled at him, "that actually sounds nice," I tell him. Louis laughed a little bit, "you sound surprised babe," he points out. I nodded my head before he went into the tent. He came back out with his laptop and two already wrapped in alfoil potatoes. He put the potatoes in the fire after he gave me his laptop. He put more wood on the fire, "so what are we going to watch?" I asked. Louis sat down next to me, "Captain America two," he replied. I raised an eyebrow at him, "so when you're fucking me later you can think about Black Widow?" I joked. Louis laughed, "nah. I'm going to watch the movie and think of you as Black Widow. You can think of me as Captain America," he tells me. I shake my head, "my favourite Avenger is Hawkeye," I admitted. Louis was surprised, "but he has no powers," he says.

"I know he just a normal man with excellent bow skills," I explained. Louis pulled me closer to him, "I like the little guys. They prove that you don't need a super suit or be a god to save the day," I added. Louis kissed the side of my head before he started the movie.

We watched the movie and also ate dinner. When it was done I knew what was going to happen soon and I was ready this time. Louis and I had a fantastic day talking and watching a movie. Louis cleaned up, "um you can have a shower," he tells me. I looked at him, "won't it be cold?" I wondered. Louis shakes his head, "it's a little gas hot water tank that I turned on this morning," he says. I stand up, "rich people," I teased. Louis smiled, "I already put clothes in there. I put two sets in there too. One is the set I got you in New York and the other is normal clothes. Whatever you put on I'll be happy with," he tells me. I kissed him, "so um I'll take you to the shower," he added. Louis grabbed my hand before we went into the woods.

We stopped in front of a big tent, "now you have about fifteen minutes of hot water. You can use it all. I had a shower before you got up," he says as we went into the tent. Louis turned the light on in the tent. The tent was divided into two. One side had the shower and the other side had my clothes and towels. I kissed Louis, "when you're ready call me," he tells me. I nodded my head before he left.

I had a shower until I started to feel the water getting cold. When I got out of the shower I wrapped a towel around my hair and body. I stared at the bag that had whatever Louis picked out while he was in New York. I also looked at my normal clothes. I loved how Louis was still leaving it up to me if I wanted to or not. I picked up the bag and had a look in it. All I could see was white. I picked up the knickers first and they had lace on them. I put them on before I grabbed out the silk nightgown. I put it on and it felt nice against my skin. It went all the way to the middle of my thigh. The top part that covered my breasts was made of lace and nearly see through. I wish I had a mirror to see what I really looked like. I actually felt beautiful like Louis is always telling me. I brushed my hair not caring about styling it, but I at least made it presentable. I put my Ugg boots on before I put my jacket on. I called Louis and waited for him to get me. As I waited I turned the lights off in the tent.


When he came back and got me he didn't say anything. He carried me all the way back to the tent. Once inside the tent I noticed it was lit up with fairy lights. I looked at Louis and I noticed that his piercing were gone. I ran my fingers over were his lip ring was, "you really like them out?" he wondered. I nodded my head, "it makes you look softer and pure," I tell him. Louis grabbed my hand that was on his face before he kissed my fingers. He placed my hand on his chest and I could feel his heart beating fast. He was so nervous, so I kissed him, "it alright baby," I cooed. Louis smiled, "I'm meant to say that to you," he says. I kissed him again, "I'm ready," I confessed. I really was ready for tonight, "then let me take the lead," he tells me. I nodded my head as Louis kissed me. I placed my other hand on the side of his neck as I deepened the kiss. Louis took over control over the kiss and I ran my hand down his chest. I slipped my hand under his top and dug my fingers into his abbs. I pulled his top up, "off," I begged into his mouth. Louis stepped back and I pulled his top off over his head. I kicked my shoes off as Louis played with my jacket. I give him a small nod and he takes it off. He looked me up and down as he bit his lip. I placed my hands on his waist, "fuck I'm glad that I chose this one. You look absolutely beautiful," he says. He kissed me again as I started to take his pants off. I knelt down as I pushed his pants right down to the floor. Louis kicked off his shoes before he stepped out of his pants. I kissed up both of his thighs, across the front of his boxers and up his snail trail to his belly button. I slowly pulled his boxers all the way down to his feet. Louis stepped out of them as I noticed that he was already slightly hard. I kissed up his member to the tip, "babe this is not what I pictured," he groaned.

"I know, but I want you ready too," I tell him. I put the tip of his member into my mouth and I lightly sucked on him. I felt Louis get harder as I put more of him in my mouth. I started going backwards and forwards until Louis stopped me. He helped me to my feet before moving us to the bed. He laid me down carefully, "my turn for a bit," he whispered. He kissed me before he kissed all of my expose skin all the way down to my thighs. He lifted the bottom of my lingerie up to my belly button. He started kissing me between my legs through my knickers. I let out a couple of little moans as he got harder. Louis hovered over me and ran his fingers up and down between my legs. He watched me closely before he kissed me. He stuck his tongue into my mouth as he got harder between my legs. He slipped his hand inside of my knickers and rubbed my button. I kept moaning into his mouth. Louis put two fingers straight into me and I couldn't hold back a loud moan. He pumped them in and out of me, but took them out all of sudden. He knelt between my legs as he fingers played with the sides of my knickers. He pulled them down slowly as he bit his bottom lip. He threw them on the floor before he kissed up each of my legs to my hips. He then kissed down between my legs. He started to suck on my button and I put my fingers though his hair. He kept going for a little bit until he pulled back, "you sure you're ready?" Louis asked.

"I am," I tell him. Louis kissed me lightly as I sat up. He pulled the lingerie off of me, "I love you," he tells me as he ran his hands down my sides. I kissed him, "I love you," I tell him on his lips. Louis moved to the side of the bed to pick up a towel, "um just in case," he says. I nodded my head as he placed the towel on the bed. I moved the towel, so I was on top of it. I looked at Louis and he had the condom in his hand. I moved behind him before I wrapped my arms around him. I kissed his shoulder, "why are you scared?" I wondered.

"I'm scared that I'm going to really hurt you and you scream for me to stop," he confessed. I kissed his shoulder again, "take it slow then. I'm ready when you are," I reassured him. Louis gives me the condom, "can we make-out for a little bit?" he asked. I nodded my head as I pulled him back onto the bed properly. He laid me down as he ran one of his hands down my body. I couldn't believe Louis was scared of hurting me so much. It made me want to cry, "babe are you alright?" Louis asked me in a panic. I nodded my head, "then why are you crying? Is it because I don't want to do it yet?" he questioned. I shake my head, "I love you so much," I tell him. Louis wiped away my tears with his thumbs, "I love you so much, but why are you crying?" he wondered. I kissed him, "because you're scared to hurt me. To me that shows how much you care about me," I admitted. Louis smiled as he kissed me, "I have always cared about you. I feel in love with the girl of my dreams. The girl that trust me so much that she wants me to be her first. The girl that didn't believe in love, but fell in love with a screw up," Louis confessed. I kissed him hard as I brought him down on top of me.

Our hands roamed each other bodies as we made-out for a while. Louis pulled back, "I'm ready babe. Are you?" he wondered. I nodded my head before Louis moved he towel underneath me. He grabbed the condom and opened it. He slowly puts it on himself, "tell me to stop if it too much," he tells me. I nodded my head as he positioned himself between my legs. I was scared on how much it was going to hurt, but I was ready. I felt the tip of Louis's member at my entrance, "I love you," he whispered. He kissed me, "I love you," I say against his lips. Louis slowly entered me and it hurt, "babe is it too much?" he asked. I shake my head as I felt tears go down the side of my face, "please keep going," I tell him. He slowly kept going until he was all the way in. He didn't move as he kept kissing me.

When the pain died down a little I told Louis to move. He slowly moved in and out of me trying not to hurt me. After a little bit the pain was dying down and turning into pleasure. Louis breathing was uneven as he grabbed my hands. He pins them above my head and entwines our fingers together. I wrapped my legs around his and he got deeper in me. Sweat was coming off both our bodies as our skin was rubbing together. Louis squeezed my hands, "faster baby," I moaned. Louis got a little bit faster and I already felt close. I moved my hands away from his before I wrapped them around his back. Louis rested his body weight on one of his forearms. His other hand ran down my body to my waist. He dug his fingers into me, "babe I'm close," he groaned. I nodded my head, but I didn't know if I could cum. Louis got faster and deeper in me, "kiss me," I begged. Louis kissed me hard as he moved his hand from my waist to my breast. He ran his thumb over my nipple and the when I felt myself cum. I hid my face into Louis shoulder as we both rode out our highs with Louis moaning my name. Louis feel on top of me trying not to crush me.

We stayed there for a bit until Louis slowly pulled out of me. When he did I hissed at the stinging feeling down there. Louis noticed, "babe you alright?" he questioned. I nodded my head, "just stings," I admitted. Louis leaned over and kissed me, "it be alright. It all over," he reassured me. I smiled as he got off the bed and put the condom in the rubbish bag. I sat up to look down at myself. I saw blood, so I wrapped the towel around my lower half. Louis turned around and looked down at the towel, "your bleeding," he says. I felt embarrassed as Louis started to panic, "Louis calm down. The girls told me what to do," I reassured him. Louis put on a pair of track pants and his jacket, "um I'll be outside. Um tell me when you're done," he says. He quickly left the tent and I slowly got up. My whole body was sore, but between my legs was worst. I went into my bag and grabbed a pair of knickers and a pad. I quickly put them on after I cleaned myself up. I put on a pair track pants, a jumper and my jacket.

When I went outside Louis was looking at the nearly dead fire. I wrapped my arms around him from the side, "hunny you need to learn to calm down. I'm alright," I reassured him. Louis kissed the side of my head, "I'll try," he says. He sat down on the cushions before pulling me down onto his lap, "but how are you feeling tho?" he wondered. I rested my head on his shoulder as I looked at him, "sore," I replied. He kissed me, "I'm sorry that I'm big. Well that what Zayn told me. He knew I was going to hurt you," Louis says.

"Don't be sorry. It was something we couldn't help. I don't want our first time to end on sorry. I just want to be with you," I tell him. I kissed him, "ok," he says. He pulled his smokes out and put one between my lips. He put one between his lips before he lit both of them up. He drew circles on my hip, "I wanted naked cuddles with you tonight," he admitted. I smiled at him, "we still could. If I've stopped," I tell him. Louis smiled, "because I want that too," I added. Louis kissed me.

After we finished our smokes I went to the toilet. It hurt to pee, but I wasn't bleeding anymore. I met Louis in the tent, "um hunny can you burn that towel please," I begged. Louis shook his head, "I want to keep it," he joked. I screwed my face up, "you keep that towel I'm leaving you," I threated. Louis quickly grabbed me, "I'll burn it first thing in the morning," he tells me. I smiled as I kissed him, "do you want to cuddle naked?" I asked. Louis quickly nodded his head as he started to get undressed. I got undressed with him and got into bed under the covers. Louis joined me before he pulled me close to him, "you know I'm amazed that you came. I heard that a girl's first time they normal don't cum," he says. I kissed him, "but I had you," I smiled. Louis kept kissing me lightly until I fell asleep.


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