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Chapter 18 - A New Year

Chapter 18 – A New Year

A couple days has passed since Christmas. I was home hanging out with Gemma, “so you and Louis coming to the New Year’s Eve party?” she asked. I nodded my head, “apparently everyone going to be there. I just don’t know what I’m going to wear. I feel like I want to stand out, but I don’t need to stand out. I have Louis,” I admitted. Gemma laughed a little, “you want to stand out to tell people that you’re with him. You actually want to show off Louis,” Gemma explained.

“It’s not hard for people to noticed Louis,” I say. Gemma nodded her head, “but we are still going shopping,” she tells me. I raised an eyebrow at her, “what? You need a dress and so do I,” she pointed out. I slowly nodded my head, “it’s just I don’t know what I want,” I say. Gemma laughed, “that’s why we are going shopping,” she smiled.

When we got to the shops it was packed, “must be spending their Christmas money,” Gemma says. I nodded my head, “or their like us. Looking for a dress for New Year’s Eve,” I added. Gemma nodded her head, “I’m thinking black dresses,” Gemma started. We started looking around, “I want something different than what I normally wear. I want strapless,” I tell her. Gemma seemed happy with that, “I think I’ve seen the perfect dress for you,” she smiled.

Gemma and I spent all day getting our outfits for New Year’s Eve, but we got them. We decided to have dinner while we were out, “mum said that Christmas night was quiet,” I say. Gemma nodded her head, “last year we had to stop all the boys running down the street naked. It was snowing,” Gemma tells me. I laughed a little bit, “this year it was more family thing. We had Theo and Louis sisters. It was actually great fun. I can’t wait until we all have our own families,” she added.

“I’m not having kids until after Uni. If I can help it, but if it happens before then. I’ll be happy,” I say. Gemma played with her food, “I thought like that until things happened,” she smiled. Did Gemma just tell me that she was pregnant? Gemma was looking at me to say something, “did you just tell me that your pregnant?” I wondered. Gemma smiled as she nodded her head. I hugged her tight, “oh my god. Congrats,” I tell her. I moved back, “how many weeks?” I asked.

“About six weeks. You’re the first person to know. Well part from Josh,” she rambled. Louis party came into my head, “but you were drinking at Louis party,” I remembered. Gemma shook her head, “when we did the shots. I threw mine in the sink. Josh and I didn’t want to tell people yet. So I pretended to drink that night,” she confessed. I slowly nodded my head, “how are you going to tell Harry?” I questioned. Gemma shrugged her shoulders, “do it in front of mum,” I tell her. Gemma nodded her head, “that sounds like an idea. Mum stop Harry killing Josh,” she says.

When we got home Niall, Josh and Harry were in the lounge room. They were watching a football match, “mum home?” I questioned. Harry shook his head, “she with Louis’s mum,” he tells me. I was shocked since Louis was also with his mum. Gemma sat down next to Josh, “I’ll be in my room,” I say. I didn’t feel like sitting around couples right now.

I sat at my desk finishing a drawing for art before Niall came in. He sat down on my bed watching me, “you alright?” he asked. I nodded my head, but never looking at him, “so did you and Gemma have fun today?’ he wondered. I pointed to the shopping bags, “got my outfit for the party,” I say. Niall went through the bags, “it will look better on you and then on the floor of Louis’s bedroom,” he tells me.

“Maybe,” I mumbled. Niall turned my chair around and he was lucky that I wasn’t drawing. I looked at him, “you miss him,” he teased. I nodded my head, “they stayed over Christmas night and they went home together. I’ve only been getting simple messages once in a while. And mum goes around there without me. It feels like their protecting me for something, but what?” I admitted. Niall hugged me, “call him. Don’t message him. Actually call him,” he tells me.

“It’s that easy?” I questioned. Niall nodded his head, “I know shocking,” he smiled. I laughed a little bit, “and if you want to see his face. There this thing called facetime,” he teased. I pushed him, “shouldn’t you be with your fiancé?” I asked. Niall shrugged his shoulders, “I thought my best friend needed me, but she just need to learn how to use a phone,” he smiled. I got my phone out, “actually before you leave. Can you show me how to facetime?” I asked. Niall laughed a little bit, “you would be lost without me,” he says.

After Niall showed me how to facetime Louis. He went back down to Harry. I took in a deep breath before I facetimed Louis. I don’t know why I was nervous calling Louis, but I was, “hey babe,” he smiled when he answered. He looked like he was outside, “hey,” I smiled back. Louis brought a smoke up to his lips before he lit it up. I just watched him without saying anything, “babe you alright?” he wondered. I bit my bottom lip, “I haven’t seen you for days and you only been send simple messages. I’m worried,” I admitted.

“Don’t be worried babe. Everything fine,” he reassured me. I shook my head, “it doesn’t feel like it. It feels like your hiding something from me,” I tell him. Louis took a big drag of his smoke, “and I don’t like how mum going there without me,” I added. Louis was confused, “your mum not here,” he says. I swear Harry said that she was there, “but Harry said,” I whispered. Louis shook his head, “she was here hours ago, but left. Mum had to do her hair for something,” Louis tells me. Louis started think before his eyes went wide, “I think she was going on a date,” he says.

“With who?” I wondered. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “you alright with it?” he questioned. I nodded my head, “she is a grown woman and I understand why she didn’t tell us. She afraid of us saying no. Like Gemma afraid to tell them that she pregnant,” I blurted out. Louis was shocked, “with Josh?” he asked. I nodded, “who else?” I pointed out. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “she happy Lou,” I say. Louis smiled at me, “I think she really loves him,” I added. Louis nodded his head, “I do too,” he whispered. Louis looked away from the screen, “babe do you want to go out right now?” he asked.

“Where too?” I questioned. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “anywhere,” he replied. I bit my lip as I nodded my head, “I’ll be there soon, so get dressed in black warm clothes,” he tells me. I raised an eyebrow at him, “are we going to be bad?” I wondered. Louis gave me one of his evil smirks, “maybe,” he says. I laughed a little bit, “can I have a hint?” I asked. Louis shook his head as he stood up, “just get ready and I’ll be there soon,” he tells me.

I quickly put on my skinny jeans, a t-shirt and my shoes all in black. I put my hair up in a messy bun before I put on my think black jacket. I was so happy to be going out with Louis even if were up to no good. I was actually excited to be doing something bad with my bad boy.


When I went downstairs everyone was watching TV still. They all looked at me, “and where do you think you’re going at this time of night?” Harry questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “Louis didn’t say. He just told me to get ready,” I replied. Harry slowly nodded his head, “did he ask for you to wear black?” he questioned. I shook my head, “tell me the truth, so I know if I have to save you later,” Harry says.

“Yes he told me to wear black,” I admitted. Harry nodded his head, “do you know what we are up too?” I asked. Harry shrugged his shoulders, “most likely breaking into somewhere,” he says. Was Harry really ok with me doing this? He didn’t seem fazed by it, “just don’t get caught, because I don’t want to explain to mum,” he added. I nodded my head, “she on a date by the way,” I tell him.

“What? What makes you think that?” Harry wondered. Harry and Gemma looked confused, “Louis told me. Mum was around there and Johanna did her hair. Then mum went out,” I explained. Harry shook his head, “don’t mean she went on a date. She could have gone to a meeting,” Harry pointed out. I shrugged my shoulders, “Louis said she looked like she was going on a date,” I say. Harry was thinking, “I’ll ask her when she gets home,” he mumbled. He didn’t look happy as I sat on the arm of the lounge next to him, “Harry we should be happy if mum going on a date,” I tell him.

“I am. It’s just why keep it from us?” he questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “maybe because of me,” I say. Everyone looked at me, “I’m kinda new to the family still. Maybe she thinks I’ll be upset that she not giving me attention. Where I want her happy. I want us all happy,” I admitted. Gemma smiled at me as my phone went off. It was a message from Louis saying his out the front, “I’m off,” I smiled. Harry grabbed my arm, “tell him to come in,” Harry ordered. I messaged Louis that he had to come in first.

When Louis came in he was dressed in all black, “hi,” he says. Harry looked him up and down, “look after her and don’t get caught. I really don’t want to tell mum,” Harry tells him. Louis nodded his head, “we won’t,” Louis smiled. Harry finally let me go, “and that used to be out thing,” Harry pouted. Everyone looked at him, “you can come if you want,” Louis suggested. Harry looked at Niall, “I can’t go, but you can,” Niall tells him.

“We got Theo for the night,” Gemma says. Niall looked at her to ask if she was sure, “yes. Go have fun,” she smiled. Niall and Harry quickly left the room to go get ready, “on congratulations,” Louis smirked. Josh and Gemma were confused, “she told me,” Louis added. Gemma looked at me, “I didn’t mean too. It just slipped,” I rambled. Louis laughed a little, “I won’t tell anyone,” Louis promised. Louis put his hand on Josh’s shoulder, “I can’t believe you found the hole,” Louis teased.

“I can’t believe I haven’t kill you yet,” Josh smiled. Louis stepped back, “but I make Lilly happy,” Louis smiled back. Josh nodded his head, “but I’m starting to think that might not be enough anymore,” Josh joked. Gemma shook her head as she smiled, “I’ll tell Harry if you lay a finger on him,” I warned Josh. He looked at me, “you wouldn’t,” Josh tried. I nodded my head, “it’s not my secret,” I smiled.

“Your evil,” Louis smirked. Josh glared at me, “we’re ready,” Harry says as he walked in. He looked between Josh and I, “what did I miss?” Harry questioned. I shook my head, “nothing really,” I tell him. Harry slowly nodded his head as he looked at Josh, “I threaten Louis and Lilly threaten me,” Josh mumbled. Harry laughed, “you don’t threaten Louis in front of Lilly. You wait until she gone,” Harry smiled.

“See Harry knows the rules,” I say. Niall came in with Theo, “I went to check on him and he was awake. He should go back to sleep in about an hour. If not just give him half a bottle and he should after that,” Niall tells me. Gemma took Theo off of Niall, “we got him Niall. Just go have fun,” Gemma reassured him. Niall kissed Theo forehead, “be good. Papa loves you,” Niall whispered. Niall kissed Theo, “I’ll miss you,” he added. Harry stood behind Niall smiling at him and Theo. Niall moved to the side, so Harry could say goodbye. Harry smiled as he kissed Theo forehead, “daddy loves you,” he says.

“Can we get going?” Louis whined. I stood next to Louis, “stop it,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he wrapped his arm me, “been waiting for to come to me,” he says. I shook my head before Louis kissed me. Harry and Niall was still saying goodbye to Theo, “ok. Can we get going or we will never leave?” I questioned. Harry and Niall looked at me, “we have things to do,” Louis pointed out. Niall and Harry both kissed Theo again before I did. Louis grabbed Theo hand and smiled at him. Louis whispered something to him before he kissed his cheek. I smiled at them, “you lot better be going before Lilly pulls Louis up to her bedroom,” Gemma teased.

“Fuck no,” Harry half shouted. He grabbed Louis and pulled him out the house, “looks like we’re going,” Niall says. I nodded my head, “have fun while we’re gone and keep it in your pants,” I winked. Josh pushed me into Niall, “go before I tell Anne what you guys are doing,” Josh warned. Niall and I quickly left the house after he grabbed his jacket.

We were all in the car heading to where Louis wanted to go, “so where we going?” Niall asked. Him and Harry were sitting in the backseat together, “we are going to the school. I have something that I want to do,” he tells us. I looked at him and he just smiled as he grabbed my hand, “you do know they changed the security guards since the last time we broke in?” Harry questioned. Louis nodded his head, “wait when was the last time you broke into the school?” I wondered.

“The Sunday before we went to school last month,” Louis says. I started thinking about the date until I realized that was the night Louis and I had fight about sex. Him and Harry went out to talk and came home late. When Louis stopped at a set of traffic lights I started hitting him, “what the fuck?” he swore.

“You broke into the school while I was at home worried about you,” I pointed out. Louis turned his full body to me not caring that the light turned green. He grabbed my hands, so I would stop hitting him, “yes,” he started. I calmed down, “I know we had a fight and I went out with Harry, but it was Harry idea. We used to do it all the time,” Louis explained. I looked at Harry, “we just like seeing what we can do. We also find it a great stress relief,” Harry says.

“You could have told us that you were going to be late. Lil and I stayed up waiting for you until we fell asleep on the lounge together,” Niall complained. Louis let go of my hands, so he could start driving again, “what time did you guys get home? I just remember Louis carrying me to bed,” I asked. Louis smiled a little, “about one thirty,” Harry says.

“No wonder you two were tired at school. I’m surprised that you stayed awake,” I remembered. I placed my hand on Louis’s thigh, “I’ve had less sleep and been alright,” Louis tells me. Harry and Niall laughed a little bit, “I still remember when we thought it was a good idea to stay up all night drinking. We went to school pissed just so we could go to P.E. That was a terrible idea. Mr McKain made us do laps until we were sick,” Harry reminded the boys. I loved to hear how the boys used to hang out, “and Zayn was trying to impress Perrie. He didn’t look to flash hot throwing up,” Niall laughed.

The boys kept talking about old times they used to share until we got near the school. Louis parked two blocks away from it, “how we going to do this?” Niall questioned. Louis and Harry started thinking, “I need to get to B block,” Louis says. Harry gave him a small nod, “I want to show Niall something,” Harry tells us. Niall looked confused, but Louis just smirked at Harry, “so once inside the gates. We split,” Harry added. Louis agreed with him, “we met up by my car in an hour,” Louis says.

When we got to the school Harry and Niall quickly jumped the fence. Louis had to help me over the fence since I was too small. Niall and Harry made sure that I didn’t hurt myself when I came down the other side. Louis jumped over the fence and he made it look easy, “so we will see you in an hour?” Niall questioned. We all nodded our heads at him, “if we get in trouble. Run and get to the car,” Louis tells us. We all nodded, “so let’s get going,” Harry smiled.

Louis and I got to the end of B block without seeing a security guards. It was strange being at school at night, but I was so excited. Louis was looking around for a way in, “why do you want to break into B block?” I wondered. Louis smiled as he looked at me, “what lesson do we have in B block?” he asked. I started to think, “well we have English, but I also have history,” I replied. Louis kept smiling at me, “Louis hunny. What do you want to do with Mr Dew?” I questioned.

“Maybe some payback for calling my girlfriend a waste of space,” he says. I laughed as I shook my head, “that was a long-time ago,” I pointed out. Louis nodded his head as he jumped on the window ledge. He opened the window before he jumped back down, “found a way in,” he smiled. I nodded my head, “and why did you come back down?” I wondered. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “because my girlfriend needs a boost,” he teased. I pushed him away before I tried to jump onto the window ledge. I missed and I missed by a lot, “please let me help you baby,” he begged.

“Ok,” I sighed. Louis smiled as he put his hands on my hips, “don’t be upset that you need help. I love that your small,” he admitted. I kissed his chin, “because you fit nicely next to me,” he added. Louis lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him, “babe we need to get going,” he tells me. I kissed him, “then lift me,” I smiled. I unwrapped my legs from around him before he lifted me up. I grabbed the window ledge and pulled myself on it. Louis jumped and grabbed the window ledge. He pulled himself up with easy, “show off,” I mumbled.

“I’ll go in first to look around and to help you,” he smiled. Louis went through the window and I joined him when he called me. We walked down the hallway, “so what you going to do when we get there?” I questioned. Louis stopped as he covered my mouth. I heard footsteps coming our way. Louis pushed me into an empty classroom before we hid under a teacher’s desk. I gripped onto Louis’s jacket tight as I closed my eyes. Louis rubbed my back as he kissed the top of my head.

After a little bit Louis told me that we could keep going or go back to the car. I told him that I wanted to keep going. Louis held my hand as we went farther down the hall, but I didn’t say another word. I was afraid to get caught, but I also felt the adrenaline in my body. I still couldn’t believe that I broke into the school.

When we made it to our English classroom and Louis straight away went for his Mr Dew desk, “so what is your plan?” I asked again. Louis quickly smiled at me before going through the desk draws, “are you going to tell me baby?” I questioned. Louis looked at me, but he looked embarrassed, “promise not to laugh?” he wondered. I nodded my head, “I want to know what I got on my essay for Wuthering Heights,” he confessed. I bit my bottom lip, “you don’t know?” I questioned. I got mine back ages ago, “Mr Dew keeping it from me since he thinks I cheated. Veronica told me that I was cleared since my other lessons are the same. I like Veronica,” Louis tells me.

“It better stay at like, because not only you’ll have me to deal with. But you’ll have Ben to deal with,” I warned him. Louis was still going through the draws, “I know,” he says. I sat on the desk as I watched him. I ran my fingers through his hair as he kept searching. I can’t believe that Louis put in the effort into his essay and Mr Dew said that he cheated. I know Louis had a bad year last year, but the rest of his teachers noticed the difference in him. I smiled fondly at him as he was still looking for his essay, “found it,” Louis says.

“So what did you get?” I wondered. Louis shook his head, “remind me what you got,” Louis smiled. I was loving this side of Louis, “B plus and it was my first ever one,” I tell him. Louis looked at his essay, “I got an A minus,” he smiled. I jumped on him before I kissed him, “so proud of you,” I tell him. I kissed him again and again, “can we have sex on the desk?” Louis smirked. My period finished last night, but I was worried about getting caught, “do you have a condom?” I asked. Louis nodded his head as he kissed me, “then get me on that desk,” I tell him.

“Yes baby,” he smiled. Louis picked me up and put me on the desk. He kissed me deeply as he ran his hand down the side of my body. I wrapped my legs around him to bring him closer to me. He stood up as he smirked at me. He slowly unzipped my jacket, “Lou we don’t have time foreplay,” I whined. Louis quickly kissed me before he undid my jeans, “I’m going have to flip you over. Unless you want to get naked for me,” he tells me.

“Flip me,” I say. Louis laughed as he helped me flip over. He leant over me and sucked on my earlobe, “Lou,” I groaned. I pushed my bottom into him, “please,” I added. Louis lightly bit my neck as he pushed my jeans and knickers down my legs. He stood back and ran his hands over my bottom, “Louis you better hurry up or I will walk out of here,” I warned.

“I’m sorry, but your arse looks fantastic,” he says. I tried to stand up, but Louis kept me down, “stay baby,” he ordered. I braced myself on my arms as I watched him undo his jeans and pulled them down with his boxers. After he took a condom out of his pocket, “you ready?” he asked. I nodded my head, “I’m always ready for you,” I smirked.

“Good to know,” he smiled. He rolled the condom onto himself after he took it out of the package. I rested my forehead on my arms and closed my eyes. I felt the tip of Louis member at my entrance before I felt his hands on my hips. He purposely was teasing me and it just made me want him more. I bit my jacket as Louis slowly entered me. I looked at Louis and he had his eyes closed as he bit his bottom lip. He just looked hot to me, “why are you still so fucken tight?” he whispered.

“Just start moving,” I begged. Louis started thrusting in and out of me fast and hard. I bit my jacket again to stop me from making noise. This felt so naughty that it was making me more excited. I dug my nails into the desk as Louis hit the right spot. He dug his fingers into my hips and I knew he was going to leave bruises. I already felt close and I think it was because we were doing it at school. I felt Louis hand under my top running up my back, “no holding back babe,” he moaned. Louis voice sent me over the edge and I bit my jacket hard as I came. Louis kept going until he also came.

As we were catching our breaths Louis rested his head on my back, “that was fantastic babe,” he puffed. I nodded my head as I stood up. Louis wrapped his arms around me as he also stood up, “we better get out of here,” I say. Louis nodded his head as he kissed my neck. He pulled my knickers and jeans back up for me. Louis stepped away from me, so he could get rid of the condom. He pulled his jeans and boxers back up. Louis put back his essay, so no one would know it was him. He pulled me to him, but I heard footsteps in the hallway. Louis quickly looked at the door as the steps got closer, “fuck. The window,” Louis says.

“Is there someone there?” someone asked. Louis pulled me over to the window, but they were locked. Louis looked panicked, “we can make a run for it,” I tell him. Louis nodded his head, “go up the stairs. There’s a fire escape,” Louis says. I nodded my head as I grabbed Louis hand tight. He gave me a quick kiss before we went over the door.

After a couple of breaths Louis and I ran out of the classroom. We ran up the stairs and I could hear the security guard running after us. Louis pulled me to a window and he opened it. We both jumped on the ledge, but I looked down. We were high up and I was scared. I gripped onto Louis tight, “it’s ok. He should go past,” Louis whispered. I hid my face into his chest. I didn’t want to look down, “we’re going to jump across,” Louis tells me. I shook my head, “babe I’m not going to let you fall,” he added.

“You better, because I will die,” I say. Louis laughed a little bit before he moved away from me. Louis jumped to the next window ledge. He looked at me for do the same, so I took a deep breath and jumped. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “now we got to do that four more times,” he tells me. I nodded my head as I calmed my nerves.

We jumped across four more window ledges before we got to the end of the building. The fire escape was a little bit farther then the window ledges. Louis jumped across with easy, but I was just making the window ledges. I looked at Louis as I shook my head, “you can do it babe. I will catch you,” he reassured me. I took in a deep breath, “maybe you should go. I won’t be in that much trouble,” I tell him.

“I’m not leaving you,” he promised. I took another deep breath before I stepped back. I ran and jumped, but I just caught the railing. Louis grabbed my arms quickly, “I got you,” he tells me. He pulled me up with ease. Louis hugged me tight and I knew I was crying, “let’s just get out of here,” he whispered. Louis kissed me before he went down the ladder first. When I went down the ladder I was shaking, “it’s ok baby,” he cooed. Louis grabbed my hips when I was close to him, “just got to get over the fence,” he says. I just nodded my head, but I was still scared at what happened.

I was still shaking after we got over the fence. So Louis picked me up bridle style and I just cried into his neck. Louis kissed the side of my head as Louis started walking, “I’m sorry babe,” he apologized. I shook my head, “don’t be. It still was fun. Part from the last part,” I mumbled against his neck. Louis kissed the side of my head again and I looked at him, “my baby got an A minus,” I smiled. I kissed him, “my baby a nerd,” I added. I could tell by the streetlights that Louis was blushing, but he was smiling.

When we got to the car Harry and Niall where making out on it. Well Niall was on the hood of the car as he had his legs wrapped around Harry, “guys that’s my fucken car,” Louis says. Harry and Niall looked at us, “well your ten minutes late, so we had to do something,” Niall smirked. I laughed a little bit, “you alright to get down now?” Louis asked to ignore Niall. I nodded my head as Louis put me down, “what happened?” Harry questioned.

“I’m fine,” I tell him. Louis wrapped his arm around me, “just nearly fell from the second floor,” I added. Harry and Niall looked horrified, “What? Why?” Harry questioned. Harry came over to look over me. I stopped him, “I’m fine. The security guard came after us and we jumped out the window. Then we had to jump to the fire escape. Me being small. I just grabbed the railing, but Louis grabbed me,” I explained. Harry nodded his head, but he glared at Louis, “what the fuck were you thinking? She could barely jump the fence. You’re lucky that you caught her or I will be killing you right now,” Harry snapped.

“I know. I’m sorry that I put her life in danger,” Louis apologized. Harry didn’t say anything he just gave Louis a small nod, “but why did you need to break into B block?” Niall wondered. I just smiled at Louis and he cheeks went red, “well Niall knows about the whole accused of cheating thing. I broke into Mr Dew desk and looked at my essay for Wuthering Heights,” Louis started explaining. Niall was getting really excited, “What did you get?” Niall smiled.

“An A minus,” Louis whispered. Harry and Niall jumped on Louis to congratulate him, “that goes with the A from geography,” Niall says. I was shocked to find that out, “stop for a second,” I tell the boys. They all looked at me, “did you get straight A’s for the first half of the school year?” I questioned Louis. He slowly nodded his head, “well English was blank, but the rest were A’s. I have you to thank for physics and P.E,” he tells me.

“Oh my god,” I whispered. I was so proud of Louis right now. I didn’t know Louis last year, but I could tell by the boys. That it was fantastic news, “not jealous are you?” Harry teased. I shook my head, “I got straight A’s too,” I tell them. They smiled as they nodded their heads, “Me and Harry got B’s, but we have a baby under the age of one,” Niall says. I smiled at them, “I think we should have a party to celebrate Louis getting A’s,” Harry suggested.

“No. It’s just A’s,” Louis says. Harry patted him on the back, “I would throw you a party if you got one A,” Harry smiled. Niall and I laughed a bit, “why don’t we get some drinks and head home?” Niall wondered. I looked at Louis, “just a couple. It’s late already,” Harry tells us. Louis bit his bottom lip as he was trying not to smile, “do you two have a bedtime?” Louis teased. Harry nodded his head as Niall shook his, “well I do,” Harry says.

After we got some drinks we went home. The house was dark and quiet, “I guess the kids are asleep,” Niall says. We nodded our heads, so we went outside. We sat around the table with our drinks. I had my knees to my chest with a blanket over me, “to the straight A students,” Harry smiled. We all clinked our drinks together, “to the nerds,” Niall smirked. I shrugged my shoulders, “call us what you want, but we are smarter than you,” I teased.

“I got an A in Spanish” Niall says. I slowly clapped my hands, “still don’t beat Louis,” I smiled. Niall smiled as he nodded his head, “I knew he get A’s, but I didn’t think that he get straight A’s,” Niall admitted. I nodded my head, “I thought he could get one in physics since I helped him,” I tell them. Harry nodded his head, “but Louis tells us the real reason that you put so much effort into your school work,” Harry smiled.

“So I can get into Uni if I don’t get into the football academy,” Louis says. Harry kept smiling as he slowly nodded his head, “I thought it was because you wanted to be better man for a certain girl,” Harry reminded him. I knew Harry was talking about me, “that too,” Louis smiled. He grabbed my hand, “I don’t know what you guys are talking about. I only know this Louis,” I tell them. Louis kissed my hand, “and his the only one you going to know,” Louis says.

We had a couple of drinks until Niall straddled Harry lap. So Louis picked me up and took me to my room. Louis threw me onto my bed before he took off his jacket. He hovered over me and took my jacket off. I placed his face between my hands, “I can’t believe we broke into the school, so you can see what you got on your English essay,” I smiled. I kissed him, “but we also had sex,” he smirked. I pushed him off of me, but he fell onto the floor. He was laughing his head off and I just looked at him. He looked so happy, “it’s not that funny,” I say. Louis nodded his head as he held his arms out. I laid next to him, “I want you on top,” he pouted.

“I think someone had too much to drink,” I tell him. Louis shook his head, “just happy and maybe a little bit tipsy,” he smiled. I kissed him, but Louis started tickling me, “stop,” I cried. Louis kept going until I kneed him stomach, “I’m sorry,” I apologized. Louis started laughing as he held his stomach, “I won’t tickle you again,” he smirked. I knew he was up to no good, “unless I’m on top of you,” he added as he straddled my thighs.

“I can still hurt you,” I tell him. Louis grabbed my wrists and pin them about my hand. He kissed me as he moved my wrists into one of his hands. His free hand ran down my side before he started tickling me again. I tried to get out of his grip as I was laughing, “please stop Lou. I’m going to pee myself,” I say. Louis stopped, “kinky,” he smirked. He kissed me, “I don’t know you into that babe,” he added. He still hasn’t let go of my wrists, “I’m into a lot of things,” I smiled.

“Oh tell me more,” he says. I bit my bottom lip, “me doing you with a strap on,” I joked. Louis eyes went wide, “is this because of the Harry thing?” Louis questioned. I shook my head, “I just thought that I would take your virginity like you took mine,” I smiled. What scared me Louis looked like he was thinking about it, “please tell me your joking, because I started thinking about it. And what scared me like really scared me. If that what you want to do. I’ll try it,” he confessed.

“Oh Baby I’m joking,” I cooed. Louis smiled as he kissed me, “but it’s nice to know that you would try things for me,” I smiled. Louis let go of my wrist and I wrapped them around his neck, “I would do anything for you,” he whispered. I played with the back of his hair, “and I’ll do anything for you,” I promised. Louis kissed my nose, but I felt his hands play with my jeans button. I smiled as I kissed him hard, “don’t be loud,” I tell him.

It was New Year’s Eve and we were all getting ready. Gemma and I decided to have a girl’s day to get ready for tonight. We went to aunt Fey’s salon to get waxed and we also got lunch with Perrie and Sophia. Gemma had a hard time keeping her food down, so I asked her if she was going to be alright tonight. She told me should would be alright. She just feels sick when she smells coffee which she said was a good thing.

Once we were home Sophia and Perrie made themselves at home in the lounge room. Gemma and I were in the kitchen making cups of tea, “what you going to do about tonight?” I wondered. Gemma was confused, “Harry might notice you’re not drinking and started questioning,” I explained. Gemma nodded her head, “I thought about telling him when his drunk, so he thinks it’s a joke,” she tells me. I laughed a little bit, “I wouldn’t. I would tell Harry when his sober,” I say.

“Tell me what?” Harry questioned when he walked into the kitchen. He looked like he just got out of the shower, “do you want a cup of tea?” I asked. Harry nodded his head, “but that’s not what you wanted to tell me,” he pointed out. I looked at Gemma and she looked worried, “that Gem not drinking tonight, so she can take us home,” I tell him. Harry laughed a little bit, “we’re getting taxis. You knew that,” Harry says. He looked over Gemma, “where is Josh? I’m going to kill him,” Harry demanded. I grabbed Harry shoulder, “Harry calm down,” I tell him. Harry took in a deep breath, “still going to kill him,” Harry says. I ran off to find Niall before Harry kills someone.

When I found him. I dragged him to the kitchen with Theo, “give Harry Theo,” I ordered. Niall was confused as he handed Harry Theo, “yes Gemma pregnant, but she also in her twenties,” I tell him. Harry started bouncing Theo, “oh congratulations,” Niall smiled. He hugged Gemma, “but what about Uni?” Harry questioned. Gemma sighed, “I finish when you finish school. I’m only six weeks. I’ll be big at graduation, but I’ll make it there,” she pointed out. Harry kissed the side of Theo head, “have you told mum yet?” he wondered.

“Not yet and you only know, because you were eavesdropping,” Gemma says. Harry smiled as he nodded his head, “no I heard my name and worked it out,” Harry pointed out. Gemma rolled her eyes, “anyway. I’m going tonight and I’ll be safe,” Gemma says. Harry nodded his head, “Josh won’t be,” I whispered. Harry laughed a little, “guys don’t tell anyone else,” Gemma tells us. We all nodded out heads, “I’m just happy that Theo going to have a cousin soon,” Niall smiled.

We finally finished making the cups of teas for Perrie and Sophia, “What took you so long?” Perrie questioned. I started painting my nails black, “talking to Niall and Harry about mum taking Theo to Louis mum’s,” I lied. They nodded their heads, “so there’s going to be a lot of people tonight,” Sophia tells us. We nodded our heads, “stay in pairs, don’t put you drink down, don’t get drunk too fast and if it seems like a good idea. It’s not,” I say.

“Where did that come from?” Gemma laughed. I just looked at her, “Harry?” she questioned. I shook my head, “Louis?” Sophia wondered. I shook my head again, “Niall. He told me last night,” I tell them. They laughed little bit, “I think his taking this best friend role seriously,” Gemma smiled. I nodded my head, but Perrie and Sophia were pouting, “I thought I was your best friend,” Perrie mumbled. I looked at Gemma and she was trying not to laugh, “I can have more than one. Niall’s the gay best friend,” I reassured them. Sophia and Perrie looked at each other, “ok, but don’t mean Niall can come to girl’s night,” Perrie tells me.

“But I thought the whole point of girl’s night was to get away from the other half,” I started. Perrie nodded her head, “Niall does need a break from Harry sometimes,” I pointed out. Perrie looked everywhere else part from me, “are you saying, because that he is a boy. That he can’t hang out with us?” Gemma questioned. Perrie nodded her head, “he’ll get bored. When we do girly things,” Perrie says. Sophia shook her head, “what’s your problem with Niall joining girl’s night? He’ll talk about the annoying habits that Harry has and tell us his secrets about blowjobs,” Sophia snapped.

“Nothing. It just I know he’ll get bored while we do our nails,” she snapped back. I shook my head, “that’s bullshit. He can entertain himself while his still talking to us. Maybe he be brave and let us attack him,” Sophia says. I looked at Gemma and she told me to let it go, “so what’s your real reason why?” Sophia questioned. Perrie looked pissed at Sophia, “because his not one of us. He run off and tell the boys,” Perrie spat.

“No he won’t,” I interrupted. Perrie and Sophia looked at me, “Niall’s my best friend, because I tell him everything. I’m not worried that his going to tell the boys. I trust him,” I admitted. I took in a deep breath, “Perrie you need to accept the changes that have been happening. When I first met you. You were this bubbly happy girl and now you’re this. I don’t like this girl,” I tell her. Perrie nodded her head as she looked like she was thinking, “I’m jealous. I want the romance again. I want dates and secret little rendezvous. I want to break into the school and have sex on the teacher’s desk. I want to be in love again,” she confessed.

“Pear are you saying that you don’t love Zayn anymore?” I questioned. She shrugged her shoulders, “I will always love him, but lately it feels like there nothing between us,” she started. Perrie was getting upset, “Zayn and I are on a break. We have been for three weeks,” she says. Perrie started crying, “I’m scared that we’re not getting back together,” she cried. Sophia and I hugged her tight as Gemma knelt in front of her, “if your scared to lose him. That means you still love him,” Gemma reassured her. Perrie gave her a small nod, “but I can’t help what he feels,” she whispered.

We hugged Perrie for a bit, “I’m alright,” she tells us. She stood up, “we should be getting ready, so I’m going to have a shower,” she added. She ran off to the bathroom, “how about I break a rule and join her?” Sophia wondered. I gave her a small nod, “what would Liam say?” I questioned before she left. Sophia shrugged her shoulders, “it’s nothing sexual. It’s more to keep a close eye on her,” Sophia says. I nodded my head, “plus I’m not her type. You are tho,” she teased. I pushed her, “please make sure that she alright,” I tell her.

Five minutes after Sophia left Harry and Niall came in with Theo. They sat down on the lounge, “we heard about Perrie. I can’t believe that they kept this from us,” Harry says. I shook my head, “I’m not. We all in love. We had your engagement party. They didn’t want us to feel like they do,” I explained. Everyone nodded their heads, “but not to sound nasty, but could Perrie be pushing Zayn about marriage? Because if you think about it,” Niall started. He looked like he was trying to think how to say the next part, “Harry and I are engaged, but we didn’t come out until last month. Louis proposing to Lil,” Niall continued. I stopped him, “only you and Harry knew about Louis proposing to me,” I tell him.

“Wait you and Louis getting married?” Gemma questioned. I shook my head, “not yet. Flower told him that he had to ask me, mum and Josh. I told him to ask me in three months,” Harry smiled. Gemma nodded her head, “but continue Niall,” I say.

“Well maybe Zayn got scared. Marriage is a huge step in a relationship. Harry and I getting married, because we have a kid,” Niall started explaining. Harry looked offended, “and that I’m in love with him,” Niall smiled. Harry kissed him, “so what you’re saying is Zayn might be scared to take a big step with Perrie. He might also feel like his boxed in. His also going to look like an arsehole to us if he tells Perrie no, but I’m with Zayn if that’s the case. In a relationship you shouldn’t pressure the other person,” Gemma tells us.

“That’s true. When Louis proposed to me. I told him that I didn’t know and he told me that I could think it about it. But as I’ve been thinking about it. I realized that I want to say yes. I think the only thing that stopped me from saying yes was everyone else. Then someone told me that it’s my life and he’ll support me no matter what,” I confessed. Niall smiled big, “what I’m saying is. If Zayn don’t want to get married yet. He shouldn’t feel like he has too,” I added. Everyone agreed with me, “maybe I should talk to him. See what the real reason is,” Harry suggested.

“That sounds like an idea, but when?” Niall wondered. Harry started thinking, “tonight. I’m meant to be leaving soon to go hang with them,” Harry says. I nodded my head, “I have to stay here until Anne goes out,” Niall reminded us. I knew he was worried what Perrie would say to him, “it be alright,” I reassured him. Harry got up, “well I better get my shit ready,” he says. I held my arms out to Niall, so he would give me Theo. Niall smiled as he handed Theo over to me, “thanks,” he whispered. Niall kissed the top of my head before he left with Harry, “tonight going to be interesting and I’m going to remember all of it,” Gemma smiled.

“It be ok. I might not drink tonight too,” I tell her. Gemma shook her head, “do whatever you want tonight. Josh not drinking tonight. Just in case something goes wrong,” she says. I nodded my head, “I just want to show off my boyfriend,” I pointed out. Gemma laughed a little bit, “I bet when he sees you. That he’ll be showing you off,” she smiled. I shook my head as Theo closed his eyes, “go to sleep baby,” I whispered. I kissed Theo forehead, “it’s scary that in about seven months. I’m going to have a baby. I kinda hope it’s like Theo. His such a good baby with everything he went through,” Gemma says. She started crying a little bit, “I’m going to be a mum,” she mumbled.

“And you’re going to be a great mum,” I tell her. Gemma cried a bit more, so I held my arm open for her. I didn’t want to move since Theo was asleep. Gemma came over to me and sat down. I hugged her tight before we looked at Theo, “when I first looked after Theo with Louis. We made a deal about having kids together, but that was also the day that Louis told me that I should love him. Because he says the right things. If it wasn’t for Theo I’ll still be wondering about Louis and I,” I admitted. Gemma kissed the side of my head, “I don’t think so. I think Louis would have said I love you. I think his meaning to do it for a long time,” she teased.

After a while Niall and Harry came back out, “the girls are still in the shower and I’m off to hang with the boys,” Harry tells us. We all smiled at him, “tell Lou that Lil going to look stunning tonight,” Gemma says. Harry laughed a little bit, “and he will tell me that she always looks stunning,” Harry smiled. I knew my cheeks were red as I shook my head, “just go,” I mumbled. Harry came over and kissed Theo forehead as he whispered that he loved him. He kissed mine and Gemma forehead too, “love you and be good,” he smiled. I smiled back at him, “you be good and make sure that you boys are ready in time,” I tell him. Harry nodded his head, “we will be ready,” he says.

“Come on,” Niall whined. Niall pulled Harry out of the house, “I think Niall wants him gone,” Gemma pointed out. I nodded my head, “or he want to make out with him against the car,” I smiled. Gemma laughed, “they need to learn to keep their hands to themselves,” she sighed. I knew she was joking, “maybe you should have learnt to keep your hands to yourself,” we heard Niall say. He was standing behind us, “and maybe you wouldn’t be with child,” he added. Gemma nodded her head, “or maybe I shouldn’t have jumped Josh in the shower,” she smiled.

“I’ve never done it in the shower,” I say. Niall and Gemma looked surprised, “are you serious?” Niall questioned. Niall sat down near us as I nodded my head, “we’ve done it on the bathroom floor,” I say. Gemma and Niall were still surprised, “but you normally do in the shower before you think about doing it in public,” Gemma tells me. Niall agreed with her, “and you done it public a couple of times already,” Niall added.

“Are we counting the car in the blizzard?” I questioned. Niall nodded his head, “you and Lou need to lock yourself in a bathroom and just have fun,” Gemma smirked. I started to think what Louis and I could do in a bathroom, “can I have it for my birthday?” I asked. Niall shrugged his shoulders, “you’re going to have to ask Lou,” he tells me. I nodded my head, “maybe you can find somewhere with a big bathroom for a weekend. You don’t have to stay in the bathroom for the whole weekend. You can do a lot of things,” Gemma suggested. I nodded my head, “I would love to do that again,” I say.

Niall, Gemma and I talked for a little bit before Sophia and Perrie came back. They both had dressing gowns on. Perrie looked at Niall, “did you have a good shower?” he asked her. Perrie nodded her head, “that’s good,” I say. Perrie was still looking at Niall, “so what are you wearing Niall?” Sophia asked him. Niall shrugged his shoulders, “I was thinking skinny jeans, white t-shirt, a nice jacket and some boots that Harry got me,” Niall replied.

“So Harry buys your clothes?” Sophia wondered. Niall shook his head, “I buy my own clothes, but Harry said I needed nice shoes to go out in. So he brought me a pair of boots,” Niall explained. Sophia laughed a little bit, “take it from me. He’ll start buying you clothes,” Sophia smiled. Niall shook his head, but he was thinking, “I think he already started,” Gemma pointed out. Niall was thinking hard, “he brought me my jacket,” Niall mumbled.

“It’s normal in a relationship,” Gemma reassured him. I nodded my head, “Louis brought me clothes. Well it was more underwear,” I say. Niall laughed a little bit, “Harry not trying to change you. He just thought you might like it,” Sophia tells him. Perrie was quiet, “true Harry does get me stuff that I wear, but I also get him stuff,” he smiled. We all smiled at him part from Perrie, “maybe I should start buying Louis clothes,” I say. Sophia smirked at me, “maybe you should take him and have some fun in the dressing room,” she suggested.

“Not before she has sex in the shower,” Gemma tells her. Sophia raised an eyebrow, “really?” she questioned. I nodded my head, “she done it at a playground, in the car and at school on Mr Dew desk. But she has never done it in the shower,” Niall says. Sophia just looked at me, “Louis lied that night you caught me and Liam,” Sophia remembered. I smiled as I nodded my head, “it just came down enough,” Niall teased. I pushed him, “behave you two,” Gemma warned us.

We talked a little bit more, but Perrie didn’t say anything. I knew she was slightly annoyed with Niall being there. However, she did laugh at one of Niall’s stories. I really hope that Perrie does have a good time tonight. It’s the last day of the year and it’s the first New Year’s Eve party that I have been to. I remember staying up late with Harry, Marcel and Josh to watch the fireworks. But it would end up Harry, Marcel and me covering our ears up, because of the fireworks.

I had a long shower as I was thinking about tonight. When I got out of the shower I put on my black silk dressing gown that Louis got me. I went down stairs to make myself a cup of tea before I got dress. However, when I was in the kitchen Louis came in, “what are you doing here?” I questioned. Louis smiled as I hugged him, “Harry forgot something,” he replied. Louis ran his hands down my side, “you’re not wearing anything underneath that,” he smirked. I bit my bottom lip, “we better get up to your room,” he mumbled.

“Louis you’re ready to go?” Harry asked as he walked in with Niall. I laughed a little bit as Louis rolled his eyes, “there is always later,” I whispered. Louis kissed me, “but this is so sexy,” he whispered back. He kissed me again, “it’s like you wearing my shirt that time,” he added. I knew he was thinking about his birthday. When I wore his broken shirt, “it be ok. I’ll make it up to you,” I reassured him. Louis shook his head as he kissed me, “I’ll make it up to you,” he tells me.

After Louis and Harry left I went up to my room to get dressed, so I could join everyone. I put on the dress Gemma and I picked out after I put on my undies. The dress that I got was a black strapless dress that came just above my knees. The top had white ribbon with rhinestones shaped as diamonds in a crisscross pattern. It was beautiful, but simple.

I went downstairs after I made sure that I had my shoes and jacket ready on my bed. I found Perrie doing Gemma hair while Sophia was doing her nails. Niall wasn’t there, “oh my god. That dress is cute,” Perrie smiled. Sophia agreed with her as I sat down next to her. I grabbed the black nail polish and started painting my nails again, “told you people would like it,” Gemma says.

“They don’t count,” I tell her. Perrie and Sophia acted hurt, “only one person matters and his not here,” Sophia teased. I bit my bottom lip as I nodded my head, “he was here before, but I was only wearing my dressing gown then,” I smirked. Sophia raised an eyebrow, “only a dressing gown?” she questioned. I nodded my head, “he wanted to kill Harry,” Niall smiled as he walked in with Theo.

“Did not,” I say. Niall nodded his head as he sat down next to me. He put Theo in his lap, “Harry told me that Louis glared at him all the way back to his house,” Niall tells me. I rolled my eyes, “his such a child sometimes,” I whispered. Niall nodded his head, “but lately you and Louis have been seeing less of each other lately. The last time you seen him was the other day and he nearly got you killed,” Niall pointed out. I shrugged my shoulders, “I had fun tho,” I smiled.

“If it’s anything Harry nearly killed me too,” Niall tells me. I laughed a little bit, but I was surprised, “how?” I wondered. Niall shook his head, “another time,” he says. I pushed him, “your no fun,” I pouted. Niall kissed my cheek, “it be alright,” he teased. I wrapped my arms around Niall, “so Louis is alright with you and Niall?” Perrie questioned. I nodded my head, “his fine with it. He knows that I’m Lilly best friend and that I like taking dick up my arse,” Niall smiled. Theo laughed, “Theo didn’t need to know that about his daddy and his papa,” I say.

“I could tell him what his Aunty Lilly and Uncle Louis get up too,” Niall smirked. I glared at him, “I can see why these two are best friends. They get along pretty well and I bet they spend a lot of time together since Niall lives here,” Sophia smiled. Niall and I nodded our heads, “I had to teach her how to facetime her lover boy,” Niall teased. The girls laughed at me, but Niall just smiled at me.

When Anne took Theo with her to Johanna’s house to celebrate New Year’s with her and the kids. Niall finally started getting ready to go out. Sophia done my hair into a lose low bun at the back. I did my eyes with thick black eyeliner and my lips with nude lip gloss. All the girls were also wearing black dresses, but they were all different. Niall came out dressed in dark blue skinny jeans, white t-shirt and a jacket with strange hands on it. His brown suede boots had Harry written all over them. I actually think Harry got the same ones in his wardrobe, “do I look alright?” Niall asked.


“You look perfect,” Perrie smiled. We all looked at Perrie with smiles on our faces, “thanks Pez,” Niall tells her. She hugged Niall tight, “ok he can come to girl’s night,” she tells the rest of us. Niall shook his head, “that shit scary,” he joked. I wrapped my arms around him, “it’s not that bad. I get through it,” I say. Niall kissed my forehead, “that don’t help. Your easy to keep,” he teased. Perrie was looking at us funny, “the guys be here soon. Josh messaged me that they left,” Gemma tells us.

Five minutes later in a big taxi the boys showed up, “the party bus is waiting!” Liam shouted. I rolled my eyes as I put my black heels on, “you’re lucky Liam didn’t see that,” I heard Louis say. I looked at him and he was smiling. He looked me up and down, but I already put my black leather jacket on, “I didn’t know Liam was like you,” I say. Louis laughed as he wrapped his arms around me, “did you kiss Niall?” he questioned. I wondered where this question came from, but I remember Perrie look, “I think she don’t understand Niall’s and I relationship. Even after we explained it,” I tell him. Louis nodded his head before he kissed me, “you know how I feel about Niall,” I pointed out. Louis kissed me again, “I know. Plus, he likes dick up his arse,” he says.

After I grabbed my phone I was in the taxi with everyone. Louis sat down next to me, “Harry can I be your New Year’s kiss?” Louis asked. He was pouting at Harry, “Niall promised that he stop kissing Flower, so you can kiss her at midnight,” Harry tells him. Louis smiled, “but after that I get to do it again,” Niall says. Perrie was shocked, “you both know my rules. You keep it above the belt,” Louis smiled. I kissed Louis cheek, “same goes for you and Harry,” I teased.

“What are you guys talking about?” Zayn wondered. I bit my lip, “Louis and I going to swap for a night with these two,” I say. Perrie was looking at Zayn, “I thought you were going to do that with me and Soph,” Liam remembered. I shook my head, “Louis wants to try Harry,” I tell him. Liam pouted, “you can have me,” he mumbled. Sophia hugged him, “but who will top out of you and Liam?” Niall questioned. Louis pointed to himself, “I wouldn’t be able to handle Liam,” Louis says.

“I knew Louis licking salt off of you turned you on,” Sophia teased. Liam nodded his head as he ran his hands down his chest. It reminded me the first time we went to the cabin together, “I thought you were used to Liam,” I remembered. Everyone was confused part from Perrie. She was laughing, “that’s right Louis is a bottom bitch. He takes it from everyone,” Perrie smiled. The boys looked like they remembered what we were on about. Part from Harry, Sophia, Josh and Gemma, “if you’re wondering. My boyfriend was a slut when I first met him,” I tell them.

“Still don’t explain Liam,” Josh says. I shook my head as I laughed a little, “you had to be there to understand,” Louis tells him. Niall was explaining to Harry, “fine keep your inside joke,” Josh pouted. Gemma rubbed his back, “I don’t think we want to know,” Gemma reassured him. Josh shook his head, “put it this way. It was the first time Lilly got jealous and it was just jokes,” Perrie tells him. Josh laughed a little bit, “what? We haven’t even been together for a week and he was cuddling Niall,” I say.

“Sounds like your still jealous,” Niall pointed out. I shook my head, “that was ages ago. You can have him if you want now,” I tell them. Louis pouted and I kissed him, “we have forever,” I whispered on his lips. Louis smiled big as he kissed me, “ok we have half an hour before we get to the party. I want to play a little game,” Sophia started.

“And what could that be?” Liam questioned. Sophia smiled big at everyone, “one thing you want to know about your partner and one thing that you want to tell them,” Sophia explained. We all started thinking, “I want to go first,” Louis says. We all looked at him, “on your first day of school you were going to say something to me at lunch before Perrie came back,” Louis says. I was trying to think back to that day, “you said something about listening to you would be for my own good. I was going to tell you that how do you know what’s good for me,” I smiled. Louis laughed as he shook his head, “so what do you want to tell me?” I wondered.

“I brought you the apple,” he tells me. I smiled as I kissed him, “apple?” Harry questioned. Louis nodded his head, “on Lilly’s first day she told us that she wasn’t hungry, but I knew she was. So I jumped the line and got my food and the apple. I know it wasn’t much but the next day I got her a full lunch,” Louis explained. Harry smiled at Louis as he nodded his head, “I think I just fell in love with Lou a little bit more,” Sophia sighed. I quickly wrapped my arms around Louis, “sorry Soph, but I fell in love with him first,” I tell her.

“And I thought you love me,” Liam pouted. Sophia kissed him, “I do, but I love Lou more for Lilly. I don’t feel anything for Lou like I do for you. I love him, because Lilly loves him,” Sophia admitted. Louis looked confused, “I’m not going to make a move on you Louis. I just see why Lilly loves you and you are a great guy,” she smiled. I knew Louis didn’t know how to take what Sophia told him, “thanks,” he says. I squeezed his thigh before Louis grabbed my hand, “I don’t want to play,” Harry mumbled.

“Why not?” Louis questioned. Harry played with his fingers, “because I know everything about Niall,” he replied. Niall was thinking, “I think this game is only going to work on the new couples,” Niall pointed out. Sophia looked at Perrie and Zayn and Perrie was looking at the window, “how about we play another game then?” she suggested. I knew she just realized that she was upsetting Perrie, “sounds like a good idea,” Harry says.

For the rest of the trip we just talked about tonight. Niall went over his rules again to all of us girls, but he mainly was looking at Gemma. I was worried about Gemma too. I know she a big girl, but things could happen. I know all about that, “stay together as much as possible and we met on the street before midnight,” Harry tells us. We all agreed with him, “let go have some for the last day of the year,” Niall smiled. I noticed Harry and Niall were the ones to lift everyone’s sprits.

The party was on someone huge property. The house was huge, the backyard was huge and the pool was huge. I was standing next to Niall next to the pool as we waited for Louis and Harry to us some drinks, “Gem going to be so board tonight,” Niall says. I nodded my head, “but it be worth it in the end,” I smiled. Niall wrapped an arm around me, “you alright with it?” he questioned. I nodded my head, “and we are not going to talk about that tonight,” I tell him. Niall nodded his head, “it’s scary how many people here tonight,” Niall says. I nodded my head, “and we already lost most of our group,” I pointed out.

“No Liam and Soph are just dancing. Well more like humping. I think Zayn and Perrie went to talk. Josh and Gemma are somewhere,” Niall informed me. I laughed a little bit, “did Louis talk to you about kissing me?” I wondered. Niall shook his head, “Harry did. Perrie sent him a message about us kissing. I told him it our normal thing and he alright with it. He told me that the way Perrie was talking. That we were making out on the lounge,” Niall replied. I slowly nodded my head, “I’m scared Niall,” I admitted.

“Why are you scared?” he questioned. I took in a deep breath, “I didn’t want to say anything before, but I feel like Zayn and Perrie break is my fault,” I started. Niall looked confused, “Perrie is jealous when I do stuff with other people. Like she got really shitty with me before we went to that costume party last month. All because I chose Louis,” I continued. Niall stopped me, “don’t blame yourself. If Perrie has this thing with you. She needs to stop. Your happy with Louis and I know you don’t want anyone else,” he reassured me. I hugged him tight, “what if she had a thing for you as well. That would suck big time for her,” I say.

“She shouldn’t have a thing for us. She has Zayn and he loves her so much. I don’t know why she don’t see that. I love Perrie like a sister that I never had. I wish she would go back to the way it was,” Niall confessed. I nodded my head, “everything alright?” we heard Harry questioned. We looked at him and Louis, “just talking,” I say. I took my drink off of Louis and stood close to him, “do you want to tell us what you were talking about?” Louis asked.

“Lilly thinks Perrie and Zayn break her fault and it could be,” Niall replied. Harry and Louis were confused, “Perrie crush,” Niall says. The boys started nodding their heads, “but if that’s the reason. You can’t blame yourself,” Louis reassured me. He hugged me tight as he kissed the top of my head, “now let’s have some fun,” he added. I nodded my head, “wanna go for a swim?” I joked.

“It’s a bit cold and you’ll mess your hair up,” Louis says. I shrugged my shoulders, “maybe later then,” I smiled. Louis shook his head as he smiled, “so we have about hour and half before midnight and I think I want to dance with my man,” Harry tells us. He dragged Niall away from us, “how about we go inside ourselves, so you can take this jacket off,” Louis smiled. I played with his top, “or we could go dance with everyone else,” I suggested. Louis laughed as he kissed me, “it’s a happy song,” I added.

I pulled Louis into the house, so we could dance. Louis looked uncomfortable as he stood there looking around, “what’s wrong?” I wondered. I grabbed his hand, “I don’t dance. I only danced with you that time since it was a slow song,” he started rambling. I kissed him to stop, “baby no one cares,” I cooed. I kissed him again, “if you don’t dance. You don’t get to see what’s under this jacket, but most importantly. You don’t get to see what’s under this dress,” I warned. Louis drank the rest of his drink in one go and then mine, “I hardly drank any of that,” I pouted. Louis kissed me, “I get you another one after we dance,” he smiled.

“You better,” I say. Louis ran his hands down my arms as he leaned into me, “jacket off,” he whispered in my ear. He stood back and I slowly unzipped my jacket. Louis bit his lip as I took it off, “um is it midnight yet?” he questioned. I knew I was blushing as I took my phone out of my jacket pocket. Louis ran his fingers down the side of my neck to down my arm. I moved in closer to him and put my phone in his back pocket, “you’re still dancing,” I smirked. Louis sighed as he threw my jacket somewhere.

Louis and I dance for a while and it looked like he was enjoying himself. Liam took a video of him dancing, so he could show him later. We all were having a goodtime, but it felt like someone was watching me. I couldn’t shake the feeling, but I couldn’t find anyone looking at me.

We all went outside, so Perrie and the boys could smoke after Louis found my jacket, “I think I’m going to quit after tonight,” Louis admitted. I hugged him tight, “you better,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he nodded his head, “I have something to live for,” he whispered. I don’t know if I was meant to hear that, but it made me smile, “not long to midnight,” Zayn says. Perrie nodded her head as she looked happy. I noticed her and Zayn were holding hands. Louis noticed what I was looking at, “does everyone have their New Year’s kiss?” Louis asked.

“Sure do,” Zayn smiled. He wrapped his arm around Perrie, “so Lou I have something to show your mum,” Liam teased. Louis was confused, but I knew Liam was talking about the video he took of Louis dancing, “what do you have to show my mum?” he questioned. Liam just smiled at him, “you’ll see when we come around to help,” Liam tells him.

“You still going to help me set up the girl’s cubby house?” Louis questioned. Liam nodded his head and I felt left out. It seemed everyone else was hanging out with Louis more than me. I know it’s all my head, but maybe that I wanted to help out, “you guys coming?” Louis asked Josh and Gemma.

“Yeah me and Gemma be there,” he replied. That made me upset, “so everyone in?” Louis wondered. Everyone nodded their heads part from me. I shook my head no, “what’s the matter babe?” Louis questioned. I didn’t say anything and Louis stood there looking at me. He just kept looking and I knew if I didn’t tell him we would be here all night, “where was my invite? You seemed to hanging out with everyone else part from me,” I snapped slightly.

“I just assumed that you were coming along since Harry coming,” Louis says. I shook my head, “Harry hasn’t said anything. He also not your errand boy,” I pointed out. Louis looked away from me, “not here and not now. We will talk later,” Louis tells me. I was going to tell him no, but Harry stopped me, “five minutes until midnight,” Sophia says to change the subject.

“So get ready,” Perrie smiled. Louis moved closer to me, “before you say anything. I am sorry and we are still going to talk about it,” he apologized. Louis kissed the side of my head, “you’re lucky that I want to kiss you at midnight,” I whispered. Louis laughed a little bit, “I love you,” Louis tells me. He kissed the side of my head again, “I love you,” I smiled.

“Three minutes to go,” Niall says. It looked like Niall and Harry were happy to be able to spend New Year’s together. I was happy that I get to spend New Year’s with Louis, Harry and the others. As I was lost in thought I felt Louis hand go up and down my back, “you alright? You still not thinking about me not asking you,” he questioned. I shook my head, “I was thinking about how I get to spend New Year’s with everyone,” I tell him. Louis kissed my forehead, “one minute,” I heard someone say.

“My first New Year’s kiss,” I whispered. Louis turned me to face him, “and hopefully it won't be your last,” he says. He kissed my nose, “thirty seconds,” Harry smiled. He was smiling at Niall and Niall was smiling back at him, “twenty!” Liam shouted. Sophia looked embarrassed, but she looked like she was happy about it. Louis pulled my face gently, so I would look at him, “I can’t kiss you if you’re not looking at me,” he joked.

“Ten!” Some random person yelled. Everyone started counting down, but Louis and I just looked at each other until the countdown finished. Louis kissed me softly, however we both smiling into the kiss. Louis pulled back a little and put his forehead onto mine. He was looking right into my eyes, “this year be the start of our lives,” he whispered. It felt like Louis was going to live his life. No matter what happens, “I love you,” I smiled. I kissed Louis lightly, “I love you,” he smiled back.

After we said happy new years to everyone. Louis and I went to talk to people that he knew from something. I walked away when I got bored since the just talking about a video game. I was walking around the party looking for someone I know. I went out the front to get some fresh air to calm down my anxiety. However, I saw a group of people standing in a circle down the road. My curiosity got the better of me, so I started slowly walking closer to them. As I was getting closer I noticed that someone was standing in the middle. I couldn’t see them properly, but I could see blonde hair. At that moment my mind went to Niall and Perrie and I hoped that it wasn’t them, “you Irish fag,” I heard. My heart dropped, “so what,” I heard Niall say.

“I think I know how to get rid of that smile,” another voice said. I saw someone move and then Niall was on the floor. The all started attacking him, “stop!” I screamed as I ran over there. They all stopped to look at me. I pushed them away from Niall not caring that these people could hurt me. Niall’s face was already covered in blood, “Lilly?” Niall questioned.

“Yep,” I replied. I grabbed his hand, “Lilly Underwood?” I heard someone ask. I knew that sick twisted voice and it scared me. Niall sat up as I squeezed his hand tight, “Lilly?” he whispered. Niall put his hand over the top of ours, “go get the guys,” he added. I shook my head, “go,” Niall ordered. I knew he worked out who it was and he was angry. Niall stood up and pulled me up, “what do you think you’re doing fag?” a guy spat. Niall ignored him as I locked eyes with the one that called my name. It was him from all those years ago. It was the one who attacked me, “look at you Lilly. All grown up and hanging out with these fuckheads,” he smirked.

“Shut the fuck up!” Niall yelled. Matt just kept smirking at me, “what I could do to you right now,” he says. Matt stepped closer and Niall pulled me behind him, “you stay the fuck away from her,” Niall snapped. I knew Niall was trying not to lose it right now, but I didn’t know how much more he could take. Matt took another step closer, “I’m not going to listen to you. Why don’t you run off to your boyfriend? So I can have fun with my old friend Lilly,” Matt tells him.

“Fuck off,” Niall snapped. Niall jumped on him and started punching him, but it didn’t last long. Matt’s friends were pulling him off and holding him back. Niall got a couple good hits in tho, “that was stupid,” Matt smiled. I come to learn that there something serious wrong with him, “but before I get to you. I want to spend some time with Lilly. I have something to finish with her,” he added. Niall tried to get out of their grip, “you touch her and I will kill you,” Niall threatened.

“Strong words from a little man. I bet your boyfriend loves that,” Matt says. I don’t know what came over me, but I punched Matt in the face, “would you shut the fuck up. No one cares what you have to say,” I spat. Matt slapped me across the face, “don’t you fucken dare talk to me like that. I make the rules not you,” he tells me. Matt was really pissed off and I was worried about me and Niall, “your fucked,” Niall smiled.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Matt questioned. Matt was tackled to the ground by Zayn, but Matt managed to get on top of Zayn. He started punching him, “stop!” I screamed. I pushed Matt off of Zayn with all my strength. Matt grabbed my legs and pulled me down on the ground. I felt a sharp pain in my lower back, but I ignored it as Matt straddled my waist. I tried to push him off, however he grabbed my wrists, “I said it goes my way,” he growled.

“I will kill you!” Niall yelled. Matt ignored him, “don’t cry Lilly. We’re going to have fun,” Matt tells me. Niall was trying to get out of the guys grip and Zayn wasn’t moving on the floor. I started moving trying to get out of Matt grip. As I was doing that the pain in my lower back was getting worse, “stop moving Lilly,” he says. I kept moving around and Matt’s fist came in contact with my face a couple of time. I could taste blood, “is that all? I had worse and not by you,” I laughed.

“Shut up Lilly!” he yelled. I shook my head and he gave me another couple of punches, “get fucked,” I spat. Matt hands wrapped around my throat and he started chocking me, but it didn’t last long. Matt was tackled off of me and I took a deep breath. I rolled over to see it was Louis that who was attacking Matt. I saw Harry and Liam get the guys off of Niall, so I crawled over to Zayn. His eyes where closed, but he was breathing. I rested my head on his chest relived that he was breathing. When I was going to close my eyes. I felt someone wrap their arms around me, “I got you Flower,” Harry says.

“About time,” I whispered. I cried into Harry chest and he rubbed my back. I screamed when he touched where it was stinging, “hey it’s ok. You just got some glass in your back,” Harry tells me. I turned my head to see Liam looking over Zayn, “Louis?” I wondered. Niall swapped with Harry, “I’ll help him,” Harry tells me. I shook my head, “I need both of you. Don’t do anything stupid,” I say. Harry nodded his head, “just worry about you,” he ordered as he ran off.

“It’s alright princess,” Niall whispered. Niall kissed the side of my head as he rubbed my arm, “ambulance is on its way,” I heard Sophia say. Perrie was kneeling next to Zayn looking over him, “where did everyone else go?” I questioned. I haven’t been paying attention to around me, “ran off,” Liam tells me. I nodded my head sightly as my eyes came heavy, “hey do go to sleep. You got to stay awake,” Sophia says. I shook my head, “I can’t,” I whispered.

When I opened my eyes the room was bright and my head killed. I looked around as my eyes adjust to the lights. I looked down at myself and my dress was gone. I was wearing a hospital gown and had a drip in my hand. I sat up as I remembered what happened. My whole body was hurting, “Lilly,” I heard Mum say. I looked around to see it was just her next to my bed, “Louis?” I questioned. Mum looked upset, “he was arrested. We are working on getting him out,” Mum tells me.

“Why did he get arrested?” I wondered. Mum sat down next to me, “because he wouldn’t stop. It took a couple guys to make him stop,” Mum says. She looked worried, “did he,” I started. Mum shook her head, “the guy going to be alright. Even tho we don’t want him to,” she tells me. I leant into her, “how’s Zayn and Niall?” I asked. Mum wrapped her arm around me, “Zayn still hasn’t woken up and getting some test done. Niall getting fixed up in the emergency room,” Mum explained.

“How long have I been out?” I questioned. I looked at her, “only a couple of hours, but you going to be fine. It be a couple of weeks before your face heals,” Mum tells me. My face?” What happened to my face? I put my hands on my face and pulled them back when it hurt, “how bad?” I questioned. Mum looked like she didn’t want to answer that question, “you can’t go to school next week or play football,” she tells me. I started crying all of a sudden. It wasn’t over not playing football or my face. It was because that fucken dickhead Matt hurt my friends, “I want to go home,” I cried. Mum hugged me tight as she rubbed my back, “soon,” she whispered.

I cried myself back to sleep and when I woke up Niall and Harry were standing next to my bed. Niall face had deep purple bruises, but I noticed a cut with stiches on his forehead. They both looked tired, “Lou?” I questioned. Harry shook his head, “Ben working on it,” he says. They sat down on the bed, “he called me not long ago. I told him that you were asleep. His staying in holding until the morning,” Harry continued.

“Ben hopeful. He thinks Louis won’t get into trouble. He thinks he can show the court that Louis was protecting you,” Niall rambled. I gave him a small nod to stop him. I just wanted Louis here. I wanted to know if his alright, “how Zayn?” I asked. They looked worried, “his head scan came back and everything alright. However, he still hasn’t woken up. They don’t know when he going to wake up. Perrie, Liam, Soph and his family are with him. Liam and Soph have been to see you, but you have been asleep,” Niall rambled again.

“Where mum?” I wondered. Harry shrugged his shoulders, “she might be home checking on Gemma with Theo. Her and Josh went home. Well Josh made Gemma since she with child,” Harry tells me. I laughed a little bit, but it killed my face killed. Harry and Niall looked worried, “my face just hurts. Mum says it’s bad, but I don’t know how bad it is,” I admitted. Harry got his phone out and he took a picture of me. When he showed me the picture. I couldn’t believe that was my face. I had a black eye, a split lip and there was a big dark purple bruise on the side of my jaw. Harry took his phone back, “great way to start the year,” I whispered.

“It’s just day one,” Harry tried to smile. Niall hugged me tight, “don’t you dare say sorry Niall,” I tell him before he could say anything. I rubbed his back, “then don’t blame yourself,” he says. I shook my head, “this is not your fault Flower. None of it. That twister fucker needs to learn a lesson. He doesn’t get to hurt you again. He doesn’t get to hurt Niall or Zayn. He doesn’t get to damage our family,” Harry rambled. Niall hugged Harry tight, “but as a family. We will come back stronger. We will not fall apart,” Niall reassured him.

Niall and Harry laid on my bad with me for a while. We didn’t say anything to each other. We just laid there thinking about everything that happened tonight. It was such a goodnight even with Louis and I arguing a little bit. But now it’s just sadness, “I’m going to check on Zayn,” Niall tells us. Harry and I nodded our heads, “tell them that Flower awake,” Harry says. I knew Harry wasn’t going to leave my side. Niall left the room, “tell me what happened. Niall won’t tell me anything,” Harry begged.

“Why won’t he?” I questioned. Harry shrugged his shoulders, “he just talks about you getting hurt. I know his hiding something,” Harry says. Niall doesn’t want Harry to know that he the reason this all started, but it’s not his fault. I still don’t know how he got there in the first place. However, I told Harry everything that I remembered. By the end of it Harry was in tears, “so if we didn’t split up to look for some dope. We all be alright,” Harry says.

“We don’t know that. Matt was at the party and it still could have happened,” I pointed out. Harry nodded his head, “it could have been worse,” he whispered. Harry rubbed his face with his hands, “I just need Zayn to wake up and Louis out of jail. Then we can go back to our lives and forget what happened,” I tell him. Harry pulled me to him, “we will, but it’s ok to be affected by this,” he reassured me.

“I don’t want to, because that means he won. I don’t want him to win. I want to win for once,” I cried. Harry kissed the side of my head as Liam and Sophia walked in, “oh my god your awake,” Sophia half shouted. She ran up to me and hugged me tight, “Soph that hurts,” I tell her. Sophia stopped hugging me and stepped back, “sorry,” she apologized. She sat down next to me as Liam sat down next to Harry, “how Zayn?” I asked.

“He just needs to wake up,” Liam replied. Liam looked exhausted, “and you need some sleep,” I say. Liam shook his head, “I’ll sleep when his awake,” Liam mumbled. Liam looked at Harry, “did Lilly tell you what happened?” Liam asked him. Harry nodded his head, “but if you want to know. You have to go on a walk with me. I’m not having Flower listen to that shit,” Harry tells him. Liam got off the bed and was out the door before Harry was off the bed, “I’ll be back,” Harry added.

“Niall won’t tell us anything and Zayn hasn’t woken up,” Sophia says. Sophia looked worried, “because he thinks it his fault. I know he does,” I tell her. Sophia was thinking about something, “why would it be his fault?” she questioned. I played with my blanket, “I lost Louis at the party and went outside to get some fresh air. I noticed a group of people standing around someone. That someone was Niall, so I ran to him. Then Matt was there and you should know the rest,” I explained.

“So Niall blames himself since you tried to save him and got hurt. What would have happened to him if you didn’t try? Our worst case is Zayn having a long nap. I don’t want to think about what could have happened to him,” Sophia says. I put my head on her shoulder, “can’t do anything now. We just have to see what happens to Louis and Zayn,” I tell her. Sophia leant her head into mine, “it gets better. It has to,” she whispered.

Harry and Liam came back and Liam didn’t look happy, “what were you thinking Lilly? What made you think you could go up against a group of guys?” Liam snapped. I was shocked at Liam sudden outburst, “Niall. I wasn’t going to leave him there,” I tell him. Liam took in a deep breath, but Harry was watching him closely, “you should have still got one of us,” he pointed out. I shook my head, “I don’t have my phone and I couldn’t find anyone walking around that house. So by the time I found anyone. Niall could have been worse. I know Zayn in the hospital, but it still could have happened. I didn’t ask for this to happen. I didn’t ask for him to find me again,” I started.

“That’s enough,” Harry interrupted. Harry stood by me, “Why are you blaming her Liam?” Harry questioned him. Liam shrugged his shoulders, but I saw tears in his eyes, “I don’t like seeing them like this. Especially her. We’re supposed to protect them for everything. I promised myself that I wouldn’t let that fucken prick near her again, but I failed,” Liam cried. It broke me that Liam felt that way about me. That he blames himself that I’m in hospital, “it’s ok Liam. We are going to be alright,” I reassured him.

“Come on baby. I think I should take you home,” Sophia cooed. Liam shook his head, “I’m not going home. I’m going to check myself in. I need help,” he says. Harry and I were confused, “wait until Zayn wakes up, so you can tell him,” Sophia tells him. Liam nodded his head before he sat down on my bed, “what you talking about?” Harry wondered. Liam took in a deep breath, “I’m addicted to meth. Have been for about six months now. At first it didn’t affect me life, but now it is. I’m snapping when I’m coming down and yes I’m coming down right now. I’m high at school, so I can get through the day. I need to stop before I hurt someone,” he confessed.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Harry questioned. Liam looked everywhere part from Harry, “Zayn knows. You and Niall were dealing with your own problems. Louis was looking after Lilly and Lilly was dealing with her mother. I didn’t want to bother you. Zayn only know, because he caught me,” Liam replied. I shook my head, “me dealing with my mother doesn’t compare to you. Liam you offered me a place to stay when you found out about her. You will never know how much that means to me. But if you’re hurting. I want to hear about it. I love you guys. You shouldn’t keep secrets,” I tell him.

“Well said,” Sophia smiled. Harry and Liam were smiling too, “you are the smart one at all of us,” Liam say. I shook my head, “have you seen Louis school grades?” I asked. Sophia and Liam shook their heads, “straight A’s,” I tell them. They started laughing, but stopped when they noticed Harry and I weren’t laughing, “your serious?” Liam questioned. I nodded my head, “broke into the school to find out what he got in English and he got an A minus for Wuthering Heights,” I replied.

“I got a B minus for that,” Liam says. I nodded my head, “I got a B Plus and I’m still proud of him,” I smiled. They laughed a little bit, “you’re so going to work hard for the rest of the school year,” Harry teased I shrugged my shoulders, “better still have time for me,” I heard Louis say. He was standing at the door and if I could get off this bed. I would have ran to him. I just held my arms out to him and he ran over to me. He jumped on the bed and hugged me tight, “I’m so happy that you’re ok,” he whispered.

“I’m so happy that you’re here. I really missed you,” I tell him. Louis rubbed my back, but I pulled away when he touched my lower back, “that spots hurts,” I say. Louis had a look at my back, “she had glass in it,” Harry tells him. Louis sat back and looked over my face, “I’m going to be fine,” I reassured him. Louis nodded his head as grabbed my hand, “what going to happen to you?” I asked.

“No charges yet, but that’s up to you, Niall and Zayn. If you guys press charges against him. He will press charges against me,” Louis tells us. Harry looked pissed, “so to keep you out of court. We have to let that fuckhead walk,” Harry spat. Louis nodded his head, “but I am willing to go to court over defending you guys. So it’s up to you,” Louis admitted. I didn’t like making a decision about Louis future. If he loses in court he could lose his whole future, “but let’s not think about this right now,” he added.

“Zayn hasn’t woken up, but it’s looking good for him. Liam going to rehab for meth addition. Niall blames himself for what happened,” Sophia say. Louis was shocked as he looked Liam, “I’m going in after Zayn wakes up,” he tells him. Louis nodded his head, “why don’t you boys go for a walk, so you can tell Louis what really happened,” Sophia suggested. Louis looked like he didn’t want to leave me just yet, “it’s just going to be ten minutes. I’ll be fine with Soph,” I tell him. Louis kissed my forehead, “thank you,” he whispered.

When the boys left Sophia looked straight at me, “you have to press charges Lilly. He can’t walk again,” Sophia tells me. I just stared at her, “yes I know what you’re thinking, but he can’t win again. He might just do it to someone else and they might not be as strong as you. They might be able to live after what he done,” she continued. I knew she was right, “I’ll do it, but I get to tell Louis first. I need him to be ready,” I say. Sophia kissed the side of my head, “I’m proud of you,” she whispered.

I feel asleep as I waited for the boys to get up, but I woke up when I felt pain go through my body. It was a nurse checking my face. I pulled away from her, “that hurts you know,” I snapped. I noticed no one around, “sorry. I just have to check your face,” she says. I felt uneasy, “um where are my friends?” I asked. The nurse shrugged her shoulders, “good to see you awake babe,” Louis says as he walked in. He was quickly by myside, “just went to get coffee,” he added. He kissed the side of my head, “I’m done,” the nurse says.

Once she was out of the room Louis looked at me worried, “what happened? You looked so scared,” he questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “she woke me up by touching my face. Then I just felt uneasy,” I replied. Louis nodded his head as he sat down next to me, “I think you’re going to feel uneasy for a little bit and I don’t blame you,” he says. Louis kissed the side of my head, “do you know how Zayn is?” I wondered. I wanted to change the subject, “he woke up about twenty minutes ago. Liam saying goodbye to him then his saying goodbye to you. Then his off to rehab,” Louis tells me.

“I can’t believe he kept this from us,” I mumbled. Louis nodded his head, “he just didn’t want us to worry about him. When we were worrying about each other,” Louis says. I played with my fingers, “I actually don’t think he wanted anyone to find out. I think his embarrassed with himself,” I tell him. Louis nodded his head as he looked disappointed with himself, “I should have noticed it tho. I noticed him going off by himself and coming back really happy. I’ve also seen him get really angry. I used to do it, but I just didn’t see Liam doing it,” he admitted.

“He will get through this. His going to get help now. We just have to wait,” I rambled. Louis grabbed my hand, “we all get through this,” Louis reassured me. I looked at Louis and he kissed my lips lightly. It still hurt, “so how Zayn?” I asked before he could say anything. Louis sighed, “his alright. Already wants to go home after he sees you,” Louis started. Louis looked at our hands, “I can’t kiss you for a while,” he mumbled. I nodded my head, “let’s go see if you can go see Zayn. I think it might be good to get you out of this room,” he says. Louis kissed the side of my head before he got off the bed. He left the room quickly, “I’m going to be fine Louis,” I whispered to myself.

Louis came back with a wheelchair, “we can go see Zayn,” he smiled. Louis and a nurse helped me get into the wheelchair. The nurse disconnected my drip, “you have about half an hour before you start to feel pain again. So if you don’t want that. I suggest you come back before then,” the nurse tells us. Louis gave her a small nod before he pushed me out of the room, “Lou hunny. We need to talk,” I started.

“No we don’t. We are going to see Zayn,” Louis interrupted. I shook my head, “why you upset?” I wondered. Louis kept pushing me, “because I wasn’t there. I was having a goodtime while you getting the shit beaten out of you,” he replied. I stopped him, “would people stop blaming themselves. Tonight happened and there’s nothing we can do about it. We just need to heal and move on,” I snapped. Louis stood in front of me, “I can’t forget this,” he tells me.

“Yes you can. You weren’t there,” I spat. Louis looked hurt, “I was there and I’m going to forget about. I’m going to move on,” I added. Louis took in a deep breath, “I know and that’s why I’m going to remember it. I will never forget him on top of you with your dress pulled up. His hands wrapped around your throat. Choking the life out of you,” Louis tells me. I looked away from him, “then don’t remind me,” I say. Louis started pushing me again, “it’s ok to feel babe,” Louis tells me.

I didn’t say anything to Louis the rest of the way to see Zayn. I know me snapping at Louis was because I’m in denial. I really don’t want to believe what actually happened. Because when I look at Niall and Zayn injured faces. My heart breaks. Matt was meant to be my memory not theirs, “good to see you up and about,” Zayn half smiled. Zayn face was mostly purple and one of his eyes were that swollen that it was closed. It didn’t look like Zayn, “good to see you awake,” I smiled back.

“I don’t feel awake. I feel like going back to bed, but that’s normal me,” he joked. I laughed a little bit, “I just want to go home. I think I’m done with hospitals,” I say. Everyone agreed with me, “the next time I want to come to the hospital. Is to see my new niece or nephew,” Harry smiled. Everyone looked at me and Louis, “he does have another sister,” I pointed out. Everyone nodded their heads slowly, “wait Josh knocked up Gemma,” Liam started. Harry nodded his head, “Harry not having a good six months with his sisters. I think they’re going to kill him,” Liam teased.

“I know,” Harry pouted. I grabbed Louis hand as he stood next to me, “I think you should go back in time and stop yourself from meeting them,” Zayn says. Louis shook his head, “then I would have never met Lilly Belle. Liam wouldn’t have Soph. Niall and Harry wouldn’t have come out,” Louis rambled. I stopped him, “what Louis was saying. If he didn’t met Lilly. The last six months would have been worse. We would be the same little shits,” Niall smiled.

We talked for a little bit, but we never brought about what happened. I only went back to my room, because Louis noticed that I was in pain. However, the pain was getting a bit too much to handle. I started to wondered how I was going to cope at home without the constant painkillers. I hated how much my face killed, “painkillers should have kicked in by now,” Louis says. I nodded my head, “I just hate how I need them,” I admitted. Louis sat down next to me, “you going to be alright when you go home tomorrow?” he wondered.

“I personally don’t know Lou,” I tell him. Louis kissed the top of my head, “what about if I looked after you?” he suggested. I shook my head, “you’re staying at your mum’s and I have Harry and Niall,” I pointed out. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “I think I can stay with you for a couple of days before we go back to school,” he says. I smiled a little, “I have a week off,” I tell him.

“That is so unfair,” he pouted. I kissed him lightly, “I still need you to go, so you can take notes for me,” I smiled. Louis rolled his eyes, “anything else you want me to do?” he asked. I nodded my head, “sing to me as you cuddle me,” I replied. Louis laughed a little bit, “ok,” he whispered. Louis carefully wrapped his arms around me and I put my head on his chest, “I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope I'll be your love
Be everything that you need
I'll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do
I will be strong I will be faithful
'cause I'm counting on
A new beginning
A reason for living
A deeper meaning, yeah

I want to stand with you on
a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me,” Louis sang to me as I fell asleep again.



God I love it so much. Plz plz plz update. <3

WILDheart WILDheart


megsworld megsworld

Please update soon if you can!

megsworld megsworld

I'll keep that in mind!

megsworld megsworld

Thanks for the offer, but you could always talked to me too :D